Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables

Have you ever tasted:

roasted carrots, glazed with brown sugar and tossed feta cheese?

Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables 1

fresh summertime broccoli with creamy homemade ranch dressing?

Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables 2

sweet white corn, slathered with real butter and sea salt?

Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables 3

golden yellow peppers right at the height of their seasonal goodness?

Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables 4

spaghetti squash, cooked to perfection, topped with bubbly marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese?

Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables 5

grilled onions, stir-fryed in a cast iron skillet?

Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables 6

If you *think* you don't like vegetables, I propose that you reconsider.

When prepared with care, vegetables are actually the most delectable of foods.

Let's stop telling ourselves, our kids, and our friends that vegetables are to be endured. No more: "kids just don't like vegetables" and "you have to eat your vegetables first."

How about "Yay, we GET to eat vegetables!" and "Celebrate! Tonight is Vegetable Night!" (we really do have vegetable night in our house) and "Vegetables for starters! Delicious!"

Truth be told, vegetables don't need to be "hidden" in brownies or smoothies. They can be served as the main course...or even dessert.

Put on your chef's hat and get creative. Make a smiley face out of celery, olives, and cherry tomatoes. Steam up a sweet potato. Delight in a cauliflower crusted pizza. Find more ideas on my Fruits & Vegetables board on Pinterest.

What is your favorite vegetable? How do you like to prepare it? 

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13 comments on “Dear People Who Don't Like Vegetables”

  1. I have trouble with strong flavors (things like onions are WAY too much for me). I've never been a veggie eater because all the ones I've tried have been like an unpleasant wallop to the senses. However, I'm on a quest for mild-flavored veggies that I may be able to tolerate. So far, I've found that I'm okay with baby spinach. I'll have to try to carrots and brown sugar - that one sounds like a possibility!

  2. Love this post true... there are so many people that don't like vegetables!

    As a first time mom (with my now 12 year old) I made the mistake of catering to his likes...I would prepare a meal for the adults and a meal for took me a while to realize that what I was doing was not the best thing, we would eat a salad, veggies, chicken, rice and serve him chicken tenders or something like that because "he didn't like veggies". I finally started serving him exactly what the adults were eating and although he didn't like everything at first now he is pretty good at eating almost anything on his plate.
    I do have a no dessert rule (usually fruit with ice cream on the side or whipped topping) in the house if veggies are not consumed.

    With my 4 year old I never catered to her...she has whatever we are having and she is truly good eater. I now recommend to most new parents to give their kids whatever they are having and to keep trying with will eventually try them if on their plates.

    Off to see your board....

  3. My 5 year old, husband and I LOVE vegetables (and fruit!). My 3 year old... never has. The funny thing though is that when he actually tries them he does like most of them. There are one or two that he truly hasn't liked, but most of them he does.

  4. I love veggies. Jay loves veggies. We prepare them well and often (really, all the time). But the kids don't go for it. They will eat fruits, but I have to disguise their veggies. I make our own pizza and spaghetti sauce and purée zucchini and arugula in it. I put kale and beet greens in their smoothies. I purée squash and add it to their baked oatmeal. I can't see a reason why my kids should not like their vegetables.... But they just don't. Sigh. Someday. And until then, I will put puréed cauliflower in their bread! :)

  5. I'm a little picky about veggies but learning to cook over the years and joining a CSA this year has taught me that many of things I thought I didn't like when I was young were simply cooked badly. There are a still a few veggies I won't eat but most are at least okay when prepared well. And a lot of them are down right fabulous.

  6. My favorite is aparagus... sauteed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, and a litle bit of brown sugar! Mmmm... I want some right now! (I do green beans this way too.)

  7. I love: roasted sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus, fresh steamed green beans, sweet corn on the cob, fresh cherry tomatoes, sweet peas, tomato onion and cilantro chopped and mixed into fresh pico de gallo with a squirt of lemon and a dash of salt.

    I agree that many times it's not the vegetable, it's the preparation. On the other hand, I sometimes hesitate to experiment or try a new recipe if it's a very different flavor from our norm or an ingredient I'm really unfamiliar with because if we don't like it, what am I supposed to do with all that food? I guess the answer would be to start with very small portions of the new stuff. It still makes me hesitate.

    1. We gobble up cherry tomatoes here - especially the yellow ones that we pick right off the vine from Tim's grandpa's garden.

    2. I wanted to add that children are very perceptive. If they see a parent acting negatively towards a food (making faces, saying yuck, talking negatively about not liking a food) then they are more likely to imitate that behavior.

  8. Heh! Love the title.

    We are good vegetable eaters here. When I take my 3-year-old shopping, I let him find things he'd like to eat. Most time he will eat them, sometimes he won't. (He didn't like the butternut squash.) He has even asked to eat broccoli for breakfast!

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