Fairy STEPHmother

Fairy STEPHmother 1For a long time, I have been afraid of sharing my dreams.

  • Afraid of the potent and deadly arrows of sarcasm (the truth disguised in merciless laughter).
  • Afraid that someone might steal my great idea or beat me to the finish line (but that's silly...there is room enough for everyone).
  • Afraid that someone might say, "You can't" or "That's impossible" or - worst of all - "I told you so" (if my dreams don't pan out or I change my mind altogether...).

But then I started thinking about the POWER of voicing our dreams and sharing them with others. If I know your dreams, they will be in my heart and I will be thinking about how to help you reach them. If they stagnate in your soul, however, the opportunities will pass you by.

Let's just say, for example, you have always wanted to move to Scottsdale, but you never say anything to me. Well, perhaps I know the BEST realtor there that could totally help you land an awesome deal (that's true, by the way).

Fairy STEPHmother 2Or maybe your dream is to go to college (or have your child go to college), but it seems so foreign and financially hopeless. Well, wouldn't you know that I used to be a high school guidance counselor and I could probably give you a few tips to get you on your way.

Or perhaps you'd really like some great family photos, but you can't swing the high price of the local photographers in your area. Well, I just so happen to have a nice camera and a bit of a knack for that kind of thing.

You see? We all have connections, talents, and resources that could totally make someone else's dreams come true. We can all be Wish Granters and Dream Makers for each other.

It starts by building your own list of dreams and writing them down. But the next step is SPEAKING those dreams - telling people about the big & small goals that are blooming in your heart.

Fairy STEPHmother 3Another step is LISTENING for the dreams of others. I've been trying to figure out a way to ask people about their dreams without coming across as crazy. It's - unfortunately - a little awkward to just say, "So, what are your dreams for the next 6 months? the next 5 years?" (although, just to warn you, I might actually ask you that someday).

For now, I'm on a top-secret, very-important, ultra-cool mission to find out the dreams of the people around me - and to figure out ways to make them come true.

Just call me Fairy STEPHmother...

NOTE: My daughters' tutus were designed by my creative, caring, and cool sister-in-law Danielle. She has an etsy shop (but, ironically, she doesn't sell tutus).

Do you tell other people your dreams? If so, who do you tell?

ALSO - What are some of your (secret) dreams? Do you long to run in a marathon, act in a Shakespeare play, or start a business? Tell us.

*** This post is inspired by The Dream Manager, an excellent book by Matthew Kelly about the business of living. I highly recommend it.

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30 comments on “Fairy STEPHmother”

  1. Sorry for the long post:

    Most of mine God has granted and blessed us. I do still long to go back to Africa on another missions trip. I went twice and my heart still aches for Africa. I love going and serving, I would love to bring my daughter with me next time and maybe my hubby too.
    I know there are other places to serve and I am open to that, but I just love teaching people who have recently accepted Christ or never heard. They are so full of questions and have a real quest to know God.
    I know i may have to wait for another season in my life before I get to go back. But I will go back, if God wants me to.
    I usually don't tell others what I would like to do. Just God, he's the one who going to make it happen anyways and he never lets me down. Even if he answers with a no, that's ok. His timing is perfect, and he has a reason for everything.
    On a side note: I used to think about having property again, chickens, dogs running the property, clothes line , Horses running and grazing, trails, little house, on a well, garden, home schooling, hauling stuff with our truck. Now I look out my window and I see it everyday, and i love it. i go to bed every night and am so content. And wake with pure joy, I can't believe I am so fortunate so have gotten everything I was dreaming about. God has truly blessed and humbled us.
    "Thank you Father God for listening to the desires of my heart, thank you for all you have done in your timing not mine. I thank you for everything seen and unseen that you are doing in our lives. Thank you for your Grace and the ability to share your Gospel to others.
    In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen."

  2. Beautiful post. I share my dreams with my husband, even the long-shot dreams. He's a wonderful listener, and makes me feel like these dreams are possible.

    I dream of someday being a backyard homesteader -- expansive veggie garden, chickens, fruit trees, learning to preserve food and make bread. Right now I'm in an apartment, so I'm taking baby steps, and trying to learn the things that don't involve our own land. But someday...someday...

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  5. I love this post and really see your Stephanie heart here. I have so many things on my heart and mind re: dreams- this aching urging that has been stronger every day the last couple of years. I must admit that I KNOW it is a "God-thing" going on- but I have too often been in the "stagnate in the soul" category. I think He is NOT going to let that happen :)
    Sheesh- big sigh- SO many things I want to talk to you about re: this post (as I have been digesting it for days) but was afraid I wouldn't end up commenting at all if I waited any longer.
    Just wanted you to know I am reading, I am thinking, and I am definitely dreaming. Sorry not much meat to the comment but I dream that someday (SOON) we could go for a long walk and discuss. :) Your eloquence and delight in helping others are incredibly inspiring.
    Love the girls' tutus.

