Cool, man! Oops, I mean...Coleman

When I think of family camping products, I think of Coleman. They offer such a wide array of products at affordable prices (which all families can appreciate!).

Cool, man! Oops, I mean...Coleman 1I recently had the opportunity to review the Coleman Evanston 14' x 12' tent ($189.99). It sleeps 8 and is really tall so you can walk around and change clothes in the tent with ease. No trying to wrestle your jeans on to your bum in a half-reclined position! The tent also features an adjustable air ventilation system to increase airflow and shock-corded poles for easy and quick set-up. My husband set the tent up in about 15 minutes (on his first attempt). He's an Outdoor Adventure Guy so he probably is a bit faster than the norm, but I'm certain that most families could set it up within 30 minutes...or faster.

Cool, man! Oops, I mean...Coleman 2To ensure that our nights are cool and that the air is must-free, we put up the Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan with Light ($19.99). This little fan is nice because it hangs from tent ceilings so it is out-of-reach of curious toddlers.

Cool, man! Oops, I mean...Coleman 3And what family couldn't use a little more organization to lessen the "camping chaos"? Coleman thought of that too. They sell this Freestanding Organizer ($10.99) - perfect for setting up in a corner of your tent to organize tableware, lanterns, and other camping gear.

Cool, man! Oops, I mean...Coleman 4When it's time to purchase camping gear and supplies, think Coleman. Whether you're looking for a tent, a grill, a cooler, a lantern, camping furniture, camping cookware, or a backpack...Coleman probably has it (and for a good price to boot!). 

WIN IT! There will be FIVE winners. Each winner will receive a Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan With Light. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, June 9 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, June 10. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winners are #6 Julie, #451 Kay Fischler, #40 Marcia, #262 Tonya Moyer, and #16 Mya Brooks. Congratulations!

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511 comments on “Cool, man! Oops, I mean...Coleman”

  1. I've gotta say, like the other folks from Florida, my first thought was that this little fan would be handy to have around the house in case another hurricane comes through the area. It gets awfully hot when the power is out for three weeks.

  2. The last time we went camping we saw one of these
    fans in a neighbors tent.It was so neat.I had
    never seen one.I really want one since we camp
    alot and we have to be up to date on all
    the modern technology.Might as well make it
    pleasurable while your roughing it.Thanks for
    the giveaway

  3. We have a special little screen tent for our granddaughters and this is just the thing we need in there for them. The girls could see to play and be cool too!

  4. oh I live in the camping heaven, wyoming, but I haven't a thing for camping since I moved here. this prize would certainly motivate me to get out and camp, again.

  5. When I was a kid we used to spend summer vacations camping in the Sierras where we would drive a short way to play in the snow in July. Back then our New Big Thing was a Coleman tent heater. Blame it on global warming or high gas prices - either way, camping is done much closer to home and the ceiling fan is a much better idea for us =)

  6. everyone thinks of coleman for camping; however the Coleman products were our lifesaver post Katrina; I know I as there; I guess you can call it "camping"; we called it survival. thanks

  7. This is great, I hadn't heard of this until now. What a great idea. We are big campers in the summertime. This would come in very handy in the kids tent. Thanks!!

  8. Camping and Coleman, two of my favorite things! I would love this little ceiling fan and light! Would make tent camping so much more enjoyable!

  9. I love camping and I love Coleman. I don't have alot of camping gear but I hope to get more in the next few years. This would be a great start!

  10. This little fan is nice because it hangs from tent ceilings so it is out-of-reach of curious toddlers.

  11. What a wonderful idea!! It is always hot and humid when camping and this fan would go over big!!

  12. My family camps alot and we are alway trying to one up each other with cool camping gadgets as a joke, so this would make me look really good.

  13. Coleman makes the best camping products. I had no idea they made tent ceiling fans. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  14. This would be a great way to spend time with our 4 grandsons, who all love camping. Great Give -A-Way! Thanks for giving us all a chance to win it.

  15. This is way cool! Literally! I would camp more than twice a year if me and the kids were more comfortable. This is perfect. Thanks for a "COOL" giveaway!!!

  16. Oh how the camping experience has changed since I first started. These are wonderful additions to anyone's camping gear.

  17. I can see one more use for this ... a bit of relief at home if the power goes out in a storm. This would be a great prize to win.

  18. This would be so great to have when camping. It gets so hot inside the tent sometimes.

  19. What a genius contraption! Before reading about it here, I'd never even heard of this! This would definitely make those summer nights camping much more bearable!

