Cleaning Products for the Conscientious

Isn't it ironic how we "clean" our homes? We dump chemicals all over our floors and counters...and then mop and scrub to our heart's content. And then we eat off those same counters and bathe in those same tubs and put our babies on those same floors. Scary...

Cleaning Products for the Conscientious 1Now I'm not saying that we should give up cleaning our homes altogether (that would be double gross...), but I do think that perhaps we could be a bit more conscientious about the products that we use. For example, we have a Swiffer in our house and I've all but stopped using it because that strong odor always infiltrates our house and makes me a bit nauseous...that can't be good.

Lately, I've mostly been using Seventh Generation products. The scents are light (which I like) and they seem to do a good job. 

"Seventh Generation brand-name products include: non-chlorine bleached, 100% recycled paper towels, bathroom and facial tissues, and napkins; non-toxic, phosphate-free cleaning, dish and laundry products; plastic trash bags made from recycled plastic; chlorine-free baby diapers, training pants, and baby wipes; and chlorine-free feminine care products, including organic cotton tampons."

Cleaning Products for the Conscientious 2Want to try the products out for yourself? I have a Seventh Generation Living Home Starter Kit to give away to one reader. The kit includes a selection of SG's most popular household cleaners:

  • Ruby Grapefruit & Herb Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • Green Mandarin & Leaf Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Emerald Cypress & Fir Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Natural Citrus Scent Shower Cleaner
  • Tub & Tile Cleaner
  • 2 rolls of Natural Paper Towels
  • Seventh Generation tote

YOUR TURN: Have you tried Seventh Generation products? What products do you use to clean your home?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Seventh Generation Living Home Starter Kit ($44.99). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 19 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #133 Suzette Ross. Congratulations!

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506 comments on “Cleaning Products for the Conscientious”

  1. Hi Stephanie!!! We do use Seventh Generation, in particular the diapers, dishwashing detergent, and dishwasher liquid. We began using the diapers because my son was getting a ton of diaper rashes and we finally ended up with Seventh Gen's since they didn't give him a rash. About 90% of the products we use are green. I still like my Clorox wipes! : 0

  2. I have never tried Seventh Generation products but would really like to especially since they are so environmentally friendly. Right now I use a lot of Clorox products to clean my home. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win so I can finally try out Seventh Generation cleaning products. Thanks.

  3. I have tried the Natural Dish Liquid that my neighbor had and I was so impressed that I ordered some myself.

  4. I've tried Seventh Generation dishwasher liquid (& wasn't impressed) for most other things I use homemade alternatives, but I'd love some free yummy smelling, good for the environment cleaning stuff for a change :)

  5. I have honestly not tried them, I bought a lot of generic brands that went on sale, so as soon as those get used up, I'll try these!

  6. This is great! I have been switching to natural products, and have been trying to convince my friends and family to switch too. I wish I could make more of an impact, especially on people who think that if something doesn't make your eyes water, it can't clean well!

  7. I have not tried Seventh Generation Living products. I would love to try them. I usually use bleach watered down on tiled cabinets and in shower. In the sink I use Vinegar and baking soda.

  8. I have been reading a lot about these evironmentally safe products lately and would love the chance to try them out for myself.
    Please accept my entry for this really nice prize package.

  9. I've never tried Seventh Generation products. I usually use Simple Green, but would like to try other things.

  10. I have to admit, I'm still learning about going green. I have never used green products to clean. I'd love to win and try it out! Make me a believer!!

  11. I have tried Seventh Generation products, and really like them! The one I buy most regularly is the Green Mandarin & Leaf Natural All-Purpose Cleaner. I really like the scent and it's one of very few cleaners which doesn't aggravate my allergies.

  12. I would certainly be willing to try the products but have not noticed them in the store. Maybe I should look harder and not always just buy my old faithfuls.

  13. I would certainly be willing to try the products but have not noticed them in the store. Maybe I should look harder and not always just buy my old faithfuls.

  14. I have tried any of their products yet, but I am very interested. I had some cleaners that I had left over form a sale. I think 7th generation products would be better for my asthma.

  15. I have tried a couple of there products and they are great. But would love the opportunity to try more.

  16. I have not tried these products, but I am trying to clean more naturally. We use a lot of vinegar, peroxide, lemon juice, kosher salt, and distilled water concoctions.

    Did you see that they have not linked the ingredient in "antibacterial" soaps, cleaners, etc as part of the issue of the increase in resistant bacterias now?

    I think we need to use as close to natural and safe as possible.

    Blessings to you!

  17. I have tried the all purpose cleaner and use their toilet paper and paper towels. We use a lot of Simple Green and orange oil.

  18. I havn't tried seventh generation products. I use a combo of a small amoutn of bleach, a small amount of pine sol and water.

  19. I haven't tried 7th generation yet, but would like to. I currently use Lysol. Don't know if it's the best for the environment, but I know it cleans well.

  20. GREEN is the only way to goto keep our Planet thriving! Great products and a good way for those who want to go GREEN but don't know where to start!

  21. The scents on the cleaning products seem very interesting! I would love to try them all. And then if my baby licks the floors and counters I wouldn't have to worry so much.

  22. the product line souns interesting and sine i've been cleaning since age 10 ... might as well try them!

  23. Hi Stephanie! I have heard about Seventh Generation Products before, but as of yet I have not had an opportunity to try them. When you talk about Ruby Grapefruit, Green Madarin and Emerald Cypress, it does raise my eyebrow and put the itch in my mind to immediately want to try them just to experience the wonderful aromas the "cleaning" products must possess! Cleaning is obviously something we all avoid if at all possible, but when you have an opportunity to clean with a product that smells not only appealing, but wonderful, it makes the chore less hateable and more enjoyable! Right now I am using various Method Products to clean our home. They were readily available at Target so that is what I purchased the last time I needed some products. I am getting low, so I would love an opportunity to try these wonderful sounding products from Seventh Generation. Thank you for offering another fine giveaway!

  24. I've never tried Seventh Generation Products, but I would love too. Right now I continue to use the old standard cleaning products like Windex, 409, and Fantasic. I would love to switch to something more environmentally friendly. Thank you for the great contest!

  25. I have been broke for too long now.. so sadly I haven't had the luxury to buy and/or try anything!!

  26. No, I haven't tried the Seventh products but I would like to go 'greener'. Right now I use products with bleach in an effort to kill germs.

