DIY Valentine's Day Gift Boxes for Your Kids

Valentine’s Day Boxes Kids

This year, I put together Valentine boxes for each of my daughters (ages 10, 7, 4). Since our baby boy is just shy of five months old, he'll be content with hugs & kisses...which he gets in plenty.

I appreciate that Valentine's Day gives me an extra chance to tell my children how much I adore and admire them.

Here's how I put the boxes together.

Because we are a family that enjoys literature, I started with books. I have found that most of the Valentine's Day themed books on the market tend to be saccharine and silly without meaningful or memorable plots. As a result, I hand-selected pink, red, white, floral, or fancy picture books that have notable themes of love or endearment.

picture books Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Picture Books

Sleeping Beauty Sarah Gibb

For your reference, here are the books I included:

Next up - chocolate! See's Candies has adorable options for kids this year. Choose a puppy, a kitten, a panda, or a simple heart with an assortment of high-quality chocolates. Cute packaging + melt-in-your-mouth treats! You can buy the chocolate boxes online, but I think it's much easier to swing by your local store (you'll get a free sample too!). Most of the Valentine-themed kid boxes range in price from $7-$14. P.S. Pick up some Hot Hearts for yourself too - chewy cinnamon candies with just the right amount of kick!

See’s Candies Valentine’s Day Kids

See’s Candies Panda Valentine’s Day

See’s Valentine’s Day

Also in the boxes - notecards! We are all letter-writers and Valentine's Day is as good a time as any to pen notes to friends. The poetry sets by Princeton Architectural Press are a gorgeous and intelligent pick for older kids and teens. Each boxed set includes 12 cards (4 quotes - 3 cards of each) with corresponding envelopes. Three to consider - Emily Dickinson, Henry David Thoreau, William Morris.

Emily Dickinson notecards

Poet Notecards

Sprinkle in a bit of Tasha Tudor. If you are unfamiliar with illustrator Tasha Tudor (1915-2008), Valentine's Day is the ideal time to get acquainted. Her work is incredibly gorgeous and whimsical - nostalgic of simpler times and beautiful family traditions. Be sure to poke around the Tasha Tudor and Family website to pick up your own copy of A is for Annabelle or a set of the delightful Spring Secret Garden notecards and a number of other lovely items.

A is for Annabelle Tasha Tudor

Secret Garden Notecards by Tasha Tudor

Finally, fill in the boxes with stickers, fun pens, and pencils.

Dover sticker books are perfect for this occasion - glitter roses, happy hedgehogs, desserts, and so many more fun options! $2 or less.

Dover Stickers Valentine’s Day

You'll also want to check OOLY (formerly International Arrivals) - they have scented pens, choose-your-own-color pens, note tabs, and diamond stickers.

Neon Dixon Ticonderoga pencils are also great to add in because they will help your kids re-stock their backpacks for this final semester of school.

OOLY for Valentine’s Day

Last but not least, I designed a super simple printable to tell my kids 10 things that I love about them. On each line, I scribbled a few words - "kind heart," "talented writer," "very responsible," "willing to try new things," etc.

Oh, I forgot to mention the BOXES! I simply asked at my local See's store if they had any old boxes that they were planning to throw away and they gave me three matching ones in a jiffy. When I got home, I hand-painted some small hearts on the front. Easy peasy.

Valentines Day Box

Valentines for your kids

What are your Valentine's Day traditions? Favorite love-themed picture books?

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