  20. I could really use this Coleman tent fan. I just got back from camping this weekend (got rained out)but plan on going again soon. Love camping!

  21. What a wonderful addition this would be to our camping gear. We are camping for a week on Kelly's Island in Lake Erie during the 4th of July.

  22. This little fan is nice because it hangs from tent ceilings so it is out-of-reach of curious toddlers.

  23. We have to make a 1200 one way trip and back by car, and with the price of gas, lodging is having to possibly camp. Since its hot out and we will have a very small tent would really love to win this prize of a tent fan and boy with a light no searching for that darn flashlight or another light source. Thank you for such a great contest.

  24. I once got my husband and kids sleeping bags, a tent, a remote control lantern, and air matresses and they still would not leave! Maybe this fan is what they need to finally get going!

  25. My favorite memories as a child were going camping with my family. We have not done it as often as we should. So this last Christmas, I bought my hubby/family camping gear and my parents got us an awesome telescope. I was looking for more "excuses" to spend outdoor time as a family.

    Coleman makes great camping gear. Thanks for another great opportunity for your readers!

  26. My son and daughter-in-law really need this. They spend their anniversary camping on the beach every year.

  27. Living in Florida, I suspect this might come in handy during power outages after hurricanes, too! Speaking from "a need to read", You rock!

  28. Would love to have this,me and my husband are going camping in the mountians this year...This would be great

  29. I love it! The tent fan is a great idea, especially on a warm stale night, and that it's safe from the toddlers is very important:)

  30. never heard of a ceiling fan, but i have seen the air conditioners and people on laptops in their tents.. so why not!


  32. We love to camp and when we're not away, we set up camp in the backyard!
    Problem is, we do this so much, we wear out tents and they are expensive.
    This prize would be a sweet staart to ur summer!

  33. Our family use to go camping all the time when I was a kid, I forgot how much I missed it. This would be a "cool" incentive to make this a new Summer tradition for my family. Great prize!

  34. I would love to win this for my son. He lives out in Seattle and is in to camping big time. He just has a little pup tent right now, so this would be a great thing for him to have.

  35. While I love camping, I hate it when the temperature in the tent soars into the 100's 1st thing in the morning. This would help cool the tent and perserve a sound sleep!

  36. Camping with kids is definetely not roughing it - not if you want to enjoy anything. And this would make the kids much more comfie. Great idea.

  37. This is funny because my Husband is a camping gadget psycho. He would think this is the greatest. Thanks!

  38. Oo that celing fan would actually be just the thing for my back porch for right now.. Its too hot to go up in the attic to install a new celing fan right now and that would tide us over till fall.. perfeco.

    I blogged you on prizeatron!

  39. Cool - they sure never had neat stuff like this for camping when we were kids!!! This would be terrific for those hot nights to make camping a lot more fun!!

  40. Sounds nifty! I've vowed not to spend another sweltering night on the sailboat without ventilation.

  41. This is perfect for me- My boyfriend loves to camp - but I do not like the heat, as I sleep with a fan at home. This is the best of both worlds for us!

  42. Very nice contest. Would love to use these items on our next trip Pine Mountain. I can tell this would make life a lot easier in the woods for a city gal like me.

  43. What a neat product. Thanks for the contest - without it I would not have even known this product was on the market. This would be good to have - hope I win!

  44. That's a neat item. I never tried one of those in a tent before. Please count me in, for a chance to win. Thank you.

  45. we're collecting stuff, one by one, for camping. When we have EVERYTHING we need, we then take it up... but I'm certainly not going with just a tent and a lantern... You've heard of the bucket list, well we've got "the camping list"

  46. That stuff looks so nice, much better than my old tent, i had to throw it out since it leaked. enter me!

  47. I just fell in love with the organization shelf! My biggest thing when camping is the mess all over the tent! I hate digging under and threw everything to find the baby wipes that got tossed in. :)

  48. Had to recently sell our camper so we will be tenting it from now on - we love camping out so this would be perfect! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to win this!!!!

  49. I can't believe they make a tent tall enough to not hunch over now. That's amazing and fabulous. I love the idea of this light and fan too. There's nothing like camping but I think it's wonderful to make it a little more homey and comfortable with gadgets like this. Thanks for the heads up on their new line up of products!

  50. as an regular camper, I never dreamed of such amenities and now that i know about it how did we ever get along with it.

