Dinner Delivered to Your Door - and I don't mean Papa Johns!

Dinner Delivered to Your Door - and I don't mean Papa Johns! 1My very cool cousin Becky is a personal chef for a doctor in Canada (she used to work for a company called Sliced Tomatoes and you can watch her create Orange BC Wild Salmon with Cranberry Compote in this YouTube video). I don't know all of the specifics, but she essentially preps and prepares all of the meals for he and his family. It must be nice for that doc and his brood - not having to worry about grocery shopping, meal-prepping, or clean-up.

Although I have to say that I actually kind of enjoy cooking, every once in awhile it would be nice if I had a personal chef to call upon or if dinner was delivered to my door - and not by Papa Johns (although pizza's good too, don't get me wrong).

Dinner Delivered to Your Door - and I don't mean Papa Johns! 2This past weekend, that happened. A Parisian four course dinner for two from GourmetStation was delivered to our door complete with french baguettes, two soups, Chicken Montrachet and Lamb Shank (the main entrees), and Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake. 

GourmetStation specializes in gourmet food gifts - dinner gifts, occasion dinners, dessert gifts, even a wine shop. The meals are "chef inspired" and delivered nationwide. 

If you're looking for a way to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday - or if you're planning a simple night of romance - and you don't want to fuss with menu planning, check out GourmetStation. 

Notes from me - If you win or if you decide to buy a meal, you can choose between Americana, Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun, and Fusion. We tried the first three menus and Americana reigned supreme. Oh, and I would go with the 3-course dinner instead of the 4-course option because the soups are kind of blah. The entrees and desserts are the best part. Just my "two cents."

Dinner Delivered to Your Door - and I don't mean Papa Johns! 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a gift certificate for a gourmet three-course dinner for two from GourmetStation (valued at $69.99). To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, May 4 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, May 5. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #2 workout mommy. Congratulations!

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264 comments on “Dinner Delivered to Your Door - and I don't mean Papa Johns!”

  1. I'm an accomplished cook; but I would like a break from my regular routine. Winning would be delicious.

  2. This would be an awesome prize to share with my soon to be 92 year young mother for Mother's Day or her birthday. I would love to have a delicious, gourmet meal cooked by someone else and delivered right to the front door. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  3. I really think this is so neat, and will hopefully try it soon, I think the hardest decision would be deciding which to try, they all souded good. I love soups so I would probly give them a try just to check it out!! you are right this would be ALOT better than papa johns .

    Please enter me.

  4. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    GourmetStation was delivered to our door complete with french baguettes, two soups, Chicken Montrachet and Lamb Shank (the main entrees), and Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  5. Wow.. you are gonna be tired of hearing from me here soon!

    This would be great. A single mom of six kids, (Thankfully two of them eat very little if any adult food), I need all the extra ZANG I can get at dinner. I'd love to sit down with my kids and pick out a meal. Or even get together with my best friend and her fiancee, and get a meal with them OR, just give the meal to them for a night of relaxation.

  6. Sounds wonderful for people like me who love to have a great meal in the comfort of your own home, without having to cook!

  7. What a fantastic giveaway! I could really impress my family with something new and delicious all in the time that I don't have. What a concept!!!

  8. What a nice change to regular delivery places. This would be great for anniversaries and that kind of thing where you want a special, private dinner. All the food looks delicious!

  9. Dinner Delivered toOur Front Door !!!!! What a perfect Mother's Day gift. How more perfect does this get!!!!!!! What a delight. Many thanks to allw ho enter. SW

  10. This would be an awesome prize. It's hard having to come home to cook after a long day of work and this would be a special treat for me.

  11. Wow. This is a super idea. Not only would I not have to cook, but I would be eating a gourmet meal! All the descriptions sound delicious.

  12. It would be such a dream to not have to cook dinner and have it delivered right to my door.

  13. This sounds great! A chance to eat something good without the work and the hassle of dressing up, making reservations, finding a babysitter and of course the huge tab at the end!

