Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance

Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance 1Think of someone who is really hard to shop for. REALLY hard. Do you have a picture of their face in your mind?

I have a gift idea for you: athletic shoes. Tennis shoes make a great gift for most anyone - athletic or not. They're equally likely to be used by kids, teens, college students, moms, grandpas, brothers, runners, or trying-to-lose-weight-ers.

Who doesn't love the feel of a nice NEW tennis shoe - squashy, supportive, and oh-so-comfortable?

Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance 2I am pleased to introduce you to the truebalance toning collection by New Balance - available for both men and women. The colorful tennies in this collection use hidden balance board technology that encourages muscle activation in the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and quads. Fortunately, they don't look weird nor do they require a great sense of balance. They just look and feel like normal running shoes...wonderful.

And don't forget the kids on your list! They're SURE to make good use of shoes that let them run, walk, bounce, and jump.

Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance 3Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance 4Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance 5

Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance 6WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of men's or women's truebalance toning shoes AND one pair of kids shoes from New Balance! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* New Balance sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing 2 pairs of shoes for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #223 Priscilla. Congratulations!

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240 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide: shoes by New Balance”

  1. My daughter and I would love to win these shoes. She is only five, but is really tall and is already wearing big kid size 2. I can't keep her in shoes very long, so I haven't bought her many nice pairs of shoes. I think her growth is starting to slow down a little, though, so it would be wonderful to win some great new shoes!

  2. Wow, would love to win these as I need a new pair for my daily walks. I can't believe how many different styles that they have! Thanks for the chance! :)

  3. New Balance shoes last! I haven't seen their toning ones until now. They look much better than the other ones that are on the market. I am not really hard to buy for...but I usually put everyone else before me on the shoe list. lolI wear my shoes for far longer than I need to because there is just not any extra $$$ with this economy and I would really use them. I also have a young neighbor girl that I would help out with a pair.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  4. I started walking 5 times a week finally after years of saying I should... I feel great but I definitely need some new shoes! these look great!

  5. I started wearing New Balance shoes this year. Love them. It's about time for a new pair so the drawing couldn't have come at a better time. The kids would look good in them as well. :)

  6. My wife has been wanting a pair of lightweight "tone-up" type shoes - and the New Balance name means that you are getting a high-quality product!

  7. Isn't this an interesting shoe! Get a workout effortlessly! I am a big New balance fan and love their look. They are also higher quality.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  8. I've hear New Balances were good for people with foot issues but I havent tried them before. I've been eyeing the truebalance toning shoes though, I wonder if they work!

  9. I have never owned a pair of New Balance shoes but , I would definitely like to try them. I like that they don't look like you are walking on cement blocks. I just can't get into those other shoes. Thank you for the chance!

  10. My sneakers are just about at the end of their life. Would be great to have these new ones. Thanks for this great offering.

  11. Both my huggy and I wear New Balance shoe, because of major feet problems. We buy them once a year at their July sale and just keep our fingers crossed that they have a few pairs left on the clearance table in our sizes-since otherwise we can't afford them.

  12. I have short, wide feet and high arches -- so the proper fit and good support are a must for me. That's one reason I've worn NB shoes in the past and would love a new pair!

    Thank you!

    Terri (GeorgiaMist)
    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

  13. I've had my eye on some NB shoes for a long time but never found room for them in my budget- maybe now I can get them. Yay!
    rmartinclarke at gmail dot com

  14. I recently started a new job that requires me to wear scrubs and tennis shoes. A lot of my co-workers have New Balance and they love them.

  15. I own a pair of Sketcher's toning shoes and I absolutely love them. I use them everyday for work. I workout using my New Balance tennis shoes (my favorite tennis shoe brand), so I would absolutely love to combine the comfort of New Balance with the toning power of toning shoes. And yes, I have seen toning in my legs since beginning to use toning shoes a year ago.


  16. I am getting ready to start the hunt for new shoes for my daughter and I and have heard nothing but great things about New Balance. I think it is high time we give up the cheapies and finally get a decent pair of tennis shoes!

  17. I've been wondering about these toning shoes...if they'll actually help...but hey anything is better than nothing! These look great.

  18. My running shoes are getting old and I'm in the market for a new pair. As someone who runs, how many different brands and styles have you used? How does New Balance compare to the rest?

    1. I've tried New Balance, Mizuno, Nike, Asics, and Vibram FiveFingers. New Balance and Mizuno have been my two favorite brands.