  51. This fan is a great idea! It would encourage us to camp more in the hotter weather if we knew we'd be cool at night.

  52. Coleman makes the best camping products. We have a pop-up camper, which is still considered "tent camping", and you can never have enough handy Coleman products to make camping life easier and more fun.

  53. I am 33 and just found out how much I love camping. Coleman camping gear made all of the difference in making a new experience for me in the outdoors, comfortable and fun. My Coleman stove helped me cook some super fresh trout that I caught myself in Oak Creek AZ. Love it for life.

  54. What a find for family camping events! Our trips often involve desert camping, and the fan/light combo would be a serious blessing. Thanks for the drawing!

  55. I love camping but here in Texas the weather is hot humid and sticky (especially at the lake). This product would be sooo great for those hot humid nights when I just want to relax after a long day out on the lake. Also great because I'm not a big fan of camping anyways because its always so hot, how great would this be because now I would love to go camping!

  56. I didn't know they sold a fan for tents. I can't even remember all those humid August nights camping in Ocean City Maryland.

  57. I'm not surprised that this product is made by Coleman. I love all of their camping equipment

  58. This is yet another innovative product by Coleman! We live in Florida and camping time is a short season due to the heat---this fan will extend our season for sure!

  59. I would love this.I sleep with a fan blowing on me year round.This would be great for camping.

  60. We just went camping to the Grand Canyon last weekend! This would have been so helpful to have in the tent. It was a bit of a challenge trying to read bedtime stories to the kids when they would move their flashlights into my eyes because the "blind" face I made was so funny.

  61. I can't believe no one thought of this sooner-- all those nights sweating away in the summer tent! I'm going to be on the lookout for this.

  62. I love this.I don't have effective air condition-ing in the house so,in the summer,I set up a tent in my back yard and sleep outside. It's still too hot sometimes and a fan would certainly help and a light too so I can still read before I bed.Cool!Great for camping too and coleman is good stuff and using it reminds me of camping with my mom and dad when I was little.

  63. We are big fans of Coleman products. We have an outdoor fireplace and coolers, lanterns, flashlights, etc. Some ancient like the cookstove my dh will not part with, some newer but all excellent. This new fan of theirs is amazing. Love to win it but if not, it is on my list. Thanks.

  64. My family and I go camping at least once a year (we are what appears to be one of few who still use a tent). This would make the husband very happy if we win the ceiling fan. He cannot sleep very well without a fan.

  65. I love Coleman products, and this one is one I had never heard of. The fan might even help me convince my husband to go camping with me!

  66. Bought one of these a couple a years ago. Love it!!!! Would love to win one for our sons tents. Please enter me, thank you

  67. I would love to get this and take my step-daughters camping. They want to go this summer! Please enter me. :)

  68. I love camping, but not exactly "roughing" it. I will use this along with my inflatable mattress and portable TV! :)

  69. I'm not much of a camper myself but my dad always goes on a week long fishing trip in Canada in the summer. This would be an awesome father's day present for him!

  70. We're newbies to camping, but were instant addicts. We're going beach camping at the end of August, and I'm sure the fan would definitely help us (okay, ME!) along. Awesome product.

  71. The one drawback of tents in summer tends to be heat buildup on still days. What a perfect solution!

  72. Are you kidding? What an incredible idea. I love sleeping under a fan! Thanks for the great contest!

  73. My husband and I travel 4 hours (one-way) EVERY weekend to the lake. This would be WONDERFUL at the campsite! Great contest!

  74. I didn't know they made these. Wow! I'd love to win it. Great idea for our camping trips.
    We absolutely love to go fishing and hiking.

  75. This would be great. My boyfriend and I just got our first tent and I know Iowa summer nights can get humid & muggy. This should help!

  76. I have used the small plastic for over 20 years and they were not that good. This looks like a new and updated product. I would love to win this.

  77. Where has this been?! Oh, man! This would be so incredibly awesome! I remember one camping trip - the organizer of the event had campers camping on the grassy parking overflow area. Not my idea of camping, but okay and cheaper than a hotel. To make a long story short - heat wave = waking up in a sweltering tent oven. We lasted 3 long, sweaty, nowhere to hide from the sun days until we went to town and found a cheap hotel. You could tell the campers from the hotelers just from their mood!

  78. We are in the process of making plans to go camping up in the beautiful mountains in Idaho this summer with my family, and this would be perfect! Thanks for offering this!

