Does your baby like riding in the car?

My baby doesn't.

In fact, I'm a law-abiding girl, but there have been several instances where I've been tempted to take my baby out of the car seat while my husband is driving. She tends to cry when we strap her in her car seat and all I want to do is pull her right to my heart. I never do, of course...because her safety is much more important than a few tears as we travel from here-to-there. But it still stinks to go anywhere in the car when your baby is opposed to the experience.

Does your baby like riding in the car? 1Lately, however, riding in the car has been much better, thanks to our new Britax Roundabout convertible car seat ($179.99). The compact seat is narrower than most so it's ideal for vehicles with limited rear-seat space. We have a Toyota Camry (such a reliable car, by the way...drives like a dream) and space is definitely an important consideration with two car seats in the back.

The seat is suitable for babies 5-40 pounds so this is an investment that will last you for the long haul. It's simply silly to buy an infant car seat when you can just buy one that will last you through toddlerhood.

Does your baby like riding in the car? 2Finally, the forward-facing recline and soft fabric padding seems to be comfortable for baby. My 10-month-old has no way to vocalize her opinion about these matters with words, but...she has been much happier in her seat since we moved her out of the evenflo infant seat we had for her older sister. I think the recline angle is much better - especially for a slightly older baby who wants to have a "drive with a view."

The seat also has excellent safety ratings and has a solid 4.5-5 star satisfaction rating on

Summary: If you're a parent-to-be, don't register for or buy an infant car seat. Instead, choose a safe, reliable convertible car seat in a gender-neutral color...better for baby, better for your pocketbook.

Action Shots: Here we are on our way home from Phoenix today - For about half the trip, my 10-month-old slept, my 3-year-old slept, I sort-of snoozed on-and-off, and my husband listened to 90's light rock tunes while he drove through the blue, blue skies.

Does your baby like riding in the car? 3 Does your baby like riding in the car? 4

YOUR TURN: Does your baby like riding in the car? Do you have an infant or convertible car seat?

Does your baby like riding in the car? 5WIN IT! One winner will receive a Britax Roundabout convertible car seat ($179.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, January 31st at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes and there is an affiliate link in this post.

*UPDATE* The winner is #106 Sarah. Congratulations!

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218 comments on “Does your baby like riding in the car?”

  1. Babies are in infant seats such a short amount of time that we borrowed a seat for the first couple of months before getting a convertible seat.

    The girls don't mind riding in their seats.

  2. I would absolutely love to have a Britax car seat for my husbands truck. We have Britax right now and I would never own another brand. They are comfortable and super safe, since they are so easy to install, you know you are doing it right to keep your kids safe. Thanks so much.

  3. My 13 month old does pretty well in the car considering we often take long road trips that range from 5 to 10 hours. She is almost big enough to face forward and I am so excited!!

  4. My son loves riding in the carseat, and we're about to take a long flight, so we'll be taking a carseat along to help make it more comfortable for him. Ours is oversized, so winning one would be fantastic for the plane ride, and then we would give it to my best friend who is due in March!

    Thank you.
    [email protected]

  5. Avery LOVES riding in the car now. She was in an infant seat until about 7 months and then we switched to convertible. She'll be 3 in May and she's still in the same convertible seat. But we'll need another one soon as this one only harnesses to 40 pounds. Avery cried in the car until we Forward Faced her at about 19 months. And now she loves riding!

  6. My grandson used to love riding in the car, now that he is in a forward facing carseat he and I both hate it! I dread putting him in the darn thing, he cries and I swear I do too! I can never get it and buckle him in easily and it is just a nightmare! This seat you are giving away sounds like it would solve all of our problems!

  7. I've heard good things about Britax. We'll be needing a new car seat before our next baby comes because our old one is falling apart and just expired. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  8. I would like to put two car seats in my car for my grandchildren. I have been looking for narrow seats for that purpose. Thank you for this review.

  9. We had that issue yesterday because we had an appt and some errands to run. It's so awful when they cry and there isn't much you can do.

  10. This is a nice car seat. I agree about buying one that lasts from infant to toddler stage. We all have tight budgets and this one makes sense to buy.

    Love that it will work in smaller spaces too.

  11. I researched car seats extensively before purchasing britax's for my twins 6 years ago. They loved the comfiness and I loved the safety ratings and how easy they are to use. 6 years later, another set of twins and now a new baby we need new car seats. I'm leaning toward the Britax's or the air complete by safety 1st. All I know is that it must be comfy. During our last roadtrip my daughter screamed for all 9 hours and her twin and older brother could not sleep. This year with the new addition I want to do anything in my power to make them comfortable for the trip. I know a new britax for the baby would be a really good help

  12. My daughter loves riding in the car when it's moving. Once the car stops she cries. I hate driving local because of stop lights and I hate traffic for that reason.

  13. My nephew usually likes to ride in the car, but there are some days when he just isn't up for it. He has a convertible seat.

  14. what a great looking seat. my niece loves riding in the car.we love to go for rides especially in the fall when the leaves turn color and at christmas time to look at all the neighborhood decorations :)

  15. My daughter hates sitting in her car seat which is why we don't often take the car, especially in the summer. I think she just doesn't like the fact that she's constrained. We have a convertible car seat that a friend gave us as a gift. I never thought that maybe she just didn't like the feel of her car seat either! This Britax Roundabout looks great according to the reviews and I love how safe it is, we'll have to check it out next time at the store!

  16. My children always liked riding in the car; though my son would always be car sick at the exact same place every year while going on vacation when going around the curvy roads with cliffs and sea below it while stationed in the North of Scotland. Now his daughter, my granddaughter, is pretty good about riding in the car...right now I just have an infant car seat and soon will have to get a bigger 'regular' car seat for her in our car (saves constantly having to switch seats out).

