Fashion Finds: for the country girl

I'm an Arizona girl at heart.

I like wearing blue jeans and boots.


I like enjoying the quiet sunrises and catching my breath at the awe-inspiring sunsets - a brilliant blend of oranges, pinks, and purples.


I like the smell of rain in the desert, the towering mountains in every direction, the easygoing mindset.


I like line dancing and wide open spaces.

And, of course, I enjoy country music. Here's a sampler of my music library on iTunes:

  • "When You Say Nothing At All" (Alison Krauss)
  • "Strawberry Wine" (Deana Carter)
  • "I Loved Her First" (Heartland)
  • "You're Gone" (Diamond Rio)
  • "Tryin' to Get Over You" (Vince Gill)
  • "The Fool" (Lee Ann Womack)

I don't have a cowboy hat, but - if I had one - I would wear it...sometimes.

I do, however, have cowboy boots:


Those are the Tan Cheyenne pair from Tony Lama's "Stars" collection. They're constructed of a durable brushed brown leather and are embellished with shiny orange and turquoise jewels and designs. They're stylish enough to wear just about anywhere, but they're also strong enough for a day of work outdoors. Pair them with a pretty sundress or a great pair of jeans - totally cute!

logo_tonylama bootsWIN IT! One winner will receive a gift certificate for a pair of Tony Lama boots from the "Stars" collection. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, August 17th at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #71 Melissa. Congratulations!

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192 comments on “Fashion Finds: for the country girl”

  1. These boots are BEAUTIFUL!! i would love to have a pair of these, I especially had my eye on these, the tan cheyennes. I first caught sight of them when I went to the NBHA site (i barrel race). So since i'm only 13, why not try for a free pair of boots?

  2. Strawberry Wine.....a favorite song I haven't heard lately.
    I haven't seen the Tan Cheyenne boots by Tony Lama until your post. Tony Lama makes the most comfortable boots I have ever put on,.... and those look great to wear with a nice pair of jeans.

    I live in South Texas and it is very hot this summer. All Texans don't wear cowboy hats. lol

  3. Tony Lama is the name for boots. They have the best selection in boots. A great pair of boots puts a little extra 'swagger' in your walk. I would love to own a pair of the 'PEANUT WP MAVERICK' (style#st1009). I love the pink stitch detail and the interior edge lining with the cheetah print. I love that Tony Lamas are made with a little padding on the inside arch, in case kicking your heels up gets a little too rowdy. They even have the orthotic insole. They are probably more comfortable than my old tennies.
    I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, and boots are the perfect partner!
    P.S. I think Alison Krauss has the most beautiful voice of all time. She brings tears to my eyes when she sings(every time!). I love that she was the first on your list. I am not a country music fan, but ever since I first heard her sing, I have always loved any and all of her music!

  4. We went to Country Thunder in Wisconsin last month and were looking at the cowboy/cowgirl boots. My daughter and I were drooling over some of the women's boots. And Tony Lama are GREAT boots! I'd love to win! Thanks so much.

  5. I would LOVE a pair of Tony Lama boots. I just have one pair of boots that I bought to take on our honeymoon when we visited a dude ranch in Canada.

  6. I bought the cutest white prairie skirt the other day, and these boots would pair quite nicely with it, I do believe. I don't mind being the country girl every once in a while, even in a sea of yankees. :-)

  7. those are really cute i have never had a pair of cowboy boots but they really are classy looking i also like the TAN STALLION Style #: ST1006 those are also very pretty.. YEE HAW LOL :)

  8. Cowboy boots always look good. They are classic but trendy, and after they are broken in, they fit your feet so well, you don't even know they are there anymore.

  9. i really love cowboy boots, i don't think i have owned a pair since i was little, but i do love them, i just don't have a reason to spend that much money on them.

  10. I love cowboy boots, they're always in and a good pair like these can last a long time!
    The TAN CHEYENNE are my favorite.

  11. I love the look of cowboy boots with skirts, especially tiered ones. It makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  12. Before I got married and started having kids I spent some time in Santa Fe, NM I took classes at the Santa Fe Workshops there in the Cristo Mountains and I remember when I was there I felt (seriously) that in a former life I lived in the mountains with my cowboy husband, now I said don't laugh :-) I love, love cowboy boots, I have a pair of really old, worn out black and beige snakeskin cowboy boots that are so worn the soles have holes in them. I would love nothing more than a brand new pair to wear out all over again! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  13. Here is my secret, I live in Texas and haven't owned a pair of real cowboy boots since I was 6. This would really help my street cred. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. I love boots! All kinds. My husband and I went to a country bar/restaurant for dinner a few months ago. What a great time. I always said I would go back to learn some of those moves.

