Do you epilate?

braun silk-epil xpressive epilatorepilate : the removal of hair by the roots

I'll admit: Epilation scares me to death.

I like having smooth legs, don't get me wrong. But I don't like the prospect of having to endure pain unnecessarily. 

That said, I know some people opt to epilate instead of shave because it allows them to have smooth legs for weeks. 

That's right. Epilators "remove hair at the root for smooth and stubble-free legs for up to 4 weeks."

It sounds enticing. After all, I have to pull out my regular razor several times each week if I want stubble-free gams. If I switched to epilation, I could potentially save a lot of time. 

Time is important to me so I've considered it, but I don't think I'm quite ready to "make the leap."

What about you? Do you epilate or would you want to give it a try?

braun-logoToday, I'm pleased to be giving away a Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Epilator to one reader. The Xpressive has these marketable features:

  • trademarked HairLift system that gently loosens, lifts, and removes hair by the roots
  • a flexible head that can pivot up to 15 degrees forward and back
  • 40 minutes running time when fully charged; recharges fully in just one hour

Plus, the Xpressive is quite sleek and impressive looking. And it's available at most major retailers.

YOUR TURN: Do you shave...or do you epilate? If you currently epilate, please share the following information for the wimps out there ( it hurt and, if so, how much?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Braun Silk-epil Xpressive epilator (valued at approximately $100). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, May 11 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #152 Pamela S. Congratulations!

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301 comments on “Do you epilate?”

  1. I have never shaved.
    I wax, and I have epilated a couple of times. Epilating is not scary. And your skin will get used to it after a few times.
    I recommend the Braun SoftPerfection Epilator for beginners.

  2. I hurt my back last week & my leg easter day!
    I have not been able to shave & I got me some gorrilla legs!
    I would love to try the Epilate!
    Not to mention I have some hair in other my chin ~that I would love to remove by the roots....but tweezing take to much time.

  3. I shave, but the epilator sounds like a great idea - wouldn't have to do it every day like shaving.

  4. I cut myself with razors all the time. I have never heard of this before, but it sounds really nice! This would save me the hassle of shaving every other day!

  5. I have never tried an epilater, but I hate shaving. It takes so much time and I always nick me. I might be willing to endure a little pain if I didn't have to shave.

  6. Okay, so I had an epilator once and used it once before we moved to our house and it disappeared. I can handle it onthe legs, I can imagine the long term would be easier and easier but I tried it on my upperlip and well, not so good.....youchy to say the very least.

    Thanks for the chance :)

    It hurts a little to look good, right? lol

  7. Oh, man! I hesitate to even enter, but I have to say, I hate shaving. I take skin off every single time I shave. I've started using Veet, but that stings at times, plus doesn't always get everything. I also tried to laser hair removal. You have to spend $5K to stop the growth even a little, it seems. Grrrr!

  8. I shave with a disposable razor, but I heard that these are popular with teenagers ( I have a 15 year old daughter) as it is easier and they have to shave less often then with a razor or other method.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  9. Our daughter would love to try this out. She shaves her legs daily and I would love to cut razor blades from our expenses!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I'm kind of like a grizzly bear, I need to shave twice daily. I've never epilated but I'd like to try.

  11. I'm a wimp too, I shave. But I've always wanted to try epilation...though there are so many models out there...dunno which to choose!

  12. I shave. I'm such a wimp. My best friend did the laser treatments. She said they were excruciating but they worked.

  13. i have never tried one of these because i hear they but i hate how you shave one day and have stubble the next..its sooooooooooooooo annoying

  14. I shave, but I do not own an epilator. I'd love to try it. Smooth skin for up to four weeks?! Sounds good to me! :)

  15. I do epilate and it does not hurt me waxing was so much worse but I do need to do it twice a week in the summer. I wish I could go four weeks.

  16. I am a shaver but I wan to be an epilator!! I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to being hairless, I shave my legs almost everyday as well as well, you know, other areas too! I go through razors like crazy, and it gets expensive. I would love to have this Braun Silk-epil Xpressive epilator right on my bathroom counter and I would use it as often as needed, it would be so fantastic to have! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  17. Oh wow!
    Never heard of an Epilator! I would LOVe to try it, then I would MAKE my mom try it too! :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  18. I shave, but have a girlfriend who swears by epilating. I've never tried it myself, but have been curious about it ever since she mentioned it to me.

  19. So strange you would have this prize as I have been considering buying this product! Especially since the weather has become swimsuit and short wearing time! Thanks for this wonderful prize and opportunity! Great site!