  17. I have been reading up on car seats, as we are in the process of adopting. I have read great things about Britax and how high they are rated. Thank you for the chance to win!

  18. We are completely hooked on the Britax seats. They are by far the most comfortable, consistently best made seat on the market. Unfortunately, our younger daughter's hand-me-down seat is about to expire (don't forget to check the manufactured date...they expire after seven years). We'll hopefully be getting a new Britax soon. My sister is having twins and I'll be recommending the Britax (well, two of them) for her as well.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  19. Car seats have come a LONG way since I was buying for the little divas. We've got a birth coming up next month (Ki's future godchild) so this would be an awesome gift. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. We are looking for a car seat right now. This is a great recommendation! We were given an infant car seat by a good friend when we had a baby, and it has worked well for us, but our little one will soon outgrow it. We have never had to research a car seat before, and it is really overwhelming. I put a lot of stock in what other moms have to say!

  21. Car rides are usually pretty good:) We did start with an infant seat (and thought it was useful when he was small), but he DID NOT like riding rear facing at night. It's no problem now that he's front-facing. Britax seats seem to have quite a following, and get the best safety reviews out there.

  22. Yes he likes it and he gets excited when we put him in it. He also asks to sit in his car seat when in the house sometimes.

  23. I guess I can't really honestly answer this if my child likes riding in the car because, my child is still in the womb. :) I would love to win this because 1. I wouldn't be tempted to register for an infant carseat. I know in the long run, a good convertible will save us oddles of dollars! And I hope, hope, hope my baby doesn't mind car rides! :)

  24. Both my older kids ages 4 and 6 have liked to ride in the car, it has always put them to sleep as babies, and now with another one on the way in July this would be perfect!

  25. My son hates car rides and/or carseats! He will seriously scream the whole time we are in the car. Britax carseats look amazing, thanks for the chance to win one!

  26. My son used to love riding in his convertible car seat. We often take 4 hours car trips to visit family and friends and he'd sleep right through it. Nowadays he'll sleep about half the way and complain the other half. I keep him occupied with toys and snacks but I know he's sick of sitting in the car. We have the Britax Marathon for one of the cars but this Britax Roundabout would be nice for our other car!

  27. My Little guy actually loves riding in the car. We have had a few times when he cried his little heart out. And like you everything in me wanted to take him out and HOLD him. But of course I didn't.
    We have two other britax and we LOVE THEM! We still need to get two more seats (for our other car!) so this would be a great help to my purse! But either way we will get Britax I feel HAPPY that my kids will be as safe as possible!

  28. I have a sweet little 4 month old daughter who at first hated riding in the car. I, like you, was tempted many times to pull her out of her car seat. My husband and I would always allow a lot of extra time to pull over and nurse when she got upset and it took us a long time to get anywhere. Fortunately, she now doesn't seem to mind the car. We have an infant seat but would love to win this Britax convertible seat!

  29. I have a four month old and already he hates riding in the car. We have an infant car seat, but I really want a convertible one.

  30. I LOVE Britax car seats. They are so worth the money! Having said that - when your resources are tight, you do what you can. I have two toddlers boys - and I have ONE Britax (how fair is that!). Anyway, it would be nice to have TWO Britax for my TWO boys! :) My oldest son is so comfortable in his Britax. It really is the best carseat out there. He can even fall asleep there (as an active 3 year old, he won't fall asleep all day anywhere else!)

  31. Right now my grandson loves riding around in his mommy's tummy but I would love to start him off right by using one of these. He will be on the road quite a bit visiting his grandma so I want him to enjoy it and be comfortable.

  32. I was hoping my daughter would like riding in the car a bit better as she got older but so far, no such luck! She is a bit better now but there certainly were times when I just wanted to unstrap her when my husband was behind the wheel ... my head won the battle with my heart every time though. I'm sure a good seat goes a long way in helping to keep the kids happy and it is also good to hear that this one it doesn't take up as much space - not much of that in the car I drive.

  33. Our baby girl will be out growing her infant carrier soon and we will have to purchase a bigger car seat..ugh..this would be perfect and I've heard WONDERFUL things about Britax!

  34. I'd like to win this for my friend who is about to have a baby. I think this would be a great present! Thanks!

  35. My daughter likes riding in the car seat most of the time. She usually falls asleep. We had an infant car seat but she outgrew it at 7 months, so we now have a convertible car seat. I still would use the infant seat again if I had a 2nd baby because I love the convenience of using a travel system. I HATE having to take my daughter in & out of the carseat IN the car with her convertible seat. It takes me forever.

  36. My son does not mind riding in the carseat. This would be a gift for my sister who is expecting. I would love for her to have a safe reliable convertable seat. Thanks for the chance.

  37. I wish we would have thought to purchase a convertible carseat for our son. It would have been a great investment. Thanks!

  38. Married but don't have a child yet, but I've always wondered about infant carseats since they are outgrown so quickly. I really like the idea of being able to use the same one for so long.

  39. My child loves riding in the car seat, which is a blessing because my extended family lives 7 hours away and we take road trips on a regular basis.I wish that I would have bought a convertible seat in the beginning.

  40. We don't have kids yet, but we do have one on the way in July! We have just started looking at the many different car seats available. It is a bit overwhelming with all the different selections, safety options, risks, ease of installation. I haven't even thought that the baby might not like his/her car seat! I usually do a little bit of research at a time and then shut the computer and just enjoy being pregnant!

