Creative Valentine's for Kids (you don't have to make!)

Exchanging Valentines Kids 2017Have you seen the funny meme that's going around about being an Amazon mom instead of a Pinterest mom?

It's gently and humorously making the point that we can't all be DIY/Do-It-All moms. Sometimes, you just need to order in pizza instead of making roasted Brussels sprouts.

True beauty and art isn't found in Pinterest projects. It's the love in our hearts and in our homes that matters most.

All of that to say -

If you want to buy Valentines for your kids to take to school this year instead of making your own, look at the adorable and interactive options from Peaceable Kingdom. Their sets are creative, colorful, and unique.

Another thing I appreciate about the Peaceable Kingdom sets is that each box comes with 28 Valentines - enough for most classrooms! (How many kids are in your child's classroom? There are 10-12 in each of my daughter's classes, but they attend a small, private school.)

For example, the scratch and sniff cookies & cream box comes with 28 Valentines in 4 different designs (plus envelopes). The illustrations are vivid and appealing.

Cookies Cream Scratch Sniff Valentines

Oreo Cookie Valentine Peaceable Kingdom

The Magic Predictor Valentines are an especially great pick for older elementary and/or middle school students. Kids can ask any question ("Will I be a millionaire when I grow up?" "Is math my favorite subject?" Etc) and then spin the predictor to see an answer. So silly, but fun too!

Magic Valentine Predictor Peaceable Kingdom

Magic Valentine Predictors Peaceable Kingdom

You can check out all of the options on the Peaceable Kingdom website or you can get them to your doorstep quick via Amazon Prime.

Peaceable Kingdom Valentines

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