DO GOOD with Baked Goods

Today, my 2-year-old and I made miniature chocolate chip muffins (while my 3-month-old watched from her bouncy seat and/or from her perch in my arms).

chocolate chip mini muffins 1 chocolate chip mini muffins 2

We poured and we measured and we made a mess of flour and sugar and vanilla. We may have stolen a few chocolate chips from the golden-tipped bag.

chocolate chip mini muffins 3 chocolate chip mini muffins 4

Of course, we sampled a few after we pulled them out of the oven {for the record: they were really good}.

chocolate chip mini muffins 5 chocolate chip mini muffins 6

Tomorrow, we'll likely divide them into pretty little packages, tie them with ribbon, and deliver them to a few neighbors.

It was a fun activity to do together. And it will undoubtedly bring joy to the recipients.

Homemade baked goods have a way of creating harmony and happiness and hearts full of gratitude.

If you ever want to spread a little cheer, bake up a loaf of warm bread, a 1/2 dozen blueberry muffins, a scrumptious apple crisp, a plate of crumbly cookies, or a rich New York cheesecake - and give it away.

When you do, consider shopping at Pampered Chef for your bakeware needs.

springform pan pampered chefI recently had an opportunity to try Pampered Chef's SpringForm Pan ($25.50) and it is fabulous! It's sleek and stylish looking so it makes an excellent kitchen accessory, but it also creates beautiful cheesecakes and cakes. If you love cheesecake, you'll love this pan. In fact, now that I have it, I can't imagine making cheesecake without it.

deluxe mini muffin pan pampered chefI used the Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan ($16) for the recipe above. It's sturdy and semi-glossy...and aren't bite size muffins just way more fun than the "regular" variety? Kids love 'em too. As my daughter explained happily, "they're kid-sized muffins!" Let me tell you the best part of this pan: you know when you have to "scoop" the muffins out of the pan and a bunch of cake gets left in the tray (making it impossible to clean and making your muffins oddly shaped...)? That totally DIDN'T happen with this pan! I just sprayed the pan with a little cooking spray and the muffins popped out perfectly, effortlessly.

YOUR TURN: Do you bake with your kids? Do you ever bake for other people? Have you shopped at Pampered Chef and, if so, what has been your experience with the products?

pampered chef logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a SpringForm Pan ($25.50) and Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan ($16) from Pampered Chef. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, June 30 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #185 Jennifer M. Congratulations!

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294 comments on “DO GOOD with Baked Goods”

  1. I would love to win this! I have been play ing wround with some healthier muffin recipes but my old pans were my moms from the 70's. These would be awesome!

  2. my little one is too small to help with baking but she likes to watch from her bouncer, lol.

  3. I love baking with my kids. It has been awhile since we baked for others, but I intend to do that again soon.

  4. I love to bake with my kids. I have several Pampered Chef products. My favorite is my cheese grater.

  5. I've always cooked and baked with my girls but the mini-diva blows up my kitchen! and starts fires! without meaning to- now we're cooking with Ian.
    We are always requested to bring baked goods when we go somewhere and I get chosen to supply for functions. Mostly, we love it.

  6. I haven't used Pampered Chef products, but I have been baking for years. I started to teach my daughter and she took off without me! At 13 years old she is already being paid to bake cakes. She just made us an anniversary cake with her first try at fondant frosting. It came out very well.

  7. I love baking with my nieces and nephews - it's not only a great time and really fun to teach them about cooking and baking, but it's also a nice way to give lessons in math, chemistry, and physics, which satisfies the nerd in me. :) I have the Pampered Chef cake pans and cookie press, and both of which are awesome - extremely durable and reliable products! Myself, I love to bake for potlucks and dinner parties, so I'd love the chance to win this giveaway and add cheesecake and muffins to my must-bake list. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  8. Honestly, I love to bake but I am not a very good baker. Something usually turns out wrong even if I follow the recipe..I have no clue why. I used to blame it on the oven but we just got a new one so no excuses anymore! But practice makes perfect right? I usually bake for my husband and he'll eat my wacky baked goods =)

  9. I love to bake with my nieces and nephews when they come to visit us! I have never shopped at Pampered Chef, but I'll try them soon!

  10. I bought some pampered chef products about 13 years ago and still use them to this day, they have the best pizza cutter. I do love to make cheesecake but am in need of a new springform pan so it would be wonderful if I won.

  11. I have baked with my grand daughter. I also bake at christmas time and giveway as gifts some of the yummies I have made.

  12. I love baking, and of course my kids are right there wanting to help. lol I personally think they just are using me to get to lick the beaters of the mixer, especially when we make cupcakes.

  13. All of my children love to cook. My oldest is almost 12, and he is a quite capable little chef, my daughter is four and she loves to help me any time I'm in the kitchen. But her favorite thing to do is crack eggs, which can be bad...thanks for pampered chef giveaway!

  14. I love to bake. Monday is usually my big baking day and I'll make bread, cookies and muffins. I went to a Pampered Chef party once, but that was over 10 years ago!

  15. My children have always loved to help me cook. And my great grandson comes over often and I know he is going to love to help too.

  16. I have never used Pampered Chef products but would love to try them. I recently had a party and borrowed a mini muffin pan, and would love to have one of my own.

  17. I love Pampered Chef. I actually just had a home party a couple of weeks ago! I'd love to try the Springform Pan and my kids love mini muffins.

