Fashion Finds: for the Pretty, Preppy, Penny-Pinching type

So now you know.

I am a breastfeeding mom. I am an environmentalist. I am a bit of a cowgirl.

AND I can be quite the prep. Especially when it comes to fashion. I like classic pieces and polo shirts and argyle sweaters.

Am I becoming harder and harder to pigeonhole as the days go by or what? I think that is how I've always been. Even in high school. I never had a particular "group," per se. I had dramatic friends and rocker friends and athletic friends and student council friends and...well, in many ways, everyone was my friend (and I liked it that way). I try to be the same way today - meaning we totally don't have to always think alike and we can still be friends.

On to the topic of this post: CLOTHES (that are reasonably priced).

Check out these items from DownEast Basics, a company that specializes in modest, stylish fashions at affordable prices:

F109SchoolBelleTop downeast basics F109ShortStory sweater downeast basics F109UptownCordSkirt downeast basics

  1. School Belle Top, $26.99
  2. Short Story Sweater, $29.99
  3. Uptown Cord Skirt, $34.99

DownEast Basics primarily caters to women in sizes XS-XXL (0-18), but they also have maternity clothing, men's clothing, plus size clothing, and clothing for little girls (sizes 4-12, see examples below).

F109_GirlsDarlingDotSkirt_Brown_L downeast basics ring around the rosie top downeast basics best buds skirt downeast basics

Most of the DownEast Basics pieces range in price from $9.99-$36.99, but you can find items as low as $5.00 in the sale section! That sounds just about right for my pocketbook.

Here's me in the school belle top and short story sweater:

downeast-basics-4 downeast-basics-1

My take on DownEast Basics is that they offer pretty pieces at great prices. These aren't, however, "closet staples" that will withstands years of wear. I would describe them as "seasonal" pieces - for example, let's say you want to pick up a new, trendy top or two for the summer that won't break the bank. DownEast Basics is a great "go-to" shop for that kind of thing.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a full outfit (top & bottom) from the DownEast Basics women's line and a full outfit (top & bottom) from the DownEast Basics girls line. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, August 17th at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #135 amandasue. Congratulations!

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221 comments on “Fashion Finds: for the Pretty, Preppy, Penny-Pinching type”

  1. This is a useful information for the pregnant women who are having lot of search if where they can buy a clothes and cheap maternity bras at their size for a moment.

  2. OMG! These little girls outfits are adorable. My 61/2 year old granddaughter won't wear pants, and loves her ruffled "twirly skirts" as she calls them. She would love a new outfit (as would her Mommy!)

  3. I think I am like you in the fact that I don't really like to have a niche. I like to change with my moods or the weather or whatever whims of the day may come my way. I also can relate to not having a 'group' in high school (or any other time). I did have an argyle sweater that I loved (and wore out) in high school that I think got me labeled as preppy. Your review pics are so cute.

    I think the 'My True Love' top is excellent. I would love to have it. This top looks comfy and chic all at the same time. I would pair it with the 'One&Only' skirt. DownEast Basics has a Great site that is really easy to shop. I also love that they offer basic maternity tops for an excellent price.

  4. I'm a breastfeeding mama too! In a few weeks i'll be reaching the one year mark with twins :)
    I love simple, casual and girlie clothing. That site has it all.

  5. Wow! I have never been to this clothing site before but I'm a huge fan now. I love places that sell great, timeless pieces for fantastic prices. Thanks for introducing us! :)

  6. Those are really classy and cute.there is nothing better than being dressed in a pretty outfit it makes you feel pretty and confident :)

  7. Wow. What a great line of clothes. I would take the woman's outfit and I would give the girl's outfit to my niece. Thank you

  8. I have never heard of this site before. Their clothes are really cute and affordable. I love the My True Love Top!

  9. I do that too- spend on the basics so they last forever and update for the seasons by getting some trendy pieces. Nice giveaway, they have some cute things and you won't break the budget.

