Dress to work out...and work out, you will

My blonde-haired sister-in-law Danielle pulled up in our driveway in her Nissan Xterra. Climbing out of the car, I noticed her stylish oversized sunglasses and perfectly coiffed ponytail. She was dressed in running clothes - striped shorts, a white t-shirt layered over a tank top, and silver running shoes. Ever the height of fashion, she looked like a celebrity just on her way to or from a workout at some posh club. She pulled her adorable, blue-eyed baby out of the car and smiled my way.

I smiled back, "Did you just come from working out?"

She laughed, a warm and glittery laugh with a tinge of nervousness in it, "No. I just thought I'd wear this in case I get a chance to exercise."

The sheer brilliance of that statement has stuck with me over the past few months.

Sometimes just getting dressed for exercising seems so exhausting...so, if you're "ready to run," you're much more likely to do it.

I think I might start dressing in sportswear too. And not just ugly, torn yoga pants with a saggy bottom, mind you. I mean real workout clothes. Cute workout clothes. Something I would feel great about running around in the neighborhood in.


viva flare pants by brooks runningViva Flare Pants ($68) from Brooks Running

These stretchy, supple pants have an extra-comfortable waistband and a flattering fit. They gently snug your hips and thighs, and then flare out at the bottom of the leg. Available in black or shadow, these pants will match with just about anything.


dash t brooks runningDash T ($42) from Brooks Running

If you're still exercising in plain, old cotton t-shirts, you should consider buying a breathable, moisture-wicking tee. They really are less sweaty and icky. This shirt comes with an "invisible" pocket for your house key, your debit card, or a few extra dollars. I would like this shirt even better if it were available in a bright, vibrant orange or a striking navy...and the tummy could be a bit more roomy for postpartum mamas. But, overall, it's a great option. V-necks are the best.

lite v-neck enell teeLite V-Neck Comfort Tee ($36) from Enell

If you're a busty babe, you will likely appreciate Enell's tee - designed specifically for curvy women. The silky, lightweight material has just a little extra room where you need it most, yet it glides over your body effortlessly. The shirt is only available in black, but I don't mind that. Black is so basic, so classic, and...great for a "minimizing" effect.

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite workout pieces? Who is your fitness fashion inspiration?

WIN IT! One winner will receive each of the item's listed above in the sizes/colors of her choice: Viva Flare Pants from Brooks Running, Dash T from Brooks Running, and Lite V-Neck Comfort Tee from Enell.  To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, June 3 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #7 Jen Mc. Congratulations!

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258 comments on “Dress to work out...and work out, you will”

  1. My fave workout clothes? Well, I do have an oversized tee that I found in the men's dept. that I really feel comfy in when its time to sweat. I must admit I'm still searching for the perfect pant because I haven't found it. Shoes are a bit easier in that I love New Balance and have a pair of old Reeboks that I love so much I may be buried with them. :)

  2. I have a lot of Nike and Adidas workout gear, the most comfortable are the yoga pants which I use to walk & work out in.

  3. I love my yoga pants and my asics, but for fashion inspiration for working out, I just look at fitness magazines such as Shape.

  4. I work out in my neighborhood, so I love bright clothes...so the car drivers might be able to see me.

  5. I wish i had more workout clothes. My current selection is ok but pre-baby so they don't fit quite as good as they used to.

  6. My favorite workout clothes are tees and capris.
    I love everlast and nike,because they fit me
    good and when I jump around everything stays in
    place.For shoes I like my Avia's mainly because I
    have wide feet and they are comfortable,Thanks
    for the great contest!

  7. My fav workout pieces are my old grey tanktop and my husband's old workout shorts. My family is my inspiration :)

  8. I love to look put together even though I am working out. It is something that my Mother instilled in me while growing up by her example. Thank you for allowing me to remember these lessons and memories!

  9. My reward for working out faithfully is to buy new workout clothes. I don't have a favorite brand, but I love working out in new clothes I "earned". Thanks for another great giveaway!

  10. I am sorely lacking in the workout gear department. I have one pair of black capris and then whatever tshirt I happen to grab. My workout motivator is my Mom. We bike and walk together.

  11. I don't really have a fashion workout inspiration, I just wear comfortable clothing... hard enough to get to the workout.....

  12. Ooh, I love the style and bright blue color of this shirt. I will say that dressing well for working out never used to be a priority, but I DO feel better when wearing appropriate clothing, and I actually feel like I have a better workout too. Maybe it's the confidence factor. I know have moved the baggy tee shirts to the back of the closet, but the workout clothes wear out quickly with the washings and wearings. Thanks for the chance to try this brand out! Looks perfect for yoga!

  13. Baggy shirt and comfy long john pants and no I dont work out in public lol.
    My inspiration would have to be Marie Osmond.


  14. It would be nice to have real "work-out" clothes and these are great looking. They just might motivate me to work out more.

