Fashion Finds: for the uber-stylish, eco-friendly activist

I am an environmentalist.


Perhaps not in the stereotypical sense.

  • I don't march in "save the whales" rallies (but I do think animal cruelty should be put to in end).
  • I'm not a vegetarian (but I do eat vegetarian meals several times a week).
  • I shower every single day (but I try to keep my showers short to conserve water).
  • I don't hug trees (but I do like to climb them and I do like to sit in their shade).

All in all, I care about the earth. I think it's important to conserve energy, to recycle, to live simply, to enjoy nature.

I want to be conscientious about keeping the world clean and unpolluted for my kids and their kids and all future generations.


El Naturalista Shoes is "an international shoe brand that makes comfortable and fashionable footwear inspired by nature and people." What this boils down to is that the company uses the least harmful materials in the production of shoes. They use natural dyes and recycled materials as often as possible. Cool, don't you think?

The shoes pictured above are the Iggdrasil clogs ($150). They are stylish and they stand out. I always get compliments when I wear them because they don't look like something you'd pick up at Target or even Nordstrom. They are unique in a totally modern and fashionable way. Plus, they're comfortable too.

logo.elnaturalistaWIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Iggdrasil clogs ($150) from El Naturalista in the size/color of her choice. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, August 16th at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #101 Cindi. Congratulations!

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234 comments on “Fashion Finds: for the uber-stylish, eco-friendly activist”

  1. Absolutely terrific! I think saving the earth is so important, because, well, it's the Earth! Hehe . I like the duna ones

  2. I was amazed at how many colors the Iggdrasil clogs are available in! I would love to have a pair in LILA. Normally, I wouldn't choose to have a purple pair of shoes, but after flipping through the color palette, it was my favorite. These look so super comfortable. I love the story of the tree of Iggdrasil...especially the sentence 'The branches of Iggdrasil were so long that they encompassed the whole world'....fantastic story (and fantastic shoes).

  3. I, like you, try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I use green cleaning products and recycle and do whatever else I can. In the current economy I haven't been able to buy any of the new eco-friendly clothing but I totally love these shoes! If I had the cash I wouldn't even wait to see if I won the contest. Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. I love these shoes. They are very stylish and I love that they are made with materials that are environmentally friendly. I try to use products that don't harm the environment.

  5. I have never seen any shoes like this! These look so cute and comfy! Clogs are my favorites cause they are the most comfortable shoes of all!~

  6. I love the idea of using recycled material in shoes. It is so practical, because everyone needs shoes. I like the natural dyes too. A few years ago my kids were in a nursery school that asked parents to bring in Easter eggs colored using only natural ingredients. I thought that was so silly, but once we started doing the coloring using onions and cabbage and stuff it was really fun. It is amazing what vibrant colors you can achieve from natural ingredients.

  7. those are super cute and they have some really cool looking shoes i also like the sorbet Nasca i have never seen shoes like that but they look so cool and stylish :)

  8. It was fun to go to their site and see how it looked in all the different colors. I love the brown combo! They also have the CUTEST purse on their site. Thanks so much!

  9. I think so many people forget how little they can do to preserve the environment. I suggest starting small. Thank you. THose shoes look amazing.

  10. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of clogs, especially eco-friendly carefully crafted clogs like these from El Natura Lista, they are fabulous! I visited the website and wow, it is amazing how many beautiful colors they are available in! I loved learning about their company's policies and that they make sure that all suppliers, factories, agents and sales personnel must be strongly committed to our earth friendly practices. That makes this company and their products all that more appealing! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  11. My absolute favorite pair of shoes are my red leather clogs that I have had for nearly 15 years. Earth clogs, I got them from Wal-mart!! Everytime I put them on now I have to decide if its the last time or not. Although friends have told me it is way past. So like everyone else here I am wishing and hoping that this international shoe makes its way to my mailbox.

    Thank you!

  12. I really like it when a company combines comfort, style and is also environmentally caring. These clogs are adorable and I love the bright colors!

  13. I can see why you get compliments on them. Very cute and different.

    I am like you- I try to do my part but not in an obnoxious, overboard way.

  14. These shoes are soooooo dang adorable & the fact that they are ECO-friendly is really great, anything to help our environment, puts a smile on my face!

    Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  15. These are great looking shoes that look very comfortable. I'm all for comfort and can see myself wearing these all of the time.