  19. I have been dying to get a pair of these. New Balance is very good quality so I would prefer buying a toning sneaker from them as opposed to competing companies. Awesome prize!

  20. I've been dying to try a pair of these toning shoes, and these New Balance ones look a little more stylish than the rest. I'm a nurse and work 12 hour shifts where I'm on my feet quite a bit, so I would get a lot of use out of these.

    rachelsgiveaways at gmail dot com

  21. I have been wanting a pair of toning shoes. I love that these look great, not strange looking like some other brands!

  22. The only pair of New Balance shoes I've ever worn were borrowed from a friend. She would have let me keep them, if it weren't for the fact they were her back-up running shoes for when the ones she was wearing croaked out.

    But man were those the best shoes I've ever worn while exercising at the gym.

  23. Well I need more balance in my life - so what better than to win a pair of shoes from new balance. Dying to try the toning shoes.

  24. I've been wanting to try a pair of toning shoes and I like that the kid's shoes are velcro (there are a lot of shoes to tie in this house :).

  25. I like the New Balance toning shoes. They look more streamlined and wearable than alot of the toning shoes on the market right now.

  26. I'd love to try a pair of New Balance toning shoes and my granddaughter would get the kids shoes. These are really cute and I hear they're comfortable and effective as well.

  27. I wore New Balance shoes for 5 years. I recently cheated and wore a competitor's shoe. Never again ... my right foot hurts and I'm convinced its the shoe. Back to New Balance I go!

  28. These look like really nice toning shoes, unlike some on the market nowadays. The New Balance trainers actually resemble "normal" shoes and not orthopedic devices.

    glycinemax (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. My husband has a lot of trouble with his feet, but found that these shoes take pressure off certain spots so he can walk pain free - he loves his True Balance shoes.


  30. This is SO useful! We walk every day and my shoes are constantly wearing out because of the rough roads, no sidewalks, and hilliness. Plus, my granddaughter could use a pair of shoes. Who couldn't?

  31. i just signed up for "running for the cure" next year and winning these for my training would be awesome :) thanks for the chance!

  32. I've seen the ads and heard/read some testimonials, but I am still skeptical about these toning shoes. It's just too good to be true. I was planning to get a pair when the price goes down a little. If I win, I would definitely keep one for myself! I can definitely use it! lol.

  33. I love new balance shoes- my favorite- I like the new balance 606 women's country walking shoes.

    ejxd95 at gmail dot com

  34. I have heard good things about these shoes and would love to try them...need new does my son...thanks for the chance to win...

    dan_jody at

  35. New Balance shoes are great,would like for us to get some new ones,they really are great shoes!

  36. Well Ive never worn New Balance shoes so this would be an enjoyable experience, with Diabetic feet comfort's important also

  37. I've always had good experiences with New Balance shoes - they're well-designed, comfortable, and excellent for all sports. My brother-in-law is notoriously difficult to shop for, but since he's training for a marathon in the spring, these would make a perfect gift for him. Thanks for the review and the chance to enter!

  38. I love New Balance. They're also great for people with extra-wide feet since they have a great variety of sizes. They are the only sneakers my father-in-law can wear!

  39. I recently went to buy walking shoes with my husband and unfortunately we could only afford one pair and he needed them more than I. I fell in love with New Balance. It'd be great to get a free pair and maybe that'll motivate me to work out more :)

  40. Everyone I know has switched to NB and I've been wanting to get a pair for myself to replace my old tennis shoes. I want to start running and need a better pair that don't hurt my feet.

  41. I love New Balance. I have trouble with my legs, and I can actually do a lot of walking wearing New Balance shoes without a ton of pain.

  42. I am so hoping to win this..My family are HUGE new balance fans. That was what our last pairs we bought were. Would be great to try these ones out.

  43. I wish shoe companies and shoe stores would make more shoes in wide widths and larger shoes too. I'm a 13 womens and my hubby is 14 mens. We both have a devil of a time finding reasonably priced comfortable shoes. Heck, they don't even make 1/2 sizes past 12.5 either. Do larger feet only grow in full sizes? No. They don't!

  44. Wow - I've got the NB truebalance sneakers on my holiday list. I would SO love to win these - thanks for the opportunity!

  45. I switched to New Balance after I had a problem with my arches and they are just fantastic. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  46. My current running shoes are on their last limb so these would make a good replacement! Good luck and happy holidays everyone! :)

  47. It is funny. We used to buy other brands until I bought my 7 year old of NB. They lasted so long that I bought a pair for running. I love them.

