Do you have any Havaianas?

I do.

I have the Slim Shine pair ($48):

slim shine havaianas

They're slim. They're shiny. They're sparkly. They're stylish.

And I like them.

I wouldn't wear them out hiking or on a super long walk, mind you. But for walking around the house or on errands in warm weather? They work wonderfully.

I actually wear flip flops almost every day in the summer.

YOUR TURN: What shoes are you wearing right now? What shoes do you normally wear in the summertime?

havaianas logo

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Slim Shine flip flops ($48, pictured above). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, July 12 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* In addition to women's flip-flops, Havaianas has a variety of flip-flop options for men, babies, and kids. Most of the flip flops appear to range in price from $20-$50.

*UPDATE* The winner is #151 Leona P. Congratulations!

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266 comments on “Do you have any Havaianas?”

  1. I've always wanted a pair of Havaianas! I love flip flops!! I currently wear a cute pair of Roxy flips flops all the time, but would love a pair of Havaianas!

  2. I am currently wearing a brand of flip flops that are so wonderful I have been wearing them everywhere with the kids all summer...they really need a rest.

  3. I love Havaianas! I already own one pair and I wear them almost every day that I'm not working. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. So during the summer its flip flops every weekend.

  4. I have been wearing a cute pair of greek styled sandals lately. I have no flipflops so I am out of luck with having something easy to slip on for errands.

  5. I wear tennis shoes year round for the most part. I'm always on the run and its more comfortable to be wearing tennis shoes. But I love those flip flops they would be nice to have to wear around the pool and backyard when we bbq.

  6. I wear Clark slip on shoes and want these flip flops as my feet "need them" and I will feel ready to take on summer!

  7. I usually wear slip on shoes either flip flops, or casual black flats that match about everything. : )

  8. I am currently wearing old navy flip flops, but for the summer I love Salt Water Sandals and Chuck Taylors!

  9. I actually got a brand new pair of green havaianas the other day at a garage sale. I got them for 50 cents and they have since become the only shoes I wear. I love em!!

  10. I'm currently wearing my Earth Shoes sandals. they are very comfortable and I have about worn them out.

  11. i usually wear clogs because they slip on really quick and off you go i must admit even in the winter i sometimes wear them if there is only a little bit of snow :)

  12. Right now, I'm wearing no shoes at all. I do this as much as possible in the warmer weather. But most days, I wear an old pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals, with a soft sole and leather strap over the toes. They are getting aged but are by far the most comfy pair of shoes I've ever owned.

  13. Right now I'm wearing slippers since I'm indoors but during the summer I too live in flip flops. It's just so much easier to slip in and out of!

  14. I don't own a pair of Havaianas YET! But after checking the website out my feet are so excited just dreaming about sliding into a wonderful pair of these flip flops!!

  15. For casual stuff, I'm usually wearing old navy flip flops, for work it's fancy flip flops with wedges or heels. I've heard really good things about Havaianas, I just haven't bought a pair yet.

  16. Right now I am wearing a pair of Dr. Schools Flip Flops that I have had forever but they are so comfy! I have many pair of other flip flops in like 5 different colors but they are the cheap ones from Walmart :)

  17. I have about a 1/2 dozen different pairs of flip flops. I just love them all summer long. I have my yard work flip flops, my jumping in the car to run an errand flip flops, my walking short distance flip flops, and my dressy flip flops. Love them all for different reasons. I would love a pair of Havaianas. Thanks.

  18. Live in flip flops! Agree, not for long walks, made the recent mistake at Disneyworld! Ouch! These look cute, and would love to find new favorites as that Old Navy changed theirs and not as cute and comfy!

  19. Barefoot right now! My favorite but if I HAVE to put shoes on I reach for my Ugg flip flops. Or my cute bronze sandals. I'd wear flip flops all year round but up here in the tundra it doesn't work so well!

  20. Right now I'm waeing a pair of Nike. I usually wear athletic shoes but I wear flip flops when I go to the beach.

  21. I wear Easy Spirit sandals, they are so comfy. My daughter and sister not only wear flip flops all summer they wear them all winter also.

  22. I LIVE in flip flops all summer (and I have been known to go get my mail, tromping through the snow in the dead of winter, wearing a pair). I have heard about havaianas and have always wanted to try them...but have yet to!

  23. I am wearing some cheap adidas sneaks i bought for $3 at a agarage sale. I like wearing sandals in the summer

  24. Right now I am wearing flip flop slippers. Summertime is flip flop time unless we are going to be out walking around them it's my comfy gym shoes.