  15. usually i work out in sweats and a baggy tee..my inspiration is my brother who lost over 200 pounds after gb.he looks great :)

  16. I watched my husband run a half marathon in April and it has inspired me so much. I can't wait to have our second baby (due July 4th) and resume working out in late August. He will be training for a full marathon by then and my goal is to run the 10k the same day in Marathon, Greece!! Now that's a goal to burn off the extra baby weight. These beautiful workout clothes sure would help :)

  17. You know it is so true! If you dress in workout clothes are are suitable to the kind of working out you are going to be doing, you are going to have a much more effective workout and you are going to be much more comfortable while you are going through your routine. I workout two different ways, I do Yoga first thing every morning before the kids get up, and I always wear the most comfortable clothes I have. I know my Yoga poses are really helping me to stay fit because I am able to focus all of my concentration both mind and body on my Yoga, there is nothing constricting me. The second form of workout I do is jog, at least 3-4 times a week, for at least 4-5 miles. I am trying to kick that up a notch, but it is hard!! I would love some new clothes to keep my momentum going, you know, dress the part, be successful! So thank you for the chance to enter.

  18. I just like my old v-neck ts and shorts. I don't have workout fashion--clothes are the last thing I'm thinking about!

  19. This would be great to have because I use the treadmill every morning-first thing-and I don't have workout clothes. I walk and run in my pajamas and once my SIL came in the garage and saw me and I was mortified because I had my pj top tied in a knot with my stomach showing! Yikes!

  20. I don't have any decent fitness clothes....I tend to wear freebie tshirts and whatever shorts I can find that are comfy. These look great!

  21. I love my Nike outfits. They are comfortable and stylish. I get inspiration from other runners.

  22. I don't have any real work out clothes. I use my oversize tee's and too big sweats to work out, it would be nice to have something that LOOKS nice while I'm trying to make myself look and feel better.

  23. I have some ratty old yoga pants that are very comfy. I could definitely use some new ones. I need some fitness fashion inspiration. lol

  24. I learned the hard way, when I first started working out, how invaluable actual work out clothes are. Especially when you're heavy and have thighs that like to rub together. I had some pretty bad rashes and burn from too loose clothes shifting as my thighs rubbed together.

    Happily my thighs are now much thinner and my most important as well as favorite workout pieces are good fitting workout pants.

  25. My favorite workout pants are Nike dryfit capris. I really love to shop for exercise clothes, I think if you feel good in your outfit you workout harder. thanks for the chance to win this outfit!

  26. Don't really have a favorite workout outfit. I usually just look for what's clean. Thanks for a great motivational giveaway.

  27. I have no favorite pieces currently, unless you count the comfy olive t-shirt I normally wear to work out. It does the trick but sure isn't a fashion statement! As for inspiration, I'd have to say my neighbor who looks adorable in her workout wear, even when she's just taking the dog around the block.

  28. Having nice workout clothes are a very motivating reason to get out there and use them. My workout wardrobe has been t-shirts and workout shorts, so better wicking shirts would be great!

  29. I love your post title for this one because that is SO true. I put my workout clothes right next to my bed so they're the first thing I see when I get up and it's the first thing I do every day.

  30. This is great...I'm planning on joining a gym...this could be my first outfit. You know, you have to look good at the gym!

  31. Right now since I am nursing, I love my Bravado Nursing Top as it really provides some good support without squishing the ladies too much. My friend Crystal, who teaches yoga, is my fashion inspiration. She wears yoga skirts with the cutest striped boy shorts underneath! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  32. For running I prefer to wear shorts,a sports bra and a tee unless I am at home. And then just a sports bra and shorts.
    For yoga or my P90 tape I prefer a comfortable pair of yoga pants and a sports bra.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  33. My favorite workout clothes are an old pair of my sons running shorts from his HS days ( I know - but I washed them at last 100 times before I put them on) and an old soft blue t-shirt. they are comfy and actually fot OK - but I would love something new - might inspire me to workout a little bit harder to live up the the clothes.

  34. I love the comfort of yoga pants and tops and I guess my "fitness fashion inspiration" comes from the models on the sites that sell such outfits.

  35. I actually love my (bamboo) yoga pants and tops. I don't know about inspiration, I just see cute things here and there and pick them up as I can, mix and match and usually look pretty put together.

  36. I love my workout outfits, it's all mix & match depending on what's on sale! But you can never have to much of it especially if you exercise regularly like I do.

  37. I work about 80 hours per week and having the time to workout is always a challenge. I usually don the old sweats and a tee or tank. I wish I could say I had a fashion inspiration in any arena, but I'm pretty much an individual. I may not be jazzy, but I'm me and that's pretty cool. Thanks

  38. Ah, those pieces look so comfy.
    My favorite workout clothes, are a simple white v-neck, and my black and pink yoga pants!

  39. I think this set would also give me motivation that I need.As if you look good~you feel good! I "think" about working out but then that is the end..

    Thanks for the chance!