    Scott Martin
    [email protected]

  48. Keeping my daughter in shoes seems to be an endless chase. She went from a size 7 to 91/2 in three months. We haven't tried New Balance but would like to.

  49. As a diabetic I have searched high and low for truly comfortable shoes. It would be great if New Balance could be my answer.

  50. I have seen these and wanted them for the longest time. I had back surgery about 2 months ago and have gained alot of weight. I am starting to walk more and these would be perfect to help me.

  51. This IS a unique gift idea and one I am now considering for my mother-in-law. Only thing is, she has bad knees (gets cortizone shots and has been advised she needs knee replacement surgery). I'm wondering if these would do more to help or possibly harm her further with her knee condition. I'll have to do some research (and quick).

  52. I've been trying to get hubby to try NB for a long time. Finally pointed out that my (extremely picky) sister wears nothing else. So, he figured if SHE didn't complain, he'd give em a whirl. LOVES them now too.

  53. I have really been wanting to try the toning shoes and do need new tennis shoes. New Balance is the only brand my husband will wear.

  54. My son is so picky when it comes to shoes, New balance happens to be one of the few brands he likes. I find the price is great on these shoes.


  55. i got some of the other toning shoes last year from a friend who didn't like them..i almost broke my ankles! I would love some new shoes and toning sneaks? a bonus!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  56. "trying-to-lose-weight-ers" HA! Love that term.

    I've worn New Balance since their only women's shoes were all white. I was tickled pink (ha!) to see some of their new pink & purple offerings this year.

  57. Yes! I need these shoes for my boyfriend! He could use a little toning here and there (hey, it's all in love!) and he is completely opposed to any shoes that look like they are for toning. I own a pair of toning Avia shoes and, although I am not wild on the look (the now-old-school rounded soles), I love the comfort and the rolling feeling when I walk. But my man is sensitive to that!

  58. i love the new balance ones. they look like real shoes unlike sketchers. i want to tone and look cool, not tone and get laughed at. ;)

  59. I've wanted a pair of toning shoes for awhile now. I've been eying the Sketchers Shape-Ups for awhile now, I'm glad to see that there are other options out there, thanks!

  60. I've been looking at a pair of these shoes forever, but have never mustered the courage to spend that much. I'd love to have a pair since I walk a lot with three kids, but don't have the tiime to go to the gym to tone up.

  61. I love NewBalance shoes, I work in health care and am on my foot nonstop, they last the longest as work shots. Adidas and Nike don't compair

  62. Fighting cancer and could use something to keep my as git as possible - sounds wonderful
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  63. New balance makes such awesome shoes for my feet because you can find them in realistic widths! Also, they last forever! Almost, too long.

  64. New shoes are always a challenge to buy. I either like the fit of them or like the look of them, not always both at the same time. Would love to give these a try.

    daytoncat1 at yahoo dot com

  65. well, it would be a great gift, but would have to be somebody whose shoe size you already knew, that would be weird to ask them or weirder yet to sneak around and peek in their shoes ;)

  66. I would totally love a pair of truebalance shoes. I like the idea of all those toning shoes (toning? without working out? sign me up!), but they kind of look like Frankenstein shoes! Truebalance shoes are great because they look like any other athletic shoe out there, you know?

  67. I just bought a new pair of running shoes as my others were wearing out and bothering my feet (after waaayyyy too long). Tried on a pair of New Balance Toning shoes and they were SO COMFY!!! But honestly, $60 is just about my limit for running shoes. Would love to have some though!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  68. I LOVE New Balance shoes! I would love to win these for myself to help out with my New Years Resolution to run EVERY DAY- no excuses!

  69. I have been wanting to try out the whole "sculpting/toning" shoe crazy but I just can't bring myself to wear the sketchers style shape-ups they just look strange. I would love to give the New balance ones a try, they look like regular sneakers!!

  70. I love the style of these shoes. They look way better then other toning shoes that I have seen. I wonder if they work? I would love to own a pair :-)

  71. I have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes that fit well. I am on my feet at least ten hours a day. New Balance are comfortable, light weight and have good ventalation. I even have some energy left at the end of the day to play with the kids!

  72. I walk a lot during my trek to and from work (with side trips for the school run) so this would be really helpful--a workout without changing my schedule!

  73. New Balance shoes are my favorite and I am in need of a new pair of shoes and have heard great things about them. I would love to have a kid pair for my son and daughter too! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  74. New Balance shoes have been my favorite since high school. Who wouldn't want shoes that provide a workout while you are just going about your daily activities? I could use a new pair, as my feet have grown a bit from pregnancy!

