Christmas Gift Guide: Netflix Subscription

Our family isn't BIG into television or movies. During the day, we prefer to craft, bake, hike, sing, dance, wander, and talk.

Christmas Gift Guide: Netflix Subscription 1That said, we recently had our very first "family movie night" - and it was a success. We watched "Ramona & Beezus" to celebrate [almost] finishing the series of 8 books. The film was sweet and comical and squeaky clean. Afterward, we ate mini ice cream cones and talked about the differences between the books and the movie. Fun.

With our first baby, we pretty much never let her watch any TV until age 2. I even turned her head when we went to a friend's house and a TV was on in the house.

We're much more relaxed with our youngest (who will turn 2 in March). We're not the kind of family who watches TV every day or has it on in the background so she's hardly seen any (like at all). BUT I didn't bat an eyelash when we planned our Family Movie. It was her first full-length movie.

We stick to G-rated movies 'round here for the littles. My 4-year-old and I particularly enjoyed Anne of Green Gables, The Sound of Music, and Disney's Robin Hood this past year (although now she has the unfortunate habit of calling people "bushel britches" in an affectionate way).

Christmas Gift Guide: Netflix Subscription 2If you want to give a cool gift to a family, college student, or newlywed couple, consider a Netflix subscription. You can give the gift of endless (and instant) movies! They'll be able to watch online, on their phones, through their PlayStation or Wii, etc.

What are you "family rules" regarding television? Do you own one? How much do you watch? What are your favorite shows?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a 6-month subscription to Netflix (valued at $59.94). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Nextflix is providing me with a subscription for review purposes and is also providing 1 subscription for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #161 Melissa O. Congratulations!

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  1. My husband recently cancelled out Netflix membership when he found out the price was going up. We have a hard time making ends meet these days, so the money needed to go to other bills. We miss it, though. We used to watch movies on the weekend and I'd love to have the membership back to do that again.

  2. We have been watching mainly family movies lately. I like to watch cable news and certain series, but I have a large family with young children and I prefer to have more kid friendly shows on.

  3. We have a TV and love to watch it but me and my brothers are all older. When I'm babysitting I try to keep the kids away from the TV and do more crafts and games. While I don't think the TV is "bad" I do think that it should only be watched in moderation and in certain circumstances (family movie night, favorite show, if I'm busy with something important). Netflix is awesome (I'm asking for a subscription for Christmas). I love that you can stream from a Wii and Xbox 360, that makes everything very easy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. We have a TV in our living room and one in a teen bedroom. We have basic cable -adult channels are blocked as well as HBO also...our children are older. (one of their friends spent the night and ordered pay channel and taped a porn flick on his cell phone as we slept once! he taped it to his cell we knew who did it!)

    DVR is great also....but, we took it off to save some $$.

    we like NCIS, Animal Planet, and any informative type shows.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  5. Discuss how much time our family spends with TV, which programs are worthwhile and which can be dropped in favor of other activities and limit our children's TV viewing to one to two hours of quality programming a day. We also take advantage of high-quality programs offered on videocassettes or from other sources so we can better control what is being watched (Netflix would be a great source for that!)

  6. I would love to try netflik. I have never used it but read it was a good service. I have 3 kids so it is G rated shos like Icarly and the movie cars aroung here till after 9:00 pm

  7. I own a few televisions and try to limit tv watching. I loved the TV series "Lost" and enjoy "The Office".

    Thanks for sponsoring the contest !

  8. We have a few TV's, and we generally don't let the kinder watch TV until all homework, reading and chores are complete. I like psych and most HGTV shows.

  9. Thanks for the giveaway...we have a weekend-only tv rule for our almost teen daughters; they can record programs during the week but only watch them on weekends, along with movies...luckily, tv comprises a very small part of their universe...

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  10. We don't have any strict rules per se. Kids are allowed to watch tv up til about 9pm and then bedtime. They are not allowed to watch any violent stuff either.

    We have been thinking about getting netflix for a while now, and I love the huge selections they have. This would be great opportunity to try them out.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  11. We used to have a Netflix subscription and cancelled it to make cuts in the budget. I'd love to have it again because we never go to the theater (too expensive!) but love movies. The kids watch tv in the evenings between 6:30 and 8:00 while they are playing. We limit their tv based on content.

  12. Yep, we family t.v. rules. When the younger kids are in the room we watch educational channels. While most all of us have a t.v. in our rooms the kids' t.v.'s are V-chip programmed with a password. My favorite shows right now are Fringe, Lie ti Me* and The Event.

  13. My 14 year old grandson asked for books for his last birthday - he loves to read. I think he would like to experience Netflix so he has choices.

  14. We have a TV in our bedroom and the family room. Our problem is convertor boxes!! We watch 6+ movies a week. They are either from the library or our own supply. I am disabled so Netflex would be a fun addition.The libray is no charge and 6 a week,but with the winter weather it isnot always easy to get to town. The budget not quite ready for cable bills!!!! Thanks for the Giveaway!

  15. We do have a TV and when my daughter was younger I limited her viewing to PBS channels and Barney videos!
    One of our favorite shows right now is the Amazing Race. We like to see the different places around the world that the contestants visit.

  16. When my children were younger we did not have any television watching and we have never had cable or any television service throughout their lives....They, however, were allowed to watch tv at the sitters or gramma's house. Last year we purchased a television and got netflix streaming. I like it very much and am glad to be able to watch british comedies which we all enjoy as a family. Thanks for the chance. This will be a help to the wallet as I don't intend on getting rid of netflix anytime soon!

  17. My kids were taught from an early age that school work & chores needed to be done before tv. It such a habit now that I don't have to tell them.

  18. I'm a big fan of previewing any movie before a child sees it. Ratings mean nothing b/c there are some PG-13 movies that should be R and some G movies that should be PG b/c of little kids and their nightmares. Oh, limiting computer/smart phone use is important too.

  19. A netflix subscription is on the top of my hubby's Christmas list. Given that we do not have cable, this is the perfect way to catch up to some cable shows we have been wanting to watch, like Mad Men and True Blood.


