Could you go out and pick a tomato from the garden, dear?

backyard_botanical_mainI dream of planting and harvesting fresh fruit and vegetables in my backyard:

  • Strawberries, Blueberries, & Raspberries
  • Oranges & Grapefruit
  • Tomatoes & Squash
  • Onions, Garlic, & Basil

Wouldn't it be fun to just pop out to the backyard for a snack or a salad ingredient? It would feel good to know that our produce was pesticide-free and I think gardening is a good skill to have. Plus, I'd love to pass on a love of growing things to my daughters. And, of course, I will do just about anything to avoid extra trips to the grocery store.

madeline-my-boy-and-meThat said, I feel at a loss about how to begin. I don't know what soil is required, what types of plants thrive in the desert, what "season" to begin planting, etc. The whole thing intimidates me. I think I need a Gardening Buddy/Mentor (maybe someone like Madeline).

In my dream world, I would move into a master-planned community with community gardens so I wouldn't have to embark on the gardening adventure all by myself. Maybe somewhere like Daybreak Utah (I keep hoping that the developers venture out here to beautiful Arizona because they really know how to build great communities...).

But, until then, I may have to be "brave" and start a garden of my own.

home depot garden clubIf/when I do, I may stop in at the Home Depot Garden Club website from time-to-time. The website offers a one-stop hub to "get valuable information about your region, gardening advice from pros, and updates on local gardening events." The website even allows you to "Ask An Expert" any gardening, landscaping, or lawn care-related question...and you'll get an answer within 24 hours! My favorite part of the site, however, is the Plant Care Guides section - where you can get info and advice about fruits, veggies, and herbs. Just search for what you're looking for - A (Apple) to Y (Yarrow).

YOUR TURN: Do you garden and, if so, what do you grow? If you don't currently garden, are you considering it?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift card to Home Depot. To enter, check out to the Home Depot Garden Club website and tell me something about the site (ex. what you thought was useful, what other things you would like to see on the site, what DIY project you would most like to try, etc.). Be sure to leave your comment on this post prior to Tuesday, May 12 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

Image Credit (garden @ top left): via Backyard Botanical

*UPDATE* The winner is #308 Theresa Chambers. Congratulations!

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625 comments on “Could you go out and pick a tomato from the garden, dear?”

  1. I'm glad to see their instructions for Installing Pavers in Sand---it's something I'd love to do in our as-yet-barren yard, but first I'll have to commit to a "landscaping" plan!

    I'm excitedly trying gardening for the first time this year (yay! we finally have a yard!), and it's definitely a learning process for this utter novice. We're trying to grow carrots, peppers, radishes, tomatoes, amaranth, okra, and sunflowers (for seeds), along with sundry herbs and flowers.

    I love the idea of a gardening mentor and wish I had one, too! It's hard to just go to the library and pick out gardening manuals because our hot, dry climate and alkaline soil make growing things different here from other parts of the country. One very useful book I found at the library is _Desert harvest: A guide to vegetable gardening in arid lands_ by Jane Nyhuis. And, though you probably already know about them, here are a few online helps for vegetable gardening in the desert southwest:

    One last resource I have to share is the very fun book _Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children_ by Sharon Lovejoy. Gardening with children is so much fun that even if our harvest is nil, I don't think I'll regret it!

    Sorry for the long comment---I guess you can sense the enthusiasm of a new interest. And thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I’d like to try the diy project of starting veggies from seed indoors. But I dont have an area safe away from my cats. I also like the idea of a raised garden since we have been planning on building one of these for strawberries. Right now this year we arent planting anything since we are not going to have the time to take care of it since we are putting siding on our home.

  3. I don't have a garden but I'd like to grow things like Mint, Dill, Parsley, Oregano, String Beans, Tomatoes and Squash.

  4. i love to garden...always have tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and squash...other than that I add a few others every year but what it is changes

  5. I was interested in learning more about Laying Landscape Fabric. Looks like most say to forget it and use newspaper instead. Interesting! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  6. I don't garden right now, since my thumb is a very dark color...but the kinder is insisting that we do it, so I might as well try it out.
    I saw some great DIY projects on the site. Two I'd like to try:
    Grow a Putting Green
    Starting Veggies from Seed Indoors
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. I love to garden. It's very good exercise. I grow lots of flowers and have just a small vegetable garden now, since there's only me left at home. Those fresh vegetables taste so good, much better than the store bought ones and much cheaper. I also have a strawberry bed, where I grow just strawberries. I have rhubarb too, and always look forward to that first strawberry/rhubarb pie every spring and of course fresh strawberry shortcake.

  8. I used to have a huge vegetable garden and grew everything, corn, watermelons, squash, peas, peppers; you name it. Little by little it has been over-taken with flowers and a tree my husband wanted in it. Now I need to dig a new garden for vegetables. Thank you!

  9. I had a 12 by 16 garden but since we are moving this Spring we won't be planting this year. I love the site since it gives detailed step by step landscaping and planting how to instructions.

  10. Very interesting and useful information. Just finished read the tree planting article and was surprised to find that the site wasn't pushing any products. I fully expected to find an article laced with advertising.

  11. You should change the potting mix every year, which I didn't know because I tend to reuse and add some fresh in with the mix.

  12. I like the Regional Updates that are geared to where you live. I live in a townhouse and have just a little area where I grow 3 kinds of mint, catnip, oregano, sage and lavender. Thanks for the contest.

  13. I would love to try the DIY project for raised bed gardening. Our soil isn't so great, so this would be the way to go. I have some geraniums planted this year, but not much else.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  14. I honestly thought all grass was the same...

    Kentucky bluegrass requires full sun, whereas Red fescue and St. Augustine flourish in the shade.

  15. I do garden,we grow peppers,tomatoes,cucs&beans we love the fresh stuff!!


  16. I love the diy section. I was just reading an article on laying landscape fabric which I found useful.

  17. What I can tell you about there website was holy smokes didn't know it had all that information, or in fact it even was available. We have a Home Depot two minutes from our house and purchase most garden flowers and plants from them. I will return to learn more from the website..Thank You!

  18. the website was very helpfull. game me an idea i hadn't thought of yet. i have a section in my yard dedicated to my many beautiful plumerias i have gotten over the years.. (one or two coming from the home depot!) and im always out there plucking weeds.. witch i dont mind doing because i love my plumerias and dont want them to get over run by weeds, but would rather not do. lol. so they have a diy project on laying down some landscape fabric which im sooooooo gonna do. lol it'll save me time while keeping my plumerias surroundings weed free. plus i think it'll hold heat which plumerias love.. thanks for the link it really helped.. good luck to everyone whos entering this and good luck to ME!!!! lol


  19. I enjoyed the do it yourself portion of the site. I am a do it yourself kind of person and just built myself 6 raised garden beds for my herbs and veggies.

  20. The :
    How to Plant a Tree DYI was most useful to me!
    I was planning on planting some fruit trees!

  21. My favorite part of the website was the plant library -- I know which plants look pretty, but not necessarily what will grow well in my area.

  22. We belong to a community garden at our local nature center and we really have a blast with the other families growing our own plots. Last year things got busy though and sometimes it was a little tough to get over there and tend to the garden since it's not in our own yard. I checked out the DIY project about laying landscape fabric and we might have to try that this year when we plant in a couple weeks.

  23. I would like to garden and I will probably try to start one this year but it's going to be hard with a newborn. Maybe I'll start with a windowsill or indoor herb garden. baby steps!

  24. I had a raised bed garden but even still it was hrd on my arthritis. I grew tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and melons. This year I am going to try a container garden on my front porch. The DYI Website is a great place for information on compact gardening.

  25. so excited about writing about my garden I forgot to tell you about the Home Depot Garden Center....(sorry)....I like the article about laying landscape fabric. In fact, I'm sending it to my husband as we have a couple of beds that REALLY need this stuff. I'm so tired of weeding!! Yes...I spent Mother's Day weeding. My poor hands can vouch for me. :)

  26. We have a great garden! In fact, the husband just planted onions and tomatoes last night. Tomatoes are my absolute fave...come late summer we are literally giving away BAGS of tomatoes to friends because we always plant way to much. Can you say BLT night five times a week? Yum. We also plant kohlrabi which I love to snack on. Add to that spinach, lettuce, peas and pumpkins. I'm salivating just thinking about this year's crop!

  27. Last year our tomatoes were very tasty put the skins were so thick. I wonder if it had something to do with the soil? I would like to see information on how to get the soil ready for planting.

  28. I liked the DIY section on planting trees. My husband and I have decided for each anniversary we're buying a tree and planting it. This section gave me some very useful hints on how to plant the trees so they'll actually live!

  29. I love having a kitchen garden, and each year go to Home Depot to buy herbs and tomato plants to grow in pots on my apartment balcony. At Home Depot last year I found two hanging baskets that I adore. Their website is great but would like to see more info on apartment balcony gardening.

  30. I don't garden, but have been considering it. There is a non profit down here that helps people start their own gardens. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  31. I liked the how to build a raised garden bed DIY project. We have an area near the garage that would be perfect. There are so many little critters and deer that maybe putting plants next to the house would be safer.

  32. I checked out the site and I like the plant guide. I like that it gives you the top 5 in each catergory. Very cool!
    I do not garden but I would like to when I have more time. My mother just finished a Master Gardening course and has beautiful gardens at her house. I usually lend a hand over there since we all enjoy the fruits of her labor every summer.


  33. I like the buying guides, especially the "Select the right outdoor dining set" because that's what i'm looking for now!

  34. We have a garden and grow onions, squash, tomatoes, pumpkins and melons. Our ground isn't the best for root vegetables. I love Home Depot!

  35. I love the planting zones-it is very useful in Florida so as not to plant selections that need shade or lots of water.

  36. I’m trying square foot gardening for the first time this year. I’d like to see some region-specific information .

  37. I found the informaiton on pruning a rose bush really interesting because I've managed to kill four rose bushes in the five years since we bought our house! I planted a new one this year and will follow their advice!

  38. I used to grow plenty of vegetables at my old house, but now with a divorce and a move to a smaller, more affordable house, I just don't have the space. I do help my mother with her flower garden and herb garden at her house though.

    [email protected]

  39. In the forums there, I saw folks discussing using newspapers instead of landscaping fabric. The newspapers hold moisture better during the hot months, they block weeks and as they break down, they add nutrients to the soil. What a great way to recycle at home and save money on garden supplies (and water!).

    By the way...I saw that above-ground planter you have at the top of this article at a store earlier this year. It's pretty magnificant!

  40. I really liked the zone map Home Depot has in their annuals section. It seems like the clearest definition of zone that I have ever seen.

  41. I liked the buying guides - very helpful.

    And I really wish I could garden. For one, I don't have much of a green thumb. Even if I did have a knack for gardening, the fact that we live in a tiny apartment with a small balcony doesn't give me much room to plant.

  42. I have very limited space so my gardening consists of a couple of tomato plants, a bell pepper and a few herbs mixed in with the flowers. Somehow I think even with a lot of space I wouldn't do a lot of gardening because it's a lot of work and I run out of steam before the end of the summer.

  43. I love the basic articles: how to lay a garden path, how to make a raised bed- Because it is not knowing how to do the fundamental stuff that stops a lot of people from trying!

  44. I like the DIY Starting Veggies from Seed Indoors project. I actually did that this year. I am planting the plants that are indoors in my garden tomorrow. It's cheap and self satisfying.

  45. I liked the articles (especially the one of is your garden eco friendly..I'd always assumed that of course a garden is..hmm) I'd like to see some articles on when to plant certain things.

  46. Because of my limited mobility I really like the Home Depot project of a raised bed.I have also tried container gardening with good results.

  47. I have tried gardening but it doesnt work for me...
    Guess I dont have that Green Thumb after all.... I LOVE the one pictured above!!

    thanks for the chance!

  48. I would like to build a raised garden bed. I didn't realize they had DIY projects listed on their site. That is really cool. I currently don't garden but would love to. I could actually build a raised garden on my deck because that is the only place that would get enough sun. Thank you for the giveaway!

  49. I really like Home Depot and the DIY section. Anything you need to know about your project can be found there, I plan to plant some tomatoes soon.

