Diaper Cakewalk [giveaway]

Looking for a baby shower gift that is both unique AND functional (plus, adorable!)? Take a peek at the diaper cake creations at Diaper Cakewalk.

Diaper Cakewalk [giveaway] 1 Diaper Cakewalk [giveaway] 2 Diaper Cakewalk [giveaway] 3

These delectable cakes are made with diapers, toiletries, and toys for a fun gift that won't go unused. Best of all, the cakes feature Pampers Swaddlers diapers...our family's favorite brand of disposables for newborns! You can opt for either a cake with Johnson's baby products or Burt's Bee's products (a more natural option). I'd love to see future cakes made with Aveeno or Arbonne soaps and creams. Also, wouldn't a book-themed cake be READiculously rad?

A cake like this would be an especially perfect centerpiece for a shower. It's the kind of decor that is guaranteed to be noticed, but that will also be a delightful post-party gift.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a three-tier diaper cake from the Bestselling Diaper Cakes category - to be used for yourself or as a gift! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, May 15 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Diaper Cakewalk for providing two cakes – one for review and one for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #49 Brandi. Congratulations!

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67 comments on “Diaper Cakewalk [giveaway]”

  1. I love these! It lt is so much easier to buy a diaper cake than make one! My favorite is the Brown & Pink Diaper Cake for a girl and the Brown & Blue Diaper Cake for a boy.

  2. I love all three diaper cakes shown but I think the pink one with the dog is my favorite. The person that thought of these diaper cakes is quite creative - I wish I was that creative. Thanks for the giveaway. This is an awesome prize.

  3. These are just so adorable. I have never seen any quite like these before and I love them.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  4. I would love The Monkey one for my daughters Baby Shower!! She would go Apes over it!(LOL)!!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  5. These diaper cakes are so cute. I would love to win one of these cakes for my daughters baby shower

  6. Pampers are the best this would make a great gift for a friend who is 4 months pregnant with her first child.

  7. I like the diaper cake samplers. It's nice that they come with the three major diaper brands so you can try them all out to figure out which ones are best for your little one.

  8. I love the Safari Jungle Cake and I would gift it to my niece who is pregnant with her first.

  9. I am hosting a "baby shower" at my church to benefit Pregnancy Ministries. This would look really cute as a sort of invitation to people to leave gifts.

  10. These are amazing. What a great unique gift to give. I really like the By The Seashore Pink Diaper Cake.

  11. I'm having a baby girl by C-section next Monday. I had a really, really nice shower but didn't get any diaper cakes and I'd love one!

  12. I received a diaper cake at my shower for my firstborn and was absolutely in awe of the craftiness. I think they make an outstanding gift.
    These ones are simply adorable. I am partial to the Burt's Bee's ones. My girls have never had reactions to their products and I love the scent.
    I would be thrilled to give one of these to a friend at her up-coming (post-baby) shower.

  13. Oh! My favorite is the little monkey with zebra print! I got something similar at my first shower.

  14. These are adorable! Much nicer than the ones i've made. Would be perfect for the couple showers
    Coming up!

  15. I love diaper cakes. They have to be the most practical baby shower gift to give. They are beautiful! I really love how it is not just a baby gift that sits around. Every part of it is meant to be used up. Especially the Pampers swaddlers, they are hands down my favorite newborn diaper.

  16. My sister in law is due in 3 weeks with a baby girl. This would be a great gift for her.

    I think a book themed cake would be awesome.

  17. So sweet! I would love one of these! Having a boy in seven weeks...after a girl. I admit I was a little bummed that there are SO man pink items we can't use again...I'm trying to prepare, but it's hard with the second since my two year old is so busy! Would love a cake of boy items to have on hand!

  18. The diaper cake creations are adorable! One would sure come in handy for my family since I'm almost 20 wks pregnant.

  19. I was thinking that I hope they come in bigger sizes than n diapers- my cousin who has size 18 feet is expecting a baby with his wife in a few months- n may be too small!