  16. These are so cute and def very modern! I was surprised by how many different colors they were available in!

  17. Love the style in the colors Lila or Tibet...these would be so great for wearing in the fall! I'm telling my age, but I've worn clogs since 1971 (Yes...hippie time!)and even now wear soft clog type slippers by a brand you'd recognize (they don't pay me, so I won't advertise them!), I wear them all the time, all day in the house because I don't want to step on or hurt any of my 3 precious cats!

  18. What amazing shoes! Your review was spot-on; these don't look like anything you'd get at Target or even Nordstrom! I love the Nasca collection, particularly the Mary Janes in Brown!

  19. I think that these fashonable comfortable shoes can be worn year round! I like the Tibet color! I can not wear the pointed toed shoes so this would be great as well as environmentally friendly! thanks! [email protected]

  20. I haven't seen any like this before! They are very neat! I would love to give them a try! I love to slip on shoes! And the colors are all cool too!

  21. They are very cute and I'm glad to hear they are comfortable. I'm all about comfort these days rather than being a slave to fashion. It's great that they are "green" too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Those are great! I have never seen clogs with anything other than the normal scoop at the top. With your jeans covering the top part it looks like V neck clogs!
    I love their variety of colors, thank you for the giveaway and the new shoe shopping ideas!

  23. I love shoes and I'm always looking for a new pair to add to my collection. Unfortunately, with our budget, I haven't added much to the collection in a while. But here's my chance! Thanks. Heather

  24. I love clogs! Especially the name! The story behind it is so wonderful :) I love how natural and comfortable the clogs look, and I *love* the pattern on the sole!

  25. I love the look of the sole of the shoes and the colors and styles are great; not to mention, the fact that they're eco-friendly.

  26. I also do not go over-board regarding the environment. Yes, I care about the effect we are all having on it, but now lots of people are getting involved like it is a fad or something. I think it is always important not to waste, not just when "everyone else is doing it". There are small things everyone can do that add up to a lot.

    BTW, cute shoes too :)

  27. cute shoes, I would have a hard time picking the color, I love the sky blue, cortesa cedro and the green. I think it is great the company is eco-friendly!

  28. I like the fact that they are unique and look very comfortable. The sizing chart had me somewhat puzzled... ;)

  29. I think it's great that they use the least harmful materials in the production of shoes and natural dyes and recycled materials as often as possible. It would be nice to hear about more companies that cared about the environment this much.

  30. I love the pair you have on, Tibet, I think? I would love those but I think Corteza cedro would give me more use. These shoes look so cute and comfy. I love the decorative stitching.

  31. WOW! That was a luscious viewing pleasure! Looking at all of those great shoes! I LOVE them ALL! The leathers look so soft and comfortable, I want to jump and put my feet in. The colors available for each style are SO creative, LOVE IT! Thanks!

  32. Love the shoes. I've been looking into eco-friendly shoes lately and have found a few that I like but can't afford them. I have started to buy eco-friendly products in other aspects of my life (when I can) and would love to add these shoes to my wardrobe! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. The dark purple and the green both look nice. They look super comfy too. Might even tear me away from my flip flops. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  34. What a great eco-friendly company with terrific products -- the shoes, as you said, really are very stylish and unique. I'd love the chance to win a pair for my mom, who's definitely fond of hip shoes and clogs in particular -- plus she just broke her leg, so a new pair of great-looking comfortable shoes might be just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the chance!

  35. I admire any company that seeks to help the environment! At our house we recycle, shop at thrift shops, swap books and magazines with friends, and bike as much as possible!

  36. I do think it's cool that they use natural dyes and recycled materials as often as possible. I also recycle and do all I can to go green. I would love to win these shoes from this company!

  37. Cute shoes and I DIG the red. Those are fashionable and stand out in a cute way. Wearing those when I do my Christmas walk around with my best friend this holiday season would be wonderful!

  38. I've never heard of Iggdrasil clogs before reading your blog, and I am extremely intrigued! Thanks for giving us a chance to win a pair!

  39. These are really awesome shoes! They are at a price point that would make it difficult for me to purchase them, though (I'm definitely more of a $20-40 shoe gal). But what a great win this would be!

  40. oh I agree with you those clogs are stylish and who wouldnt want to be the new owner of a pair, I know I would, thanks.

  41. Wow! I love the fun red shoes with the contrast stitching in whimsical patterns. personally, i heart the organico boot with fun leather criss-crosses and a great traction grip on the sole. the yummy stylish colors used and eco-conscious efforts of this company are wonderful.