  6. right now i feel like some of my bigger dreams are on hold (by choice) as we grow our family. hard to train for a marathon or join a soccer team or coordinate that new mom's group when i'm pregnant and on the verge of having a new born.
    i don't want to say yes to those new things when i know it means saying no to things in my life right now that i want to savor and enjoy for the fleeting moment that they last.

  7. I usually tell my husband and my mama. As far as dreams go...I really, really, really want my house to be finished before the baby gets here. That's only 4 months away, though. Yikes!! I so hope it happens.

  8. Oh by the way, I forgot I wanted to mention...I love the pictures of your girls on this post. They are so precious. You are one blessed mama!

  9. I LOVE this post! We all have dreams but I think so few of us talk about it. I often don't tell people my dreams because I am afraid I am not good enough. I think to myself there are a million other people out there who do what I dream of. But what I am starting to realize is that God gives us each talents and while others may already do what I dream of I could maybe bring another twist or perspective to it. I think there is room enough for more creative people. My own fear is what stops me from taking the plunge and going for it.

    I dream becoming a photographer (even though there are already tons). I would love to photograph homebirths and newborns. Those are where I see my passions being at. :)

  10. My current dream is going back to work in 6 weeks with my baby in a carrier! Here's hoping she cooperates with this dream...because if she doesn't I don't know what we're gonna do!

    My extended dream is a house with more room for more kiddos--right now we only have 2 bedrooms, which is ok for a few more years, but 3-4 years from now I think we'll want something bigger!

    And then there's always the travel dream...I realized the other day that it's been almost SEVEN years since I've left the country. But I think that one's gonna be the faraway dream, gotta deal with babies and jobs and houses first!

  11. Your girls in their tutus are so adorable!!

    Dreams are so fun! My hubby & I love talking about our dreams for the near & far future. Dreams of another baby. Being a runner (doing it because I love it). Oh, there are so many things!

    I am going to have to start asking people about their dreams too. It is so much fun to hear other people get excited and tell you about what they want!

  12. You just get more and more amazing...and the fact that I know you would attribute that to Jesus and your family just heightens my admiration. Thank you for being so inspiring and encouraging. I am in a place in life right now where I am trying to sort out and discover just what my dreams are and allowing myself to feel okay, and not guilty about dreaming them. (Does that make sense?) It has been a busy season for me and I feel like I have gotten a bit 'lost' in the mix. I am now digging my way out. Thanks again for being so inspiring!

  13. oops, clicked submit before I was finished...

    My current dream? There are lots of them, probably the most important ones right now are a slightly bigger house - so we can all fit without tripping over each other and one that has a back yard my kids can go play in and taking that online web design training I've been telling my husband I want to take for the past 2 years in order to move my business to the next level. That dream will probably come true soon!

  14. I can't tell you how many times I've had my dreams shot down by that sarcastic laughter you talk about... fortunately my Daddy was a big believer in voicing your dreams and in doing whatever he could to help us reach them - so I have a pretty good foundation in "making dreams come true" under me and even though I've been away from home for a dozen years or so I still dream.

    My favorite thing to do though is to be a wish granter and dream maker - so many simple little things that people voice a desire to do, things that are easy and inexpensive to make happen - those things are what I really enjoy doing!

  15. You never cease to amaze me. I love that you want to secretly surprise your friends/family with their dreams (or ways to achieve them)

    I do often tell my dreams to friends/family. I probably should more often.

  16. If I remember my dreams, I tell my husband, but he usually laughs at me because they are often very very out there.

    I try not to look at my goals as dreams because I want to make them more real. But, I always dreamed of being a therapist for young and old women who have been through abuse, rape, eating disorders etc. So, my goal is to one day go back to school and get my masters in counseling. I think that is the one way that I'll be able to impact those outside of my family the most.

  17. My dream right now is to have the ability to support my household on a work from home income if the need arises. My dream includes me continuing our family's legacy of homeschooling my last two children while having an income large enough to cover our bills and mortgage all from working at home.

    It seems too much. *sigh*

  18. What a wonderful and inspiring post. I think most people tend to hold their dreams close to their own hearts for just the reasons you list. And it is so true...it's those around us (in real life and on the web) who can actually help us actualize our potential. I actually had been 'dreaming' of starting a blog for the past year or so and finally did that just a short while ago. I haven't really had any new dreams as of late...just keeping things running again in the new state of being. And thank you so much for being such a welcome and cheering voice on the web I might add. I am so excited when you comment on my blog that I feel like a child. Yay, someone I don't know in real life actually visited! Much thanks to you for writing such inspirational words to share here.

  19. My dream is to be a photographer. I don't know that people realize this although they know I like to take pictures... except maybe my father-in-law who has been great about giving me books and sending me links to articles.
    I have told some people that I want to take pictures and so have done a few fairly informal photo shoots. Mostly I don't feel experienced enough to really do a good job.
    I wish for more time and things/people to practice on. Also, a slightly upgraded camera would be nice! But I don't know how any of this will happen.

  20. I dream of having enough patience, money and wherewithal to have a heap of kids. I guess the money isn't all that necessary.