  20. I'm with you. I've heard horror stories! I shave but I can't say I don't have horror stories with that either.

  21. I try to shave, but my little one has decided the shower is evil and crys as soon as she realizes I'm in there. Shaving usually gets sacrificed so I can calm my little one down. I tried these weird little crystal pads........bad idea, I rubbed so much skin off that I would rather wax. I've never epilated but I would LOVE to try.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  22. I'm a shaver kind of girl, or at least I am right now, I'd like to try one of these though, to see how much it hurts, how much longer it lasts, etc. If there's a better option than shaving, I'd gladly take it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I don't shave or epilate, my girlfriend tried to wax me once, it hurt so bad. If I won, I would love to try this on my back :)

  24. I've tried cheap epilators before with minimal results- some pain, not much gain. I have to shave everyday if I want stubble free legs. And I live in FL. I am willing to endure pain IF it works. I would LOVE to win this if it would really last for 4 weeks!!!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  25. Shaver here. Never tried epi. Would like permanent removal but little time or $ for that. Tried the creams/gels too but they failed to work.

  26. I'm so glad that I found this giveaway before it closed! I do epilate and I need a new one. Perfect timing. Fingers are crossed. When I started it hurt a bit, but I very quickly got used to it and now it doesn't hurt at all. Everyone is different though, so YMMV (your mileage may vary).

    Thanks for a great giveaway and keeping it open until after Mother's Day!

  27. I shave...but I'd prefer this! I don't shave that often anyway...laziness and a cold this sounds like a better option.

  28. I have been shaving FOREVER (or so it seems)...I joke with my esthetician that I get a 5 o'clock shadow on my legs! Maybe this would be worth a little pain. I've waxed before, and if I can handle that I can probably handle this!

    jessbedard7 at gmail dot com

  29. I epilate- right now using the Silk-epil Xelle by Braun ($69 on Amazon best price) and it is WONDERFUL!
    I've been using since the first epilady so it hardly ever bothers me.
    It leaves Kyra's skin red for several days so she doesn't often choose this method unless she's like going on a vacation and doesn't want to mess with shaving for a while.
    The VERY BEST part is that less than a third of the hair I had grows back. EVER.
    Mama's old Gently Gold is about to wear out (she's had the cord replaced and it is running slow) so I would LOVE to win this for her.
    Thank you for the chance.
    Go for it- you will LOVE the results.
    After a few months you will spend less than 30 minutes a month on hair removal from your whole body.

  30. I'm a shaver but I think I'd be willing to give this a try just to save myself some time... with a 2-year-old and 4-month-old I don't really have all that much time for shaving. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I shave but have always wanted to try and epi. I am always looking for a way to defuzz less or ever.

  32. I've never had an Epilator of any kind but would like to try this Braun Silk-epil Xpressive epilator out and see what all the talk is about. Thank you!

  33. I shave, but now that beach season is here, I am dreading having to shave every other day. I'd LOVE to try the epilator!!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  34. I also have to shave often to keep stubble free. I've considered laser hair removal, but it is so expensive. Maybe epilating would be a happy medium for me? Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I shave and wouldn't mind so much if I didn't have to do it so frequently so I would love to try this.

  36. I HATE shaving my legs! I always end up nicking myself, no matter how careful I am. Or I shave right before sunbathing and have to use oil or lotion and suddenly I've got that darned red bump rash and irritation and burning and stinging. Ugh!! I've heard such good things about epilation, I'd love to try it.

  37. I shave and without fail always miss a spot or two. Or more! i will be scared but will try this anyway. i have really dry skin so this would be the best huh?

  38. I shave and I'm tired of it. I want a long term solution to shaving and the epilator may be the way to go. I would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. I shave but I would love to try this! I've never even heard of epilation - I guess I'm out of the loop!

  40. I never try to epilate, I always shaved.............I like to try once, it sounds gpood!


  41. I'd like to try one. It seems like the older I get the dryer my legs feel the day after shaving.

  42. I use hair removal cream. I tried the epilady years ago when I was a teenager (don't ask how long ago that was!) and it was so painful I cried and never used it again. I'd be willing to give this one a try.

  43. I shave...never have tried a epilator, but would be interested in seeing how well it works...and, yes, how much it hurts.

  44. I shave. I bought an epilator when I was younger. Put it to my skin, felt the first hair pull out and sent it back to the store. I'm a bit braver now and would love to give it a try.