  15. I have been dying for a pair of boots! these would be so cute and look like they would last forever.

    BTW, my favorite country song is the Grundy County Auction song. :)

  16. I do love country music. "When You Say Nothing At All" - is one of my favorite songs! Another is "Barefoot And Crazy". The- TAN CHEYENNE boots are so nice. Would love to have a pair of Tony Lama boots. Thankyou for this great contest :)

  17. I've never owned a pair of boots before, but these Tony Lama boots are so attractive that it's hard to choose just one pair.

  18. I always wanted a pair of cowboy boots! These would be so neat to wear around town (I live in a little town of about 2,000 population)! Everyone would be so envious of me. Hey, you're never too old to be cool (I'm 53)! I love your pictures of the mountains. I live where it is all flat land, but I am used to it. You can see for miles away. We have lots of wind turbines going up here in Michigan and you can see them miles and miles away. Anyways, thanks for the entry and God bless!

  19. I'm not sure if I'm a cowboy boot girl but these Peanut WP Maverick boots are adorable. I might have to find out if I am a boot girl or not.

  20. I saw some of these at a local western store recently and I love them! They'd be fun to wear dancing or to work.

  21. My oldest daughter is into country music and clothing to match. I would love to snag a nice pair for her to wear line dancing with her friends.

  22. My husband is a cowboy at heart. He loves to wear wranglers, boots and a cowboy hat. It's funny because, I had always been total opposites to him and we were instantly connected when we met.

    If I were to win, I'd use the GC to get him a new pair of boots for christmas or even a pair for myself since I've never owned a good pair of boots! All of my boots are dressy types.

  23. I had a pair of Tony Lama boots when I was much younger and they lasted for at least 5 years. They make such great boots! I don't ride horses any more but I still like to wear great boots.

  24. I love the look of jeans and boots together. Sexy! My husband has a pair but I dont,...and would love to!
    What a wonderful prize.

  25. My teenage daughter wants a pair of cowboy (girl) boots, but I had no idea they could be so expensive! If I win, I will be her hero...for about 15 minutes.

  26. I'm a Texan and of course I love country music. It's been years since I've actually owned a pair of boots, so I'd love to win this. It's about time I got back to my roots. Thanks for the giveaway.
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  27. My wife would LOVE this pair of Tony Lama boots from the “Stars” collection. Thing is, if she won a pair I'd just naturally (or perhaps jealously) have to pick out a pair for myself... and just in case I have my eyes on a selection! ;)

  28. I am not aware of every owning or wearing a pair of boots anything like these. I like these, and I also like the PEANUT WP MAVERICK from the website. I hope they have my size :)

  29. I agree with you on the "When You Say Nothing at All,' but I think the original version by Keith Whitley is better. Maybe because I kind of grew up with it. Anyway, I have always wanted a pair of Tony Lama boots - as far back as when Denim & Diamonds still existed! A friend of mine talked me into taking line dancing lessons, and wouldn't I be the envy of my whole class if I walked in sporting a brand new pair of boots? I'd love the Peanut WP Maverick - they are just too cool!

  30. I need a new pair of boots... I'm from Michigan but am from the Boondocks so I wear cowboy boots as well. We also do a lot of country concerts and these are perfect with a skirt and plaid top as well!!!

  31. I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots but have always wanted to I think they look awesome with a pair of jeans or a nice skirt

  32. I would love a pair of these boots...I've ridden horses all my life but I've never actually worn a pair of cowboy boots! (Shameful, I know!)

  33. I absolutely love the versatility of boots... they finish an outfit in a way that sandals cannot. Plus they offer a wonderful finish to overly feminine outfits!

  34. I lived in AZ for many years and there is nothing like living in the dessert. The lightning storms were like natures fireworks. Who can beat having javelina in your front yard. Tony Lama has a great selection of boots both stylish and functional.

  35. I really like the way you have reviewed and offered contests for the different types of style (country, preppy, ec-friendly, etc) this week. I appreciate how you acknowledge that we are not all cookie-cutter-types and just b/c something is "in style" this year, that we automatically would even want it. Refreshing to see the variety. I was not familiar with this brand either. The black cashmere ones are really nice looking.