  10. These would be great clothes for my daughter. She has a dress code at school that requires modest clothing, yet she still likes to be trendy and fashionable. I think she would like some of the styles offered in this line.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  11. I love that these clothes are classic, cute, and very affordable for the average family! As a mother of 3 children I want to wear clothes that are comfortable but also stylish too! Clothes that will allow me to define my own personal sense of style and not break the bank so to speak! These clothes do just that! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  12. I mostly stick to classic, basic pieces so it wouldbe fun to mix in a few seasonal, trendier pieces. I'd probably have to win it to try that approach! :)

  13. Oh my word, I love the Ukulele dress on their website! Cute! I have added their website to my favorites list and I'm sure I'll be buying some outfits from them in the future. Thanks!

  14. I never heard of DownEast Basics, but really like the clothes I see. They look comfortable and are easy on the pocketbook! I never knew you could find so many nice things on line. Thanks for letting everyone know about them.

  15. I love that they offer clothes that look comfortable and stylish at the same time. They have great prices, too, and that really matters a lot. Thanks!

  16. These are great looking clothes that are fashionable, easy to care for and afforable. They have something for everyone!

  17. My daughter just peeked over my shoulder while I was checking out Down East Basics.She hopes I win so she can go "shopping" there-cute styles

  18. What adorable clothing. I’ve never even heard of Down East Clothes beforen. I love the girls stuff too. I love the cute pictures of yourself on your site. My daughter loves the clothing she thinks this site offers the best tops, even above alloy.

  19. I just love DownEast! They not only have cute clothes but also home decor and what not. I just got a coupon via email if I spend $10 dollars I get a FREE PINK CAMISOLE TOP,now that is great customer service! They really take care of there customers. Anyway the clothes are way cute and affordable.

  20. What great stuff at really reasonable prices! I hadn't heard of them before, but right off the bat there were some 'must haves' for me!

  21. I like the Green Jane Tee with the Brown Darling Dots skirt for my daughter... and the Tuxedo Dress in Blackberry (Couldn't get it with this giveaway, But I LOVE it)

  22. I love Down East basic they are affordable and classic perfect for all occasions I could go crazy buying from there. :)

  23. Actually, what caught my eye was one word: modest.
    It's insanely difficult for me to wear something without a camisole. I always have to layer and it makes me mad that I can't get an entire shirt for the insane prices they have today.

  24. What most impressed me about this post is that you mentioned the clothes are modest. Yeah! Got me excited to check out their website right away. Too often, women try to look sexy, but pretty is so much better. Thanks for introducing me to this brand--they have a catalog too that they offer. The clothes are fashionable, pretty, and not over-priced. I'll be checking them out again.

  25. I love these clothes you posted! I especially love the sweater and top you are wearing. Last time I looked at their website, all they had were the basic tees and camis. Wow, they have a ton of cute things now!! Thanks for the post!

  26. Wow, great stuff. It's definitely hard to find clothes that are stylish and affordable, not to mention things that don't look like they are completely mass-produced and will make you resemble every other man, woman or child that walks down the street.

  27. Even though I'm in the Midwest, my clothing style is a great match with DownEast! The styles and fabrications they use fit my casual to casual-dressy lifestyle perfectly. Thanks for the chance!

  28. They have some really cute skirts. I love that they are nice and long... they look like the all hit around the knee. I am with you on not wanting to spend too much on clothing. I prefer clothes that aren't too trendy so that they will last more than one season.

  29. I like how there are so many different shapes of tops. I feel like I always wear the same style top in a different color or with a a different embelishment. At these prices, I can afford to get out of my rut. :)

  30. I love DownEast! When I go shopping, that is where I go first! I never win anything and I would LOVE to win something from DownEast! I have to admit that I have never bought anything from the girls line, except for a couple of tees for my daughter, but this would be a great way to start out for her! P.S. I have never seen your blog before...what fun! I will be a regular visitor! Thanks!