  27. I haven't tried Seventh products but imagine they would work quite well. We just use whatever we find in the store for cleaning our home.

  28. Have never tried your products but eht giveaway would be a winning opportunity, especially for all the winning all natural cleaners. many thanks Sw

  29. I've not tried Seventh Generation products, but I've seen them advertised a lot and I've perused them in the store. I use regular cleaning products like Windex, Clorox, etc. I also tend to buy in bulk from Sam's, so I'm slowly using up what I've got in preparation for switching to more eco and family friendly products. I have two daughters ages 7 months and 21 months, and I'm trying to get pregnant again, so I do feel the need to change my use of chemical cleaners.

  30. Have not tried the Seventh Generation products but do utilize Shaklee's green products and love them. Seventh Generation will be even better since I can purchase them locally w/no S&H thanks

  31. I have tried whatever products they have available. I especially like the automatic dish detergent.

  32. Usually we use Method or whatever DH picks up if he stops at the store after work in the middle of the night after work (so we can save gas since he's out anyways).
    Not always easy to get the right balance but we're working on it.

  33. I have not used Seventh Generation cleaning products. I use Pine Sol, bleach, Comet and Pledge.

  34. I have not tried these products yet and shame on me as I have a 22 month old! I always think about switching to a gentler cleanser/s however I find myself in the store reaching for the same things over and over...its almost second nature!
    Please help stop the cycle, lol!!!

  35. ...I have used some of the kitchen products, mostly dishwashing products; I also buy their laundry detergent when I have a coupon (you can download a $1 off coupon at their website right now !!!)

  36. I use the Clorox line of cleaners but these cleaners look amazing. I would like to try them. ty! 4 the great contest!

  37. I've been meaning to try their products as my youngest has asthma and my husband suffers from horrible allergies.

  38. I've just tried Clorox's Green Works and I love the fragrance. I have tried none of the Seventh Generation yet since it is not available at any stores near me. It is at Whole Foods, but with gas at these prices, I shop in my own immediate neighborhood.

  39. I use the Clorox line of cleaners but these cleaners look amazing. I would like to try. Count me in to win

  40. I was not aware how many items they had in their line. I would like to try them to see how well they really do their duties. If they work, I will use them instead of chemicals.

  41. I've tried a couple of Seventh Generation products and like them. Recently I saw an article that mentioned Seventh Generation and its standards, and I was impressed. I have also used Method cleaning products, which I purchased at Target, and those were nice. I have chemical sensitivities due to my systemic lupus and autoimmune inner ear disease, and so I am always looking for eco-friendly, natural products. Would love this gift.

  42. I have never tried those products, but I do currently use Method products for cleaning... and I think they smell lush!

  43. I've never tried Seventh Generations products but would love to try them! Sad to admit but I use stuff like Lysol and other bad stuff!

  44. I tried Seventh Generation products about 15 years ago. I liked them at the time and understand they have made a LOT of advancements since then.

  45. Haven't tried them yet... I generally use typical cleaning products. I've been meaning to try some alternatives, but just haven't gotten there yet.

  46. I haven't tried any of them, but am trying to go more green myself. We've been using the household usuals - Windex, Pledge, etc. :)

  47. I've never tried seventh generation products and have yet to really use many of the natural products available for cleaning, using the standard cleaners I found at the discount store.

  48. I still haven't made the move to natural products because of the cost. Being a limited income I just have to wait till I either win something to try or the price goes down.

  49. I use top job, pinesol, lysol and bleach.
    For my windows windex. For dusting orange glow and pledge. I'v tried other cleaners but feel that my house isn't getting clean.
    So this prize might be the winning products to try for a green clean.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  50. I’ve never tried Seventh Generation products before but I would sure love to. I have been using white vinegar and baking soda to do a lot of the cleaning, but the scent is less than pleasant to my nose! It would be a pleasure to use something more user friendly. Thank you for such a useful giveaway.

  51. I haven't tried their products yet but I would sure love to. I use bleach and water. Vinegar.
    Thanks so much

  52. I am making a conscious effort to do better by this planet of ours. I hope this will have my newfound resolve. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

  53. I haven't tried any eco-friendly products yet for budgetary/financial reasons.
    I currently buy my cleaning products at the local dollar store.
    But I'm open to trying safer,more eco-friendly products.
    Who knows? It might be a great experience.
    I might get hooked and make room in the budget for better cleaning products.

  54. I clean houses for a living so I would love to win this. I have not tried any of their products yet. I am trying to do my part and go "green" as much as possible. Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. I haven't used any Seventh Generation products yet but I would like to try them. I use a lot of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.

  56. I've been wanting to try these products but haven't because of the price, but would love to try them.

  57. I've never tried 7th Gen products but I've considered it from time to time. They just seem a wee bit expensive--especially when compared to buying your standard Lysol on sale & with a coupon, you know? In the mean time, I do a lot of cleaning with vinegar, and products that have been around for a long time--not so much the super industrial strength anti-microbal flavor of the week. I don't really feel it's a good idea to over sanitize things.

  58. Just what I need! I stand longingly at the shelf and plan on what I will be getting next! I couldn't afford all of this at once.

  59. I haven't used their products, but I will give them a try. I am kind of annoyed by the smell of vinegar around my house, and my elbows don't have much grease left.

  60. Seventh Generation has so many great products! I have used some at friends' homes, but usually use vinegar and water to clean many items. Thanks for the green opportunity!

  61. I haven't tried any Seventh Generation products yet. I use some non-green cleaners currently (I know, someone shake some sense into me!), but I do use some of the Clorox Green Works products as well.

  62. I have never tried their products or any natural products. I am still using 409, Windex and such but when I run out I am going to try green products. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. We have recently started recycling all of our paper, plastic and glass products. We've also started buying recycled paper towels. I'd love to try these products to help us continue our efforts in "going green"!

  64. I love everything they offer. It is efficient and comparable in prices to other cleaners. I also like that the containers are recylcable unlike some other products. The scents are wonderful and I don't have to wear a mask when I clean anymore!

  65. Ok, cleaning is not my favorite thing to do, but hey, it has to be done! Sounds like this stuff smells great, too! Thanks for the chance!

  66. I haven't ever tried their products but I would love to try. I hate using what I am using because it has so many chemicals

  67. No! I have not tried these products yet. Hubby wants me to use up what I got before I go green. But I am not cleaning until the prize gets here...