  41. My oldest child used to drive me insane, she hated car seats and riding in the car. As she grew and became vocal, she voiced that her belly hurt and she had a headache, almost any time we were travelling more than 20 mins. or more. She was carsick!! No wonder she hated being in the car. My baby now doesn't seem to mind too much, especially since we have one of those DVD players in there. The things we will do for peace!

  42. When my daughter was a tiny infant, she hated riding in the car! But I had to take her brother to school and pick him up everyday, and she would scream the whole way...Now she's a toddler in a convertible seat and she loves to go for car rides! I'm so happy, it was so hard to drive while she was screaming knowing there was nothing I could do to help her! ;)

  43. We're on a hunt for a convertible car seat right now (they grow up so fast!!), and I've heard a lot of wonderful things about Britax! What a wonderful giveaway!

    I hear you on the wanting to take your child out while driving temptation. I have my baby's infant car seat buckled in behind the driver's seat - and there has been more than one occasion where I've had one hand on the driving wheel and the other one awkwardly twisted behind me to search for her pacifier around her and to try and soothe her. Ack - those are hard days!

  44. Our granddaughter seems very content to ride in her carseat right now. She doesn't really travel much but we hope that in the near future they will make the 21 hour trip to visit us. I sure would love to offer them this new carseat. It sounds really comfy. Thanks.

  45. My daughter loves riding in the car! I feel very lucky about this, because we live 30 minutes from most places I do errands. If she hated being in her carseat, what would I do? I have been looking at Britax carseats because she is almost big enough to move up to a convertible seat, and I would love to win this!

  46. My son is 16 months old now. He hated riding in the car when he was first born and he hates it now. Eventually he falls asleep but he fights it as long as he can.
    I would love to win this car seat. It has some really great features. Maybe my son would like it better. Thanks for the great giveaway!


  47. Thankfully my kids have always liked riding in the car! They have been (and are!) in infant carseats until they are 1 years old. We got an Eddie Bauer convertible carseat for my 1st son and then for my second son we got the Britax Roundabout. Both carseats have been perfectly fine, but THE GREAT thing about the Britax is the ease of taking off the cover for it to be washed! Love it!

  48. Surprisingly, all the babies in my family seem to love riding in the car. Maybe this is because in Washington driving is a way of life (no viable public transportation where we live!) which means sometimes nap time is really drive time :)

  49. i have a britax roundabout car seat in one of our family vehicles and i love it! i am now needing another for my vehicle, so this would be great if i won! thanks for the giveaway!
    [email protected]

  50. I'm having a baby boy on Monday, if not before then, and this carseat would be perfect to replace the less expensive one we bought!


  51. My little grandson is pretty good while riding in the car. My problem is I need a car seat to keep in my car for him. I babysit him everyday and if I forget to have my son son leave his car seat then we can't go anywhere. I have been searching for an affordable one and would love to win this one.

  52. My son always fell asleep in the car, but my 6 month old has hated it from the start. On car rides I often wish we didn't have to stop to feed her..
    I would love a Britax, I have heard such great things but its never in the budget. Hopefully in britax she would sleep in the car!!!

  53. Britax makes the best car seats in my opinion and it would be great to have one for my daughter who is out growing her infant car seat.

  54. My son loves to ride in the car, and if he is upset or cranky, if i put him in the car and drive around, he is usually fast asleep in minutes! i have a cosco brand seat and i am not thrilled with it, i thought it would be cushier but it doesnt seem comfortable to me.

  55. we have a convertible car seat. she ususally does well driving in the car but hates it when we are stuck in traffic. we do listen to cinderella and other audios tories at such times which helps. we have a britax roundabout too!

  56. My kids are decent travellers. Not great. But, nothing to complain about! Now that the kids outnumber the parents, I think we prefer car to plane!
    Our babe needs a new carseat. I would love to have the Britax. Thanks for an amazing give away!

  57. Having to fight my three youngest under the age of 3 into getting in the car can be tough! I love that this car seat grows with the child, so you get more use out of it! Looks great!

  58. My baby (3rd one) is still in an infant seat, and no he does not like riding in the car much, especially if it's more than a 10-15 minute ride or he needs a nap. My other 2 were better in the car and fell asleep in the car without crying.

  59. My baby does love riding in the car.

    We had a Graco Snugride when she was first born and used that for 9 months. Then we switched to a Graco Comfortsport and she does seem to like it too.

    We've been thinking we need another car seat - for the second car and the probably second child.... I've heard Britax are great!

  60. My kids are angels in the car. I know, I'm super lucky. But now that we're going to shove a 3rd in the back seat of our tiny Honda civic, I think it will wreak havoc on our harmony in the car. Something tells me this baby will be "loved" and hit and pet too much. I've heard nothing but the best about Britax, so I'm thinking of upgrading my son to one when we fit in the infant seat. Any recommendations on slimmer seats (for safe saving purposes)?

  61. my baby does not like riding in the car so much, he much prefers riding around outside in the stroller, maybe its the fresh air, i don't know. but i would love to win this seat for my little guy, thanks!

  62. I agree with you. Have never understood why anyone would want to buy any more seats than they absolutely HAD to (esp at the price!). Makes SO much more sense to buy one that will last longer.

  63. Bahaha! I think that if he were allowed to ride without restraints that he would love it.
    He arches his back and fights with me every time I try to put him in his seat. I'm dreading the day when he learns how to unstrap himself...

  64. My daughter is now 5-years-old and in a booster and she cannot wait until she is 8 so she does not have to sit in it anymore. When she was a baby, I would have to sometimes ride her around in the car because she was so colicy! And sometimes, she would fall asleep in her carseat, so I would just take it out and let her stay asleep in it because she looked just so comfortable. I don't have a need for a carseat, but I am entering this contest for a friend who is almost 5 months pregnant. She does not have anything for the baby yet and will know the gender next month. I think this would be a great surprise for her if I won. Everyone needs a little financial assistance when it comes to having a baby nowadays. Thanks for this giveaway. It's awesome.

