Christmas Gift Guide: Now I'm Reading! Plays by innovativeKids

Christmas Gift Guide: Now I'm Reading! Plays by innovativeKids 1Our 4-year-old isn't quite reading yet, but she's close. She knows all of her letters and many of the accompanying sounds. She recognizes some words and memorizes short books. She is on her way to the magic of literacy!

I hope to be even more intentional about teaching her reading, writing, and 'rithmetic once we're on-the-road (...leaving this January - can't wait!).

If you have a new or aspiring reader in your house, I bet he or she would get a kick out of the Now I'm Reading! Plays ($16.99 each) by innovativeKids. We received Cinderella and it is sheer fun. Each kit includes four masks, five scripts, and one storybook.

My daughter insisted on being Cinderella and The Prince, while I played the roles of the Wicked Stepmother and the Wicked Stepsister (which is fine with me - it was fun perfecting my "wicked voice" for storytelling). We had a GRAND time.

The Three Little Pigs is also available for purchase online.

Christmas Gift Guide: Now I'm Reading! Plays by innovativeKids 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Now I'm Reading! Play ($16.99) by innovativeKids. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* innovativeKids sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 play for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #63 Mickey Coutts. Congratulations!

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63 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide: Now I'm Reading! Plays by innovativeKids”

  1. I have 3 and 5 year old girls who would love these! They love anything dress-up and love books. These plays seem really fun!

  2. Wow this would be sooo perfect for my 4 year old daughter! She is wanting to read sooo badly but has been struggling....she tries so hard and is making progress but she wants to be able to read books like her older brother...this would help her so much, she loves pricesses, too!!!

  3. Aww..this looks like fun. We're still working on getting my son to talk more but I've got my eye on Now I’m Reading! Plays:The Three Little Pigs!

  4. My 8 year old son with special needs has such a hard time reading. We are always trying to find things to make it fun for him. This would be perfect for him!

  5. What a fun way to get kids involved with the book! My niece is a bit of a reluctant reader, but these seem like a great way to entice her into reading!

  6. When teaching children to read we have to keep in mind their interest. These books sound great for children who like to dress up and use their imaginations. My youngest son is 4 and learning to read. He also loves to dress up in costumes. I know he would enjoy these books.

  7. My daughter is 4 and loves reading and dressing up! She would love this! I like how it incorporates both reading and role playing. I think I would have fun with this too! :)

  8. Analise is chomping at the bit to read. For a while she could have cared less about what sounds letters make but recently she is all about sounding out the letters so she can "read real words" as she says! She has a vivid imagination so this type of reading/learning/playing is great!

  9. I provide before and aftercare for 4 Kindergarteners. It is so fun seeing how much they've grown in their knowledge of phonics and reading. I can't believe how many sight words they've learned in just a few short months. These would be so much fun to read and interact with the kiddos!

  10. Oh these are so cute and clever! Are those masks like sunglasses?! Play acting is a fantastic way to develop literacy b/c it teaches them both story line and characterization, two important aspects of literature. And it's fun!!! This is a great item to give a child! I hope they come out with more stories soon!

    1. Yes, the masks fit exactly like sunglasses. That's the perfect description.

      Also - the company has at least two other stories available for purchase in their print catalog...but they aren't currently available online.

  11. Our daughter just turned four this week - she also loves "reading". This looks like it would be a lot of fun and something that she would really enjoy. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  12. My dtr really enjoys acting out favorite stories with her stuffed animals and dolls. This looks like the perfect expansion of that idea.

  13. wow! This looks like fun! I think this would be a great thing to do with kids - love the mask idea. Mixing reading with acting is a great idea - wish I would have come up with it! :)

  14. This looks super cute, my daughter loves dress up and voices and my husband is great at reading to her. He would love being the witch!! Hahaha

  15. It's so wonderfully amazing to watch out little ones learn to read. My son is memorizing a few parts to a play the school is doing. I can hardly believe it!

  16. My daughter would LOVE these! Even if I don't win, I might have to go purchase some of them. She's just started really reading books and it's so much fun. I would love acting these out with her and her younger sister.

  17. Our 4yo is also very close to reading and has all the skills you mentioned your daughter having. Isn't it all so fun? Sometimes it seems like magic to me. It seems like yesterday he was struggling to tell the difference between a D and B and now he can sound out simple words with ease. I just love the whole process!

