Ever wish you could just stick a video camera in your pocket?

Ever wish you could just stick a video camera in your pocket? 1Now you can! I am excited to introduce you to the Flip Video Ultra Series, "the world's simplest camcorder." 

This little camcorder is super small, but also surprisingly full of features. It has a built-in wide range microphone, a built-in speaker, and a built-in flip-out USB arm. Plus, it only has 8 buttons so this thing is extremely easy to use - no need to read a lengthy instruction manual! 

To sum it up, this camera is compact, convenient, and stylish. It's great for capturing "around the house" moments or for bringing along on a camping adventure. It's perfect for stowing in your purse or tossing in your diaper bag when you're on-the-go. This is a mom's kind of video camera! Sturdy, sensible, sleek, and straightforward...perfect for encapsulating everything from newborn yawns to first steps to first days of school.

The Flip Ultra retails for between $149 and $179 (depending on model) and can be purchased online or at a retailer near you. 

Plus, I'm giving a Flip Ultra away today - how's that for an awesome Mother's Day present? 

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Flip Ultra. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, May 11 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, May 12. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #47 Michelle. Congratulations!

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877 comments on “Ever wish you could just stick a video camera in your pocket?”

  1. I would really like one of these! I am 13 and I would use this to record skateboard and dirt bike videos. I would put them all on you tube!

  2. Oh this is an awesome product, I have been drooling over one similar to this for months.
    I would be blessed to win.

  3. My kids do such crazy funny things sometimes, I'm often saying I wish I had a video camera for the antics!!!

  4. I would be so thrilled to win the Flip. I have really been wanting to get a digital camcorder to capture my families special moments!

  5. Great little camera would make the perfect ending to a wonderful Mothers Day to win this one. Happy Mothers day all...

  6. Thanks for offering a contest! I would use it when my parents start telling stories about their growing-up years--especially with my dad, because he's either in the mood to share them or not :)

  7. This looks great. Finally everytime you're with the kids & you say "oh, i wish i can video this" you can.

  8. I'd love to have this. Mine was stolen by "friends" who helped us move, and I'm missing so many moments with my daughter, but I can't afford a new one just now.

  9. My brother is currently doing his third tour in Iraq and we will have a new neice or nephew before he comes home. I would love to be able to send him video of the new baby.

  10. I have one of those "old fashioned" video camera's the size of a breadbox. Nothing ever gets recorded. This video camera can be taken anywhere.

  11. My 50 year old Brownie is just not doing the job, and there are so many pictures that need to be taken.

  12. What an awesome give away! Your description was so complete I plan to look into getting one----but winning would be even BETTER!!!!!!!

  13. How cool is that! I have an old, VHS camcorder that weighs a ton, hurts your shoulder to use, is complicated as all getout and, oh yeah, they don't make the special battery for it anymore! I could REALLY use this!

  14. This would be so handy to document my 2nd pregnancy. It's something I've been wanting to do but haven't gotten a camcorder yet. Maybe someday! :)

  15. Father's Day is coming up and I know someone who has been wishing for a video camera but has not been able to afford one. Thanks for the chance to make his day.

  16. Wowza!! Wish I could win this, my son is the newest up-and-coming film maker and he's only 9!! This would make my life a lot sweeter! :D

  17. Right now my only way to take pictures is with my cell phone or hope that someone else has a camera and will share the pictures with me. This would be so wonderful to use to capture the memories of my mother's upcomig 92nd birthday! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this awesome giveaway!

  18. I have been wanting a video camera for many a year and have actually been eye-balling this model recently! Would love a chance to win one, so thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I want this to film my Grandsons as they will be here for 2 months then back to Madrid,Spain for the year!MEMORIES!!

  20. The only videos I can take are from my little digital camera and you know those aren't the best. I'd love to have a real camcorder to take videos of the grandkids.

  21. I've never owned a camcorder and I would use this one for videotaping my new adorable dog who does the craziest, goofiest things.

  22. Would love one of these!! My family is in the UK and I'm in the US would be neat to show them special things that go on here.

  23. I also have an active adorable little girl! She is always doing the cutest and craziest things. I constantly catch myself saying "I wish I had a small compact video camera to catch this moment" In fact, just this morning she started to do the cutest little dance but alas, no camera to catch the moment!

  24. There has been so many times when I've witnessed a once in a lifetime moment that I was unable to videotape because I forgot the camera. If I won this video camera I would carry it with me always so i'd never miss anymore special moments

  25. I have been seeing these Flip cameras all over the internet and would love to check one out. They are so cute and small! Thanks for doing this!

  26. I love the ease and portability of this camcorder. It'd be great to be able to take this with me to visit my grandsons!

  27. I'm finally decent with the digi-cam but no video yet- this looks like JUST my speed. And the way Ian is always, always doing something adorable this would be the model for me I could carry it everywhere and catch him in the act.

  28. This looks terrific. There are so many moments I've missed that a camcorder like this could capture. Please pick me!

  29. This would be so perfect to capture all those adorable moments without having to lug an over sized camcorder around.

  30. I have wanted a video camera for quite awhile but they always looked too complicated. This looks like one even I could operate!

