Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages

Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages 1Isn't it wonderful to pull on a pair of pajamas after a long day? I love that experience - lounging around in a cami or tee and slouchy pants while watching a movie or working on my laptop. 

Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages 2I can only imagine that my daughter appreciates wearing comfy pj's to bed as much as I do. I always like putting her in her Hatley Tank Summer Garden pajama set (pictured - $26.50). She's so huggable and sweet and cheerful in it...and it fits her so perfectly (not too baggy, not too tight). 

If you're looking for a pair of pajamas for your baby (0-24 months), toddler (2T-4T), or older child (5-12 years), you should check out My Baby Pajamas, a mom-owned company based in Arizona. "My Baby Pajamas is all about providing cute and highly durable children’s pajamas at a reasonable cost with the convenience of buying them online." 

There are plenty of cute options to choose from...

The Claesen's Newspaper Short Sleeve T and Boxer set ($26) would be *perfect* for journalists, writers, or devoted newspaper-readers.

Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages 3

Or consider the Claesen's Lounge Stripes and Stars Tee set ($47)'s so classic and All-American.

Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages 4

Or how about this Cherry Pie Baby French Nightgown for your little girl? It's darling. 

Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages 5

There are plenty of other options to choose from as well and, while you're browsing, you'll probably want to check out the Sale section and the Women's Pajamas section. 

Want to support a mom-owned business and get a pair or two of adorable pajamas? Use discount code MAMA15 for 15% off your entire order.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of children's pajamas (of his/her choice) from My Baby Pajamas. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, June 30 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #22 Steph. Congratulations!

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262 comments on “Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages”

  1. Our twin girls are in desperate need of jammies! They are growing sooo fast and I haven't found any cute comfy ones I like. Thanks for referring this site and the chance to win!

  2. Hi, you have awesome give aways! My daughter gets all her pjs bought by my mother in law, who always seems to forget my poor son, so he's lacking to say the least. I would LOVE to get him some super cute pjs from this site :)

  3. i trust the graco name brand. This would be a nice prize to have I am expecting a little girl in 4 weeks. I always took my son for a car ride to soothe him at night.

  4. Those really are a whole lot of adorable jammies. Thanks for the site info. I will be going back often to outfit the kiddos.

  5. My youngest daughter loves pjs. She would wear them all day if I would let her. Her favorite pair were the Skivvydoodles Flower Power Pajamas. They're so cute! Thank you!

  6. The Cherry Pie Baby French Nightgown is ADORABLE! After three boys we have our first daughter and I am just loving all the night gowns and dresses!

  7. These are so cute!!! The toughest thing will be to choose which of my kids will be getting new PJs if I win!!

  8. They have the cutest PJs! The Hatley Tank Set Pajamas Bunnies is my favorite. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. I just love the Hatley Tank Set Pajamas with the Bunnies! So pretty and they look comfortable! They'd be nice and cool for my granddaughter, who if she gets too hot in the night, just takes her clothes off! LOL!

  10. Hatley Catch of the Day Tank set is so cute and looks very cool and comfortable for my daughter.

  11. As usual, another great gotta have giveaway!!!! both my daughters need a new set, so winning this could really help us out. I'd love to win!!!

  12. I really like the Claesen line- especially the newspaper short sleeve t and boxer set. My four year old son could definately use some more pairs of summer pj's and I would really love to win.

  13. My toddler LOVES jammies. After his bath he says, "Bye bye, water. Jammies! Mama!" He'd love the Green Baseball Pajamas

  14. I am just amazed at the creativity that exists out there. I would never think to stylize pajamas like this. I mean, who is ever going to see them besides family? But still, they would look very cute on any of my kids.

  15. I like the Hatley Footed Coverall: Go Fish! pajamas. There are just so many cute choices. I also like the newspaper set up there!

  16. So many cute jammies! It was a difficult decision. I really love the pink Baby Steps Rhonda Tie Dye, my daughter would look so cute in those jammies!

  17. Oh, too cute. I have wonderful memories of a nightie my dad bought me as a little girl, it was perfect and it made me feel like a princess. Thanks for hosting this give away for a pair of perfect jammies :)

  18. I love putting my boys in something soft, stretchy & comfy at night. These look like they would all fit the bill, and the cuteness factor is a definite bonus!

  19. Those are really cute! I think I'd go with the girls "heart breaker" one. Because my little 19 month old is already a heart breaker when it comes to the boys! :)

  20. What a great site. I love pjs and they have adorable ones, in particular the
    Fruits & Veggies Butterfly Shorts! cute!

    Thanks for a great contest.

  21. Love all of hard to choose just one!
    super cute and super comfy! I love the Claesen's Newspaper T & Boxer for my lil' boy and the Mod love for my lil' girl.....soooo cute!

  22. These pj's look adorable! It's amazing how quickly my little guys grow out of theirs. It's especially difficult to find cute pj's for boys, but these definitely fit the bill!

  23. I like that you can shop by size or gender as it made it so much easier. I fell in love with the Hatley Tank Set - Heart Breaker!