  75. I love New Balance, have for years! They fit the best and are the most comfortable. I bought a pair of the rocker shoes from Kmart to try them out and see if they work. They DO. Now, I want a 'real' pair from New Balance

  76. I've heard such great thing about these shoes especially the toning effect on the Butt. I could use all the help I can get.

  77. New Balance is my favorite type of running shoe. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win. I would love a new pair of shoes!

  78. My husband and I both have wide feet and high arches, and New Balance are honestly the only brand we buy because they fit so well. We have a little boy and he’s definitely on track to inherit those qualities from both of us – which means New Balance for him, too!

  79. my mother in IMPOSSIBLE to buy for, and has to always were shoes around the house or her feet swell, so this would be a great gift for her!! and she could take my daughter to the store with her and they can pick out matching pairs!! GREAT idea!!

  80. New balance shoes are great! I would totally love a pair and would love if my daughter had a matching pair :) I don't trust just any pair of shoes on her growing feet! I know that these are good quality shoes!

  81. My both daughters are growing up and every now and then their shoes don't fit them. Winning this will be a huge help to my family.

  82. ahh I have wanted to try toning shoes since they first became popular..I dont know why I havent just given in and boughten a pair yet! If I dont win, I may just have to do that!! These are the best looking ones I have come across actually~ I love them

    [email protected]

  83. I love New Balance shoes. They are often on sale and stand the test of time. The pair I currently wear I bought 5 years ago.

  84. I haven't replaced my sneakers since 2008! I am so ready to get back to exercise and demonstrate good habits for my kids. I love these shoes - saw them on in the store but put them on the "someday" list. New Balance makes great shoes - I swore by them when I was a runner. My toddler loves all shoes, so this would be a great day at our house!

  85. New Balance is my most favorite brand of sneakers, hands down! They're super comfortable. I'd love to win a new pair for myself. My current pair is getting pretty worn out.

  86. I don't think I ever had any NB shoes. I would love to give them a try. I work 10 hours a day. Some days I stand in one spot a lot and other days I'm constantly running up and down steps. I'm so looking for a good pair of shoes so my feet don't hurt so much.

  87. I would love to be able to find another shoe that fits my lovely ankle and oddly shaped feet :) Maybe I will go try some NB out this weekend.

  88. New balance is a shoe that the ped doctor told me would be great for people that have any feet problems, which i am starting to have...I used to buy cheap tennis shoes at any store, now i have never tried the New Balance. I would love to see what the difference is?

  89. I have recently started walking and working up to running again. I have an older pair or NB shoes and they need replaced badly. The bigger challenge in my home is keeping my kids in, now I know why my dad always got on me about how I treated my shoes.

  90. i haven't bought myself new shoes since the last time i was expecting. it seems with every baby, my feet grow half a size. i just realized that they're now too small. unfortunately, i've been to busy buying things for everyone else to focus on anything for myself

  91. I've been a fan of New Balance for years!! I finally got my son a pair for Christmas. He's been going on longer and longer walks with me and I figure it's time for him to have some "proper" shoes. He's going to love his "racing shoes".
    Now I'm going to have to get the pink ones for my little girl, too cute!

  92. I don't think I've ever owned a pair of NB shoes! When I was a runner, I only wore Asics. Now, that I'm not even really athletic, sad, I guess I can venture into unknown shoe brands! And, athletic shoes for gifts... that is a pretty good idea!

  93. We love New Balance shoes at our home. They are comfy and light. Plus I'd love to give the toning shoes a try as I totally need help in that area. Although they are quite spendy they are totally worth it!

  94. I'm a huge fan of New Balance shoes for working out and running. I'd be really interested in trying out the toning shoes and seeing how they differ from regular running shoes. The kids could always use a new pair of shoes too!

  95. Mat and I are trying to start working out on a regular basis...what a good incentive new shoes would be! I have a pair of New Balance right now, and really like them.

  96. Shoes for Christmas? Makes me think of the "Christmas Shoes" by New Song. I like the idea of the New Balance "toning" system. I think any women post baby would love a pair of those! Sign me up!

  97. I've honestly never thought of shoes for a gift for someone, but it could seriously work! I have one pair of NB shoes, but replaced them with lightweight sketchers. I've never thought much about "fabulous" shoes for my kids because most of the time they sport their crocs and flip flops, but I always end up having to go buy them some shoes for our Winter Wyoming trips.

