Christmas Gift Idea for the Little Girl on Your List (6 months to 6 years): Skipping Hippos Poncho

Christmas Gift Idea for the Little Girl on Your List (6 months to 6 years): Skipping Hippos Poncho 1If I had to pick just one item out of my daughter's "closet" that is her very cutest piece, it would definitely be her Skipping Hippos poncho. She looks irresistible in almost anything, but this poncho really shoots her adorableness off of the scale (see left). I slip it over any outfit and instantly receive a rainshower of compliments.

Not only is it unique, fun, and "fairy tale"-inspired (think: Little Red Riding Hood), it's also machine-washable and perfect for "impatient" toddlers who hate to wait around for zippers to be zipped and buttons to be buttoned.

Adding to the appeal is the fact that the creator and CEO of Skipping Hippos is a mom. Jolie Fay has two daughters: Jane, 3 1/2, and Adeline, 20 months. Jolie had this to say about the poncho, "If you and your daughter are on an undercover spy mission, do not let her wear the poncho. If you and your daughter are hoping for a low profile, dash out un-noticed, errand, don't put the poncho on her. People will stop you, and people will notice and people will talk about your beautiful little girl in her cute little poncho."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Christmas Gift Idea for the Little Girl on Your List (6 months to 6 years): Skipping Hippos Poncho 2WIN IT! One winner will receive the Skipping Hippos Skylar poncho in size 2T. To enter, simply leave a comment and your e-mail address prior to Wednesday, December 19, at midnight. The winner will be announced and contacted via e-mail on Thursday, December 20th. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATED * The winner is #81 john (heather). Congratulations!

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96 comments on “Christmas Gift Idea for the Little Girl on Your List (6 months to 6 years): Skipping Hippos Poncho”

  1. I LOVE IT! How beyond adorable! I love what the CEO said about it, too!

    I'd love to win and have my baby grow into it!! I'd loan it to my friend's baby and then ask for it back when my little one is big enough! ;)


    info @ penniesinmypocket dot net

  2. happy holidays to you! I would love to win this! Please enter me, I've got a few little girls in mind that this would be great for...

  3. I don't know what is cuter--the little girl or the poncho!! I would love to be the lucky winner of this adorable poncho! I have a neice who would be darling in it! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Oh wow.. that is the most adorable thing Stephanie!! Would it be wrong if I put that on Connor? LOL prol so... My best friend's daughter though would look fabulous in it

    I blogged you to of course :)

  5. This is absolutely adorable. I have a cape my mom made for my daughter last year, but it's getting a little small. They are perfect for carseat safety and this is exactly the size my daughter is now.

  6. If I don't win this I'll have to try and beg/borrow/steal one for her! I never thought of putting my 18 momnth old in a poncho and it's simply adorable!! I wore one as a kid, so Mommy brained me didn't think of it! :)

  7. Wow! Your daughter looks remarkably like my daughter! We would love a darling poncho for her.

    emilygcraig at hotmail dot com

  8. I was going to attempt to knit a poncho for my niece this year for Christmas but I knew it would take me a year to make. Maybe I should get started for next year.

    This poncho would be much better to win.

  9. SO CUTE!! Don't enter me into the drawing - Bridget is starting into size 3T for shirts and jackets. She has a green poncho with sheep on it, and she loves it!

  10. How cute and how easy this would be to put on instead of wrestling with arm holes=). I think I had one of these way back when- wow- how cool!

  11. You are correct, the poncho is adorable on your daughter! I would love to have one for my granddaughter. swallbaum at gmail dot com

  12. I absolutely love the "Juniper" and "Gretta" designs. The colors are gorgeous! I hope to put my little girl in one of these!

  13. Oh pleases, oh pleases, oh pleases... this would just explode with adorableness on my little one. :)

    jg AT

  14. My daughter would Love you for this giveaway, she screams anytime I have to put her arms through any arm holes. So a poncho would solve many problems, and how adorable.

  15. Your daughter wears it well. I've been coveting this poncho since I first saw it in an online boutique! My daughter would look SO cute in it.

  16. "Seasons Greetings!" What an adorable poncho. Your daughter is adorable in hers! Please enter me in your fun contest. Thanks,Cindi

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