  18. I bake with the girls all the time. They love it. We've made birthday cakes/cupcakes for their parents and grandparents and even for themselves.

    I have a few items from pampered chef and they've lasted well.

  19. This is a great giveaway. I am an avid baker, and like yourself, I give baked products to all the neighbors. I also bring them to work and see my colleagues happily nibbling all day long. It does my heart good. I could use some new pans. It would be nice, and totally unexpected if I won. Thanks for the opportunity.

    [email protected]

  20. I occasionally bake cookies for a family get-together and what-not. I have several items from Pampered Chef, and they are the best brand.

  21. My kids are grown & don't live here anymore, BUT they do come over to bake with me sometimes. We baked together a lot when they lived here. I've always loved baking, and all 3 of them seem to have taken after me in this, to some degree. I have a few Pampered Chef gadgets from parties of long ago. I think the one I used the most was a pancake mold in the shape of a bear. My kids loved that one. Hopefully, I'll be using it to make pancakes for my grandkids in a few years...

  22. my son is three and loves to help me cook we would have blast with this making different flavors thanks

  23. I've used the Pampered Chef pizza stone and a spatula that my sister bought and was pleased with the results, but WOW! Their prices are pretty steep :)

  24. My sister used to sell Pampered Chef products - that's how I learned about them. I love the mini spatula - it's not exciting, but I still love it!

  25. This past Christmas was the first time I baked with my 4 year old grandson. We made Christmas cookies and decorated them. He had a blast making them and a bigger blast eating them and sharing with the rest of the family.

  26. I really love Pampered Chef products. I have several of their products ut not the ones being offered.

  27. I like giving and receiving the quality Pampered Chef products. In the summer I use the insulated storage bowls with lids for salads and desserts. In East Tennessee brides can have Pampered Chef showers where the bride has preselected items she would like to have and guests can buy these things for her. Great giveaway! Thanks! [email protected]

  28. My daughter and I bake all the time. She wants to make a cheesecake, but I don't have a springfoam pan so this would be a great win. She loves strawberry and chocolate chip cheesecake. She is a chip off the old block. My favorites too.

  29. My son loves to bake anything He loves cooking mac n cheese, pancakes and even no bake cookies He is an aspiring chef

  30. I bake with the kids all the time and we have so much fun! I bake a lot for other people as well, usually cookies or cupcakes.

  31. My 2 year old actually LOVES helping to bake cookies. The first time he was required to dump chocolate chips into the batter he was visibly conflicted. He has since learned the art of "one for me . . . one for the dough"!

  32. I love to bake and I am an addict of pampered chef. I love all the cool gadgets that have made my life easier. I have given my children the love of baking also and they LOVE gadgets as much as me.

  33. My fiancee and I love to bake! We are always trying out new recipes and gadgets to make yummy treats.

  34. My son is 20 months old and he insists on "helping" me pour beans into the pot before I cook them. That is his little contribution to dinner! Thanks for the chance!

  35. I do bake although I tend to do more "kid Friendly" things like cookies, muffins, and brownies. I'd love to venture back into adult fare like cheesecake!

    I LOVE Pampered Chef products. I have quite a few of their items and love each one, from my stones all the way down to my little scraper. Thanks.

  36. I do bake with my children because I think it is an experience like no other :D I do have some Pampered Chef items, they're top notch of course and work great!

  37. Just this weekend I baked with my little one...but he's 8 weeks old so he was in the babyhawk while I made muffins :) Thanks!

  38. I love baking -- especially fattening chocolate treats -- so giving them away is my specialty (I don't keep them all here to munch on)!
    I love Pampered Chef products! Thanks for the chance.

  39. I've been embarrassingly hesitant to give away our baked goods. We have several food allergies and don't cook with eggs or milk - so our muffins, etc don't taste exactly like people are used to. I know I should just get over that and do it anyway, LOL. My kids LOVE to bake and I'm gaining weight with us keeping it all!

    We love Pampered Chef stuff here. I don't think I've come across one product of theirs that didn't deliver.

  40. I love giving home-baked goods as gifts, and baking with kids makes it even more fun, though it may take a little longer :)

    I have bought several items from Pampered Chef. My current favorite is the Mix 'n Chop.

  41. I do bake with my daughter. She is getting older now and can actually bake on her own. I know she would love the muffin pans! I have bought Pampered Chef before and have several of their items. Very good products.

  42. I love baking with my 2 1/2 year old--he loves it, too. Lucky for him we consume plenty of baked goods around here!

    I love pampered chef, but am still too poor (hubs is a phd student) to afford them.

  43. Oops. Yes, I also bake WITH my children. They love pouring and stirring and peering into the oven to see things rise and brown and change. They also love sampling afterward, but I think that goes without saying.

  44. Cheesecake and I have a special relationship. Unfortunately, I don't have a springform pan, so I've never had the opportunity to create my own real cheesecake. Sadness. It's time for our relationship to move to the next level, don't you think?

    But I digress. In answer to your questions, yes, I bake for my children. Occasionally (they are young and I don't often let them have dessert unless it's a special day). More often I bake for others, for events, for guests coming to dinner, etc. I love it. I also love Pampered Chef; I have a cookbook and a few items from them, including a pizza stone that I've used for various things. I can't afford it most of the time, though, so I'd love to get these quality items.