  31. I would love to win this to take on my summer vacation to Alaska. I am taking my 74 year old father on the trip of his dreams, and would love to capture some of that on video.

  32. I don't own any kind of video camera so I would especially love to win this! Thanks for offering a great giveaway :)

  33. A plain simple video camera. What more could you ask? I'll give this more use than the one I currently own...and no more tapes! Good luck to all.

  34. My mom would love to have this. Looks like it easy to operate, lightweight and convenient. She doesn't like all the confusing bells and whistles.

  35. This thing is so small. I would love to have a camcorder that I could easily bring anywhere I go. It is amazing what technology can do these days.

  36. This would be so awesome to have a small video camera like this versus the big honking one I have now! Especially for outings with the kids!

  37. OH MAN... BEEN TRYING TO WIN ONE OF THESE!!!! I NEED TO RECORD MY KID'S SPECIAL MOMENTS! CAN'T RELY ON MY SHODDY MEMORY!!! Sweet contest. Happy Mother's Day ladies and gents!!!

  38. I have been coveting my friend's Flip Ultra for six months and am dying to get one myself. It's so compact, simple to use, and has great quality. Since I haven't saved up enough Amazon gift certificates yet, I sure hope I win!

  39. What a wonderful giveaway! I don't have any movies of my granddaughters...just photos (not digital ones either)!, so this Flip Video camera would certainly be over the moon for me!

  40. It would be so cool to be able to take video. My current phone will take still pictures, but they are pretty grainy.

  41. That's a great prize. My little boy has started making movies for youtube. He's 12. He would love something like this! Right now we are using my camera which records movies, but it is really limiting. Thanks for the contest - skullaria at gmail dot com

  42. We love video cameras and are forever borrowing my parents. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  43. I have never owned a video camera but would love to have one to record the grandkids and all their antics!

  44. This would be awesome to have instead of having to carry around a bulky video camera like 80's style.....UGH!!

  45. Wow - what a great camera! This one makes the video that my digital camera takes look like kindergarten! I love taking video of my baby girl - this would make it just that much more fun!

  46. these little cameras are a great idea. the size alone and the fact that it can be used in case of an accident or something, it's just alot more handy than an actual camcorder.

  47. I have 4 grandchildren in 2 years, and I would love to take video's of all those special moments. Thanks

  48. My 13 year old son has wanted a Flip to record his skateboard stunts. this would be something he could put in his pocket and go! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  49. My daughter made me a proud Grammi on the 8th. My camera is from the dark ages! This is wonderful, and simple enough that even I could work it!

  50. I really like the idea of having an on-the-go camcorder; my parents had one of those really big ones that had to sit on the shoulder.

    I'm looking forward to getting one because I'd really like to create video diaries with my child!

  51. I let my adult guitar-playing son borrow my Flip about a year ago. I haven't seen it since, but he is a YouTube sensation! Sure miss it...and would love to try the new model!

  52. Yes I do wish I could tuck one in my fanny pack as I walk and have a nice small camera to take vids. THANKS

  53. I would love one of these. It is small and would be great for traveling and visiting family this summer.

  54. I'd love to take a little camera to the kids sporting events! That way I can bore the grandparents and uncles with pee-wee soccer footage and little league blunders. . .

  55. I having been drooling over this video camera since it came out. It's so small that you could easily take it anywhere. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    And, Happy Mother's Day to all!

  56. That's neat. My cell phone takes video (not great), and my digital camera takes video (pretty good). I wonder how this compares

  57. I am sad to say that I haven't made the electronic jump to camcorder ... this would certainly make it an easier move. Get me up into the 21st century please!

  58. First Granddaughter just born May 8th. This Ultra Series camcorder being slim and easy would be just perfect to take along and capture all the precious moments we will cherish for a life time.

  59. The Flip Video Ultra Camcorder would make my next vacation in Alaska a reality for my granddaughter who will not be able to come this time.

    Perhaps, it will tempt her to save for her own trip one day.

  60. We have an old, LARGE camcorder that my husband bought with his saved allowance way back when. It still works, but we don't drag it out nearly as often as we should, and have relied on the less-than-perfect 30 second or so videos our digital camera will do instead. I constantly look at my two kids thinking that I want to remember forever what they are doing (or saying) right then. I also love that I could get more natural, spontaneous video - when my son sees the camera he immediately puts on a show.

  61. Having a video camera that could easily fit in my purse would be a great way to capture all those unexpected moments that we usually aren't able to capture on video!

  62. Wow. I would love this. I am always realizing how much I am missing out by not having a video camera. This would be great.

  63. This would make the perfect Mother's Day gift and I see by the other posts others thought so too. So designer savy plus it looks user friendly!!!! A boost if won for Mother's Day. many thanks and HappyMother's day to ALL!!!! Thnaks SW

  64. What I really like about this Flip Video recorder is how easy it is to get the recording. You just hook up a USB cord and can instant view it or email it or upload it somewhere. I love technogadgets but as a busy mom, simple and easy is a godsend!