  79. i love to camp and if i won this tent i might be able to persuade my husband to take the family camping.



  81. We camp ALOT!I love to fish.But I am disabled so I have to have a nice tent and airbed.What a great prise this would be!!!

  82. I love Coleman camping products. We camp a lot during the summer, and with money being tight this year, we will camp instead of a long vacation. A fan/light will come in handy during those particularly hot nights. Being able to hang it from the ceiling will keep us all cool.

  83. This would be great when the boys go camping with the troops. Thanks for the great contests!

  84. I have a family full of paintball nuts. All of them my husband, son & grandkids. Not to mention as many of thier friends that they can drag along. This would be great for me to lay under in the tent and read my book while they are out killing all the bad guys!!

  85. This is so great! We go camping almost every weekend, and we live in the Southwest where it gets up to 120 degrees! Thanks for a wonderful offer!

  86. These Coleman products would make camping all the more enjoyable! Thanks for offering this great giveaway on the fan light.

  87. We are taking a camping trip this summer and this would be perfect for our tent. Thanks for the contest!

  88. What an awesome product! We spend a lot of time camping at the lake, I'd LOVE to win this!!!

    Thanx for the awesome contest!

  89. I need to win this!! We are going on a 10 day camping/fishing trip in a tent at the end of the month. Great idea!!!

  90. As a den leader of a scout troop, my son is in scouts, and my daugher is in scouts. We can never have too many tents. Thanx for the contest.

  91. Wow- This would definitely deter the "night sweats" we usually get when camping in the summertime!

  92. That organizing system is great! I remember camping and keeping stuff in the car and having to pull it out everytime you needed it. Or even having it in the tent with you. No room to sleep because of all the stuff.

    What a great fan as well. Many a hot, stuffy night in a tent when I was younger.

  93. This would really make camping easier in the days and nights where it is raining and you need to stay inside the tent to play games.

  94. I might actually enjoy camping alittle more with a fan, and my air matress, and coffee pot and tv and ipod Great contest!

  95. My 11 year old wants to have his own tent. This might be just the light he needs to make it. Thanks for the chance.

  96. I think they made this product for my husband :) He enjoys camping but hates how hot it gets insided the tent.

  97. This would be so great in our tent as you know it gets pretty hot at times when you camp in the summer time. Never seen one of these before.

  98. My nephew recently bought one of these and I was able to see it in action. Pretty cool item! I'd love to own one.

  99. We just got a new tent last week. This would be perfect with the warm weather we have been having!

  100. I would love to have one of these. It gets so hot when youre sleeping in a tent and there is no relief.

  101. I've camped with three kids before and used glow sticks to have a safe light source for nighttime emergencies. What a great idea for a family product!

    Thanks for the interesting review, and great sweepstakes.

  102. A Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan With Light what a great idea! I love a romantic camping getaway but sometimes it gets so hot in the tent (no pun intended lol) this would come in very handy
    muggy hot camping is the worst only thing that could make this fan better would be a built in bug zapper lol

  103. This is a great idea for camping, thanks for bringing it to my attention. We are getting ready for our weekend camping excursions and this would be an awesome addition to our gear!

  104. I would love to give this fan a try, not just for camping but also for the upcoming hurricane season.

  105. My family and I have been camping for the last 2 weekends and this sure would have been nice to have when the kids want to take a afternoon nap.

  106. This is a great. I would love to give one of these to the hubby for his birthday! I wonder if you could hang it above a hammock?

  107. This would be great for when we go camping this July!! The timing couldn't have been better. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. What a cool tent, I lost my last tent when I moved so this would come in handy, awesome!

  109. Oh fun! Makes me want to go camping. And apparently you can be organized while doing it!

  110. While I cannot truthfully say that I camp often, I plan to spend four+ days camping next June at Bonnaroo (!!!!) in Tennessee, so this would be a lifesaver in the heat!
    Also, the foam blades would be super when me or my friend is less than fully aware of what's going on, haha.

  111. We go camping several times s year and my little girl is always hot. This would be great. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  112. This would be great when I'm camping! To actually have a fan to circulate the air is wonderful.

  113. I think that Coleman should donate some of these to our military personnel. They have to live in tents all the time. I'm sure they would appreciate something as wonderful as these.

  114. We love to go camping as a family. One of the biggest problems is the lack of air flow while trying to sleep on a hot summer night. All that body heat plus the heat of the night, it sure can be miserable. What a great product. Hope our family wins.