  68. I have not tried 7th generation products but would love to try them. We have been more conscious of the products were using around the house and i would like to try these out! Thank you

  69. I have never heard of or tried 7th generation cleaning products but would love to. This is the first time I have seen anything about 7th generation but they sound good. Would love to try it out.

  70. I have seen these products in the store but never tried them. We are slowly getting rid of toxic cleaners and I want to try these products !! thansk for a chance to win

  71. I have only just been learning about these products. I have also just found a dealer. I would love to be able to try them. The kit would be wonderful. But, I will be trying them soon anyway

  72. I really like the Wild Orange and Cedar cleaner and the dish detergent. If I am out of my Seventh Generation products, I will use white vinegar/water mix and also use baking soda.

  73. I use a couple other brands of green products, mostly because that's what my store sells.

    For much cleaning I find that microfiber clothes with or without water do the trick. I've been using those for years even when pretty much the only green products available (which I used and still do) were Bon Ami cleanser and Murphy's oil soap.

  74. I have used baking soda for years to clean with due to severe asthma and most of the cleaning products that are on the market really take my breath away. The Seventh Generation Products are AWESOME! I use them all now and I do not need to worry about using oxygen or having an asthma attack.

  75. These products sound great. I've not tried Seventh Generation yet but try to use as many natural cleaning products as possible.

  76. I use Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap for everything. It works, but leaves some residue on surfaces. I'd like to try Seventh Generation cleaning products as we really like their disposable diapers.

  77. Since both my husband are I cancer survivors - we have become very health conscious. green and organically orientated. Seventh Generation sounds like an outstanding line of products!

  78. I am just now starting to rid my home of chemicals. Now that there are more products that are chem-free and not costing an arm and leg- I enjoy it.
    Please count me in as I have not tried these cleaners yet, but would love to and then share them with others.

  79. As a newlywed I am very excited about setting up our house. We have pledged to go "green" together in our new home. I have tried the Seventh Generation Dishwasher soap, but none of these other great products. I would love the chance to clean up with products that I never have to wonder what's in them!

  80. I have not yet tried their product, but after hearing the names, I'm going to have to! I bet they smell wonderful.

  81. I have never tried their products but I'd like to try them. I am doing my best to try to be more environmentally conscious of what I'm doing these days. The whole "go green" trend is catchy!

  82. I've been gradually switching over to less harmful or harsh smelling products and would love to try this kit. I currently use the Seventh Generation paper towels, tp, and tampons. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. i never used them i have 4 kids so i really would like to use less chemicals when i clean and do wash

  84. I have not tried 7th Generation cleaning products yet (I have used their paper towels before) -- Currently I am using Clorox's new green line - and I am happy with it, but would love to try an alternative cleaner!

  85. I think it is so neat that a giveaway of green cleaning products has garnered so many comments. I mean, its just a CLEANING PRODUCT, right? But I think we all know, deep down, that some of the things we use in our homes are just not safe. I have yet to try 7th Generation stuff because I am on a very limited budget, but I am trying my best to phase out chemical cleaners. Baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar have become my new cleaning buddies. Thanks for encouraging more of us to clean up our acts (pun intended).

  86. I am not familiar with these cleaning products but they sound wonderful. I have started going GREEN a year ago. We have a 100 year old house and it's quite a challenge. We have been able to cut back our electricity bill by half. Water heaters are only turned on 2 times a week for a few hours, lights are immediately shut off if not necessary or as soon as someone leaves the room. We eat more natural items that don't require the oven to be used much. Everything that can is put on a dimmer or timer, cleaning is used mostly with vinegar and water whch is also a good antibacterial for cutting boards if left on to soak in. I sold my Yukon and don't have a car right now but instead share with my husband and when I do buy a car it will be the Prius because of it's great gas mileage and low to no emmissions.

    Hope you consider me for your products because I would love to try them!

  87. I loathe cleaning house! Maybe if the cleaners smelled nice and were good to the environment too, I might enjoy it.

  88. I use Seventh Generation laundry detergent and fabric softener. The scents are very light and they don't contain added chemicals. I think it's better for your skin not to have fabric softener chemical residue resting on it. Seventh Generation makes great products. I recommend them to anyone wanting to try natural cleaning agents. Dr. Bronner's is another good one. It is very economical too because it is concentrated and you can use it to clean anything from floors to your body.

  89. I work in a hospital and wish that we used more environmentally healthy type of cleaners, etc.
    My husband and I are both in our 50's and are trying to re-learn/learn a lot of things to be healthy.

  90. I would love to try the products. I have switched to baking soda because it is cheap and would love a fresh scent in my home!

  91. I received a capsule of 7thGen. that you add to 16oz of water. I have been using it on counter top, but I have not really put it to the test yet.

  92. I'd love to try this brand, generally I use some pine type cleaners, baking soda and bleach to clean (separately of course :)

  93. I am not using these products, however I am looking at going green. Currently I use proctor and gamble products, liquid comet, spic n span, mr clean..

  94. Their stuff is great and works so well! This would be great to bring some extras up to the cabin so we can start the "green" transition up there.

  95. I haven't tried their products. I usually use lysol cleaners or something similar. Hubby was telling me recently how we needed to get some natural cleaners to use around our toddler.

  96. I have never tried Seventh Generation products but I sure would. I've been wanting to start using more natural and eco friendly products.

  97. I haven't tried Seventh Generation products yet, and I would like to, but I think I would use these to make a gift basket for a friend of mine who is expecting her first baby in September.

  98. I've never used any of the Seventh Generation line but I'm going to try it out. I've been trying out different brands of natural cleaners and I've been impressed with some and others not so much. But I have to say the best thing about them is the smell. It's so nice to have a house that smells like a forest/orchard rather than a chemical plant.

  99. I have never used Seventh Generation Products or any other green products. I use whatever says anti bacterial or mold killing and it just really smells horrible. I need to try something green because my house smells like a toxic waste dump and my brain always feels like it's being fried every time I clean.

  100. I have been cleaning a lot of things with vinegar and water, baking soda, and borax in order to get away from the chemicals in cleaning supplies. The Ruby Grapefruit & Herb Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner sounds wonderful, and I bet it smells better than vinegar!

  101. I have never used your products, but I like the idea of going green. Right now, I am afraid I have been using just regular off the shelf products.

  102. I haven't seen these products in stores in my area, but they sound great and the scents sound very refreshing.

  103. I haven't tried their products yet, but I have been looking at them and thinking about it. I have been trying to make household cleaners from simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. I get a bunch of the ideas on making my own cleaners from the show "How Clean Is Your House" on BBC America. I would love to win this to give the 7th Generation products a try!

