Every Day is "Casual Friday"

Every Day is "Casual Friday" 1OPTION #2: Work from Home

Of all the available options, this one is probably the most "baby friendly." If your current employer will allow you to work at home, that's probably your best best since you could then maintain a secure income. Starting up your own home-based business is an option as well - but it takes motivation, drive, and perseverance - plus, it requires funding for start-up costs. Despite these obstacles, many moms decide to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur in hopes of "having it all."

* You don't have to leave your baby. [As listed previously, this pro should be listed at least 150 times].
* You can wears jeans and a t-shirt to work.
* You can set your own hours. 2:00 A.M. or 6:00 P.M. - it's your choice.
* Interruptions are A-OK. You can stop to play, sing, read, or talk to your little one.
* If you are breastfeeding, you can continue to do so without the hassle of pumping.

* Being at home all day without adult interaction may lead to "cabin fever."
* You must be self-motivated enough to be productive amidst chaos.
* Unless you are working on a salaried basis, your income may be unstable.

Working from home is an appealing alternative to the black-and-white options of either staying at home or working full time. Many moms opt to go this route and are able to strike a comfortable and desirable balance in their personal and professional lives.

NOTE: If you are pregnant and/or trying to conceive, now is a great time to start up your business. Do background research, take a business/marketing/accounting class, talk to other business owners, obtain clients - don't wait! It will be much easier to continue with your home business than to start a home business after baby makes his/her wonderful debut.

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