  14. Would love to win this for my husband. He works soooo hard for me. Being disabled is hard for me to watch him cook, even if he is terrific. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I am going to try and pass it off as my homemade food, so my husband thinks I suddenly learned to cook! great contest

  16. What a great service! Perfect for when we don't feel like going out but don't quite want to cook!

  17. Gosh can you say mothe's day? I think this would be awsome. I know someone who deserves it.

  18. It would be so nice for someone else to do the cooking but not just the cooking.... a meal that's luxurious and pampering! That's a sweet treat.

  19. What a wonderful service! It's rare that I get to eat GOOD food. You know that doesn't happen when I'm the cook...lol

  20. Almost everyday on the way home from work I beat myself up for not taking something out of the freezer to prepare for dinner! I scramble to pick up the kids, get homework done, hopefully throw a load of laundry in, all the while wracking my brains coming up with what I can make with the ingredients I have on hand. I usually pull though - only occassionally having to resort to hotdogs and mac & cheese! What a thrill to have - even for only a day - a gourmet meal DELIVERED to my door!

  21. Got a wedding coming up this summer. This would be special as our first meal as husband and wife!

  22. Looks delicious and how great it would be to not have to cook for a night! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. What a great idea!!! I have heard about these delivery services but could never bring myself to indulge. My husband and I love good food and Fusion is one of my favorites-- a little bit of everything!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!! :)

  24. No cooking, fast food, take out or having to go to a restaurant- even if the food was blah I'd want in. (Who doesn't, right?) Sounds like a really great contest, count me in please.

  25. A comment....I wouldn't know what to do...except eat of course. LOL Honestly have never tried or even thought about delivered gourmet meals. It's a foreign concept to me. But winning it would be a wonderful eating experience. A little spark to cheer up this winter weather-weary family....perhaps.

  26. Yum! This sounds great! It would be a fun little culinary adventure for my fiance' and I.
    So fun! Great prize!

  27. I like fine food, but really don't like the hassle of eat out. So a gourmet meal delivered to my front door sounds like heaven!

  28. As a single mom I don't really need a double meal but I guess I could eat twice. Yippee. Sounds like a wonderful idea for a romantic night at home with a lot less work. Or in my case a really good meal twice with very little work.LOL. Thank you so much.

  29. Oh, my gosh. What a prize. It's making me hungry for good food! I would love to win this in time for my mom's birthday. What a great surprise!

  30. My birthday was April 14th and we didn't get to celebrate it because my 4 y.o. son fell and broke his arm 2 days before it. I really wasn't up for any big deal to be made about it at the time. But now that a few weeks have passed, and my son Hudson is back to his normal self, broken arm and all, I would love a nice gourmet meal in front of the fireplace once the kids are asleep :-)
    Thank you for another great giveaway!

  31. Since we never seem able to break away for date night, this would be a great way to bring date night to us! Thanks for the chance to win...

  32. My husband has a birthday coming up - and they have Cheesecake too. Our favorite dessert

  33. Would so love to win this ~with our busy schedules, nothing would be a weeknight of gourmet food that I didn't have to cook(not that it would be gourmet if i cooked it;) )

  34. What a great Mother's Day treat this would be. A gourmet dinner for two and I don't have to make it! Great giveaway!!!

  35. This would be perfect to have since I am pregnant and it would be nice to have a night off once the baby is here. Thanks!

  36. Wow! Wouldn't this be a great suprise for my husband. A yummy meal that neither one of us has to cook. Hope I win.

  37. This would be perfect for after our first baby is born in June! I am going to try and make some meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer, but this sounds delicious and would definitely be a treat for us! Thanks.

  38. Since I cook (from scratch) 7 nights a week, this would be such a pleasure for us. The menus look delicious...I wouldn't know what to choose!
    Lovely giveaway!

  39. Not having to cook, not having to go anywhere, and eating gourmet food? Wow. Wish I could afford my own personal chef! :) thanks for a chance at one meal, anyway!