  45. I'm a shaver, but dorm showers and long legs are not conducive to comfortable or easy shaving. I would love to give this baby a try.

  46. I use an epilator in the summer and shave in the winter since being really smooth is more important in summer. I must admit, using my old-style epilator is a bit painful, but the results are really nice and it does last a while. Maybe this one will do the same job more gently?

  47. I shave, and my oldest daughter has just started shaving. She cut herself really bad, and now she is afraid to do it! I need a different way for her and this would be for her.

  48. If I want smooth legs, I'd have to shave pretty much every day. My hair is so dark and course I have stubble an hour after I shave. It stinks, I tell ya!!

  49. I'm also very hesitant about epilation. I recently saw a product that was basically just a spring you fold over to catch the unwanted hair between the coils then returned the spring to it's original position and pull - and I thought they banned 'spring-boarding'! But I do love the look and feel of soft, smooth legs so if the product is more user-friendly (or user-painless) then I'm all for it. :)

  50. I shave every 3 days cuz i hate even a little stubble. i would love to try an epilator. Any timesaving device is a beautiful thing.

  51. I had the original epilady and cried every time I only used it for a short time. Now I hear this is a more gentle hair removal. Pain but not so intense. I would love to use it LOL I feel I am ready to try again with a more sophisticated version.

  52. Wow. This is so different from my circa 90s epilator. I do want to be hair free for long periods of time. Today, it was hot outside but I hadn't shaved so I went out in jeans when shorts were really in order. Epilator, rescue me.

  53. i would love for my legs to stay smooth for weeks.....i have often thought id love to try Epilator ,but i dont want to spend out alot of money ,when i have a perfectly good razor..

  54. Skin stays beautifully smooth and stubble-free for up to 4 weeks!! Wow, this sounds like a miracle.

  55. Oh, I would be so excited to have this product! I had laser hair removal (which is more painful than they say it is) but it didn't do much. I'll try anything to help ease this problem!

  56. I shave but hate doing it, the only thing that saves me from being a cave woman is the venus razor the blades are pricey but its the only razor I found that I'm not losing more blood then hair with each shave. We live in florida so I basically live in capri's so need hairless legs.
    Have you ever shaved then get somewhere and see a spot you missed? I have been wanting to try the epilate method as I have tried almost everything and waxing is not happening for me again. It would be nice because you could put it in your beach bag and have it handy for those quick beach days, traveling, and no cuts, no blades to buy, I'm ready to give it a try.

    Thank you


  57. I'd love to give this a try. I have to shave my legs every day or suffer the embarrassing consequences. I've tried waxing, but I'm not a big fan. Something I can try at home, at my own pace would be great. Thanks for the chance!

  58. Weeks of not shaving? You bet I would try it. It definitely sounds better than daily shaving, waxing, or just about everything else I have used over the years.

  59. It does sound impressive. I have never heard of this before reading your post...but I would love to give it a try. Especially if it means less shaving the old fashion way!

  60. Since I only wear skirts not having to shave for 4 weeks would be AWESOME! I currently either shave or us Veet. I'd love to give this a shot! Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  61. I sometimes use a depilatory but I tend to leave my hair alone (a little out of laziness, and a little out of not caring so much). But, I'd like to try epilating. I assume that it'd hurt as much (A LOT at first XD) as waxing or threading or tweezing, since those all pull the hair from the root.

  62. I tried this years ago before I cared about how much time shaving took. As a mom of two I am always looking for a way to save time and still look fabulous. Bring it on girl! Give me a reason to throw the old shaver out!

  63. I epilate and the longer/thicker hairs hurt a lot more than thin ones which usually come out fairly easily. I usually epilate on my arms and legs which feel a sharp pain that hurts so bad, it itches. It hurts a lot for me but thats just me.

  64. I finally bought an epilator a last year but it is kind of cheap and does a horrible job and would love a better one!
    The legs hurt the first time but as long as you do it regularly its not bad at all. The armpits, OW the first couple times but it's fine now. How people do OTHER areas, they must be masochists! They key is making sure your hair isn't too long, and learning to breathe!

  65. We have six feet of snow six months of the year so I am a lazy shaver. I would like to try the epilator, so maybe I wouldn't be so lazy.

  66. I shave but I so want to try this I go to an accunturist regualrlly so it can't be any worse then that

  67. I'm a shaver but I hate it. I use a razor in the summer and an electric in the winter since I don't need as close of a shave. I'd be willing to give the epilator a try.