  65. This would be wonderful to own. I'm the grandmother of three with one more on the way and would love to take videos of my grandkids.

  66. I am definitely missing out right now by having 4 kids and no camcorder, I know. This prize would be awesome for our family.So little and cute, definitely convenient. Thanks for the contest.

  67. I have been looking at small camcorders like this for a while now. This one looks like a great choice.

  68. I would love to win this. I have lots of kitties that I would enjoy recording all the crazy things they do. Thanks.

  69. I love to take pictures. I carry my camera with me always to capture the moment. I've never had a camcorder before. This would be a great camcorder for a beginner like myself.

  70. Yes I do, especially since my video camera is so old - kind with the battery pack. Imagine fitting that into a shirt pocket!

  71. I have been eyeing these for quite some time. My friend has one and loves it. My son's kindergarten graduation is coming up and I would love to capture that memory.

  72. I love those little video cameras. It would be so nice to have one because you can just stick it in your purse and be ready to film at a moment's notice!

  73. i would so much like to have a camcorder, it's not within my budget so i'd very much like to win this one!

  74. My husband and I are bird lovers and we have mentioned that we should buy a camcorder to record our birds and the wild birds we observe. We will truly treasure this camera and we promise to send you a lovely video for you all to enjoy our birds.

  75. Cool little video camera! I lug a zillion pound mini VHS camcorder around with me - you know, the kind that uses the little cassettes? I then have to go through multiple steps to convert to DVD. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do - but this handy little guy would sure make life easier for me!

  76. Awesome giveaway!! I'd love one of these, especially since our old camera is on its last legs.

  77. A very cool camera. It will be great to tape the Grand Kids with us. You never know how long you have left. When were gone how will they remember us? It would be nice to leave some special memories behind. Thanks

  78. I still have the fullsize old fashioned film camcorder so this would be amazing! I wouldn't feel like I'm packing for the weekend when I bring along my video cam anymore. It's just so cute, small, sleek and stylish!

  79. This would be amazing to win-I'd love to start taking some videos and this one looks so easy to use, just what I need!

  80. i need a new Video camra! mine got droped.and the smaller the better im on a bike.singing out peace phil

  81. Wow! That would be perfect for me! I have 3 kids involved in sports!! I have not had a camcorder since back in the day when they were those big ole heave ones that you put in your shoulder !!!
    This would be a spectacular gift to me to share with my family!!!!

  82. What a great idea. I would not longer have to wish I could have caught a precious moment on tape. I would have the ability to always have a way to capture it! Thanks so much!

  83. Those have got to be the greatest gadgets I have ever seen! As a parent, I would be carrying one in my purse always! Please enter me in this great contest!

  84. Flip Camera would come in so handy for through unplanned special moments that you want to keep forever.

  85. I have the most beautiful grandchildren, we spend every weekend together. Now with summer coming up, we will be camping, fishing and biking and this would be a blessing to have. I am truly grateful that we all spend so much time together. We are creating memories for the children, anyway that is what their moms and dads really want, memories of them with their grandparents.

  86. This would be great to carry everywhere to catch those great moments, so I don't look like a goofy mom that records every little moment by carrying a big one!

  87. this is the first time I have seen this video camera...amazing, could use this on my trip overseas...

  88. Ive never seen one of these! I never take my video camera out b/c it seems so bulky. This one would leave no room for excuses.

  89. I always want to take more pictures and videos of my grandsons, they are now 8 and 10 and growing so fast. Thanks for the contest

  90. I've been wanting a Flip since the fist time I saw it in the store a few months ago. There are so many moments when I'm out and about with my son that I wish I could capture. This would make it easy.

  91. This camera would be perfect, because I'm always forgetting to take our camcorder with us! With this, I can just stick it in my purse; how great is that? I don't know how many times I've missed those cute moments just because I didn't have a camera on hand.

  92. I have been coveting the flip camera my girlfriend has for quite some time now. I'd love to be able to catch the little ones on film.

  93. I'm really impressed with the colors that thing comes in. This would be super useful for me when I want to take sneaky pictures of people being silly.

  94. This would be great to film the girls and be able to share video with their Grandparents and Great Grandparents in Canada.


  96. You have no idea how much I would love to have this terrific little powerful video camera! Truly I am missing recording precious moments of my 3 kids without the convenience of having something like this with me at all times. It seems like it is always such a big production when we decide to take videos of the kids because my husband has to pull out all of his "gear" and by the time he is all set to go, the moment (s) are gone! I am so pleased to join in on the fun today by entering too!

  97. My husband and i would love to have a digital camera to keep memories of our new little girl that is arriving in june.

  98. Yes, I have always wished that I could stuff a camcorder in my pocket! I have a digital camera that I love to use,but there are those silly little dances or even silly little fights that you just wish you could capture on video. I would also use it to send videos to grandparents....I know that they would love that!!!

  99. I am in desperate need of a digital camera, mine went blank on me, and I feel so naked without a camera. I am just entering the "T-Ball" and "cheerleading" stage of parenting and I am always wishing I had a camera along for those great shots. This would be absolutely perfect!