  20. WE don't have hard and fast family rules. We try to make boundary setting a learning experience instead of an authoritarian exercise.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  21. SOmebody gave me a free 6 month subscription to Netflix. It was the two movie at a time plan - that was just WAY more than I could watch. It got to the point where I felt stressed every time a new movie came! It amazes me how fast they can be with getting me new movies !

  22. We have a tv and let our 2-year-old watch it occasionally. Our focus is on educational shows that focus on the alphabet and reading. The songs that often occur in these shows are fun for all of us as he is solidifying his knowledge of the sounds letters make together to form words. We love Wordworld and the Leapfrog dvd series best.

  23. I don't really have any rules yet since my daughter is only 4 months old, but as she gets older, I will be sure she only watches shows that are appropriate for her age and only ones that are non-violent as well as educational videos.

    reannenny at

  24. I'v been spending alot of time in libraries looking for movies too borrow. I have found some good ones but they don't have as big a selection as Netflix. I would like to give them a try.

  25. I like Netflix. We get 1 disk at a time for Aaron and I (just caught up on Fringe) and they usually have something like Dinosaur Train or Backyardigans for the kids on their "watch it now". We don't have set "rules" about T.V. we just try to keep it balanced :).

  26. Except for when my 22 month old great grandson is watching, pretty much anything goes for movies, although I must admit I don't like a lot of the ones the grown grandchildren like. To be fair, they don't like many of mine either! This would be great, since I plan to give a Roku to my daughter's family for Christmas, and they will need a Netflix subscription to really get the most out of it.

  27. We have several televisions and all have parental controls. The children can only watch age-related programs, the news with our supervision. We would love to win the Netflix subscription. I am following, liking, joining and subscribing.

  28. No family rules - no children. I watch a lot of science shows. I love Chiller and Sy-Fy channels. Some HBO and a lot of sports.

  29. We have 5 televisions for 4 people. One is just used for X-Box. Funny thing is we don't watch much TV - football season is when the TV is on the most. We do watch a lot of movies, sometimes 5 or 6 a week. Hooray for Netflix.

  30. The kids are grown but with the grandkids they can only watch nice things like Charlie Brown, etc. and nothing scarey or nasty.

  31. we let the kids watch no more than one hour of tv a day and if itis the weekends, then they can watch a movie or something instead. We like to watch House and Bones ourselves but the kids usually watch cartoons they stream from netflix with our x-box.

  32. we have our tv also in the family room and our "adult" channels are blocked . i always wanted to try netflix but was worried about the sending back and what if they get lost ... do i have to pay for the movie then ?

  33. Our kids are a bit older now and although we limit what they watch, we really do not have any rules. Neither one of them watches very much tv anyway.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  34. Our family rules for TV or DVD include 1) each one gets to pick which movie we want to watch and decide by voting, 2) we have some snacks, but one fruit or vegetable has to be included 3) we pause the TV/DVD whenever someone needs to go to a bathroom! 4) have fun! ;)

  35. We have one TV in our living room. We are a childless household at the moment, so there really aren't that many tv watching rules. We usually only watch about 1-2 hours of a night, if we are home. Our favorite tv show at the moment is Amazing Race. Thanks for the chance.

  36. We try to enforce some reasonable rules about the amount and content of the TV we all watch - for example, we limit it to two hours an evening (and no TV until all homework is done), and we encourage the kids to select three or four "must-watch" shows a week to keep on our DVR. We lightly monitor the shows they do watch for their violence or sexual content, but we trust them enough to make smart choices. For our part, we don't watch anything with questionable content in the family room, and we try to stick with more educational fare or some of the better-written sitcoms (like "Modern Family") to watch together. We also watch a lot of movies and TV shows through Netflix, especially on the weekends, and it's a great alternative to the expensive premium channels we used to subscribe to. Thanks!

  37. We normally watch TV to unwind after eating dinner - just for an hour or two. But of course, after schoool work has been finished. Thanks!

  38. I've been going back and forth on the idea of getting a Netflix subscription. I love movies, but it seemed like they were going to a lot of "watch on your computer" ones as a big part of what you pay for. But now it seems like they are making all kinds of ways to send those to your tv, which would be so much more convenient. This would be a great way to try them out. Thanks!

  39. I love Netflix!! My fiance and I use it all the time! I would love to win this for my parents for Christmas! They love watching movies, so this would be PERFECT! Thanks so much!

  40. We have a TV but no one uses it since we stream our shows online. My sister and I will go through marathons when we're home though. I really want to start Supernatural!

  41. What are you “family rules” regarding television?
    --No TV until all of that day's homework is done!

    Do you own one?
    --Yes, we own a TV.

    How much do you watch?
    --4-5 hours a week

    What are your favorite shows?
    -Modern Family, The Office

  42. We are careful with what we let our younger kids watch. We have to approve the shows. With my teens, we;re more relaxed. They've never given us a reason to not trust them. We own a lot of tvs. For the kids, tv is a privilege. They are allowed to watch some in the evenings providing their school and chores are done.

    I love shows such as Criminal Minds and CSI. My kids like cartoons my 16 year old likes cooking shows, my 18 year old doesn't watch much tv. She does like Strange Tales From the ER.

  43. I've been using Netflix for 3 years and I love it! We don't even have cable anymore since there is so much to watch instantly on Netflix.

  44. We do own one (two actually) but we don't watch TV very often. When we do it's usually to catch up on a news story or for something special like the Olympics. We do use them to watch movies and play video games. We don't really have any favorite shows.

  45. we don't have tv service, so only play dvds and don't need tv rules.
    would love to have netflix for some variety!! :)

  46. I love Netflix ---I've had it so long I'm grandfathered in so I get 4 at a time--we used to go to blockbuster and rent 3 movies and it seems like every week it was $20 ---no matter what it was always $20 --I love that it's a one time monthly fee.
    [email protected]

  47. I used to have a Netflix sub back before they started their streaming service. Honestly, I didn't like it. I ended up getting about 3 movies per month so it wasn't very cost effective. I'd like to give them another shot now that I can stream things throught our PS3. That might totally make renewing our sub worth it. Thanks.

