Fact: I wear jeans almost every day

Fact: I wear jeans almost every day 1

Reason #1: Jeans are comfortable, flattering, and fashionable. I sometimes see moms that successfully pull off the stretchy yoga pants and tee look with confidence, but I always feel sort-of grungy in that get-up.

Reason #2: I run around our great room daily, as my girls laugh and yell: "Chase me!" I play "Duck, Duck, Goose." I jump across pretend oceans to escape pirates and sharks. Such is life with an 18-month-old and a 4-year-old. Don't get me wrong - I like pencil skirts and flouncy dresses too, but...they're not particularly conducive to the life of a young mother.

Reason #3: Jeans are extremely versatile (thus, they are very affordable if you look at them from a cost/per wear perspective). If I buy a well-fitting pair, I can wear it a hundred different ways. With tank tops, fancy blouses, even dresses. [I might try to bring back the dress-over-jeans look].

Dressbarn (a clothing retailer with over 800 stores nationwide) recently sent me shopping and I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical. I've always kind of thought DB was for...ahem...older women. Shockingly (to me), I found a pair of embroidered jeans for $29.99 and a blouse-y peasant top for around 30 bucks (see picture) within 10 minutes of walking in the store.

P.S. DB just announced their online shop. You can now buy the brand's clothing online for the 1st time ever. Click each image for more details:

Fact: I wear jeans almost every day 2 Fact: I wear jeans almost every day 3 Fact: I wear jeans almost every day 4

Do you shop at dressbarn (why or why not)? What do you wear on most days?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $25 dressbarn gift card. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, October 4th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Dress Barn provided me with 1 outfit for review purposes and is also providing 1 gift card for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #90 Annette D. Congratulations!

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148 comments on “Fact: I wear jeans almost every day”

  1. I first discovered DB through http://www.gatheringguide.com and I sometimes still shop there, but there are a lot of dress stores in my area so I like to spread around the love (as you can tell, that page shows a LOT of shops). I'm a little addicted to shopping so it's hard to say what's best, I just love going out and trying things on.

  2. I've shopped at dress barn before! I pretty much wear whatever i'm feeling that day. Usually skinny jeans and a cute tank top.
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  3. I recently went to Dress Barn for the first time in many years. I was pleasently surprised. I could spend this fast!!

  4. I love the picture of the plaid jacket you have posted. That would really be perfect to dress up a pair of jeans along with some nice heeled boots.

  5. My mom does, and she always finds great things there! Im a smaller size, and it's really hard to find size 0's at DressBarn.

  6. I stop in at Dress Barn when I get to the outlet mall where there is a store. When I'm not at work, I wear jeans and t-shirts most days.

  7. I wear jeans every day too. Between being versatile and comfortable, they are so easy just to throw on! I've never shopped at Dress Barn before, but I'm going to check out what they carry. I never knew they had such cute clothes!

  8. I bought a really nice, affordable suit at Dress Barn when I was looking for a new job. They have really nice fashionable clothes that I can afford (when I use a coupon!).

  9. I have found some good sales at dress barn.I must tell the truth, that since I retired I practically live in jeans and capris.

  10. I've found some good deals at Dress Barn. They have variety as well as sizes for larger women.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. i work next door to dress barn. i had no idea that the clothes in there were so amazing.. i had also assumed they were geared towards older women. not only are the clothes great but the prices are so wonderful as well. and of course the sales are FANTASTIC! i would love to win this gift card, as I have my eye on a very lovely coat in there thats just barely outta reach.. :-)

  12. Jeans. Period. Occasionally I'll go with a sort of yoga/sweat pants, but I feel like I'm out in my pj's. Glad I don't have to dress up for my job!

  13. I've shopped Dress Barn before when they were in locations where we have lived. I'm glad they are now online!

    Most days I wear shorts, jeans, or pants.

  14. I wear a lot of jeans too. They're just easier to deal with and go with anything. I do need some dressy clothes though so this would come in handy. Thank you!