  65. My grandson stopped objecting to car travel once I found a seat he was more comfortable in. I'd like to win this for my expectant neighbors so their little one will start liking cars from the ride home from the hospital on...

  66. We have an infant carseat for our 8-month old, but will need to switch to a convertible or forward facing seat soon. I would love to win the Britax Roundabout - it looks awesome and I would be proud to have it!

  67. What a wonderful stroller. My daughter could sure use this for her active life style. Thanks for a great contest!

  68. I have the Britax Marathon for my son and love it but it is HUGE. This would be a great size for my daughter.
    e_tooley @

  69. I have a five year old stepson who is fine in the car most of the time. He gets bored on longer trips (like most kids). He's moved on to just a booster seat and seems to be ok with that. I have a new baby due in May and I guess we'll find out how he does when he gets here. I'm afraid I'll be tempted to snatch him out of the car seat, just like you.

  70. I just found out I am expecting our first child. This car seat is exactly what I have in mind for our new addition. I'm sure our new addition will enjoy traveling in this car seat. Thank you for this awesome giveaway and valuable information.

  71. So far, so good. I keep waiting for my granddaughter to try to get out. I have been in cars with moms that spend stressful moments fighting to get their kid back in, pulling over, etc. This looks like a gorgeous seat for my daughter.

  72. We got the Roundabout for my son, who is now 3 and I'm about to purchase another for my daughter who just turned 1. We have a pretty small car and I like how the Roundabout is a bit smaller than the other Britax seats. Definitely worth the money! Getting them into the seats is the problem, but once we are moving they usually settle down.

  73. My baby girl does not like getting into her carseat but once she's all buckled up she's totally fine. I give her fun toys that she only gets in the car and that seems to keep her satisfied.

    My son (3 yrs) is the best car rider anyone could ask for. I've never even been tempted to get a DVD player for long car rides. He's just so content either snoozing or looking out the window. I find this ironic since he's just a wildman outside of his carseat.

    Is it too naive to hope all my children will ride in the car like he does?

  74. We inherited an infant seat from my husband's sister. Our daughter loves riding in the car and falls asleep easily (which is great for our long driving trips). We registered for a Britax carseat, but I guess it was a little too pricey for anyone to get us. We've heard really good things about several of the Britax models and hope to have one by the time our little one outgrows her infant seat.

  75. My son has always enjoyed riding in the car. But my nephew fights it as much as he can. I think he's always scared that he'll get too comfy and fall asleep. This car seat looks wonderful!

  76. I hope our baby will like riding in the car! It makes a lot more sense for us to get a seat like this one than an infant carrier and then a second seat, especially since we are likely to have a big baby that will grow fast like we did, making an infant carrier an item used for only a very short period of time.

  77. I have been fortunate that all three of my children are very tolerant of their car seats. We've finally got two kids old/big enough that we only need on for our family. The carseat shuffle starts for me nearly everyday, though, because I keep other children of varying ages. Most of these children have also been good riders. I've only had one that protested. And as long as she was placed in the van where she could see another child, she did very well. I could use a new convertble the one I have it almost "aged out". Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  78. My 7 month old son loves riding in the car as long as his big sister is riding in the car seat next to him. She likes to make him laugh. It is so funny to hear them giggling back there together.

  79. I was looking into this Britax seat... my baby is 9.5 lbs today. We have a heavy infant seat & with baby inside.. it is cumbersome. Not to mention that the stroller takes up my entire trunk! I have a Volvo.. so much like your Camry... it would be wonderful to win this Britax seat & have a happy baby in car.

  80. Praise God for the car rides...they've saved my sanity more than a few times. It's a great way to get a break as a new mommy.

    Btw, I think Britax is awesome and would love to win this one.

    Awesome blog too!

  81. My son hates the car and loves the car, just depending on his mood. I never know if I am getting jeckel or hyde. He has never been a good car ryder. We are expecting a little girl and boy do I hope she likes the car better than her brother.

    I too have wished for times past when we didn't know better about car seats and could hold them, not that I would ever do that now either.

    I hope I win as this is one of the seats we have been looking at.

  82. I'm very greatful my 3 yr old daughter likes to ride and sleep in the car and has since she was a baby. We've taken a few road trips from Calif. to Montana and she's done very well in her Britax . We're expect another wee one and would love to have another Britax for her. Great car seats!

  83. My 3-year-old was always really great at riding in the car ever since she was an infant... but my 13-month-old isn't quite as happy. (Don't tell, but just one time we did give in and take her out of her seat with 5 minutes left in the ride because the screaming was unbearable). We're almost ready to make the move to the convertible seat and I'm thinking that she's going to be much happier in there with more room. I can always hope!

  84. Ramzey grew out of his infant car seat too quickly (by 6 months his legs were hanging over the edge) and he prefers his new convertible seat (which looks so much more comfy) because he can see out the window...of course this makes it hard to sleep in the new car seat because there is oh so much to see! If I could do it over, I would start with the convertible seat.

  85. I love Britax seats!!! My first son hated the car until he was out of his carseat and into a booster. With our second child, we got a Britax and he loved the car right away. With our third, we got another Britax and she has never complained about our car rides (which can be lengthy due to driving her brothers all over the place). We were recently hit by another car which totaled our car and I have been told that we shouldn't use the carseat after an accident. The insurance company is taking forever to settle on this, so it would be a wonderful gift to win a new carseat for her.