  115. These Coleman products you have gotten are all fantastic! Their company has always been a favorite of mine. This fan is amazing. I read where it goes for 24 hours on high and 48 hours on low! Most of our camping is weekends only, and this time would be perfect! The various LED lights are great, also.
    One of my favorite features is the opposite control switch for the fan and lights. Of course, the foam fan blades are a super injury preventer. Our family would love to win one of these. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  116. We just bought a truck tent this year and really look forward to roughing it some this coming summer and fall ! This would really come in handy on those sticky summer nights!

  117. We are getting back into camping and a few luxuries is just what we need. Last family camping trip it rained the whole time. We sprinkled loose change over the campsites and the grandkids thought we just 'happen' to find the campground that had money. It was so cute and they were entertained for hours.

  118. I really need one of these lights for our tent. I hate hate hate going into a dark tent with only a flashlight. I never seem to be able to hold the flashlight and do what I have to do. This would free my hands for all those little tasks that need done before we can crawl into our sleeping bags. Besides nothing say quality like Colemans.

  119. That fan looks so cool. My husband loves camping, I havent been with him in a long time though. We seem to always have a little baby, so as soon as our daughter is walking we are hitting the mountains.

  120. we love coleman!! it's the only way to go in camping supplies!! this would be awesome for our summer camping trips with friends!! thanks so much!!!
    moore.g at

  121. WOW, I would love to be one of the winners for the tent fan. I can't tell you how many camping trips have been spoiled because it was just too hot inside our tent for me to sleep. This tent fan should do the trick. And it's made by Coleman, the experts on camping gear! Great summer giveaway!!

  122. With the cost of gas getting higher and higher, more people are looking for more affordable vacations. This product is going to make roughing it a whole lot more comfortable!

  123. I have never been camping. Seriously! This might actually make me more interested in setting a tent up in the backyard and testing the waters...

  124. This is such a great idea! We just use a little flashlight and hang it from the center of our tent now but doesn't really give enough light at night. And the addition of the fan is perfect cuz sometimes it gets pretty hot inside during the daytime.

  125. Our family loves Coleman too. Our trusty portable stove comes camping with us all the time. It has outlasted numerous tents. We'd love to win a ceiling fan!

  126. Wow, Stephanie! Nice set up...I guess I'm a bit behind the times...a tent ceiling fan! Thank you for the opportunity to win one! Nice! :-)

  127. We went camping on the hottest day in over 50 years at Cape Hnlopen last year, we could use this.

  128. Lots of fun products - the tent organizer is a great idea...the messiness is one of the only things that drives me a little crazy about camping.

  129. Maybe this will help me convince my fiance to go camping with me...I need something to help me..cause she is dead set against the "roughing it". Thanks for the chance to win this!!

  130. I really really need this and here is why. I work third shift and so I sleep during the day which is of course hot and sunny in florida. I have to run the air all day which I can't afford to do. If I had the ceiling fan above my bed I could go to sleep feeling cool enough but not have to run the air. please please please pick me

  131. wow,what a cool contest,we go camping a lot a now we are going to take the grandsons so we are excited,so this would be so much fun to have,please count us in too,thanks

  132. What a great idea. Instead of having to hold the flashlight yourself or have someone hold it you can just attach it to your tent. What a great idea. Thanks

  133. cute photo of you daughter with the scrunchy nose. okay, back to the contest. now, what a great idea for places where camping is hot at night (the south, southwest). little features like that make it seem like you're not "roughing it" in the great outdoors!

  134. Wow! This is so cool! :0)

    My daugher just started liking camping in the back yard this would be so perfect for her!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  135. All of these products look great. We have a big ol' tent like that and love it, but I was lusting after that fan. What a great idea! I'd love it for in a few weeks from now, but I'll take it any time I can get it. Thanks!

  136. You know you're inspiring me again. We really need to get into camping. We both love it we've just never done it as a married couple. I imagine it's a little more difficult with littles in toe but so much fun too! I think I'll make it a fall family goal!

  137. I am going camping for the first time this summer, this is something that sounds wonderful to me. I had no idea that you could get a tent fan, however now that i know, well it is a must have for me.