  104. i have used some of their products and they're great. this prize would be very nice to have. thanks.

  105. I haven't tried these products yet but have heard so much great things about them. I really would love to try them out!

  106. I have not tried Seventh Generation mostly because the price is always higher than other products. But I do regularly use Target's Method line and I LOVE it! It replace all my Clorox products.

  107. I have not tried their products yet, I just recently heard about them, but I am very interested to try them.

  108. The owners of the company are totally green and the office uses Seventh Generation products. It makes us feel good about what you are doing. Thanks for the chance.

  109. i havent tried Seventh Generation cleaning products yet but i find them very interesting
    right now im usings pledge a swiffer windex etc you know all those products that aren't very good for people or the earth i need to go green

  110. I have not tried any of these products, but would be thrilled to win them. I use a variety of cleaning products; it usually depends on what I get on sale.

  111. I haven't tried Seventh Generation products yet but I buy Mr. Clean and quite a bit of the Method cleaning products.

  112. I have used their laundry soap and paper products but for general cleaning I use method or begley's Best

  113. I have not used Seventh Generation products but would like to try them. I really would like to use more environmentally safe products. I have an organic garden but I haven't done as well with the products I use indoors.

  114. I use the all purpose cleaner and love it! One product to clean almost everything and it does such a great job and I can stop wearing gloves because it doesn't make my hands itch after using it!

  115. Yeah, finding "green" yet effective cleansers for the home has always been a dilemma for me. But I'm always up for trying new things - just cleaning with baking powder and vinegar just didn't work out for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? In any case, some light, refreshing scents might make me want to clean. ;)

  116. I would love to try all of the products, but definitely the toliet bowl cleaner. The ingredients sound so good, if they clean half as good as I expect them to smell I'll be one excited lady.

  117. I have never tried this product line. I've glanced at them while shopping but just can't pull myself to spend the extra money on them. I'd love to try them out and hopefully see that it is worth the money. Is it really better than water and baking soda?!?! LOL!

  118. I havent used these yet but I have heard so much about them I usually use pinesol for my floors and pledge to dust just the basic boring cleaning stuff

  119. No, I haven't. Where I live here in the Midwest, we are a little slow getting newer products! I would love to give this wonderful starter kit a try. I would be honored to be in your drawing. Thanks, Cindi

  120. What a great giveaway. Now I can really say I am green. I recycle, I reuse, I try to limit waste and I have grocery bags but no green cleaning products!

  121. I have been using Method cleaning products that I buy from Target. I haven’t tried any Seventh Generation products yet. I would really like to give them a shot. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  122. I can't believe the variety of products this company makes! I would love to try cleaning products that are safe to use around my kids!

  123. The more I think about all of the chemicals we use in our homes, in our foods, and on our skin.....the more creeped out I get. I would love to try these products - they sound safe and responsible.

  124. I have just started to use green cleaning items. I think they are much safer to use with young kids in the house. Thanks for the great contest!

  125. We love the 7th generation dish soaps.. My sweetie has very sensitive skin and this is one of the few he can use washing dishes (Thank you 7th Generation!!!)

  126. I use several of their items, but my favorite is their all purpose cleaner.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. I try to be "green" by bringing my own bags to the market--I never thought of cleaning products. They would be good to try.

  128. I have never tried their products but have heard alot of great stuff about them. I would love to try them!

  129. I've never tried Seveneth Generation products and haven't heard of them until now but I am an avid cleaner and am always looking for a great product! I'd love to try these products and see how they work.

  130. I use the laundry soap & the fabric softener. They work great, are odor free and do not irritate by daughter's skin.

  131. I would love to try these products. I have been using some Melaleuca cleaning prodcuts, and it works prety good.

  132. I absolutely love Seventh Generation products. There a little hard to find where I live, but they're so good that I go out of my way just to get them. Boy would I love to win some!

  133. I use the laundry detergent and the glass cleaner. I like the idea of not having to deal with all the harsh chemicals and as I run out of other cleaning products I replace them with Seventh Generation.

  134. I haven't tried Seventh Generation products yet. I've been trying different "make it yourself" cleaners. They do seem to require extra elbow grease so I'd love to be able to try Seventh Generation.

  135. I use their kitchen cleaner, carpet cleaner, and laundry detergent. I sometimes also buy their dishwasher detergent but I don't like it as much as their other products!

  136. I have never used seventh generation products -I have been using the traditional ones from the grocery store--I would LOVE to become more GREEN!

  137. yes I have used seventh generation house cleaning products and I was blown away by how clean everything was. no toxic smell. just fresh and most importantl clean clean clean.

  138. I love every seventh generation product I have ever used. Currently using their laundry detergent and dish soap. Thanks!

  139. I have not tried these products, although I'd love to try them. I usually use products for which I have a coupon.

  140. 249 comments??? Holy cow girl, you have a busy busy blog!!

    Well, I have been using the Shaklee products, and I love them. I won them in a giveaway and I think they work very well. It's nice to be able to clean off Issa's highchair and know that she can eat off of it without my huge concerns.

    I'd love to try the Seventh Generation products, I think they are very good for families and for people who can't handle the strong smells.

    My oldest daughter has a small allergy to cleaning products, they make her hands break out in a rash and it ALWAYS worries me. So if I can find something that she can use, I'd love to get them for her so when she gets older and moves out on her own, (She will be 18 in a year and a half.. I'm gonna faint!) I have some products I can get her to keep her house clean!

    Great giveaway! As always, I love to read your blogs.

  141. We use almost all Seventh Generation products, except the paper goods (not in the budget alas). I've not yet tried their Ruby Grapefruit scent, and I'm excited because that's one of my favorite scents.

  142. I haven't used Seventh Generation products yet but I would like to do so. I am trying to use homemade cleaners that use vinegar or lemon or baking soda where I can.

  143. I would love to try these products! I'm trying to do green on a budget. I've switched some things like not using paper towels anymore and using baking soda to clean, but some things you just need that extra cleaning power ie. bathrooms yuck!