  86. I am a mama-to-be (this April) and the Britax Roundabout car seat is one of the items we have on our list of items to buy for Baby. We drive a Honda Civic so a compact car seat is right up our alley!

  87. I usually drive because I get car sick but it doesn't take long for my hubby to fall asleep and usually my son shortly after.

  88. My kids usually like riding in the car. We don't have the distraction of a dvd player or anything. But there's a lot of singing that goes on. We're due for baby #4 in March and so I'm hoping our luck extends to our new son, too. It's heart wrenching to hear your baby cry to get out...

  89. None of my grandchildren mind riding in the car. We make up games or sing songs while we travel. If the distance is long they usually fall asleep. Hope our newest due in July feels the same way.

  90. My kids enjoyed car rides, but i agree the car seats when they were infants let them see the back of the seat not very entertainging at all. I would love to win this for a coworker they just had a baby and there car is very tiny.

    waitressdani (AT)
    hotmail (DOT) com

  91. Levi actually really likes riding in the car. If he's refusing to get dressed when we have to go somewhere, all I usually have to do is say "Don't you want to go for a ride?" Those are like magic words to him. We live 30-45 minutes from anywhere, so I'm very, very grateful for this. The only time he doesn't like to be in the car is at night, but as he's gotten older this isn't as much of a problem.
    As far as car seats go, I received an infant car seat/stroller travel system as a present before Levi's birth. I didn't use it enough to have ever justified buying it for myself, but there were times when it really came in handy. Since we live so far away from anything, shopping is often an all day event. Most of the time he would sleep in a carrier, but if he fell asleep in the car, I didn't dare wake him. Bad things would ensue if I did. So, having a seat that would pop out and fit into the stroller was great on these days.

  92. My daughter loves riding in the car - but it might be because she always has company! We have 3 car seats across the back of our car! I remember times when my first-born didn't like the lonely back seat so much.

    We're just shopping for a new carseat now - my daughter was in an infant seat that she is just about outgrowing. It certainly isn't something you want to skimp on - it's so important for their safety and comfort!

  93. After reading one of your posts I changed my mind on getting a travel system for my daughter and going with a convertable car seat. Britax from what I have been told is one of the best convertable car seats out there. I am looking forward to hubby and I creating an even stronger bond with her by carrying her close instead of puching her in a travel system!

  94. We are big Britax fans, the only problem is our yougest son's Roundabout expired (handed down from his brother!) so it is time to buy another. We would love a new one, I love the safety ratings and the kids are comfortable, we're all happy!

  95. We bought a Britax for my oldest but for some reason we bought a different brand for my youngest. We must say a couple of times a month that we wished we had bought a Britax for Tessa too because it is the best seat ever. Worth every single penny.

  96. My daughter hated the car when she was a baby... My sons loved it. Now they all like it. =) We had an infant car seat for all 3 of them (passed down from one to the next), and although I liked that I could remove the seat from the car (if they were sleeping so as not to disturb them, or when we went to church and I didn't want everyone touching them), a convertible car seat would have been a money saver. With our next, we'll be getting a convertible car seat for sure!!

  97. I'm pregnant and for the first time looking at having two car seats in the back. To be honest I just kind of thought they were all the same width. Thanks for the heads up that I can minimize the space and maybe make room for an extra passenger!

  98. What I like about this car seat is that you only need one for a child between 5-40 pounds, perfect for the growing child and the pocketbook.

  99. DD does not like riding long distances in the car. She only naps half the time and then OY- Bring out the long eating snacks

  100. My daughter loves the car seat. She falls asleep in it almost right away. I would love to win this to give to a cousin that is having her first baby. Thanks!!

  101. All three of my kids have been good car riders and have rarely complained about being in a car seat (unless they are poopy or the car ride is several hours long). Having them in a Britax would make all of us feel even better, I am sure of it :)

  102. My son hated riding in his car seat until we got a cowmouflage Britax marathon and changed him to forward facing. This wasn't until about 2 years old, so we had a LONG 20 months of unhappy car rides. We just had another baby, and although I am secretly hoping that he will be different, I know that we are going to go the Britax route since we had such success with our first one. They brand is so reputable, and the seats last a LONG time, which is essential.

  103. I think this particular product is a great idea for people with smaller cars, especially since it looks like more and more are moving to purchasing smaller vehicles.

    I'd love to be able to win this particular product so that I have more space in the back seat. I am sure my kid would love it!!

  104. I can't complain - my son loves riding in the car! More than once we have driven around town to calm him down and get him to sleep.

  105. We've got baby #2 on the way and I'd LOVE a new carseat on hand for when the baby transitions to forward facing!!! I've heard nothing but good things about Britax!!

  106. My son tends to fall asleep in car which can be a good thing or sometimes a bad thing. I'd love to win this for my sister. Thanks for the chance.

  107. if only we would have gotten one of these off the bat with our 7 month old... such a money save. i do like our infant seat, but seeing this... i wish we did this. there is still time to use this with our first and use it for the next kid!!!

  108. We live in a rural area, so every trip we take to buy groceries, go out to eat, shop for clothes, etc involves an hour trip(one way). Currently we are a two car family with only one carseat, this would be a great addition.

  109. Both of our girls enjoy riding in the car. We have both an infant seat and a carseat (that are handed down from three year old to our 2 month old). We just recent moved our oldest daughter into a booster seat, which she really loves. This would be a great upgrade to what we already own!

  110. We are ready to move a child to the next size seat. This would be perfect for our growing family. I love the Britax seats.

  111. Luckily someone has gifted us with their infant carseat that they don't need anymore, so we won't have to buy two. We have a biggish back seat, but I still like the look of this seat's narrower profile.