  15. Ever since I was a kid I've worn jeans and moccasins. If any special event comes up I have to go buy something to wear. When my son graduated from high school this year, I headed to our local Dress Barn to find something nice to wear.

  16. i hear ya on "the moms that successfully pull off the stretchy yoga pants and tee look" ......i can't do that either. i don't look like i'm coming from working out, and still looking cute (like they do). i look like i just woke up and need a shower! i usally stick to jeans, a cute top and cute shoes. i'm big on jewelry too because it can really make a dull outfit pop! :)

  17. I actually thought that it was for older ladies (or at least my mom's age) too! Your uber cute outfit has proved that theory wrong. I may have to stop in there sometime and check it out! :)

  18. im more of a jeans a shirt girl myself. even dressing up i love a great pair of jeans! i would love to try something a little different maybe db will have it although its hard to break old habits

  19. I love Dress Barn, but sadly haven't been in one for a while. winning this card would be my perfect reason to go back!

  20. Would have never even thought Dress Barn was in the consideration set...thought it was dated and old. It's in a strip mall nearby so I will have to stop by and give it a whirl!

  21. I guess I just never "think" to even shop there. If I need/want new clothes it doesn't pop up on the radar to stop by there. I should make an effort to stop in next time I an near a Dress Barn and check it out. Based on your pic they obviously have some cute clothes!

  22. I have shopped at Dress Barn before, but it's not in my regular rotation. I usually reserve it for special occasions. I usually wear jeans every day, but I also love to wear dresses when the occasion is right.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  23. I haven't been to a Dress Barn in years. I have bought a few things from them though. Mostly I don't go, because the one near me is in kind of an inconvenient plaza.

  24. I shopped quite a bit at Dress Barn when I lived in Kansas City. Still have their credit card, in fact. They had great sales and a nice variety of styles to choose from, I thought.

  25. I would love to have this GC to shop for a new item or two for the fall or the holidays. My budget for clothing is really tight right now, so I only buy what I must. What a treat this would be for me!

  26. I shop at dress barn when I need a new skirt for church. I usually wear jeans and a casual top.
    jessi at jessisbubble dot com

  27. I didn't know about Dress Barn until I bought a dress from there at a used clothing store. It's white with green flowers and very pretty.

  28. I have never shopped at Dress Barn, but I looked and there is one near me. I looked at the online store and I love the Burn Out Cardigan.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  29. I shop there occasionally. I actually have a SUPER CUTE dress that I got there last summer. Sadly (?), I've lost weight and it's too big for me now and I need to get it tailored. But they do have some pretty cute stuff... and if you catch a sale and/or coupon, you can get a pretty good deal!

  30. Thank you for the giveaway. My thoughts on dress barn, I always thought that they would be expensive which is why I've never been in there but, I LOVE that plaid Jacket you posted and the prices you mentioned are pretty decent for stylish clothing. By the way, I too live in jeans, lol.

  31. The only reason I dont shop at Dressbarn more is that there isnt one located that close by. I wear jeans mostly in the Fall & Winter...In the warmer months I do wear lots of skirts & dresses, but I wont be a mom until this December when my baby is due, so that may change the way I dress.

  32. My sister and I are bringing back the dress over jeans look! We love it!

    I wear jeans sometimes, although I'm built kind of funny (with no butt!), so I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fit me enough to wear them a lot. Every time I wear jeans, I'm CONSTANTLY yanking them up, so I tend to wear skirts instead sometimes.

    I've never shopped at Dressbarn. I'm actually not sure where the nearest one is!

  33. I have not shopped at Dressbarn but I have been in the store. I also wear jeans everyday! I like being comfortable.

  34. I have never shopped at dressbarn but I would give them a shot. Since I had my son 8 months ago I haven't had money to buy any new clothes!

  35. I don't think I have ever even seen a Dress Barn here in Tucson. I would love to try some of their clothes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. I've never gone to dress barn, for some reason I always thought it was for "older" women. I'm so glad our weather is starting to cool down because jeans are the best for a mom on the go.