  98. This would be great. My son wears an XW shoe. For years, he could only wear Stride Rite brand. Now he actually fits into New Balance W shoes. He would love something new.
    I would, as well, since I rarely buy anything for me.

  99. These look so cool, I love new balance they are the best shoes for walking with my little ones. I have a hard time finding them in kids sizes though.

  100. If I win, I'm giving these to my mom. She LIVES in her New Balance shoes. I like that these are stylish as well. Plus my 2 year old just discovered basketball and he would love these as well.

  101. My son just got NB shoes after wanting new running shoes for months and he loves them. Much more afordable then other kid running shoes.

  102. Thanks for bringing these to my attention. I've been wanting a pair of good toning walking shoes but don't like the styles that look like rocking chair rockers on the bottom of your feet! I'll have to check these out.

  103. This is what I should have requested as a Christmas gift, but instead I asked for a pair of black heels. Apparently I care more about looking nice on Sunday than I do about being comfortable every other day of the week.

  104. My sister has been talking about getting toning shoes for awhile now. The New Balance ones are cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. My husband has had the same pair of new balance shoes since high school. They have lasted a really long time, but I can safely say that they very much need to be replaced at this point!

  106. I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit me right. I fell a couple years ago down the stairs, and somehow landed on the top of my right foot and bruised all the bones there (the doc thinks it was fractured too but the bones were too small to tell). It took me 4 weeks to be able to walk fairly well but finding and wearing shoes has been a pain for the last, almost, 3yrs now. My foots not as sore on the top as it was a year ago but it still bothers me some times. I've been told to try Newblance shoes but I've never got the nerve to do it with my issues, but I hear they are a dream shoe!

  107. I've recently started walking (as a serious form of exercise) and I've found that regular tennies just don't cut it; I'd love a pair of great shoes to help me out.

  108. I haven't bought myself new tennis shoes in ages! I'm sure my feet would love this gift! My son seems to be growing by the week, so a new pair of kicks for him would be great too.

  109. The person that is a challange to buy for is my husband! We have never tried new balance shoes but my mom really likes them.

  110. We could always use a new pair of tennis shoes in my house. But I am the type of person that I would have to try mine on before I buy them. I am just as picky about my shoes as I am about my clothes!

  111. A few years ago, my sister gave me a pair of New Balance shoes for Christmas, and they were one of the most used gifts I've ever gotten! I'd love to get a new pair!

  112. I just saw a commercial for the true balance! I like that they don't look like all the other clunky toning shoes! I would love to get the true balance in the black I have to wear sneakers or boots to work and I stand/ walk around all day so I need comfy sneakers - (boots get too heavy!)

  113. My husband just went and got fitted for a good shoe for his foot...and new balance was the pick! We haven't given them much thought before that....but once he got a pair he said that they made a HUGE difference with his running!

  114. I LOVE TENNIS SHOES :) Not only are they great for working out but they are comfortable and fashionable enough to wear with jeans. I seriously wear mine all the time! I have a pair of new balance already and I love them! But you can never have too many shoes!

  115. I received a pair of New Balance shoes a couple of years ago for Christmas. They're my favorite walking shoe, very comfortable.

  116. We love New Balance shoes! They're perfect for my 5 year old who has wide feet but refuses to wear anything but sneakers. I love them for their fit, their price and their comfort!

  117. After my foot injury New Balance sneakers were the only kind I could wear comfortably. They come in wide which works out great for me. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  118. New Balance is also my go to brand! They never hurt my feet. I like that their truebalance shoes are really cute

  119. i have a renewed commitment to my gym membership, and really could use new sneaks!! Just havent been able to spend the $ on them this time of year- so this would really help! And my son would love new sneakers too- his are usually from a consignment shop since he grows so quickly! :)

  120. My husband and I love New Balance! I didn't even realize they make kids shoes! I can't believe I didn't know kiddos may be getting some new shoes!!

  121. New Balance shoes are a top pick in this family. I have been wanting to try the toning shoes and they look super cute.

  122. I have always wanted to try one of those shoes that work on the muscles in my glutes, etc. Also, I didn't realize that New Balance had such cute kids shoes. Definitely going to have to check them out in the future!

  123. Now this is a truly orginal gift idea, I would have never thought to buy someone athletic shoes for Christmas! I've been a fan of New Balance for a while now. In high school I used to always wear their running shoes for Cross Country. Now I have some of their walking slides that I love - in fact they are one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes!