  68. I shave, but I use a device called an "epi-stick" on my upper lip. It's a clever little Japanese tool that twists the hair of your face. It hurts, but your makeup goes on a lot smoother!

  69. I shave and have never tried epilation but I'd love to try it, this system sounds good. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  70. I shave now, but this would come in handy especially for beach trips and now that I'm pregnant and bending over to shave every other day is getting harder and harder. It would be worth the pain to not have to shave as much.

  71. My best friend pinned me down once when we were teenagers and attacked me with an Epilady! Who needs enemies with friends like these,huh? I would love try to try it when I am not being forced-or screaming in pain.

  72. I do have an epilator but could really use a new one. I love it, no more stubble after only a few days and you really only have any discomfort the first time or two:0

  73. I have been shaving every other day for way too long. I always have stubble and I think my husband would die if my legs were actually smooth for once. I have never heard of epilation, but if I can handle plucking on a regular basis along with child birth, I am sure I could handle trying this...Soft legs...dreamy.

  74. I shave but I would love to try this. I swear I have stubble just hours after shaving, it drives me crazy in the summer!

  75. I shave & have never epilated. Hmm would I try epilating, if it wasnt extremely painful, yes I would. Winning this would save me the expense of finding out how painful it would be, lol.

  76. Yes, epilating scares me, too. The pain--how could it be worth it? It's so quick to shave, really. But then, when you think of the amount of time added up, and smoothness for days, ah, the siren song of epilating calls! ;)

  77. I would really love to give this a try. I shave my legs and then I have to deal with stubble and dry, itchy legs. Thanks for the chance to make shaving a thing of the past!

  78. I would like to win the Braun Silk-epil Xpressive epilator for my sister. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  79. I truly would love to try this machine out. It seems that if I shave 1st thing in the morning, I have a "5 o'clock shadow" by well... 5 o'clock! I admit, this has made me kind of lazy in regards to shaving and I would love to change that. I really would love to surprise my man with fully shaved legs and have them stay that way for days!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. I shave and get VERY tired of doing so at times. I've always been curious about epilation and would love to give this nifty little device a try!

  81. I've never epilated and rarely shave but this looks like something I'd use. If my legs looked good I'd probably wear shorts more often this summer.

  82. Hmmmm....I've never heard of this....I have no idea if I would try it. Did you like it? Does it hurt? I obviously shave...I've tried waxing and creams and sanding (yes, sanding...LOL!) nothing really works well. I may be willing to try it....hmmmm....I don't know....I think I'd like to read some more did you like it?

  83. OMG I haven't tried anything like this since the Epilady back in the 90's and that thing was a TORTURE device. Who knows, maybe they're better now, I'd be willing to try again because the promise of not having to shave sounds good.

  84. I shave, but I've always wanted to use an epilator. The Braun epilator sounds like it would be great! Thanks for offering this!

  85. I've never tried this, but I have been really curious about it. I loathe shaving, which means I do it far less often than I should!

  86. I used to wax but it got too expensive to have it professionally done and it is too messy to do at home. Would love to try the epilator (same concept so the pain is no biggie)

  87. I used to use an epilady years ago but now I only shave and would love to try and do and epilady again so that way I could save money.

  88. I would love to try this just haven't been able to budget for one, I can't imagine it is worse than doing eyebrows

  89. I think I buy new razors every week. I usually buy the disposal ones because they last about 3 days and then they are thrown in trash. I wish I had a razor that last more that a month.

  90. I'm afraid that, living in the hippie-town that I do, I often let my legs get way too hairy between shaves! But at least I do shave eventually... I would love to try a product that would keep me from being quite so "earthy" ;)

  91. I still shave, but have always wondered about "gadgets" like these. I haven't tried them because of my wimpiness and cost. I suppose, if you add up the cost of all the razor blades I've purchased over the years, it would balance out though. Would love to give it a try. I was apparently genetically "blessed" with hairiness that requires frequent attention, so this would be great if it would actually mean I only have to use it every couple/few weeks! Yay! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  92. I've always been a shaver but I'm game to try an epilator. My oldest daughter and I currently arm-wrestle over my shaver; she's forever borrowing mine and then I have to replace the blades..mighty expensive now. I'll pass the shave to her and use the epilator if I win.

