Day #2 Silicone Loaf Pan by Mastrad

As the evening air turns crisper and twinkling lights appear on houses around town, I enjoy baking up cookies, muffins, and breads with the girls.

Bread, we've found, makes an especially nice gift. We have a 4-mini loaf pan and also a larger silicone loaf pan by Mastrad. Tonight I whipped up pumpkin bread and the smell is wafting through our kitchen.

Day #2 Silicone Loaf Pan by Mastrad 1

Silicone is wonderful for baking because it's non-stick, stain-resistant, and allows for quick, easy removal (no need to grease!). Cleaning by hand is a piece of cake...or you can opt to put the pan in the dishwasher. No sweat.


Day #2 Silicone Loaf Pan by Mastrad 2

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109 comments on “Day #2 Silicone Loaf Pan by Mastrad”

  1. I make banana bread almost once a week, but I've never tried a silicone pan. Is it really "non-stick." I've always wondered. My banana bread often sticks to the botton and then the bottom of the loaf has a "tear" in it. Ugh!! I spray them, but it still sticks sometimes!

  2. I have a cranberry bread in the oven right now and it's delicious. I will admit it's from a box though. Forgot I had to take a snack to a meeting this morning. It's the best I could do. It's really good though. My husband is the bread baker in the house. I love his oatmeal bread.

  3. We do the 5 min a day bread and I just make enough dough for one loaf. I make it about once every other day and we love it. Our fav recipe is the everyday white bread. Thanks!

  4. I like banana bread a lot...but I also have a recipe for cranberry white chocolate chip bread that I have been wanting to try

  5. These completely intrigue me. I know many people love baking with silicone but I've never tried it. A new loaf pan is one my Christmas wish list. :)

    1. Oops, forgot to mention my favorite bread, as I was too enamored with the thought of squishing silicone! Banana bread is my FAVORITE!

    1. Send it my way, please. I've never attempted homemade french bread...but we love to eat it. In fact, we just made french toast this morning for breakfast!

  6. Pumpkin bread sounds yummy! I'm currently a fan of sourdough, but I can't say it's my absolute favorite. I love bread in general and love trying new recipes.

  7. I love zucchini bread. My mom always made it often when I was growing up, so it is delicious and nostalgic. I love it with a thick spread of butter.

  8. I make banana bread pretty often with Great-Grandma's recipe. It is delicious! I had one of these silicone pans but it has disappeared... I think I must have left it at someone's house.

  9. I love the dark bread you get at Outback. Don't really know the name of it, or even what goes in it, but I'd like to find a recipe for it.

  10. I love pumpkin bread - actually I love all pumpkin products. Have you ever had a pumpkin lasagna - I know - weird but yummy!

  11. I bake bread all the time... I love my stoneware pans! I have always been intrigued by silicone. Any idea how healthy it is? I know non-stick is bad and am curious if you have done research! :)

    1. Silicone is pretty inert. They use it for medical devices. I would say it's probably pretty safe to cook with unless there are things that have been added to it. :)

  12. I think right now my favorite kind of bread is cinnamon raisin whole wheat bread (especially if made with white whole wheat flour and some chopped walnuts). But I love baking pretty much any kind!

  13. I love pumpkin bread but I also found a recipe for chocolate zucchini bread this summer that is to die for and really healthy too!

  14. My favorite bread is my mom's plain white sandwich bread; simple but so tasty. And for quickbreads I love banana bread with apple butter spread on it.

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