  36. I needed boots like these when we went on a family trip to a dude ranch in Wyoming - I would have blended right in.

  37. Those are some awesome boots but of course that's what I expected from Tony Lama :D My whole family wears boots almost!

  38. Oh my those boots are gorgeous! i have always wanted a pair of cowgirl boots, i think they are so sexy, i have never bought some for myself but i would definitely love to own a pair, and wear them with a cute summer skirt, or jeans!

  39. These would be great for fall! I don't currently have a pair of cowboy boots, but they look so much fun to wear with a cute summer dress and cardigan. So cute and just the right amount of country charm. :)

  40. I've never had a pair of cowboy boots but I really love the Peanut Maverick! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  41. boots and stetsons were all the rage when I grew up in Texas. Still are, as far as I know. After I moved away from Texas to join the military, sadly, I had to tuck my boots and stetsons back in their boxes for my many, many relocations...many of those weren't boot and cowboy hat-friendly places (like Florida).

    However, I'm back in the South, and I am so missing my boots. Those Tony Lama stars boots are TOO stinkin' cute. Perfect for strolls in the park with my boy while I sport a denim skirt.

    Billie notes a fun song. I think of two others: "The Eyes of Texas Are upon You" and "Deep in the Heart of Texas". *sniff* I truly miss that Lonestar state where donning boots year-round is not only acceptable but almost a requisite!

    drgarnecki at gmail dot com

  42. I work from home so I wear jeans exclusively. What goes better with jeans than cowboy boots?!
    My faves are the "Peanut WP Mavericks!

  43. My daughter would love some boots! she is a huge country music fan and loves to wear boots. I have not worn any in so long and would love a pair also, but of course I would sacrifice for her. Of course, she would need a cowboy hat also.

  44. a cowboy hat? nope, I couldn't pull it off. Cowboy boots, however, are a different story. I love how much more fashionable they are than what you normally think of with cowboy boots!

  45. I absolutely ADORE cowboy boots. I bought a pair off of ebay a while back--they were made in the 60's; real, true, worn out cowboy boots. Unfortunately when I got my pregnant my feet grew and they no longer fit! I'd love to win a pair--there is a pair that is mostly beige in the Stars collection that would be perfect.

  46. My teen daughter has been begging me for some boots. I think she would love this line... esp the BLACK PATENT ALLIGATOR ones!

  47. I have my eye on a new pair of boots. It seems like the kids always need a new pair before me. This would be my one chance to get a new set. Thanks.

  48. I'm usuaslly more of a hiking boot girl than a cowboy boot one. But looking over the "Stars" collection, I really liked some of the styles - especially ones with cool embroidery, like the "Rust Trinidad". And good boots of some kind or the other come in very handy here in the winter...might as well be stylish while you're at it!

  49. I have only owned one pair of cow girl boots in my life and now living in Texas it is time to get my second pair! Would be even better if I won them!

  50. My brother and sister in law manage a ranch. I think this gift certificate would be the coolest gift ever for them.

  51. I've always wanted some cute boots, but they have always been too pricey. I would love to win these because it may be the only way I'll ever own any.

    Oh, and your playlist has some of my absolute favorite country songs of all time. Good picks!

  52. How cute are those boots???!!! I've not had cowboy boots since middle school. I think they would be cute though. My husband would probably think they were sexy! :)

  53. I'm was born and raised in Michigan, but I have a strong southern heritage and went to college in Georgia so I am a pretty good mix (or pretty mixed up, sometimes). I dress that way too - sort of northern LL Bean-ish mixed with country. It doesn't always work but it's how I am. I LOVE THESE BOOTS. They are straight up hot, and they would work great with my chinos (just kidding).

  54. strawberry wine is like my favorite country song in the whole world, our i pods i think are long lost cousins!

  55. I hear ya girl! I love the smell of rain in the desert, and When you say nothing at all is one of my favorite songs, too! I do have to admit though, I would give these to my best friend for her bday. I so hope I get the chance!

  56. I'm not from the country but I do love cowboy boots. They're so stylish to wear with skinny jeans and now that I've lost weight and have fitted into my skinny jeans again, a cowboy boots would make the puzzle complete! :-)

  57. I never knew "cowboy boots" could be so beautiful, I really liked the RUST TRINIDAD, love the colors and the details

  58. I have never seen Tony Lama boots around here, but I did see them alot when visiting Texas. It seemed that everyone was wearing boots and most people were ready to tell you who made the boots they had on. (of course I always complimented the handsome cowboys) Not sure if my size 9 shoe would look as cute as yours, but maybe my 13 year old's feet would be much cuter!