  31. I love DownEast! When I go shopping, that is where I go first! I never win anything and I would LOVE to win something from DownEast! I have to admit that I have never bought anything from the girls line for my daughter, but this would be a great way to start out for her! P.S. I have never seen your blog before...what fun! I will be a regular visitor! Thanks!

  32. My boyfriend looked at all my clothing when i moved in, and shook his head.

    Not because I have a ton...

    Because I have to do my laundry on Sundays... then on Thursdays, because I don't have enough for the whole week.

    This would be nice to add one more outfit to the closet... so at least I could make it a full week! :)

  33. Ever since I came across DownEast at a Kiosk in our mall I have been a HUGE fan. And then when I discovered their store here I was THRILLED! I love their clothes, they are so adorable and stylish. Every time I'm at the mall I have to stop in a take a peek. And my husband knows how much I love this place that for birthday/anniversary he's always giving me a giftcard. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

  34. This is such a timely posting for me. I had a baby 8 days ago and I'm already longing to start shopping for some non-maternity wear. It will still be several weeks before I can, but I do love to shop online, and I'd never heard of this company. I've bookmarked them!

  35. This was my first visit to the DownEast Basics website. I love the that the clothes are comfy looking but with a feminine edge (I especially like the ruffled tops).

  36. Downeast is cowboy princess meets school teacher. So lovin' it. Blogging has helped me appreciate the beauty in others. I hearken your thoughts...even though I may not agree with everyone, I still want to be friends, and read others' blogs!

  37. Oh, those are just beautiful clothes! I've never seen their stuff before, but I absolutely love them. And they aren't too expensive, either! (Which is ALWAYS a plus in my book!)

  38. I discovered DownEast a while back and have been addicted ever since. They have fun clothes at reasonable prices. If you ever have to call their customer service line they are so nice and helpful. Two thumbs up!

  39. DownEast is always the first to come to mind when I *need* (wink) a cute new outfit! They always have unique, fun styles that are also versatile.

    I have a very eclectic sort of style. No pigeonholing here, either! I like my clothes to fit my mood, and DownEast is great for that.

    I've been eyeing the School Belle Top and Uptown Cord Skirt for a while now, and my daughters LOVE all their skirts. They are developing quite the eye for fashion at age 8 and that good? :)

    We would LOVE to win. Pick us! Pick us! And thanks for the fun giveaway.

  40. I've been dying to order that cord skirt from Down East! I do a big online shop from them about once every 6 months - since I don't live near any actual stores. And I can't wait for my daughter to grow up by a couple years - she's just 2 now, but I can't wait to put her in the cute girls line! Great post!

  41. Fabulous post! I have seen this clothing line mentioned a few times on other blogs and a few girls at church have recommended them as well. Modest and great prices...what's not to like?!

  42. I'm always on the lookout for special pieces that you can mix and match and change the look of just by accessorizing differently with them. They have so many super cute pieces like that! What a fun giveaway!

  43. I have not ordered from this company(yet) but the clothing looks wonderful! The syles are current and the prices are affordable.

  44. These clothes are right up my alley! I love inexpensive, trendy, modest clothing! I don't care if they don't last forever bc styles change SOOO often anyway!

  45. I love downeast but you're right, they don't last forever. They do have a great selection of adorable clothes, though. I've already got my outfit picked out.....;)

  46. I've been buying doweast basics for years. They are awesome! I'm thinking its time to start my little girl wearing some of their cute stuff. The yellow rosette top is adorable.

  47. It's good to know that there's still an online clothing shop with good quality and stylish clothes that doesn't rob us. Glad to have found this!

  48. I love the styles and the reasonable prices they offer! Thanks for introducing them to me as I haven't heard of them before :)

  49. Okay where do I begin? I really think the styles they have match me perfectly. I love pretty much every piece they sell. They have something for everyone and in different aspects of their lives. I think I would have a very hard picking just one piece for myself, but believe me I could do it. I would love to when something new from them.

  50. This looks like a great option for everyday, real people who want to enjoy their clothes, but aren't fashionistas...

  51. Not only are there so many cute pieces to choose from, but I was just recently complaining of the need for something new in my wardrobe. And of course, getting clothes for my daughter is always a treat!