  45. I love baking with my children just like my mom would bake with me. There is something so wonderful about the kitchen filled with the warmth of the oven and the warmth of being together. I know that I am giving my children the memories I was given when my mom and I baked together.

  46. I tried making cheese cake a while back. I don't own a springform pan. I tried lining a different pan with buttered parchment and it still wouldn't come out. The cheese cake tasted good, but it really messed up since the crust stuck halfway in the pan. When I was little, I learned how to bake with my mom, but she didn't bake often. I actually ended up baking things more often than she did once I was old enough to be trusted. She baked even less when I started making improvements on her recipes.

  47. I'm definitely going to try out this recipe! They look and sound delicious. Isn't it so wonderful baking with little helpers?! Makes it taste even better to have the memories.

  48. I bake with my boys all the time! During the holidays, we bake goodies for our neighbors. They love it! I've never purchased from Pampered Chef before, but have heard good things. :)

  49. Now that I am home, every day, I have begun spending more time baking and cooking. Before, it was '30 minutes or less' if someone didn't grab takeout before I got home. I noticed in an earlier post that someone had a pumpkin red velvet cake recipe? I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm off to find the recipe. Red Velvet is my husband's favorite cake, and I love to make it. I don't own a springform pan, but I've sure been wanting one. The baking pans I use now are fine, but it is often that I wished I had a springform.

  50. I love every Pampered Chef product I own and don't have enouogh of them. I have a cheesecake recipe I would love to put in the springform pan.

  51. I love to bake and wish I had more time to do so. I've heard WONDERFUL things about Pampered Chef products, but haven't tried them yet. Thanks!

  52. I love baking with my granddaughter and she loves making little cupcakes. This would be perfect to have,thank-you.

  53. I have never had any Pampered Chef products, I heard that they have great products. I love to bake cookies, cakes, muffins and quick breads. Thanks

  54. my daughters and i do major baking at christmas time because we make baskets with cupcakes,cookies,brownies and all kinds of goodies for friends and family.we have a blast not to mention gain a few pounds. i have never shopped at the pampered chef this is the first time i have heard of them.

  55. I love to bake with my kids. They get a kick out of helping. I don't usually bake for my neighbors but bake alot of the kids bake sales! I have actually never shopped with Pampered Chef but hear they have great products. I have always wanted a SpringForm pan so I'll have to check them out if I don't win! :0)

  56. When my kids were smaller we baked together quite often. Now they bake for themselves and even sometimes for me.

  57. My sons do not want to bake, they will pick out things for me to bake, but that's about it. They will however cook all the grilled cheese sandwhiches you can eat. I have a few Pampered Chef products and can say they sell good quaility merchandise.

  58. I love baking. Most of the baking tools in our house are 20 years old, and I need to buy some fancy new tools.

  59. I'd love to win this, I want to be a pastry chef and own my own business one day, I want to get all the equipment I can!

  60. I can not wait to cook with my daughter. Right now my Hubby does most of the cooking and Lily and I watch him.

    I have bought a lot of stuff from PC and love 99% of it. I just didn't care for the tongs and something else that I've since given away.

    I'd love both of these things. My Hubby loves cheese cake but we don't have a pan, and Lily is starting solids and I thing mini muffins would be good in a couple of months.

  61. You have a cutie helping there!
    I always wanted a springform pan. It would be great to have and use! Never owned any Pampered Chef products.

  62. I really thought I'd given up doing a lot of baking, but recently I got involved and ended up doing tons of baking. So that mini muffin pan and the SpringForm pan would really come in handy,

  63. I'm a big baker - and my kids enjoy it too. My son has decided he wants to be a pastry chef when he grows up and bake desserts all day long! To help him with his career goals (he's 6), we bake together every week and then the kids run around with our goodies to all of the neighbors. They know when my kids ring the doorbell, it means cupcakes, brownies, cookies and more! I love my pampered chef products (I have a ton), and I have been wanting the mini-muffin pan for the longest time. I hope I win this prize!! Thanks!

  64. My 4 year old son LOVES to help me bake. He looks so cute wearing his little apron. We too have the problem of "disappearing ingredients", one of his favorites is brown sugar! Thanks for the giveaway, I have been dying to get a springform!

  65. I've been a Pampered Chef customer for a very long time. I have several pizza stones, a baking dish, a bowl and pie dish - all stoneware. They are real kitchen treasures, and I couldn't cook without them.

  66. Oh, this is exactly what I need. I love to bake, and a good springform pan is the last thing on my wishlist that I haven't gotten yet. I'd love to make some mini-muffins, too. The blueberry sour cream muffins I made last week would have been supercute in mini-form.

  67. The mini muffin tin would be perfect for my mom's recipe of applesauce muffins. I would love to make a cheese cake in the other pan!

  68. I love cooking! And I definitely love Pampered Chef. My mom probably owns almost everything. Combine my grandma and aunt and the family has the entire collection! Now it's my turn! We all love Pampered Chef! My favorite item is the food chopper. It's great! Thanks for this contest!

  69. I love taking cookies, jam or pies to friends and neighbors!

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  70. I have always wanted a springform pan, but never bought one. Why? I have no idea. But I want to make cheesecakes. Like, I have a burning desire to make cheesecakes.