  40. I'd love to have some new gear for working out perhaps it would motivate me to get moving again..

  41. I like that idea! I think that I will dress to exercise several days a week and see what happens. On another note, I love my Brooks running shoes. They are probably the best I've owned.

  42. My son recently told me he was embarassed to be seen with me. It is time to get rid of the extra 50 lbs that I have been carrying around. These would be great to wear while jogging.

  43. I agree...if you are dressed for the occaision, ya just might get motivated enough to do that walk/run.... better than my usual ragged look!
    thank you.

  44. I wear a big black t-shirt and capri leggings.. my inspiration is my aerobics instructor.. I want to look like her in her cute little outfits!!

  45. Those pants look like they will give me a nice butt! And that blue shirt looks gorgeous. It is simple, yet stylish!

  46. I'm gonna need a new workout wardrobe after I have this baby next month and get back into my fitness routine.

  47. This would be perfect when I begin my postnatal yoga classes after my baby is born! I am so ready to look and feel normal again, and a good workout wardrobe would help me to do just that.

  48. workout clothes lets see any tee from my drawer and a pair of shorts--can't afford todays workout clothes

  49. My inspiration for work out clothes would be one of the ladies I go to Curves with. Janelle always looks wonderful. On the other hand my workout clothes are t-shirts & shorts or sweats, nothing stylish. I think I really would enjoy working out more if I had something cute to wear. Time to go shopping, or better yet, time to win!

  50. I've got a closet full of workout clothes, but the ones I think look best are the yoga pants and tops. They offer the best combination of fitting well without being too tight!

  51. My fitness fashion inspiration is my sister's friend, who always looks so good and she runs all the time. Compared to her, I look so shabby when I go out to walk, so I'm grateful for a chance to win some decent clothes!

  52. That sounds great. I have never tried a moisture-wicking tee, I am so curious to see how it compares to my regular cotton tees and how they get all sweaty. Plus I would love the Enell shirt, as a busty babe.

  53. I usually just excercise in whatever clothes I threw on that day. I'd love to have some cute workout clothes. Maybe that would motivate me to work out more. Or maybe I'd just look athletic while I hang around the house.
    [email protected]

  54. My favorite workout pieces are loose, comfy cotton pants and old, soft t-shirts. My workout fashion inspiration is my beautiful, beloved Mom, who ALWAYS looks adorable.

  55. I spend most of the weekend in workout clothes hoping that I will get a break in between cleaning, errands, and working to fit in a quick workout. I competely relate to the example in this post.

  56. I have some nike capri pants that I love- Also I feel better after workign out and its great me time before my DH goes to work!

  57. Fitness Fashion...??? HA! I wish! Lets see, my work out clothes consist of an old Target sports bra, a pair of navy cotton shorts and whatever old vball tee from High School I am lucky to find at the bottom of my drawer. I def don't look good when I'm working out! lol

  58. I love Soffe Shorts for running in the summer in! They're so light and comfy! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  59. I would look cute when wearing this going to the gym. I am usually in a sweat shirt and old torn pants. This looks comfortable also.

  60. I usually go for comfort when I exercise. The pants you are offering look very stylish and comfy.

  61. Although I don't necessarily have a favorite brand of fitness wear, I LOVE capri yoga pants. I'm pretty short (5'3) -- so regular yoga pants are usually too long. If I buy a petite size, they are usually too short...or shrink to wind up too short!

  62. I think the title of this post ("Dress to work out…and work out, you will") is the most brilliant thing I've ever read! It's SO TRUE-- the proper workout wear is inspiring in so many ways. I even feel better DURING a workout if I'm wearing something nice.

  63. The flared pants and two T's are wonderful! They would look great together, what an outfit! Thanks for the chance to win them!

  64. I always tend to go for my favorite pair of baggy sweats! After reading this, sure looks like I could use an update!

  65. I could really use these. All my workout clothes are from before I had my second baby, and they don't fit quite right anymore. Thanks!

  66. My favorite workout piece is a pair of charcoal grey heathered capris with a tummy-sucking-in band. So awesome, so comfy -- they make me excited to work out!

  67. Favorite work out piece is my shoes. Its so hard to find a good, comfortable pair of shoes. My feet are of the wider variety and I have to suffer awhile every time I get a new pair, so, once I get a pair broken in and wearable, I feel like I'm cloud none (and blister free)

  68. My favorite workout piece is my tummy flatting yoga pants. I simply can't live without them! They were given to me as a Mother's Day gift by my husband after the birth of our 2nd son, kinda as way to help motivate me to continue to live healthy and be fit. They are so comfortable and gives a sense of early accomplishment around the middle area because they have a built in band for you stomach area that holds everything in place and comes in handy when you are jogging! They are also great for my weekly playdates with the boys! I would have to say that my children are my biggest workout modavation, I want to be here healthy, and happy for them as long as I can!

  69. I'm incredibly picky about what I choose to run in. I despise shorts on a normal basis - so they're definitely out for running. The pants look like they'd be incredibly flattering - and moisture wicking tops are a MUST where I live. I'd love to get a chance at these!