  52. Sounds like you're the type who can wear absolutely anything you like. I'm jealous. I have to be very careful what I put on, and cowgirl is definitely out! I just look silly that way.

  53. I really like all the things on their site especially the kids line. My daughter would love to have one of those cute outfits for back to school.

  54. i stumbled on downeast basics while back in my hometown browsing through the mall. the storefront was so cute and boutique-y! anyway, what i appreciate about a place like downeast basics is that the clothes, while following some of the current trends, also maintain a sense of design integrity (meaning, they have a perspective and a vision) as well as quality. you're right, they're not necessarily staples that will last a decade, but they also won't shrink into nothing like other trendy stores out there that are affordable.

  55. I am going to check out this site. I love the skirt!! Thanks, It is great to find places that have cute things but at a reasonable price!

  56. Holy Cow!! When your description said "modest" I flew to that site so fast--it is SO a lost word today--I know that doesn't make good grammatical sense, but I'm just sayin'!!!! Thanks for the link!! I can't wait to check out every page!!!

  57. Hi Stephanie,

    I thoroughly checked out the DownEast Basics site and found more than one outfit that I liked. The necklines on the tops are all ones that look good on my broad shouldered frame.

    And, I'm a paisley freak! So you know I fell in love with the skirts. I wish they had clothing for toddlers.

  58. Oh, how I love Downeast Basics. I recently saw the girl line in the store while visiting St. George, UT. There are so many fun skirts for girls!

  59. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Down East Basics! Their clothes are modest, well made, and chic! My favorite item of theirs is their Connect the Dots Dress in Yellow! I LOVE it!

  60. OH goodness, I'm so excited about this post! Seriously, I still have stuff in my closet from 9th grade! I NEED some new clothes! I like to go very casual or dressy most of the time. If I'm not in a cute t-shirt and jeans, I'm wearing a cute blouse with a skirt or slacks. I'm also on the hunt for some really cute dresses, but they all seem to be so expensive!

  61. I'm so excited to find this post! I need some modest but cute and fun clothes. Its so hard to find sometimes. Thanks for passing this along. I'm off to shop the site!

  62. I HEART DownEast Basics! I particularly love their a-line skirts as well as the classic T's that are long enough to cover the tummy! As always, LOVE their sale prices as well! Such cute stuff! Thanks for the chance to win! Awesome giveaway!

  63. I absolutely love DownEast Basics - best web site discovery of the year! :-) Cute clothes, great prices. What a great giveaway!

  64. My wadrobe needs to be perked up and they already have fall fashions in the stores. I can find lots of great things at this site.

  65. Just checked out the site, these clothes are beautiful and affordable. I might buy some things even if I don't win! Thanks.

  66. I love Down East Basics! I actually have that brown cord skirt (and the pink tuxedo top that it's paired with in the catalog!) and it is really cute on. My favorite thing about their clothes is that they are practical! The skirt is a good strong material, that washes well, AND HAS POCKETS! While still being current and totally cute. With my crazy life (working full time, college full time, family, friends, etc.) my clothes need to pull double... sometimes triple duty- going from professional, to student to playtime! :)

  67. I am so glad that Down East Basics is getting the credit for there wonderful product. I have always loved there cami and skirts. Every time that I am wearing something that I have bought there I always get a someone saying I love what you are wearing. Where did you get it. I and alway rave about Down East. I can't wait to go shopping for the new fall line. I think it is wonderful that you are giving everyone a chance to own a outfit from Down East Basics.

  68. I'm really impressed with both the fun styles & the prices. I especially loved all the fun skirts in their line - such fabulous prints, I want one of each!

  69. I'm about to have a baby and have been drooling over the fall line at Down East. I can't wait to wear cute clothes again! Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Have you seen the long sleeved t-shirts for little girls? They have sweet little fabric flowers on the neckline. They are affordable, modest, and would look great in a casual family photo. I like the soft apple green color best for fall.