  100. I would love to one of these to give to my sister on her birthday! I got one for Christmas last year and I LOVE it!

  101. Ooooh, I want to win this one sooooo bad! My son is constantly having "Kodak Moments" that I want to capture forever!

  102. What a nice giveaway!!! These are AWESOME a friend of mine just got one last week and I can't believe how many things it does and it's so little!
    Thanks You!

  103. It would be awesome to have one of these. I'd actually use it, unlike my regular bulky video camera.

  104. this is so cute! small and functional. Ive seen the quality of the film/pictures these cameras produce and its one of the best. Id love to own one of my own

  105. how cute! our camcorder is 6 years old, big and bulky. how fun to have one that would slip in my pocket! Perhaps I'd be inspired to use it more!

  106. I have a 17 month old and this camera would be wonderful for when we are outside and just in general for watching him grow and being able to send video to the grandparents!!!

    Great giveaway. Thanks!

  107. This is such a great giveaway... I hate hauling the video camera so having a little one would be so handy!

  108. I would love to be able to toss this in my purse or backpack and go. So often we miss a great video opportunity because we left the big bulky thing at home. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  109. My disabled wife of more than 38 years would just LOVE to have this. Thanks for all the great contests!

  110. Had a borrowed video camera when my son was just born. But we haven't had one since he was 6 months old - and he is 4 now. I missed a lot I would have loved to have recorded. But I guess it is never too late. He is still adorable everyday. Would love, love, love this!

  111. This would be awesome to have. Its not easy to tote a full size camera around with little ones. This would make it much easier!

  112. This would be a wonderful video camera to have. We have one of those 8mm video cameras and the picture quality of the recordings has really degraded. The new recordings are pretty bad.

  113. This video camera would be the perfect addition to our family and our ministry.
    I read to nursing home residents three times aweek with my girls. So we could get some pictures of our "adoptive grandmothers and grandfathers".
    Thanks for doing this.

  114. "Wow!" A phenomenal prize giveaway! What family couldn't use such a small, convenient video camera?!
    Please enter me in your drawing. I really appreciate it. Thanks,Cindi

  115. This looks like a great camera, and I would love to use it because it is so compact!


  116. This would make it SO much easier to catch all the special moments of my kids growing up. Our old monster is rarely used because it is such a bother to set up.

  117. I love camera's and use mine daily -- I love taking pictures. I'd love to have one for in the car so when I forget mine, or when I'm out and about and need to snap a picture I can. Or I'd give it to my sweet lil' sister who doesn' thave a camera and needs one.Or give it to my husband who also needs a camera. LOL!!!

  118. I have been researching these online and they seem so easy to use. I need something that doesn't require you to be a techie to use. I was hoping to find one on sale but so far no luck. Please enter me into the draw, I would love to win one.

  119. This camera definitely looks mom-friendly! I could actually fit it in my already stuffed full diaper bag!

  120. This giveaway comes at the perfect time. I have been looking at these this week to possibly use for my business and to be able to enter video contests. It would also be perfect for hubby and I to take on our vacation to Jamaica. Thanks for the opportunity.

  121. I'd love to win this......I don't have a video camera. I feel like I've missed out on so much by not having one.

  122. This is a great little device. It would come in handy when I'm out with the family this summer.

  123. Can you believe that I don't have a video camera? So of course I would love to win this.

  124. Oh, I would love to own this for those "surprise moments" that can never be replace. I could keep this little thing in my pocket and would use it well. Take last Saturday when our 8 year old grand-daughter was here. She is half Tom-boy and half Princess. She decided she wanted to go fishing and worked hard to convince grandpa, even though it was raining, that they should go. He told her if she would dig the worms, then they would go. She grabbed one of my spoons, an old margarine tub and off she went. She turned over rocks, she scraped back leaves and finally found a worm. She carefully picked it up and somehow before she could put it in her bowl, the wiggly thing went down her shirt sleeve. I didnt even see her take her shirt off she was so fast and then she stood there with the most disgusted look on her face and marched inside and told grandpa, she didnt want to go fishing anyway. I know if I would have had this handy little flip camera I would have caught the motions it took for her to shed that shirt. I so want to win this.

  125. I've really wanted one of these to capture all my special moments for some time now. Super compact and useful!

  126. I would love to win this so that my son can make a lego video :) Plus he wants to capture something that could be on America's Funniest Videos lol

  127. luvs it! we have seriously never owned a camcorder or digital recorder of any kind, we get our relatives to give us copies when they shoot us.

  128. This site is picture perfect!I could flip this for my six kids and four dogs and grandchildren.Thank you for having a Great contest and have a Great Day!

  129. Need a camcorder badly have 4 children growing up before my eyes would love to record them!

  130. I don't have any kids, but I do have 4 dogs that I consider "my boys." I always tell my Mom about their escapades, but she lives 8 hours away and rarely gets to see them (or me). With this prize, I would be able to video them in action with each other, or playing with myself and/or my husband, and send the videos to my Mom. She would be so thrilled!!

  131. We use the short video on our camera occasionally. It would be nice to be able to really capture a fun moment. It is fun to see yourself we you were yonger.