  25. I don't wear shoes around the house in the summer. If I do put some on it's a pair of $1 old navy flip flops or my old pair of dr. marten sandals.

  26. I love flip flops and wear them more than any other shoes i own. It has to get pretty cold for me to give up my flipflops!

  27. I am not a sparkly person myself per se, but for some reason I can't help but love sparkle on my footwear!

  28. To tell the truth, in the summer I go barefoot around my house and yard. I love going barefoot!! But when I go out I wear birkenstock sandals most of the time. I'd love to try Havaianas. I keep hearing so much about them. Thanks.

  29. I love flip flops! I love the slim versions because the strap doesn't rub against my feet as much.

  30. Nice sandals. I have 1 pair of Havaianas and they are quality made and good shoes.

  31. I'm wearing sneakers right now because I just cracked the sole of my flip flops. I need a new pair quick!

  32. Right now I'm barefooted! But my shoe storage is full of flip-flops because my feet like to feel free :)


  33. Right now I am wearing flip flops. They are brown Okabashi's to be exact. I live in flip flops and Crocs most of the year. Thanks for the contest! wgbc1446[at]yahoo[dot]com

  34. I don't even own ANY flip flops right now - my last pair got eaten by the dog! These look cute and I'd love to wear some! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I wear flip flops all of the time. I have a pair now that feel like they're made out of recycled rubber and are about two years old and I love them.

    But I'm always willing to try something new. Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. I'm currently wearing these slip on shoes. That's normally what I wear during the summer rather than tennis shoes.

  37. I adore flip flops! In the past 2 years I have purchased probably 3 dozen pairs. Why so many you may ask... WELL one of my chihuahuas would use them as chew toys and absolutely destroy one of both from the pair.

  38. I live in Arizona so I wear flip flops year round. I came from cold weather and now I love being able to wear flip flops no matter what.

  39. I am wearing leather flip flop looking sandals. I usually wear slide sandals or flip flops all summer except when I walk for exercise and then I wear my walking shoes! Great giveaway! Thanks! [email protected]

  40. I love to wear Reef's. They are so comfortable, just like a second skin. I am curious to see how the Havaianas compare. Are they as comfy as Reef's? Pencil me in to win and compare!

  41. Right now I'm wearing tennis shoes which I tend to wear a lot year round so I could really use a nice pair of flip flops :-)

  42. I am wearing the same pair of flip flops that I have had for six -- yes, SIX -- years. Amazingly, they are in great shape. They feel comfortable, too, thanks to all the wearing-in they've had. : )

  43. My current 'go to' pair are Clarks, which are actually more of a sandal rather than a flip-flop... and noticeably heavier.

  44. In answer to your question..I'm wearing no shoes at the moment and as for what I wear in the's either flip flops or nothing,.

  45. I practically wear flip flops year round. I hate socks and tennis shoes. They make my feet way too hot. lol Thank you!

  46. I am wearing NO SHOES right now, as I often do. When I have to actually leave the house I usually wear Skechers, but at home it's bare feet or fuzzy slippers with cats on them!

  47. I just bought a pair of black, sequined Steve Madden ballet flats at DSW. I'm wearing those now, and I probably will all summer. Ballet flats are my go-to shoes for the summer because they're comfortable while still being appropriate for work.

  48. During these hot summer days i prefer to go barefoot around the house. When i go to town or the lake its flip flops!

  49. I love havaianas. I only have one pair but they have lasted two years. They are super super comfy and very cute. Would love a new pair! Thanks for the contest! :)

  50. I wear flip flops non-stop as soon as it starts getting warm and long into when it has turned fall. I used to always wear the ones from Old Navy but they hurt my feet, so now I usually wear Crocs. These looks great!

  51. I am wearing a pair of Switchflops Flip Flops right now. I also wear flip flops all summer long. I love them!

  52. I do not have a pair of Havalanis, but this is something I would love to try. All the flip flops made by Havalanis are really cute and stylish!

    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    [email protected]

  53. I love the Slim Shine Chocolate size 5/6, as I do NOT have a pair of Havalanis, I wear flip flop or flip flop type sandles all summer. I have about every color in the book but I do not have a pair of chocolate color and was going to buy a pair. I need to win these so I don't have to buy a pair, that I really can't afford right now.I wear flip flops everywear with shorts, capries, pants, jeans, even dresses for church. Thank you for letting me enter.