  93. I have actually used an epilator twice. My stepmom has an epilady and I have used it while visiting her. She has been using it regularly for years and her leg hair is SO sparce. While the first time I used it, it was a little painful, it was definitely not bad. She told me that the trick is to start slow; pull the skin taut and then only shave one or two inches at a time rather than jumping in and doing the whole leg at once. You will still need to shave for a few days/weeks until you work your way up to epilating the entire leg, but it's SO worth it! I didn't have to shave the last 4 inches of my legs (where my hair grows in darkest anyway) for a couple of weeks!

  94. I hate shaving. Thankfully my husband loves me enough that he endures the fact that I am quite the sasquatch in the winter (pants season, hooray!). I do shave in the summer and occasionally in the winter (I do have SOME standards), but I'd love to try another option. I tried home waxing once and thought I might die. Plus, it missed some random hairs, so I had to shave anyway; the torture was all for naught. Honestly, I never tried it again. I'd give this a shot, least once!

  95. I shave but I'm definitely brave enough to try an epilator. Shaving is so time consuming.

  96. I shave but would be willing to try this product. Not having to shave for a month would be nice.

  97. I shave, but I do wax my upper lip so I'm not a complete wimp, so maybe I can epilate.... At least I'm willing to try for weeks of hair free living.

  98. I remember my mom had an epilady in the bottom drawer for years. Still packaged and ready to zap someone. After years of being in the box my dad told my mom and three sisters to watch how it is done. He took the epilady to his hairy and I mean hairy legs and with a straight face shaved a patch. We were all in dismay and horror. He was in pain but wanted to show us that it was fine. After we left we heard this sharp scream. He came out of the bathroom and thew the thing in the trash.

    I would give it to him for Father's Day!

  99. I shave, and I like to use a shave-minimizing gel. I'm not sure whether it works, because I just started using it, and I have pretty fine, light-colored hair in any case.

  100. After shaving half my skin off I switched to waxing which hurt the first few times until I got used to it and it varies by the time of month. Since it got too expensive and I have no time for appt. I started using an epilator and love it!

  101. I tried to original Epilady when I was in high school. I didn't think I'd ever attempt again, but maybe they've improved, and maybe now that I've had kids, I could tolerate the pain.

  102. I currently shave but would jump at the chance to try one of these babies out.

  103. I had something like this at one time, and it really isn't as bad as some people may think.

  104. i'm a shaver - i hadn't really heard of this type of hair removal before, but i'd love to give it a try - i'm a hair freak - i want it all removed, i hate being hairy!

    autumn398 (at)

  105. I'm a shaver and I hate shaving it takes up so much time and then I have to shave more than once a week if I want smooth legs. Ugh

  106. I have a little one that is like automatic tweezers, but it only has one "tweezer". I've been meaning to step it up and get a big one.

  107. I shave and epilate. I think epilating has much better and smoother results, but I do think it hurts a bit.

    Would love to win this! vvperesk(at)gmail(dot)com

  108. I would love this. I shave and every now and then wax. This would be nice to use in the comfort of my own home. Shaving is such a pain and I would love to have smooth legs for days on end. Right now, I shave my legs in the morning and by the night I am prickly. I sure hope I win!!

  109. I shave and wax, but would LOVE to try this! Anything that helps with removing annoying excess body hair is good in my book, especially for the summer! :) Thanks!!

  110. I have the older model of the Braun Silk Epil and it is great! I have been using it for years and i can't live without it, i would love to have this newer version. Thanks for the chance!

  111. Enter me! I wax, but it takes SO much time, which is something I can't afford to give up, having a sixty hour work week. I'd love to own something that would let me look all smooth and ladylike and abandon my waxing accoutrement.

  112. I've been too unwilling to spend the bucks on something that I might hate using, but I've always wanted to try one. I can't count the number of times I've stood in front of them on the store shelf, picked it up and looked at it, only to put it back on the shelf.

    I've waxed (at home) occasionally, and it hurts, but temporarily. I enjoyed the suggestions that Suzanne H. made about how to make it easier.

  113. I would try it . . . I am always up for trying something new! Especially if it means shaving less often. Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. I currently shave, but I'd really like to try epilating, as hair takes longer to re-grow when you epilate, and that would save me time on shaving so frequently. Thanks for the chance!

