Dishwasher Detergent Showdown: Cascade Complete versus Electrasol

A PR company recently queried me and asked if I would be willing to try out two different dishwasher detergents that are out on the market. I said "yes." 

Cascade Complete and Electrasol arrived at my door. I actually have tried both products in the past, but have never "compared" them side-by-side. 

Dishwasher Detergent Showdown: Cascade Complete versus Electrasol 1Cascade Complete promises to "take care of every step of the wash process so you don't have to. That means there's no need to prewash most dishes..." I found this claim to be true. We just scraped off large chunks of food and didn't worry about the rest...and the dishes really did come clean.

Dishwasher Detergent Showdown: Cascade Complete versus Electrasol 2Finish - formerly Electrasol - promises to "give you deep cleaning power plus SHINE BOOST® to gently remove tough food stains." We tried the "scrape off big chunks and insert dishes" method with this detergent...and it didn't work. There were little bits and pieces of food still stuck on the dishes as we pulled them out. I know that Electrasol doesn't claim to cut out the pre-washing step, but I'm all about saving time so I appreciate having to do one less step.

In sum, Cascade Complete wins hands-down. It is powerful and does what it says it will do. That said, I would like it more if they toned down the heavy bleach scent and if they offered more information about how they are working to make the environment (and our home environments) healthier places...

Want to try both products out for yourself? Enter to win by leaving a comment...

WIN IT! One winner will receive one bottle of Cascade Complete and one bottle of Electrasol. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, July 20 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.  

*UPDATE* The winner is #267 Sarah Stern. Congratulations!

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345 comments on “Dishwasher Detergent Showdown: Cascade Complete versus Electrasol”

  1. We just bought a new kitchen aide dw and it has a hard food disposer(that is a must & SS Tub). It came with just 2 with 2 individual packs of finish. It seemed to work ok. We currently use cascade action and it works ok; however, you are comparing cascade complete with finish. I have never made this comparason . I would like to compare the two products. Thanks Larry

  2. Both of these products are absolutely HORRIBLE for the environment. If you have children, you are poisoning their world by using either of these products. In addition to containing chlorine bleach, they both contain phosphates which kill all living things in the water. They are not filtered out of cesspools, septic tanks or any sewage treatment plants.

    Please use natural, phosphate and bleach free products and DO NOT use any of the Cascade or Electrasol products...please, if for no other reason, do it for your children and for the fish and plants in our waters.

  3. Trying both would be very interesting - Dishwashing detergent is one of those things I
    tend to just grab at Walmart or Family Dollar - depending on what they have in stock. I tend to
    get Cascade for some reason -

  4. I would like to compare the two. I just moved into a new home and I am not thrilled with the performance of my dishwasher. I need to find the right detergent!

  5. I use Cascade in the dishwasher all the time and would love to win a free bottle of it. I also love to try new things out so would love it if I was to win a free bottle of Electrasol as well. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  6. I've been trying different things out for a while, i really like the Cascade, so i'd love more of it.

  7. We have not had very good luck with the gel pacs or the tablets, so we stick to the powder or liquid. I would love to compare these two liquids. I usually have coupons for either of them, but usually stay with the Cascade because it works pretty well. My hubby used to tell people that the dishwasher was the most expensive "sterilizer" he ever hoped to buy since all dishes are washed in dish soap and rinsed before loading them in the dishwasher. It is easier than trying to get off the baked on pieces left by the dishwasher.
    Thank you for such a useful giveaway.

  8. I only buy one of two brands: Electrasol or Cascade. They both work great; however, I must admit my decision in buying is usually based on which one is on sale! With today's economy, you gotta save where you can. And the tabs and gelcaps are the best invention since...well, the dishwasher!

  9. I'd love to compare these two dishwashing detergents. With the price of everything going up, I've been using a generic brand.

  10. I have both Cascade and Electrasol under my sink right now, so I'd love to win either of them. Thanks for doing this!

  11. A side by side comparison sound like a lot of fun. I currently use Cascade Complete and it is does what it says. Would like to give Electrasol a try

  12. I have used Cascade for years and years. It does the job I need done. Would not mind trying others.

  13. i really think it's all dishwasher dependent. Ours went out recently and forced to buy a new one find even the cheap store brands work magnificently, even on dry food. Though the big saying in this house is SCRAPE, RINSE, PUT... kids know exactly what we mean when we say it

  14. I've always been a Cascade user...but definitely willing to try something new...this is the perfect opportunity! I hope I my fingers crossed!

  15. I've used both. I love the convenience of the tablets, but I wonder how environmentally friendly they are. Actually, I wonder that about all dishwashing detergents.

    Anyway, if I won this I would be donating to a local women's shelter. With the rise in food prices, they've been having trouble paying for enough cleaning products and toiletries.

  16. What a great prize, I just got a new dishwasher after having a glorified drying rack with a door for over 5 years and need this.