  132. All my coworkers have these great little cameras, I would love to have one to film my life. Who knows, maybe I'll start a vlog or finally use the iMovie software that has been untouched for 4 years.

  133. Right now I have been using my camera as a camcorder. I have one of the bulkier ones, but carrying it regularly is very inconvienient I would love to have this it looks like the perfect size. Thanks so much.

  134. This would be handy at my daughter's high school graduation and party. It's small enough that she won't notice me videotaping and run out of frame!

  135. This camera is not only functional its adorable. I love the idea of never missing that shot or video of the grandkids. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one.

  136. This would be great. I can't even hook my old camcorder up to the computer. Just imagine the videos I could share. Thanks for the contest.

  137. I have a digital camera that takes video, but it's grainy and has no sound. I've never owned a camcorder or anything, so this would be great!

  138. My wife and I are expecting our first child this October. We would use this camera to capture mother/baby/family moments. (We also have a weimeraner who loves children and loves to lick people so you know there will be some adorable moments to catch.)

  139. So hard to capture the moments of the girls. It would be so nice to have a video camera in your pocket all the time.

  140. I'm having a baby in October and need a camcorder so I can send videos to my relatives in NY !!

  141. I have never been able to afford something like this. It would be great to have it for our upcoming arrival. I would love to capture all of the memories to keep forever! I hope I win!

  142. Oh geez... I am a nut for photographs and have lots but no videos. It being Mothers Day led me to think...if i had only had videos of my mom for my son to actually see and hear. Another dimension to preserving memories.
    Lovely, lovely video camera!

  143. I would LOVE one of these!! My husband and I have an ancient VHS recorder that doesn't work! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  144. I would absolutely LOVE this. My daughter always has our digital camera with her, and this one could be all mine

  145. My friends have a new baby and they would be excited to have something to record every moment.

  146. This would be amazing to have so I can record my daughter. As a single mom I can't really afford to buy something like this, it's so nice of you to be giving one away!

  147. This is such an amazing prize! My husband and I are always saying how much we wish we had a video camera, and we are missing out on recording great moments for our little ones to see when they get older!
    Thanks so much!

  148. This would be so neat for the grands birthdays!
    Enter me please and thank you for having this contest.

  149. I want this badly! It seems easier to use than most digital cameras. My boyfriend bought one, and I was so excited. Then he returned it because he was unsure if he really wanted it. Then a couple weeks later, he buys another one, then he returns that one! I wish he'd given it to me, because I want to get into photography. I already take negatives (x-rays) and now I want to do "positives" as well. Thank you!

  150. My son, who is an aspiring pro skater, wants one of these video cameras! He is using my digital camera to make videos for his YouTube channel, he is bakersk8er383, if anyone cares to have a look! He will be 11 this month, and in my opinion, is already as good as some of his older friends!!!

  151. this would be great, i have never had a camcorder and would love to be able to capture those special moments on tape

  152. I love the compact-ness and the ease of use. This is a great prize especially moms on the go.

  153. I have been wanting one of these to take videos of my daughter ever since I saw it on one of the morning shows.

  154. I have seen these Flip Camaras and have wanted one since. THey seem like they would be easy to you and small emough to carry around with you.

  155. My mother in law said she is going to buy us a camcorder when we get pregnant. I would love to have this so my mother in law doesn't have to buy us one.

  156. I would certainly love to win, in order to take pictures of my grandchildren on special holidays.

  157. These are so super cool. Love the colors.
    I don't want to seem selfish, but I hope I win.
    Thank you having this giveway

  158. This would be awesome for those "I wish I had a camera" moments. My dog (The Ham) is always doing something camera-worthy!!

  159. It's amazing how far technology has come and that a camcorder can now fit in a pocket. Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. A camcorder is something I've never wanted to spend the money on. There are so many moments in my life I've missed already and I'd love to finally be able to record those great moments. Thanks for the contest!

  161. Wow.. such a small camcorder. This would be great to have as I could take it with me every where I go. Thanks for the contest!

  162. These things are so cool! I would love to have it for the baseball games I attend.

  163. I have hours and hours of video of my 1st child. I have maybe 2 hours of my youngest. It's just so hard to get out that old, bulky, black & white camcorder. This new one would be AWESOME!

  164. I checked out the Flip Ultra's website that was provided. The video quality looks excellent. It also looks like it is easy to use which is great for my mother who is technology challenged! She would not have any problems using a camera like this to tape her grandchildren!

  165. What a great-looking little video camera. I've always wanted to take videos of my family while on vacation, but didn't want to lug around a larger camera all day. This looks as if it would be the perfect size to take to an amusement park.

  166. I love gadgets that come in orange! LOL! Even in other colors, this would be awesome to have. My digital camera cards can only hold so much video!

  167. I love the idea of the Flip Video! My Camcorder is so bulky, I opt not to take it with me on outings. The Flip Video could be in my purse or pocket and I could finally have videos of my kids doing fun things.
    Thanks for the great contest!

  168. This looks super cool! We've been thinking of getting a camcorder, but the problem is always lugging it around and/or which to buy... this would solve both our problems! And it's cute and stylish too, bonus. Thanks for the chance to win a great product!