  54. I am wearing flip flops right now. During the Summer, most of the time, I go barefoot. I just love the coolnss of my hardwood floors when it is steaming hot outside. If I had new flip flops, I would wear those instead!!! LOL.

  55. Right now I am barefoot, but I have been wearing my Ed Hardy shoelace less sneakers alot this summer.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  56. Flip flops from Old Navy are my favorite... they're cheap, and I don't get too upset when my dogs decide to chew them up!

  57. I have flip flops on right now.
    I live in CA so the flat sandals and flip flops are my favorite footwear almost all year around :)

  58. I have on tennies. Any time I want to check the mail or run in the yard for something, I throw on my teens flip flops. I know he'd love me to have my own. :)

  59. Right now, I'm wearing sandals that are actually like flip flops only heeled and fancier. Flip flops and sandals are my summertime shoe - I love them!

  60. Well, I don't wear shoes in the house, so I'm barefoot right now. If I was outside, though, it would be flip-flops. If it was December, and I was outside, it would be flip-flops. In all but the wettest or coldest weather, I wear flip-flops. Of course, if I'm hiking I'll wear shoes, but my feet really complain about it. I wore shoes over the Fourth of July weekend for two days straight (okay, it was really only one day total) because we were camping/hiking and my feet were sooooo happy to get out of those shoes when we got home! My current pair of flip-flops are a few years old, from Old Navy, with a rainbow strap. My feet are would be quite happy to try out these spiffy Havaianas. ;)

    Hm, not quite sure why I'm giving my feet such a voice and personality in this comment.

  61. I have heard of these, but don't have any. I've been wearing my Crocs (the totally clunky ones) and some easy slip-ons. I am a little ashamed, actually. I was always one to wear stylish shoes and dress for every occasion. Now that I have kiddos, I just do not have the time or the energy to invest in my "look." I'm thinking the carefree, beachy vibe is where I need to go with my look now.

  62. Right now? I have on brown argyle vans (don't worry - they're cute!) but normally (when my toes are painted) I have on flip flops or sandals of some kind!

  63. I live in Florida so we pretty much wear flip flops all year. I have one pair of cute pink Havaianas that I love, but my favorite pair is made by Columbia (so comfy).

  64. Crocs!! Proctor and gamble had a fabulous deal in the fall to get them free after spending 25 on their products- pretty easy after buying some dipes!

  65. I am in flops all summer. My fave right now is a pair of Yellow Box. Wuld love to try a pair of these!

  66. I recently won a pair of chacos but they were not a true 9 :( I've had my Brazil havaianas for nearly 3 years, they are so comfy. It would be nice to get a new pair!

  67. Right now I am barefoot! hehe. But usually I have a pair of flip flops on or a pair of Rocket Dog flats!!

  68. i'm wearing black teva flip flops. i've been wanting to try the havianas ones because they're a little "fancier" than my teva ones. :)

  69. we don't do shoes in the house, so none right now. I usually wear flip flops, but I'll wear trainers if we're going to the playground or for a walk. It's too hot in TX to wear them often though!

  70. I'm not currently wearing any shoes, but I did just take off my Steve Madden flip flops! I have to confess that flip flops are all I wear at the moment since I realized that my poor little feet needed a break from heels! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Right now? Barefoot. However, most every day of summer you would find me in my fave Reef flip flops.

  72. I wear flip flops all summer long, here in Southern California! Right now, I like these Skechers sandals that I bought on sale 2 years ago.

  73. right now, I'm wearing my Dr. Scholl's.......I love them. I wear sandals and flip flops all summer long........

  74. I'm barefoot right now but love to wear my Flojos and Chacos. Haven't tried Havaianas yet. Thank you!

  75. I have a beat-up pair of flip-flops with a chew mark on the side from the new puppy. They're not fashionable and they've never been comfortable.

  76. Wow, people must really like these.
    I have some cheap flip-flops for around the house and quick trips. But any sandles are good for me.

  77. I love flip flops and wear them alot when my pedicure is up to date. Otherwise, I wear my white Keds.

  78. I don't wear shoes in the house, so right now I'm not wearing any. In all but the coldest, wettest weather, I love flip flops or, if I'm dressing up, sandals.

  79. Last summer i went shopping for flipflops at sears. luckily, i found 2 for $5 :) it was a steal. they are so stylish and light wt. I love them. I only wear the black ones yet. Have yet to bring out the orange and white stripes. but every summer, i forget my shoes for a good 3 months! pure bliss! :)

    really want to win these.