  50. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that garden design! We do garden, we have a wide array of shrubs, trees and flowers that we tend year around and in the summer we have a fruit and vegetable garden. We have three good sized raised beds. This year we have or are planning sunflowers, tomatos, green peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, many different beans, strawberries, eggplant and... I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

  51. I learned about thatch and that it really does need to be removed in order to let fertilizers penetrate and be effective. I guess I have a new project so thanks for that.

  52. Every plant I bought has died from the South Texas heat. Only thing I have after six years is a sago palm plant. I want to give it its own home, but I don't know if it will thrive in the soil.

  53. No, I don't really garden. I just don't have a knack for it if the longevity of my indoor plants is any indication. I have some flowers in the yard that I try to do some "gardening" and keep looking nice, but other than removing some weeds and dead leaves, that is about it.

  54. I am actually moving in to my first house and am starting a garden didn't know how expensive it get's Wow Wee! Hurting the entertainment funds for sure

  55. We have a 15 x 30 foot garden filled with peas, green beans, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, turnips, carrots and a few other edibles! It is fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. I have scaled back my garden a little this year. I have planted tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, rosemary, cilantro, lavendar, oregano and sage.

  57. I love the Home Depot Garden site. I joined a while ago and they send me great coupons in the mail. They also have very good DIY projects, ones that are actually doable. I love to garden but I haven't been as active the past few years because I have been so busy with babies and toddlers. But I have many flowering bulbs planted around the property, some nice perennials, and this year I am planting 3 different types of Tomatoes (plants are up, just need to be transplanted into the garden).

  58. This is my first year that I've attempted gardening. Like you, I was (still am) indimidated by the whole thing, but I figured I just have to jump in somewhere. Other gardeners are so amazingly helpful! This year I have some cucumbers, green peppers, and zucchini started.

  59. i love their gardening club i have been a member for awhile..they give me great ideas on projects for my yard..a few years ago my daughter and i dug a pretty big pond in our backyard and it still looks so nice..we bought all the supplies at HD of course :)

  60. Right now, I have a herb garden and my daughter and I are growing tomatos from seeds. Great learning process for the both of us, and would love to learn more especially in this economy .


  61. I do garden! I have a ton of perennials right now as well as onions, tomatoes, green beans, raspberries, and peppers. I want to plant some pumpkins this year too. My favorite plants are the mums that I had as centerpieces at my wedding a few years ago. I love they keep coming up year after year!!!

    I like the FAQ's section on the HDGC site. Super useful because I don't always know exactly how to phrase the question when it comes to gardening!

  62. We're ripping out our deck this spring to make more gardening and play area for our kids. I'd love to see some garden layouts on the HD website to help us plan for this new space. Also, some regional recommendations on what grows best in our zone would be great. Thanks for this giveaway!

  63. Loved the tips on how to grow veggies from seeds indoors. I would love to have a vegetable garden but didn't know how to begin. What a great project to start with the kids!! I am certainly going to give it a try.

  64. The thing I enjoy most about Home Depot's Garden Club website is the pictures - what a source of inspiration!

  65. We have done a little container gardening over the years, but this year we have our first "real" garden - a small, raised bed with a variety of tomatoes, herbs, carrots, and a few others that I have forgotten about. They'll be a surprise if/when they are ready to harvest.

  66. I want to garden but each time we have the deer eat it up. I would love to be able to figure out a way to make a beautiful garden area and then protect it in a way that doesn't include net fencing.

  67. We aren't allowed to garden here but I will be again as soon as I have a place too... I love the DIY Build a Kid’s Table... Looks fairly easy and like tons of fun for the kids...

  68. Lots of great projects, we are building a new home and will use the site to help us plan a number of areas of our new backyard.

  69. I would really love to make a fish pond in my yard complete with a waterfall or fountain. I have seen these in yards before and the tub is made of plastic. I would love to be able to have one in my yard with flowers all around it and a sitting area. Thanks

  70. i would like to start a veggie garden, cheaper than the grocery store. I like the clinics they offer...

  71. We do garden but with a city yard, we don't have a lot of room. I had it landscaped with native plants two years ago and each year, we try to add something more. This year, my husband is trying Topsy Turvy's to grow vegetables since we don't have a lot of square footage. Thanks!

  72. This year my garden constist of tomatoes and bell peppers. Well actually just tomatoes , the peppers died. We've gotten so much rain it's been hard to successfully grow anything. I container garden because I don't want to wreck my yard. I love the plant guide on the Home Depot Garden Club site.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Yes I garden. I grow tomatoes, zucchini, and green peppers. One year I grew corn, potatoes, radishes, carrots and lettuce. That got to be too much so I cut back.

  74. I have so much gardening to do this year. We have a puppy and needless to say - she loves to chew my plants and make tracks in my yard. So I have a ton of clean up to do. This would really help in that effort. Thanks so much!

  75. I would love to try the build a kid's table diy project. It looks cute and looks like it would be a ton of fun for kids. Thank you!

  76. I've had amazing gardens, but where we live now the idiots who lived here before us after Ken bought the property took all the topsoil so we are left growing rocks. Not pretty rock garden rocks, just rocks to match the ones I swear I have for brains sometimes. ;)
    The best way to find out what does well in your area and when to plant is to walk around your neighborhood and when you see a nice healthy looking garden, stop and ask. I've yet to have anyone be unhelpful when I've done that.

  77. We just bought an acre beside of us and now we are starting to have a garden nice to have some more space to use and have some yummy veggies.

  78. I'd like to start a rock garden & small pond with a waterfall in my back yard. Something fun that I could do with my grandson. Thanks for the neat contest!

  79. I just moved from the heat of Phoenix north to cool country in the pine forest. I want to plant a garden and will need lots of guidance because I do not know what I am doing up here. We are in the middle of the forest and I need to know what I can plant and how to take care of it. It looks like your website will have everything I will be needing.

  80. The DIY project area is my favorite. We'd love to build a raised bed garden like the one you have pictured and they have a project listing for something like it on the site.

  81. I have always had a flower garden and love it. I have not tried a veggie garden and herbs yet but,this year we are trying to plant tomatoes. I love the ideal of planting seeds in pots inside first. Great giveaway thank you!
    [email protected]

  82. My soil is very acidic, and we did have rectangular raised box gardens because of the bad soil and the shale, but the deer discovered it! I like the fact that from the Home Depot Garden Center, if you sign up for the newsletter, using your zip code, you will receive information for your area's climate.

  83. I garden small each summer- this year we have turnips, tomatoes, rosemary, and various planters of Impatiens.
    Last year we grew our own Cayenne peppers...aieee!

  84. I've been considering it, but I have to get boxes made above ground because it's all rock beneath the surface here.

  85. I love the Plant Search. I actually used it very recently (in the last two weeks) when I was researching shrubs and perennials to plant in our flower beds. I only wish it had information for more plants, because it didn't have any more information for the plants that I had bought from the Home Depot nursery. I would like to have a raised bed vegetable garden, also.
    at sbcglobal. net

  86. I like the DIY projects as how to lay pavers in sand or how to build a raised bed. This site has tons of useful things!
    We grow tomatoes and herbs. The herbs do great but we always have trouble growing tomatoes!

  87. I like the section on how to create a Garden Room. It gives different ideas on how to create a great living and entertaining space for your outdoor. Even tells you how to make a firepit.


  88. My wife has always wanted an arbor with a vine going over it for our backyard. I found the Garden Cub has a project to teach me how to "Train a Vine Over an Arbor" Thanks for the giveaway. This giftcard would go towards making my yard a little greener and making my wife happy in the process.

  89. I like the Plant Library and Plant care guideline on the Garden Club. It is very useful in recognizing plants I have around my home. It can also let me know how often the plants need to be watered. Thanks :)

  90. Does an indoor Aero Garden count? I'm not currently growing a garden but I have always wanted to grow my own Tomato, cantalope and corn and this would be a great reason to get started finally!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  91. I would like to try the Build A Kids table project. It would be wonderful to have a place in my backyard where my kids can created crafts with nature.

  92. My favorite DIY project on the Garden website is How to Plant a Tree. I am glad I now know the right way which will help my plants last longer. Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. It's very handy to have a plant library, the information included within is very good. Plant size, height, color, growing tips and recomendations. However I would really like to see some examples of flowerbed lay outs for different shaped beds. Including beds around trees. Some trees kill whatever you attempt to plant below them. Also, tips on planting flowers along side privacy fence. I would love to attempt to put in raised flower beds.

  94. I like the DIY section on gardening. Especially how to prune a rosebush. I have a few in my front yard from the previous owners and had no idea how to prune them. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  95. I checked out the site, and I would like to grow my own tomatoes. But honestly if I won a $100 Gift Card, I would buy a new air conditioner to put in my bedroom window.

  96. I do not currently garden, but have a bunch of seed packets awaiting pots and potting soil. I just need the little push to get me started.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  97. We're trying to get zoysia grass to grow in our yard, to choke out weeds and the current grass we have, which my husband hates. I found a lot of great tips by plugging in Zoysia in the library search window. I didn't realize Home Depot had such a great gardening site!

  98. I would really like to start a garden in my backyard but I am afraid that my 8 mos. old boxer pup would abdolutley destroy it. He digs all over the place. I would be more concerned with im eating the stems and leaves from tomatoes as they are poisenous to dogs.

  99. We have a side yard, that is separate from our back yard, and my wife wants to grow strawberries and blackberries.

  100. I love the Plant Library. You can use the Plant code found on the tag or do a search. This will give you all the information you could want on the plant.
    bretha03 @

  101. we have dog so we fenced off an area just for herbs and veggies. but the cats can still get in

  102. I don't garden, but I'd like to grow some of my own vegetables someday. It'd be nice to have them in my back yard instead of having to buy them at the market.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  103. I garden every year. My favorite things to plant are the makings of salsa and summer squash. Mmmm.

  104. I like all of the DIY Home Depot projects! When I was little my parents would always garden, especially when they retired. I have herbs and some veggies on a windowsill indoors (in the big city)!

  105. I garden with my dad when I go home to visit over the summer -- together we plant tomatoes, endive, lettuce, and peppers in my family's backyard. One great project that I saw on Home Depot's website, which I will suggest to my dad on my next visit, is to train a vine to flower over an arbor -- I think that would really spruce up the yard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. i love the garden picture you posted! we usually plant organic basil, grape tomatoes and green peppers in a planter on our deck. the kids love picking the tomatoes. i want to plang strawberries this year.

  107. I grow my own tomatoes in the summer but I'd love to make that raised garden bed on the Home Depot Garden website. Hopefully, it would keep my dogs from ruining my plants each year.

  108. I do not garden currently but I am planning on starting. My garden will have tomatoes jalapenos squash and some fruit trees

  109. I love looking at gardening magazines and find all your gardening tips very helpful. Sadly, I never seem to be to good at it! My mom has a botanical garden growing outside her house and I just didn't inherit her green thumb! I'm still trying and found myself drawn to the Vine over the Arbor on your website! I've always loved all kinds of vines growing and found that one interesting. I might try to tackle that one! I need easy steps! I will follow your tips and cross my fingers!!

  110. I love that they have ask an expert section. So many times I have questions and I can't find the answers anywhere!

  111. Yes I garden -- tomatoes, cukes, peppers and herbs.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I just started my little patio garden up this year with some perennials, annuals, and herbs. I like the Expert Solutions area on the Home Depot Garden where they answer Q&A about some common questions like what kind of plants should I get for a certain situation or garden look I'm going for. Very helpful for a garden newbie like me!

  113. I love their projects area, in fact I would like to try Installing Pavers in Sand, I need a walkway in my back yard!

  114. we love home grown tomaoees, beans, soy beans, carrots...we can never get corn to grow here though

  115. I would love to start a garden. I bought 3 strawberry plants but an animal picked the berries!

  116. I learned how to properly plant a tree. I just started my first garden a few weeks ago and am so excited to start seeing my first plants coming up! I have lettuce, tomatoes,peppers, squash, onion, peas, and watermelon!

  117. I loved seeing how to plant a fruit tree.I have one needing planted.I don't want it to die.I want to try organic gardening.

