Etsy Giveaway :: Necklace by Grace Tags

I am pleased to introduce you to Grace Tags, a mom-owned etsy shop.

Janelle, a mom of three boys and active twitterite, started the shop this past year. Her hand-stamped silver jewelry focuses on God's love and grace.


Etsy Giveaway :: Necklace by Grace Tags 1 Etsy Giveaway :: Necklace by Grace Tags 2 Etsy Giveaway :: Necklace by Grace Tags 3

The necklaces are affordably priced at $24-$32. You can also order a custom piece of jewelry if you have a "word of the year" or a phrase that you'd like to keep close to your heart.

P.S. Grace Tags is on Facebook.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a necklace from Grace Tags Hand Stamped Christian Jewelry! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, February 8 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #59 Jen. Congratulations!

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78 comments on “Etsy Giveaway :: Necklace by Grace Tags”

  1. I seldom wear much jewelry, but when I do, it usually has meaning. I have one necklace that I wear (the one my husband gave me.) I have one ring I always wear (my wedding ring). I have three pairs of earrings I wear - usually trade off once every 3 or 4 months (and yes, the hubby gave them all to me). And, I usually have a watch on. Beyond that, I am jewelry free. If it doesn't have meaning to me, I simply don't think to put it on. These are beautiful as they are meaningful pieces to wear.

  2. These are such beautiful necklaces with a special meaning. My favorite is the Just Believe bar pendants necklace.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  3. If I had the stuff to do this myself I would so be making my own, love hand-stamped jewelry and how it can be personalized.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  4. What beautiful necklace! I love that they have a focus on God. I'd love to win one! I love the beading too. So simple, yet adds an additional beautiful touch

  5. I am a new Facebook Fan of Grace Tags - Sharon Seneker. I like all the heart jewelry items and am impressed that there are so many personalized letters/words on a tiny cherm. Beautiful! Thanks! [email protected]

  6. I have fallen in love with hand stamped jewelry. I have some personalized necklaces with my kids name, but I would love the simple "pray" necklace from Janelle's shop!

  7. She had such a great shop. I'm not sure what was my favorite - the angel wing believe was pretty cool. So was the God will make a way one too.

    autumn398 @

  8. keep calm and pray which I have been doing a lot of lately. My mom is very ill and that's what I've been trying to do.

    The necklaces are very sweet.

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  9. My best friend would absolutely go nuts for any other the pieces on her etsy sight. They are all right up her alley. I swear its like they took all her favorite things and combined them into one product. She would be hard pressed to pick out a favorite.
    On the other hand though I think they are all lovely the angel wings are my all-time favorite. I dont think I have ever seen anything quite like it before and would love to have it in my collection!

  10. I love the "beauty for ashes" necklace. I am more "spiritual" than "religious" but I love this sentiment because my children's initials are ASH and I wish them a life of beauty and wonder!

  11. I love all of this necklaces! They are great reminders!! I love the keep calm and pray because I tend to stress and it is always important to remember to Let go and Let God handle it! These look like great gifts to give people!

  12. I love any and all etsy shops...just started my own! I guess I'll have to come up w/ a word for 2012 just to get a custom neckalce!
    Thanks, hgrossman at cableone dot net

  13. I love "Blessed Mommy." My daughters saved me from living an empty and joyless life. If not for them, I'd have no motivation to be a better person every day.

  14. I love jewelry from so many Etsy shops like this one. It evidences a resurgence of handcraft in this country that helps combat the loss of much of our manufacturing overseas. Once my baby gets past her current jewelry grabbing stage, I look forward to wearing necklaces like these.

  15. I've always thought that hand stamped jewelery was very pretty. Thanks for posting this contest. I would love a piece of Christian jewelry. :)

  16. Beautiful words....right now I would say that Trust.Rest.Rejoice would be my choice....what a great reminder when things seem to be getting toooo busy. Love the encouragement these necklaces bring :)

  17. These are really nice sayings. I have a stamped necklace with my kids' names, but these are really nice and encouraging. Thanks for the contest!

  18. I love the one that says "walk by faith". We have had to do this in the last few years with our infertility issues and it is amazing to see what Gods plan was all along. :)

  19. I would love to have one of these necklaces with my 3 year old daughter's name and my son's name (who's due two weeks from today!) Thanks, great giveaway :)

  20. I've always wanted one of these, but needed to wait since I knew our family wasn't quite done yet... I'm pretty sure we are now ;) but I actually really like the Blessed necklace. Although my stones would all be the same color so maybe I'd get different colored ones just for fun!

  21. I would love to get my children's name done. We have a new little one coming in June that I would love to add when she gets here. I have seen many other types of these, but this one is so beautiful! Excellent work! I might just have to hint to the hubby if I miss out on the giveaway! :)

  22. I haven't heard of Grace Tags before but I love how special they are. I know anyone who receives them will feel so special! Great idea.

  23. I just received two necklaces from GraceTags and I love them! The one I bought for myself says "Be Still" and I just sent one to my daughter that says "Believe." I think hers will arrive tomorrow...can't wait to hear how she likes it! :-)

  24. It's so inspiring to see so many moms using their talents and abilities to help their families in unconventional ways. I have seen many hand-stamped pendants, but I like the God-honoring quotes that are on these pendants. I wish Janelle well in her endeavor!

  25. I really like I Choose Joy, because of situations over the last two years I have many times told myself you must choose joy not anger or pity. I have viewed the website, and I am sure I will be purchasing something sometime soon.

  26. i love the variety of things u make god has to have a hand in this good luck with jewelry may god bless you

  27. I love the necklace "faith moves mountains." I have been struggling with breast cancer and ironically this has been one of my favorite sayings, faith will get me through the rough times in my life...even when there seems to be little hope.

  28. Those are amazing necklaces! I have a stamped necklace that has gotten tarnished from being worn so much (and none of the tricks I've tried have worked at removing all of it!) Anywho, so I would love to have another one!

  29. I LOVE Etsy! I have ordered several thing from several vendors here! Now I have a new store to look at! I think my fave is the Love Never Fails charm...and the Imperfect Wife Perfect Grace ;)

  30. "Beauty for Ashes." My husband & I say that to each other a lot when we wrestle with some of the suffering and difficult to understand grief. I may not have the "why's" figured out, but I can see the beauty coming out of the ashes, and most days, that's enough for now.

  31. Checked out her Etsy - so many cute things! Love finding new shops. I'm so glad there are such creative people out there. I have one stamped necklace and I love it.

  32. Wonderful giveaway... I personally love the imperfect wife, perfect grace necklace.

    Oh perfect all sustaining grace! Love it! Thanks for this give away.

  33. I took a look at the jewellery, and I think my favourite is the "I choose joy" one. After years of being consumed by a life-controlling issue, it became my choice to be joyful about what God has blessed me with! :) Life is all about choices!

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