  70. I would love to win this wonderful stuff to work out in! It would probably make me want to work out more and veg out in front of my laptop less :) Thanks!

  71. I dont' really have a favorite workout outfit. Although the group I excercise with are probably getting tired of looking at the same old thing. I get my inspiration from the ads in magazines.

  72. Very nice quality. I love that they are made from moisture-transfer nylon fabric! look comfy and stylish too!

  73. My husband just finished grad school, and on that budget there wasn't money for new workout clothes. I haven't bought anything like that for at least five years. Think it's time for something new?

  74. I have stuff I wore in high school and it's old, faded and UGLY! I love the cute little capri's and matching jackets-that's what I would like to wear as I start getting back to my pre babies body (ha! Like that will ever happen, how about just lose the chub, and get a little firmer, that is a more realistic goal!).

  75. I've just started working out so I don't have any "real" workout clothes yet.. just my old scrubs from work and a dingy t-shirt! I'd love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  76. My fav workout item is a pair of green flared yoga pants I got on clearance at Marshalls. They're comfy and stretchy with spandex and look way better than baggy sweats.

  77. LOL, "If you’re still exercising in plain, old cotton t-shirts.." My favorite workout gear that I am beginning to think is way out of date is biker/stretch shorts and old t-shirts. The one I had on tonight in class was from 1994!

    I buy moisture wear for the kids but I never even thought about buying it for myself! I guess I always thought it was for athletes. Time to change my view a bit.

  78. Unfortunately, my workout clothes are castoff tees and old, tight workout stretch shorts that look like they are straight from the 1980s. I work out at home to my tapes. I do not go to a gym and I would not be caught dead in public in this stuff.

    But you are right. If I looked better, I might walk more when I was in town or I might find a way to work off some calories here and there. Either way, my workout wardrobe needs a lift, even if just for my own psyche. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  79. I like to wear workout clothes. Not only are they comfortable but they somehow motivate me to do my exercising. The ones pictured are nice, I like the selection.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  80. Oh my gosh, that is SUCH a good idea! Why not put on work out clothes vs. my loungy typical daytime outfit? Even if it will motivate me to at least do situps...

    Favorite workout pieces: black with white and pink trim nike running shorts and a black champion tank sports bra.

  81. I love these work out clothes, i think if I could get some cute workout outfits like these I might Actually start and stick to a workout routine, sure hope so. thanks

  82. I would love to have some new workout gear - especially for biking and tennis! Those pants are so cute, and I can't wait to try this new sports bra!

  83. I love a lot of the clothes from Lucy.com - and my fitness icon is Tracey Anderson. I get the sense that she just willed herself into being who she is by force of nature!

  84. I love how these are designed to be comfortable and flexible. I like to do yoga and pilates and a lot of workout clothes move out of place and get uncomfortable and bunched up. thanks.

  85. I don't necessarily have a fashion fitness guru, but I really like clothing that is designed for doing yoga, such as they carry at Gaiam. I actually like to wear my harem pants (loose rather than baggy trousers gathered at the ankle) to work out in---they're more flattering than sweats, and more forgiving than leggings.

  86. My favorite workout pants are new from Victoria's Secret - they are light grey velour and so soft & comfy!

  87. Every time (well almost) that I put running clothes I eventually go running...cute/comfy workout clothes make it even easier to make that first step.

  88. My favorite workout pieces are comfortable but not necessarily stylish. I agree with her sentiment though: you should be ready to work out and it's more likely to happen...

  89. lol oh goodness, my favorite work out gear are some shorts that i've had for years. they got a tie string on them. i can't seem to get rid of them even though they look their age. i get my exercise by bike riding. i don't really have a fashion inspiration for exercise. but i did one time see pics Dita Von Tesse in her 50's get up doing yoga. So i guess your right about dressing up to exercise. :-)

  90. I really like the idea of structured feminine workout/sportswear. I'm currently in the oversized, frumpy, should not be allowed out the house category which I'm pretty sure does nothing my body issues. Maybe the whole dress for success line can work in terms of workout attire as well. You dress like schlump you feel like a schlump you dress like a woman that is beautiful strong & trying to make a change...maybe you'll feel that way too. Thanks for the thought provoking post/giveaway opportunity

  91. Most of my workout clothes are either old and shabby or normal wear that I sort of use as gym wear. It is not ideal and I definitely need to update my fitness wardrobe.


  93. Having cute workout clothes is a must. I find myself way more motivated when I am already feeling good about myself because of what I am wearing. I love the Brooks line of clothing and shoes!

  94. I don't have a fitness fashion influence. Its more a matter of ifs something strikes me when I'm online, browsing a magazine or watching a television show.

    My favoriety workout clothes can no longer be seen in public. Its a pair of bicycle pants and a pair of mesh shorts. I use to wear the mesh shorts over the bicycle pants (the pants would hang an inch longer). It was so comfortable, sporty looking and gently hide my extra hip area.

