Day #9 Seasoned Steel Skillet by Lodge

When you need to cook for a crowd, oversized cast iron and seasoned steel pans are the way to go. They're easy to use, easy to clean, and ultra-durable.

Lodge's 15" Seasoned Steel Skillet is a fantastic pick for group gatherings. It's built tough right here in the USA and features handles on both sides for easy carrying from the grill to the table.

We use ours several times a week for roasting up vegetables, onions, fish, chicken, and more.

Day #9 Seasoned Steel Skillet by Lodge 1


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116 comments on “Day #9 Seasoned Steel Skillet by Lodge”

  1. We love to cook, but don't really go by recipes. Usually the hubby gets an idea in his head and goes for it. More often than not, it tastes awesome.

  2. This looks like a very useful skillet. My husband loves to cook and I'm sure he could make some amazing dishes in this!

    1. I forgot to leave my easy meal.Boil a box of rotini,fry and drain hamburger meat,Add a jar of prego to meat.When rotini gets done,drain.Put in a baking pan,add meat and prego,a little grated cheese,and mix well.Put mozzerello cheese on top,bake at425 until cheese is melted and turning brown.

  3. This is a really easy and inexpensive dinner casserole. You take 2 cans of cream of Chicken soup, 2 boxes of stove top stuffing, and chicken tenders (No skin, no bone)

    Take a baking dish and spread one can of cream of Chicken soup on the bottom of the pan, then lay the chicken on top of the soup. The mix the stove top stuffing like the directions say on the box, layer it over the top of the chicken and then spread the other can of cream of chicken soup on top of the stuffing. Bake at 350 for 1hr and 15 minutes.

    This is so good!

  4. My mother made cornbread almost every night in a cast iron skillet. Cornbread can become a sort of casserole dish if you add canned corn, cheese and spam - yes it's really delicious!

  5. cook pasta of your choice. saute garlic in a little olive oil. add some parley or what ever green herb you like, and toss it with the pasta. add some good parmesan cheese on top. you can have it alone or with a quick side salad and/or garlic toast. quick, easy, and tasty.

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  6. garlic and olive oil couscous. Throw in diced up chicken breast,cooked broccoli,halved grape tomatoes, sliced black olives and some diced red pepper. My family loves this.

  7. This pan would be perfect for my steak stir fry. You brown cut up pieces of steak. Then, you add red, yellow, green peppers, onions, and garlic, all cut into pieces. Stir fry this. Then, add stir fry sauce. There it is! Serve with rice, and enjoy!!

  8. Slow cooker pulled pork: Pork Shoulder, 1/2 bottle root beer, onion, bbq sauce Layer thick slices of onion at bottom of slow cooker, Place shoulder down and pour root beer on top cook on low for approximately 8 hours until pork shreds easily. Take pork out shred it. Drain root beer and onions from slow cooker,the, add shredded pork and bbq sauce. Let warm up on low and serve.

  9. An easy recipe I won an award for is to place a 4-5 lb. boneless ham in a crockpot, layer orange and lemon slices over the top, sprinkle 1/2 c. brown sugar over the citrus, and sprinkle one can gingerale over the top and sides. Cook ham in crockpot 4-5 hours. One clove may be added to the soda in the bottom of the crockpot. Yummy and easy, and makes the house smell festive and homey. This works well at Christmas and Easter -- the ham cooks while you and family are away at Church services.

  10. Boil up some spaghetti. While it's cooking, gather these ingredients: Several cloves of chopped garlic, one small can of diced tomatoes, crushed red peppers, capers, chopped parsley, half a lemon, olive oil, white wine, black olives, and anchovies or anchovy paste. Heat the oil in a pan, lightly cook the garlic, add the tomatoes and cook for a few minutes, add white wine, add all the other ingredients except for the parsley and the lemon, which you should add at the last second. Toss with the pasta and serve.
    This will not be a thick sauce. It will just lightly coat the pasta, with the tomatoes and olives adding a bit of chunky texture.