  48. We don't really have any family TV rules as of yet as I'm expecting our first right now. But when we do the TV will be off as much as possible, except for hubby and i watching TV in bed. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  49. Our main tv is in our Living Room. We mainly watch as a family, reality show like Survivor. The kids have their shows on Nick and Disney that they like, and my husband is into the History Channel!

  50. i barely watch any tv, im a movie person. love netflix. i do like to rent some of the shows like dexter after they are released

  51. I'm a big fan of netflix. I love how they can suggest movies for us based on what we've enjoyed in the past. I love the ability to stream movies also. Since we don't watch alot of tv, too much questionable stuff on there, we enjoy Netflix!

  52. Our primary rule is that TV shows that come on during the week don't get watched until the weekend. The kids have to do their homework AND go to bed by a set time so we DVR things and sometimes we watch them to make sure they are OK (unless it is rated G or is specifically for children). We all really like to watch The Big Bang Theory and have had very few times that we couldn't let them watch.

  53. My girls are teenagers now, so they do watch. Thankfully, they still like Disney. lol. I don't watch tv, except for Sundays, when I watch lifetime

  54. i don't like swearing, horror movies or sexually explicit movies/tv at all. makes my brain feel yucky. ... i do however watch some episodes of monk...poor little man...hmm. anyway satellite just isn't worth it when we only waytch hgtv and food network. netflix would be awesome! we are huge lucy fans...huge! and my three sons, dick van has really gone downhill since those days.i checked and tons of those are available.
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  55. There's a nearly endless supply of educational shows on Netflix, too! This could be a great gift for a homeschool family :)

  56. I dislike most of the current TV offerings, especially reality TV. With Netflix and the instant streaming, we can get so many movies, old TV series favorites and even documentaries. I love Netflix! It's very economical too.


  57. We keep meaning to check into Netflix but every time we talk about it again, we postpone it because we think that we don't rent enough right now to justify the cost. But I'd certainly love to win it. Thank you!

  58. We own a television, but rarely watch live TV. We tape everything then skip the commercials, and we almost never just tune in, but almost always watch specific shows. Also, no TV during the day, and no TV in the bedroom!

  59. No official rules regarding TV use. We only have one in the living room...I am absolutely against TVs in the bedroom. I hardly watch TV but my husband watches a fair bit and the TV is absolutely indispensable for his soccer games. If I could have only one channel, it would be one that plays Law and Order 24/7.

    We have had Netflix for a while but have not been watching many movies looking into buying one of those streaming things to watch instantly as the laptop is a bit small for movie viewing,

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  60. We watch the "questionable" shows together so we can address scenarios, etc. I think it's a good way to open the lines of communication.

  61. There aren't too many rules with the family TV only that everyone knows there are certain days that particular shows HAVE to be watched or there will be a war. My family and I watch a few hours of TV, but it also brings us together as well. Some of our favorite shows are on A&E like Dog the Bounty Hunter, NBC's The Office,etc.

  62. We have a TV in our home but don't have cable...we just have movies or we watch what we want via the internet...that way we can keep most of the really bad shows out of our brings more peace and we aren't glued in front of a TV set that way!

  63. My daughter doesn't watch as much TV as she'd like--she's got too much else I need her to do! Like homework, art, etc. A little in the morning, a lot more on the weekends.

  64. We have a TV but no cable and we only watch it on Family movie night and the kids can watch a movie if they want on the weekends, the big thing is that we have a wii and have to limit the time they spend on that.

  65. I personally watch too much tv (late at night when the kids are in bed), but my kids don't watch much. Blue Bloods is my favorite show...sigh...Donnie Wahlberg... ;)

  66. I was thinking of getting Netflix for my dad's Christmas present. It would be awesome to win this to give to him

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  67. We have DISH right now, and its only in one room. I did this to try and avoid my son gorging on TV.
    I feel like a lot of things on cable now are a bit trashy and i'm still have a mental battle of whether to get rid of cable or not.. I have netflix now, but we only watch it on our wii, since we have the cheapest subscription. Watching movies and shows with my son is so much better than him just watching whatever garbage is on TV

  68. We've never tried Netflix befoe. Actually, we had to cut almost any kind of movie completly out of our budget, this would be awesome!

  69. Well, I'm older now (21), so we don't have any rules regarding tv. However, when I was growing up I didn't watch anything too inappropriate on television. I'm not sure if any channels were blocked either. Haha! I guess I just cared about Cartoon Network and ABC Family.

  70. We don't have any restrictions here. No little ones. Well, I do try to limit the sports to Fri, Sat and Sun - but without much luck, I'm afraid.

  71. I have three children 21, 18 and 13. It can be very difficult to control the television watched at my house. The basic rule for the 13 year old is no R rated movies.

  72. Netflix is AWESOME!! We don't watch anything on cable or over-the-air (except for Glee)...we just watch whatever's on Netflix...the selections are endless!

  73. When I was growing up, my parents had strict rules about watching television. I wasnt allowed to watch tv during the week unless ALL of my homework and household chores were done, AND my room was clean. At the time, I didnt understand this and if the sun went down or it was too cold out, tried everything I could to sneak around and watch TV. Now that Ive grown up, I watch far less television but love to rent movies. I have two TVs in my apartment and about 90% of what I watch on TV are some type of sporting event (football,baseball,basketball,MMA, or anything competetive). I love Sportscenter and most times, start and finish my day with it. Apart from that, I am definitely a movie buff and have spent large sums of money renting and buying viedos. A free netflix subscription would be huge for me because I am now much more diligent with budgeting my money and would like to spend my down time doing things that I do not have to pay too much for.

  74. We don't have a TV- don't believe in watching alot of it esp bcz of the kids! We watch some shows on hulu once a week, and have a netflix subscription which we use occasionally on our computer!! Thats it! Netflix is great! Love how easy it is!!

  75. We got rid of our cable and just have Netflix through Roku now. It works great!! I love that the kids don't get bombarded with commercials and I can monitor what they are watching.

  76. We don't really limit the kids TV time. I know that makes me sound like a bad mom, but they are usually doing other things and the TV isn't such a big deal. They know what shows they are allowed to watch, and if it isn't something they've seen, they ask my permission. My son will even walk in while I'm watching TV and say, "Mom, I don't know if this is appropriate for me. Maybe you should turn it off." He cracks me up!
    We got rid of our cable, and just do Netflix and basic TV with bunny ears. I would love to not have a Netflix bill for 6 months!