  95. When I exercise (which hasn't been very often lately) I usually do it in a t-shirt and some very old yoga pants...And I feel like such a frump!LOL! Maybe some new workout clothes is just what I need to give a kickstart!:)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  96. Oh my goodness do these look comfy to work out in!! I've never worn any clothes from these companies....I could use a few new workout clothes!! That always seems to be the least fun item to buy when I'm shopping!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  97. I just started to work out again and it seems that all my pants have holes in them!! This would be a great treat!!

  98. I don't have any workout clothes, just sweats, leggings and t-shirts. I'd like Jennifer Aniston as my fitness inspiration as I think she always looks good and obviously works out. Thank you!

  99. I am a total Brooks fan--shoes and clothes! I once ran a 10k unknowingly wearing all Brooks apparel--even my socks--and there was a Brooks booth at the finish and they took my picture since I was a walking (running) advertisement for them!

  100. I would love to own workout clothes. But i workout in what i have. Would be nice to have to workout clothes for it!

  101. good shoes are so essential, but you never want to look like a total dork working out, so you gotta have something good to wear. The moisture wick t's are great, along with nice, moveable pants. I would love to win this...I need more workout clothes.

  102. That IS brilliant... dress to workout and you will! My problem is I had wearing a bra when I'm hanging out at home. Even a sports bra gets uncomfortable after a while. Otherwise, I pretty much always have on yoga pants. I'd love to win this set... very cute!

  103. I usually just work out in my boyfriends tank and some pj shorts. I don't really have a work out inspiration.

  104. These workout clothes are inspiring! They certainly look much more comfortable and presentable than my usual workout grubbies!!

    Thanks for the chance to win something fashionable to exercise in!!

  105. I don't have a favorite workout outfit, since I rarely workout. But since I do go for walks and work around the house, the same clothes would work for that. As to an inspiration, since I am a dedicated couch potato, guess I don't have one!

  106. I have a pair of brown "track" pants with white stripes that I bought for $10 a few years ago. I am not a gym fan but I like to walk outside a lot. My golden retriever"Frank" is my workout partner.

  107. Believe it or not, my favorite thing to wear while working out are these sweatpants my mom didn't want anymore. She'd already broken them in (not to mentioned hemmed them shorter) so they are the perfect length and fit. LOL. Besides that, I need to replace the rest of my fitness wardrobe - first thing in order is a new sports bra!

  108. I need some new work out clothes. After a two-year break from exercise, I am trying to get back into shape.

  109. I have to say that I am no fitness fashionista. I generally work out in boring sweatpants and a tee. There is a girl at my gym though that always looks amazing. I would love to wear some of the things she does while working out.

  110. i am in the same boat - if i get dressed to work out, i will (usually) -- i have these awesome workout pants i got from target that just put me in the mood =)

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  111. I'm tired of my "workout uniform" of a ginormous t-shirt and boxer shorts. I would love to have something to feel attractive in as I work out, and as you said, I might be more likely to actually do it if I feel ready for it. I need all those little motivational tools. Thanks!

  112. Another great giveaway! I love that saying, dressing with the intention of working out, perfect! The mom I used to be a mother's helper for was the perfect example of how to dress to work out and still be stylish! However, for me, shorts and a t-shirt are my usual wear, nothing fancy around here!

  113. This is where I confess that I have one "real" pair of running shorts that I have been wearing for my entire running history. (Don't worry, I do wash them often.) And yes, I wear my shorts with alternating cotton tees.

  114. My idea of working out is walking or gardening both of which I do in jeans and a t-shirt, but some real exercise clothes might convince me to take things a step further.

  115. I have come to realize I am not going to fit into my old work out clothes until I work out and lose weight so I really could use a good outfit to get me going and on my way to my goal!

  116. My favorite workout pieces are elastic banded shorts like Soffee shorts and built in bra tanks. I also love the Nike breathable fabric tees because they keep me cool when I work up a sweat!

  117. it's so hard to look cute when working out i like those pieces, i agree it's easier to work out when you feel good about what your wearing

  118. I go for the rattiest and most tattered clothing that I own. Hmmm... I also hope that I never run into anyone I know.

  119. My fitness inspiration for fashion is Kate Hudson. We have similar body types and she looks so strong and healthy! I love wearing shorts when I am running along with a comfy sports bra.

  120. Lately, I've been wearing 10-year-old soccer shorts and ratty t-shirts to work out in. It's not very inspirational. I definitely need to update!

  121. I have to say, your sister in law Danielle is totally my sporty fashion icon. I swear I try to copy her style every time I see her. She always looks so perfectly put together and great in her exercise clothes. Every time I try to dress in cute sporty clothes I still come out looking like a slob walking around in sweats, I think I'm gonna have to invest in some more cuter, fashionable work out clothing. =)

  122. I just run really doesn't matter at this point how fashionable I am, but my neighbors would probably appreciate me in something more classy.

