Peek in Our Dress-Up Closet: Secret Agent + Doctor

With three daughters (and now - a newborn son!) in the house, our dress-up closet gets continual use.

I am often graced with the presence of princesses and queens, cowgirls and mermaids, ballerinas and gymnasts, police officers and veterinarians.

Hats and scarves are especially I keep a keen eye out for gently used, machine-washable options at local thrift stores.

Our "costume criteria" looks like this: adorable, affordable, and admirable. In other words, we select costumes that portray inspiring people, positive careers, or different periods of history.

For example, take a look at our surgeon. She's confident, compassionate, gentle, and intelligent. With comfy scrubs and a working stethoscope, she's ready for any emergency.





Our Secret Agent is a problem-solver, by nature. She's observant, adventurous, detail-oriented, and impossibly brave. Although detectives don't really dress in trench coats and dark sunglasses, I love that this costume allows her to dream big and play pretend.





Both costumes are under $40 and come with accessories that make the costume come to life.

Aeromax specializes in "career costumes" so you'll also find dress-up options like police officer, firefighter, astronaut, scientist, SWAT, and train engineer.

Follow Aeromax Toys on Facebook to see more photos of their costumes worn by real kids.

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One comment on “Peek in Our Dress-Up Closet: Secret Agent + Doctor”

  1. Our boys love dress up play! Of only big could find a good way to store all our costumes! ;) love these 2 outfits, and they are not yet in our collection.... may have to add them to the list lol

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