  144. Yes, I have used Seventh Generation. I really like their lavender dish soap and their dishwashing detergents.

  145. Ever since I was diagnosed with Asthma, I've tried to use more natural products. I've tried the toilet bowl cleaner and glass cleaner and was surprised they both worked well.
    Most times "natural" means worthless in cleaning.
    Seventh generation is a new generation of cleaners

  146. I would love to try these products. I have real bad ashma and alot of the times when i clean the chemicals cause a attack. thanks

  147. I have not used 7th generation cleaners. I've never seen them, but I will be looking out for them. I've been using Mr. Clean for years. It's time for a change, sorry Mr. Clean.

  148. I haven't tried any of these yet. I am trying to use more natural products though. These would definitely help me make the transition to all natural. Great contest!

  149. I've never tried Seventh Generation products before. I also use Swiffer products! I use them for convenience mostly, but I do have to admit the odor is quite strong. Thanks for the contest!

  150. I have not used any seventh generation products. I am just starting to eliminate toxic household chemicals. This would really jump start my progress.

  151. I LOVE the Free & Clear products, especially the Natural All Purpose Cleaner. I use it both inside and outside my home. I also love the recycled paper towels.

  152. I've used their dishwashing soap before. Right now most of my household cleaners are the chemical filled store brands, but I am replacing them with more natural products as money permits.

  153. have seen this many times but never tired it. would love to win tho to give it a go. thank you for the giveaway.

  154. I have tried them, they are good. I also like to use a product called Grease Lightening for tough jobs. It is cheap but amazing!

  155. No, I haven't used these products am ashamed to say that I still use the old standbys...lysol, 409, spic n span...etc. However, I will be buying green as I run out!

  156. We have not used these products. My wife always wants to try new green products and she'd be thrilled if I won this!

  157. I have not tried your products. I use windex for my windows and glass and mirrors. Fantastic for my other needs.

  158. I have never tryed these products before, I have heard alot about them, and people say they are great. I use Lysol products to clean my home.

  159. I have been using Seventh Generation products for years. I also use Ecover, Planet, Mrs. Meyers, and the Earth Friendly brand, which are all natural brands. It would be great to win this!

  160. I would really love to try Seventh Generation cleaning products. I have used their disposible diapers when we took a trip and I didn't want to bring all the cloth diapers we would need. Honestly, I haven't bought cleaning products in a loooong time. My husband had a janitorial business way before we met and he still had stuff from that. I've been using whatever is around but I would love to go more green. Thanks for the chance.

  161. I am starting to be much more eco friendly and I would be delighted to try these products. I'm finding green products available more and more. It's great!

  162. i dont use them. i use regular cleaners that u buy in the supermaket. would love to try seventh generation. thanks

  163. I've never used. I had so much leftover "bad" cleaners that I've been slowly using em up. I often feel so guilty. A plus, though, I DO clean most things with vinegar and water..needless to say, I would LOVE this prize for my sense of mind.

  164. I learned from my grandmother that you can clean just about anything with vinegar or baking soda. It's worked for me for years, but some nice smelling products would be a great change!

  165. $1 off coupons for Seventh Generation products can usually be found on-line. . . I've used natural cleaning products for about 15 years: Shaklee, Melaeluca, and Seventh Generation liquid laundry soap - all scent-free. We detest walking down the store aisles with chemical, scented cleaners.

  166. I've never tried any Seventh Generation products. I don't recall ever even seeing them in a store around here. Sounds like they really do a great job, I really like the fact that they have a lite scent. I currently use the Clorox GreenWorks line of products.

  167. I have not tried any of these products in paticular. I have bought some green line products before though- I also try to use some natural cleaners I read about online that I can make at home.

  168. I've never tried these products, but would love to. Right now I use whatever is on sale and I have a coupon for.

  169. i have not used any of these products but have been wanting to try them as a replacement for my loyalty to lysol

  170. I have been wanting to try Seventh Generation for soooo long, but not too many places carry it around here. Well, at least that I could find. I've used other 'green' cleaners, but I've heard great things about Seventh Generation.

  171. I haven't tried any of the Seventh Generation products before, but I am definitely trying a lot of different green cleaners to find the very best. The toilet bowl cleaner seems to be the trickiest for me....the green ones that I've used just don't stand up to the chemical-ly ones! Thanks!

  172. I love Seventh Generation products! I buy them whenever they are on sale. They work great and smell great too (not too strong).

  173. Sounds good enough to eat! I haven't tried Seventh Generation but am gradually switching to green products as my old traditional products run out. This would be a great way to try several of their products at once. Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. I haven't tried Seventh Generation stuff, but I'd like to. I generally use Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds, or Clorox wipes for quick wipe-ups.

  175. I have not tried Seventh Generation products yet but I would love to. I am trying to become more environmentally aware of the products I purchase.

  176. I have not tried Seventh Generations products. I'd like to see how well they work. Thanks for the chance to win.

  177. I haven't tried Seventh Generation yet. I usually use Lysol products to clean my home. I know that's bad but I'm gonna get there, I promise.

  178. I have not tried 7th Generation. Typically I use windex and Scrubbing Bubbles on everything. I would try them out and possibly expand my horizons.

  179. I have never tried the seventh generation products. I have been experimenting alot with the new "green" products. Still haven't found anything that I am completely satisfied with

  180. I haven't had the chance to try these products out yet. I pretty much use old fashioned soap & water, comet, & bleach.

  181. Hi, This is one great prize package! I have not tried one of these products. It would be interesting and fun to give them a whirl in our home. Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  182. I have never used Seventh Generation products but I would like to.

    I have been using vinegar and baking soda to clean.

  183. A starter kit where I could try everything at once instead of inch by inch and bit by bit which is my usual, nervous nellie method? It would be wonderful!

  184. I haven't used any seventh generation products yet - probably because I'm super cheap and am always scared if I try something new I'll end up hating it. Right now I used this Green Mean cleaner that I get at Walmart for under $2. I always joke that it's probably a hazardous material because no matter what I spray it on - the mess disappears!! It's wonderful to work with but not that family or environmentally friendly - so I am careful where I use it.

  185. I use seventh generation dish soap. Most of my other cleaning products I make and consist of washing soda, vinegar, lemon and borax; ingredients vary depending on what I am cleaning.

  186. I've never used Seventh Generation products. I make all of my own cleaning products so I can have affordable natural products. It would save me a ton of time and effort to have products like these. Thanks for the great contest!