  118. I LOVE the garden that is pictured! Me, I am the kind that plants and gardens quiver and shake from. Sadly, I have a brown thumb- BUT, I am improving as I now have a very healthy and hardy jade plant- thank you very much!
    My guy does the gardening- he is my "yang"- not only does he grow things, but they are giant sized!
    Would love to win this and get a good start on this years "treasures"

  119. I love to garden - my strawberries are coming back and would love to plant some green beans and tomatoes - gonna be a small garden this year.

  120. We live in the Desert so we have rocks in our backyard which makes me so sad. I really want to plant a small grass patch for my son, he needs green and so do we!

  121. Great site with very helpful gardening tips!

    One of the many things I learned from visiting Home Depot's 'Garden Club' website is that based on studies conducted in the 1980s and 1990s, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that up to two thirds of the fertilizers applied to lawns each year is 'wasted'! It is lost to the air or runs off into streams and storm drains, where it contributes to water pollution.

    And I'm not a 'big' gardener, but last year, I started a 'mini-garden' on my terrace!

    I grow tomatos, cucumbers and peppers!

    Thanks for the 'great' giveaway offering!

    Please, include me in your drawing!

    Thanks again and good luck to all!

  122. I recently joined the Home Depot Garden Club (from Reality1203(at)aol(dot)com) and I love that they will answer your gardening questions within 24 hours and also that they have a well stocked and run store less than a mile from us.

    A few years ago we began starting seeds for herbs, peppers and flowers to be planted outdoors - with great success. This year I want to add some bushes and ornamental grasses.

    We lost three grand old Elm trees this past year (very heartbresking) and now we have a lot of spaces we need to fill...

  123. My husband and I are growing our own organic garden this year. I love the information at Home Depot that helps us with that major project.

  124. The DIY project I'd like to see if starting seeds indoors. Thats what I'm working on. I bought vegetable seeds and started them indoors. They're almost ready to set out. I have peppers, 4 different kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes and already set out onions and lettuce.

  125. I found the article on "To Till or Not Till in Compost" very interesting. I think compost is one of the secrets to home gardening. I think I need to build a bigger container for my compost, though, and Home Depot could help with that! :)

  126. GREAT Giveaway. The DIY Project I would LOVE to try is starting Veggies from Seed indoors. My gardening "BABY" is my Herb Garden! I love to that each year and it is sooo easy. PLUS you get such a HUGE reward because the HERBS you grow you get to use in cooking. The herbs can even be grown on a small area such as deck!
    thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  127. We are thinking of putting one in, but I'm a little nervous about it because every plant I touch seems to die...

  128. We have a big beautiful yard that we love to play in, but nothing to sit on! I'd love to get hubby and the two oldest out there helping me to make the picnic table from the DIY section on the site.

  129. We do garden although we are starting out small -- just tomatoes and strawberries this year to see how we do :-)

  130. Well last year I gardened in our new place and this year although I put in tons of seeds so far its just grass, weeds, moss and one tomato plant...I think I have to rip out the existing raised bed and put my own in, because I LOVE growing my own

  131. One can solarize soil by putting a thick black plastic sheet cover to bake the weeds and weed seeds.

  132. We live in the country and it's was hard to have a garden with all the critters. They seemed to think we planted it for them. So we no longer have one. I like the raised bed garden project on the Home Depot site.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  133. Great site! I think it is so useful for this gardening season. I really like the plant library and plant care guides. Those two features would be great for finding out more about a particular plant and how to care for it. I also like the articles on building a picnic table and, a ring toss and a kids table.

  134. We built raised beds using cottage stones. They are really pretty and we are able to grow vegetables year around. Nice on the table and the pocket book.

  135. Hi, I would like to try the DYI starting a veggie garden indoors. My husband and I spend alot of time running to the store to pick up some fresh veggies.. The reason being, that unfortunatelly you can't store them long without them going bad. I never know when I iwll use them either! One week my kids LOVE fresh fruits and veggies and eat them all day.. the next week, they won't touch them! I was just begging my husband to help me figure out how to start a veggie garden.. This would be great for my family!
    Erika Duritsky

  136. I'm an apartment dweller so I don't have a garden, I was considering getting an aero garden because I would also like to grow my own veggies and herbs too! I have a window box in the living room for plants, but our winters here are pretty harsh, so no flowering plants or vegetables until I get a home/move.

  137. I thought the Landscaping idea with the Landscaping fabric a great help to keep the weeds
    out of your garden.

  138. I dont have a garden right now, when I lived on the same street as my father is was like a competition between us, who could have the best looking garden! I've moved, and dont have the room in my front yard. I do have a few flowers growing on the side of my house, but no vegetables like I would like!
    I really liked the DIY part of the website, definately alot of useful information there!

  139. I love all the DIY projects!
    They have tons of great gardening projects, that my recently retired father, and I can do together.

  140. I always like seeing new ideas.Completing them ,different story.When they are step by step and made look easy, then thats encouraging. Thanks

  141. My “garden” consists of three pots. One with bell pepers…. Another with tomatoes. hope i win - good luck to all

  142. This article brought me to your site and honestly I never saw anything like that garden! I may have to build on for myself. Thanks for the idea!

  143. I love gardening, both with flowers and edibles. Since the pool now occupies my former vegetable plot, I am container gardening. I've had a lot of luck with tomatoes and jalapenos in pots on the deck, as well as herbs.

    I like HD's plant library and care guides...all the important info at my fingertips.

  144. I garden and have for years Currantly am growing zucinni, spagetti squash, crookneck squash
    green and wax beans
    4 kinds of tomatoes
    red and yellow bell peppers
    okra. eggplant. spinish, asst lettuces and 7 different herbs also figs, plums, peaches, mulberrys, strawberries, raspberries and probably something else that I have forgotten
    oh and I have 3 bins going with compost to put back in the garden

  145. I am going to plant a fall garden.I missed planting for the spring.I want to plant squash and beans.Thanks!

  146. Our garden is not very large but we do grow yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers and tomates. In addition to our little garden, I have several herbs growing in pots on the patio.

    The DIY section of Home Depot's website has a plant library that I will use freuently.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  147. I learned that you shouldn't keep using the same old potting soil in planters outside, you should at least mix it half and half or replace it all each time you replant them.

  148. I thought the plant library was helpful, but I wish there had been more on vegetable gardening as opposed to flowers/decorative plants. I used to garden years ago, but this year I have vowed to at least attempt tomatoes in containers.

  149. I like the article "Easy Weed Management for Your Flower Beds". Weeds can take over so quickly if you're not careful.

  150. I think it's great that the site has a ton of DIY projects so even an inexperienced gardener can figure out the correct way to do things!

  151. I loved the site because it tells me everything I need to know so that I can let my husband go and buy what he needs to mak my garden beautiful the way I like it to look.
    My husbaand like me loves his garden and your site just makes everything so much easier.

  152. I'd love to build a raised garden bed and the instructions on the website made me feel like I could actually do it! They were well-written easy-to-read and I loved that there were tons of pictures. What a great website - from a great store - love Home Depot!

    We currently have a garden where we raise tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers. We have a lot of critters in our area and have to watch what we plant. Last year there were white butterflies that loved the cucumbers, tons of them flying about. I hope they return this year!

    Thanks for hosting so many awesome giveaways and thank you to Home Depot for a very generous prize.

  153. I checked out the website and love the DIY projects. What great ideas, and a great way to try one is to win the $100 gift card! Thanks for the nice giveaway!!

  154. I'd like to try the "How to Build a Raised Garden Bed" project. We have two plots here in the city.

  155. I loved the "How to plant a tree" article. I thought that was so useful as I am beginning to plant a couple. I would love to try the raised garden bed project, I have been wanting to do one for awhile. I would love to see a section where people could write in about there experiences with a certain project and what worked/what didn't.

  156. I have always wanted a raised garden bed, I like how they give you instructions on how to do things.

  157. I really liked the article on how to start a lawn from sod in 10 easy steps. Our lawn is pretty much weeds that we cut with a mover and it really needs to be replaced. This article made it sound not as intimidating! Thanks!

  158. I found the plant care section useful.
    I garden a bit, but havent been committed to it as we are selling our home. As for the next house, I have big plans for a very pretty, romantic garden...lilacs, roses, hydrangea. Id love to have a small kitchen garden as well with tomatos and cucs.

  159. I loved the "Plant a Tree" DIY article. We just bought a new house and it doesn't have any trees out back so hopefully I can follow their advice and plant some pretty new trees!

  160. My mom was the gardener and when she past and left me the house, it was all me. I just received some organic lettuce seeds and am going to attempt to grow some. I do have nice plants-that I bought!

  161. I love my garden - I grow tomatoes, beans, cucumber, strawberries, eggplant, different varieties of peppers and an assortment of herbs. My biggest peeve is Bugs! It is an ongoing battle every day!

  162. We used to have a garden with strawberries, tomatoes, corn and pumpkins! But we tore it all down when we were trying to sell our house and now plan to put a swingset in that area!

    The Home Depot Garden Club seems very helpful! I especially like the Outdoor DIY section. The kid's table project is one I just might try!

  163. The DIY garden project I liked best was how to build a raised garden bed. We have been wanting to do this for a few years now- but weren't really sure how to go about it.

  164. Being outside in the garden is fun.
    The ask the expert section and the My outdoor journal are two features of the website that are great for readers!

  165. I love that it has a DIY section. I do not do much gardening but would love to try. I will definitely need help.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  166. I do flower gardening now, and have been quite successful, so this year I am going to try my hand at vegetables for the first time. I have everything ready, just waiting for the warm weather! The best thing about the Hope Depot Garden Club is the newsletter. I get helpful tips from them for gardening in my area.

  167. I plant the flowers around the house (well, I try-they aren't always that great)and hubby does a small vegetable garden. Mostly tomatoes, green peppers, and eggplant. He always plants corn, pumpkins, and watermelon, but they always get killed by the squirrels no matter what we do. I think he should double the garden size since he is laid off work, but he is hopeful he will get called back and not have time for it!

  168. I don't currently garden, as I don't have any land to garden on. I'm a recovering brown thumb, so right now I'm only growing a few succulents near my patio door. I would love to have my own garden, and have considered some kind of planter garden on my back balcony.

    I am loving the Home Depot Garden Club plant library. I've been wanting to add other types of plants to my collection, but really have no clue as to what would thrive at my house. What a great resource the library is! I never knew about it until I saw your post.

  169. We just started our first garden in 5 years. I hope we have a nice harvest. I had forgotten how much work it is.

  170. Lots of good advice on all kinds of gardening; my interest is in hanging baskets and under FAQ there are solutions to many of my problems

  171. I liked the tips for installing pavers in sand. I would like to see instructions for custom-building a grill island with a stone face without breaking the bank.

  172. Wow, this site had a lot of neat ideas. I didn't realize they had this site. We plant a garden every year and their tips were helpful, but I really liked their project ideas. The kids table and ring toss game were cool.

  173. I've been a vegetable gardener my whole life, and I'm pretty good at it. This year, I'm branching out into flower, bush/shrub and tree gardening becuase I'm in a 3-year old home that is in desperate need of some outdoor color/landscaping.

    You see, they scraped away all of that wonderful farm soil and sold it off before digging down into the red clay to build all of our basements. Then, when the houses were done, they put 2-3 inches of a sand/clay/cruddy dirt mixture down before sprinkling it with grass seed and covering it with straw and calling it a landscaped yard.

    I've managed to get two trees growing (after 6 died and Home Depot replaced the trees each and every time). Now that my trees out front are growing, I want to put a weeping willow in the back in the swampy low spot that my three rescued MinPins keep using as a pig sty/mud wrestling ring; and I want to put a couple of evergreen bushes in at the front of the house so we have color year round.

    This gift card would go a long way towards helping me out, so thank you for making this something I can even begin to hope for.

  174. Yes, we have a vegetable garden and right now we're growing carrots, onions, beets and peas. In a week or two we'll put in some tomato plants and green beans. I also have an herb bed and I am going to grow some peppers in large pots.