    I dream of sending my kids to this private school that is just a block from our house. A neighborhood gem. Long-history in the community and highly respected. Maybe that's why I need the money if I want a lot of kids.

    I'd dream of taking our whole family to Disney...Land or World, I'm not picky. I never got to go as a kid. But, really, it's not about the location but rather about the journey getting there and the memories you make as a family. My 3yo is saving up in his dad's vintage Donald Duck piggy bank.

    I dream of being a published writer.

    I dream of more time to be a published writer.

    I dream of health for our whole family.

    I dream of a happy marriage forever!

    I also might dream of a new car. But I try not to get too greedy. :)

  21. Love this post! I usually only tell my husband about my dreams. Right now, I'm dreaming of teaching art to toddlers and preschoolers (and getting paid for it)! Since last September, I've hosted an almost-weekly art playgroup at my house for a small group of preschoolers. I've had so much fun sharing my passion for art with these children (including my son), and it seems like there is a market for it. I've been thinking about this a lot in the last couple of months, found a couple people in other areas of the country that do this, and I'm trying to see if there is a way to make it work here.

    Oh, and few other dreams? Laying a gorgeous paver patio in our backyard (we're thinking about tackling this one ourselves). Also, running in a 5K (for starters)...that one is definitely doable, I just need to start training!

  22. This is a beautiful post. It is so true that we often hold our dreams close because of the reasons you listed, yet so many of us love to be the WishGranters and DreamMakers. Seems to work at cross purposes.

    But that is what I loved about teaching: I was, for a brief time in students' lives, helping them reach their dreams.

  23. Wow, Stephanie, my eyes started to tear up when I read this, and I don't usually do that.
    You see, a year ago I thought I had achieved all my biggest dreams. Then our family went through (and is still going through) a devastating illness. Now I find myself in the position of head of household with three little ones. I went through major depression and anxiety, and thought all my happy days were over. Then some friends inspired me to dream again for myself, and other people continued to encourage and believe in me, and tell me that I was competent and strong. Well, here's what I've been learning: I have a powerful God and he will help me through every step of this journey, and is blessing me with gifts I didn't even know existed. He is the 'giver of dreams'. Even when your old ones crash and burn, He gives you new, amazing ones.

    Stephanie, thanks for helping inspire people to not be afraid to follow their dreams.

  24. "Afraid of the potent and deadly arrows of sarcasm (the truth disguised in merciless laughter)."

    I feel that right now when it comes to the calling on my life.

    It's so beyond anything most anyone could ever comprehend but it's of God and therefore I'm accepting this calling with open arms. I don't know when I'll start sharing it with everyone, though. I'll probably just start doing what He's called me to do...

    Dreams...really other than my purpose in life, and maybe running and having a baby girl, that is about it.


  25. I do tell my dreams to my husband as he is my best friend and I don't need to worry about coming across as crazy (because he already knows I'm crazy!)

    Our most recent dream was to purchase a second home in Florida for a fun place for our family to take vacations. We had been dreaming and praying and researching and saving for 4 years, and I'm proud to say that last October, we closed on our condo! We have been there 3 times and our family has also stayed there, and we are planning another trip with my parents in June.

    My current dream is to have a 2nd baby. Obviously I've told my husband about that one, but he is still overwhelmed with our 1st baby, and is scared to make the leap to a 2nd baby. I know most of you probably think that's a dumb dream to have because it's fairly easy to make come true, but I don't want to have a 2nd baby until my husband is on board, and that may take a while.

  26. My dream is too big for just me to accomplish, so saying it out loud is probably a good idea. But it's one of those things that's hard to say without sounding really cheesy...

    My dream is for every child to experience unconditional love.

    That's part of why I became a teacher, and it's why, after 5 years of waiting, my DH and I are finally finishing our foster certification.

    It feels so right to be in that training room again! So right to talk about how to support the possibility of reunification with kids' families. So daunting to hear how many kids are in group homes waiting for an individual placement. So sad to hear of sibling groups being divided up because of the lack of homes for them.

    I just want to scoop them up and love them all! I can't do that, so I'll love them one (or two) at a time. I can't wait!

  27. I don't normally tell people my dreams, there not really a reason behind this.

    We are about to fulfill one of my very secret dreams. It was so secret that I hadn't really admitted it to myself until we decided to do it. We are moving back to our hometown to be closer to family. I am very excited and scared. We just started talking about it last saturday and made the decision to really move yesterday. I'm going to give my landlord 30 notice today.

  28. I had a dream once. A while back, my husband and I decided we wanted to move to the Tacoma, WA area. We KNEW we were going there. God was calling us there. We told people this. Since we told people this, a friend of ours helped him find an amazing job. Another friend helped us find an apartment. Other friends helped us move. If we hadn't shared our dream, we wouldn't have been able to do it. And we didn't give up hope-- we waited for a year and a half before we got the green light to move. We held onto that dream for a year and a half before it happened and everything fell into place. And now we're here, and it was the best decision we could have made!

    Dreams come true!

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