    I have some Pampered Chef stuff - it's good stuff. But I was poor at the time my circle was doing those parties - years ago. So I bought stuff like the little one dollar paring knives. Those are good knives, too! I wish I had bought more. I also bought these tubes the girl said would be great to toss a can of muffins in. They are shaped like hearts and stars. I've never used them. Not even once. I should have bought the springform pan.

  71. I love to bake with my daughter when we have time - we do a lot during the holidays. Never used Pampered Chef though.

  72. I have been wanting to make my mom's famous cheesecake and this would give me the perfect reason.

  73. I love cooking (including baking) with and for my family and all the kids in my life, including baking 100% whole wheat bread. I and enjoy my Pampered Chef stoneware for all kinds of cooking. Thank you for the yummy ideas your generous giveaway gave me!

  74. I don't have kids (yet) but I do LOVE to bake for other people and I do it often! I can't believe you are having this giveaway because I have wanted a springform pan for ages now! Its the only way to make cheesecake look incredibly presentable. I would love, love, love to make a strawberry cheesecake and be able to nicely present it. I have never shopped at Pampered Chef but I have heard great things about it! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway, crossing my fingers and toes!

  75. And I LOVE Pampered Chef's stoneware. Their Deep Dish Baker is so fantastic to bake in - great even cooking - and a snap to clean up!

  76. I love to cook and to bake - and my girls are desperate to help me. They are almost 4 and 2, but we have a tiny kitchen and I don't have the kitchen space (yet) to get them totally embroiled in the process. But they stir when they can - they add some ingredients - we're gonna have fun when they grow up. But we'll have to have a bigger kitchen!

  77. I love Pampered Chef products but have never been lucky enough to actually get a hold of any pieces, they look like they really hold up well. I do a lot of cooking with my nieces when they come over and also entertain at home most weekends, I like to get creative with new stuff.

  78. I love to bake for other people and hope to do so more often. I'd love to finally own a spring-form pan and this one looks great! Thank you!

  79. Wow, you've got some lucky neighbors! =)
    We bake occasionally... I need to get over my fear of "the mess", and then we'd have a blast baking more frequently. Mini-muffins would be so fun for my kids!

  80. I lovve Pampered Chef! My teen daughters have caught the baking treats for school bug and I can't really complain since Mom gets samples... lol

  81. My daughter just turned 2 and we have started baking together. What fun! This is why I love having a girl. And a bonus... I love pampered chef stuff. I'd love to add to my collection!

  82. My neighbor sell pampered chef products - really good quality items. These would be great to have as my 4 year old is interested in baking with me - such a good learning experience for him

  83. I bake for other people including friends children. I enjoy baking, breads, cookies. I have not shopped with Pampered Chef before.

  84. -Do you bake with your kids?
    I do, we usually bake cookies together, or potatoes, easy stuff :)

    -Do you ever bake for other people?
    Yes, i always bake for my kids and my husband, and sometimes for my husband's family as well, everyone loves whatever i bake, thankfully :D

    -Have you shopped at Pampered Chef and, if so, what has been your experience with the products?
    I have never shopped there but i would definitely LOVE to try their products.

  85. Okay I love love love Pampered Chef. I have a big collection of there stones and I would love to have anything from them. I moved across the country last summer and I haven't been invited to any parties lately! :(

  86. My younger twins always ask to help me when i bake something. They are so sweet!! I have only had 1 item from pampered chef, it was a bagel cutter a long time ago!

  87. I love baking, but don't do it as much. Still no occasion would be right without either a Sour Cream Pound Cake, or the infamous New York cheesecake. Home baked goods, say I love you like nothing else can.

  88. I have started to bake with my grandson. We make cookies and
    cupcakes. I just bake for my family. I have never shopped at
    Pampered Chef.

  89. I would love to have the mini muffin pan to make muffins or cupcakes. Pampered Chef has some great products. I own a few pieces myself.

  90. I have been baking with my grandmother since I was old enough to sit up. She would always sit me on the countertop in her huge kitchen and teach me how to bake things....I have pictures and videos to prove it! So since I've been baking so long, I could definitly use some pampered chef stuff!

    [email protected]

  91. yes my kids love to bake with me. not so much now that im on a life change (diet) to lose weight. but we love cooking dinner just not treats anymore.

  92. We bake a couple times a month...I wish we had time to do it more often. I haven't tried any Pampered Chef products yet, but I've drooled over some of the things in their catalog!

  93. I love to bake at Christmas time. The first year my hubby and i lived together I found out he is a really good at baking and Candy making. Now he takes over in that department and I get to relax on the couch with a glass of wine! I love those surprises

  94. we're more of a cooking family than baking. the kids LOVE to be in the kitchen helping even if helping means hanging off our legs waiting for us to move so they get a ride.
    we usually cook twice what we need and then randomly invite people over to share it with us so we can get to know them or sometimes we'll call someone up and tell them we were thinking of them and we are bringing them supper.
    as for pampered chef. i only have a couple of things by them and I LOVE THEM! (also have a couple of things i saw in their new catalogue for my birthday wishlist that i'm going to hint at when that time come around)

  95. I love baking for other people especially on the holidays.
    I havent shopped at Pampered Chef but my mom has and she loves the products she purchased.

  96. My kids are 35 and 33, so I haven't baked with them in a long time! But I am starting to bake with them. Love Pampered Chef products! My pastry cutter is great! Thank you!

