Coming Home Outfit

Coming Home Outfit 1I remember agonizing a bit over what to bring to the hospital for my baby's "coming home outfit." After all, how would I know if it would fit? Should I bring a onesie, a footsie, a frilly dress, a headband, some socks, one of those new onesies with a cut-out hole for the umbilical cord?

In the end, it was much simpler than I imagined it to be. To be honest, all you really need is a onesie in newborn size (or 0-3 month size if you think your baby might be big) and a receiving blanket or two. The hospital will most likely provide you with a hat and a receiving blanket, but call ahead to see if you will need to provide a hat.

Socks and shoes are unecessary due to the fact that the baby will be swaddled in the receiving blanket - and thus will be warm and cozy without any additional clothing items. Cute two-piece outfits and other "special occassion" pieces are adorable, but not very practical. Same goes for the headbands - cute, but they squeeze that soft little head too firmly and look entirely uncomfortable. Boxed "coming home" sets are overpriced and usually of lesser quality than individual items. They typically include a onesie, a hat, socks or booties, and a blanket.

My advice: go simple. Wash a nice onesie and a few receiving blankets. Pack. You're ready!

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