  115. I use an epilator but I have a junky, cheap-o model and would love to upgrade to the Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Epilator. My reactions to epilating…
    - Don’t kid yourself, you are yanking the hairs out at the root – it hurts! Eventually it becomes a little less painful but I still think it hurts and I have been doing it for at least five years.
    - Re-growth will become thinner with time and may not even grow back at all. I epilate on both my bikini line and my calves. My regrowth in the bikini area is much thinner now and there are definite ‘bald’ areas on my legs.
    - I think my legs hurt much, much more than the bikini area. Maybe because it’s a smaller area and I can get the job done faster? I’ve been too chicken to try my underarms.
    - If you are prone to ingrown hairs (like me), soak in a tub beforehand to soften the skin and follicles, exfoliate really well with a loofah and then epilate right after you get out of the tub. I think this procedure also helps with the pain because the hairs have softened and make the removal much easier. You can also take a few ibuprofen 30-60 minutes beforehand to take the edge off.

    Personally, I’m going to keep at it, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

  116. Am I awful for wishing you had tried it so as to give us a review on the pain factor? :)

    No but really, I'm not familiar with this. I've heard of people "saving up" their leg hair for weeks on end before they go in and have it waxed (apparently you need like four weeks of growth or something), but I don't know much about the epilators. Now I'm curious...

  117. This is right up my alley. No matter how careful I am or how I handle it with creams, exfoliators, whatever, I always end up having in-grown hairs and bumps. So this would be a DREAM!

  118. I shave but would really like to try epliating. But like you, I'm afraid it will hurt! But the new Braun one looks pretty amazing and worth a shot - I just might have to close my eyes and wince the first time around.

  119. i have always epilated. got my first epilator when i was 16 :) my latest one broke and would love to get this! lately i have been waxing...but its hard to do it on your own self.its fine on the legs, but hands is tough!! hope i win!

  120. I've always been curious about the Epilady, but too scared to go out and buy one. If I won an Epilator on the other hand, I might actually use it. Hmm... We'll see what happens!

  121. I shave, and I hate it! My dream would be permanent hair removal on my legs, etc. If I had the money, I'd gladly suffer waxing (I've even done at-home waxing for summer swimsuit season). But it isn't permanent, either.

    But the epilating sounds awesome! Not exactly permanent, but worlds better than waxing and shaving!

  122. I shave and am so bad about shaving my legs in the winter. An epilator would make life so nice!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  123. My sister in law and I were actually discussing this topic last weekend...I'm a bit of a chicken too, but I am SO tired of shaving almost every day! It's got to be less painful than waxing, right?

  124. I have been using epilators for about 7 years now, and i have to say that i love it. I had to start using them since i am allergic to razors, at first i was scared that it was going to hurt too much, but it really doesn't hurt that much at all. If you pluck your eyebrows then you know how much it will hurt, an epilator is like using a bunch of tweezers at the same time to pluck the hairs off your legs or any other area on your body, and while it can hurt more than plucking with tweezers would normally hurt, you eventually get used to it, the pain almost disappears with regular use.

    It is worth using an epilator regularly as the hair takes a couple of weeks to a month to come back, and since it removes hair from the root, the hair starts to weaken and starts growing thinner with time or it doesn't come back at all. So the benefits are long lasting, it's completely worth the pain, i would say it is similar to waxing but instead of doing it with wax and wax strips you do it with a machine, which also makes it less messy and non sticky, and another plus for using the epilator is that the irritation of the skin is minor, and there is less risk of an irritation caused by allergic reactions to either wax, chemicals from hair removal creams or razors!

  125. I've heard of it but I thought it was just like shaving without the water. I would love to give it a try

  126. I have shaved, waxed, and used those stinky creams! But never an epilator. I wonder if it's less painful than waxing?

  127. I want to try an epilater so bad, but don't want to fork over $40+ and then not like it. My mom used an Epilady way back when and said it HURT - but I'm willing to endure the pain if I don't have to shave for a month - I hate shaving.

  128. I alternate between shaving and epilating / waxing. My favorite is waxing - it hurts but it is so quick! But I'd rather have a professional do it. I can only endure epilating on legs - and it does hurt, well, a bit.

  129. I've been a waxer for years and just discovered the delight of sugar wax. I swear by it and it doesn't hurt. I tried an epilator once and I'm hoping it was just a fluke...I thought it hurt like hell.

  130. Wow, I had never heard of epilation. I shave, but rarely I hardly ever have time and when I do I spend it relaxing or cleaning. Hair removal is way down on my list of things to do. Don't get me wrong I love having smooth legs but man it is just too much work, especially when my hubby doesn't care either way it makes me not care as much. Sounds interesting though, with minimal time and effort. I pluck my eyebrows, could it hurt much more than that?

