dear kayla and liv, you are my music

dear kayla and liv, you are my music 1Music is, in many ways, a foreign language. It takes skill and practice to learn it - to dream it, to feel the tones and rhythms in your blood.

I never took instrument or voice lessons as a child. Even so, my childhood was not without music. I heard the leaves rustling, the birds twittering, the classical greats as I leapt across dance floors, the pounding of my heart at soccer games, and the sweet soprano of my mom's voice as she strummed her guitar.

I don't know what the future holds for my little girls - if they will embrace singing or art or science or rock-climbing. But I do know I want to open doors so that they can see the possibilities. To give them the chance to try.

To look inside themselves and see what music they find there.

dear kayla and liv, you are my music 2 dear kayla and liv, you are my music 3 dear kayla and liv, you are my music 4

Hohner Kids recently sent us their beautiful My First Acoustic Guitar (~$50) and a Hand Drum (~$10). The guitar is adorably-sized - perfect for little fingers (ages 4+). It's a miniature version of the real thing. The drum is super fun too - with nice tones for exploring and creating music.

Hohner Kids also offers a variety of other musical instruments: cymbals, accordions, maracas, harmonicas, etc. 

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13 comments on “dear kayla and liv, you are my music”

  1. Music is so very good for the soul! i was just talking to a friend the other day whose teenage babysitters play the harp. What a beautiful instrument. I am seriously thinking about encouraging one of our daughters to take it up some day!

  2. We have a good friend who works for Hohner. Can't wait for our kids to play instruments one day. Right now they play Daddy's guitar and their own "whisk guitars". love!

  3. Your daughters are so adorable....So awesome that they are getting into music. I would love my kids to develop a passion for music or the arts....Merry Christmas to you and your family.....

  4. We love music around here. We gave the kids a set of 16 handbells and a couple harmonicas to go with the rest of their musical instrument collection at Christmas! They have a couple drums, some maracas and other stuff too... we've also started some musical education with a piano course here at the house on mommy's piano :) that's been fun.

  5. Eli has a Hohner kids harmonica and it's a great instrument! It has a lovely sound and has been quite durable. He seems to be musically inclined and we are trying to decide how best to promote that. We don't want to do lessons yet because we don't want him to feel there is a 'right' way to play. He has a variety of instruments that he plays with, he sings (a lot!), and we try to expose him to different types of music. I really hope his interest in music continues!

  6. Looks like a beautiful guitar - I always wanted to learn guitar, but my parents "made" me study piano for 10 years! :) LOL! In the end, I am grateful for that as I think piano really opens the door to many other musical avenues... not that I took ANY, but still... :)
    I am excited that we'll be starting a "mommy & me" type music class with my son this January! :) I really want him to appreciate good music as he grows!

    1. How old were you when you began lessons? I've considered enrolling the girls in a class, but I'm afraid that too much "structure" at an early age will damper the interest. I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

  7. We gave a similar guitar to our son (3) this Christmas and he loves it. I totally agree with making an effort to open doors so they know all possibilities. We talked about music over Christmas dinner and my brother-in-law was saying he regretted not taking lessons in some musical instrument as a child. I took piano lessons for 12 years and I really believe it helped in many areas of my life.

  8. Merry Merry! We miss you all. The girls look adorable. And now I'm off to check out 1000 Gifts - I never heard of that one either - yikes! (Read and loved the others!) xoxo

  9. I wonder if they sell pianos, i'll go check them out. Camille has taken to the piano and we are getting her an instructor in the spring. I love how Kayla is holding the guitar like a pro, she is going to be a rockstar someday?

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