  112. When my daughter was younger, she hated the car. We switched to the Britax Marathon at about 4 months and she was slightly happier, but not all the time. At about 15 months she finally stopped crying all the time in the car. She now even falls asleep in the car on her own! Such a different child than she was in her first year.

    We are having baby #2 in Feb. and still aren't sure about what carseats will fit and such. We have a Graco carrier that we will use until we decide what convertible to get.

  113. Both of my kids do good in the car as long as their diapers are clean and they aren't too hungry :) We have a infant car seat for the little one and I like that we can run into the store with her still asleep when she falls asleep on the way. She is getting too big to carry her around in it anymore, she's 11 months now! So we are looking for a new car seat for her, must be very safe, comfortable, and small enough to fit 2 in our Camry too!!

  114. My son loves it. When he was really little, I used to put him in the car and drive him up and down the interstate to get him to take a nap.

  115. My kids are both pretty good in the car so no complains there. I would love to get this carseat as I know it is super safe and it would be great to have one more for when we have another.

  116. I think this is the ultimate car seat, both safe and comfortable. Who could ask for more, well, maybe if it changed diapers too.

  117. We have that exact seat and love it! We used it both backwards (in the infant position) and forward...for two kids now.
    I did however like having an "infant" seat because I could leave a sleeping baby in the carrier and just put it in the stroller or a grocery cart.

  118. We are expecting our first great-grandchild in May, so it's been a while since we've needed a car seat. This one looks great! :)

  119. Everyone always told us that if our baby was fussy, go for a car ride. Well, we are lucky to not have a fussy baby... but he also does not like car rides. He doesn't like being constrained. He likes to be on the move at all times. We currently have an infant seat for him (which he is close to outgrowing) in my car and then a convertible seat for him in my husbands car. Another convertible seat would be great, then I can keep one in my car so we won't have to move the other one from car to car.

  120. My first daughter LOVED riding in the car, American Baby infant seat until she was around 8 months and then the Britax Marathon after that - she certainly seemed more comfortable in the Britax, and still sleeps like a dream on long trips. I'm really hoping this next baby, due in July, likes the infant seat for at least long enough that we can save up for a convertible seat.

  121. My son has always loved riding in a car seat. He was happy to be able to look out the window when he became a toddler.

  122. My daughter loves riding in the car but my car seat is super cheap so I can tell its not very comfy for her. I would love a britax carseat. I hear they are the best.

  123. We have a used britax roundabout for our daughter and I agree it is fabulous. It expires in 6 months so we would love to replace it with another. My daughter also dislikes car travel but at least with this car seat she is comfy!

  124. i don't know if my baby likes it yet...because he/she isn't going to be here until july! this seems like a smart choice of car seat though!

  125. I totally agree with just getting the carseat that is going to last a while. I have seen the Britax seats before and the quality looks really nice. Good to know they are rated so highly.

  126. My granddaughter LOVES riding in a carseat, but my daughter received an infant seat at her shower, so that won't last long, ugh! lol! The Britax Roundabout would have be a much better and longer lasting holding 5lbs up to 40lbs!

  127. My son hated hated hated the car seat as an infant until...probably 2 years old! We turned him when he hit the seat weight limit at 18 months and as much as I hoped it would help it did not. Now he is in a graco nautilus and I can't recommend it enough for bigger kids. My daughter is much better about the seat but giving us some trouble with the rear facing lately. But she will remain that way until she is 2, at least. As I tell her, we don't have alot of rules at our house but we do follow safety rules and you aren't going to win this one!

  128. All my three boys were not fans of riding in the car seat. I would love to try out the Britax for my youngest.

  129. My littlest isn't a big fan of riding in the car, unless he has food! My oldest is pretty good, but his car seat is fairly weathered and I would love to get a new one for him. We were just trying out the Britax at the store. Thanks!

  130. My daughter enjoys riding in the car. I've been thinking of getting her a larger car seat since she's been in the infant carrier and its not as convenient any more since she's getting bigger. The carrier takes up so much room in my Honda Accord!

  131. I'm going to have to tell my sister to check this model out. She has 6 month old twins and drives a Jetta (very small back seat!). She's been looking into new car seats because the bases of the ones she has take up almost the entire back seat!

  132. My daughter loves to ride in the car. She would always fall asleep in the car until we switched her forward-facing. She loves to look around!

  133. We are trying for baby #3 and we are in desperate need of one of these puppies. We had an old car seat that we used for our other 2 children, but it's too old and unsafe to use for our next one.

  134. We have an infant car seat that we use. I don't know if he likes riding in the car. As soon as we get started he goes to sleep. I'll sometimes put him in the car seat when he wont sleep at night & goes out like a switch was thrown.

  135. We're taking our first plane ride with a toddler in May, so I'm a bit nervous about that. He does fine in the car for trips under an hour, but I'm hoping that as he gets older (he's almost 2) that he'll be able to be entertained with coloring and other activities.

    Thanks for the travel tips! Snacks are definitely a must.

  136. We had an infant car seat and I can't imagine living without it :) I almost cried when I had to give up it's convenience for the convertable one.

  137. With my parents and brother tending to my sister's three young boys every now and again it would come in handy. This way my sister doesn't have to fret about no one else being able to pick them up or drive them places.