  175. I don't garden, but I'm planning to when I buy a house and have a backyard.

    I especially liked the FAQ's and DIY projects. When I have a yard, I will definitely bookmark their site for tips and ideas.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. I garden in the shade - you know, hostas, mulch, impatiens, mulch, stone, more hostas, a few ferns, etc. I also have deer, wild turkeys, not-so-cute bunnies and the occasional bear to contend with. I would like to see the website list plants by sun-loving, shade-loving (and everything in-between) as well as plants that thrive in the shade but have no appeal to the critters in the neighborhood. I like the Q&A section but the search feature didn't refine the results enough - or maybe the subject just wasn't addressed.


  177. I do garden, right now tomatoes only because that's all I can handle. I grow only heirloom tomatoes because they come in so many varieties, shapes and colors and they have TASTE, real tomato TASTE. Nothing like picking a tomato, rinsing it and eating it still warm from the sun.

  178. Though it isn't terribly glamorous, I needed to read Home Depot's tips on repairing leaky gutters. Who needs water leaking into the foundation? I know nothing about this stuff, but necessity is the mother of the DIY project.

    Generous giveaway. Thanks!

  179. No, I don't garden. I don't have a green thumb at all. The Garden Club website is neat, it would be a great start for someone that's
    new to gardening. I love the DIY section. I sent my dh the Maintaining your lawnmower link, that's always helpful!

  180. Funny you should ask. We just started a garden today with some herbs. It was hard work cause the dirt was full of rocks so digging was a pain. I wanna grow garlic this fall as well. I am a member of the Garden Club too! I would like to learn how to lay a garden path. Thanks!

  181. I liked the DIY project about pruning my rosebushes. I always have trouble with this and it really helped.

  182. Starting vegetables from seeds inside project ios something I like to try! However last year the squirrels ate my tomatoes , want to know what repels squirrels from gardens?????? Please tell me. does Home Depot sells anti squirrels "something"


  183. We typically grow a garden and always include various tomatoes and a variety of herbs.

    Regarding Home Depot, I was immediately impressed with their Garden Club website. I had a couple of questions in mind as I logged into the site - a general lawncare inquiry and a specific gardening issue - and was able to access information covering each with minimal searching.
    Note: I've added the site to my list of favorites. :)

  184. I'd like to try the raised bed. Our yard has so many issues and we're having a hard time getting anything to grow. Maybe we could find success with that.

  185. Haven't taken on growing any veggies before,
    but this year have my heart set on at least one
    nice big red tomato from my own garden. Can taste the first one now.

  186. I like that when it comes to patio furniture they actually have a guide that helps you asses the kind of furniture would want for your yard. That is really helpful.

    mariadelgado32302 at yahoo dot com

  187. I would like to attempt to build a storage bench. If that didn't work out I could plant a tree--I know I could pull that one off!

  188. My parents have always been into gardening and I hated it until we needed to start saving our planet. I plan to make my very own herb garden to help my mom save money and to conserve and better the earth.

  189. I don't garden, but I'd like to give it a try. I'd love to be able to have fresh herbs available whenever I want them.

  190. I really liked the tips under GARDENING BUYING GUIDE. These tips are essential to maintaining a healthy garden (sun versus shade plants, hardiness, climate, and soil). I use to garden and am considering planting some vegetables this year. Have to start soon if I want to see results this summer. Today I visited both Lowes and Home Depot to see what they had available.

  191. I am an avid gardener. I do mostly flowers and some herbs and tomatoes. I start 90% of garden from seed because I love to see a flower being "born" from seed and baby it along until it blooms. I'm always at Home Depot during spring and summer for things for my gardens, so this would be a super prize to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  192. I like the DIY "building a raised bed" project. I think that might be good for strawberries next year. This year we are growing squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and sunflowers.

  193. i liked how in the landscape section they had diy own where you could build a raised garden bed. i've got a section in the back yard that we grow so herbs and this might be a good idea for us so that we get better growth. thanks stephanie.

  194. The last time I planted a vegetable garden it got eaten by bugs and rabbits. I thought the Home Depot Garden club had some good information about gardening and do it yourself projects

  195. We haven't gardened in a couple of years since we moved to a house with lots of shade and no full sun. We miss our tomatoes.

  196. I would love to train some vines I have over my arbor. I have tried, and have not had much luck. Thanks!

  197. I love the do it yourself projects. I like to think I'm pretty handy, so these really help out!

  198. I'm going to try Training a Vine Over an Arbor. The look of that will be a great addition to the tone I'm trying to set to my backyard in terms of a relaxing, beautiful space to spend quiet moments.

  199. we raise a rather big garden every yr..tomatoes,squash,onions,beans,corn,cucumbers,peppers,watermelon,Q's(taste like a cantolope,but long shaped) i like the HD garden club..lots of good info

  200. Condo life here so no room for a garden, but Home Depot Garden has some cool pots for plants and herbs that we can grow on the patio!

  201. Hey, I just got home from Home Depot! Their garden site has a lot of useful info. I read "how to lay a garden path".

  202. YES! I garden, but my hubby does all the work. He does all the planting, I do all the picking and eating. I would give the giftcard to him for fathers day.
    The home depot garden center includes step by step instructions on how to plant a tree.

  203. I've only got tomatoes its my first year I'm working up to more as the season and I progress

  204. We are trying to grow 2 tomato plants for the first time this year. I have always done flowers but not vegetables.I like when you join this club you get savings..I know this from experience. This last week I received a $5 coupon off a purchase...semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  205. I *had* a garden but that was eight years ago before I had to move away from my home and put the house up for lease. I'm finally back only to discover my neighbor's nasty vines have taken over. I'm going to have to kill them and start over. In the interim, I'm container gardening.

  206. I like the DIY directions. My boyfriend has a garden but I am still working on my green thumb. Thanks for the chance!

  207. I garden and love it! this year I have added dewberries and grapes! I hope in the next year to get all the fruit and veggies we need! It is such a relaxing hobby for me.

  208. I'm going to do some easy container gardening on our back porch this year. Probably just tomatoes, peppers, and sweet peas. I'm really interested in Home Depot's FYI on how to garden in raised beds. That's what I'd like to do next year (when I'm retired).

  209. I love the Do It Yourself workshops that they offer. I keep telling myself that I will sign up for one, but I havent yet.

  210. I would love to have a vegetable garden again, but we just don't have the space at this house. Hopefully the next one will. That was my favorite thing growing up.

  211. I really appreciated the Determining a Problem on Your Lawn DIY project. We just moved into a home and inherited a weirdly patchy yard!

  212. I have a puppy that is 1 and 1/2 years old now. Last year he destroyed my garden. It could use some rehab. I would love the DIY classes and the card, maybe to build a small fence and replant!

  213. Next summer we will be celebrating our 50th anniv. and would like to hold it in our yard. Although I have some plantings our yard could use a certian amount of sprucing up.

  214. Registered for the Home Depot Garden Club. Whoa!

    I LOVE the ask the Expert option. And the plant identification section.

    I learned how to get more from the info on the plant tags. Such a great resource library on the site!

    Reed and I garden. Flowers. Herbs. And Veggies. All organic.

    Home Depot has an amazing array of everything that we need. And the prices are great too.

    We are trying to expand our veggie gardens in order to help our grocery budget out. We can and freeze as much as possible.

    What we don't have and would love are a couple of fruit trees. That is what I'd use this gc for.

    :::keeping our fingers crossed!:::

    Tammy and Parker
    hods5mom (at) aol (dot) com

  215. I rent my home right now and I don't think my landlord would like for me to tear up the yard. But I have been container gardening on and around my patio. Currently I have tomatoes, green peppers, herbs and lettuce growing. I did this last year and it was pretty successful! I'm hoping for the same or better results this year!

  216. We grow herbs and tomatoes on our pool deck in containers. It's too hard fighting the birds and squirrels to grow in my backyard.

  217. I did not know you need to change the potting soil in outside containers each year -- I will sure start -- THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!

  218. I like the DIY projects and the popular projects. We have a small vegetable garden. Mostly tomatoes and cucumbers.

  219. Wow, what a great website. I loved all the info they had on outdoor furniture, they even give the care instructions. That is definitly information I need and love to know.

  220. I would love to start gardening. I would like them to tell me the best plants to plant and how to keep bugs from killing them all. I also would like to grow salad greens and know how you can keep a steady amount growing and healthy.

  221. I love my vegetable garden. Living at 7000ft elevation has challenges but I found that broccoli, brussell sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and spinach grow really well.

    Home Depot has a kit to put in your own drip lines. But that wasn't listed in the DIY projects. I currently faithfully weed by hand but there is a DIY on the website for laying landscape fabric to cut down on weeds. That is what I would like to do to my garden next.

  222. We don't garden as much, but do have potted plants around and the prettiest iris plants are in full bloom.

  223. Their directions for laying landscape fabric are very clear, and will be helpful for me next time I use it.

  224. I try to garden. My biggest problem is remembering to water the plants. Most of what we grow is from peppers we have bought at the grocery store. I throw the seeds into the garden and may the best plant win. We have a good crop of peppers this year.

  225. I been to their site a number of times and find the Buying Guides to be helpful. Plant types, care instructions, equipment guides all are useful since you can use them at leisure from your own home.

  226. Believe it or not, the "how to plant a tree" article was helpful to me. I'm pretty ignorant to even the most basic gardening skills.

  227. We have a garden. My husband does all the work, and I pick a lot of the items. We have guinea pigs, which need daily greens, so we grow a lot of parsley. We also have tomatoes and basil, which makes a delicous main course when added with mozzarella cheese and olive oil. I'm not sure what out he has planted this year. I probably would not bother with a garden if he did not do it, becaue I can be a little lazy.

  228. I am starting a small vegetable garden this year. I liked the lawn info. Sometime between this year and last 3/4 of our baby lawn died!

  229. I'm not much of a gardener , but I love to take of my landscaping in front of the house. We just pulled out a bunch of trees , we plan on landscaping some beautiful greens and flowers.

  230. What I liked about the Home Depot Garden Club website was the frequently asked questions with the expert answers. They did a good job of answering the questions without pushing any particular products.

    I am known for my ability to kill plants, so when anything grows in my yard, it's amazing. The local farmers market has great vegetables at low prices, so I get mine there rather than trying to grow them. I have had success with a pot of chives recently and my trees and shrubs are hanging in there despite a recent lack of rain.

  231. I grow tomatoes and cucumbers and find gardening to be very relaxing. Thanks for the great sweepstakes!

  232. I garden but only plant tomatoes right now. Matter of fact I'm doing that today. :)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  233. I usually only grow a couple tomatoes and some summer squash. I also grow chives and sage but those are perennials so I don't have to plant them each year.

  234. I’d like to try the diy project of starting veggies from seed indoors. I didnt get to plant a garden this year because im moving soon

  235. Sam's Club also sells those backyard botanical planters. I used to be a big gardener; but anticipated a big move and getting the house ready for the prospect of a sale, I haven't been doing any gardening presently. I do plan to start again once we move, build a house, and get settled in.

  236. I have gardened since I was a little girl. Right now I have tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, thyme, marjoram, and chives growing in the vegetable and herb garden. I have strawberries, blueberries and peaches too. In cool weather, I grow lettuce and greens. I also have several flower beds and containers of flowers all over the yard.

  237. I really want to start a garden, so all of the tips were extremely helpful. Home Depot is awesome, they have EVERYTHING.

  238. This is the third spring in our house and therefore the third time I have tried my hand at gardening. The first 2 attempts didn't end well - hopefully 3rd time's a charm! This year I planted creeping phlox, which look like they could maybe be successful. Later this month I want to add some daisies, sunflowers and maybe tomatoes. I definitely don't have a green thumb. but will keep trying!

  239. Right now we have tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and basil growing in a half-barrel. So far there are 3 little tomatoes and 3 little peppers on our plants, yay! Thanks for the contest!

  240. I usually plant tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, hot peppers, green peppers, pumpkins. I have blueberry bushes and strawberries.

  241. I really enjoyed the Plant Care Guide section the most. It covered everything from fruits, to vegetables, to flowers and shrubs. It gave lots on info on planting and caring for the specific type of plant. Unless I missed it, I would like to see a section dedicated to organic gardening and pest treatment.