  80. I don't have any shoes on right now - for quick trips I wear some flip flops, long trips - tennis shoes!

  81. oh man, I'm in the tenuous spot between waiting for a flip-flop blow out in a public place and someone noticing that Ive used 6 bucks worth of electrical tape to fix my $2 flip-flops. Good heavens!

  82. I am wearing cheap-o Wal-Mart flip-flops right now. They are falling apart, but I love that I can just slip them on! Would love a pair of Havaianas!!!

  83. Right now I'm wearing Sesto Meucci Open Weave Sandals. They're lovely and confortable, and Italian leather. Normally I wear flip flops in the summer months. It's just that I went a few days ago and haven't put the sandals back in the closet.

    [email protected]

  84. I am barefoot now. But, my favorite shoes for the summer are flip flops or a great pair of flats.

  85. I love flip flops too. Up until this summer, I had not owned a pair since I was a child. I bought my current pair on a whim. Too bad I can't wear them to work!

  86. At the moment I am barefoot, but I wear flip flops ALL YEAR LONG! I just love flip flops, and luckily Phoenix winters don't get too cold!

  87. These are so cute! Right now I'm wearing black Target flip flops, flip flops are my usual summer footwear

  88. I wish I had a pair of Havianas! These look fabulous. Right now I'm barefoot - as I usually am in the house. I have a really cute pair of flat sandals from target, in cold that go through the toe, up the middle of your foot and around the back. They feel, look and fit great!

    mommainflipflops AT

  89. i'm wearing my red Crocs! Next to flip flops, they're the best. I haven't tried Havianias but I've seen them in stores and think they look great!

  90. Right now I am wearing really cute Costco socks because it went from 90 degree weather to 70 degrees in one night. So, I am cold right now, but usually in summer my old navy flip flops get worn out!

  91. I don't have any shoes on right now. DS & I go barefoot most of the time. When I have wear shoes, I wear one of my many pairs of Reef flip flops. Since we live in Austin, flip flops are a year round shoe! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  92. I have on a really old pair of brown rubber slip on sandals. I wear sandals almost constantly in the summer.

  93. I'm not wearing shoes right now. When I go outside during the summer, I'm usually wearing a pair of cheap flip flops.

  94. Yes, I have no Havianas.... Ok, total corn. Right now I am wearing a pair of Columbia flips. My feet are VERY unhappy come fall and the return of "real" shoes!

  95. Right now I'm wearing a pair of crocs because I just got finished washing the motorcycle. I usually wear my chaco flip flops. I love them.
    I don't have a pair of havianas, but I love the sparkles. I need to check them out. Thank you.

  96. I love Havianas and flip flops in general but have not owned a pair in some time and would love to start wearing them again.

  97. I'm ashamed to admit I'm wearing a ratty old pair of sandals I bought a million years ago. They still look great on the outside, but the lining is separating from the sole on the inside! They were made by Earth Spirit, and if I could find them again I'd buy a dozen pairs! I love to wear sandals in the summer... keeps me from having to wash socks!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. I love summer because it is all about bare feet and flip flops. I usually wear leather flip flops so I can wear them to most events. When I do find flops that I love I buy multiple pairs so that if they break I don't have to worry about searching for the perfect pair again. I think what I love the best about flip flops is I can wear them in the dirt, and sand and they can be cleaned to look new. What a great shoe!

  99. Those are really cute! I usually wear flip flops in the summer also, but I switch between my Crocs Athens, Birkenstocks, and a cheap pair that I got from Wal-mart. :)

  100. I go barefoot in the house all year around. Summer I wear flip flops outside my house and running around I wear sneakers.

  101. I go barefoot sometimes, but I love shoes, especially Converse; I have ten pairs! I wear a pair of Converse almost every day.

  102. Right now I’m wearing my Old Navy wedge flip flops. LOVE them. Typically I hate Old Navy flip flops but I really like these. I normally wear flip flops every day of the year if I can. They are just too comfortable.

  103. I live in flip flops all summer. I have never owned Havianas but would love a pair. So, are they really that much better than th no name flip flops? I would love to find out.

  104. I are wearing sneakers to work so my feet do not hurt,but around the house I have a pair of sandals that have a broken strap. I do not like to throw stuff out.

  105. I have an old pain of really beat up slip on sandals that I love and wear around the house in the summer, they are so beat up I cant wear them to go out

  106. I love flip flops! My husband has a strange aversion to them, but he doesn't have to look at my feet! Ha!

  107. I usually wear J. Crew but would love to try these scarlette above me says,"u can never have too many many" flipflops!