  131. I'm a shaver, but have always hated it. An epilator was never in my budget, so this is perfect!

  132. I'm suprised so few have tried it...I was hoping for tons of rave reviews on how well it works! I've never heard of this either, but I'd be willing to give it a try.

  133. I do both. The epliator does hurt but you get used to it. Also as you do it the hair grows back thinner each time and it comes out easier which reduces pain.

  134. I've been a waxer for some years but am looking to save some cash. Owning the epilator would definately save me some cash.

  135. Have never tried an epilator, but it might be a possibility. Don't shave as much as I used to (my leg hair seems to be getting more sparse as I get older) but it is still a pain.

  136. I shave and have never tried a epilator before. Would be great to not have to shave so often.

  137. I shave now, but I would definitely be willing to give epilating a shot. It can't hurt any more than waxing, can it?

  138. I'm a shaver. I can't imagine that this would be so painful I would not use it. I would love to try it!

  139. I've only ever shaved but I would love to give this thing a try. I don't think I'd mind a little pain at all if it meant smooth legs for a while.

  140. I shave my legs but I too but I gotta admit it is not my favorite thing to do..I would love to win this as I am sure it's not as bad as shaving:)

  141. I am a shaver but hate it...It gets very old. Would love to try this as an alternate way to get rid of unwanted hair. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  142. I'm a shaver, but it is such a pain to do all the time. I had no idea that I could get one of these compact little things. My husband would probably love it if I won this :)

  143. I have always used a razor shaver. My daughter just started to shave also. We could really use this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  144. If it isn't painful I am game to try it
    my mom had an Epilady yrs. ago and she said that was painful.

  145. I shave and I would not actually PAY for the pain that HAS to come with epilating (is that a word?), but if I won an epilator for free I guess I'd take one for the team and try it out :)

  146. I use the old fashioned razor to shave, but I feel brave and would love to try the epilator. It certainly would make things easier - I hate shaving my legs.

  147. I shave, but I'd be up for trying an epilator. Since having Levi, actually getting a chance to shave is pretty rare. Epilating would definitely make life easier...if it's not too terribly painful.

  148. I've tried it all. Epilation, shaving, creams, lotions, electrolysis, wax and rubbing with something that resembled sandpaper but pink. I currently shave because it's the fastest and easiest. However I want to try to epilate again. My time is governed now by two mobile little girls. I need to satisfy my inner diva while not sacrificing my house. Epilation hurt before I'm just hoping childbirth has made me a tougher lady. And if nothing else now I'm old enough to drink before I start yanking the hair out by the root.

  149. No thanks! I'm a shaver and have tried these hair rippers! I don't know, maybe it's just me, but quite frankly, shaving just doesn't take that long....

  150. I currently shave, but I would =love= to epilate... My sister actually got me an epilady when they first came out, but I had a horrible reaction to it, which I =now= know was to the lotion that came with it, not the epilady, but by the time I was diagnosed with a bunch of contact allergies, I'd already given it away. To me, it didn't hurt too much--tingling, like tweezing. I would so much like a smoother look like this gives!! Thanks for the chance :)

    emvark at gmail dot com

  151. I shave, but would like to try an epilator. I hate taking the time every week to shave & if there's a better way I'ld love to try it.

  152. check out the emjoi proudct they offer so many different epilatos with so many different retail selling prices there is a value to be had.And the product is fantastic and gives umbelieveable results.

  153. I shave. I tried the EpiLady way back when and it hurt like crazy, but I have a low pain tolerance. I wouldn't mind giving this a try though.

    Darla : )

  154. I shave, but I'd really like to have some sort of alternative. Would actually like to try using an epilator.


  155. I shave and it's so time consuming...I feel like I have to shave everyday to have super smooth legs!

  156. Thats so cool that it has the massaging feature to get the hairs that are laying down flat on your legs. Also the fact that its PINK is super sweet

  157. I just was reading about this process and think it sounds great. Especially towards the end of pregnancy when it's hard to shave!

  158. I so need this! The older I get, the harder it is to get to all those pesky hairs that just keep on growing and growing... YUCK!!!

  159. It can't hurt more than pulling hair with a tweezer. I always forget to shave - count me in.

  160. I have always been a shaver (and have the scars to prove it). Think it'd be interesting to try epilation!

  161. I can only shave once a week. It drives me crazy that I'm stubbly the rest of the time. I, too, avoid skirts and bathing suits (though i don't wear shorts, ever, they're the bane of every woman's existence). I've always wanted to try an epilator. thanks for the giveaway.