    My son would especially appreciate this gift because in addition to reading he's also extremely interested in drama. As soon as there's a theater class for his age I'm going to sign him up! What fun!

  18. plays are always a great way to encourage reading. i teach 1st grade, and plays or dramatic scenes with masks or props always fires up even the most reluctant readers!

  19. What a fun way for new/aspiring readers to continue their journey. My 5 year old is a new reader and my 3 year old is quick to follow. This would be perfect for the both of them! I'm going to have to go check it out. Thanks for always keeping us informed on great products!

  20. My 6 yr old loves engaging in dramatic play. Usually it's "mother and child" or "school." Both my girls are faascinated with the Cinderella story. My 8 year old went to an interactive musical version with her school this week and she couldn't stop talking about the "mean stepsisters!" Anything that encourages dramatic play and literacy has my vote! Thanks for telling us about these books!

  21. Ooh Lilly would LOVE this! She'll be 4 in Feb, LOVES Cinderella, LOVES books, LOVES masks, LOVES pretending and imagining and "being" someone different. I'm going to check them out regardless!

  22. This looks like such a great way to get kids interested in reading! Garrett would get a kick out of the role playing!

  23. What a fun idea. I, too, love watching as the minds of my little girls blossom. They are both so excited about reading. It is a very big deal around here. My older one gets to read stories to her kindergarten class on occasion. Because she had such a love of reading and a strong desire to learn early, she is so much more confident in other realms of school too. Not enough can be said of teaching to love literacy early! My little one is now reading "Biscuit" books. They are her favorite. While part of the excitement is the sticker she gets to put in her reading log after she finishes a book, she is also simply blissful as she gets into the books she is reading.

  24. What a fun concept. These would be a great toy to take along on trips. Lots of fun & play without taking up much room.

  25. Those look awesome! My 4 year old is also quite on the way to reading and is quite the little entertainer so I know she'd love something like this!

  26. What a clever idea! I loved putting on plays with my sisters and cousins when I was a kid. But I was never creative enough to write them.

    1. She actually isn't reading just yet, but she does enjoy repeating the lines after me and "acting" out the story behind the masks. :)

  27. We are always looking for new/fun books around here too. It is so exciting to see my son starting to sound out small words. I was given some beginner reader books and we are slowly making our way through them. I think it helps with interests that the main character is Sam... that is my son's name. Who then sits on Matt, which is the name of one of his friends. LOL.

  28. My oldest is in Kindergarten and on his way to reading as well. He loves to read every night and I can't wait till he can enjoy reading anything and everything his heart desires (mom approved, of course!) on his own. However, I do think he likes the interaction with me while I read to him...which is priceless for me too. A book where we could all take a role in sounds fun...even getting his younger siblings involved would be perfect.

  29. What a fun way to learn to read! We've been working on the BOB books and my daughter is really coming along, but she would really LOVE this....especially since it's Cinderella and she could play dress-up at the same time ;-)

  30. You are leaving in January already. How exciting! My kids love to play when they read/ Like find a hidden character on the picture or count all the apples in the basket. This is a great approach to keep kids engaged in reading

  31. My girls are too old for this but when I saw the picture of your daughter, it brought me back several years to when my blond little beauties were her age. They loved reading too and would have loved this product!!!

  32. My niece is also memorizing short books. I think it's hilarious to ask her to "read" to me and watch her say the words so fast I can hardly keep up reading the actual words myself!

  33. My daughter would love this - she's getting into "dressing up" and since we've been practicing for the Christmas program at church she's always pretending to be in a play.

  34. This is really adorable. My kids love playing dress up, and what a cool idea to have everything come in one package.

    On a funny side note, my son Jack (who's 4) doesn't call the characters Princess and Prince, he will see them, or anyone dressed in wedding gear and call them "Princess and Majesty" I think it's super adorable. :)

  35. My granddaughter will be 4 in January. I think she would enjoy these a lot. We love to do our abc's and practice words and numbers with the magnetics on my fridge. Thanks for the giveaways.

  36. These sound like a great way to engage little ones in story telling. I really believe that reading comes from a love of stories and these sure sound like fun and are sure to create a love of reading to go along with it.

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