  108. At this very moment I'm barefoot, but I have a 10 year old pair of flipflops from Target that I usually wear around the house. Needless to say, they could be replaced! Thanks.

  109. I wear Converse Chucks all year except when really hot. Then I wear any cute flip flops that have a thin strand between the toes, I can't wear normal cheap flip flops!

  110. Right now I'm at I have my boring all black work shoes on...but normally I wear flip flops out in the summer...and I love slim ones...I hate the bulky kind! thanks :)

  111. Currently I'm barefoot. It's so hot here that it's not unusual to walk around barefoot. However, when I go out, I usually wear an old pair flip flops (old navy). I had a cute pair of flip flops that I got for a trip this summer, but while in New Orleans I stepped in...well you don't want to know! So I had to throw them away :(

    Those Havianas are so cute, I would love to add a pair to my shoe collection.

  112. I haven't tried this flip flop , But I wear flip flops everyday, I have 2 herniated disk and have trouble finding the right ones for my feet now, maybe if I do win these, this would help great to try it if i win them.

    thank You

  113. They had these flip flops for sale at the boutique at my hair salon. I loved them for summer but couldn't splurge on a pair. I would love to win one!

  114. I have flip flops but not any worth mentioning. would love a good pair that dont fall apart before the summer is over

  115. I'm not wearing shoes at the moment, but in the summer it's flip flops. I'll put on a more substantial shoe for shopping or long walks, but I like my flops.

  116. We were just at a BBQ yesterday and I commented on how comfortable my sister in laws sandles looked and she said that they were and that they were Havaianas. I got to get me a pair of these! Thanks so much.

  117. Barefoot and barefoot :)
    For stores I wear sandals or whatever heel suits my mood, but in warm weather I like to feel my toes in the grass

  118. I have reefs and love them, but this will be my last summer with them. I would love to try a new brand!!!!

  119. currently, i'm wearing totes, which are all fuzzy and comfortable! Usually, i wear puma sport shoes with laces because i need support for my feet

  120. Currently barefoot, but flip flops are my usual for running errands, going to my son's baseball games, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  121. I'm currently wearing my pink Mickey Mouse Crocs, but when I leave the house I slide into my sparkly gray tweed slip-on flats.

  122. i am currently bare foot which is unusual. i normally have on a pair of sandals during the summer or crocs on those cooler days. I could definitely use an updated pair of current pair i bought for 2 bucks at walmart a size bigger than usual for my pregnant feet. i just haven't bothered to buy another pair now that i'm not pregnant anymore.

  123. right now and at home flip-flops are a must. Have to wear heels at work so the change is great and I can relax.

  124. right now i am barefoot but my favorite flipflops are an old brown pair that I bought at Walmart about 3 years ago! They fit my foot! well broken in!

  125. I have a pair of old navy flips to throw on at the back door and when I go out I wear Tevas. (No shoes now since indoors and we have a no shoes indoors rule)
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  126. Right now I'm barefoot, but "normally" my feet are clothed in flip-flops. Can't get enough of them.

  127. Barefoot right now (and as often as possible in the summer - with the perfect pedicure of course). When I'm not barefoot I'm definitely in one of my many pairs of flip flops. Would LOVE to add these to my collection!

  128. I'm currently barefoot, but I almost exclusively wear flip flops during the summer. In fact, I have a pretty sweet flip flop tan right now. :) I generally wear Old Navy flip flops (namely because of the price, but also for comfort), but I'd be willing to branch out.

  129. I'm actually not wearing any shoes right now because I am at home. Usually though, I wear flip flops in summer, unless I will be doing a lot of walking and then I wear my New Balance cross trainers!

  130. What shoes are you wearing right now? What shoes do you normally wear in the summertime?

    Right now I'm wearing pink fleece-lined clogs, they're Breast Cancer clogs with a pink bow.

    In the summer I normally wear sandals and flipflops.

  131. I wear lots of different brands/styles of sandles. The most comfortable I've found so far are by easy spirit. skg dot teach at gmail dot com

  132. *Right now*, I'm not wearing any shoes. :P
    When Summer rolls around, I go for my black, brown, or beige wedge sandals. They make my legs look great when I'm wearing my shorts or capris.

  133. I'm currently sporting my whatever-was-on-sale flops. I would not mind at all having a nice pair of Havaianas!

  134. I am indoors and not wearing any shoes right at this moment! If I am going out to garden, I wear my gardening clogs and for running errands, I wear my Old Navy Flip Flops! I would love to be entered in your fun giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  135. I love my flip flops.

