Christmas Gifts for Babies

Christmas Gifts for Babies 1

Having a baby at Christmas is the very best gift of all. When I look at my 7-month-old, I am mesmerized. She smiles and the whole world is drops of sunshine and happiness, washing away the grey.

Below you'll find gift ideas that are good picks for babies (birth through age 1). Note that they're all gifts that parents will appreciate too. Double win!

Fast Chair by Inglesina

Christmas Gifts for Babies 2

Short on space? Want baby to join you at the table instead of being resigned to her own seat? Appreciate a non-cluttered kitchen? Then, you're sure to like the Fast Table Chair by Inglesina (rated for age 6 months thru 37 pounds). It's compact and convenient, easily attaching to a number of table frames. The canvas cloth is machine-washable and the entire chair has a built-in carry case for easy transporting to grandma's house, a cabin in the woods, or your best friend's birthday party.

Sleep Sheep by Cloud B

Christmas Gifts for Babies 3

Soft to the squeeze and unquestionably adorable, this sound machine disguised as a sound machine is a particularly good pick for first time parents. The cuddly lamb features 4 sounds, volume control, and an automatic timeout function at either 23 or 45 minutes. You can also attach this sheep to baby's crib. My husband and I both like the "Spring Showers" and "Ocean Surf" options, but wish the other two would be replaced by gentle classical music pieces.

"That's Not My ______" Board Books by Usborne

Christmas Gifts for Babies 4

Introduce your baby to the "That's Not My..." series. The sturdy board books are tough enough to withstand baby's teeth. Plus, they're super interactive. Baby can touch squishy, hairy, bumpy, and shiny textures. There are currently 36 books in the series by Usborne Children's Books. We own the puppy, elephant, and panda bear books - and all three are delightful! Available for approximately $8.99 on Amazon or from your local Usborne Books reseller.

Journey 2.0 Child Carrier by Kelty

Christmas Gifts for Babies 5

Active parents are sure to appreciate the merits of a performance carrier. With Kelty's Journey 2.0, parents can take their baby on outdoor adventures of epic proportions. Our 7-month-old and 3-year-old are equally happy to be perched in the seat for family hikes. There's ample room for snacks, wipes, diapers, and more - plus a bladder pouch for your own hydration pack.

1 Is One by Tasha Tudor

Christmas Gifts for Babies 6

This charming book will delight you and your little one with sweet photos of angel-faced children and old-fashioned scenes. Learn to count to 20 with rhyming text. The board book version is probably best for little ones who haven't yet reached their 1st birthday.

Soft-Soled Infant Shoes by Jack & Lily

Christmas Gifts for Babies 7

In the very beginning, baby shoes are unnecessary. A newborn's super soft toes need room to wiggle and stretch (and be kissed by mama's lips!). Things change, however, when baby starts to crawl, scoot, pull up, stand, and toddle around the room. Our 7-month-old is doing a little bit of all of that (minus the walking) and I am happy to be able to to protect her feet with Jack & Lily infant shoes. They're crafted with breathable, ultra-soft, premium cowhide leather and a suede sole that is flexible and skid resistant. An elasticized ankle provides comfort while making them easy to put on and stay on! I especially appreciate that the elastic around the ankle is gentle and doesn't leave red marks like other brands. Design options are plentiful - choose from pirates, whales, cupcakes, cowboys, sailboats, and more!

Will you be shopping for a baby this year? What gift recommendations would you add?


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10 comments on “Christmas Gifts for Babies”

  1. I got one of those toys that's 4 characters in a row with various buttons that you push, twist, pull, etc to make the character pop out. And then a ball the makes music when you push buttons. I know, toys that make noise, but my kids seem to love them! And these were second hand so even better!

    1. I forgot about those pop-up toys. I think I had one when I was a little girl! ;)

      Wouldn't it be fun to also have an old-fashioned, wind-up jack-in-the-box? I bet my girls would especially like this one:

  2. Our 4 month old is getting a teething bling necklace for Christmas! She is our third and doesn't need much but this is a safe pretty necklace mommy can wear and baby can knaw on! Never had one and it looks cute and nice for baby!

  3. I recommend Pediped shoes. We have 3 pairs for our almost 1 year old and they are amazing...and approved by pediatricians and podiatrists....and they're cute!

    1. We had a more traditional high chair with our oldest daughter, but I prefer the simplicity of the Fast Table Chair. It's a huge space saver and it allows Audrey to be right at the table with our whole family.

  4. Awww baby stuff is so cute. we have "That's not my car" and it has consistently been one of my 3 year old's favorite books (even though now he is shifting to mostly longer stories like the Poky Little Puppy)

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