Distracted {A Note to My Friends}

Do I seem a little distracted when I talk to you?

Do I have a hurried way about me when you see me at church or bump into me at the grocery story?

Do I seem like my mind is somewhere else when you call me on the phone?

I'm sorry. Really. I want to know all about what is on your mind. I want to listen, to really listen. I want to call you at a moment's notice to go out for coffee or to go running, to catch my breath from this chaos.

But I'm in this certain season of life that requires me to be a bit "internal-focused."

Sometimes I don't like making bowls of cheerios and painting with watercolors and making "sticker crafts" and doing the choo-choo train and holding a baby 24/7.

But mostly I do.

Mostly, I know that these menial tasks are shaping my daughters' hearts. I know that I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, yes, I am a little distracted. I can't just drop everything and go (because that "everything" means the world to me).

I hope you'll forgive me for that.

I hope you'll still call and e-mail and comment on my daily doings on Facebook and invite me to fun functions. Because I do think about you. I do care.

I'm just a little bit distracted by the two little girls that fill up my heart:

85-weeks-old-11 photo-4-copy1

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31 comments on “Distracted {A Note to My Friends}”

  1. Awww! Children are the worlds best "distractions"! Most of my friends are parent's and I have never felt neglected by them, I know they are very busy and..well, just as you say, distracted. That would be a good feeling and I know someday Jeremy and I will have our own little distraction and it will be wonderful!

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart so sweetly about being "distracted". I can so much relate. Being a Pastors wife with 4 children of my own I feel very distracted and pulled in many directions. I want to cut and paste your words and put it over the door of my home.... so kindly spoken. <3

  3. thank you. i think i dhould copy this and send it to some friends that have slowly gotten distant. (as i type with one hand because i'm feeding my 6 month old)

  4. You have a beautiful heart! I'm sure your friends understand the conflict. I feel the same way about myself. I am distracted a lot, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

  5. beautifully and honestly stated... i often feel the same way. i wouldn't trade anything for the time i get to spend with my boys : )

  6. You haven't seemed anything but lovely when I see you. If anything, I feel like I've been the distracted one! So enjoy the time you have in this stage, and don't worry too much about the rest of us. We love you and know what is important to you, and that makes you even more special. :)

  7. I love your honest words and it sounds like you are being present in each moment with your girls. I agree: It's nice to be included, and invited and called, but it's not always the first thing on my mind these days either.

  8. How beautifully put, Stephanie. I think all mommies can identify with that longing to still be part of our friends lives, to stay connected, and yet knowing that this is season of life when our babies need us most and there's nothing more important we could be investing our time in. What a continual balancing act motherhood is!

  9. This is SO great! I'm the first in my girlfriend circle to have kids so sometimes it's very difficult for them to understand that "yes, I want to, but no I can't." I still want to be invited, but I might not be able to make it.

    Tonight I have a girls night and I had to let them know I can only make it for dinner. No pre-dinner cocktails and definitely no post-dinner drinks. Just dinner and I'm back to my baby for her feedings. It's a hard place to be but yet I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

    PS...I love the first picture of your daughter. Our daughter loves to be held that way too.

  10. Been commenting on your laptop giveaway post. Saw this today. Beautiful message. I agree there are so many seasons in our lives. I think many of them include us as moms "to be a bit “internal-focused.”". Very well-put.
    May God bless you for that.

    Love the photos. They are darlings.

  11. So well put! I feel this way all the time, too - and haven't been able to put it to words. Enjoy being wrapped up in your wonderful, small world right now!

  12. perfect! I can completely relate.

    and honestly,I get annoyed sometimes by the people who will call and want to chat. My time is not my own anymore, I can't just chat on the phone (for more than 60 seconds) before all hell breaks loose in my house!!

    these days, I don't even answer the phone.

  13. I feel so self absorbed right now but I feel unable (or unwilling) to change it. I keep telling myself this is a short period in my life and I hope everyone forgives me my inability to focus on things outside of my own home very well!

  14. I love this post (as with your blog really)!

    I feel exactly the same way. I want to do things with other adults but I have a more then full-time job that comes first to everything and everyone. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

  15. I agree with the others, your heart is where it should be. I hope others aren't giving you trouble for it -- I don't know anyone who ever looked back on life and said, "I wish I hadn't spent so much time with my kids..."

    You'll never regret it.

  16. I can relate. Sometimes I wish I could get up and go do something I want to do at a moment's notice. Or talk on the phone for an hour. But I can't. And most of the time, I don't want to. Sure, I get out every now and then to have some "mom" time. But mostly, I want to be there for my kids.

  17. I love this too, Stephanie. It's exactly how I feel. I think that many people don't get it unless they are in the middle of it. I have so many people that I SHOULD call or email or write. I have thank you notes half done that SHOULD have been delivered a month ago. I have new family pictures that I SHOULD have mailed weeks ago. I have so much to do that just doesn't seem to get done, but tomorrow morning I get to take my 5 year old to kindergarten and stay for community time. Tomorrow I get to take my 2 year old to Springs in Rita Ranch for open gym (which I highly recommend, by the way) and thoroughly enjoy the sheer joy in his eyes as he bounces his way across the gym. And tomorrow I will sit and stare into my 7 week old baby's big beautiful blue eyes while she coos and gives me sweet half smiles. Life is good and I will do my best to get to whatever it is that I need to get to when I can. We are blessed.

  18. I love this. Its an interesting transition phase of motherhood that no one really tells you about. You still want to have all these interesting interactions with your friends but you realize that these pieces of your heart that are walking around and googling at you have created a world in which they are your center. The balance shifts for a time as it should. Enjoy it - they grow so fast.

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