  124. I like how these shoes don't LOOK like toning shoes all weird shaped. I have wanted to TRY some of those kind of shoes but I don't want to look like a rocking chair. :) I am always a LITTLE afraid to give shoes to people b/c some people fall between sizes, like me, and need to actually try on 3 sizes (their typical one and a half size up and down each way) to get the very best fit. However, although I don't love giving gift cards, in this case perhaps a gift card to a shoe store might be a nice gift if someone feels uncertain about sizing. :)

  125. These really are the best looking "shape up" tennis shoes I have seen. They look completely normal and in fact even cuter in real life.

    1. I'm sure they would work for running, playing tennis, and/or doing aerobics too...but I think they are primarily designed for everyday walking.

  126. I love New Balance! They are some of the best athletic shoes I have had. For some reason I never realized they had kids shoes!

  127. New Balance is the only brand of tennis shoe I can find to fit my son's wide foot! He is only 5 years old, skinny as a rail, but wears an extra wide shoe. We have the worst time finding shoes for him, but tennis shoes are easy because we know the new Balances will always fit.

  128. My husband LOVES shoes - he has way more pairs than me & he's always making sure his shoes match his outfits, even his sneakers - so I know that he'd enjoy another new pair =)

    autumn398 @

  129. I've had one pair of these. I cannot remember if I liked them or not. I am not a brand name buyer, I only buy what makse my feet feel good.

  130. I have had the same pair of tennis shoes for the last 8 years!! Why do they call them tennis shoes when most people don't play tennis in them? Anyway, I could really use a new pair of sneaks since I just re joined the gym after having my second baby. Maybe they will give me the added boost in my work outs?

  131. Ugh. I've been running in the same NewBalance for two years. I need new ones. Like - wicked bad. I HEART NewBalance shoes too - fantastic support for an overpronator such as myself.

    This would be a fantastic win!

  132. I think that this is an excellent idea! You are right, who wouldn't love a pair of tennis shoes?!! My husband could use a new pair....he seems to go through shoes quite a bit!

  133. New Balance are pretty much the only shoes my husband or two year old will wear! Love them, stylish and comfortable!

  134. I switched to New Balance tennis shoes 7 years ago and haven't bought a difference brand since. I love them-they are so comfortable!

  135. I really like this brand of athletic shoes, they hold up very well. It's always to have a nice, new pair to get you in the mood to go for a run!

  136. This is one of our favorite brands for athletic shoes for my husband and I. Usually I don't swing that much money for kids' shoes since they go through them so fast, but I wouldn't mind trying them out!

  137. Like Nell's husband, my husband goes through shoes at a ridiculously fast rate. He loves NB's and that's what he usually buys. My last pair of running shoes were NB's and I loved them!

  138. I had a pair of NB in college and loved them. In fact, now that you mention it, I think my husband did, too. Now... to just introduce them to the kiddos!! :)

  139. I had a conversation this morning with my husband about my wanting to recommit to running (i quit about 7 months into my pregnancy of my now 4 month old.) I just ordered a new (actually fitting) running outfit but haven't gotten to the shoe part yet. These would be fabulous.

  140. A few years ago I was having some problems with my arches while running/walking in Adidas shoes. For Christmas my mom gave me a new pair of New Balance. She is a long-time runner and swears by New Balance. My arch problems were instantly solved. Now my husband and I both only buy New Balances for athletic shoes.

    I haven't tried the kids shoes yet but I've been intrigued!

  141. Another great idea. Both my husband and I like New Balance shoes. They are the only kind I used to buy until I had my shin splint problem. However, even with different shoes and inserts, my shin splints still arise. New Balance shoes are great! Markus loves them for hiking and running in as well! I love that you are giving away kids shoes too! And your picture of your family feet is great!

  142. Tennis shoes do make a fabulous gift. I love a new pair of running shoes, and New Balance makes fabulous shoes.

  143. I used to love New Balance, when I actually ran. I would bet the toners are fantastic. I bought a pair of sketchers toners 4 months ago and you really do feel the difference. Funny you mentioned the balance board, because I was telling someone that's exactly what they feel like. I used a balance board for a knee rehab and it's the same feeling.

  144. My running shoes are just about out of juice. These would be a nice replacement and I have a nephew who loves to play soccer who could use a new pair, too!
    cheatingpiggies at hotmail dot com

  145. My husband has the hardest time buying shoes that will last and feel comfortable. Since he works at Lowe's and walks all day, the shoes have to be pretty durable. I swear that man burns through the shoes like no body's business.


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