  123. These items would certainly be a great step up for me. I wouldn't be ashamed of my 5k runs in new awesome clothing. And, trips to the gym just might happen more often than it does now. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  124. My favorite workout clothes are the moisture-wicking shirts from Nike. My celebrity fashionista would be Gwyneth Paltrow.

  125. My fav workout outfit right now are a pair of black capris and a a top with a built in bra; however, I could definitely use some more... I find when you feel good on the way to the gym, you feel better after the gym too! :)

  126. My favorite workout clothes are my old crappy sweats-ironic since I own cute workout clothes like Juicy and PINK pants. I don't have an inspiration for my workout although i think Reese Witherspoon always looks so cute.

  127. I work out in a pair of ratty shorts and any big t shirt because I just dont have extra cash to spend on something nice like this. This would make my day. Thank you

  128. I just love the Glycerin 7 Women's shoes! I am on the brink of beginning a workout program. Since I've recently been laid off, money is tight. So some new pieces of workout wear would be invaluable!
    Thanks so much!

  129. I know I'm a little late on the scene...but I just started wearing yoga pants to other places than yoga class! I find I can wear my black fold-over pants to work even- plus I just love, love, love how the fold-over slims my tummy. I really like the tops you showed here- super cute. I can totally see throwing a cardigan on over an outfit like that to go anywhere. Speaking of supercute workout gear- there's a beautiful woman that lives around the corner from us who I always see walking and running. She is my total workout-look inspiration! i swear she could walk a catwalk in the great running gear she wears...she always looks great! Thanks for the fun contest! :)

  130. I have to workout in the morning or I usually won't get around to it. I love this idea of wearing your workout clothes "just in case". It wouldn't hurt if they were cute either. thanks!!!

  131. This would be so awesome! Please pick me as I seem to have gotten so bad lately about getting rear in gear and back at the gym maybe this will be the boost I need!

  132. I have an old pair of yoga pants that I love. THey are getting worn though but they are comfy and I really feel good in them. I also have an old Stevie Nicks tee shirt I wear to work out as well.

  133. I could REALLY use some new workout clothes. Every winter I pack on the pounds and spend the whole summer losing, only to gain back again! You'd think realizing the pattern would help solve the problem....anyway.... :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. Hmmm, this post reminds me of a woman who became my 'fitness inspiration' back when we had just adopted our oldest. We happened to be driving past the parking lot of a local hiking trailhead, when I spotted a woman switching out her shoes for hiking boots, her baby-carrier prepped on the ground next to her.

    In a moment it hit me, that a great way to squeeze in the exercise would be to have the carrier and my boots in the car at all times. From then on I did, and then during errands, when we'd drive near one of the many in-town hiking trails, my daughter and I would get in a hike. At first it was just her in the carrier, but as she got older and enjoyed hiking, she'd hike for as far as she could, then I'd hoist her up into the carrier, and she'd usually nap the rest of the way! It was always a nice change of pace from whatever errands we were running.

  135. Oh wow those look comfy. I have been meaning to exercise more since my thighs are trying to take over the world and I really need some good work out clothes that i will actually want to put on. I figure may as well work out if I am dressed for it right?

  136. That is a brilliant idea. I have so much trouble getting dressed once a day much less trying to change to work out. I love it.

  137. I love exercising...got ya! Who likes it? Not many people... but I like the way it makes me feel...healthier...happier...the list goes on. I love these clothes...I have one pair of workout pants that I use all the time. I would love to own more than one pair!

  138. I am not a runner, but I do walk on my treadmill and ride my stationary bike. I like to be comfortable when I exercise, so these clothes sound great. I have also become quite the fan of the moisture-wicking fabrics.

  139. I definitely do not epitomize glamor when I'm in my exercise clothes which generally consist of biker shorts and big t-shirt. But after reading about your sister-in-law, maybe I need an activewear makeover.

  140. I dont have fitness clothes ... I just grab whatever I find in the closet that looks okay when I go jogging around the block. This often leaves me feeling "frumpy" and not fitness-sexy (is there such a word) so I'd love to win this giveaway - it will I am sure be the start of my fitness make-over "sexy-fitness" wardrobe. :-)

  141. My workout clothes are generally an old pair of Danskin pants or shorts and a t-shirt! Not very flattering. I guess Denise Richards would be my fitness fashion inspiration as she always wears great outfits that make her look good and look comfortable to wear. The Brooks Running stuff looks like the perfect workout gear.

  142. Cool and comfortable Spandex/Bamboo! These items are great! I looked on the site do the Viva Flare pants come in petite?

  143. What a great prize!

    I agree with you that wearing something you feel and look good in will inspire you to workout. I love my black yoga pants and capris. I pair them with those stretchy workout tees in bright colors like hot pink and aqua blue.