  40. I can't help but wonder how long it would take us to get through 3 courses with interruptions...or if we'd have to do a late-night meal with the kids in bed. Either way - sounds like the perfect date night right at home! Thanks! beezerly (at) yahoo (dot) com

  41. What a great service. I've looked into the "make a meal" places, but they don't offer babysitting, so it's not that convenient. To just have food show up...that's what I need!

  42. I would LOVE to win this. Our fourteenth anniversary is coming up in the next few weeks and we have four little ones and no babysitters so I'm trying to decide how to celebrate at home!

  43. This is great.Eating food that is inspired by a chef,someone else to pay for it,wow,sounds too good to be true.

  44. The Tuscan 4 Course Dinner has me drooling and I think i would put that cranberry compote on just about anything!

  45. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this awesome prize! I'd love to win this!! Big HUGz! Jules

  46. I am really thinking about that Mothers Day Certifcate for my own Mom. Its a 3 course dinner with free shipping and free gifts. Plus it has no expiration date so she could use it whenever she liked.
    Thanks for the heads up, I had never heard of this place before.

  47. This would be so perfect for our 5 year anniversary which is coming up in June. I'd like find time to cook a gourmet meal for us but I just don't see that happening!

  48. Oooh, free nice dinner in my home after the kiddos are in bed? Who wouldn't want to try that?? How 'bout a personal chef, too? And a maid. And a nanny just occasionally, and...

  49. Now this sounds great!! With 3 kids my husband and myself don't go out often. This is close to having a romantic dinner but then in my own house. The only thing I need to do is set the table, open some wine, light some candles... Oh please count me in!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Thanks for letting us know about this delicious sounding service! It's great to be pampered every once in a while - I'm going to have to check this out.

  51. Creme Brulee Cheesecake sounds heavenly and $69 for a 3 course dinner for 2 sounds very reasonable. I sure would like a free try. Thanks!

  52. This is one of the best gifts I've ever seen. GourmetStation offers so many different meal options and everythings looks delicious. I would love to have a gourmet meal delivered to the house, prepared by someone else. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  53. Wow, this is such a fantastic and unique gift. Not having to cook for a night would be a gift by itself. I'd love to have a nice romantic dinner at home with my wife. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  54. My daughter has an upcoming birthday, and I know she would love this gourmet dinner package. It would be an unexpected gift. Plus, the food sounds (or should I say "smells") delicious. Thanks!

  55. I hadn't read your blog in a few days so I went backwards and I should have started here! I don't actually have to cook! Yeah! I'm off the hook! Tel hubby please! : )

  56. What can I say, being able to eat gormet food without having to dress up and go out! And noone has to make a mess in the kitchen! WOW!

  57. Wow -- this sounds fantastic! I'm not much of a cook (though I'm trying) and would love to actually treat my hubby and myself to a gourmet meal! I love French food, but I'd take your advice and order the Americana!

  58. I want to give my mom a nice dinner treat. This would be a great prize to win so I can do something nice for her.

    Cheers to you for offering this!!


  59. My boyfriend and I both work late and we are so tired when we get home that this is such a great idea. I get tired of fast food and having gourmet food deliverd to your door is great. I reviewed the menus and the choices are so varied that they can please everyone. I can not wait to try the mushroom soup.

  60. Wow - this would be amazing. I've always wanted to try GourmetStation. I've heard some great things from my friends.

  61. Oh, I would love to try this! I have my cousin coming to spend 2 weeks with me, and I haven't seen her for 30 years - what a great treat this would be to share with her. Pick me!!!

  62. What a brilliant idea! I'd for sure love to do this with my husband sometime. I really love it though, as a gift for those hard to give to! My father and his wife have the things they want and don't expect a thing from us. Makes it difficult to do something special for them sometimes! This would be perfect for them -- or anyone you want to wish a "happy anniversary" -- or even to give some couple time back to a mom and dad celebrating a new baby (well, after the first few sleepless, hectic weeks of adjustment! A terrific idea. Thanks for sharing too your preferences on the cuisines, courses, etc. --Always makes you feel better going in having heard it from someone who has tried it! I am curious to check out their wine shoppe too. I'm not a wine drinker but have friends/family who are and would like to see if they suggest certain wines with certain menus, etc. Thank you for the contest/giveaway!