  169. I'd love to win one of these, we wanted a video camera with our daughter but could never afford one, with baby number 2 coming, we definately would love to have one!

  170. Wow! As a Mom of 3 kids, I sure could a little help remembering those everyday events! The Flip Video Ultra would be amazing! I could keep it in my bag!

  171. I must admit I got left in technologys dust when it comes to video cameras. Mine still uses the little vhs tapes. My tapes from when I was younger have disintegrated. I don't want the same thing to happen to my daughters that I have taken over her 9 months of life. Would love to win, but have to get one anyway. Take care!

  172. I'd LO-OVE this! I love tossing the camera in my purse for pics or videos, but sometimes Hubby has to take it with him for work or something, and I'm left without. This one looks awesome! Happy Mother's Day to me?

  173. This would be great to win. My video camera broke months ago. This looks easy to use, easy to carry!

  174. I would go into a frenzy on the cold bathroom tile floor in utter ecstasy if I won this.

  175. The technology today is so awesome. I would love to have this to take videos of my boys. Thanks for the chance.

  176. I used my nikon point&shoot digital camera as a camcorder for years but having an official camcorder would certainly make my life easier! The size of camcorders is the reason I never purchased one - this one looks like it'd be perfect!

  177. There are so many moments that I wish I had my camera with me to capture. The thing that holds me back from carrying my camera is the bulkiness and inconvenience. It would be so wonderful to have a camera that can slip into my pocket and I can pull out at the p erfect moment. It would be nice to say "I wish I had my camera with me". The saize, shape and colors of this camera are so appealing to me. I love the FLIP name too. I would love to win this camera and capture those moments I never want to forget.

  178. This is way cooler than the one we have now. Though I think my 12 yr old daughter would end up taking it and using it :)

  179. I've been seeing these video cameras everywhere and I've been meaning to take a closer look at them. I've never owned a video camera although I've always wanted one. Although I love technology, I really prefer my products to be simply. I like using things, not figuring things out. Because of this, the Flip Ultra seems like my kind of video camera.

  180. I love the fact that these are easy to use. I am so not technical. I love the small size too!

  181. Having a little handheld camcorder would be great to capture those moments - you can fit it right in your purse or bag and always have it at the ready. I would love to win one!

  182. You come up with the best giveaways, girlfriend! This is such a cool thing. Small enough to throw in your purse with all the other mommy stuff. ;)

  183. If it's small and easy to use - especially easy to use - I'd definately be able to figure it out. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  184. I would love to have this to take video of my 6 month old daughter; she is just starting to do cute things!

  185. With so many family events to memorialize, I could really use this camcorder to capture those important moments.

  186. I need this! With nine grandchildren - there is always something going on that I wish I would have recorded!!!

  187. What an amazing giveaway!! We are missing some of my daughter's best moments because we don't have a video camera.

  188. The Flip looks like it really is easy to shoot. It's supposed to be the easiest camera in the world. I am not "electronically-inclined" so this camera would be perfect. I really like the look of it and the size as well. Not something you have to lug around. Very modern looking.

  189. What a great (and timely!) giveaway! :) My digital camera broke this past Friday, and we aren't sure what to do!! Needless to say, I'd LOVE to win! Thanks!

  190. this would be a great camcorder for me and my wife to catch all the kids preshish moments

  191. The last camcorder I had was stolen in the Orlando airport! Never got to use it in DisneyWorld

  192. I would love to win this, my digital camera was stolen and I'm missing perfect moments of my grandchildren. To be able to whip this out and take the moments in action would be so wonderful!!

  193. We received one of these as a gift for Christmas and love it! Super easy and handy! I wouldn't mind winning one to give as a gift...

  194. Oh how cool! My little one is verging one walking this would be great & witht that size we may actually use it!


  195. The size of this item is very misleading. You would expect something so tiny to closer to a toy than to a true piece of technology, however, after seeing a demo, I am convinced that it is as good as any entry-level recorder. It's a really nice item.

  196. This would be so neat to have this with me all the time to catch those special moment everytime. I would love this for family featured clips or hanging out with friends.

  197. I love the quality of this product and the fact that is so compact and easy to bring anywhere.

  198. I have several friends that own this and it takes awsome quality videos. What a great giveaway! Super for taking on vacation so small and compact!

  199. My mother has one of these and she took it with her to Hawaii. I love how compact it is and the quality of the videos is wonderful. I'd love to win one for myself. Thanks for the contest.

  200. "Ever wish you could just stick a video camera in your pocket?" Each and every single day! My kids are beyond the 'diaper bag' stage, and it is more hassle than it's worth to try and manage a purse AND the kids, so, what I can fit into my pockets is what I take with me. A video camera that will fit in there? Awesome!

  201. This is something we have been wishing for since my kids were infants. Two are about to be married and we still are wishing for a video camera. This would be more than awesome.

  202. I've wanted to try one of these little gadgets for awhile. They just look so cute. :) Count me in for this drawing please.

