Everyday Life :: a giveaway event

Everyday Life :: a giveaway event 1Remember when I used to do "Themed Weekends"?

After several years of hosting them, I laid them to rest in March 2010.

I found that giveaways attracted mass crowds of people from sweepstakes sites, but...they lowered real engagement.

All that said, I sill DO like (1) gifting you with cool things, (2) trying new products, and (3) sharing "everyday life" with you. As such, I'm combining those three elements for a little impromptu giveaway series.

Everyday Life :: a giveaway event 2I'll be specifically focusing on our family - what we wear, how we travel, and how we keep house. The posts will be short, personal, and not at all like infomercials. Plus, you will have a chance to win some pretty sweet prizes - with only one way to enter.

As posts are published, I will add them to this post so that you can have a comprehensive spot to refer back to.

To enter the giveaways, go to each post and leave a comment. Have fun! All giveaways will close on Tuesday, March 15th.

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14 comments on “Everyday Life :: a giveaway event”

  1. As a review/giveaway blogger, I can tell you that you nailed the downside of having reviews and giveaways: it doesn't build community! It's a constant struggle on my blog to get people to talk about anything if there isn't a chance to win attached to it.

  2. Yep, we find you through giveaways, but we stay because of your content. I can't stand blogs that are so jumbled up in giveaways and promos that they lose their shine and make my computer lag. :-)

  3. I always liked your giveaways not just for the "giveaway" aspect but the fact that you reviewed only quality items that the everyday person would love and use!

  4. I liked your giveaways because I know you put a lot of thought into the products and your review of them. With that being said, I understand the mass rush of visitors who only come for the giveaway and not to be part of the online community you've create here.

    I love that picture of your littlest one hanging on to the slide with her hair blown back.

  5. Yea! Sounds like loads of fun! I am always looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives on items so I am looking forward to this!

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