  242. Expert Solutions for my questions about things. I belong to the garden club, but there are still things that I could always learn. Glad there are experts who are there.

  243. I love how detailed their "Do It Yourself" posts are. Very thorough. I also like the plant guides that go through all the requirements about sun, planting, care, etc.

    I do flower gardening and have done small veg gardens in the past. This year I think I'm going to try the Topsy Turvy tomatoes. Thanks.

  244. I am a little confused about whether you wanted the answer to the question about our gardening effects and the info about Home Depot in the same or different comments. I may have wiped myself out, but as you can see, I opted for separate. Anyway, Home Depot is definitely one of the sites I look to when I need info about a particular item. Their Garden Club is a mine of information, and I like the fact that they have both info and coupons!

  245. I am just starting to do some container gardening, will see how it goes. I actually got started rather late for this area, but then it has been an unusually cold spring, and the rain has been pretty unending!

  246. Wow--this is going to be my new favorite site--I love gardening, but I am not really experienced although I have had some good success with flowers, not so much with veggies--I love the step-by-step and list of materials you need--the one thing I would like to see the approximate cost of each project.

  247. this spring I planted a couple of tomato plants, some pepper plants and zucchini. yesterday I also put in a cucumber plant. I can't wait for them to start producing. I love that top photo in your post. I would love to have such nice raised beds and so organized. thanks.

  248. I would like to try the project "Lay a Garden Path". I would put it in the backyard, leading to a nice comfy bench to sit and read a book on. Thanks!

  249. The area where I used to garden has become too shady for vegetables. I do have a flower bed in one section of the yard. Otherwise, it's all shade loving plants. Thanks for the chance.

  250. we used to have tomatoes planted in our yard... mainly because my daughter is a tomato fiend... but then we moved and it's not an option here... I want to move again so I can actually SEE my yard...

  251. I have a big plot in my backyard just waiting for me to plant. It needs to be weeded and that is where my inspiration fades. I did like the article on building a garden path. I would love to separate my backyard into sections using this technique. thanks.

  252. We need to terrece our back yard, we have a dramatic hill. Flowers and tress would make it special, plan on wood flower planters

  253. Uber Kudos to Home Depot. Last year I bought a SUV-full of plants from Home Depot. I planted all of them. After a bitter winter of freezing temps, a few of the plants didn't make it. Without a receipt but a faded tag still on the plants, I hauled them back to Home Depot last week. They were so gracious and refunded me the money. That's great customer relations! Thanks, Home Depot. And thanks for this generous giveaway. I would use it to buy more plants.

  254. I have a small garden for vegetables. I like to plant tomatoes and sweet green peppers. I am not an expert at it but these are the easiest for me to grow. I have tried to grow other vegetables but they don't turn out as well.

  255. I've got a small garden in the backyard. I usually plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and beans. I'd like to try jalapeno peppers this year.

  256. I've been thinking about trying square foot gardening but I'm thinking I'd probably just be feeding the local wildlife

  257. funny we were just there getting advice to starting a garden. The web site itself has a ton of good tips for first timers.

  258. We have a garden every year. It doesn't always do real well, but we try. We always have tomatoes. Some of the other things we have grown are zucchini, cucumbers, pepppers, eggpant.

  259. I've already tilled the soil, adding Miracle Grow's Soil, and have my seeds sown..I love fresh vegetables.

  260. Gardening is such a huge part of my life!! My husband and I bought our first home this past year and we could not wait to begin the garden. We are currently growing; spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, butternut squash, corn, cilantro, strawberries, and zucchini. Our garden is slightly modest now and we would love to expand. Our ultimate goal is to be self-sustaining at some point.

    As far as the Home Depot Garden Club. I have used it and love it! The website offers expert advice and that is truly priceless. Often times it is a hassle to break out the gardening book or look through 1,000s of websites of people who call themselves "experts." I really enjoy this website and all it has to offer gardeners, to those who are experienced or beginners.

  261. I only have a patio to garden on but I try to do as much container gardening as I can right now I have tomatoes and strawberrys and herbs and flowers

  262. We don't garden, we just don't get enough sunlight, though my husband has managed to keep a couple of small plants alive. I would love to have a small flower garden, and maybe grow some herbs. But if we did have a garden, I'd love to build a storage bench like they show on the home depot site!

  263. i have many flower bed and pots. we also grow a few veggies. i have a huge pot that i call my salad garden, which i have several different lettuce leaves and during the summer i just take my gardening scissors and cut off the tops for the salad i'm preparing for dinner

  264. I would like to help my husband with a do it yourself project of building a new deck for my house or a screened in back porch.

  265. When I visit my Aunt we go out to her huge garden and pick everything for a salad we love going there. I have for a long time wanted to start my own garden.

  266. We shop Home Depot often it's our favorite home and garden store, but the site did not give me any of the information that I was interested in finding.

  267. This year I am planting tomatoes in the Topsy Turvy. Hope it works out as well as the commercial promises.

  268. I have been trying to have a small garden (tomato, green pepper and cucumber) for several years in pots with little success. It has been very hot and dry here the past few years. I am putting them back in the ground this year! I also love herbs. I don't cook with them very often but I love the smell. Just cut them every week or so and it smells so good.

  269. I'd love to try at least an herb garden. Tomatoes would be great too. Its hard here in Phoenix because stuff just dies during the summer. I'd love for the Home Depot garden club to be able to tell us how to keep things alive during the summers here.

  270. Umm, Bob gardens. I participate in the gardening process by not touching his plants and going with him to select said plants. But he is very territorial about his garden so I try not to step on his toes. I keep trying to get him to put up a window box for me to grow herbs in myself, though… we’ll see if he gets the hint for Mother’s Day! If not, maybe I could use the gift card to get my own window box…

  271. I live in a tiny 3rd floor apt with no balcony right now, so I don't do any gardening, and I miss having flower beds and rose bushes. I have to live vicariously thru my mom's flower beds. Maybe one day...........

  272. I would love to try the "Build a Kid's Table" project - course I'd need a yard first, lol. We still live in an apartment unfortunately. What a great bunch of projects!

  273. Yes, I have a garden. I grow several items every year which include: Corn, green beans, onions, potatoes, carrots, peas, watermellon, squash, pumpkins, cumcumbers, to name just a few. I'm lucky enough to have a very large area and usually have more than enough to give some to my neighbors.

    As for the a Home Depot DIY project I would like to I found on their website: Installing Pavers in Sand. I have an old cement patio that has cracks and needs to be replace. This project looks fairly easy to do but will take a few weekends doing it myself.

  274. Like many gardeners I grow tomatoes, Early Girl & Sweet 100. There are to plum trees in my back yard & a guava tree in the front yard. Thank you for the contest. Happy Mother's Day!

  275. I wouldn't have known that Home Depot had a Gardening and Lawn Care website without learning about this contest. We have been in our new home for eight years now, and the first five years our lawn and the neighborhood lawns were beautiful! But for the last three years we all have been fighting stubborn crabgrass and clover weeds! I just found out that I should have been catching my clippings instead of mulching them and the weed seeds back into the soil. This was great lawncare advise that I will certainly use! I wish the website had a condensed soil analysis chart for each local Home Depot so that I could insert my local are Home Depot Store # and know what type and nitrogen # of fertilizer I
    should be using. The DIY project that I am planning on doing if I get my nerves and confidence up is putting together a small storage building for my lawnmower and tools. This would free up some space in my garage where I can put my weight bench.

  276. Hubby and I do (mostly hubby plants, waters etc and I pick) so far we are enjoying radish(my favorite) but looking forward to cucumbers, bell peppers(his fave)jalepenos cayene peppers and lots of tomatoes for homemade veggie soup which I freeze. My dad plants okra (another fave) squash,corn, scallions and green beans. And we share!
    Annuals grow better if you color if you keep them in tip-top condition by properly planting and maintaining them.

  277. I would love to grow my own fruits and veggies (and flowers) but as of now only have a small patio that frys in the desert sun. Someday.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  278. i read about lawn know-how, lawn care guide for spring, think i need to read a few more articles too

  279. The Lay A Garden Path DIY project would be something I am most interested in doing. Hubby & I want to purchase a hot tob & laying a path down to it would be fun to do with him.

  280. Building a raised bed in the DIY projects is such a great idea.. it can really make a difference in the appearance of the garden.. keeps everything nice and neat. I would definitely try that as one of the DIY projects.

  281. OK - this must be a sign. HEre's what I found: Installing Liners and Maintaining Leaky Gutters. This needs to happen pronto.

  282. I read about repairing and maintaining wood fences in the DIY Landscaping Projects section. This is a topic that is pertinent to us right now--a section of our fence in leaning, and the whole thing needs staining or painting. The article gave me some good insights into how to do at least some of the work ourselves.

  283. I would love to build the planter its so cool it would make a great addition to my garden

  284. We are actually in the process of starting a vegetable husband wants to build a raised bed. This would be perfect for us. thanks!

  285. They show you how to make a few things out of wood - how about Corn Hole board and bags??!!

  286. I grow tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, beets, and lettuce. I've gotten lazy with flowers - it's too hot to garden in the summer here, so I have gorgeous bulbs and perennials until mid-May and then pretty much nothing.

    The dirt here is pretty much orange with clay, but I work compost into my vegetable garden every year, and 20 years later, my soil is SO black that it looks like chocolate cake!

  287. Oh my aching back! lol.. I have been getting my garden ready.. I live in a colder climate so we are behind on most others.. We have a 30 x 60 garden and I am hoping for some great weather this year..
    Happy Gardening to everyone!

  288. I do garden, not vegetables, the deer would eat them, besdies there is a great local farmers market every saturday just down the street. I like to plant flowers. no particular plan rather haphazard. I am a member of the home depot club. I like their reginal reports and they send coupons with their report.

  289. Thanks to the Home Depot DIY, I now know how to lay a garden path. Wow, do they make it look easy. Now, only questions is, how would I shovel the snow off it :)

  290. Nothing better than home grown organic plants - want to start but not sure how to do without a backyard here in urban DC.

  291. Well we tried a tomato plant and rosemary this year so far we have killed the tomato plant, but the rosemary seems to be doing OK so far. So I'll have to say we have a spice garden.

  292. I love the DIY project of How to Build a Raised Garden Bed. My husband and I were talking about building a raised garden bed last week. What great tips.
    We're planning on planting tomatoes, lettuce and string beans...all our favorites.
    I also liked the info on how to prune a rose shrub.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  293. We go garden here, we are slowly getting it all planted, I live in Idaho so we have to plant late, we have Tomatos, Potatoes, corn, Jalapenos, cliantro, strawberries, squash and zuccani, and were going to plant a few more berries, I am sure the gift card will helo out hint hint....LOL
    Thanks for the contest

  294. I would like to try building a raised garden bed. It doesn't look all that hard to do, and it's very attractive.

  295. I went to the Plant Care Guide and thank you! I can really use this. We are putting in a home orchard:apple, pears, nectarines, plums and cherry trees. Grapes, blueberries and raspberries.

    We also have a veggie garden and various rose bushes, wiegela and honeysuckle.

    I love that the care guide is in alphabetical order. Easy to find what you need. I can already tell this will be useful when I clicked on the apple!

  296. We didn't plant yet this year, but are going to pick up some tomatos tomorrow and we are going to try some "upside down tomato" growing. We'll see how it goes!

    I checked out the DIY section of the HD website, and I think that on Monday I'll be attempting to build a ring toss for my kids. It looks like it could be modified to not be in the ground, but in a large planter....hmmm, the possibilities!

  297. My thumb is only slightly green, kind of brown, but getting greener. I am a plant and leave it alone type of person. Sometimes it is more of a bury the plant and hope it grows.

    Thank you for the chance to own the first step to achieve the planter in a small space that you have on your page.
    Thank you

  298. OH my goodness, I just bookmarked it. They have a plant library, great ideas for everything. Thank you for this. It is just awesome.