  187. I've been switching more and more to Green Cleaning Products. I've used quite a bit of Method Products, and some Seventh Generation as well. We started with Green Works, which is a Clorox product and not completely free of chemicals, but a great start in the right direction for those unsure or wanting to start out. I've liked the Seventh Generation products - but definitely make sure you follow their instructions as some of their products can lighten or slightly bleach out wood furniture. I love the idea of keeping all of the chemicals in traditional products away from my family and children! We hear again and again how in the last decades the average age of puberty has decreased by several years, and cancer rates and other diseases have greatly increased. It is hard not to wonder how much of this impact has come from the chemicals, pesticides, etc. surounding us that until recently we thought so little about.

  188. I've been trying to use vinegar and baking soda for more cleaning. I just wish there was something better than the vinegar smell.

  189. Just started using the Seventh Generation Laundry detergent. Would love to give these other products a try!

  190. I am using Seventh Generation dish soap, and have tried several other products. THey have lots of super products

  191. I tried the Ruby Grapefruit & Herb cleanser and really liked it. Very expensive, but very nice. I only used it in my bathroom, as my hubby is chronically ill, and his care team recommends we use bleach cleaner in his.

  192. I haven't used any of these products, but I would love to try them. I am trying to live as "green" as I can.

  193. I haven’t tried Seventh Generation products. I've been using Lysol products, but would like to use more Eco friendly products.

  194. Vinegar, baking soda, and elbow grease are all great green cleaning products. But I would love to try some of these.

  195. I haven't tried Seventh Generation's products yet. I use Mrs. Meyer’s countertop spray and toilet bowl cleaner and I'm trying to switch all our cleaning products to natural.

  196. Haven't tried their products yet but I'm always looking for products that are green (without sacrificing the clean part). The Ruby Grapefruit & Herb Natural Glass Cleaner is most interesting to me.

  197. What a great giveaway Stephanie...there are a lot of great products to use...I love cleaning house so this would be just perfect for me :)

  198. I haven't tried this brand yet. I have tried making my own non-toxic cleaners, but that is pretty time consuming. I would love to try these.

  199. I haven't used these yet. I've been using all those chemicals. I have been having terrible sinus problems lately and want to see if natural products will help.

  200. Great prize - my wife hates to clean and would just LOVE to try a new product!
    Thanks for all teh excellent contests!

  201. I have used SG's laundry detergent and I really like their all purpose cleaner. Would love to try the rest. I try to use natural cleaners ( baking soda, olive oil, vinegar and water, etc.) but am excited about the way the cleaning products are evolving!

  202. I LOVE Seventh Generation! I use it to do my family of 10's laundry, dishes and cleaning with!

    We do not use any other cleaners besides organic or homeopathic ones. The first part of your article rings true around here... why would we use chemicals to clean with, when they are toxic if you eat them? we don't is the simply answer!

    We use Seventh Generation's Free and Clear bleach, Free and Clear or Bergamot laundry detergent, Free and Clear dish soap. I haven't been able to use any of the household cleaners yet, because I am waiting for our Kroger to get them in.

    I would really love to win this! It would be so nice!

    Miss Amanda

  203. I have used 7th generation products. I love them because they don't hurt my lungs when I clean! I wouldn't use anything else.

  204. I haven't tried the Seventh Generation products yet, but I have been trying out the new natural clorox cleaning products. Tub and shower cleaner doesn't work very well, but the other cleaners are great. I love cutting down on all of those toxic chemicals in my home.

  205. Seventh Generation laundry soap works well, and I can purchase it at several places now, not just the health food stores.

  206. I haven't tried them yet, but would love to. I recently switched to cleaning with water and vinegar due to the smell of the other cleaners, and the information I have read regarding the chemicals contained in those cleaners. Thanks!

  207. I love their baby wipes! One of the only "disposable" brands that does not break out my daughter.

    But The cleaning product I've used was the carpet spot and stain remover. It worked great when we had carpets.

  208. I haven't tried them but they sound great. Lately, I've been using a lot of baking soda and I still use Lysol products. Thank you so much!

  209. I haven't tried Seventh Generation cleaning products as yet but I have heard a lot of good things about them.
    I usually use bleach to clean most things in my home.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  210. I have not tried Seventh generation Products, but I want to start using something that is non-toxic. Right now using products by Johnson & Johnson, stuff like that. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  211. Thanks so much for this giveaway. I have not tried Seventh Generation products yet, but just last week, someone told me how great the Laundry Detergent is, especially for newborns. Thanks so much for this contest.

  212. I have not tried Seventh Generation but I have tried another brand of natural cleaner in my bathroom (can't remember the name right now) and been fairly happy with it. I would love to try out Seventh Generation products - especially if I won them!

  213. I have tried Seventh Generation's dish soap and liked it a lot. I mostly use Shaklee products right now, but would love to try some other Seventh Generation products. Thanks for a healthy, practical giveaway!!:-)

  214. This is my favorite brand, and I would love to replace everything in my house with this stuff! Capri uses their diapers which are great as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  215. I have never tried Seventh Generation products, but they sound wonderful! However, I do use vinegar for many cleaning chores and baking soda. I will search for Seventh Generation products the next time I shop. Thank you. :-)

  216. I am a pretty avid user of 7G products, especially the Free and Clear ones due to my fragrance senstivities.

  217. I have not used Seventh Generation, but I certainly plan to after reading this. I have used other products such as Clorax and Johnson. I want to use some non-toxic products and this sounds like what I need.

  218. I try and find the most eco-friendly products to clean with (like Simply Green) but always want more to choose from. I have not tried these yet and would love to. Thanks for the chance to win!

  219. I haven't used their cleaning products but I do have their paper towels. I usually use a vinegar mix to clean glass and reg dish soap for the kitchen

  220. No, but I have been looking them over. It is nice to hear someone - (not the company) talk so highly of this product. I trust my fellow moms more then the company.
    Thank you
    Good luck to all.

  221. I haven't tried the Seventh Generation products yet but my friend told me all about them. I'm still using traditional products-the same ones my mom always used...

  222. I'm trying to switch out my cleaning products as I go along, too. I've tried a few brands of "green" products, including Method. Would love to have a whole starter set from Seventh Generation to work with!

  223. I'm trying to do my part in living greener. Recycling, composting, reusable bags, biking instead of driving, ect. and now cleaning products. Currently I'm using Clorox Greenworks and they do work but I'm all for trying new things. Thanks.

  224. I have used the glass cleaner and it is great. I am trying to move more towards the "green" products, one step at a time as I use up all that I have. No need to waste, that's for sure. Would love to be able to try the rest of the products featured.