  20. A book cake would be my favorite! I have a friend I'm going to be doing a baby shower for this summer that this would be perfect for. These are so cute and I don't have the talent/creativity do make one on my own. :-)

  21. I would just love to receive this! I am not having a baby shower with this baby, so it would be a prefect present for myself! :) Burt's Bees would be so amazing!!!

  22. I love that the diaper cakes have toys and essentials besides diapers! I would really love the Johnson & Johnson one for my sister! Great idea for a book cake! Thank you!

  23. These things are the cutest! Every time I see one of these, I get so excited (and I don't even have any kids yet)! I LOVE the idea of a book themed one - this lit major would be all over that!

  24. These are actually cute compared to some of the diaper cakes I have seen. I love your idea for the reading cake. I am going to have a "build the library" shower for my sis in law who is having her first.

  25. I much prefer Burt's Bees to Aveeno, and have just been introduced to Arbonne (haven't tried it yet). I would love to bless my friend with this!
    And yes, pampers swaddlers are the way to go with newborns (but they still aren't as amazing as cloth!)

    1. You'll be happy to know that we're at least partially switching to gDiapers this week! What are your favorite cloth diaper brands?

  26. These are super cute, have seen them done for a few showers but I LOVE the idea of someone else making it! For those of us who are "craft challenged" and have little spare time, but still want to do something cute, its a great option. I do wish they had a gdiaper cake or I think the best would be one that had two of multiple brands (so a new mom could really find which ones she liked best without going broke!) Thats my biggest concern about going cloth - picking a brand that works for us and while it would be expensive... I would love love love it if a group of friends went in on it together!

  27. I love these! Not only are they adorable but they're also practical. Who can't use diapers?? I'm pregnant with baby #6 and would love to have one of these. The Monkey business one is my fave :)

  28. These are so cute! I really like the green froggy cake for a boy and the sweet safari baby cake for a girl.

  29. A book themed one would be awesome. We are giving my sister-in-law a shower next month and asking everyone to bring a book for the baby.

  30. Pampers swaddles are my favorite for a newborn too! I love the Burt's Bees option, and think a book cake would be a great idea.

  31. So many cute & creative "cakes" on their site. I'd feel bad taking one apart to use for myself though! So I'd be tempted to keep it for a gift.

  32. We're expecting our first baby and the nursery is safari-themed. We don't know the gender but took a safari last summer as a last big adventure before changing our travel style. :) We're planning to cloth diaper, but some backup disposables might be nice, just in case...

      1. We received about a dozen gDiapers from my sister-in-law and a friend so we're going to start using those this week! What brand(s) did you decide on?

        1. My parents are getting us a month via a diaper-service until we get on our feet with a routine, etc. (They said the last thing we'll want is more laundry in the beginning!) I think we'll see how that goes before purchasing some of our own.

          1. What a wonderful gift! Will the diaper service let you try a variety of brands/styles? Let me know how it goes.

  33. Pampers Swaddlers are the best for newborns, aren't they? That's one piece of advice I always share with first-time moms. I have a friend who has decided to keep the gender a surprise. I'd love to surprise her with the Centro cake.

    1. Yes! Swaddlers are so much softer than other brands.

      Our little one just switched over to size 1 diapers so we are planning to make the switch to partially using cloth now. Here goes... :)

  34. Adorable and wonderfully useful! I'd love to surprise a good friend of mine with a pink one for the little girl she is expecting. (I also love the book theme idea)

  35. these are super cute! YES a book cake would be amazing. At my shower, all the guests brought either a copy of their favorite picture book OR a used-but-good-condition picture book to give to my new baby to start his library! It was sweet. Diapers and books - definitely a must! :)
    Now... I wish they would do a CLOTH diaper cake! :) hee hee!

  36. This would be perfect as I am having my baby TOMORROW! Plus my sister is expecting her first baby at the end of September so maybe I'd share it with her. Pampers Swaddlers are hands down our favorite diapers too. We love the Burt's Bees products too, but Arbonne and Aveeno are other excellent suggestions!

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