  299. The Home Depot site let me know that the Hibiscus that was in the backyard of the Florida home we used to live at years ago,
    can also adapt well to growing in containers.
    So I am able to still grow some where I live now!
    Great :o)

  300. We do garden, have done a small 8' x 8' garden last couple of year with success, today we tilled a large section of our backyard that we just cleared and are going to try about ten different kinds of vegetables

  301. The DIY project I was interested in was the "How to Plant a Tree" section. We just planted one a couple of weeks ago and I was glad to see on the Home Depot site just now that we did it right. Whew! :-)

    I'm so excited about growing tomatoes again this year! We had an abundance of them last year but I found a lot of uses for them.

    Not sure yet what else we'll grow. I'd like onions and cucumbers... maybe green beans. Yum, now I'm hungry for veggies!

  302. I have had successful raised bed gardens for three years. I have used the Home Depot site for advice for all three years. I buy at the local Home Depot
    non-toxic slug rid and mulch.

    Thank you for the contest.


  303. I haven't had a garden for a while. The last time I tried planting some fruit trees, none of the seeds would spout (needless to say that I was disappointed). But I will give it another try!


  304. The only gardening I am doing this year is with my classroom. we have a 4x4 foot container garden with tomatoes, strawberries, sunflowers and some wild flowers.

  305. I plan on gardening when we move. Right now where we live the soil is good enough to grow a garden. To many rocks. Hopefully in the future when we move I can have a big garden. I love vegetables and would love to be able to just go outside and grab what I need and when I need it.

  306. I need a side porch off my laundry room.Got any ideas on how to even I have no clue

  307. I have a small container garden, mostly tomatoes and herbs. No back yard so I'm kind of limited.

  308. Bagworms are caterpillars that make distinctive spindle-shaped bags on a variety of trees and shrubs.

  309. I love the advice...I was happy to see "How to maintain and repair wooden fences." We are putting up a wooden fence in a few weeks, and I totally could use any advice I can get.

  310. we garden in pots. Given the erratic behavior of the weather around us it allows us to start early and grow late.

  311. I used to have a garden I'd fenced in, but as trees grew, it got too shady. Then I had a longer commute to work and gave up. I think I'll plant some flower seeds this year though.

    From the site I learned that A tree or two in the yard adds instant value to your home.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  312. I learned that you are not supposed to keep using the same old potting soil in planters outside, you should at least mix it half and half or replace it all.

  313. I do garden, and I absolutely love it. From purchasing plants,seeds, putting them in the ground or pots, and watching on a daily basis how it all grows. I have at least 8 flower gardens, and a large vegetable garden with some flowers for a splash of color. I grow tomatoes,garlic,various bell peppers,jalepenos and other hot peppers, cukes,zuchini and yellow squash, onions,strawberries...
    Maybe there is a local gardening club or community garden to advise you on what does well in the Arizona heat and sun... Good luck!

  314. I joined the Home Garden club last year, they send amazing coupons and have great tips. I need all the help I have ability to kill plastic plants.

  315. I love the regional updates. I'm sorry northerners, but we can still grow things in Florida in December and its good to be able to see localized info and news.

  316. I actually garden for a living. I grow very long list of things. Yesterday I planted some snapdragons for a pop of color in a couple of places until my REAL planting begins. I would like to be bale to grow at home though. I really want to try some tomatoes.

  317. I learned that to keep from stepping on my vegetable plants in my garden, to use stepping or paving stones and to replace any cracked or broken ones as needed. Kinda Kewl!

  318. So far, I've only got some sunflowers, Swiss chard, beans, and herbs going in the ground. Oh, and two upside-down tomato plants hanging from the end of my patio roof. I tried planting green onion seeds a while back, but they never came up. I may just have to skip the squashes and melons this year because of a water shortage, but when I can spare the water again I'd love to have them.

    I'm already a member of the Home Depot Garden Club and love the coupons they send me from time to time. In fact, I just used one of those coupons to buy some landscape fabric a couple days ago, and I see there's a helpful article on laying landscape fabric linked right from their front page. My next big project, though, is going to involve trees and shrubs. That "How to Plant a Tree" article is going to come in really handy.

  319. I love to grow herbs. This would just about take care of buying the plants this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  320. We plant a garden every year. This year, we will be growing 2 kinds of tomatoes, green beans, bush cucumbers, green bell peppers, 3 varieties of corn, zucchini and pumpkins.

  321. I would love to put an arbor in my backyard and learn how to twine vines and plants over the arbor. It would make a lovely entrance to the garden.

  322. I don't currently have a garden, but I am seriously considering it. I think it will give me some peace in my life to work outside and encourage green life!

  323. I have a beautiful Morning Glory plant that has absolutely zilch flowers -- from their FAQs I learned what to do about the problem... cool!

  324. I have a little patch where I grow tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers. I always wanted to grow them year-round, in an indoor greenhouse, or heat lamp kind of a thing. i would really like to learn how to make something like that at Home Depot.

  325. I love the DIY section of the website. I plan on using the info they have for laying pavers in sand in my own backyard!

  326. I have been an avid gardener for year - first at a community garden plot and later in my various backyards. I have a mix of flowers and fruit trees and berry patches as well as three veggie gardens (a small and medium sized raised bed and a larger in-ground plot). Right now my smallest raised bed is planted in a lettuce mix which is keeping the salad bowl full. The medium raised bed is full of garlic, onions, and shallots. The largest garden has potatoes, peas, beets, carrots, leeks, turnips, chard, various greens, tomatoes, and thai peppers growing now; pretty soon I'll be adding squash, cucumbers, beans, basil, and more tomatoes to fill up the rest of the space.

    Good luck getting going with a garden of your own. Start with just a few plants and work up as you learn more!

  327. I love the HD garden club! I love the ideas but i really appreciate how good the flowers look when i get my plants in the spring for my flower pots! Thanks!

  328. I love the tips for the raised bed garden. We wre plannim=ng to make one this year and the tips were super helpful


  329. i have a container garden and the Q & A section has soe info i've been looking for. also the DIY section has info for my dad that he'll need for a raised bed that he's been thinking about.

  330. I did a great deal of gardening when I lived in the Pacific I am in the desert. I gave it a try here, but don't seem to have a desert green thumb. :-(

    I would like to try a project involving a natural habitat....but would like to add a small pond and fountain to the equation. I know I can get all the tools I need at Home Depot, which is one of my favorite stores!

    Thank you.

  331. I definitely need some tips for growing in this super dry Arizona climate! I have to thank you for that picture of a raised bed garden. We live in a very rural area with TONS of bunnies and I desperately want to get my garden started but have been having a hard time conceiving of an effective way to keep out the bunnies so we actually get to eat our own yummy veggies. I think that type of raised bed would work beautifully! Thank you thank you thank you!

  332. Every year I plant a veggie garden. I look forward to eating fresh tomatoes, peppers, eggplant,cukes, string beans, peas, etc. It saves money and I even get to put some up for the winter. I do my gardening in raised beds, saves the back! On the HD site, I like that each catagory has a DIY project section. Good ideas, and I'll probably put some to use.

  333. I'm trying to find something to grow that the deer won't eat. We have deer everywhere and they love everything I put in the ground.

  334. I don't walk well, so I have about 6 tomato plants right outside in large pots, the do really well, GOD BLESS

  335. Years ago we had a raised bed garden. Not very big. This year we put in a huge garden and have planted most of the normal stuff. Lettuce, peas, beans, carrots, raddishs, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, squash, beets, onions etc.

    I like the outdoor DYI projects on the Home Depot Garden club page. Good ideas.

  336. We already planted our garden (living in Florida does have advantages!). Tomatoes, basil, oregano, habenero peppers, cucumbers, peppers, watermelon and zucchini. Planting marigolds around the borders keeps out the pests

  337. every spring and summer we do a vegetable garden we usually do zuchini,squash,tomato, and cucumber. this year se have more land to grow an even bigger garden were adding to our list this year.

  338. My siding is rotting, I'd most like to learn how to put on siding and save a great deal of money!

  339. I'm already a member of Home Depot Garden Club, I love that they send you coupons in the news letter.

  340. Because we live where there are a lot of critters (in the country), I garden mostly in containers to keep my garden from being eaten before I can harvest. This year I plan to try the new "growing tomatoes upside down" thing. Looks so interesting.

  341. I only have a deck to garden on but I try to do as much container gardening as I can. We do have a big problem with chipmunks and groundhogs-they got all my lettuce and most of my tomatoes last year. I am trying the hanging upside down tomatoe grower this year in the hopes that they cannot get to it-it also has a large area on top to grow herbs or lettuce. We will see-planting this week.

  342. I need a lot of help. I really want to grow vegetables and fruits. The greenhouse we put up blew away in the wind. It must be a sign!

  343. I like that on the site there is a map that will show you all the details of your region in regards to what plants do well, when the growing season is and more. I move a lot being a military wife and every time we move I have to learn the ropes on that regions growing season and best plants to grow. Now I know where to find that info much faster. Thanks!

  344. I love their "easy outdoor transformation" section! That's exactly the kind of thing I need help with!

  345. I am going to be adding some trees to my yard this year so I was really interested in their advice on how to plant a tree. I planted a couple last year and they both died. I will definitely be checking this site out before I plant this year. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  346. I don't currently garden because I don't have a green thumb to save my life but I am definitely considering it because vegetable/herb prices are starting to get ridiculously high and I love the idea of having beautiful flowers for my home.

  347. I love the Ask the Expert section of the site. I am "plant challenged"...whenever I even try to have a houseplant, it dies. The Home Depot sent two men to give a program on plants, gardens, etc. to one of my church's monthly Senior Lunches and they were amazing. I talked with one about the latest plant that died under my care and he told me what had probably happened and what to do next time. We love home depot!

  348. The starting vegetables from seeds article was very helpful. I was wondering why some of my seeds are doing great and others haven't even started to show yet, now I know.
    I am planting my second garden this year. Last year we did cucumbers, tomato, zucchini and Spinach, this year we added Eggplant, Scallions, Carrots, Radishes and Lettuce as well as 3 more varieties of Tomato
    [email protected]

  349. We R wanting to plant tomatoes, but we keep having non-stop rainy weather here in TN. I found the plant library at home depot helpful

  350. I'm glad they have the step by step guide to building a raised garden bed. We have been thinking of doing this. Better get going. I'm not much of a gardener but have been thinking about raising some veggies for the family.

  351. My parents grow tomatoes, beans, chili peppers, and herbs in our backyard/garden. Home Depot could probably help us pretty it up a bit (it's more functional than scenic...). Anyway, I like the storage bench diy project, it would be nice to be able to sit in our yard.

  352. I'm so happy to have found the DIY guide "starting veggies from seeds indoors". I have been trying to grow things for a long time with my son and have been really unsuccessful. Hopefully Sunday we'll plant some seeds (that they recommend) indoors and see how it goes

  353. How to build a raised garden bed was one of the most helpful DIY projects. ME and my husband have built some already but it gave me ideas on how to improve what we've done and great ways to set up a watering system for them.

  354. We just bought our very first house and are moving in in about a week. Something I'm most excited about is planting a garden! The plant library and plant care guides on this site are really going to help me know what to plant and how to keep my plants alive :)

  355. I love the DIY "How to Plant a Tree" many people don't know everything that goes into planting one! Its hard work! husband and I are avid gardeners (he more than I). We love flowers and herbs. This year we are starting our own little herb/vegetable garden and we are SO excited! We currently have arugula, lettuce, and some seeds...we would love to get more plants and eventually make a raised bed for the garden.

  356. I like the Plant Care Guides. I was able to look up several of the plants and trees we have, and learned some tips about how to care for them. I also noticed an article about how to fix leaky gutters that I will be showing to my husband, becuse we noticed some leakage during a recent rainstorm.

  357. I learned about different options for landscape lighting. I love the solar lights because they are "green", attractive and easy to install because they don't need wires!

  358. I don't know if I could shop from my husband's competition --- Since he is a Lowes man. LOL


  359. All of the landscape DIY tips are helpful, but "How to Plant a Tree" will definitely come in handy since we are planning on planting at least 3 more trees in our yard later this summer!

  360. I loved the DIY article Starting a New Lawn from Seed. The new house we are buying has a sandy backyard so we are wanting to lay down sod but it's not looking like we will have the cash to do that. This is a cheaper alternative.