  37. I've done lots of shopping at dress barn. They even have a plus size section there. They also sell accessories like jelwery, shoes etc.. If you look they have good deals. The sales ladies there are so nice. I agree with what you said about the yoga pants. Some women can pull it off but I also feel grubby in that atire but with a pair of jeans on the weekend you can dress them up with cute shoes and a sweater or down with tennis shoes and a tshirt. To make myself feel better every day I try to do my hair and wear makeup and jewlelry with whatever I'm wearing.

  38. I have shopped at dress barn many times. The biggest reason I love shopping there is that the clothing is varied. I love that I can find modest, conservative, flashy, or or or...

    On most days, I can be found in my comfy knit capri's with a t-shirt, but on most days I am pretty much home. When I go somewhere, I am usually wearing jeans and a nicer shirt of some sort.

  39. I've never shopped at Dress Barn, for pretty much the same reason you mentioned: I just assumed it was clothing geared more toward "older" women. I just checked out their website, and was pleasantly surprised!

    My pre-pregnancy wardrobe was pretty boring. Baggy T-shirts or sweatshirts & jeans was my day-to-day "uniform." I never lost all of my baby weight after my first child was born, and I never made the effort to rebuild a stylish wardrobe...I kept hoping I'd loss that last bit of weight. Now that I'm pregnant again, I went maternity clothes shopping w/ my mom. She bought me quite a few items for my birthday, and I splurged on some more (Kohl's was having an AMAZING sale on maternity clothes about a month or so back!). Now I look cuter -- and so much more stylish -- while pregnant than I did before!!

    1. I'm so glad to hear this, Crystal! I know some people say that spending money on maternity clothes is a waste, but I disagree. It's nice to have a few things that make you feel pretty when your belly is growing and your back is aching. ;)

  40. Jeans are the best aspect of my wardrobe. I had to wear dress slacks today to campus, and I felt so out of my element! I'll be slipping into some denim when i get home for sure!

    I've never shopped at dressbarn, but I'll check them out for sure!

  41. Jeans are like my second skin. I visited my local Dress Barn three weeks ago and was happy to find denim capris, on the clearance rack (YEAH), that had decorative stitching that made these capris absolutely fantastic.

  42. Dress Barn is about the only clothing store I will shop at. I always get compliments on my tops that I get there, and I always tell people where I get my clothes. I'm a walking advertisement for Dress Barn! :)

  43. I always thought of dress barn as for "older" women too, but lately have been thinking I need to give it a try...I have seen some fun reviews online lately, and in talking with a few women at church about where they find their nice church dresses, they mentioned DB! I guess in need to head to my local store and give them a try.

  44. I always thought the same way you did about Dressbarn, until I got some really cute clothes for my birthday from there. I too love jeans, but I also love a really cute easy to throw on dress.

  45. Jeans used to be my everyday wear even for the office. They are comfortable, keep my legs warm in the office and have pockets. Must have pockets. But I've found that skirts/dresses are just as comfortable. I've always looked at Dress Barn but never bought anything,... yet. I'm just super frugal

  46. Wow, I did not know that they just opened their online shop! Just went and had a look. I love the Beaded Empire Waist Chiffon Dress - it is such a gorgeous color. I shop at Dress Barn when I have the chance as there's not really one close me so being able to purchase their brand online will be helpful. Most days I'm in jeans as well. Thanks so much for the chance!

  47. I totally agree with your rationalization for buying a good pair of jeans. They are extremely versatile and fit is everything! I actually just told my sister in law (who is expecting her first baby) that it is especially true for maternity. One pair of good maternity jeans is so worth it! I admit that I thought DB was for older women...cool to see they have some trendy stuff at pretty good prices.

  48. I always thought the word barn in the name was a turn off. Who wants to shop at a barn? Then I went in one day and found some great pants for a great price.

  49. Thanks so much for letting me know as well.. I thought it was for older women as well... slightly older of course! Good to know though, I will have to check them out- loving the prices too!

  50. I love DB!!! I'm 24 y.o. and I always find cute dresses there that I receive TONS of compliments on! I would love to win a gift card to justify a new dress!!!!

