Diaper Bag Discussion

Diaper Bag Discussion 1There's a great discussion going on over at Baby Cheapskate about whether or not buying a diaper bag is a good investment.

Here's what I wrote:
"A diaper bag is definitely not on my "must-have" list. In fact, it doesn't even make my "wishlist." If I could turn back the clock, I wouldn't have registered for a diaper bag at all. When my baby was very little, I used the free bag from the hospital. Now, I just throw a diaper and a travel wipes case in my purse (I keep an extra outfit and an extra diaper in the car). If you want to invest in a bag, buy a stylish oversized purse (for the fashionista) or a backpack (for the athletic/outdoorsy type). BONUS: You'll be able to use the bag pre- and post-baby..."

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2 comments on “Diaper Bag Discussion”

  1. I do not agree- I could not function without all the other gadgets I have in the diaper bag. I ditched my purse and got a great diaper bag with each baby. Now, as they are older, I do the back pack idea for the 2 year old with those just in case items!

    Thanks for visiting my blog- I would love to have you participate in an All Women Blog Carnival from my other blog.


  2. I agree - not worth it. With three kids, I finally just purchased an oversized purse into which I could cram everything - much more practical.

    BTW - I have both your sites on my blogroll ;-)

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