  225. I haven't used the Seventh Generation line of products, but would love to try. I do use some Simple Green products, but realize I should put more thought into what I reach for in the aisles out of automatic pilot.

  226. What a great giveaway! We all need to start using green products and I would love to try these. I've heard of them, but haven't tried them yet. I'm interested in the non-chlorine bleach - would love to see how well it works.

  227. I've been using Seventh Generation Dish Soap since my son was born. I wanted to use the cleanest possible soap to wash my sons bottles and dishes.

  228. No, I've never tried Seventh Generation products. I wouldn't even know where to buy them. I know that Target has eco friendly products. I usually by mine from Dollar Tree. Can't really say that I've had any problems with harsh chemicals. However, it could never hurt to try something new. I'd like to try the Seventh Generation products to see if they are really as effective as there counterparts! Thanks Stephanie!

  229. I love Seventh Generation's lavender fields laundry and dish soaps!! They smell great.

    I personally don't use Clorox Greenworks because they come for a company (Clorox) that makes more unhealthy and tested on animals products than they do "green" cruelty free cleaners. Seventh Generation makes ONLY green cleaners and does not test on animals.

  230. I just started using some of the Seventh Generation products. I have the dishwashing liquid in lavendar floral and mint. I love them. Bought a case!

    I also have the All Purpose Cleaner in free and clear because I have migraines and well scents are a trigger. I havent used this product yet but I will!

    I would love to win this prize pack to try out some of the other products.

  231. I haven't ever used Seventh Generation products, but I would like to try them. The scents sound lovely! I generally clean with vinegar or bleach...

  232. I have never tried there products before and would love to. I buy what ever cleaning products are on sale at the store.

  233. No, I have never used the Seventh Generation Products. In fact, I didn't know there were even products like that. I normally generic cleaning products from Dollar General. However I do think it's important to reduce our impact in the world. We recycle almost everything we use (paper, plastic, glass, aluminum) so it would be interesting to try to use these products.

  234. I haven't tried Seventh Generation products yet, but I'd love to :) I use alot of SC Johnson products and multi-purpose cleaners. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  235. I have tried the liquid auto-dish soap. I just do not like liguid soaps for my dish washer so I cannot tell if I like it or not. I am trying to use more green cleaning products, but I am having problems giving up scrubbing bubbles.

  236. I have never used Seventh Generation . I use vinegar and water to clean my tile floor, I use efferdent tablets to clean my. I use club soda for spills like Koolaid on my carpet.

  237. I've tried a bunch of Seventh Generation products, although I'd love to try them all! The only thing so far that I haven't liked is the toilet paper. Its a little... rough.

  238. I didn't realize how many things they offer! they don't sell them at the regular store I shop at. I have tried their general all purpose cleaner, but I switched to using the ol standard vinegar solution and added grapefruit essential oil to it. I would love to try out some more products though, especial the laundry detergent.

  239. I know that I need to change up my cleaning products, but between learning about natural birth, vaccines, healthy eating and clearing up my and my families health issues it has fallen to the side. These products do look like they'd fit the bill, though. I wouldn't need to do extensive research on them --- like I might for the ones created by clorox (I believe is the brand name). And a starter pack would be a great place to start.

  240. I have not tried their product but I do stress about how many different chemicals we use throughout or home and how it effects us. I would love to give them a try and certainly use more healthy and environmentally concious products around my family! Thanks for the product introduction!

  241. I love the Seventh Generation products as I have very sensitive skin and I do not like fragranced products.

  242. I have not tried a seventh generation product. I use various brand-name cleaners from the grocery store.

  243. I just found your blog through Nell's Casual Friday Everyday. I'm so glad I clicked over as I have been wondering about more green cleaning products. I would love to try out these :). Do you know what stores you can find them in as well?

  244. My friend has been trying to get to try their products. If I won the prize, I guess I would have no excuse not to!

    acartier77 at hotmail dot com

  245. I haven't tried Seventh Generation yet but I think I will when my Shaklee cleaners run out. My budget might fit these in better.

  246. I have used the general purpose cleaner & love it. I hate the chorine smell of most cleaners, especially now that I'm pregnant. This prize is great!

  247. I appreciate the whole idea of Seventh Generation, based on the Native America concept that what we do today affects our descendents down to the seventh generation. My family has used the Seventh Generation paper towel, diner napkins and toilet paper products and once hearing about the naturally scented cleaning products, am quite interested in trying them.

  248. I have never used Seventh Generation products but would love to give them a try. At the moment I am just using what I can get for the cheapest at the store, which usually isn't the best or friendly product.

  249. I use seventh generation dishwashing soap and like it very much. it cleans just as well as any other brand I have used.

  250. Yes, I have tried Seventh Generation all purpose cleaner. It works great cleaning up kitchen spills and I don't have to worry about it affecting me or my pets.

  251. I have used Seventh Generation dish soap and I really liked how it cleaned and was not harsh on my skin. I am currently on chemotherapy and only use earth(and skin)friendly products. I also use Shaklee cleaning products to clean; would like to try out the Seventh Generation line, though. It sounds like they work (and smell) great. Liz

  252. I have not yet tried any of the Seventh Generation products, but would LOVE the chance to do so. I have been switching up my cleaning products lately in an effort to become a little "greener", but have yet to find anything that works to my satisfaction. Maybe Seventh Generation is the answer ...


  253. I've never used Seventh Generation products, but I'd love to try them! I use a lot of vinegar, which has natural germ-killing properties. It doesn't smell wonderful, but I like it better than harsh chemical smells. I also use baking soda quite a bit, for jobs that need some scrubbing.

  254. My new granddaughter comes over frequently, so I have become more conscience of supplies I use. This giveaway is perfect!

  255. I haven't tried these products but I plan to! I usually use plain dish soap and water to clean. If something is really dirty I add a little vinegar. I confess I do use bleach for the bathroom, because I haven't found anything that disinfects as well.

  256. I have not tried them. I use Clorox wipes and Lysol floor cleaner. I'm also a big fan of Swiffers, though they are horribly expensive.

  257. Though I have never used Seventh Generation, I would love to try them. Any green product with good reviews sounds great to me. Currently I use Clorox green works, bleach, pledge, Simple Green and Tough and Tender wipes.