  77. We have a tv in the living room and one in the family room. No tv until homework is done. No tv in bedrooms. Our theory is if you wouldn't feel comfortable watching something with your parents, then you shouldn't be watching it.

  78. We have a tv in the family room and all the shows/channels that are PG and up are blocked. We pretty much have to put the code in to watch anything which I find sad.

  79. We've thought about a Netflix subscription, but have never actually tried it. I admit, we usually run to Blockbuster to grab a movie but this sounds like a great deal. Matthew doesn't watch much TV except for an occasional Baby Einstein DVD or Curious George. My hubby and I love to watch movies and sometimes it's scary how many of the lines we can quote!

  80. We unplugged our tv this summer and have been watching netlix on our computer. I love that our kids are not watching commercials. We are watching less and only a few programs. We watch when the kids are sick or if I am making dinner.

  81. We have two Tvs and we do limit our kids watching time to 1 hour a school day and to 3 hours a non school day.

  82. Me my husband and our three kids use to have Netflix for about a year, we had to cut back on spending due to finance's and haven't had it now for a few months. When we did have it the kids loved to go online and pick out all there favorite movie's. It use to give us great family time together, Now we watch one on TV but it's not as good because it's not one that the kids got to pick out and look forward to seeing. My address is 15806 Hwy 10
    Roseland, La 70456. I didn't know if we were suppose to post it on this entry or somewhere else. Thank you for your giveaway! will be looking forward for your future giveaways;)

  83. I had Netflix for a while and loved it, but had to stop it after it wouldn't fit into the budget any longer. It is such an amazing service -- I was able to find shows that I somehow missed. Nothing better than watching a movie with friends and family -- Netflix was a big part of our movie nights! Thanks for the chance! :)

    1. Sorry, hit the wrong key! We do own a TV. The kid generally watch less than one hour per day. We like shows on ABC Family. Our rule is homework and chores first.

  84. Sorry, thinking about shopping later. What I meant to say was: Netflix is great and now they have streaming Thanks.

  85. I used to monitor everything my son watched but now I have to trust that he will make the right decisions. There are shows I absolutely forbid him from watching and then there are some that we like to watch together.

  86. We (a couple for 34 years) don't have family rules. We each watch what they want. I watch a lot of the K-dramas and some variety shows.

  87. It si so hard to get everybody here at once. Netflix would let us have movie night anytime they were all here with no preperation.

  88. We used to be all about how many channels can we get for the best deal. But, after watching a few of my old favorites when my daughter was old enough to repeat phrases, we turned off all TV completely, and switched to renting, downloading, buying etc. My favorite shows to watch WERE 90's sitcom reruns. Yeah, I know - total waste of time, but I LOVED Wings, Friends, Sienfeld, Frasier, and back to the 80's - Night Court, Golden Girls, and Quantum Leap. But, now I can barely sit through an episode of most of those as I have become sensitized to filth after not viewing it for a long time. So now, we watch downloaded, rented, or Netflix versions of Mythbusters, Survivor Man, Man vs. Wild, Prototype This... We also are currently loving the early seasons of Prison Break. It is fascinating. And, we look forward to future seasons of Fringe, having loved Lost.

    We have several movies for our kids to watch as well as old Franklin, Miss Spider, and Jack episodes that we'd recorded years ago when we had Noggin. We don't really have "rules" per se on how much is allowed, but they turn to movies when the weather stinks or when Mom is swamped with something and can't sit and read to, play with, or color with them (which is seldom, but does happen sometimes.)

  89. My husband and I actually discussed this last night. We have rules, but he is very lax. Our 2 girls could watch tv all day. My son, if given no restrictions, would watch 15 minutes max every day. I do enjoy television, but really have been aware of any shows on. I feel the quality has gone way down. But if you look, you can find quality.

  90. We limit an hour per day.We have a couple TVs and they are blocked and we need to unlock shows with a code for them to watch.

  91. I've never tried Netflix, but I've heard lots of good things about if from friends. This would be great to watch some new movies for the kids. I'm so tired of all the same ones we have that they're always watching.

  92. "What a great gift idea! We have a TV and only have a few shows we enjoy watching (together) but we have discussed what we will do when we have kids. It will definitely be "G" rated only and to be honest I love having music on instead. I love listening to KLOVE, I am always in a good mood when I have it on. We do however, have movie night every few months with my cousins, they all (3) come over and we make dinner, dessert and watch movies all night. So much fun and great memories!"

  93. Canceled cable and satellite and no antenna so w just get tv shows and movies by disk from Netflix, blu-ray only.

  94. We do have a tv and the rule is that we have to spend more time playing than we do watching tv. Our favorite tv show is word girl-it's fun for the kids and it's funny for adults too.

  95. This is so awesome. I love Netflix, I've been able to catch up on shows that I missed years ago thanks to Netflix, and even shows on channels that we don't get since we only have an antenna. Netflix stole my heart they are awesome!

  96. We try to keep screen time pretty limited for our little ones. We don't watch nearly as many movies as I'd like to, and with winter in Wisconsin we have a bit more "down" time indoors! I'd love to catch up on some movie classics.

  97. We love netflix but have the cheapest subscription- would love to win this. We do NOT have tv right now- we only watch stuff on the computer and that is very very limited. Ivy & Gray might watch one thing every other day and the older boys don't really watch anything ever except I did let them watch Ponyo this weekend in their table fort! :) Not having TV has been a huge blessing/life change for us. But I do have to say I love to watch movies and documentaries while I knit, so Netflix rocks my socks! :)


  98. I like this gift idea too! You always come up with great things. :)

    We are pretty careful about TV, but he does see it occasionally with us and at his babysitter's house. Luckily he pays very little attention to it. Most of the shows we watch are OK, but the commercials are not so we stick to recorded TV and fast-forward through the commercial breaks.

    I can't have a TV on in the 'background'. It is impossible for me to concentrate on anything else when it is on. I even lose track of conversations with friends -- it's terrible!