  71. I really love DowneastBasics. The prices are great and the tops are all very cute and stylish. I am pregnant and have ordered a couple of t-shirts in one to two sizes bigger and they look and fit great!

  72. I love the chord skirt. I actually have shopped at downeast before and looove the prices. Philosphy top, tuxedo top, get spotted dress, dress up skirt for my daugthers, oh, I could go on and on!!

    let me just tell you, i could really use a new outfit!!!
    alisonnay at gmail dot com

  73. Thanks for the heads up about this website - cute stuff! i only wish they had more options. Seems like there are only a few items in each category. But the prices sure are great!

  74. I'm a big online shopper and DownEast Basics is one of my favorite shops. I absolutely adore the School Belle Top and Shorty Sweater. I even posted about that particular outfit last month. I also love the little girl's Dress Up Skirt and Little Long Sleeve Lace Tee. I like the modest clothes and outstanding prices.

  75. These are really cute items. I love the prices. And I'm not much of a skirt type, but the pattern on the Summary skirt is too cute~

  76. I looove Downeast! When I was visiting Utah recently, I stocked up on clothes from the outlet in St. George! I really want the new bag they have in their most recent catalog (and just about everything else in there while I'm at it!)

  77. I heard of Downeast Basic about a year ago and only thought they sold cloths online. I was suprised to be walking in my local mall in Roseville, California and see that they had a shop! I am glad I found it because I am always hesitant to buy online. Found a modest swimsuit on sale and I love it!!!

  78. Wow! I'd never heard of them before! Thanks for the intro! They have some cute stuff! And the girls stuff is adorable too!!!

  79. I checked out the website and the little girls clothes are super cute. I cant wait till my little girly can fit in that size, soon enough though.

  80. I love Down East Basics!! I am pregnant and it is almost impossible to find clothes that I like, but they have them and they are a great price. You just can't beat that.

  81. I love Downeast clothing. We have Downeast stores here in Utah and I love to walk in and know that they will have cute, modest items. As you said, they don't last forever, but at their prices, you can afford to replace them with the next style! I just got a new, adorable skirt for only $20!!! It is my new favorite and I want to wear it to church every SUnday (but I will hold back and switch things up a bit for the sake of variety)

  82. I confess that I am a "plus sized" girl, and they really have cute clothes that would fit me. Thanks for the entry!

  83. I have been buying 'Down East Basics' for My 2 girls & myself for about 3 years now! I love their style & appreciate they are getting more fashion forward with each new season; while still maintaining their integrity by providing modest & affordable apparel. I love their fashion pieces (dresses, skirts, blazers- best) but also are a great resource for basics (T's & Cami's- in sooooo many colors!) I am really excited to try their new Jeans they will be debuting soon (they were posted on their site for over 2 weeks as coming soon... now they are not up at all- maybe that means they are getting close to listing them! Yeah!!!)

  84. I like the women's My True Love Top and the Sabbatical Skirt. I also like the Girls Best Buds Skirt and Mini Classic Tee.

  85. I've been slowly acquiring Down East pieces into my fact, I'm wearing the short sleeve cardi today! Not only are the clothes cute and stylish, but affordable too. And perfece for our office casual culture. Sooo glad I found this line!

    Personal faves - 3/4 sleeve top, short sleeve cardi and prep school tee.

  86. I absolutely love Down East Basics. I live in California and it's pretty difficult to find modest clothing that is cute and stylish. I love that I can go online and get cute pieces at a great price. The latest pieces are just adorable! I wish that I could get them all and redo my whole wardrobe.

  87. I heart Downeast Basics!! I find myself thumbing through their catalogs over and over again, pressing down the corners of pages of outfits that I want and love. And I love that they have styles to fit and flatter anyone.