  51. I don't shop there-the name is a huge turn off. I certainly don't want to look like I get my clothes in a barn!!! But they actually seem to have some cute stuff!

    I wear jeans almost everyday and I HATE them. I try to wear black or khaki shorts or skorts in summer and corduroys in winter because they're so much softer. Maybe I just need new jeans though :)

  52. I personally haven't ever shopped there. It is a place that both my mom and mother-in-law shop so I too assumed it was for "older" women. But, after seeing your pictures I will have to check it out.

  53. So funny b/c I have a friend who EVERY time I say "great outfit, where did you get that?" she ALWAYS answers "dress barn" - I too always thought they were a bit, shall we say, stuffy but now seeing my friend dres so sharp and your post (and cute jeans/shirt), I am rethinking my views on DB! :)

    1. There is a girl named Heather that attends my church. She's in her mid-twenties and she is super fashionable. I once asked her where she shops and she said, "Dressbarn!" At the time, I was shocked. ;)

  54. You look great in jeans. I only like jeans when I'm thin (haha), otherwise I find them uncomfortable. I need to be thin again ;) ;)

  55. Just yesterday I was telling Tim that 75% of my wardrobe now just hangs in the closet. It's more appropriate for the office, and while I always thought of the clothes as "business casual", they are just TOO "business" for chasing after a toddler! It may be time for me to do some purging in there!

  56. Some of my cutest dresses are from dress barn! I thought the same thing you did when the one by us opened up, but I walked by it one day and had to go it, the stuff in the windows was so cute!!

    I can not think of anything more uncomfortable than jeans. I need to find a pair that fit me, I think :)

  57. I wear jeans almost every day too - even in the summer. I love love love them and am always on the lookout for my next favorite pair. Being pregnant has dampened this lately since I can't stand the thought of spending money on something I'm not going to be wearing for more than a few months.

    I think I'm just going to have to check out the dress barn after all. I've been reluctant because both my mom and mother-in-law love the store and we just don't have similar taste at all. Thanks for the encouragement!

  58. I wear jeans a lot, too. In the summer I wear kakhi capris and snug fitting capri jeans I got at Lands End. In the winter months I'm partial to my cords. I do have some yoga pants but these can look very schleppy, if not worn with the right top. In my professional life pre-kids I always wore skirt suits! I've never been inside a Dress Barn (and I'm an older Mom!). But I'm game for clothes that look fashionable and are decently priced.

  59. One of my teenage daughters went into Dressbarn with me and expressed surprised that they had more than dresses. She took the store name a bit too literally

  60. I'm a very big jeans person too. It took me a long time to find good fitting versatile pairs, though, because I am so short. For a few years, all I was able to find was "mom" jeans, which I didn't care to wear. I had NO IDEA that Dressbarn carries things for us younger moms! I'll have to check it out! We actually have one just a few miles away!

  61. I'm definitely a jeans girl. I've been telling my husband that when we go back home over Christmas (more shops), I need to go jeans shopping. I currently have one okay pair and one pair that has kicked the bucket. I wish we were cooler in the summer (South Texas) so jeans would be comfortable year round.

    It's been several years since I've been in a Dress Barn. I remember their styles being a bit older but it seems that has changed. I am also older and drawn to different styles now too. I'll have to remember to check them out during my jeans search. Super cute top btw. I'd love it if they had a teal or blue one.

  62. I thought Dressbarn was for older women, too! I went in there a few months ago and was shocked! It's definitely on my list of stores I like.

  63. I thought the same thing about DB! Then you go inside, and the stuff is cute, and wearable! I think it is because the name implies, well...a farm? :)

  64. I wear jeans pretty much everyday, too, as soon as fall rolls around. My husband can't stand it, because he says it's still 95 degrees even if it is October, so I should still be wearing "summer clothes". But, I love the way jeans look and feel. Like you, I can thow on a t-shirt with them or a nice blouse and have 2 totally different looks. I also love jeans because if they don't get any "toddler related messes" on them, I will wear them at least twice before washing them. I've shopped a Dress Barn a couple of times. Only when I had to have a skirt or something dressy. They have some cute stuff. I got a really nice skirt and sweater there last year for cheap...clearance!:)

  65. I wear jeans all. the. time. Even before kids, my office had a casual dress code (when clients were not present) so I would dress jeans up with fun heels and fitted button-downs. Now I think they look great with flip-flops, flats and even my Uggs when it's snowy.