  42. I love these clogs (and clogs in general, honestly!) and I LOVE that they are created in a way that's respectful of the planet and people.

  43. I looked at the elnaturalista site and saw so many cute shoes. The ones that I liked the best are Ikebana I bet all the shoes they carry are comfortable.

    Thank you so much


  44. I like the little bit of stitching detail on these. Understated enough to be cute and dress them up but not look folky.

  45. I had never heard of this company before...they look so comfortable, especially most of their autumn/winter collection. If only it would start cooling down here in Tucson!

  46. They're so cute. I love them in the lighter brown. They'd go with so much. You could even wear them with socks and jeans in the fall.

  47. LOVE the fact that these clogs are made with recycled rubber and polyurethane and natural dyes. Also that they follow fair employment policies and support important social causes. And the clogs? Cute, cute, cute!!

  48. I'm also concious of the environment, but more in the ways you are. These clogs are so stinkin' cute. I haven't seen a pair of shoes in awhile that were uniquely cute that I could get a lot of use out of like these are. Man, I am seriously hoping for a win on this one!

  49. The clogs are unique and cute. I really like the green-musgo color without a strap in the Iggdrasil line. Although, when I got to the El Naturalista site, I spent a few minutes looking around. Very cool colors and designs that you don't see anywhere else.

  50. These shoes are perfect and look so comfortable.
    I love that they would go with so many things that I own from a skirt to jeans.
    I also love the fact that there are so many colors to choose from.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  51. I like these in red, I think they would look great with my jeans. I like the fact that that company is environmentally friendly, that is a super plus for me.

  52. Wow, I love those! Shoes are my favorite thing in the whole world. I've never had to ask my husband if a pair of shoes makes me look fat. 'Nuff said.

  53. I am starting to love red shoes! They are just too cute! I would love a pair of new shoes. What girl really doesn't want a new pair of shoes!

  54. I love love love love love love love shoes! Did I mention I love shoes? teehee I am a total shoe-a-holic. Someday I dream of having a whole closet filled with shoes. I'll have to check out those clogs. They look super cute!

  55. I'm a clog fan. I received my first pair when I was 12 and its been a love affair since then.

    I like the Tibet's. If they fit true to size, I'm a 42. If you have to size up, I'm a 43.

    Hope I win. My doggies have the yen for clogs.

  56. I LOVE clogs! They're my favorite shoe choice for fall. Thanks for the chance.
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. i glanced at their website, they have so many styles to pick from...i live at the beach so it's very hard for me like to wear shoes excpt to work,so i really like the sandal /thongs style but i have been waering clogs since before it was the stands out

  58. These shoes are darling! High quality shoes are the one and only thing in my wardrobe that I feel justified buying new & spending top dollar on. I have a fabulous pair of Keens that I live in, but could use another cute go-to pair!

  59. These shoes are too cute!! I am always looking for comfortable, durable shoes that will sustain all the walking we do in our big city!!

  60. Those are really cute shoes. I checked out the website and I like that they come in a lot of different colors, that way even if a lot of people end up with them the chances of everyone having the same color is slim.

  61. I learn so much by reading your site! These shoes are fabulous and ones I, my family and friends would love. Thanks, Cindi

  62. How cute are those! So, I totally thought I love love loved the red ones (and I do) but then I clicked over and saw the green ones. I'm such a sucker for green. And you know, it would be somewhat appropriate, "green" green shoes. Make sense?

  63. The clogs are lovely and I expect I'd get lots of use out of them. I have been much more earth concious recently...

  64. I love these clogs. I'm an environmentalist too... not a tree-hugging, sign waving, protest march walking "save the whales" kind of girl, but I spend a lot of time in the outdoors and I always take a trash bag with me and try to leave it better than I found it. Also I recycle and buy "free-market" or "green" products as often as possible.

  65. I am so loving these shoes and I really like the website. The Nasca shoes are really great. Another cool company!

  66. I really like clogs, they are so comfortable and easy to slip on! I think I'd end up picking the black ones--not as thrilling but I'd be able to wear them with virtually everything! :)

  67. Our "green"ness level is about the same as yours. We do garden and compost, and I try to limit my trips into town. I love these clogs, and would take Skimo in size 40. Thanks

  68. These look cool. If they're really comfy I might choose white to wear them to work (nurse). I'm also digging the pair in Cuero. Lots of color choices, hard to pick.