  203. Wow!!! I'd love one of these for all the funny moments in my son's life where I'm scrambling for the camera begging and pleading with him to "do it again!" : )

  204. ok, totally something i'd LOVE to have and don't yet have. we do mini-movies on our digi-cam. those don't quite cut it...something made specifically for that purpose would be fantastico. thanks for hosting this contest, stephanie!

  205. Would love to have this little camcorder to capture my kids doing amazing things. Like writing on the wall, getting dirty....love it all.

  206. I was just telling hubby how we needed to get something to record video of this pregnancy, labor and delivery since we didn't for the other two. Might be our last chance. This product looks super slick and perfect for our needs.

  207. I would love a small camcorder to record events of my grandchildren. It would be wonderful if I was a winner! Thanks for having this special giveaway.

  208. I would LOVE to have this camcorder...It would be great to send little, sweet hello's via email to my family back in Michigan. It would also be sooo nice to be able to fit this *little guy* in my purse. My fingers are crossed along with my toes:)

  209. friends have it and it is great to take videos on the fly and then pop them right into your computer

  210. I will be moving out of state shortly and would love to be able to share videos of my new home to my Dad.

  211. All the time I wish I could put a videocamera in my pocket. I hate carry that big bulky camera on my sholder. I need a new camera to take to places and record everything.

  212. There is nothing like seeing old movies of your family for entertainment, I have never had a camcorder and would love to try this out!

  213. I'd love to take some video of our family's little ham, but I've been intimidated by the regular camcorders. This looks like something I could actually figure out!

  214. My digital camera bit the dust after less than a year and I'm trying to decide on a replacement. I have read the specs on these little Flip camcorders and they sound sufficient for me -- a compact, simple to use camera. I know Best Buy carries them and I plan to look next time I'm there. If I should win one prior, perfect!

  215. These are the coolest little gadgets! What couldn't they be used for?! Family outings, the dog's new trick, the husband's new trick (LOL), etc., etc.

  216. I've always wanted a camcorder. It would be fun to own one and do some interesting multimedia stuff with it. What a great graduation gift that would be for all my hard work this past year!

    Graphic Arts Technology Graduate
    Class of 2008
    Springfield Technical Community College!!

  217. Yes! Our family camcorder is kind of ancient,
    and it's so techy to operate and then transcribe
    onto our tv screen that only my husband can do that! It'd be so nice to have a good camcorder
    that's so pocket-portable and computer-download
    compatible!! Thanks for offering us the
    oppotunity to win.

  218. I've always wanted to have a camcorder and this one looks perfect. My husband and I are taking a trip this summer to Memphis to scarf up some ribs, etc and I think it would be a great trip to capture on camera ...BBQ sauce and all!!

  219. I am wanting to start a family soon and this would be the prfect gift for me and my husband. He would also love to have a video cmera in iraq. This would be perfect for us.

  220. I love how small this is and that it seems it would be easy to use. I'd sure enjoy winning this!!!

  221. I would love to win this prize. I am expecting our first child in July and need need to video all the firsts for my parents who live clear across the country!!

  222. What a great giveaway! My sister has one of these and she LOVES it. I'd love to have one to capture some of those special moments, like my kids sports events.

  223. I would love to win one of these! My friend has one and they are the coolest thing out there. Compact, cute, just simply fantastic!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  224. i have grandkids....need I say more. Of couse I need a video camera. Wish I could win this

  225. OMG! This is awesome! Would you believe that with 3 boys and another on the way we don't have a video camera!? What kind of parents are we!? LOL!!
    Definitely enter me!! This would be great for our new guy Henry and chronicling the life of this family!

  226. I've heard great things about this camcorder.
    I hope I can concur; when I win it!!!

    Thanks, Tom

  227. I can't even put into words how much I would love to win this! In 2004 my then-fiance' gave me a video camera for my August Birthday. In October of that year (2 months and 3 days later, actually) we got married. While on the first day of our honeymoon, our video camera broke. So, we have no video from our honeymoon, except for the plane ride there! (We returned it to the company several times to fix and they never could figure out what was wrong with it -- it continued to not function properly, so we gave up!) In 2006 I found out that I was pregnant, so we decided to purchase another camera. It worked fine through the birth of our daughter, but broke in the middle of her baptism ceremony. The company won't cover what is wrong with it, and with the amount it would cost to fix it we could buy another one. How in the world could this happen on one couple -- I have no clue, but we have yet to have a video camera that stays operational!

    So, you see, this would be a fabulous and welcome win! Whew!

  228. This would be so great to win! I have really been curious about these cute little cameras!

  229. We could really use this! I have an older camera and that's it. I'd love to win. Good luck to all!

  230. Oh, I've been wanting one of these little camcorders for the longest time. Unfortunately, it's a luxury I can't afford to buy for myself. I would just love to be able to videotape my little grand daughter in her ballet/dance classes. This is a wonderful giveaway-very generous of you!

  231. I love the colors too peeps.So summery. This would be great to take on little trips around the city. Thanks!

  232. I really love this! I am becoming worse and worse keeping with up pictures of my son - this would really help out.

  233. I would love to own one of these. There are things that constantly happen around here that make me say, "If only I had something to record this!"