  17. Now this is a product that I can honestly say has been used in our family for many years. It is the best product on the market today as far as dishwashers liquid is concerned.

  18. I'd love to try them both out! Right now I'm using Electrasol with the power ball thinger... it's ok, but I'm not really thrilled with it--it leaves a lot of white residue. We have a new dishwasher and we're still in the process of determining what works best.

  19. I don't use either of these products right now, so I'm curious as to which is better. I'll probably compare them to my current product too!

  20. We currently use the tablet form of Electrasol and Cascade (we get whatever happens to be on sale at the time of need) but would love to give these a try to see what works better - the tablets or the liquid.

  21. I'd love to try these myself. My dishwasher does a good job but you still need to use a good product in it. The manufacturer recommended Cascade.

  22. I currently use Electrasol with the Powerball in the center. I would like to see if Cascade does a better job too.

  23. Please enter me in the contest. It's time to replace my dishwasher gel, which is not dissolving during the cycle, and is creating a mess all over my silverware and some of my dishes.

  24. I use Cascade and electrasol when I remember to get it. Would love to win. Thanks for the contest.

  25. A product challenge, that sounds fun! It will be interesting to see the difference. Thanks for the chance.

  26. Thank you for the great giveaway! This would save me some precious dollars on my next trip to the grocery store. Also, I have never tried the Electrasol.

  27. I go between both depending on what is on sale and if there is a coupon. It wound be nice to win some more. Thanks

  28. I actually just added dishwasher detergent to my hubby's grocery list this morning! What a useful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. I usually buy whats on sale, but I was out of town and husband bought some off brand, and now I noticed stains on my plastic cups. Maybe if I win I can test and finally decide on a good brand to use, as I hate buying products that are expensive and don't really work. Thank you for a chance to win something I haven't tried yet.

  30. I have used both in the past -- currently I am using sunlight packs - which are hit and miss - sometimes it cleans great, other times I have to wash my dishes again :(

  31. I’ve always used Cascade & have never tried Electrasol, would love the opportunity to compare the two products

  32. With money so tight in our household, I usually just buy what's on sale, but when I think about it, there are some big differences in the way they work. I would love to try them out! Thanks

  33. Very interesting! I currently use whatever is the cheapest with whatever coupon or sale is going on that week... I would love to compare them side by side, but have so little extra cash to use even on the basics that this actually sounds like a fun challenge! Thank you for having this interesting and thought provoking contest

  34. The dishwasher I have now is the best one ever. I use Cascade but would love to see if Electrasol can do as much. I've never tried it.

  35. Just bought my first house and I have my first dishwasher!! I always use Cascade!! Would love to win!!

  36. Wow, I've been an Electrasol fan for years, but after hearing your comparison I may have to try the Cascade. Would love to win.

  37. Absolutely love Cascade complete. It definitely works as pre-washing needed...ever. Cleans everything sparkling clean.

  38. We use Cascade at our house but every so often we switch brands. Just depends on what mood our dishwashers in. lol.

    I haven't tried Electrasol in liquid form yet. The capsules worked ok for us though ^-^

  39. I always wanted to stock up on these items. Plus, I love trying new items to see if they work better in my home.

  40. We use both Cascade and electrasol in our house, but we always have to scrpe the dishes - you have to when the dishwasher is 15 years old. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I have tried several different dishwashing detergents, yet I have never had one work as well as I would like. I have tried Cascade, and it does a pretty good job, but I haven't tried the Electrosol.

  42. Who wouldn't want to win this? Really, we need this.. actually NO my mom needs this. They use their dishwasher 4 times a day at least because there are so many people in the family. I'd be generous and give this to her.

  43. not sure i ever used gelpacks. i have electrasol powder tho..good sale was one :) ..but love cascade!

  44. I find even though I prewash my dishes, I still have to run some of them twice through the dishwasher!

  45. I used Electrasol because I was told it cuts down on the cloudy spots that occurs on glasses over time. However, I have the same problem as you. If I don't completely rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, I'm risking having to wash them all over again. What to do, what to do???

  46. This would be a great gift for my idiot neighbor upstairs who keeps putting dish liquid into his dish washer. Doesn't mama teach her boys about these things anymore?

  47. It seems we're always running out of dishwasher soap and I usually buy the store brand which doesn't work very well at all.

  48. "Gunfight at the Okay Corral! Sure, I would love to do an experiment of the two dishwasher detergents. Please enter my name in your virtual hat. Thanks, Cindi

  49. Cascade (in liquid form) is the ONLY dishwashing detergent I use and I would love to do a comparison check!

    BTW, if I ever win anything from this site, I would be happy to come back and post my thoughts about the product.

  50. I usually use the liquid - but if I won this I would be able to try the powder/tablets to see how they work

  51. I like both but have found Electrasol to be a better value. I prefer the powder or tablets because their is always liquid you can never squeeze out of the bottle!