  138. We took our little guy camping this past weekend for the first time and he loved it. So we've scheduled a few more camping trips this summer. But the summers in Virginia and W. Virginia are hot and muggy and the air under the tree canopy is very still. I had no idea they made tent ceiling fans. Even though my hubby is a natural camper kind of guy (i.e. usually eschews technology for the stuff he grew up with), I know he'd make an exception to make it through the night with air movement in the tent. Happy wife and child equals happy husband. Period! :-)

  139. This would be so "cool" to have for a fun camping trip or 10 this summer! Being from AZ has its pluses but cool summers are not among them. Oh and an overhead light in a tent...dare I dream!??!

  140. We just got a new tent and would love to have the fan/light combo to add to it. e love cam[ing and fishin. Coleman does make great products.

  141. My husband is always suggesting camping as an enhjoyable weekend diversion and I am always declining because spending a hot and sweaty night in a tent just doesn't appeal. This little gadget could help to persuade me . . .

  142. what a wonderful item to be used outdoors. who could think that they would invent something to use to stay cool when camping. great idea. i want to win this.

  143. I also love Coleman products. This little gizmo would sure come in handy during summer camping trips. It might even help during fall tailgating under the canopy.

  144. This would be a great addition to our camping supplies.My husband And I really love this brand and we also live in Florida, so it's more than nice to have kinda a necessity.Thanks for the great giveaway!

  145. My husband and I take our local boy scout troop camping a lot and a something like this would be so nice after a long hot, grimy day. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  146. A tent that's really big enough -- and a ceiling fan! Wow! (I could get my husband to camp again!)

  147. When I think of camping I think of Coleman too! My family used to camp often when I was growing up. I remember the coleman stove we used to cook rice-a-roni on...aaahhh! Can you believe that? I feel sooo old!

  148. Oh yes, I could absolutely use one of these. It is always about 10 degrees hotter in my kids room (due to all the extra kids visiting over summer). This could really come in handy since our apartment complex says they wont put one in, but if we want one we could purchase on and install it ourselves...This is a definite need in our home. Hope I win!!!!

  149. Love camping in our pop-up camper and this would be a wonferful addition to all the other "stuff" I take along!

  150. What a great idea! Camping is great ... but not in the summer with the Florida heat & humidity! THIS will help make it more enjoyable!

  151. That is awesome, I myself hate camping, I don't like bugs and stuff. I mean it would be fun with friends and family, that is until we have to retire to the relative discomfort of the dreaded tent to sleep. Now I am sure it isn't that bad if you have a blow up mattress and stuff. The bugs really are the biggest problem for me. Now that I have kids now it is more about what I think they will enjoy. We are going up to Marine Land this summer and we are camping for the weekend while we are there. I don't know about you but I have a hard time sleeping with no fan.

  152. Neato. I had no idea such a thing existed. I'm a white noise junkie, so camping in the quiet might make me bonkers.

  153. This is a great idea! I'm probably a little out of the cool camping gadget loop, but I've never seen anything like it. Usually we open the "window" and then freeze, or it rains...This would solve those problems wouldn't it!!

  154. We love to rough it, and this would soooo come in handy!!! Now, if summer would actually GET here...ho hum!

  155. A fan and a light! that is awesome! Especially on the hot summer nights! After I read what you weekend theme was I got eager to go camping so I talked to my friends and we are having a girls only camping weekend in August! This would be great for it! thanks!

  156. We bought a no name tent from wal-mart last year and went camping that weekend. I am paranoid of bugs and small woodland animals so I kept checking and rechecking the zipper to make sure it was closed. About 3 oclock in the morning, my fiance woke up with a FROG! on his face! He calmly got up and threw it outside but I don't know if I would have handled it so well.

  157. Hi! I'm visiting from 5 Minutes 4 Mom...LOVE your blog!! :) This is a great idea for camping this summer...please count me in! Have a great day!!

  158. With Father's Day coming up, this is perfect. My husband loves to set up the tent for him and the kids. This would help those hot summer nights.

  159. The ceiling fan is great. We take the youth group camping every summer and one of the moms (a leader) always brings a lamp (as in living room table lamp!). She brings an extension chord to plug it in from the campsite to her tent. I was thinking of her as a I read this post!

  160. My wife and daughter camp out a lot with me and our two Cub Scout sons and this tent fan is awesome! It makes camping more enjoyable on muggy nights!

  161. Great when you have children and makes camping a bit more enjoyable, especially in this heat!

    I've added you to my bloggy sidebar! We love your reviews!

  162. A product who's time has come. With more and more people camping but not wanting to actually "rough it", this is perfect.

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