  88. What a great find! It's nice to find cute, modest clothing at a great price - I'll be checking it out soon. :) BTW, it's been kinda hard to see the clothing that you're modeling - ie today's pic: I mainly see your face, which is always nice to see, of course, but it would be great to see the clothes on a "real person". Just my 2 cents. :)

  89. You introduced me to Layers Clothing and now DownEast Basics! Thank you. I like to look good, but I thrive on comfort, also! DownEast Clothing is nice looking, priced right and looks comfy!
    Please count me in. Many thanks, Cindi

  90. I just discovered Down East not long ago and I really like their styles and their priced. I almost got something for my mom for her birthday but ended up getting her a granddaughter calendar instead (honestly I think she liked that better).

  91. DownEast is one of my favorite stores for fashion. I love the way the clothes look and fit on me. The dresses and skirts are always cute,cute,cute.:) Thank you for making shopping fun!

  92. My favorite dress right now is a Downeaster. It expands when I expand, and gratefully contracts now that I am beginning to go in that blessed direction. The trouble is, it's about the only thing in my closet that fits me through this transition! Choose me and I'll have another change of clothes, plus a great gift for a favorite niece!

    [chanting] DownEAST! DownEAST! DownEAST!

  93. I checked out the Downeast Basics website...and they have some really cute things! Also, their prices are totally reasonable. Thanks!

  94. i absolutely love downeast basics! we live in the east but everytime we go home to the west- downeast is an absolute must stop!! i love being able to get quality, modest, cute and affordable clothing!!!! i live in downeast all yr round. and i can't wait to start dressing my little girl in downeast for girls! thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  95. I am a big fan of DownEast Basics, I love their layers collection and the only dress I own is from there, it receives many compliments.
    The beauty of DownEast really is being able do dress "cutely", quickly, and easily, without looking cheaply.

  96. The corduroy skirt is one of my favorites. I also like several of the shirts they recently came out with. Their clothes are a great investment.

  97. I really love Downeast Basics, they usually have some really cute yet fashionable items in their line. Maybe I am just fashion illiterate, but I still wear a dress I got from them about three years ago! I still love it, it's one of my favorite dresses to wear. Do you think that is more acceptable now, to be a little eclectic and wear 'out of style' fashion? Within reason of course. :)

  98. I didn't know you are a little bit country! Where did that come from? I love the top and sweater though. I am not country but I could really pull this off! Love it!

  99. DownEast Basics is one of my favorite stores! All of there clothes are stylish and modest, which I love! Just wish this working college student had more money in her budget for clothes, cuz I would definitely spend it here! Could definitely use a new outfit from here for when school starts, thank you for this opportunity.

  100. I am such a big fan of Down East! I love their fall line- fall is my favorite season and I think it would be so fun to wear some cute riding boots with the cord skirt!

  101. I adore Downeast. I am LDS( Mormon)and we try to be really modest. These clothes offer that! I love feeling covered up yet stylish. The tees are so comfortable and great to wear anywhere. I love when they come out with new things and these are definitely mom friendly clothes too...not too much baggage. :) I would love to win a new outfit. It is time for a new one anyways. Thanks!!!!

  102. I agree! The clothes are seasonal but I love them all the same! I have outfits for each season from DownEast and wear a wonder tee or cami every single day! Their clothes just get better and better every season!

  103. Oh, you have featured my two most wanted items right now, the School Belle top and the Short Story sweater! I just love Down East and would LOVE to win an outfit! I only wish there was a store near me, on second thought, maybe it's good there is not ;)

  104. I love DownEast Basics! I especially love their undershirts. I've had mine for a few years and they are still holding strong!

  105. I've always been hard to "pigeonhole" too. I like people - all different kinds of people, and I like to be able to dress according to my mood that day - sometimes it's preppy, sometimes it's not! Anyway - I like places like this that are affordable enough that you can pick up a piece or two that is maybe "different" than what you would normally wear without breaking the bank. Of course... I normally check out thrift stores for these kinds of finds :)

  106. The skirts that Down East Basics offers can be added as staples to any wardrobe. From the simple one color skirt to the more fun filled patterned skirts one could dress an outfit up or down.