  97. I have no kids but am a big pampered chef fan. I have been wanting a muffin pan forever---and a day!

  98. My son is marraied & moved away. We use to make chocolate chip cookies. I haven't baked for any one else, but that is a good idea. I've not shopped at Pampered Chef.

  99. Sometimes I let my kids stir the batter, but I haven't really learned the art of baking with my kids yet. I enjoy baking, whether it's for my family or for others. I have several Pampered Chef products and like the quality of all of them. My kids love it when I make sandwiches with the press and seal tool.

  100. Pampered chef has great products...a bit expensive, but very high quality. I do bake often, and for everyone! The kids, school, my co-workers, my family. The boys like to break the eggs, but other than that, they aren't too interested in baking....just eating, and boy do they do a good job with that! I love that mini-muffin pan and would super to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  101. Baking is something that I truly love. I remember baking with my teen-age granddaughter when she was a toddler. Every ingredient I used had to be tested by her first.Her finger was dipped into evrything even the crisco.Baking with grandchildren is much more fun than baking with your own children.

  102. My 3 boys and I were always baking together back in the 60s and 70s. They all ended up loving to cook/bake and now enjoy doing it with families! Before I retired I was the cake lady at work, bring in cakes to share for special occasions.

  103. Baking is my favorite thing to do. I enjoy teaching my daughter to bake and my husband and son enjoy the results.

  104. We just had a huge conversation with our four year old about bite size muffins versus others and how many muffins mom can make at a time! I would love to be able to use the mini muffin pan next time!

  105. I love to bake for other people. It gives me a chance to try new recipes and to make gifts for less. My favorite to make is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I've never bought Pampered Chefs products but I have heard they are high quality. Thanks for the chance.

  106. I love to bake and have been baking most of my life. I've always baked for others, especially during the holidays. Breads and muffins are my specialty and get requested frequently thru the year. I could use some new equipment! Thanks.

  107. I love to bake with my 4 year old, who is allergic to wheat. Baking our own is the only way to have many things which are otherwise baked with wheat. We've been baking banana bread like mad because our banana trees have been producing like crazy, I'd estimate 80 lbs in the past month! That's alot of bananas! And yes, we've been giving lots away, both bananas and bread. I've never used a springform pan but have wanted one for a while, and I'd never seen the pampered chef site before.

  108. My children and I used to bake together when they were younger. I have Pampered Chief products that I bought close to 20 years ago and am still using

  109. I love the "Pampered Chef" cookbook I purchased from a relative's party. I also got the egg slicer and garlic press which I love.

  110. My seven year old son loves to help me bake. Even when commericals come on advertising some new baking product, he is begging me to get it. He will insist that we NEED it. LOL. Thanks for the opportunity.

  111. I would love to win.
    I often cook/bake with my 3 children. Its a lot of fun and it always tastes better. I love Pampered Chef products especially their slicers.
    Thank you for the chance
    [email protected]

  112. I've never used any Pampered Chef products before, but my MIL raves about them...the mini muffin pan is really what I'm eyeing...the muffins will be perfect for little kids!

  113. I used to bake with my kids when they were little, I sometimes bake for others and I love the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

  114. I think baked gifts are the best! I always bake stuff for my son's teachers, and they're so appreiciative. I know they're busy and might not have time to bake as much as they'd like, and I think that's why they like it so much. :)

  115. We love to bake at our house and do it weekly at least. The messes are getting smaller as the kids grow older but no amount of mess can supercede the wonderful times we have had in the kitchen. Our favorite family baked goods are cupcakes. Everyone gets so creative with the toppings.

  116. I love baking! And now that my kids are old enough to help, they are beginning to love it as well. We make cupcakes A LOT and almost always make homemade buttercream icing to go with them. :) We also make a lot of brownies. I have a few pampered chef products and really like them. I'd love to have the springform and muffin pans! Great giveaway!

  117. My mum and I have built so many happy memories around baking that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Now I create new memories with my daughter by sharing grandmother's recipes with her and her friends. Pampered Chef products are top notch. I've used them for as long as I can recall.

  118. Help!! I really need these awesome kitchen tools!!! I own 1 cupcake pan and it only has 6 muffin cups and it's got rust on it I can't remove! lol! I've always dreamed of owning a spring-form pan, but can't seem to ever have enough extra money to get one. It sure would be neat to have the cooking gadgets necessary to bake kewl goodies! lol! Thanks for the contest!

  119. I love baking with my kids, they love licking the spoons even better! That's nice that you are sharing your goodies. We should do that more often, it would save me a couple of extra pounds!! ha.

    I've never used the Pampered chef baking pans. I've got a baking dish that I love from them, so I'm sure the pans are great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. I think baked goods make the best gifts! I don't know what it's called, but the Pampered Chef wooden tool that forms crusts in the mini muffin tins is worth its weight in gold. What a time saver! Thanks for the giveaway.

  121. Our favorite muffins are Apple Cinnamon Struesel muffins. I don't have a mini muffin pan, those would be fun to make!

  122. My kids are all grown, but they would should help eat the products from these baking pans if they were here!!

  123. I love muffins and this set from Pampered Chef would be perfect for me to bake a batch of muffins for me and my grandkids.

  124. I have a couple of small product from Pampered Chef and love them. They are so durable.
    This pan has great portion control.