  59. Those are fabulous boots that would go with anything in my wardrobe. Not only do I have the authentic Levis, but I have a skirt that should work great, too. I would love the turqoise touch; most Native Americans like anything on earth that is turqoise!

  60. I love Cowgirl boots! I lived in Santa Fe and regret never buying some there. I atayed with my old ones but now they are worn out and I want a new pair. Thanks.

  61. I would love a new pair of cowboy boots. I was born and raised in Az. Moved away 6 1/2 yrs ago and miss the desert and the beautiful sunsets! I am a country music fan too!

  62. I have always loved cowboy boots...and the way they look with a cute dress. Growing up in Southern California... you stuck out like a sore thumb wearing them (a cute sore thumb, nevertheless)... but now that I've moved to the motherland (Texas)... I can wear them to my heart's content and fit in just fine! What girl doesn't love her some Tony Lama? :)

  63. I've always loved the look of really quality cowboy boots but I can never bring myself to shell out the cash for them! One day, one day..

  64. i am not a country girl living at the beach, but i have always loved to wear cowboy boots, not boots but cowboy boots. i love the look with jeann. i would love to have a pair of the cheyenne's

  65. I absolutely love the TAN CHEYENNE pair! These boots are awesome! I also love that song When you say nothing at all! :)

  66. Some of my best memories happened while wearing cowboy boots :)

    I'd love to re-create those memories witb those boots!

  67. I enjoyed my first visit to AZ two years ago. What wonderful views! And I got to experience a dust storm. That wasn't fun, although it was quite an experience. I could have used a pair of Tony Lama boots that day. The dust storm ruined my sandles. asthenight at gmail dot com

  68. I had a pair of cowgirl boots in H.S. and absolutely loved them. I'd love another pair more suitable for my age. Thanks for offering!

  69. I love the look of jeans and boots together. There's something so classic about cowboy boots. What a wonderful prize.

  70. I adore cowboy boots. I owned a pair in college that I would wear to class whenever I wanted to feel sassy. I would love a cute new pair like yours!

  71. Not sure how I missed this since I just mentioned how I hoped to get a pair of cowboy boots. You're a girl after my own heart. I'm digging your boots, your music choice, and your loves.

    Although I don't have the same scenery as you do, I do enjoy similar aspects of my own country living in the midwest!


  72. I sure would love to win these great looking boots!My son always gets Georgia brand boots,I can`t afford any for myself!

  73. I live in Southern Oklahoma, surrounded by horse ranches, and you know what, I don't own a single pair of boots! I would love to own a pair of Tony Lama's and sport them with some cute jeans or skirts even, can't you just imagine the preacher's wife in some cute boots! lol :-)

  74. I moved to Texas right before my junior year of high school so I have the right to wear boots... I'd go for the Rust Trinidad or Peanut Maverick. And I'd wear 'em with skirts!

  75. I love boots - and Tony Lama's are the best. I had a couple paris, but my daughter has appropriated them so it would be great to get another pair - just for me

  76. my kids have started riding lessons and i have been offered the chance to ride as well, these boots would fit the bill!

  77. I love cowboy boots. I have two pairs and then a half pair black and white that come in handy from time to time. I was looking at boots similar to these the other day and was going through my wardrobe in my closet to see what I could pair these with. So I tried them on mentally and it was a go.

  78. I lived in the west for a while........and the mountains and desert and the colors in the sky are so hypnotic and beautiful.....I'd love to go back! Very cute boots too!

  79. These boots look very unique and authentic. Never heard of the brand before, but will definitely check them out now.

  80. I don't think I ever owned a pair of cowboy boots before. The tan cheyenne ones are adorable and they would look great with my jeans.

  81. I haven't owned a pair of cowboy boots since I was a little girl. But I would love to try a pair once again as an adult. I especially love the Rust Trinidad boots from Tony Lama...they are just adorable...thanks!

  82. Very nice collection, but I have to admit the Tan Cheyenne was my favorite. (Goodness Lynda, I had forgotton about Urban Cowboy -- gonna have to pull that out & watch it again!)

  83. I am a cowgirl living in southern california. I love my boots and wranglers paired with a flirty trendy top (I am a socal girl after all!). These boots are the perfect combo of cali girl meets cowgirl. I am drooling over my keyboard right now.

  84. I never thought I could carry off a cowboy boot. Until I saw the ones Ree wears on Pioneer Woman! Wow! I could rock those for sure and could get used to a pair you have as well. I think it would be fun and I would feel bold and sexy!