  107. I LOVE DownEast!! I feel that their style is simple with a little extra pep. Very wearable day to day or for something a little more. I really really like their WonderTees for layers and graet coverage under anything. And wow on their prices!

  108. We have three kids who are in need of fall and winter clothes, and I could use a few new items myself.

  109. i love downeast basics. as a woman with a long torso, i depend on their long tank tops and wonder tees to keep my wardrobe modest. there prices are amazing, especially when compared to other companies that sell similar items. they make shopping delightful.

  110. What a great post. I love their skirts, and shirts. I too love the courdoroy skirt and tuxedo shirt, and the philosophy top! What great prices too!

  111. very cute stuff - i love the maternity line....although i must be even more of a penny pincher because i spend even less than that on clothes =)

    autumn398 @

  112. The clothing is so cute and I love that it is affordable. Thanks for introducing me to this company. I'm loving the Tuxedo dress.

  113. Have you been reading my mind? I have a lot of these same outfits on my list to buy after I have this baby in October! I love Downeast.

  114. I love downeast basics. Especially the dresses. And the skirts. Okay, the shirts too. If it was within my grasp I would buy the whole store!

  115. WOW I love that they have plus size clothing. The girls line is soo cute. My kids will fight over that (if I win!).

  116. I think I tend to be a little more conservitive in my clothing, but I love the skirts and dresses from DownEast Basics. And I find myself drawn to the "look" of the 1930's. It's always good to have a reason to break out of my clothing rut!

    PS I am going to send this info to my friend who is very stylish...I have a feeling she will LOVE this company.

  117. That is a cute website. I have never heard of it before. I am sure I will go their again when I have money to spend!

  118. So funny. I am the same way. I really enjoy preppy type clothing, but I also like other styles, too. No one has ever really been able to put any kind of label on me.


  119. What adorable clothing. I've never even heard of Down East Clothes before - surprise, surprise! I love the girls stuff too. I love how you always have cute pictures of yourself on your site. How do you find time to take all of those? I would love to win and thanks for giving us the heads up on this fantastic sit.e

  120. Down East clothes are so comfortable and easy to wear. I was in a mall last month that had a DEB store where I first saw there girls clothes. Adorable little skirts!

  121. I love the clothes from Down East Basics, not only are they comfortable, but their affordable and just simple and gorgeous. Perfect for every day wear and a mom on the go.

  122. I found a dress on their website that I would love to own and from there I went crazy. They have great stuff! I like the shirt you're wearing too- sexy secretary or something like that? :)

  123. Affordable clothes is the way to go. I do not spend a lot on clothes at all.

    That connect the dot dress is adorable. I would want it in yellow and it would be a cute dinner dress in Jamaica wouldn't you say? hee hee

  124. I love finding out about great clothing sites! This one will for sure be saved as a favorite, thank you so much. They have the basics plus super cute dressy stuff. As is the case with most mom, my wardrobe has taken a backseat to the kiddos. I would LOVE to with this so I could get myself something cute and *GASP* new!!!

  125. What great clothes and even better prices! Love that they carry such a huge line too with plus and maternity sizes as well.

  126. I love your hair! Staying on topic, I like these clothes. They are different from so many other styles, trendy yet classic, thanks for the chance to win.

  127. I think it's so much fun to find "seasonal" items to perk up the staples you have in your closet. These look like fun and are quite dressy too!

  128. Oooh, I just looked at the site, and there's some cute stuff there that I like AND I could wear to work! I love it. And I want it.

  129. I love that corduroy skirt pictured in your post. I think that would be the perfect fall item! Paired with a cute sweater... Doesn't seem like we could ever wear it in the desert, but since we are moving (temporarily) to the midwest, it might be just the thing!!!
    I was cleaning out all my old boxes of stuff from when I lived with my parents, and stumbled across MANY letters from you in highschool. Remember how we used to write notes to each other in class? Were we supposed to be paying attention!? Whatever. And I have a photo for you... it makes me smile to look at it.

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