Cutting Back on Baby Clutter

Cutting Back on Baby Clutter 1Husband: "What has happened to our house?"
Me: "A baby."

Pre-baby, we were two people with successful careers that had a sparkling house and time for hobbies and personal development.

Post-baby, we are two people with successful careers (although now I work part-time from home) that live in a home with cheerios on the floor and baby gear in every nook and cranny.

Somehow, our house just started to fill up. With bibs and bottles, a crib and a bouncy seat, receiving blankets and little clothes, books and toys, sippy cups and strollers, baby carriers and breast pads, diapers and goldfish.

So much of the clutter is unnecessary and unused. So we've decided to intervene:
* We keep only two small toyboxes - one in the living room, one in her room. Everything else goes to the local thrift store.
* We keep three drawers of outgrown baby clothes. Everything else goes to a thrift store or a friend.
* We don't "borrow" baby items "to try" anymore - we have so many things that are laying around our house that we can't get rid of because they belong to someone else.

What do you do to keep baby clutter at bay?

NOTE to Expectant Moms: Are you wondering what NOT to register for to avoid all that clutter in the first place? Check out my list here.

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2 comments on “Cutting Back on Baby Clutter”

  1. Oh, yeah, that baby stuff can take over if you let it! I actually don't mind some toys and books here and there, but if they are taking up major real estate in the family room, then ugh! We try to keep most of Fly's toys in his room in laundry baskets. They are just his height, and he can see what in the baskets because there are holes in them.

  2. First off, I couldn't agree more with your list. We had everything for the first baby, a lot for the second, and very little for the third. You learn quickly what you can use and what collects dust. BTW - you think YOUR house is filled to the brim with stuff?? I feel like I am on a constant declutter mission. OY!

    To keep not just baby clutter at bay, but kid clutter in general, we make sure there is a spot for everything. We limit toys with small pieces, and we request monetary gifts from family (to put in the kids' savings account). Don't let it into the house in the first place. Oh, and we always have a BIG toy giveaway before the holidays.

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