  99. We have satellite TV and mainly watch The History Channel and Discovery, we subscribe to no movie channels so Netflix would be great to have. Our teens have certain shows they like, but aren't glued to the set. My toddler loves Dora and Kai-Lan and would watch 24/7 if he could.!

  100. I watch tv usually at night as much of the tv shows during the day don't interest me. We are finally doing away with cable as it's got to expensive and are going to the regular tv shows anybody can get. My kids always do there homework first when they get home and can watch tv at anytime during the day as long as they don't get carried away.

  101. We only have my bfs daughter on weekends. Pretty much she is only allowed to watch Disney and Nickelodeon stations since she is 9. Any movie we watch is G or PG with the ocassional Pg-13. Any time more adult topics come up we use it as a conversation starter. We can't let her watch Degrassi High anymore because even though the episodes teach a lesson at the end, it was just to many questions we would have to explain during the episdode that we didn't feel were age appropriate. One was about loosing your virginity at prom (um that episode was rated Y 7!!!!) another was teen pregnancy (imagine trying to explain what the "morning after pill" was to a 9 year old!), another about doing cocaine. We were like WOAH not watching that any more!

  102. My husband was just asking me if we could get our netflix account back. We haven't had one for a year or two now. We had to make some financial cutbacks and that one of the first to go. I am really interested in the online streaming! That sounds great.

  103. We just recently were given a TV and now we bought a Wii. The hubby has wanted one since they came out, but buying both a TV and the Wii was out of our budget for quite awhile.
    We have no TV access so we watch videos, mostly from Netflix. We used to watch things on our computer off Hulu (mainly the Bachelor/Bachelorette - I admit, I love that show and he will watch it with me just to analyze all the people!) but only after the boys are in bed.
    The rules are that the TV is only on for the video or game and then it's off because I just can't stand that little electronic whine that TV's give off. And there is definitely a time limit. Usually one or two Thomas episodes or no more than an hour or one movie a day. Cars gets watched a lot around here! Gaming is pretty new as we just got the Wii on Black Friday, but there's definitely going to be a time limit on that as well. The hubby can play what he wants when the boys are in bed as he would normally just play stuff on his computer anyway.
    I'm not a big fan of movies or gaming so it won't affect me much!

  104. I think the only rule is that if one person in the house needs to work, read, or anything and is annoyed by the tv, the tv goes off no matter what's on.

    hmcnaron at gmailh

  105. We've used Netflix before during the summer months and enjoyed it. During the school year we are too busy to watch movies. We've also watched movies through our Wii which is really neat.

  106. I would love this as I ahve been wanting to try Netflix but I have still been unsure if it is worth it. this would be a great way to find out.

  107. When my children were little I hardly let them watch any television. With my grandchildren, I let only let them watch what their parents let them watch; which is very little. Sprout has some nice programming for children.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  108. The TV rules at our house are much more relaxed. We're much more likely to have it on in the background, but as a kid, my parents were really strict about which shows I could and could not watch.

    Netflix looks like a really cool subscription thing. My friend has it and is always using it, and if I could afford it, we'd so have it already.

  109. That picture of your girls is priceless, they look SO happy! Adorable. I can't believe our babies are going to be 2!

    My husband is a huge movie person, not me. That said, if it's a really good movie I've been waiting for, I'll sit down and watch it.. I'm so weird, but I feel like watching a 2 hour movie is a waste of my time. I could have done so much more during 2 hours. I know most people don't feel that way.

    It has to be a pretty special movie to get me sitting down to watch it.

  110. we own several tvs. no rules as to how much we want. i was practically raised by the tv. it is more what you are allowed to watch as opposed to how much you watch.

  111. yes I have a TV and its a flat screen
    Fav shows are OUTSOURCED and the OFFICe
    check em out if u never seen them.! they are hilarious

    I have wanted netflix for some time now and WOuld love to try it

    [email protected]

  112. My SIL is a movie nut! They have two little ones and it's obvious that the oldest has inherited this from him (she looks alot like him, too.) Since the family has recently relocated for a job, date nights are pretty much a movie with wine/beer after the kids are in bed. :)

  113. Now that I'm a grandmother, I find I'm stricter now than I was with my son. I really try to limit TV time when my granddaughter's over. Of course, that gives us more time together.

  114. i love netflix. like you we watch alot of G rated movies. we do own a television. but we usaully dont watch it unless we are watching a disney show.

  115. Ah TV - our family rules are a bit up in the air right now. Since we had kids later in life and in our marriage, we were accustomed to watching TV or Movies whenever we wanted (which wasn't TONS, but we just didn't really HAVE a rule since it was a huge part of our life. Now that we have a baby, we're more conscious. We do NOT let the baby watch TV at home - he has seen a little in passing at neighbors/friend's houses. I am torn b/c I see DVDs (currently reviewing a set now!) with just zoo animals and classical music and I think "what could be wrong with this?" However, I am aware that it's not just the content to be concerned about but the screen time itself is not great for eyes and attention span in young babies. Our plan is DEFINITELY no TV until age 1, and then maybe the OCCASIONAL classical music/animals DVD on a RARE occasion until age 2... after that, probably a family movie night from time to time. We're hoping that since TV isn't really a big deal to US beyond catching some news once in a while, or having a movie night on weekends, hopefully our kids won't make television/entertainment a focal point of their lives either. :)
    This is a great gift idea (and giveaway) because we use Netflix and found it really let us be more choosy about what we watched versus flicking through 100 channels for an hour only to say 'there's nothing on" - less time wasting, and the time spent watching TV was higher quality (if you can use that word!! Haha).

  116. With my 5 year old he wasn't ever really allowed to watch TV until he was around 3. In the summer he never watches TV (it's too nice out!) but in the winter he watches more because it's cold out! Typically I have him watch PBS but occasionally he'll watch Disney. Sometimes we rent movies like Bob the Builder from the library and he does own a few movies like Cars and Finding Nemo.

    autumn398 @

  117. We have never had Netflix but my daughter did and she loved it.We have a TV in almost every room.As our kids are grown so I just have to watch with the grandchildren witch now!