  361. we have definitely been considering. we've been in and out of homedepot several times trying to figure out where to start. we are thinking maybe we should start simple this year and buy plants that have already been started and then just transplant them into our beds. I'm thinking something super easy like tomatoes (maybe cherry tomatoes so the kids can just grab them when they're ready)

  362. We built a raised bed this spring and planted broccoli, carrots, green beans, snap peas, corn, and herbs. Hoping for a good crop! This is our first garden. I like the Garden Club Ask an Epert feature.

  363. The DIY projects are very helpful on the site. I have never planted anything edible before, but I am seriously considering strawberries this year!

  364. I have never had my own garden but I was going to this year. I even had some starts and was doing lots of research. We live in an area where everyone gardens and I love eating fresh food. However, we found out we were getting laid off so that all went out the window. But I'm hoping next year I'll be able to. sigh.

  365. i love the vegetable gardening. i'm trying for the 2nd year to grow tomatoes & lettuce in pots on my patio. i had to build a cage since the squirrels go crazy & eat everything.

  366. I would love to have a garden, but don't know how well it would do on our shady lot (not to mention it'd have to contend with my black thumb).

    The Garden Club site is really neat! I clicked on the DIY How to Plant a Tree and the directions are so good! Plenty of pictures, a list of tools needed--it makes me feel like I could do it and actually have the tree survive!

  367. the Starting Veggies from Seed Indoors DIY guide is so easy to follow. i would love to start this in the upcoming weekend :)

  368. The DIY project I'd most like to try is Installing Pavers in Sand. We have a side yard that would look really awesome with pavers on it. Thanks!

  369. We have the tiniest little yard, but we do have perennials surrounding the house in raised flowerbeds, and I plant bulbs and annuals every year for color there, and in our windowboxes. I would really like to start an edible garden with my toddler - even just strawberries in container pots to start with - though with a toddler and a newborn, do I really need one more thing to take care of, LOL?!

  370. I would most like to try one of their DIY projects: Building a storage bench/planter. Not that I'm terribly handy, but it's a beautiful outdoor bench, and I'd much rather make it with my own hands and sustainably harvested wood than to buy cheaply made replica from some company who had it made overseas.

  371. We have a few tomato plants and some herbs planted this year. I was sick earlier in the spring and we never got started. Later in the summer, we'll plant pumpkins though! Thanks


  372. I'd love to try to build the kid's table featured on the site. I also love the regional reports to give me tips specific to where I'm at in the country.

  373. I have no space to garden so I grow some things in pots on my front porch. I have a variety of herbs, flowers and tomatoes... IF everything lives!

  374. We're moving into our first house at the end of the month! (Yay!!) And there's so much we want to buy to make it our own.. I think I'd start off with a brand new mailbox! The one on the house now ..looks rusty and from 1948 :0)

  375. You can ask a gardening expert your questions. Very cool. The people in the stores' gardening departments are always helpful and knowledgeable, too.

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  376. We live in a rental and have a very small yard. We extended the patio by adding a brick border and filling in with bark and we planted grass seed in the remaining area.

    We started a small container garden started this year. Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, a beefsteak type tomato, various peppers and a bush cuke. Looking forward to our little harvest. Also have a few herbs.

    It would be nice if the Garden center site actually show enlarged pictures of the pests and organic means of control. Yes, I do know other sites are available for that

  377. I do garden and I grow lots of organic veggies that I also can :) plus watermelon, strawberries, grapes, and blackberries.

    I also think the DIY storage bench is a great project and may try to assemble one this summer. The Home Depot Gardening Club website is great. I'm still exploring, but haven't found anything I don't like!

    Thanks for the chance to win a gift card, it would really come in handy this summer!

  378. We grow raspberries, and lots of veggies. I would like to try to make the DIY storage bench to keep all our outside toys in.
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  379. I would like to try training a vine over an arbor. Our wedding arch is just sitting in the basement collecting dust, and I'd like to put it out in the yard and grow some roses on it. :)


  380. I am determined to start a garden this year! I bought an Earth Box last fall, when they went on sale. But I need some guidance on how exactly to begin. I like the "Gardening Know-How" section at the Home Depot Garden Club site.

  381. We actually built a square garden this year already, and are getting a ton of veggies! Of course it dosen't look as great as the one pictured above... My favorite thing about Home depot's garden club is the coupons they send to your e-mail! Thanks!

  382. I live in an apartment and would love an apartment living section. We shop at the home depot all the time. We bought a few strawberry and tomato plants for our patio. It would be great to browse other small apartment patio idea's.

  383. The search tool on the site is very useful. I searched for information on deer in gardens and was able to find a little bit of information. It would have been nice to find more though. Thanks for the giveaway.

  384. YOUR TURN: Do you garden and, if so, what do you grow? If you don’t currently garden, are you considering it?

    Yes, we have a smal garden and yearly we grow tomatoes, zucchini, and string beans. We don't have the space for more than that. This year we are trying Pole Beans, something my son is hoping will be fun and fruitful.

    From the Home Depot site, I enjoyed reading about the way to Lay a Garden Path. I am showing it to my husband tonight, as that is a project we would like to tackle, and now we have some idea how to go about it.

  385. This is a prize that my husband would be excited about! :) I enjoyed their little poll on their website and learned that 38% of people spend 3 to 6 hours each week on their garden. I want to be one of those people!! :)

  386. I'm trying to figure out how to grow grass in my shady back yard, the garden club website has some useful notes about how I might change my plans since apparently grass doesn't like to grow in shade!

  387. We don't really garden, but we have a one grape vine left out of the four we planted. Our yard isn't ideal for gardening - tends to get a little too wet when it rains. We'll stick to the grape vine for now.

  388. Dude. If I had the time I would SO LOVE to build a back patio..... I would sip coffee there EVERY morning!

  389. We are trying vines in our backyard this year, so the training of the vines in the DIY Gardening section is very helpful for me.

  390. I'ne always wanted an old fashioned trellis with climbing roses.There is a section in the garden club that shows how to train a vine to grow over an arbor. I would love to do this.


  391. I do garden and I plant a lot of easy veggies. Things like lettuce, radishes and beans that grow like crazy. I've had to get creative in protecting it from the woodland creatures though!

  392. Hubby and I are total beginners this year - we're doing raised beds! The projects keep getting delayed with all the rain, but I'm sure we'll have everything done in time!

    My favorite part of the garden club is the plant library; it always comes in handy when I see something growing in the yard, and I have no idea what it is!

  393. My husband and I just bought our first house and have been attempting to set up a little garden, but we have NO CLUE what we are doing. None. It's so much fun though! I like the Home Depot Garden Club site a lot. The guide to buying annuals is great; I'd like to see a similar guide to buying perennials.

  394. I was already a member of the Home Depot Garden Club. They email great discount coupons every couple of months after you join. The DIY project that I would love to tackle is laying pavers in the front and back yard to add some nice outdoor living space and add curb appeal. Thanks!

  395. i learned that adding a tree or two to your yard adds value to your home. i would love to start my own garden. plant some tulips, tomatoes and so much more

  396. I am determined to get atleast some tomatoes and peppers this year! I keep saying that every year and I haven't since we moved into our current home, but this year is going to be the year. I really want some yummy, homegrown tomatoes!

  397. I am an beginner at gardening but I am very ambitious this year. I had no idea what to do but I actually found some great tips in the gardening section about starting a garden from seeds. THey gave me step by step instructions.

  398. The frequently asked questions feature is a great idea for gardening...

    How exciting to be a gardener! There is great joy and pride. I enjoy knowing more, and this site is just awesome and inspiring!

  399. I have always wanted to train a vine over an arbor. It would be nice if the site had more information on vegetable gardening.

  400. We've got a garden that my husband is basically a u-shaped mound with tomatoes, green onions, Swiss chard, peas and pickling cucumbers. We also just harvested a couple artichokes. And we plant in waves. My husband found a great planting guide available here - only $5: (no affiliation, just happy customers).

  401. I think the DIY project about building a kid's craft table looks neat!

    I'm growing veggies and herbs this year...we'll see how that goes. I don't have much of a green thumb, but here's hoping!

  402. This year, hubby planted a garden. We are so looking forward to when it all produces! We have tons of peppers (already gotten a few!), 5 different tomato plants (already producing as well), green beans, squash, onions, cucumbers, and strawberries. YUM!

  403. I love the DIY projects featured on this web site. I just love looking for new and cool ideas.

  404. I am starting a garden this year with my daughters and I love the whole gardening section. I love the regional map and the incredible information that each region is listing. There is an area expert that offers expert information and regional dates and events. Thanks so much for pointing me to this site. I'm sure I will find it very useful!! Thanks also for the giveaway!

  405. We too would LOVE to garden, but feel overwhelmed by not knowing where to start. It's especially challenging where we live, in the mountains, because our growing season is very short. Last year our little veggie patch consisted of some tomatoes and some radishes. My 4-year old is obsessed with "edible plants" & planting & watering things, so I know he would really enjoy having more of a garden this year. I also love the idea of being able to grow my own organic produce, as I'm feeling more & more how important it is to start eating organic.

  406. The Home Depot site has some great tips for people who garden...and people like me who wish they could but don't really have the time or space. We're considering moving to a house with a bigger yard soon. If I do, I will need to explore the site more. I really want to build raised garden beds and noticed that the Home Depot site has directions on how to do this. Great stuff!

  407. Would actually love to win this as a father's day gift for my dad who has really picked up gardening since he has retired! You should see his garden!!

  408. I don't garden yet, but I'd love to start. My dad does though, and my mom grew up on a farm. So I have help when I finally get the space to start!

  409. Hey! I have been checking out your blog for quite a while, and your post last week on the importance of comments to a blogger plus my current desire to procrastinate on homework has led me to make my first ever comment on a blog...anywhere :) I feel like there should be bells and whistles going off, and perhaps flashing lights and confetti falling from the ceiling. There is none of that however...perhaps because the universe knows I should be doing other things. Oh well...what can you do?

    I grew up with dad is the son of a farmer, and so he has never been content unless he is growing things that are "useful." Even when we were living in military housing, my dad always carved out a small corner of our shared backyard to devote to his tomato plants. However, even my father and his admittedly green thumb were initially defeated by the wilting heat and infertile soil of Arizona. He has lived here for ten years, and this past year is the first that he has had a successful garden. Because of the caliche-filled soil and the inordinate number of rabbits that seem to infest my parent's property, my dad constructed a raised garden bed and filled it with a mixture of mulch, potting soil, and homemade compost. After a few false starts, he now grows everything from spinach to onions to broccoli to his beloved a bunch of other vegetables that I've never even heard of much less cooked with! If you ever do really consider starting a garden, let me know...I'll pick his brain for important information :)

  410. I like the plant care guide, since I'm a beginner at gardening and landscaping. The DIY project section looks like it would be really helpful, too.

  411. Aww...thanks so much for the compliment and the link!!! I must admit I don't know anything about desert plants. I know this a post for Home Depot, but you might try a locally owned plant nursery. They usually are really helpful in directing you towards plants that grow in your area, and they might even know of some good books on gardening in your climate.
    In a quick google search I found these links that might be worth checking out:
    I'm also a huge fan of the book Square Foot Gardening. I think it would be useful no matter what the climate. It makes gardening not quite so intimidating.
    As for the Home Depot Gardening Club site, it does look pretty nifty. I'm really loving the DIY projects section. The "build a ring toss" tutorial is trying to make its way onto my to do list.

  412. My husband and I planted an awesome garden before we had kids. It grew beautifully in the soil that we had enriched with worm castings. But then so did the weeds. It became an uncontrollable jungle, and that was the end of our vegetable gardening! But we did have fun, and we actually got some good yield.

    Now the garden area has a swing set and a sand pit for the kids. But recently we have planted a few vegetables here and there, we'll see how we do. I loved the Plant Library on the Home Depot Garden Club site. I hope to use it frequently as I continue to experiment with gardening.

  413. I'd like to try the DIY project 'Starting Veggies From Seed indoors'. We live in an apartment, so our veggie growing will have to take place indors. I always envy my mom, she has a huge, fabulous veggie garden . . . sigh!