  138. Wow! What a prize... and guess what, we just found out we're pregnant with #2!! Yay!!

    We have the brittax marathon car seat and love it. My son, on the other hand, HATES the car seat. He's hated all car seats though (he did start with an infant seat, which we will skip with baby #2). I'm wondering if he will like it more when we turn him to face forward. He will sleep in the car, so that's nice. He's not always cranky, we listen to music, he has plenty of toys to play with, etc. But he puts up a royal fight getting buckled in and can be very unhappy for most of a car ride if he's in a bad mood. I have big hopes for him to realize the car is good though, someday. :)

  139. We have an infant car seat. My 9 month old does like riding in the car, but lately he refuses to get in his seat. He arches his body and fights me the whole time I get him buckled! Hopefully it's just a phase.

  140. My little ones always seemed to fall asleep in the car. There were colicky times when we actually took a drive to try to get her to fall asleep!

  141. Thankfully, my dtr has always liked riding in the car. What is quite funny now is that when we're away from home and riding in friends' or grandparents' cars... she always wishes she were back in "Mommy's car." Guess she likes the familiarity of more than just her carseat!

  142. My kid used to cry hysterically when she was alone in the back of the car, but somewhere along the line that changed, maybe when she was 5 or 6 months old? Now she seems to enjoy looking around as we drive, and if she's been active before(say at the park) she easily falls asleep. We have an infant seat, a Graco snugride, and it's soon going to be time to move her up. I want a seat that keeps her rearfacing as long as possible -- the safest way to go!

  143. Our little one has his moods and sometimes is so excited to go and sometimes it's like we're pulling teeth from him! I agree with the convertible car seat recommendation. We received a Britax as a gift and it really is just wonderful. I am always wondering though when a little one should be turned to face forward ~ as I've heard as late as two years old. We just want our little one to be safe!

  144. I need one more car seat since I now have a second grand child. This one looks perfect with
    the recline angle and the size.

  145. My baby hates riding in the car. But I guess not as much as his older brother did when he was a baby. We love Britax car seats and would love to win one.

  146. I have read great things at Britax. I know the ones I have looked at look so comfy that I can't help but think the little one would be happier sitting in it. Also the cow print just makes me smile!

  147. with my first two we traveled A LOT. with my third not as much and you can tell. she's not as comfortable or as easily soothed by the motion of the van. although she did great last year when we drove almost 10 hours for a family vacation.

    i will however say that i don't know if i could have lived without our infant car seat. the convenience of keeping my baby sleeping while i took the older two to the park or to a soccer game was invaluable at the time.

    it will be interesting to see how baby #4 likes the van.

  148. We use convertible car seats for both our kids, and they love them. I'm just hoping we'll be able to fit three of them in our Pilot in a year or so when we adopt our third.

  149. I have a tiny backseat and only a two-door car (this will change as soon as budget permits)! An infant car seat's main selling point is that you can take it out and lug it around with you, but really I can't with my car so a convertible car seat is the way to go.

  150. Sugar has always enjoyed riding (well... until about hour 20 of our 27 hour drive to California for Christmas...) Goose does too but he is outgrowing the infant seat we were given for him so I've been looking at convertible seats trying to decide what to buy.

  151. Luckily My son doesn't mind the car. He's still happy as a clam to be rear facing at almost 17 months. We actually have a Roundabout and I love the safety ratings on it. We chose it over the larger Britax seats because it has better ratings for rear facing and comparable ratings when it's turned around. It would be nice to have another one in our second car.

  152. As long as the radio is on and music is playing riding in the car is fine...But when the commercials come on or I turn the radio off I hear about it. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  153. I have to say that my kids love traveling.. I have a britax for my oldest the regent.. and a marathon for the second oldest.. If I won this car seat I would give it to my sister who could use a new car seat.. I think her kids would travel much better. What a cool prize!

  154. I'm due this summer with our first child and I am hoping *crossing fingers* that our baby will be okay with car rides. We live 350 miles from our parents and make the drive home several times a year. An unhappy child will make it seem forever far away instead of the 6 1/2 hours it is actually. We're looking at convertible car seats instead of the infant bucket but haven't decided on one yet. Thank you for offering such awesome give-aways on your site.

  155. My 5 week-old baby girl LOVES going for car rides. We are looking to get an extra carseat and this one sounds GREAT!

  156. Clark loved his Britax Marathon, but I passed it on to Alice and put him in a different seat that he hates. The Roundabout wouldn't work for him because he is nearly 40 pounds already (he's also in the 98% for height-- he's just a big kid!) but I could put Alice in it and put him back in the Marathon. Britax seats really are wonderful and I wish I hadn't saved the money and had just bought him a Britax instead of this other seat he can't stand.

  157. My youngest is 2, and he doesn't care for riding in the car much. We've started an extremely BAD habit of riding in the car from our house to our church, which is literally across the road (when it's cold outside) and I just let the kids hop in the car and go across the road, without buckling in their carseats. This is a major no-no!! Now my baby thinks he can just hop in the car and not be buckled into his seat when we go somewhere other than the church!

    I am paying for this mistake dearly!! He rides in a convertible seat right now, and it's okay, but I'm sure he'd do better in something a little more comfortable!

  158. I have an infant carrier waiting in the closet for the next one, but I really prefer a convertible. I switched my last baby to a convertible after just a month, realizing that I didn't like lugging around the infant carrier anyway. It was really kind of a waste to buy the infant seat, but I'll use it with the next one if I don't win this, until I have to buy a bigger one.

  159. We drove from Tucson to Florida when my daughter was 3 months old. She did great on the way there but HATED everything about the car seat on the way back. It was an agonizing trip home. I rode in the back seat with her the entire 2,000 miles home. Now, she's back to being fine in the car since she realizes it's not for that long again! :o) She's now getting too big for the car seat that we have and we're looking into a new one and that Britax would be fabulous to win since we're not rollin' in the dough at the moment!