  118. wow - what a rad contest! With winter upon us in upstate new york - my hubby and I will be spending MUCH more time curled up on the sofa watching movies in the warm cozy indoors :-) We've always wanted a Netflix subscription, but can't justify the cost - this would be FUN!

  119. The TV is on a lot more than it should be in these cold winter months..Discovery channel or the outdoors lol (hubby)
    kids watch some--I still like the Disney movies with the kids--no adult movies with the kiddos
    thanks for the chance here
    kendraco22 at yahoo dot com

  120. The only rule is that is no rule. I watch a lot of TV, but really don't pay much attention to the content of the shows that are on.

  121. I have a one year old and I try not to let him watch tv much. I'm not much of a tv watcher, so it's usually not on during the day. He does have a Praise Baby video and loves that, so he watches that one every once in a while. My husband and I like to watch tv sometimes in the evenings just to veg out. We just got rid of cable and were thinking about getting a netflix subscription, would love to win it!

  122. We don't let Elizabeth watch tv much (a couple of youtube videos and that's about it so far). She does get to "work" on the computer sometimes, and she's played a few wii games too. The no tv under two rule is pretty easy. But no screen time under two is impossible in our circumstance - my husband and I would have to change employment!

  123. We don't have a t.v., but we do watch the occasional hulu or youtube video. And, very occasionally we rent a movie. We've talked about getting a netflix subscription, but talking is as far as that's gotten so far.

  124. I'd love to win this to give as a gift to someone to never has tried Netflix before. Our household LOVES the instant streaming!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  125. We have a TV in the family room and the kids can watch it after they do their homework--adult channels are blocked as are HBO.

  126. My hubby and I don't have kids yet, so we don't have any TV rules. We tend to keep it on a lot even when we're not really watching because I like the background noise.

  127. I love watching tv series on dvd's. It's easy to follow the story line and you get to skip all the ads. Makes Netflix totally worth it!

  128. We don't watch very much television. I don't like the quality of television in this day and age and all the profanity that's allowed on it now. So, I'm very selective when it comes to television, and we watch a lot of dvd's. Especially, Veggie Tales dvd's! :)

  129. Your family movie night sounds like fun and a great success. We are lax about television and do allow our kids to watch it, although we prefer to go out and do stuff versus sitting at home watching tv.

  130. With the upcoming price increase I was considering switching to streaming only, then I checked my disc queue and saw just how many I had that were not streaming. I only do the one at a time plan, and for what I get out of it, it is worth it.

  131. We love Netflix in our house and just recently figured out how to stream it through our Wii to the tv. Our kids are able to watch good, clean movies....which in my opinon are very few and far between these days. I would love to give a Netflix subscription to my sister! I know that she would LOVE it.

    Our kids can watch some cartoons and shows on tv. The Disney channel is pretty much banned from our house due to all the talk about liking boys,girlfriend and boyfriend stuff. Our daughter (7) loves the Food Network and always wants to cook, so of course we let her watch that and our son loves the hunting, history, shows about dogs, nature, surviving nature channels. They don't watch much tv, only when they need time to rest.

  132. Our “family rules” regarding television are that we always watch something before the little ones, to catch anything we don't want them to see (obviously kid shows we don't). We also limit their tv time. I think sesame street or dora the explore are the tops picks right now!

  133. You put me to shame. Our TV is on way too much. We have to cut our cable back and it's going to hurt us. And....probably help us. :) I had Netflix and loved it. I am a movie fiend and was in heaven. With my husband out of work it would be a luxury. Thank you.

  134. I love Netflix! I actually got to watch a whole bunch of old Bill Cosby shows when I had my subscription.

    My daughter (16) doesn't usually watch TV on school nights, and I've had a 1 hour rule forever (and that's 1 hour of TV OR computer play). Good for you for keeping the TV time WAY down!

  135. Living in a small community with no movie rental options past Redbox (which has not had a vast selection of wholesome movies lately) and not one to drop cash to see one of three movies playing weekly at the theaters in town, I would sure appreciate a netflix subscription.

  136. I'm currenty pregnant so we don't really have any family rules yet, but we do plan to limit tv time for the little one. We have a tv in our living room and we probably watch more than we should. We tend to dvr everything and watch it later w/o the commercials. We were just talking about netflix tonight and it would be great to win a 6 month trial. Thanks!

  137. We've tried to severely limit Darah's tv watching, but wow, she really loves to watch youtube clips of Wiggles and Sesame Street! We also have some good Scholastic videos that I'll let her watch, though they usually only hold her attention for a handful of minutes.

    As for us, we don't have cable at all, but do have a netflix subscription (just one at a time)!

  138. Up until my son was 8, we had cable. We got rid of it because of finances and haven't misses it since. We do watch shows on the computer and I would love Netflix. It is easier controlling what my son watches now that we don't have cable.

  139. We try to limit how much our girls watch. Only a few shows a day or a specific movie, but they all have to be appropriate. That means if it's a show, it's only a kiddie cartoon like Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dinosaur Train, etc. We don't like shows like Sponge Bob that use offensive humor at times. We also don't like to watch much on Sundays, but if we do, it has to be PG and something very uplifting. If we can't feel the spirit while we watch it, it doesn't get watched.

  140. well... my children are older, but when they were small, the vcr was always running...
    we don't watch very much tv anymore, netflix is great, though

  141. We only have a few rules regarding television viewing. No gore,cursing,violence(when our son is awake). We really like the Big Bang Theory.

  142. We really never watch movies or TV but every once and a while it would be nice to see a movie a home. I just don't trust the red box. No one is there to moniter the credit card swiper.

  143. The kids watch one or two videos a day, but they rarely watch all of anything unless they're in a need of a break (they're 3 and 4 and no longer have naptime).

    We only have basic tv and, as far as movie rental, we only get a movie here and there from our small town video rental place. We've considered Netflix, but have never settled on actually buying a plan....this would be great to check it out and see if we like it! :-)

  144. we have not have cable since having my daughter. we do watch a lot of movies though, especially when it starts getting cold out. and lately i've noticed that more often than not, we watch more than one movie a day! i need to get motivated to get out in the cold or it's going to be a loooong winter of sitting in front of the tv!