  11. When I want a fast easy meal I just have macaroni and cheese with a can of seasoned chili beans. Tasty and takes about ten minutes.

  12. I make little pizzas by using whole wheat pita bread as a crust. open a small can of tomato sauce with basil and top with a little cheese and veges .10 -15 min in the oven at 400. Pretty healthy and better than a frozen pizza.

  13. Easy meal idea: your sausage of choice, veggies (I like zucchini), a can of diced tomatoes and some quinoa. You can cook it all in one pan.

  14. I love velvetta chicken! put chicken breast in a pan, add can cream of mushroom and one can of milk, put stuffing on top and then layer it will velvetta, then bake it at 350 for 35-45 minutes or until chicken is done! It's AMAZING!

  15. Oh my gosh, I have been wanting a Lodge pan for quite a while now! I need cast iron, plus I want something sturdy enough for camping.

  16. An easy meal I make a lot is potluck pasta. Basically it's mushrooms, onions, sauteed shrimp, garlic with some olive oil and spices on pasta.

  17. I take left over grilled chicken, taco meat or steak, slice it up and put it on a tortilla with cheese and grill it up. Sometimes I'll add a little corn or refried beans to it, but one picky kid will only eat cheese on it. This pan would be perfect for it.

  18. I love this skillet! Perfect for big groups, and for stir fry :) I would totally try to make our favorite Korean dishes in it!

  19. I love using my crock pot for an easy meal. One of our favs is very common here in PA Dutch country: pork and sauerkraut. Just put a pork roast and a can or bag of kraut in the crock pot and let it go all day. Yum! Serve with mashed potatoes and a veggie, and you are good to go!

  20. Top 6 chicken breasts with a jar of salsa and shredded cheese and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked.

  21. I am not one to really cook much with a recipe unless my mom (who is dying with MS really wants something made) I normally look at what we have for ingredients around the house and just start cooking with what sounds good and then see what I come up with it usually infuriates everyone because they fall in love with what I have made and I have no idea what I just made because there is no recipes for what I make I just create. Thank you for the giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  22. a bag of stir fry vegetables (frozen ) and some diced, grilled meat... either chicken or steak. Instant easy stir fry! you can even by the meat pre cut, seasoned, and frozen . EASY!

  23. One of the easiest meals it to stir fry veggies and add some cooked chicken breast - serve over potatoes, rice or pasta.

  24. Butternut squash cooked either in oven or crockpot, just split in half and deseed, bake, scoop out mix with coconut oill, about a tsp per cup of butternut., mix enjoy. My son also loves cheesy beans on the side, one can Eden Organic Black Beans, rinse thoroughly, heat on Lodge cst iron (love my Lodge), add cheese when warm, we like shharp cheddar, stir enjoy. Not much could be simpler ;)

  25. I love to make a simple spring tuna pasta dish.
    Use a good penne, orechiette or bowtie noodle. Something firm
    toss pasta with whatever sauteed veggies you have around, broccoli, carrots, snap peas, squash, etc. De-glaze with white wine and stir in a little butter, salt, EVOO, and some fresh basil. Add a small bit of fresh grated parm and toss in a quality canned tuna and serve. So good and healthy!

  26. Stir fry! Grab a skillet, cut up or crumble whatever meat you have on hand, throw in veggies, leftover rice or pasta, and some seasonings...practically anything! Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. I like dicing up some potato's, real thin, along with some onion into a heated and oiled pan. I brown the potato's real well and from time to time, adding a pat of butter. Once all the potato's are browned I put them on a plate and then fry some egg's over easy and plant them on top. Pinch of salt and pepper..finished. It is much better when I make this rather than buying hash brown's from a store. I am not a fan of the store made variety and I have tried several.

  28. Oh...I REALLY need one of these! My wok is rusted and my big saute pan is in Africa so I am making do but this would be amazing...