    How much life do you get out of your jeans? I feel like I might be semi-hard on my jeans even when I buy quality denim. I buy about one pair per year before they start to fray at the ends or thin at the knees.

    Re: Dressbarn... I thought the same as you! I thought it was for older women. I guess I'll have to take a closer look now. The prices sure sound reasonable!

    1. The "life expectancy" of my jeans is about one year too. I just noticed today that my favorite pair has a hole (so sad!). I think I got them last summer, but I wear them 3ish times a week so one whole year is actually pretty good.

  66. I too have not been into a Dress Barn b/c I thought it was for older woman. I have one by my house, I will have to look at it when I need a dress for my brother's wedding.
    I do have to say, a friend of mine lost her daughter and her mother in a car accident. Her sister in law went to Dress barn told the manager what happened and explained that they needed to buy several outfits for her and would need to take back whatever didn't fit after the funeral. The manager was totally fine with it. They said they understood and they would rather accommodate her even if it meant bending their policy. By the way she looked so nice in her top. :0)

  67. I've never shopped there before. . . I only have one pair of jeans and I'd love to have another pair. Probably will wait until after the baby is born before doing much more shopping though.

  68. Hi, Stephanie,
    I haven't really shopped at Dress Barn, for the same reason as you initially. The clothes seem a bit "older" in style, or maybe that was just my perception. Also, I am a smaller frame, and the clothes always seemed a little too large for my body type, again maybe just my perception. And this is maybe a more shallow reason, but I don't really like the name or outside appearance of the store (kind of like judging a book by it's cover, which I am also guilty of).
    The outfit you bought at Dress Barn and are wearing in the photo is very cute though. I wouldn't have expected it was from Dress Barn. Maybe I should give them a chance. :-)
    I mostly live in jeans, flats, and tops that I feel feminine in. I also wear yoga pants with tank tops and flip flops on days when we're just around home or staying within walking distance of home. I also love dresses and skirts and fit in casual ones during the week and more dressy ones for weekends and special outings. Of course, it's starting to cool off where I'm at, so we'll be breaking out the boots and heavy blanket sweaters in the next couple months. :-)

  69. I haven't shopped at the dress barn for myself but I have for my mom (who btw dresses very cute!) but I'm on the "younger" end of motherhood, I'm only 25. As far as what I wear, I'm a SAHM right now and we are living VERY tight on my husbands salary (plus I haven't lost the baby weight) so right now I'm still kickin it in some maternity clothes and comfy pants and t-shirt!

  70. I thought the same thing about Dress Barn until about a year ago when my sister brought me in. This year, that's where I spend the bulk (which isn't very bulky at all) of my "back to school" budget.
    What do I wear most days? I wear those pencil skirts or tailored dress pants, always with high heels, to work. Then, jeans or capris at home with the kids. It's tough, because I really like NICE work clothes and I really like NICE well fitting jeans and play clothes (I don't want to look grungy)... but it's tough on the budget to have two completely separate wardrobes.

  71. I thought Dress Barn carried only dresses, and only in plus sizes. A location just opened less than 10 minutes from my house, so I think I'll be checking it out.

  72. I must admit that I have never shopped there, mainly because of the name. It says to me "bigger women"...I know it's not though, but the name of the store has always turned me off. Shallow? I guess. I have heard that they do have a variety of stuff and once #4 is born and I can buy regular clothes again...I just might give them a try! :)

  73. We don't have a dress barn around here, but when I lived in Oregon I checked them out a few times. I did find a few really cute things there and their prices were good.