  145. We happen to love television although I don't let my kids watch it all day! I'll let them watch a show or two throughout the day (Curious George is a favorite) and then we'll watch movies together as rewards. Hubby and I love to watch shows though together after the kids go to bed!

  146. I really enjoy Netflix! I love your suggestion of giving a gift subscription. I never really thought about giving Netflix as a gift and with two soon to be college students this would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  147. Love Netflicks! I am very picky about what I let my son watch, but Netflicks has a lot to choose from. I don't really like him to watch more then 1-2 hours a day. I do think he learns from what he watches.

  148. We don't watch TV, but I do let my daughter (almost 3) watch 30 - 60 minutes most days of Curious George. I like how the characters don't have an "attitude" like many kids shows these days, and the focus is on learning things about the world instead of the relationship-drama or unrealistic / imaginary plots that a lot of shows have.

    Netflix is pretty cool. If I had more time in my days I would definitely have a subscription. My sister-in-law has it and we use it at their house sometimes. I recommend the movie Babies for watching with young kids or even babies - though I don't usually recommend TV for babies :-)

  149. we like TV too much, as does our 5 year old - but she does learn a lot. Like wanting to go to Paris at age 3 from watching Dora!

  150. We have a TV but strictly monitor how much and what our two year old watches. She gets about one episode of curious George a day while I shower and get dressed. We love to stream episodes on netflix on demand so you know what they are watching and there are no weird commercials for junky kid food or toys!

  151. I absolutely love Netflix.

    We probably do watch too much TV in our house. My husband grew up in a house where only the parents had a TV and the kids didn't. So he really loves TV now because he was denied it so much as a kid.

  152. Net flix is amazing. I dropped my cable and have an antenna for local news and stuff and watch a lot of netflix using my wifi dvd player. I'm saving so much money. The kids love it. After my brother visited he went and subscribed to net flix for his family because his kids liked it so much. He's also going to get a tv antenna so he'll have local news and stuff to.

  153. We don't have rules per se. My kid will watch shows from Nick Jr. and PBS Kids - most of the time we keep it to a reasonable limit, but when she was sick this summer we let her watch as much as she wanted, and it helped distract her from her misery! Her favorites are Max and Ruby and Backyardigans. My faves are Big Bang Theory and Glee, and SyFy shows like Eureka.

  154. We have a tv, but we do not have cable. We have a few DVDs, but rely on the library for anything new to watch. We have not had cable for 6 years, and last year the two remaining video stores in town closed up shop (Blockbuster and Movie Gallery) so now it is the library or nothing. As for movies, I like older movies, and my husband likes sci-fi and action stuff. My kids like anything that they haven't seen before:)
    Alicia Webster
    [email protected]

  155. I love using Netflix for our Family Movie Nights. It is so much easier to order our movies online and have them delivered than to go to the video store all of the time.

    Some of my favorite TV shows include Freaks and Geeks, Glee, and The Big Bang Theory. :)

  156. We've been wanting to do Netflix for a while now, but haven't been able to justify the cost. (I know, but $8/month is a lot for some people!) The streaming option would be really nice.

  157. Our last video rental place in town just went out of business, so a subscription to Netflix would be amazing!

    My son is 5 and we prefer him to only watch age appropriate movies at this point, and in moderation of course.

  158. When I was younger my parents did not let me watch tv very often and instead had me doing tons of other kid activities. I was always outside playing and I learned to love reading. Now as an adult, I do watch tv but I do not let it take over my life! My nights are not planned around what tv shows are on. I would much rather be outside or hanging out with family than watching tv. But I do love to watch a good movie!

  159. We have pretty flexible rules with the tv. The kids (8 & 4) watch Arthur when I'm getting breakfast ready and then it's pretty much off until I turn it on in the evening to get the local news. Our evenings are usually filled with other activities than watching tv and the shows I like aren't very child-appropriate. Lately we've been trying to catch the Christmas specials - Charlie Brown, etc. Those are fun to watch as a family.
    We do enjoy having movie nights every couple of weeks on the weekend too!

  160. That is a great idea for someone that likes tv and movies.

    Until Lily was about 1 year and 10 months she never watched tv, she might see something while we watched but since we didn't watch a lot I didn't worry. Now she loves Yo Gabba Gabba. We let her watch an episode here and there. It's a great show.

  161. I cancelled our satellite subscription, mostly because I am cheap. but in the end, we are a closer family without all the tv. We do, however, watch lots of movies together!

  162. Netflix is such a great program. I try not to let my kids watch too much tv and I try to only let them watch educational shows like Veggietales which are some of our favorites. I always like the classic disney movies too!

  163. We prefer pbs and old school disney. However, my kids are nuts for the wizard of oz. We watch it a few times a week. Its the songs that they love.
    We mostly do redbox for movies, its always affordable!

  164. I love Netflix! I even bought one of those Roku boxes so that I could have their watch instant selections streamed to my TV. It's nice being able to watch episodes of shows like 30 Rock and Arrested Development whenever I want, with no commercials.

  165. What did we do before Netflix? We have the lowest priced subscription that allows to movies each month. And that's been plenty for us. We only have one TV in the house, and it's in our basement, so it doesn't get watched by the kids all that much. My favorite show right now is Castle, my kids like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Backyardigans.

  166. We have a TV and cable. We were pretty strict with our first daughter. She still doesn't really watch much tv (at 2.5 years old), just a little sports with Daddy. We attempted to watch The Sound of Music, but she got bored after about 5 minutes. The TV is pretty much never on during the day. My husband and I watch a bit after the kids are asleep. We had Blockbuster once upon a time, but have since given that up, since we usually don't have enough uninterrupted time to watch movies, but we have talked about signing up for Netflix recently, mainly to watch TV shows.

  167. It seems as if our TV is on mostly in the am. The girls are still waking up and it works for our house for breakfast. Because I am too busy getting ready for work to sit down and eat with the girls. By the time they crawl out of bed I have to get in the shower and my hubby is also just waking up. They really don't watch much at time and if they do it is usually to start to settle them down a little bit before we head to read books.

