Day #11 FirstBIKE Balance Bike

Balance Bikes are the newest trend in youth bicycling. The ultra-cool looking mini bikes are billed as "the perfect training bike for developing your child's sense of balance, motor skills, and self-confidence."

Unlike tricycles, these bikes are meant to support proper posture and spinal development. Since your little one will almost always have his feet on the ground, this bike maximizes safety.

It's also a non-intimidating option for 2 to 5-year-olds. Our 3-year-old jumped right on it after we pulled it out of the box. No need for explanations.

Day #11 FirstBIKE Balance Bike 1

A winner of many awards in the toy and outdoor industries, FirstBIKE's glass fiber technology won’t rust like metal or splinter like wood.

Available in 11 colors, the frame and fork are backed by a lifetime guarantee, while all other parts come with a five-year guarantee. Fun accessories are also available including hand bells, baskets (shown), helmets, and vests.


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98 comments on “Day #11 FirstBIKE Balance Bike”

  1. This is the coolest thing ever! I won't need one for a few years yet, but I would love this for my nephew. It would be awesome!

  2. I have seen these on the internet, but never had the chance to try them out on my boys. I have a 4 year old that will be learning to ride a 2 wheeler soon and a little 1 year old that will eventually be biking. My boys love to be outside scootering or biking on our street. This would be so fun!

  3. My nephew is only 2, but I'm sure will be moving up to using an actual bicycle very soon... this is a perfect start to that !

  4. My 4yo has been riding a balance bike since late-summer, and now he and his little brother are fighting over it. My daughter used it too, and I credit that balance bike with how quickly she learned to ride a "real" bike.

  5. I have a friend who grew up in Germany and she said these are big there for teaching kids how to ride. I'm very intrigued and wonder how well they help. I have a little one who is soon to start riding. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Oh wow! This is so neat! Carter wanted to ride with the big boys so much this summer, but he is just too little. This bike is so neat to not only help him learn to ride a bike, but also to make him feel like he can be with the big boys! Oh Carter would LOVE it! Oh so neat!!!

  7. I think this would be absolutely perfect for my almost three year old who has global developmental delays. It would help him with his balance issues and we could definitely use it as an an additional "therapy" tool without him knowing it!!!!!

  8. What a great giveaway, Thank You. I have 2 granddaughters that are sisters, ages 3 and 4 this would be perfect for.

  9. I want one of these for my three year old so badly. They used to be completely out of my price range but I might need to get one now if I don't win this giveaway. ;)

  10. My 3 kids have learned to ride regular bikes, but we have considered picking one of these up on CL for our next rider. I think personality has a little to do with learning how/when to ride a bike!

  11. I really like the concept of the balance bike. I started seeing these about a year ago and have been curious about them since!

  12. My 2 year old would absolutely LOVE this. My husband is big into mountain/road biking and our son always wants to play with the big bikes. This would be perfect!

    Thank You for hosting such a fab contest!!

  13. This is how we taught our niece to ride with no training wheels!! They just eventually start picking their feet up for longer stretches of time. Since she already knew how to pedal from her Big Wheel, Aunt NGS and Uncle NGS just took her out one day and taught her to ride a big girl bike. She was super excited!

    My younger niece has a mild case of cerebral palsy in her legs and she LOVES the balance bike at grandma and grandpa's. I bet she would love to have one at home!!

  14. Really cool - looks very sporty! My son is now 1 year old and this would be a great present for Christmas and for him to learn to ride a bike! Awesome!

  15. My 4 year old has a bike & hasn't taken to it. I know this would be the perfect solution! (And then hand-me-down for the 1 year old...)

  16. I have always wanted to buy one of these bikes for my kids but could never justify the cost seeing as there is snow on the ground for a good part of the year where we live. I have heard rave reviews from other parents that going from a balance bike to a traditional bike was a seamless transistion. My 6yo has been riding a two-wheeler for a couple years now and it was really easy for him. But I think it might be more challenging for Lucy.

  17. My daughter has CP and might really benefit from this bike...I know balance is something her PT is working on with her. It might depend on whether or not she fits the bike well...she is shorter in stature. Might have to give it a try...hadn't thought about this idea before!

  18. We love balance bikes. Sam is getting a real bike for his birthday (4) this year, and I know he won't need training wheels because his balance is so good from the balance bike. So fun!!

  19. I've seen so many kids using these at an early age and hear that it is great to train them for bike riding as a child. My 3 year old would really benefit from a bike like this and his 1 year old brother when he's done with it! Does your middle daughter ride a bike with wheels now or does she continue to use the balance bike?

  20. We loved our balance bike! All my girls learned to ride a regular bike by the time they were 4 because of the balance bike. It would make a great Christmas gift!

  21. Love these bikes! I never noticed them until I was in Germany for a couple of weeks 3 1/2 years ago and saw little kids using them everywhere!

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