Christmas Tour of Our House - with Ace Hardware!

The wonderful thing about Ace is that there always seems to be one "right around the corner" - no matter where you live.

Our house is a good ways out of the city center, with majestic mountain views and not a Target within 10 miles, but - lo and behold - there is an Ace near us. As such, Ace really is the place when it comes to last-minute projects and home repairs.

In addition to wrenches, paintbrushes, and other tools, Ace Hardware has a wide selection of holiday lights, Christmas trees, and decorative items.

This year, we hung a merry wreath ($19.99 at our neighborhood Ace) on our front door to welcome guests.


Inside, we tend to keep the decor simple. A nativity is placed in our entry nook - a reminder of the great mystery, the Savior becoming a baby.


This year, we added an angel to the set. The girls and I couldn't resist her sweet expression and the glorious wings. Tim was quick to point out that true angels are likely fearsome beings (since everyone was always frightened upon seeing them in the Bible), but we adored her just the same.


Our family opted for a smaller tree this year, one that we could fit in the back of our Honda Pilot. The day after Black Friday, I noticed that Ace was having a "50% off any purchase of $30+" sale. We found the perfect live tree for $35 and the cashier took off $15...a 6-foot Christmas tree for twenty bucks. Not bad.


How close is the nearest ACE to your house?


Be sure to check out Metropolitan Mama’s full 2013 Christmas Gift Guide.

* Thanks to Ace Hardware for providing a gift card so we could share these Christmas finds with you.

* All pictured items are from our local Ace Hardware; items vary based on location. 

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2 comments on “Christmas Tour of Our House - with Ace Hardware!”

  1. At first glance I thought your second daughter had a twin, or a cousin that looked just like her! :) We don't have an Ace close by. Which is unfortunate because I'm sure my hubby would love it!

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