  24. i love that you are promoting a mom owned business! i like the
    Claesen's Newspaper Long Sleeve T and Boxer
    set, as my kids seem to want to wear boxers to bed at night!! what great designs. when i get new pjs for my boys it gets them excited about bedtime which is always a good tihng!

  25. In my house we are PJ freaks. One of my kids favorite things to shop for is new PJs. Birthday and Christmas gifts always include new ones. We would love to win this wonderful prize!

  26. I love nice soft comfortable jammies, oh wait, I am suppose to be talking about the kids. Well, I love to snuggle the kids when they are in their nice soft comfy jammies. :)

    My favorite is Hately Footed Coverall Nature Rocks, it would be adorable for my niece who is due in a couple months.

  27. I sort of have a PJ addiction for my daughter. Kind of like me and shoes! I love buying her comfy and cute PJs. One of my favorites from My Baby Pajamas site are the Skivvydoodles Love Bugs Yoga Crop with Tank Sets.

  28. i love the Cherry Pie Baby Yellow Flower Short Pajamas, my four year old would love it. She loves dressing up even at night

  29. They have a really great selection! My niece would be absolutely adorable in the featured Cherry Pie Baby French Nightgown! She is a real girly girl!

  30. My son loves PJ's and they have the cutest PJ's I've seen on the web! The boys Hatley Footed Coverall Go Fish is really adorable! I also like for myself the : Scanty Brand Sprinkles Thermal PJ Set .

  31. The sports PJ's in a 5 would be great. Would love to order an infant - but don't know what to order yet. In November I will.

  32. Oh my, that little Cherry Pie nightgown is precious!! Right now, my daughter's favorite PJ's are ones she got for her 2nd birthday and they have Ariel (the little mermaid) on them. She has no idea who Ariel is, but every night when we get her ready for bed we hear, "Ariel PJ's please mommy!"

  33. You know, it's really hard to find little girls' nightgowns in department stores lately. I'm not sure why! So it's great to have a source for them.

  34. These are so darling! My daughter loves nightgowns I find them hard to find in her size! Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. Love the site. The PJs are all very cute. I took a look at the baby ones and really like the Fruits and Veggies Peas PJs.

  36. Children in their pajamas are one of my favorite things! My favorite from the site are the Hately Polo PJ Set Bunnies.

  37. We can never have enough PJs for my son. It seems like they're always in the wash. I love the Claesen's Lounge Stripe & Star set. So cute!

  38. Great pj's! My daughter loves pj's, and I love that there are some cute nightgowns. Great patterns, and they look comfy.

  39. I love the Hatley Tank garden PJ set. My two year old would love this as she loves to put on and get new clothes.

  40. My daughters love to wear nightgowns -- so glad these are included in your product line! Thanks for a great contest!

  41. Great selection of pajamas to choose from. If I won, I'd get the Ciesen's Hawaii T-Shirt and Boxer set PJs for my son.

  42. Who doesn't love a comfie, stylish pair of pajamas?!
    I collect pj's. Please enter me in this fantastic drawing you are having. Many thanks, Cindi

  43. My daughter has decided that she needs to wear nightgowns every night to be a princess. How can you argue with such logic? This is a great site- I bookedmarked it.

  44. I think these are all cute and it was hard to choose, but my fave are the Skivvydoodles Love Bugs Short Pajamas but only because I just like to say Skivvydoodles! Thanks for the great contest!

  45. I love the newsprint! I'm a magazine journalist, so I'm always on the hunt for cute stuff like this. My son would love it, too!

  46. Do they make these in my size?? I love the Skivvydoodles Rock Star Yoga Crop Pant and Tank PJ
    for my daughter, she'd freak over them!!

  47. How cute! I love the little footed apple PJ's.

    Earlier today we were out looking for new PJ's for my son. He has outgrown ALL of his. And I have not had any luck finding new ones that are cute!

  48. What great pj's! I really liked the Butterflies & Dots Lap Neck Pajamas; such a cute print and the matching pink trim is just adorable. Thanks for the chance to win a nice pair of jammies!

  49. Since my daughter doesn't like pink, that sure limits choices...but the Claesen's Aqua Stripe Cami and Boxer (size 8-9) would be great.

  50. My kids all love pjs and just can't seem to have enough. The site has some really cute sets. I love the knuckleheads lounge set for pirates.

  51. I am so excited. I am due to have my baby girl Jocelyn in August and this would be great to win.

  52. i remember when i was young, i basically had 2 choices when it came to nice pjs: either the longer leggings with the horrible booties at the bottom, or the free flowing comfy nightgown that I wish i could have worn all day long.

    im glad the nightgowns are in nice prints!

  53. I've never seen so many cute pajama designs in one store before. It's ridiculous. I was prepared to pick out a favorite for this post but I can't even do it. Not only are they cute but they're so incredibly unique from anything I've seen before. I love these jammies!

  54. I have never seen such a great collection of PJ's all in one place.

    Skivvydoodles Pink Leopard Nightgown size 3T

  55. We could always use some new jammies in this house.
    We love the ones that are comfty and look great as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Every year for Christmas, I try to buy the same things for each of nieces and nephews (i.e fun hats and scarves, socks, movies/DVDs, etc.). Last year, I bought all of them footie pajamas (even for my 9 year old "'all-boy'-I-only-wear-shorts-and-t-shirts-to-bed" nephew! He loved them! I might have to go with the pjs theme again and do Skivvydoodles short sets!!