  74. I haven't been in a Dress Barn in years.

    I can't believe in AZ you can wear jeans most days. LOL I live in shorts all summer and jeans in the winter. I have a couple of cute skirt/dress things I can throw on for each season if necessary but most days it is easier to wear pants.

  75. used to shop in Dress Barn when I lived up north, but don't have one near my house anymore. I usually am found in jean shorts and a tee shirt or capris. It's still too hot here in FL for jeans on a regular basis. I'd love to win a card for their online shop. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. I wear jeans almost never, actually. I'm a dress kind of girl. I find dresses to be lots more comfortable and infinitely easier than jeans (one piece!). I don't normally shop at Dress Barn because, um, my husband makes fun of the name a lot and when I go in there, I'm always somewhat disappointed by the lack of dresses. I mean, the word dress is in the title, but there are lots of jeans and skirt sets at the DB by my house!! Anyway, that doesn't mean there isn't a dress there I have had my eye on for a while!!

    1. My husband makes fun of the name too (and I suppose I can't blame him). "Dressbarn" doesn't exactly evoke images of high-fashion...

    1. I may be crazy, but...I wear jeans all summer long. Paired with a tank top or tee and sandals, I find that jeans work fine (even in 90+ degree temps).

  77. I, too, love jeans and a comfy sweatshirt once Fall comes around. However, I was just looking through my closet this weekend as we have a baptism and three weddings coming up. I need a new outfit to wear and I would love to go shopping at DB for it!

  78. I have always thought of DB as "older," too... but your outfit is adorable. And I totally agree with you about jeans. They are the all purpose clothing item. A good pair is worth its weight in gold. :)

  79. I shop there occassionally and really like that I can find dressy clothes for a very reasonable price. I'm mostly a jeans mom too, so when I need to find a nice dress for the holidays or a special occassion, I go to DB. Since I usually go there for dresses, I haven't noticed their more casual items. I need some new clothes for fall, so I'll have to check them out.

  80. I wear jeans everyday that I am allowed to! We are allowed to wear jeans to work on Fridays only and, for that reason I believe, it's a little easier to get out of bed on a Friday morning! It's hard to find a pair of good-fitting jeans, but once I do I wear them out!

    I also thought DB was for older women until I stumbled in there looking for an affordable dress to wear to a wedding. I was shocked at all the "younger" styles I saw.

    I also love DB because they support teachers and send out coupons for teachers.

  81. Love jeans and layering. But it's so dang hot where I am. I live in shorts and a t-shirt. I can't wait for some cold weather so I can put a little more style in my life.

  82. I used to shop at the Dress Barn outlet here until they closed it! I found some of my cutest dresses there. Definately not old ladyish!

    Ellesjunkmail at gmail dot com

  83. To be honest I've never heard of Dressbarn before today, but I saw some cute blouses on their website.

    Most days I wear jeans (or capris during the summer) for the "mom" work, but try to wear something a little bit more professional while I'm teaching piano lessons.

  84. I haven't shopped at Dress Barn, but that adorable outfit you found will persuade me otherwise! I agree with wearing jeans but I do enjoy wearing skirts when we go out shopping, etc. I can't pull off the yoga pants look either. I don't think it's flattering for my shape.

  85. I do shop at Dress Barn and like their clothes. I try to use coupons whenever possible as they always send them out. I usually wear capris and a comfortable blouse.

  86. I have not shopped there in quite awhile but I love the look you have in the picture! It was funny because I just posted last night about how my style has changed and my old clothes don't feel right on me anymore. I laughed when I saw your post and thought "gee, your outfit is just how I want to look!"

  87. Oh gosh...Stephanie...I'm so excited!! I love dress barn and shop there often!! They don't have any stores on the island, so I'm ecstatic to hear about their online shop...thanks for sharing!!

  88. Yes i do shop there, they have some cute stuff, and since i work in a office I can pick up some nice skits/tops for work for not that much money, it is great. suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  89. Hmm, well, not usually because there isn't one here, but there is one in the small shopping center where my in-laws live and my mother-in-law and I always like to go shopping! I think I've found some clothes there before!

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