  234. I have 3 new grandchildren, 1 1/2, 6 months and one that will be here in September. Mamaw really needs a camera for all the moments that I want to remember over and over! Please and Thank You!

  235. This is something I really want, I don't even have a camera, except for my phone, but the pictures are not that great. Count me in I Love it!

  236. What an awesome giveaway!!! It'll sure beat taking videos with my clunky digital camera if I win!!

  237. I have heard awesome things about this camrea! After my friend showed me theirs, I was completely sold! I made a mental note that if I ever have an extra couple hundred bucks, that is most definitely going to be on my wish list. we're often sharing videos with my hubby's family in Scotland, but it is *such* a hassle with all the cords, and even just the process of down loading and finding it, and viewing it....man! I love, love, love how simple this is! Thanks for another super cool giveaway!

  238. I remember when I was young and everyone (but us) had family videos of themselves during the summer, recitals, everything you can thing of...from then on, I PROMISED my unborn children that I would have a camcorder and I would tape everything they did!

    nice giveaway

  239. I have never owned a camcorder, I use my digital camera some for short videos, they don't come out to good sometimes. Our son uses his camcorder all of the time, it takes great videos, I would love to try one out.

  240. I have an 11 month old and I dont own a camera or video camera and it would be great to win this before my babys first birthday so I could have a video for her to have later in life. This is a great contest thankyou for giving us this chance to win!!!

  241. This looks like the perfect thing for us. With the g-parents living far away they miss so many of the cute little things that cute little girls are so good at doing. Our digital camera does little videos but it's not great quality. We've been wanting to get a better camera that takes better videos but this would be so perfect. I love how easy it looks to use too. Here I go to forward the site on to my husband!

  242. Awesome giveaway. How many times we could all have used a camcorder to capture a special moment but who carries a big camcorder around. I'd keep this in my purse.

  243. I used to have a video camera, but my husband dropped it and we never got to replace it. It would be wonderful to capture the kids while they are young, so we have something to embarass them by when they are older!LOL
    Also love the site!!

  244. This would be the perfect thing to take on little daily outings with my son. I wouldn't miss a thing and could just show my husband the video instead of trying to explain the shenanagagins of the day.

  245. Hi, I came across your website on a sweepstakes site I often visit. I have found so many awesome blogs through there it is crazy! I am going to bookmark your page too since not only am I a mama but I also like an occasional chance to win something. I'll probably add you to my blog list on my site too. The camcorders look and sound awesome! I just have a digital camera right now, and with two little cuties running around it comes in handy. I have wanted to get a camcorder for a while now but every time we get the money for it something else comes up, usually the car needs to be fixed or something. So it would be a great surprise to be able to camcord my 9 month olds first steps, she's almost there so I hope I win, if not I'll just take some pictures, but it sure would be awesome to actually tape it and share the moment with my husbands family since they are long distance. That would be another plus to winning. Good luck!

  246. i would love to be able to record my children. all my family lives 2000 miles away and have never met two of my children. so i would really love this to send them videos

  247. Thats pretty sweet that you are giving one away. If you are an 18 year old U.S. citizen then you can win one here....sadly 17 and therefor ineligible!!! My name is the link good luck. Ohh and if you click the terms and condition thing you need to press escape to....escape it lol. Took me nearly an hour to figure that out.

  248. I think I would really enjoy this, the video camera is so cute and would fit perfectly in my purse! This would be great for road trips and days at the beach :)

  249. The girls and I would love one of these, summer is coming up and they look so cute it their bathing suits with matching sunglasses and hat!!! Cant wait to teach the older one to swim! Enter me in maybe her dad can record her!!! = )

  250. I would love to win this. Daughter is getting married in June and this would come in handy! Thanks for a great contest!

  251. What a great giveaway. We've been really wanting one of these. Please enter me and thanks.

  252. Wow, what a cool prize! Cute and useful... I just posted a vid from my digital camera on my blog but it would be great to have a dedicated video camera.

  253. Whoa! This is CERTAINLY a nice Mother's Day present :) I love the USB arm flip-out. I'm assuming that's so I can connect it right to my computer? How cool is THAT?!

  254. There is nothing worse than seeing your kids do something cute/spectacular/that you could hold over their heads for years to come and not have a camcorder handy. No one wants to lug around that bulky bag. And the tapes! Oh the tapes! I love how this slick little camcorder has the flip out USB arm. How handy is that? I would love, love, love to own this camera! Thank you for this great offer!

  255. My camcorder is not so cute
    It's heavy and ugly and so hard to shoot!
    But how cute is the Flip
    with it's colors and size
    It sure would be hip
    To win this great prize!

  256. I would love to win this as I have 11 grandchildren and I don"t have a working video camera, and I'm missing the cute years.

  257. This looks like a great camcorder to have. It will definetly save me memory on my digital camera since I currently use it to take video clips of my son.

  258. I would love one of these cameras. Our video camera is so huge I end up leaving it at home all the time so I don't have to carry the baby, plus the diaper bag, and all the other stuff...like I really need something else to carry (0;