  168. We don't have "rules" because our 2 year old just doesn't watch TV. He will watch either Super Why on PBS or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse once in a while, but he's usually playing and not paying much attention. After he's in bed, my husband and I prefer to read or talk over watching TV. However, when our son gets a little older, I would enjoy watching movies with him.

  169. I don't watch much TV. If it's on during the day when I am home it's on a music channel. My husband likes to watch football. Other than that, we really don't watch much else. I do watch a few of my favorite shows (NCIS and Bones) on my laptop when I get the 4 month old to take a nap - many times I watch/listen while cooking or folding laundry.

    I turn the baby away from the TV when it's on, but he does get a few minutes at a time if my husband is holding him during a football game.

  170. We don't have tons of rules my daughter is older now and when she was younger she only like her kid shows. We don't watch a ton of tv, but we love watching movies together. A show my daughter and I love to watch together is The Middle

  171. We did a free trial with Netflix not too long ago and it was pretty neat that you could watch movies and tv programs straight from the Wii! Cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  172. We have always had a TV since I have been married but growing up, we did not. Our TV broke and my Dad decided that we would do better in school if we did not have the distraction and maybe he was right! I was an honor student and my sister was the Valedictorian of her class!

  173. I was the same way with my first, and am definitely more relaxed with my second.
    We watch Nick Jr probably more than we should. Usually right after getting home for the day, they'll watch a 20 minute show while I prepare dinner and spruce up the house.
    I've been thinking about canceling cable all together and getting the Netflix streaming package, but I'm not sure how it works without a Wii. Something I'll have to figure out...

  174. We have a tv in our family room that we use most often. We watch what the kids watch and limit the time somewhat. This is such a wonderful giveaway. I've been wanting to try Netflix and love the idea of having movies so easily available.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  175. We don't have any official TV rules, but my daughter is really good about not watching too much TV. We love to watch America's Funniest videos, sitcoms, and documentaries. My husband watches a fair amount of sports also.

  176. We don't watch a ton, but with two under two, there are times it is essential for mama's sanity!
    We were just talking about Robin Hood. It's the only Disney movie I know of that doesn't have a really scary character. And my son is SO into animals, I think he would love it.

    1. Our 4-year-old went through a stage where she didn't want ANYTHING to do with bad guys. Now, she's intrigued by them in stories.

      You're right about Robin Hood. Prince John & the Sheriff of Nottingham (aka "bushel britches") are as bad as they get...and they're not "scary bad." Also - the music is great. It's one of my favorite animated films.

  177. I will answer you questions and try not to make them long like I usually do.
    What are you “family rules” regarding television? We watch it together at night and sometimes they watch it during the day.
    Do you own one? Yes we have a couple tvs one for cable and one for just games
    How much do you watch? The family watches about 6 hours a week (7days) but the kids maybe watch a show after school and my son who is only 4 watches it some during the day but not too much.
    What are your favorite shows? Mine are Christmas shows. All the other times I like CSI and NYPD and things like that and my older kids like shows like full house and my youngest likes dora and blues clues and shows like that.

  178. A Netflix subscription sounds like a great gift idea! We have a t.v. on the floor of our bedroom, unplugged, under a blanket :) We took it down at the beginning of summer so it could "go on vacation" and we haven't put it back up yet. We use a portable dvd player on Fridays for movies. Our home is much more peaceful without a t.v.! However, we do watch a couple shows on hulu: Burn Notice and Psych.

  179. Our kid tends to enjoy the teeny-bopper Disney movies, especially their musicals. Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, etc. She also appreciates the "older" musicals - Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We don't want a lot of live television - we record some and generally just don't watch that much even then.

    We let her watch the "Umbrella / Singin in the Rain" mashup from Glee and she was enthralled because she likes both songs.

    Netflix would probably be worth investigating. We didn't bother for so long because our DVD player was out, but now that they stream, it would be a lot more useful. We have a Wii so could stream through that and still queue up movies we want to watch on DVD. That would help us remember if we want to watch a movie or not and not really worry about when we get around to watching it.

    We never really let the TV be a babysitter. As a result, our kid tends to really enjoy music and reading. (Maybe a little too much on the reading front.....) :)

  180. I love Netflix - we cancelled our cable and only have Netflix now! My kids watch way more tv than they should, but they liberally intersperse it with video games - I probably shouldn't say that out loud :)

    I loved Ramona and Beezus - the music was great in that too - I especially loved the music from it - Everybody and Say Hey (I love you).

    I love Parenthood and the music from Glee, Being Erica and Gilmore Girls.

  181. My kids don't watch any, ages two and six months. We sometimes turn recorded episodes of sesame street on while we have quiet time, but neither ever even glances toward the all. I suppose I am glad, though I do think some tv is harmless, certain shows and movies.

  182. Family rules are fairly loose and flexible. It depends on how crazy things are and how much of a break is needed as to when the movies get turned on. I watch the movies/tv shows with them to make sure there aren't any bad attitudes in them (my children pick up on those things first of course, and love to imitate them). I am constantly surprised by how many kid's shows/movies don't seem okay. Nini has given us a few great suggestions! :)

  183. With Zoelle (our first), we were VERY strict. Like you, we would turn her head if it was on somewhere. With Meridian (our second), I'm much more lienent. We watch maybe one movie every other day, but really that more means that Zoelle will turn it on, but not always watch it. I also make a point of only allowing movies that I feel benefit us in our family. The girls watch Baby Signing Times or old movies (Anne, Sound of Music, State Fair, etc.). Oh and we don't have cable, so we don't watch TV at our house. Only movies.

  184. Netflix is great! We currently have the one video at a time plan...but...they just raised their prices a smidge we decided to change our plan to the streaming only plan. They have a great variety and great children's programs too! Netflix is a brilliant company! And...SO FUN that you all watched Ramona and Beezus...glad to hear it was good! What book did you start with by the way?

    1. I forgot to answer your question...we do let our littles watch a bit of TV in the mornings (mainly when I take a shower). PBS has some great Super Why and Dinosaur Train. Both of my kids LOVE those two shows and have learned heaps from them! Markus and I love to watch TV together in the evenings...we talk, laugh, and enjoy time together on our big comfy couch!

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