  52. I'm a huge fan of Cascade Complete but I can't always afford it...would love to get a box and do a comparison with Electrasol. DH would love it too, as there is the possibility that more dishes would actually get washed by ME.

  53. LOL It's like you were there last week when I stood in the aisle comparing Cascade and Electrasol! I never know which to buy! Thanks.

  54. Honestly I 've used both because I've never really been brand loyal. I buy what's on sale and if it works then I will buy it again. I've never had a showdown between the two but that would be interesting.

  55. That's awesome to see them compared side by side, and I like how you asked them if they were moving in a more environmental direction. I am not liking the more eco-soap Im using right now. Wish u didnt have to pick between cleaner rivers and cleaner dishes.

  56. I love comparing products, I have used all different kinds, but with the amount of dishes we accumulate in my household, it would be great to really see how they do.

    I usually love the drop ins, that way I don't have to worry about an over zealous kid and the detergent! (Or Issa putting her hands in there and eating some when someone turns their back.)

  57. With my highly mineralized hard well water, I have found that the electrasol powder worked best. No undisolved cleaners left after the cycle. So I've been using it for years. I'm willing to try others and change if I do find another working better. Thanks!

  58. I love my dishwasher! I love the way it makes the house smell clean as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  59. I love Electrosol, When my dishwasher is going it releases a lovely aroma all through my kitchen. My dishes are shiny.

  60. I can't say that I've ever tried Electrosol. I just buy Cascade because I know it works. Seems to cost more, but my dishes are clean.

  61. I would love to try both products. I'm always looking to get my dishes cleaner in the dishwasher :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  62. We are definitely Cascade people. However, I would gladly do a comparison! Anything helps in this day and time.

  63. I have been using a giant bucket of dishwasher powder that I bought by mistake-thinking it was laundry soap-it actually works pretty good! I would love to do a comparison of these two products.

  64. I've used both and have not noticed a big difference. I usually buy the cheaper one, which is usually Electrasol. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. My all time favorite brand for dishwashing soap is Cascade. In my area, Electrasol is often cheaper but if I get a coupon I go for Cascade. I have to be honest I don't think I have ever noticed a difference in the dishes from one brand to another. I would love to win either one.

  66. Cascade is the best...have tried many...really want to win...this is one I would use before it hit the table to open up the package! :)
    THANKS SO MUCH again for awesome sweep!

  67. Those are the exact 2 products I use for my dishwasher. So yeah, I could always use some free ones. 2 less things to get the next time I go shopping. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  68. I use Electrasol tablets and I have to prescrape the dishes.

    I haven't tried Cascade Complete but I would like to.

  69. I"d love to try out the two --- we usually use Sunlight or Great Value at my house because it is cheaper - it would be nice to use some of the "good" stuff =)

  70. I currently use Electrasol tabs and I'd love to do a comparison and try out both versions! Great giveaway! Thanks for offering it!
    the4moyers at msn dot com

  71. I don't even know what is under my cabinet. My honey just bought a huge container of gel tabs and that was that. But I need something that makes my silverware sparkle! It looks dull... Anyways, would love to win, as everyone would!

  72. I'm always up for a challenge. I've heard the powder is better than liquid, but I never concluded one way or another on that one!

  73. I use the Electrasol Gel paks too. Honestly though, nothing beat hand washing. Then again, the dishwasher saves me time.

  74. I've tried all the different kinds at one time or another. I like liquid/gel better than powder, no matter what brand!

  75. I have been using Electrasol since we moved into the house. I would love to try Cascade and compare the two.

  76. FREE is good! Have been using Electrasol satisfactorily. Comparisons are always good promo if you have a good product. Would be happy to try both.

  77. I'm all about cutting corners as long as the end result is acceptable. I'm not using either product but would be willing to switch brands if it works.

  78. My wife loves these products. BUT due to our limited budget can not afford to buy them when we always need them
    Thanks for all the great contests@!

  79. I keep trying different brands hoping for good results and would really love to try this, thank you for the contest

  80. I use both Cascade and Finish products, depending on what I have a coupon for. (I have both in my cabinet right now.) Hadn't really noticed a difference in their performance-- interesting that you actually had a clear winner.

  81. I just got my dishwasher, and I've only ever used Cascade...I'd like to try Electrasol, though.

  82. I've been using gelpaks lately in my new dishwasher. I'm still trying to figure out which works the best!

  83. I'm needing liquid dish detergent and all I've got right now is power or gelpacs. I've got the dishwasher where you can empty an entire bottle into the "door" and it uses it as needed.

  84. I love product trials and comparisons ... I currently use Electrosol tablets, but would love to try Cascade ....

  85. This is too funny, I have under my sink right now one bottle of Cascade complete and one box of Electrasol tablets. What can I say, I must have been reading your mind!!! I'd love to get more though...

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