  160. Our oldest has always been in a Britax... we loved the safety and comfort of the seat from the beginning, if not the price tag since these tend to be pricier seats. She is 4 years old and still hasn't reached the 40 lb limit so it was a great investment. Her sisters aren't all in Britax so I feel somewhat guilty, but having to do the second round times 3 we have to be more financially conservative. We've done our best to choose equally safe seats that don't have the same price tags as the Britax... but I think they loose out in the comfort department!

  161. We bought a Britax for exactly this reason! I can't tell you how many of my friends' kids finally stopped crying in the car after getting a Britax.

    I've read that the shoulder strap placement doesn't go low enough in the Britax for many newborns. It was slightly high for ours, but not so much that I worried. We didn't have him in the car very much the first couple months anyway, by the time he started commuting to work with us the straps were fine.

  162. My 10-month old doesn't like riding in the car either. I did start with an infant carrier seat and that was the worst. I do have to say though that if she fell asleep when she was newly born it was nice to just bring the whole seat into the house and let her nap. I have also used it as a 'bed' when she is stuffy nosed. When I moved her into a bigger convertible seat that her older brother handed down it helped a lot. She loved being able to see more.

  163. My daughter loves riding in the car! Our older daughter however, did not, so I feel your pain. We use an infant seat right now, but are moving her to a convertible soon.

  164. So far, my grandson doesn't mind the car seat as long as the car is moving, but it doesn't take very long after a stop before he starts wanting out of it.

  165. YOUR TURN: Does your baby like riding in the car? Do you have an infant or convertible car seat?

    We have a granddaughter who uses a convertible car seat in our sedan, and we will be needing an infant seat as our daughter is expecting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  166. We love our Camry!

    We just switched from an infant seat to a "big seat". My daughter likes riding in the car, but I'm afraid the convertable's not as comfy for my daughter. She has a harder time falling asleep in it because of the higher recline. It's what's safest and WELL worth it though.

  167. Tristan doesn't mind riding in the car as long as the ride doesn't exceed 2 hours. After that he gets cranky and wants to get out of the carseat to play.

  168. Britax makes very good products. We are always in a dilema when we have to take an extra child in our car and do not have a proper car seat.

  169. Nope. Doesn't like it... not one bit. On our marathon trip over Christmas, the only way I could get him to stop crying was to feed him graham crackers... ALL the time. It was worth it.
    And right now we are debating about car seats for #2. I think we'll borrow and infant system from my sister-in-law, but I really prefer the convertible seats like the Britax. Very nice!

  170. My niece LOVES car rides. Of course it is a royal pain to take her car seat out of mom's car and put it into aunty's each time she comes over and I watch her (which is a LOT)! I have heard nothing but great reviews about britax. They are the best on the market that is for sure, and the safest!


  171. Britax is hands down my FAVORITE car seat brand - they truly are the safest, I think, because they are the least likely to be used incorrectly. And, this is the best part, they are MADE IN THE USA! I'm so proud of Britax for keeping their business here... Love the seat and since my little squirt is almost out of his infant seat at 3 months, I should've taken your advice and just got the convertible seat right away! I think i need this...

  172. I've been really lucky that my girls both seem to like riding in the car. And I hope that continues! Granted that may change when we take a really long road trip....

  173. Awww...we have a Toyota Camry too =) I love it but the back seat is a little tight and soon we will have 2 car seats back there. I know I asked about car seats awhile back on one of your blogs but we still haven't gotten one - so we'd be happy to take this one off your hands =)

    autumn398 @

  174. My younger daughter doesn't like riding in her car seat, either. We've been borrowing an infant carrier seat since she was born. I've taken it out of the car once, and I realllly regretted it. (I didn't even carry her in it--I was just bringing it to set her in for a class, and, oh, long story, but it was just awful.) We've been very blessed to borrow it, and for this long (17 months).

    The Britax car seats are great, aren't they? Our older daughter has been in the same Marathon since she was born. They're top-notch! ;)

  175. My daughter hated riding in the car 9 out of 10 times before she turned 1 yrs. old. Thats when we switched her forward facing and into an alpha omega car seat, one that will last until she no longer needs one. Now she is fine in the car 9 times out of 10, well maybe 8. :) Unfortunately, we never figured out how to use this car seat in the rear facing position. It never got tight enough and just seemed unsafe. I don't think we will ever use it for one of our children under one. It is a nice thought to have to only buy one car seat, but not if the integrity of the seat is compromised. The better alternative might be the convertible car seat like the Britax, at least it can be used for a longer period then the infant.

  176. Audrey loves to ride in the car, and if the drive is longer than 15 minutes she falls asleep! Seriously!

    My oldest though, never!

    I wish I would have bought the convertible seats right away and skipped the infant! Now you tell me!(:
    We each have a Recaro Como, which we love, it is nicely padded and seems really comfy. We got them on sale on, but I would have loved to afford to get the Britax.

  177. Neither of my kids liked riding in the car much until they were about 10 weeks old, however now, thankfully, they both love it. We have a Britax Decathlon for our oldest which is fabulous and our 14 month old is in a borrowed Britax Roundabout. It is OLD, but I was able to get a new cover on eBay pretty inexpensively so it looks like new. The newer Roundabouts are a bit better than the old ones in the way they are designed and made. Maybe once your little one gets to face forward she will have more fun?! Facing forward makes a big difference for my kiddos!

  178. My daughter HATES riding in the car with a burning passion. I feel so bad for her and much like you want so badly to take her out of the carseat and cuddle her but I'm a good girl and don't. I try to avoid going anywhere on my own with her unless I absolutely have to.

    We have been looking at new convertible seats. I've heard a lot of good things about Britax.

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