    I where them every day, especially in the summer. These would be great.

  136. Right now I am wearing sneakers, as i just came back from a run. I usually wear flip flops all summer though.

  137. I love to just have a pair of shoes that I consider go to--if I need to just go somewhere and not worry about the fact that I have shoes on. These sound like the perfect go to shoe.

  138. Right now, none. But when I go out today I'll be wearing these little fancy sandals with jewels.

    I do usually wear flip flops when I'm just bumming around in my "bumming around" clothes. lol


  139. My favorite type of shoes are flip flops. I can't resist them when I see them at the store.

  140. I'm wearing a pair of Birkinstocks that I picked up in Germany about 10 years ago. I wear them around the house year round and almost full time (when I'm not at work) in warm weather. I'd love to have a pair of Havianas!

  141. I only have some Jcrew flip flops, got them for my honeymoon, they work great, never tried havianas, but would love to expand the collection!

  142. I found a pair of really comfortable Teva flip flops when I was on vacation in Florida and I have LOVED them! I also like Reef flip flops a lot in the summer. Flip flops tend to be the shoe of choice at my house. They're just so easy to slip on a go!

  143. At this moment I am barefoot, but during the summer I live in flip-flops. My hubby bought me a couple of pairs of FloJos and I love them! They are so comfy! I've heard about Havaianas and I'd love to try them!

  144. Right NOW I am wearing my tried and true Rainbow sandals!! They are super comfy and you can find them with or without arch support!!

  145. I'm wearing a pair of Rocket Dog flip flops. I love them! I've just about worn them out this summer. When I'm not working I'm usually in these or my Crocs. The Crocs are ugly but I don't care! When I first bought them I pledged to wear them only in Disneyland, but over time comfort won out and now I'll wear them anywhere.

  146. I love these flip flops! My husband introduced me to them. He spent a couple of years in Brazil, where everyone wears them. I think they're the most comfortable flip flops. I need a new pair though, so these would be great! I wear flip flops pretty much all year round.

  147. Those are very cute. At the moment I am wearing 14 year old Birkenstock sandals... they are the most comfortable, I suppose b/c they are very broken in!

  148. I'm barefoot at the moment but I live in flip flops during the summer. My favorite flip flops are just plain black ones from J. Crew. They have a little bit of a platform but not huge. They just go with everything and I love them!

  149. Right now I'm barefoot which is pretty typical. If I'm not barefoot, then I'm in flipflops...even in the winter. It has to hit freezing before I put on a pair of "real" shoes. Those do look super cute!

  150. I would love to try these flip flops! I usually wear walking shoes and socks, so I have tan mark around my ankles and white feet. I guess I will need to try and get my feet tan to match!

  151. This is a perfect contest for me. I LOVE Havaianas!! I had the gold pair and I walked right out of them just before summer started. I hope I win.

  152. I'm barefoot right now, but when I decide to put something on my footsies, it's crocs or flip flops :)

  153. Barefoot right now. I love flip flops, but I have a couple pairs of ballet flats that I've been wearing quite a bit this summer. They make me feel more feminine.

  154. I wear Crocs all the time. I've been wearing my black crocs mary janes mostly this summer. I also have a pair of Reef flip flops that I love too. They even have an arch built in...very comfy. I'd love to win those flip flops...they are so cute and stylish!!

  155. I'm barefoot right now! In the house I wear crocs but outside I've been wearing fitflops. I thought I'd give them a try to see if they help me but personally I haven't seen any changes in me. They are pretty comfy though.

  156. I've been really enjoying my Keens Waimea H2 (love that toe protection, esp with 2 kiddies that love to step on my toes!) and my Bernardo Miami - super cute and super comfy! :)

  157. Right now I'm wearing my Old Navy wedge flip flops. LOVE them. Typically I hate Old Navy flip flops but I really like these. I normally wear flip flops every day of the year if I can. They are just too comfortable.

  158. I have one pair of navy blue Havaianas now. I had heard how great they are and I really do love them. I wear them almost all the time. I love flip flops.

  159. Right now..I have on my crocs. I love them to no end. I am usually either wearing my crocs or chacos. Both are just wonderful shoes. The Havaianas are super-cute!

  160. I usually am wearing chacos... wonderful footwear with great arch support. I have their flip-flops, hiking sandals, and insert for my tennis shoes.

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