Entertain with Ease...with Coleman Air Beds

Entertain with Ease...with Coleman Air Beds 1I've mentioned in the past that I have a red folder that has magazine clippings and sketches and scribbles of all of the things that I would want in a "dream home" (picture on the right isn't it...that is just a visual for your viewing pleasure...). Here's a "sneak peek" into the folder...

  • One story¬†
  • large kitchen with an island and a roomy pantry
  • lots of storage space and closets
  • all hard floors with a few strategically placed cozy rugs
  • detached garage with plumbing/sink and plenty of room
  • wrap-around porch or another spacious porch
  • indoor courtyard or great natural lighting (for taking photos)
  • a nice guest room/area (or family room that easily converts into one)

We want our house to be inviting, welcoming, warm, lived in. We want it to be a place where people feel comfortable and where our kids want to be. We want our house to be the cool house - a place where people meet, a place where our family thrives, a place where laughter resounds and authenticity resides.

Entertain with Ease...with Coleman Air Beds 2We don't have that cozy guest room yet so we make do by converting our little office into one whenever anyone comes to visit. For example, our friends MJ & Shawna and their two little ones came for a visit and stayed with us for the past two nights. I was SO happy that we had a Coleman Queen Double High Air Bed ($79.99) to offer them...instead of the not-so-soft carpet. The air bed is easy to pump up and actually quite comfortable to lay on.

Air Beds are perfect for parents who like entertaining, but don't have room for an extra bed in any of their rooms. When not in use, they can be stored in a little box. Then, they can be pulled out and set up in minutes! 

Entertain with Ease...with Coleman Air Beds 3Air Beds also are a great thing to have on-hand for camping trips, vacations, and overnight stays at friends' homes. Coleman offers a wide selection of Air Beds at fantastic prices - ranging from $21.99 to $299.99, depending on what you're looking for. You can find Coleman air beds at a variety of retailers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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9 comments on “Entertain with Ease...with Coleman Air Beds”

  1. I hear the storage space. Our house has the worlds smallest "master" bathroom. They funny thing is in the morning you will find my husband in the shower, my 3 year old standing on the toliet getting her hair and teeth brushed, newborn on the bathroom rug AND the dog in the bathroom eating! The funny thing is that we have 2 other larger bathrooms in the house.

  2. Those double high air beds are AWESOME to sleep on. Very comfy, and raised high enough so that people don't have a huge drop down when they want to sleep. And coleman definitely makes high quality products, thats for sure.

  3. I've dreamt of having a good (or really any, for that matter) air mattress for years! Maybe one of these days...

  4. Colemans are wonderful! I love to take them camping. We do alot of winter camping here in Colorado, so these are great to bundle up with blankets, and toss on some warm PJs and curl under the covers with a few kids! They are warm, though by the end of the night I'm blanketless and off the bed. They need to make a Coleman with sides on it, just to keep me from lying on the cold Colorado ground.

  5. We have the Coleman High Air Bed. We do have a guest room but at Thanksgiving time we have 2 of our families stay with us. Any one that gets the Coleman air bed just loves it. So do my kids!

  6. We've been able to keep a guest room so far with a queen bed, but I think those days are limited. One time, early in our marriage, my in-laws were staying with us (when we didn't have the guest bed yet), and we put them on our ultra-cheapo air matress. Turns out, twice in the night, sections of it blew out, causing great surprise, not to mention discomfort. So, all that to say, when it's time to go back to the air mattress days again, we'll be investing in a nicer quality one, such as this!

  7. Love our Coleman air bed! We bought one of those hand pumps to go with it, to save money. It kind of looks like a bicycle pump. Anyway, it's a great workout, and the kids have fun "helping" us blow the mattress up!

  8. I think we're going to have to go the way of the air bed soon. Before we know it the girls will be in the "big" room and the guests will be, hum where will the guests be? My parents bought a high twin sized bed that I slept on last time we visited them. It really was quite comfortable and I was 20 some weeks pregnant at the time. It's good to read your review. I'll keep it in mind when the time comes for us to buy.

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