  258. we haven’t tried them yet! i am excited about trying the Green Mandarin & Leaf Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

  259. I've never used these products, but would like to give them a try. If they work as well as the Windex all surface cleaner, All laundry detergent that I normally use, I'd be more than happy to pay the extra money to change! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  260. I use Clorox green works and I love them! The green spray cleaner works well even on filthy blinds. I just take them outside, spray with cleaner, let them sit a moment and then spray clean with a hose. Very easy.

    I'm always open to trying new products.

  261. I try to use plain water as much as possible. Otherwise I use Windex, and pledge. thank you for the contest

  262. I've heard of these products, I've wanted to try them but have to finish using up the cleaning supplies from the big warehouse store first. I've seen their products at a health food store and it was a bit pricey. I am currently using Clorox Green Works as a step towards more conscious cleaning products. I don't like the idea of chemicals that could make me faint cleaning the space that my kids are in. Small steps in that direction, it would be great to win the starter kit to then be able to determine if these products would be the new cleaning products for our family.

  263. i've tried the 7th gen dish soap and dishwasher soap, but i'd definitely love to try their all-purpose and glass cleaners.

    recently been experimenting with green and SAFE cleaning products (not all green cleaning products are safe, go figure) to determine if they actually clean well and are economical.

    i want to find a line of products that does the job well, is biodegradable, and non-toxic.

  264. I recently started using some Seventh Generation products and they do smell nice, not that chemical smell. I also use Clorox Greenworks products too. Both have worked good so far.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  265. This looks like a rather nice package of cleaning goodies:) I've never tried Seventh Generation, but I've also used products from the Clorox Greenworks line and I like them.

  266. I haven't yet tried Seventh Generation. I have tried the Clorox green works line and I find it works well. I would love to try these products as well...We all love a clean home. Thanks!

  267. We love 7th generation! We also use other "eco friendly" brands that we buy at Whole Foods, but 7th generation is our staple when we shop at the local grocery store. We use their all purpose spray and the dish washer liquid, as well as the laundry detergent.

    Great stuff!

  268. I have never used 7th Generation, I generally use Lysol, Clorox, Simple Green, and other super-strong stinking stuff. I'd love to try it for free though!!

  269. THIS is a fantastic giveaway!!! Wow WOW WOW....I have not tried these particular products but I have tried the Green Works products because I can't stand the chemical smell or what it does to my hands any longer! I would love to win this....promise I'll follow the rules this time and reply!!!!! Ha!! :D Thanks so much, have a super awesome weekend!!!

  270. I haven't tried Seventh Generation yet, but I've been thinking of switching to them or to Method or some other greener, cleaner choice. Thanks for the opportunity to try it out! :)

  271. I haven't had a chance to try SG products, but I have heard such great things about them! I'm curious about how well the laundry detergent would work on my husband's work uniforms! And I just LOVE all purpose cleaners...So versatile!

  272. I use their surface cleaner and am excited to try their diapers once our daughter arrives from Korea- come on travel call=)
    For cleaning- i use bleach for the toilet, and baking soda for sinks.

  273. I haven't caught onto the green cleaning products yet! But I really think I need to. I do really love my Swiffer Wet Jet with the Febreeze scent. And I'm always trying out new cleaning products to figure out what works the best. Would love to try out more "natural" stuff.

  274. I've been wanting to try the seventh generation stuff. I actually just got some stuff from lets go that is working really nice. Other than that I use the regular stuff from walmart.. clorox wipes, windex, pine sole.. all the stuff people are saying not to use that are going green. Yikes.. slap me now. I'm just now finding more green products available in my area that aren't crazy expensive and that I don' thave to special order or drive forever to get. Thanks for the chance to win.

  275. I have not tried Seventh Generation products yet, although I've heard about them and have been wanting to! I've been using some of the old classic cleaners as well as a few Method products.

  276. We've only used the seventh gen dish soap and like it a lot. I'd like to try some of their other products. They sound nice. We use some conventional cleaning products and occasionally I get on a baking soda and vinegar kick and clean more that way.

  277. Oooo, I'm so excited about this! We're in the process of "not replacing" all the yucky toxic things we use up. I've been relying a lot on castille soap lately, and am doing a lot of asking around about other natural, non-toxic options.

  278. I haven't tried their products yet, although I have been wanting to. Lately I have just been using vinegar and baking soda to clean the bathroom and kitchen. They work well, but the vinegar smells stinky.

  279. We're also trying to "green up" our cleaning regime. I use some Seventh Generation products and love them, as well as Method products from Target, which have great light/fresh scents and use minimal/recyclable packaging. We switched to Dropps laundry detergent 2 years ago and think it does a great job too. Great contest!

  280. I have not tried their products yet, I just recently heard about them, but I am very interested to try them. I use Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, 409, and stuff like that. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  281. Ahh, fantastic prize!!! I've only barely dipped my toes into natural home cleaning products, but I do have to say that I just love the Seventh Generation dish cleaning soap that I tried, but I can't find the scent anymore, which really disappoints me. It was some sort of orange scent, I'm pretty sure. All I know is that the scents they offer now are different from what I used and loved the first time around. It did as good a job as my other dish soaps, but smelled a million times better! And I really like their labeling, showing you how much of an impact we'd have on the environment if people switched to their products. I'd really enjoy trying other products that they offer!

  282. I use Seventh Generations "Free & Clear Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner," as well as their toilet bowl cleaner, and I love them. Not only do they smell great, but they do a wonderful job cleaning. And the bonus is that they're having minimal environmental impact. What better way to feel good about cleaning? :)

  283. I've never tried Seventh Generation products before but the flavors sound like they smell amazing! I love a nice smelling house, it helps me feel like it's even cleaner (go figure). I use Method cleaning products from Target. I love their grapefruit scent!

  284. I haven't tried their products yet, but I am open to it. I have been trying out Mrs. Meyer's products too. It has beeen a journey to quit using all the mainstream chemicals in our home. Even changing out our laundry detergent to a green product has allowed my son's excema to go away. I had no clue that it was that causing my troubles. Anyway, thanks for entering me!

  285. I've become a lot more conscious of what's in our cleaning products and other things around our house. We don't use any candles anymore, because of the particles that are emitted. I've also started slowly replacing my old cleaning products with versions that are biodegradable and non-toxic, as my budget allows.

  286. Ooo, I didn't know they made garbage bags. That's neat. I have some non toxic cleaner that I've been using for years. It's concentrated and it's going to take me many more years to actually get through it all. I've actually been contemplating doling it out to friends just b/c I want to try something new! I could also use some new toilet bowl cleaner!

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