  414. My neighbor gave my kids a tomato plant that I am desperately trying to keep alive (because they lost interest after 3 days) - Hers (that she bought at the same time) has cute little tomatoes on it, and mine is dying. I was considering giving it back to her to foster, but am now determined to make it give me a tomato... just one and I would be happy!

  415. I like that this site has a place to ask direct questions because I have many! We just got an arbor and planted a climbing rose bush and they talked about how to tie the up with landscape fabric to train them. Also was thinking about ornamental grasses and they had a nice link on that. There isn't a single time of the year that we don't go to home depot but spring is certainly the biggie and I like the garden club website for ideas.

  416. I only have a container garden at my house, but my son and I plan on spending lots of time in Nana's full-size garden this summer. We already helped Nana plant lettuce, carrots, scallions, radishes, and kale.
    I learned Home Depot had a plant library online.

  417. I don't really garden unfortunately - we live in a 4-plex with no yard of our own, so therefore no gardening for me! We are looking for a house right now & can't wait to start a strawberry patch!

    autumn398 (at)

  418. I love Home Depot's gardening website. It is very user friendly and I appreciate the pictures that go along with the *do it yourself* section. I am a visual person and these pictures really come in handy.

    This year is our first year growing a garden. With our Arizona soil, you need to do ALOT of prepping. My husband actually dug up the area, screened all of the big rocks(there were hundreds) and then mixed compose and mulch in with the regular dirt. All of that hard work paid off. We now have strawberries,watermelon, squash, tomatoes,carrots,bell peppers,corn,pumpkins,snap peas and sunflowers growing. All of the plants are really healthy, but I must say, our garden sure needs lots of lovin and water in this Arizona heat.

    Feel free to call us for more helpful hints!

  419. You don't have a garden in AZ!! I bet you could grow stuff year around there! I would recommend you start small one year and see how it goes and then expand or not the next year.

    Since we live at 7700 feet and have a a very short growing seadn (we cannot really plant outside until the end of May). Last year we dug up a section and added top soil and then planted root vegtables (potaotes) and I also grew some lettuce which I was giving away. This year I am going to try potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots and maybe cucumbers (don't know how those will turn out or not).

  420. Afer a couple of years of 'analysis-paralysis', I gave up trying to put in a perfect vegetable garden (you know, one that is ideally located, has raised beds, filled with compost, fenced to keep out the rabbits and deer, and lined to keep out the ground squirrel, drip-irigated...) and just ignored all my usual Type-A tendencies. This year I found two large, used kitchen tables off Craig's List, collected a bunch of pots, and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuces, and lots of herbs. I set the whole thing up just off our back porch. It ain't pretty, but it works. (So far no nibbling deer.)

    I will say that I literally gasped when I saw the first picture on your posting. It is exactly the kind of thing I would want to have (or build). Is it available on the Home Depot site? I couldn't find it.

    I enjoyed all the features on the HD site, but probably my favorite is the DIY section. I love their picnic table, and have already bookmarked it as a honey-do project!

  421. I'd love to build a raised garden bed. My mom did that last year and planted a slew of strawberries -- I was envious! I am looking forward to being able to have more time to do things like this in the future -- with my children's help!
    Thanks for the contest.
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  422. The HD Garden Website is pretty neat, and the ask the expert feature is great. The best part is the regular emails you can sign up for that they send to your inbox. They often have great coupons and timely advice on what you should be doing that month in your garden. Last year was a BOGO coupon for shrubs which was FABULOUS!

    AZ gardening is a challenge. I lived there for two years and when I finally did get something to grow the rabbits would come and eat it :(

  423. We just bought a new house, so I have big, big plans for gardening! I do garden now- but our yard is so small, that I do a bit of ground gardening, then do some plants in pots. My favorite is always tomatoes! Just touching the plant makes your hands smell soooo good. Mmm. I'd love to get herbs going at our new house though.

    As for the home depot garden site - cool! I didnt even know they had that resource. I took the eco-garden quiz, and browsed the dining sets (we finally have room for a table set, yay!). I also liked that they have quick 'top 10' FAQs for gardening interests (like spring planting). Fingers crossed to win, we would put this GC to good use!

  424. The extent of my gardening ends with the potted herbs on my front porch. I have rosemary and oregano out there and I use both frequently. I love it. I've tried basil but it never does well for me. Then again my thumb is about as green as the UPS truck. And I try so hard...

    As for that website, the "ask an expert" thing is GENIUS! We have some issues going on in our backyard right now that I'm definitely going to seek expert opinions on. My only suggestion is that maybe the registration procedure is a tad lengthy. It'd be better if you could just put in a name and email and be done with it, kwim?

  425. I was kind of hoping that the site would have information that would be location specific. Living in Alaska with so much light in the summer, it would have been nice to have a tool that could tell me which plants are the best to buy. Overall, it is a fun (with lots of info) albeit slightly generic site. K.

  426. I planted tomato plants in containers this year so I could move them around to where the most sun is. I hope it works better than last years pathetic crop! We also planted some sod and it has not done well. I think I will refer my husband to the Starting lawns from sod in 10 easy steps project to try and figure out how to start over and have better results!

  427. I highly recommend the book "All New Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholomew. I started a little garden this year for the first time in years and I have my strawberries turning red, zucchini's just starting to pop out, green beans budding, and everything else growing right on schedule! It's totally fun, and the way he lays everything out is so simple that I literally spend just a few minutes a day in the garden.

    I did like the Home Depot Q&A section, like how to make a raised bed, and if I hadn't done it on the cheap, I think the suggested products underneath each Q&A could have been very helpful.

  428. I'm a member of the Garden Club and really enjoy the newsletters I get. I keep saying that I am going to get to work on one of the DIY projects (they have such awesome ideas) but haven't gotten around to it yet. My favorite right now is the "Kid's Table"...What a useful and nifty idea!

  429. I learned something new from that site; I learned that you are not supposed to keep using the same old potting soil in planters outside, you should at least mix it half and half or replace it all.


  430. I don't garden but we have talked about the possibility. I couldn't keep a flower garden going so I'm afraid what a food garden would be like LOL

    As for the Home Depot site, I love the info on how to build a ring toss. We don't have kids at home but we like to play games and this would be fun.

  431. Oh and one of the developers of Daybreak, UT has some communities in Arizona but they still are nothing like that one!

  432. We have friends that moved here from Arizona to Daybreak, Ut and I want that planned community too! But you've nailed this one right on the head for me...I want a box garden. In fact I told my husband he is in charge of helping me build one this next year. I know we have two planting seasons in Arizona but that's about all I know!

  433. I have several pots on our balcony (the joys of apartment living) with tomatoes and peppers and cilantro. Not much, but we aren't here that long, and I don't have a lot of space. Unfortunately, with the rising temps, I think my tomato plants are suffering.
    Being a visual person, I think the Home Depot website has pretty pictures. One of my favorite things is flipping through Better Homes and Gardens magazines and getting ideas for my backyard (we own a home on the east coast...and rent on the west. Go figure!). So Home Depot's photos, as well as the DIY projects, get my stamp of approval!

  434. Between the veggie garden and landscaping the yard- I feel like I'm in a bit over my head some days! I love the section on starting a lawn by seed. My husband and I are trying to do that but were never told the step of covering the seeds once you laid them down...Hmmm, maybe next weekend...

  435. I've been container gardening for a while and I like the Plant Guide Care section of the website. I've been growing the same vegetables every year. I think I might branch out and try to plant some other ones. My 15 month old son loves to help me water the plants though I left him next to the plants once while I filled the watering can and when I came back, one of my strawberry plants didn't have any leaves or flowers. Surprisingly it's still alive though not as luscious as it was before.

  436. My "garden" consists of three pots. One with mint...I have discovered how to make a real mojito. Another with cilantro....a MUST living in TX. The third pot contains yummy on paninis. Mister Herb is way too expensive in the grocery store. I have found though, Sprouts has the best prices for those that I do buy.

  437. We garden. Living in the city, our yard space is rather limited (I'd love one of those gardens in the picture- they're awesome!), so we just use pots on our roof deck. We typically grow herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. I wasn't aware of HD's Garden Club-what great info. I was just enjoying the section about annuals as I prepare to plant more flowers in front of our house. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  438. I have actually been meaning to go and sign up for that so you just gave me a shove. I was glad you did to, my grandmother just bought some trees and she has never had much luck with them before and I read the DIY article about planting trees and I am going to share it with her, hopefully she gets better results. I have a small flower garden, we just moved here because we are buying a house and somebody came by and stomped all my tulips down and broke many of my hyacinths. I was so sick with disgust by it because I had worked so hard to start that garden. Tilling soil and pulling out sod and stuff is hard work! Not to mention the money spent on the plants. All that time, effort and money wasted. I fixed them as well as I could and the hyacinths came back somewhat but I can only hope the tulips will come back next year. I think I will have to look on the site to see if I just leave the bulbs in the ground or if I have to dig them up and plant the new baby bulbs next year. I am very much a beginner gardener. I would like to see a map of herbs and such that you can plant that keep pests away from your plants naturally without insecticides and stuff. I have been researching that kind of thing online. I recently read that if you have a planter with lavender by you doors and open windows it is supposed to keep house flies away?

  439. I totally agree. A garden would be awesome! I've tried to grow tomatoes (minimal success) and herbs (total failure) because I grew up with a veggie garden and loved it. But I think until we purchase our bigger home complete with a bigger backyard it's all a bit of a pipe dream. Until then I'll have to settle for a flower garden.

  440. Umm, Bob gardens. I participate in the gardening process by not touching his plants and going with him to select said plants. But he is very territorial about his garden so I try not to step on his toes. I keep trying to get him to put up a window box for me to grow herbs in myself, though... we'll see if he gets the hint for Mother's Day! If not, maybe I could use the gift card to get my own window box...

  441. I considered it, but then I decided to join a CSA instead...I tend to kill most anything that requires maintenance and/or time because, well, frankly I just don't have the extra time.

    With a CSA you get a bigger variety, still get organic/pesticide-free produce, and you support local farmers. The CSA I joined is non-profit and uses their procedes to support autism. Additionally, it encourages me to try new things and to learn to cook (something I always make time for because I love it!) with foods I otherwise would have never tried.

  442. We have a small garden - I usually grow beans, onions (although remembering to harvest them seems to be a challenge!) and tomatoes. Mostly tomatoes - somewhere between 9 and 18 plants. I can't even eat tomatoes raw, but somehow they get eaten anyway and I rarely have as many to can as I want to (the real purpose of growing them). We also have chives & rhubarb, but they are in a different part of the garden.

    My biggest problem (other than slugs & earwigs) is that I planted strawberries a few years ago. They are a terrible, terrible weed and I highly regret it! They attract birds & squirrels and won't stay where they are put.

    So if you ever decide to plant strawberries, make sure you plant them in something like this:,51603

  443. We live in Kansas and have a large garden.....although with all the rain we've received this week (6 inches in 2 hours was NOT fun), there's a good chance for root rot. I think we might have to consider Home Depot's "How to Build a Raised Garden Bed" and I mean REALLY raise them so that there's room underneath for the water to drip out. After moving from AZ, who would have ever thought that I'd be complaining about too much free water?!?!?!?

  444. The only thing I've been brave enough to try so far is flowers - and those are going well... We don't have a good garden space at our house but my in-laws do and the garden has gotten to be too much for them to keep up with on their own so we're helping them this year. It's awesome - I'm getting the whole "mentor" thing in my wonderful mother-in-law who has been gardening her whole life and there are four of us to take care of one garden instead of just two!

  445. I would love to start gardening, but I've never had one and it is a little intimidating. I would love to speak to Home Depot for some guidance and support. Thanks for the offer!

  446. I have not attempted a vegetable garden yet but I have planted flowers around the house.

    I'd like to try the diy project of starting veggies from seed indoors. I also like the idea of a raised garden. I like the garden in the picture you have on this post. I'm showing my husband maybe he'll make it for me.

  447. I wanted to start gardening this year, but with getting pregnant and being on bedrest and a few other "hindrances", I am putting it off until next year. It'll be my first time, and I don't know where to start, but I can't wait to start!

  448. I'm trying square foot gardening for the first time this year and I have lots of questions. I'd love to see some region-specific information, such as when it's safe to plant different things in my zone.

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