  85. Secretly I just want the cowboy boots for a fabulous Halloween costume!! Yay!! Always gotta be on the lookout for great costume pieces.

  86. I love wearing my cowboy boots with a long jean skirt and a cute sweater in the fall or winter. Once it starts warming up I wear as little shoe as possible :)

  87. For a brief period in my life I lived on acreage and had horses and a barn. There's a little bit of country left in me too, lol.

  88. Very cute boots! Country music always makes me think of summertime! I started listening to it when I lived with a girlfriend who was from Oklahoma! Maybe it brings back good memories because we had such fun bbq's with friends, listening to Tim McGraw, wow, another lifetime ago!

  89. I love how detailed the embroidery is on all of the boots. I would love to have a pair of these in my closet, I think they could quickly become my favorite pair!

  90. Cute boots. I have 2 pairs of cowboy boots and I wear them all fall and in the winter before the snow comes. Thanks for sharing these!

  91. My daughter has been dying for a pair of cowboy boots to wear with dresses. She would absolutely flip for those boots. We have been strapped for cash lately after my daughter was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and these boots would make her so happy.

  92. I have two pair of cowboy boots, but they are more functional than sassy! ha They still fit, but my boot cut jeans do not! But I'm pretty sure that new boots=new jeans, so if I win I'm going shopping.

  93. My daughter would love these boots. That's all she wears is boots - we even have a picture of her when we went to the Bahamas sitting on the beach with her boots on!

  94. Oh, I haven't had a pair of boots since high school (and that was a LOOOONNNGGG time ago). I could totally rock a pair of these.

  95. I got my first - and only, so far - pair of cowboy boots over 20 years ago, oddly in the Netherlands! They are more like South American cowboy boots in style, low heel, silver 'bling', and leather carving. You might have seen me wear them at work.

    I love love love them and love to wear them, so to top them they'd have to be good. I do really like the Peanut Mavericks though. They look a little more rugged than mine which are more dressy boots.

    And as for country, after having lived in Nashville for three years, there'll always be a "little bit of country" in me!

  96. I would love to have a nice pair of boots. I think about buying some from time to time but can never afford them. This would be perfect with the cooler months coming up.

  97. I've never owned a pair of cowboy boots but they look so cute. I wonder if I could pull it off or not? If not I have a sister who looks absolutely ADORABLE in the ones she wears and I'd have to let her purchase some. This is funny that you have this post, just yesterday my husband said he'd like a pair of cowboy boots.. I just raised my eyebrows and said... YOU? LOL!!!! He's not exactly the "cowboy" type. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the chance.

  98. My mother-in-law loves and I mean loves Cowboy boots.The Rust Trinidad are right up her alley and I actually think they're kind of cute too.

  99. I bought my first pair of cowboy boots after the movie with Debra Winger and John Travolta came out. I can't think of the name of the movie right now, but I became country for a while!

  100. I just convinced my husband that my birthday gift should be a weekend away at a b&b here in the mountains. That weekend would definitely include some horseback riding and I'd love to have some boots to wear for the occasion!

  101. Love, love, love Country music! You have some great music there.

    I don't have a cowboy hat or boots but if I did I would definitely wear them! I'm totally drooling over the boots now. The Tan Cheyenne are my favorite but I like the Rust Trinidad ones too. So pretty!

  102. I love Cowboy boots! We live in Texas as is seems that everyone wears Cowboy boots here. (I'm not a native Texan, originally from NC)

  103. Those Saguaro cacti make me miss Tucson more than ever! I would love cowboy boots, I never had them, and when we make our planned return vacation trip to Arizona, it would be so cool to wear them!

  104. I am more of a traditional girl. I like the Peanut Mavericks, though the Tan Stallion might be fun to have for something totally different. Nothing is more comfortable than a good pair of boots!

  105. I've always kind of wanted cowboy boots. I know I wouldn't wear them often, but there are definitely some occasions that call for them. I liked the Peanut Mavericks I think, but I also like the ones you have.

  106. You know... I have always wanted to be the kind of person who could pair cowboy boots with a cute skirt or dress. Maybe this is my chance. But you might need to recommend a skirt to go with them! :)
    I love those photos of the desert. It is beautiful here... even tho it is DEATHLY hot. There are many things I will miss, and many new things in other parts of the country that I will get to enjoy! Looking forward to it! Thanks for these pictures, though. They all made me smile (and sigh).

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