  144. I don't have much "style" when it comes to my exercise clothes. It's mostly about comfort. I have a black sleeveless shirt with slight support, a pair of dark blue track shorts, black track pants, a light blue sports bra, and a white one.

  145. My favorite pieces are the short, capri pants because i am short, and love the tank vnecks cause i have ample "girls". I am inspired by the ladies in my weight watchers group who are working out and looking great this spring!

  146. My favorite workout pieces are, tanktops and capri workout pants, at the moment i am in need of new workout clothes, because all the tops and workout pants i have are all worn out from wearing them on a daily basis, i workout 2 hours every day 5 days a week! I LOVE working out in comfy clothes and those ones posted above are perfect for that purpose, i'd love to have them!
    My workout inspiration is Jillian Michaels, i love how tough, and dedicated she is, and i also love her body, she keeps me inspired to keep working out!

  147. Stretchable, breathable, moisture-wicking -- sounds perfect for both my walking regime and yoga practice. Thanks for the chance to win some spanking new fitness clothes!

  148. i don't really have anyone i know to inspire my fitness fashion... but i sure do like to look at and dream about the running clothes in the window of a running shop near my house.
    i'm at the point where i've had my running clothes for awhile and am looking to add a few newer pieces. currently, i like to run in my running shoes, running shorts (love the built in underwear... no riding up) and moisture wicking tops. when it is chilly outside, i layer a long sleeve tshirt or sweatshirt.
    i may not be too fashionable, but i'm comfy and can play with my kids at the park when i'm done : )

  149. I love my yoga pants from Lululemon. I guess my workout fashion inspiration is my friend who plays tennis everyday. Tennis clothes are so cute!

  150. That sounds just like my sister! Perfectly put together! I agree that looking the part really helps motivate you and give you the boost you need to get fit! I could DEFINITELY use some workout clothes...I wear old sweats and it's no fun at all!

  151. I tend to work out in shorts & a XL T-shirt from the Peachtree road race. I could use some clothes that look good.

  152. As long as I have good shoes, I'm good to go. I love my black running pants in the winter, but otherwise I can wear any scary old tank top and shorts and I'm good to go...
    Thanks for the giveaway. I just think these pants are the cutest!!

  153. My wardrobe for working out and running is pretty basic and not too exciting. I would love to actually have cute clothes like these to work out in!

  154. I guess my favorite inspiration for working out would be one of my co-workers, she has made a huge effort to change her lifestyle and has gained energy and lost weight. It is inspiring.
    The clothing I wear to work out is actually sort of sad. I have a pair of pants that I bought used-great idea, but they are really getting worn out. Shirts could be anything, I like threadless.com! I'm really not a fitness fashionista.

  155. My favorite workout clothes are an old, beat up, faded men's t-shirt that is absolutely falling apart and some saggy, baggy shorts. They make me look even lumpier and bumpier than I already am! My inspiration ... I don't really have one, but I sure wish I looked more like gave some thought to what I was wearing.

  156. Usually I work out in an old tee shirt and loose shorts. I haven't purchased workout clothes in some time. But I do have a pair of loose cotton/lycra shorts that have built in underwear. I love these because when I'm down on the ground doing leg exercises or something like that I don't wind up accidentally showing something I don't want to ;)

  157. Great looking work out clothes!! Whether or not I'm going to work out, I want to be comfortable & look great too!

  158. That looks like a really great set of work out clothes! I love the idea of dressing like you're going to work out, and am planning to start changing into workout gear at the kid's naptime everyday to encourage me to use that time for some excercise! Thanks for a great idea!

  159. This is a great looking outfit. Not only does it look great it looks really comfortable. I think when you have something on that looks great it gives you more confidence and boost you to work out more.

  160. I work out when I do that is, in old shorts and whatever comfy top I can find! Im not into too much fashion, but could use something more decent looking! My inspiration, my neighbor who has 2 small boys, she looks cute all the time!

  161. Don't have a fashion fitness inspiration. I don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff but I have to say I'm able to wear cuter stuff, like tank tops and stretch pants whereas I used to wear oversized tee's and sweats blech!

    My favorite workout pieces would be the stretch pants, tank tops and love my New Balance shoes.

  162. I like to do yoga tapes, and all of the women teachers are pretty fit and inspirational!
    As for my favourite workout clothes ... I don't have any :( I dislike all my workout gear!

  163. I'm a big fan of running skirts, especially because they're generally cute enough to wear to run errands in!

  164. I'll be delivering in about 9 weeks, and I'll definitely need some new workout clothes after that point. I have some decent bottoms to wear, but goodness gracious I could use a new top and a new (larger) sports bra!

  165. I think it would help me feel more fit if I wore work out clothes too. The one's I have are pre-baby and really too small to be wearing running about. Thanks for the chance to win some new ones!
    Oh and a really good sports bra can make a big difference too!

  166. YOUR TURN: What are your favorite workout pieces? Who is your fitness fashion inspiration?

    I like a really good sports bra, comfy grey or black long pants, and comfy sneakers with socks that wick away sweat. Fitness fashion inspiration? Wow, probably just people I see at the gym and magazine ads, no one in particular.

