Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 1

Preschoolers make Christmas more magical. They see the world with a preposterous amount of wonder, fascination, and creativity. It would do us all good to follow their example.

Here are our top picks for kids in the 2 to 5 age range.

FirstBike Balance Bike

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 2

Designed for 2 to 5 year olds, the FirstBike is a wonderful "1st bike" for any tot. It helps kids develop balance and eliminates the need for training wheels (which, apparently, do not support proper posture or spinal development). You can adjust the height of the seat with the turn of a knob. A winner of many awards in the toy and outdoor industries, the FirstBike won't rust like metal bikes or splinter like wood frames. It's lightweight, durable, and available in 11 colors.

Seeds Family Worship

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 3

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids to memorize Bible verses? Pick up a CD by Seeds Family Worship. Worship leader Jason Houser of Franklin, Tennessee puts verses to catchy tunes and the discs also include the voices of children. Unlike many of the songs on kids albums and contemporary radio stations, these songs are a very good thing to get "stuck in your head."

BabyBjorn Safe Step

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 4

Foster your toddler's independence with this well-designed stool. Available in 6 different color combinations, the safe step allows little ones to access the sink or toilet with ease. The rubber feet and rubber top prevents slippage - and it's sturdy enough for grown-ups too (I sometimes sit on ours at bath time). Two thumbs up to BabyBjorn for creating aesthetic and ultra-functional products that will make the whole family happier. Also, check out the company's potty products.

Symphony in B

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 5

This is the only product in the gift guide that our family hasn't personally tried, but I think you'll agree that it's super awesome. Winner of the Toy of the Year Award, this ingenious toy allows kids to play conductor. Choose up to 6 (of the 13) instruments to put in the "orchestra pit" and hear them play together. Then change up the instruments and hear the musical transformation. I might just add this to MY Christmas Wish List too! ;)

Henley Sneakers by See Kai Run

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 6

See Kai Run has always been one of our very favorite shoe brands for children. The designs are modern and colorful, the perfect blend of whimsical childhood and "grown-up" style. Even more importantly, they're crafted with super soft leather and a flexible rubber sole for optimal comfort, proper foot development, and breathability (no stinky feet!). They're also easy to get and off so that little ones can practice independence.

Bitty Baby by American Girl

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 7

Every little girl should have one doll to cuddle, rock, feed, and carry. One charming option is the Bitty Baby by American Girl. Designed for ages 3-6, the bitty baby has a cloth core and plastic body. Choose from seven hair/color/skin tone combinations. The doll comes in pink flowered pajamas with a miniature fill-in-the-blank book, but...there are tons of clothing and accessory options you can add on throughout the year. This is what sets the doll apart from other toy store options. You can buy a crib, carrier, booster seat, diaper bag, changing table, and car seat - plus outfits for every season! The only downside is the shrinking of the contents of your wallet.

Mommy and Me Matching Shoes by Pairendipity

Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 8

My girls are forever wanting to "match" with me. If I wear jeans and they happen to be wearing jeans too, they laugh in delight. If I have a yellow shirt, they want to wear a yellow shirt too. If I wear sparkly dress shoes, they want to wear sparkly dress shoes too...and now they can, thanks to Pairendipity! The California-based company offers matching shoes for moms and little girls (sizes 5-2). In the picture above, I am wearing the Prima Kara with kitten heels and my two older girls (ages 3 & 6) are wearing the coordinating shoes. I look forward to watching the company expand and offer more options in the coming years.

Will you be shopping for a preschooler this year? What gift recommendations would you add?


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11 comments on “Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers”

  1. Good to know about the seeds of worship! I will have to tell my mom about them. I got the Hide 'Em in Your Heart cds and dvds for the purpose of Bible memory, but they are dated (I watched them when I was little), and while the kids don't know or care, I get sick of them kinda quickly! :)

    1. Good to know about the Hide 'Em in Your Heart CDs. I've been curious about them. The Seeds songs are short and on the repetitive side (since the idea is for kids/adults to memorize the words), but the quality of the music is good. You can hear samples on Amazon:

  2. Second one for discounted wooden trains! I also must admit to my first ever fisher price purchase Imaginext eagle talon castle and Granpa got him the dragon (super awesome, we've played with it at Target many a time) and I really REALLY want the Folkmanis Sequoia tree puppet (he loves animals...and telling stories), but if I do succumb I will have exceeded our three gift limit, which I actually have already past since this list does not include our traditional book.

    1. I really like puppets too! Excellent for improving verbal skills and for encouraging an active imagination.

      What book did you decide on this year?

      1. I haven't ordered yet, but the few I've been trying to pick between are: The Gift of the Christmas Cookie: Sharing the True Meaning of Jesus' Birth by Dandi Mackall (love this one), The First Noel by Ideals Publications, The First Christmas by Carol Heyer and Memories of the Manger by Michelle Medlock Adams. They all look like beautiful books. I normally order offline, but had a friend tell me there is a Christian bookstore nearby, so I'm hoping to look at these books in person before making my selection. If you need to order offline, has a great selection and they are currently offering free shipping with a purchase of $35 and promo code 392159. Several Christmas books are deeply discounted too :)

        Oh a WONDERFUL tool for storytelling is Rorys story cubes (they now have action cubes too, but I haven't seen them in store), my son loves them. He asks to use them whenever we are out and need to wait somewhere. I bought them for a plane trip but they have exceeded that use and become a regular purse staple. He loves to tell stories to just about anyone who will listen and it helps to prompt fuzzy Mommy brains when asked for an impromptu story. I've recommended them to several families and have heard that they love them too.

  3. Our 3.5 year old will be getting a wooden train set (I found it 75% off in like March and have been stockpiling it ever since!) as his main gift, plus a few other little things. One I was especially excited about because I didn't think I'd actually find it anywhere is a DVD of Corduroy the Bear and some other classic stories like Mike Mulligan and His Steam Engine. We got it from the library once in our old town and he LOVED it so much we decided to try to buy it!

    That Symphony in B toy looks amazing!

    1. That one looks fun! We don't own a play kitchen, but the girls always enjoy pretending with them when we visit friend's houses.

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