  162. I shave, I have tried waxes and creams...but always return to shaving. My mother bought an Epi-lady when they first came out and she still uses it. She said it really hurt the first few years but now is not so bad! She is such a brave lady, stoic even. :-)

    I would like to try the Braun Silk-epil Xpressive epilator, Braun is an excellent company and generally produce quality products.

    Thank you. :-)

    Oh, love the family pictures...handsome hubby, beautiful children, and beautiful mom.

  163. I've never done anything but shave and would love to try this -- THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!!

  164. This is new to me and I'd love to give it a try because I am so tired of doing things the old fashioned way - the shaving way !

  165. I am very interested in this because I cant shave with a normal razor. My hand shakes without warning and after many chunks taken out of my skin I have moved on to nair (smelly) or an electric razor (uh, ya we know how well THOSE work). I am willing to try anything, no matter how scary!


  166. I've tried almost everything (Nair, Nads, shaving) to remove hair but never tried epilation. I do pluck my eyebrows so maybe it wouldn't hurt too much on my legs. I would like to have hair-free legs for a longer period of time. Sounds like a great little tool for that.

  167. I shave, but I'm seriously short on time these days so I'd love to try to epilation. I think its been over a week since I shaved last and boy do I need it. I don't wear shorts or skirts these days but I bet my hubby would appreciate rubbing nice smooth legs. I don't bother asking for leg rubs right now, too embarrassing.

  168. My epilator is ancient & stuck in a drawer somewhere, so I currently shave. As to the epilator -- I don't think "hurt" is the right word, it certainly isn't as painful as facial waxing! Even with the old one I had it was just a slight twinge, nothing major! It did work though.

  169. I shave in the shower and am forever nicking myself anything to remedy that problem would be great

  170. I don't have an epilator but I would love to try it. I hate shaving. My hair grows in very coarse and black and I get ingrown hairs if I shave too often. Plus I scar easily. Lucky, lucky me...

  171. I live in Texas so I am ready for everyday shorts and shaving just doesn't last! I haven't done either since winter and I have been contemplating on what to do next. I was told that if I wanted to laser or wax I 'd have to grow it out. I'm ready for something long term.

  172. With 2 kids under 3, I would love to try this just to save time. Right now I shave because it is quick and I am in the shower anyway, so why not.

  173. A few years ago I was put on Coumadin (blood thinners). I have DVT. When that happened I had to stop shaving with a razor because of the chance of bleeding and not being able to stop the bleeding. My husband bought me an electric razor. It didn't get the hairs all that well. This would be great.

  174. I remember the Epilady from back in the day and it always intrigued me. I'd be willing to try this out since I never get around to shaving but every once and awhile. That works fine for winter but now that Spring is upon us I'm going to have to take longer showers or just be hot all the time.

  175. I have always shaved and chewed my legs apart pretty badly. I would love to try this. The hair on legs just seems to grow as soon as I shave. I really need something that lasts longer than shaving. I am willing to try anything and this sounds great. It has really come a long way over the years.

  176. I am a shaver I would have to shave everyday to have smooth legs everyday. I have always wanted to try epilate.

  177. I shave. And it's super annoying. I inherited my hair from my mother, which includes the unfortunate trait of being stubbly again within 12 hours. I pretty much prefer just wearing jeans or long skirts to cover up my legs, and then only shave just before wearing a swimsuit or short skirt/shorts.

    I've tried home waxing once.... and that was a nightmare of super-pain. BUT... after years of plucking my eyebrows, it isn't painful anymore. I imagine that this whole epilating thing might be painful at first, but get easier after time. I'd definitely be up for trying it. At least for having another option out there, you know? Who knows if I might end up liking it!

    Honestly, if I were to win a large sum of money, one of the first things I would do is go in for laser hair removal.

  178. I'd love to win something like this. Shaving with razors irritates my allergy and dry-prone skin. This might be a solution!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  179. I shave now, did get an epilator when they first came out but it was too annoying for me. I know they have made big strides since then, so I'd love to give it another try!

  180. I shave. I have waxed occasionally - I think I'm brave enough to try the "epilate" method. It would be so nice to not have to shave so often - especially right now when bending over is becoming challenging! Just six more weeks until Baby Boy is here!

  181. I shave, and heard the horror stories years ago about Epilady, and now am so pleased to hear GREAT things about the vast improvements of Epilady!

  182. I'm a shaver from way back LOL but my daughter and I would dearly love to try an epilator. She is far braver than I am so she'd use it first :)

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