Dear Audrey :: 3 months old

Hello Darling.

Dear Audrey :: 3 months old 1

You have no idea how much we adore you. All four of us.

Your smile is like winning first prize or being invited somewhere VIP.

Every morning (after you've slept 8-10 hours straight), I lean over next to you on our white sheets. Your blue eyes find mine, but you don't cry.

Laid-back, but curious. You want to see the world, preferring to be walked about than to sit still.

And just like all of us, you find peace in the outdoors - with the wind surprising you and the trees waving hello, sunlight glistening through the branches.

You coo now and say "ooooh." And I say it right back to you. My heart beats right out of its chest, for the sheer fullness of having YOU.

When I write in my journal of thankful things, you are always there. In a hundred different ways.

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9 comments on “Dear Audrey :: 3 months old”

  1. Can it really be that three months have already gone by? My goodness.

    PS. I can see why this little one (along with both big sissies) fill up that journal of yours...

  2. She's so precious! I'm having a hard time spending time with my girls simply because there are two of them and I hate that! They are growing so fast!

    I just read all your recent posts and have lots of little comments, but no time to leave them. I'm sure you understand! ;) But thanks for linking up on facebook because I haven't even opened my reader in weeks... ;)

  3. oh my has it really been 3 months!? What happened to the TIME! She is a doll and love that expression on her face! I know you enjoy her to the fullest!

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