  125. That's a great idea. I'd love to win. We're making rhubarb coffee cake tomorrow.

  126. Is there anything more fun then mini muffins? My grandmother taught us to cook. We would drag a kitchen chair up to the counter and follow her lead. The best part was licking the spoon.

  127. I've started cooking with my granddaughters & it's great fun. It would be great to have some new pans to use.

  128. I have been doing a lot of baking for the last 4 months mostly cakes for special dates and people

  129. Oh yummy! Sounds and looks like ya'll had a good time.

    I like to bake but this past weekend I tried my hand at 3 new recipes and they really didn't turn out too well. We did take 2 out of the 3 to our family reunion and they went over well but they didn't taste as I would have expected. Oh well, there is always a next time LOL

    We love Pampered Chef especially the stones, ice cream scoop, pizza cutter and much more. I don't have any of their baking items though.

  130. I baked with my kids when they were younger, but neither one of them is particularly interested now :-(

  131. never tried the pampered cheff but really want to. I bake all the time and bake for gifts during the holidays as well

  132. I bake with Calvin occasionally and he often helps with dinner. He likes to open cans, add ingredients and stir.
    I don't have a lot of experience with Pampered Chef. I tried a "cookie sheet" baking stone. But I didn't care for it...too heavy and I didn't use it often enough to season it making it nice and slick. But I passed it along to a friend who loved it, so nothing was lost.
    I also have a Pampered Chef recipe that I love: Mexican Two Bean Chicken Chili!

  133. I bake hundreds of cookies at Christmas to share with family & friends. I love Pampered Chef products & have many that I've used for years, measuring spoons & a bowl that I put in the freezer that keeps food cold.

  134. I always loved baking with my kids, now that they are grown I look forward to baking with the next generation!
    I love pampered chef, my favorite item is their ice cream scoop

  135. I love to bake with my kids. We usually do sugar cookies and then give them to people. I have never tried pampered chef. I have a wonderful cheese cake recipe that would would be wonderful in that spring form pan.

  136. LOL me bake? now that's a hilarious picture =) i can cook a little bit but def. not bake - thank goodness my hubby can!

    autumn398 @

  137. Baking muffins is the most favorite activity of my 2 year old girl. She totally does not care about any toys I give her and prefer baking to any other activity. She loves poining at the muffin cups telling me which one I should fill up next. And then of course we turn the light in the oven and watch the muffins. And after they are done and the timer goes off, she runs to the kitchen creaming for joy...

  138. I love Pampered Chef products! Two of my favorite items are my pizza crisper and my all-in-one measuring cup. I don't own any baking products like the ones featured here so I'd love to win them so I can try them out too.

  139. I watch two kids after school during the school year. They love to cook with me after school...

    I haven't ever used any of Pampered Chef and would love the opportunity to try it out...

  140. Pampered Chef has a lot of great products! I do have a few - love the spatula for removing freshbaked cookies from cooky sheet.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. My daughter has no interest in cooking, but baking she seems to love! I've never shopped at Pampered Chef but would love to try their products... thanks for the giveaway!

  142. I would really love this mini muffin pan. I recently tried some mini muffins that a friend made and they were so good that I asked for the recipe. The only problem is that I don't have a mini muffin pan.
    I really love the quality of Pampered Chef products. This is such a wonderful prize.

  143. I love to bake - Sugar is just about old enough to start helping too - I'm sure we'll have lots of fun times in the kitchen as she is growing up! Every Christmas I take baked goods to some of our neighbors, I also take a plate of cookies over anytime we get a new neighbor. It's just something my mom always did so we do it too.

  144. My boys use to help me bake all of the time. I really wanted to instill in them a love of cooking and baking. Their dad bakes with them also when they are with him.
    I, myself, bake for other people very often because my gift is giving the gift of food. When someone new moves into the neighborhood they get a loaf of fresh baked bread from me.
    I have always loved Pampered Chef products. My husband makes his own homemade pizza and he always uses their pizza stone. We have two, in case we have company and need to make another pizza. I use their loaf pans to make my homemade bread and their muffin pans.
    the only baking pan I don't have is a springform pan which is why I would love to win this one!

  145. My kids all love to help bake traditional southern recipes! Red Velvet cake is our favorite. I am queenesperfect at

  146. we bake, grill and create together all the time- hoping that when they are older they have the skills to properly feed themselves

  147. baking has always been a family affair....such fun! I really need a new springform pan and this one by Pampered Chef looks great.

  148. Yep, baked with the kiddos, had lots of fun. Even cleaning up after was fun. Yep, baked for other people, but not lately.
    I've visited the Pampered Chef, but have bought anything there yet, so I can't tell you about how their products worked out for me. Looks like they worked out for you great. I'm going to try and talk hubby into letting me buy the springform pan, he loves cheesecake.

  149. I have the Pampered Chef's Kitchen Chopper and I am in love with it! Would love to try some more of their items!

  150. I try to involve my two-year-old in baking when I can. He loves to try and help. The flower usually ends up all over the place though. It is a good idea to use a scale for things like flower, that way your kid can just spoon it into the bowl until you say to stop when it gets to the correct weight. It also saves on dishes because you need fewer measuring cups.

    I was given a Pampered Chef fluted pan as a wedding gift. I have only used it a few times. I don't really know what all to use it for. With it I was given a cooling rack -- that I use all the time and wish I had two of them at times.