  167. I think I always look like a bum when I workout. I wear whatever is old or comfortable. This would be great to have!
    tuesdayef (at)aol dot com

  168. I realized a long time ago that how I dress for the day affects how much I get done in a day. If I dress like I'm working (not in fancy suits and high-heels mind you, just regular nice casual clothes) I get a lot more work done in a day, if I dress like a frumpy housewife, I don't get much done. It makes complete sense to dress for working out (which is also how I dress for cleaning) in order to make sure that the working out also gets done!

  169. I have been running for over three decades. It has kept my mental and physical state up to par!

  170. after losing 135 lbs my inspiration is myself, actually putting on workout clothes that look cute.

  171. I'm always looking for work-out clothes that I feel won't show too much. I'm very body concious. These clothes look great. Thanks for the offering!

  172. That IS clever! I've never really considered being dressed/prepared for exercise for when the mood arises but it makes good sense. And it would also help encourage any other type of physical activity, running errands, gardening, housework if you are comfortably attired.

  173. My mom has always followed that rule of if you get dressed in workout clothes you are more likely to actually get around to exercising. I love the yoga pants! They look comfy and soft.

  174. Ooh! This giveaway looks SO good to me! I have started working out 3-4 times a week about 2 weeks ago in an attempt to lose the baby fat I've accumulated over the last 5 years (after 2 babies). I jog about 3 miles, and then I do some weight lifting for about 30 minutes. The 3 giveaway pieces look awesome. Thanks for the chance! I really really hope I win!

  175. Old Navy has really comfortable 'walking' capris that are great for running, walking, or going to the gym. I wear them all the time -not just when I am working out. Also, Danskin makes the only cami w/shelf bra that I can wear. It's black and ribbed so it's a bit slimming. I can't wear it running, but it works great for a power walk or weight workout. A fitness fashion inspiration? Anyone that looks like they're wearing something comfortable!

  176. I don't really have an inspiration for workout wear. I've been doing a low impact workout usually in my pjs before I get dressed in the morning. I try to remember to put on my tennis shoes though! After I build up my stamina a bit though I plan on starting to walk the track and work my way up to running. I guess I'll have to get dressed for that!

  177. I've been working recently on trying to look more stylish when I work out so I feel better... but then I got pregnant! I am joining a gym though this week just so I can continue to work out through the hot summer months of Arizona and be in a half way decent shape by the time this baby comes.

  178. when i used to do endurance running training pre-baby, i definitely preferred fitted tanks with wicking fabric. however, there's definitely something nice about sleeves...you've gotta have something to wipe the sweat off your brow! baggy clothes just seem to get in the way with running, although they're truly welcome as extra layers when the weather is uncomfortably cold.

  179. For workout I go for comfort every time & I don't really have a fitness fashion inspiration. Obviously time to take more notice.

  180. I started going to a yoga class about a month ago and I was startled to realize that all my workout clothes were older than my kids. Many even pre-dated my relationship with my husband, so I was trying to squeeze into a sports bra that was ten years old. After taking one class I realized I would be happier in some newer togs. And certainly more mobile and flexible...

  181. Oooh love it!

    Ok my favorite running (or workout) clothes depend on the season, really. If I'm running outdoors in the winter, I prefer, OK, can't do without wicking material, which pulls sweat away from your body. Actually, this really helps in the summer, too! In the summer I wear shorts, but I layer a fitted pair underneath a loose pair for modesty sake. And of course a modest, comfortable shirt.

    As for fitness fashion inspiration, I'd have to say any of those little shops you see on the internet that sell modest clothing. Often, active wear is NOT modest and I am all about it.

  182. I really don't have any favorite workout clothes. I'm still ones of those working out in the old cotton tees. Humm, favorite fashion inspiration...moms have time for fashion?!

  183. I don't really have much in the way of fitness clothes! I always see women in cute little fitness wear and think to myself - one day Im going to make that a priority. :)

    Thanks so much!

  184. I love looking at catalogs that say they are for fitness because the clothes is always so nice and comfy looking. My standard wear is some kind of stretchy pants, t-shirt, and a hat. These look a lot more stylish than what I've been using.

  185. I love it! I often do the same thing and dress as if I'm going to the gym even if I haven't yet figured out how to fit it into my day. I really hate the inertia that having to change my outfit creates! Thanks for the chance to win these great items!

  186. My favorite workout top I'm currently too fat to fit into. (How's THAT for irony?) I'm hoping to fit into it again soon. My favorite workout bottoms . . . just went the way of all the earth with holes in the crotch. I could really use something new--and cute!

  187. My workout fashion inspiration is my neighbor, who sounds a whole lot like your sister-in-law. She is also blond and always looks great! As a matter of fact, she just won a swimsuit contest against 20 year olds and she is forty something! AS for me, I like something comfortable.

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