  57. What a great selection. I saw several pairs for my grandkids. I really liked the skivvydoodles multisports shorts pajamas for one of my grandsons; also the rock star guitar pajamas. These are really cute!

  58. My daughter would LOVE Claesen's Butterfly Gown. She adores butterflies and her favorite color is of course pink. It would also be perfect for those hot Nevada nights. Thanks!

  59. I love comfy pajamas and I love seeing my kids in cute pairs of them as well. :) They have some really cute styles, especially the Hatley Tank Set Summer Garden ones!

  60. I LOVE to lay around in comfy pjs! My boys would stay in pjs all day, every day if I'd let 'em! This would be a PERFECT giveaway for me/us to win! Thankyou!

  61. These pajamas are great and look really comfy. It would be nice to have a new set of pj's for my little girl. Thanks for a great opportunity to win!

  62. Im not going to lie I have a bit of a pajama obsession when it comes to my sons. I love to buy them new pajamas, so I was thrilled you showed me this site! I love the Knuckleheads Lounge Set Bowling. Adorable!

  63. Very unique and comfy looking PJ's, and you're right about assuming that our kids must like comfy PJ's as much as we do! The newspaper PJ's are very unique!

  64. I would love to give the Cherry Pie Gown to my five year old niece. Her mother can't afford to buy her any clothes.

  65. there all so cute and since my daughter grew out of all her pjs so quickly I would love to win a pair for her

  66. i like the mermaid tank and shorts. hard to buy pjs that fit right when you buy them using the normal size. would like these in a 4T

  67. Don't you just love a good pair of pajamas? These look great - and for my son or daughter, probably my son I couldn't be happier. I love lounging in a cami and shorts myself, so I tend to let me kids lounge in something comfortable as well. Then when we go out we all change - maybe when they get older or I have more kids I won't be able to do this, but for now it works!

  68. Hatley Tank Set Summer Garden is my favorite or should I say my daughter favorite. Very cute and I might just have to buy some for the rest of my kids. thanks.

  69. These pajamas or so adorable! I really love the Fruits & Veggies Footie Bananas PJ's the best. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway and please enter me. Thanks.

  70. The fruit and veggie Gheco pj's are adorable. It's finally time here to switch to shorts set pj's!

  71. What cute pjs! The ones that caught my attention were the fruits and veggies butterfly shorts pj. so cute. My daughter just "graduated" from 4K a few weeks ago and their theme was turning from caterpillars to butterflies. She has taken that very seriously - when I asked her if she wanted to take a safety class this summer - she looked at me dead serious and said "yes, mom - b/c I'm a butterfly now" :) adorable!

  72. I really like the butterfly cami set, but I KNOW my daughter would not sleep in it. She has to be in long pants to be happy. The Claesen's Lounge Sripes and Star Tee is adorable. My son could wear it then we could hand it down! These are really cute sets!

  73. We are always needing another pair or two of pajamas. I too love the feeling of slipping into something comfy at the end of a long day and am sure our lo does too.

  74. Oooh, sounds so comfy! I was torn between the Valentines Day , and The Summer Garden Coveralls, the smallest you have!

  75. Wow, they have some great PJs on the site. I loved the Baby Steps Navy Crush Tie Dye PJs. Nice site with lots of styles for pretty much every taste.

  76. I don't know how you consistently find these unique and wonderful sites for your giveaways, but keep'em coming. I'd love to win some jammies for our granddaughter.

  77. cute jammies! There's something wonderful about hugs and kisses from freshly bathed children running around in comfy jammies.

  78. These PJ's are really cute. The thing that I dont understand about pajamas is why they are so stinkin' expensive. It is like I have to pay more for a set of PJ's for my kids then the outfits they wear in the daytime. It is a little crazy. Even on sale or clearance pajamas are just expensive. I hate it.

  79. Oooh, we love jammies! There are those occasional days that I don't admit to too often when we never get out of fun! These pj's look cute and comfy, too. Thanks!

  80. I love babies in PJs! I can't wait until my girls are in little night gowns it's going to be so sweet. These are really cute PJs, I'm lovin' the footies too.

  81. We were hunting for pj's for our little cherub just yesterday (found a pair at Carters), but these My Baby Pajamas pj's are seriously cute! I really love the tie dye sets, but if I won I'd probably have to go with the Hatley Polo PJ dog park set for our little doggie lover!

  82. My new daughter will be home in 3 weeks and I'd love to have some cute new PJs for her - especially the summer garden pj set.
    Kerri and Ruby

  83. Thanks for another great link and giveaway! Weirdly, just today I was realizing that my 2 y/o daughter no longer fits in her 24 month "footie" pajamas. Her poor little toes are kind of bunched up in there. Decided I need to do some online shopping and was hopping to find something comfy and cute. Bedtime is a big enough "issue" as it is (who wants to stop playing?), so fun, happy pajamas will only help to make the process easier. I love the Cherry Pie French Nightgown!

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