  151. We have this wonderful elderly couple that live behind us! They were never able to have children.
    We call them Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Otto. Whenever we have family over, Ruth and Otto and invited to join us. Our children have learned so much from them and the friendship is immeasurable.
    Pampered Chef is fabulous. Please count me in.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  152. I set a whole day aside during December to make lots of cutout cookies with my kids, which also results in a massive mess! It's always fun and during the decorating part, we generally eat every other cook (the "ugly" ones).

  153. My kids love to make cookies with me. At family parties everyone loves it when I bring my chocolate chip cookies that I make from scratch.

  154. I love baking with my granddaughter, Elizabeth. She hands me the ingredients and takes pride in the results.

  155. I used to cook with Allison a lot more actually. I'm not sure why we haven't recently. Maybe she's just more interested in playing by herself or reading while I'm cooking. She does crack a mean egg though, usually better than me. I don't own any Pampered Chef but I do look longingly at their stoneware for baking and I've heard great things about their pizza stone.

  156. i loveee to bake! but i like to do it de-stress and unwind after a long day at work! i like to bake when the house is quite at night! :) would love to win these..

  157. Every year at Christmas we all get together at my Mom's house and bake up a storm! It's been about a 25 year tradition now and I get so excited when it's baking time.

  158. I really like the few Pampered Chef products I own. None of them are baking dishware, though. I love making and eating mini-muffins, but the pan I have (just something random from Target, if I recall correctly), is a total pain to clean. When using a non-stick spray, the individual tins clean fine, but the top gets gooey and absolutely refuses to scrub completely clean. Does the Pampered Chef muffin tin pan have that problem? I'd totally replace mine, if not!!

    I rarely want to make a cheesecake, but when I do, I often ignore the desire simply because I don't own a springform pan yet.

    So, these two items are both things that I'd put to good use if I won them, that's for sure!

  159. I've recently started baking myself and I have found that I LOVE IT! How can things turn out badly when you've got a ton of sugar, chocolate, or other sweet goodness in the recipe?

  160. i LOVE baking!!! and i LOVE baking with my boys! they get so excited to measure, pour, and stir. oh, and eat the finished product, of course! it may take some extra time when baking with kids, but it is well worth it : )
    i'm always on the lookout for new recipes to try and i'm luck to have family and friends who don't mind trying new baked goods. we also like to bake things to give away and bring when we go visiting.
    as for pampered chef, i went to a party a long time ago and i think my sister-in-law may have a couple of their products. i don't have a mini-muffin tin and have wished for one.

  161. I love to bake. I took a few classes at our local Hobby Lobby and learned how to decorate cakes. It's so much fun. My 3 year old LOVES to use the hand held mixer. If I could just keep the beaters in the bowl ALL the time, there would be waaaaay less mess to clean up, but it probably wouldnt be as fun! LOL! Braden doesnt eat much of anything...he's one of the pickiest eaters out there...but muffins he LOVES. Those mini muffins would be perfect for his little hands!!

  162. I have a one-year-old and five older children who range in age from 24 to 11. You better believe we have had our share of kitchen fun over the years. One thing I wanted to say was how the baking activities really did more than inspire fun. All of my children know their way around the kitchen from our cooking experiences. My two older girls- who are now out of the house- can cook every bit as well as me. I still get the occasional "how do you make that" questions, but I know our kitchen time really paid off. Keep cooking with your kids!

  163. My mom is the baker...she still bakes Easter Bunny cakes at Easter with my daughter and she is 17..I make homemade candies with my kids at Christmas and give to neighbors as gifts. I am aware of Pampered Chef, but have never purchased anything from them.

  164. I love Pampered Chef products! Their stoneware is awesome and cooks so evenly! I've been working on expanding my cooking skills and updating my recipes. The kids and hubby really appreciate it!

  165. My children and I love making cookies together. They choose the variety, usually peanut butter/chocolate chip, and we create yummy cookies! I purchased cookie scoops from the Pampered Chef and love them. So much easier than using a regular teaspoon to scoop the dough onto the cookie trays and each cookie is perfect!

    Thank you. :-)

  166. Levi and I love to cook together. He's an excellent helper...okay, so I might be exaggerating on the excellent helper part, but he's mighty cute!

  167. I don't bake with my kids because they are still too young, but I bake for them and for my husband (usually organic oatmeal cookies or lemon poppyseed muffins).I have never shopped at Pampered Chef, but I have thumbed through their catalog (my neighbor gets it), and I have seen several items that I like.
    Alicia Webster
    [email protected]

  168. Mikayla and I bake all of the time together. Right now she is excited to help make Daddy's birthday cake tomorrow night. She loves to crack eggs, measure, pour, stir everything.

    I have never tried the Pampered Chef products but I have heard of them.

  169. I always loved to bake with my kids. And now my daughter has moved into her own place and has been baking up a storm! These would be a perfect gift for her. She recently made a chocolate cake with mocha frosting from scratch. I'm so proud!

  170. I've been doing tons of baking with my kids lately, which they love, because (not kidding here) my publisher is asking for a chocolate cookbook. (From a novelist. Go figure.)

    So I seriously need a springform pan to try out and make up some recipes, particularly chocolate cheesecake!