  63. I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a terrible cook. Many times when I attempt it, my husband walks in the door from work only to have to rescue dinner (because he's the REAL cook in this family!). Anyway, our 8-year anniversary is coming up and I really don't want him to feel like he has to whip up something. And since good babysitters are hard to come by around the fourth of July, I know we'll be staying in rather than going out for the night. So this meal delivery service sounds like a real treat!

  64. It sounds delicious. It would be so nice to take a night or two off from cooking and enjoy a fantastic meal without going out to eat!

  65. Oh...my...goodness! Date night without having to find a babysitter for sleeping baby! We struggle with the dinner/getting baby ready for bedtime routine thing...by the time that's done, we just want to veg and watch stuff on Netflix.

    I remember the last time we tried to have a nice dinner for 2(really 3). And, it was more of a juggle between my fork and Calvin grabbing my hair/napkin/plate.

    If I could have a gourmet dinner at home and have it delivered...now THAT would be one of the best gifts EVER for mother's day.

  66. this sounds awesome! I am cooking-challenged, so we all could appreciate someone else doing the cooking for us. Thanks!

  67. I could really use a break from cooking one night. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for offering this.

  68. Ooh, honey! I'm having a hard time deciding between the Cajun and Fusion dinners. Mmmm mmm! Thanks for the offer!

  69. What Mom doesn't need this to win this giveaway! I think we all could use a night off from cooking. By the way, I've been secretly waiting for this giveaway since you first mentioned GourmetStation a while back.

  70. How wonderful it would be to a gourmet meal delivered.

    metropolitanmama&GourmetStation rocks!


  71. Wow! What options. I would be really fun to have a gourmet meal without all the prep and clean up. Um, that would suppose that I actually cook gourmet meals that I have to prep and clean up. I was drooling over the Rueben and crab cakes although I don't think I could get that since dh doesn't like ruebens :(.

  72. I would love this for my husband and I! We rarely get a good meal with the kids running around. This sounds divine.

  73. This would be such a wonderful "Vacation" even if its only for one meal!! Thank you so much for the conteset!

  74. I would love this, I haven't enjoyed a meal like this in a very long time and to have it delivered right to your door instead of worrying if the children will behave during a nice dinner would be the best thing!

  75. Wow. Really, wow! I like to think some of my meals turn out gourmet, but you lost me at the 3-course part... If sides count as a course though, then I'm back in the game! How fun to have someone else make a healthy, tasty meal for you. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  76. This is like Simon Delivers, only way way way better, because I don't have to think about what to do with those chicken legs... This would be such a fun treat!

  77. This is a great idea! I can't spend Mother's Day with my mom to take her to brunch but now I can send brunch to her... thanks for sharing this website!

  78. Getting a personal chef is at the top of my dream list...even before a housecleaner. I'd love to win this so at least I can get a sneak preview of how wonderful a good meal delivered to my door would be!!

  79. Ooh, la la! What a way to treat a mama right. This would be fabulous! How nice to have a gourmet dinner and not have to wash the dishes (save for plates). I'd love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  80. I would love to have a gourmet delivered right to my door. A great way to have a date night a home. Maybe I could feed the girls first, put on a disney movie, light some candle and pretend we are at some fancy resturant. I wonder how long before the girls came to see why we were eating "in the dark."

  81. I would love to have a delicious, gourmet meal delivered right to my front door. What a great idea:) Thank you for the chance to win(my fingers are crossed)

  82. Oh that would be awesome! I love trying new foods, and I really, I mean *Really* miss those meals that my dear friends and family delivered after I gave birth. Itd be fun to share a romantic date on our back porch - and it wouldn't be spagheti! :) I know its a terrible thing to do, But I'm holding my breath and hoping its me!! Thanks!

  83. Hello, I didn't even know this wonderful service existed. Thanks for the tip! Sounds much better than
    ordering pizza all of the time. Please enter me in your drawing. I really appreciate it.....Cindi

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