    I don't have a specific recipe...but what I love to mix in there is any type of veggies {frozen blend or fresh carrots, green peppers, those fancy pea beans that I cannot think of the name}, garlic, soy sauce, honey, and some kind of spice like red pepper or something with a kick like that plus the meat of your choice....usually chicken for us. So yummy on rice...I try to use a blend of long grain and wild. It is so good!

  29. Recipe idea! This skillet would be great for a stir fry. Toss in whatever vegetables you have in the fridge and add rice and some chicken voila!!!! No receipe needed.

  30. I have been using lodge cast iron griddle and would love to try the skillet especially since I'm trying to stay away from the nonstick pans and use healthier alternatives.

  31. One of my favorite things to do is just put a little coconut oil (or butter) in a pan with garlic and onion. Maybe even add a splash of wine. So, so good!

  32. Bake tater tots, brown sausage, then put tots and sausage in cast iron skillet. Add in however many eggs you want that have been whipped together, top with cheese. Cook in oven for 15 minutes on 350 till eggs r cooked. YUM

  33. My favorite go to recipe for white fish, pork, or chicken cutlets is: Mix 1/4 cup grated parmesan and 2 tsp chili powder. Coat meat in the mixture, bake at 400 degrees until done. So good, easy, and kid friendly!

  34. Baked potato bar is our easy go to! Throw the potatoes in the crockpot in the morning, ready when you get home from work. Then just pull the "stuff" out of the fridge, and you're good too go!

  35. None of my recipes are very "easy" but I make stir fry and rice pretty often. Saute whatever veggies you like, add some chopped chicken, pour in some soy sauce or your favorite marinade and dump over rice with sesame seeds for a garnish!

  36. We make frittatas at our house almost weekly. They are so easy and you can use whatever veggies you happen to have in the fridge! Just fry your vegetables (we regularly use broccoli and asparagus, although we've used spinach and green beans in a pinch) in a little bit of oil, add some scrambled eggs and seasoning and cheese (if you want), and stir in on the stovetop until the eggs are pretty firm, then throw it in the oven until set. Easy peasy!!

  37. Chicken breasts and veggies in the crock pot (easy:)

    Brown 3-4 chicken breasts in a little olive oil. Just a couple minutes.

    To crockpot add chicken and 2 cups fresh green Beans, 2 cups carrots, 3 cups baby red potatoes, 1/2 cup onion,1 1/2 cup chicken broth and pepper, salt, garlic seasoning,and Italian seasoning to liking.

    Cook for 2 hours on high.

    Yummy warm dinner that everyone will enjoy with very little work. (:

    1. fry mozzarella,easy and delicious,slice of mozzarella,dip on the egg,breadcrumb,fry on with olive oil serve in a dish top it w/sauce and you guest will love it.Happy holidays everyone.

  38. Whenever I have leftover mashed potatoes and gravy, shepherd's pie is an easy way to use them up. Just mix cooked ground beef, leftover or frozen veggies, and the gravy and heat through. Then put into a baking dish and top with the potatoes. Broil until the potatoes are just starting to brown on top.

  39. One of our favorite super easy dinners is pork roast! I toss a boneless pork loin roast into the crockpot about noon or 1 along with about 1/4 cup of apple juice and sprinkle chili powder, black pepper, and garlic and oregano to taste, and a few squirts of honey. Then about 2-3 hours before dinner we toss in some potatoes and carrots. If we are crunched for time, we can use baby carrots so there's no peeling and chopping necessary, and the really small size of potatoes (normally we just cut normal potatoes into like 4 pieces.) Everything comes out tasting super tasty, and our preschooler likes it as much as my husband!

  40. I make a super easy lentil soup. Carrots, celery, onions, garlic, ginger chopped and sauteed, add lentils and chicken stock and season. Bring to a boil and then cook on low till lentils are soft.

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