  171. I use my mini muffinpan all the time! My daughter loves to help me bake treats. And I decided about a year ago after I realized how many treats I throw away that everytime we made treats - we would take some to someone. It's fun, makes us happy and our receivers happy and I'm not wasting things!

  172. I do love Pampered Chef products - they're the one "party product" that I'm actually interested in and have bought many times. My new ultimate favorite Pampered Chef products are my two sizes of dough scoops - the small one is perfect for cookies or mini muffins, and the medium on is perfect for regular muffins/cupcakes. These scoops make it extra fun for my son to bake with me, and help him get just the right amounts of dough in things.

  173. Before I started dating my now husband, I didn't cook. At all. He has dietary restrictions, so now I cook all the time, but when I first got out of college, I went to a Pampered Chef party, explained my no-cooking stand, and was immediately told to purchase a set of plastic bowls and a metal thing to put in the bottom of a pan so your water doesn't boil over! Those plastic bowls were a lifesaver - great for storing things and they look really nice for bringing salads to potlucks.

    They're pretty old now and starting to gray a little at the bottom, but since I've had them for over ten years, I can't say that I blame them too much!

  174. Our wonderful neighbors brought my husband some empanadas to celebrate his first father's day. You're right about baked goods making a difference. My hubby was so touched!

    I love everything I have ever purchased from Pampered Chef. Our most recent acquisition was their self-honing knives and they're wonderful! I don't have a springform pan and I've been eyeing this one since you posted that delicious-sounding cheesecake recipe last week!

    I love the pictures of your daughter baking. Cooking with kids is a great way to introduce and reinforce fractions -- a topic near and dear to my heart. :)

  175. Though my children are grown now, I used to bake with them all the time. Its all part of learning. For a season we baked large amounts of Christmas goodies and gave them to neighbors and even to the ladies at the library.

  176. Those muffins look so good! I didn't eat breakfast yet, so I probably shouldn't have looked at the pictures in this post. I think it's a great idea to give some away to neighbors and friends; they would enjoy them. Since I like baking cakes so much, I'd love to have that Springform Pan. It would be extremely useful.

  177. I used a Pampered Chef pan yesterday for a no-bake (great for summer) chocolate, p. butter, pretzel and Rice Krispie desert/snack. I love the measuring cups (no need to hold up the cup to see how full close it is to the desired amount) and the mini-loaf pans, too. At Christmas, I bake a variety of quick breads to give away to co-workers for a tasty, inexpensive, thoughtful gift. Thanks for offering these items to us!

  178. I went to one pampered Chef party. What a great thing. While I loved everything that was shown I could only purchase an item or two.

  179. I love baking and I love pampered chef! I have some of their products, but not those two. They would be a great addition to my kitchen. I actually bake for the counselors at camp every summer to give them a little pick me up in the middle of summer and they love it. I bake for like 6 hours and they eat it in like 5 minutes :)

  180. I love to bake, and took 3 courses at our local craft store on decorating cakes. I bake just about every day, yesterday I made Ina Garten's Summer Fruit Crostada, today I am making a Red Velvet Cake. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  181. I LOVE pampered chef products. For baking I use the stoneware bread dish. I bake pumpkin bread red velvet cake quite often. Pumpkin bread is my husband's favorite treat! I would love to use my recipes for muffins! Maybe try my hand at baking a cheese cake in the springform pan. Thanks.

  182. I am getting married in September and can definitely use all the help I can get in the kitchen haha My fiance would love for me to win these in hopes of my actually baking him something!

  183. i love baking... more so in the winter, but I love it nonetheless. When we were in a cloer community of people, we always baked for others. We brought muffins to my friend who just gave birth, banana bread to small group, etc. I miss it during the summer months, but it's just so hot that I don't get around to it as much.

  184. I used to bake homemade rolled out cutout sugar cookies every year at Christmas with my 4 kids! Not the package kind,they loved sprinling them with colored sugar and they would climb up on the kitchen table and play in the flour canister and boy we had a mess but fun!

  185. I used to bake homemade rolled out cutout sugar cookies every year at Christmas with my 4 kids! Not the package kind,they loved sprinling them with colored sugar and they would climb up on the kitchen table and play in the flour canister and boy we had a mess but fun!

  186. I absolutely adore pampered chef products. I only own a few things by them, but everything is exceptional. They have the world's greatest spatulas!

  187. Baking for others has always been my favorite way to spread cheer. I love taking cookies, jam or pies to friends and neighbors!

  188. I love to bake muffins, and I love to eat muffins. It would be nice to have a pan that works for me. I so often find my muffins sticking to the pan!

  189. Your little helper is precious! Roo and I baked chocolate cookies yesterday. She loves to help in the kitchen and would do more if I let her. Grandma taught her to crack eggs so she is very excited about doing that– I probably would have avoided that for a while longer due to the raw egg/salmonella factor. Now I just have to keep her from licking the spoon and the bowl... easier said than done!

  190. I love to bake with my kids. My youngest daughter is especially interested in baking and asks me to bake some goodies all of the time. I've never tried Pampered Chef so thanks for the offer!

  191. My 3 yr. old son loves to help mommy bake and cook. He's always so proud to tell everyone that he helped when they're trying the finished product. And I do love pampered chef products - they're good quality and their recipes are super easy and delicious too!

  192. My sons think that baking and cooking are for girls. lol. But am sure one day this perception will change. Baking is a wonderful bonding time with your daughter. :)

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