  69. I have never had a pair of clogs, they look like they would be great to walk in. I would love to try a pair

  70. Wow,when I think clogs I normally don't think stylish but the iggdrasil are cute. Love them in the grey color!

  71. I'm all about comfy shoes. I usually only wear slippers or go around in bare feet since I work from home but I like to quickly slip something comfy on before I go outside. These shoes look interesting.

  72. There are El Naturalista stores in:
    Santa Monica
    Paris and...

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  73. I appreciate your philosophy on earth friendliness. I am pretty similar in my outlook--do what you can, when you can, and don't stress about the difference.

    These clogs are darling! Your red ones would really bring a smile around here. :)

  74. Oh wow. What I love about them is that they do look so unique. And they have a ton of great styles on their site - thanks for telling us about them!

  75. I've worn clogs for years and years. Even when they weren't in style. I try to find unique styles that set me apart and these clogs do just that. I especially like the N096 in brown.

  76. I LOVE these shoes. I just checked out their website and they really have a great selection of styles!

  77. Love love love the shoes! I like the way they look in the pic of you cross-legged.

    I like your description of "environmentalist." Sounds just like someone I know! ;)

  78. I love clogs. They make my life so easy in the cold three seasons where I live. There's always a pair by the door. And by the way, you're super cute in those red ones!!

  79. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win! My name is Aimee and I am a clog-aholic. Most of my shoes are either clogs or some version thereof. Whenever I am shopping for shoes (even if I know I need to buy sneakers or heels), I am ALWAYS drawn to the clogs. It's an addiction, I'm convinced. Seriously, I really want to win these clogs...they are SO adorable. And the best part (in my opinion) is that they are eco-friendly!

  80. Those are sooooooo fun! I wish the sole was smooth though. I feel like the tops of the shoes are cute enough to wear with dressier outfits but the cracked-looking base restricts them to casual wear. I'd still love to try a pair! Choosing just one color would be a challenge! I like the green, the red, and the grey.

  81. I love those clogs. They are so different from anything we have around here. I like the cuero color. Thanks for offering such a great pair of clogs!!

  82. These clogs are gorgeous they look like works of art that you wear on your feet. The array of styles that they have are beautiful, each with their unique character. The fact that El Naturalista is an eco-conscious company makes these shoes doubly wonderful. Anyone who owns a pair of these should definitely feel great wearing them, as they not only stand out but on their site it says that they have anatomical breathable insoles and a very neat comfort last to make sure that your foot is supported properly. Footwear that is good for your feet and posture is so important (I would know I have had a number of foot problems) but footwear that looks good while doing it is even better. Would love to slip my feet into a pair.

  83. Looks like a shoe I used to wear in my Berkeley days a vendor sold on Telegraph Ave - many many moons ago. Love the save mother earth philosophy and would proudly wear these shoes on a daily basis. Just beautiful!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  84. I havent had clogs since I was a kid and would really love a pair again to be honest i didnt even know they still made them

  85. i like them very much. even the gray and purple colors look good! :) i do my bit to make earth more green! i have started hanging clothes out in the sun (in the backyard) rather than use gas dryers.

    but yea.i dont go around hugging trees either!

  86. When I first saw your photo on this post I thought...gosh, I hope she is giving away those cute red shoes! Yippee! Now all I have to do is win.

  87. Those are really cute shoes - and I love the color you are wearing. I find that some of the more eco friendly brands aren't quite so cute.

    I struggle to find ways to tread lightly without overwhelming myself. We've been teaching Sabrina about recycling since we FINALLY got a recycling drop off center in our town (and no curb side - how weird is that in this day and age?).

  88. When it comes to being eco-friendly, I really believe that every little bit helps. I try to recycle as much as possible, make sensible purchases, cut down on waste, etc. Just being aware of these things goes halfway toward making a big difference.

  89. I can't believe the range of colors they come in! Really snazzy. And even more impressive that they're Earth-friendly. I like the Organico and Ambar best.

  90. I don't own any eco-friendly clothes or shoes yet, so these would be great! I'm always trying to do something to be friendlier to the earth.

  91. I guess I'm an environmentalist, too. Your description fits me, except for the climbing trees part. The shoes look adorable, and I'm all for comfortable shoes!

  92. I LOVE those shoes! I'm going back to school and I would love a pair of these for my new wardrobe. All my shoes are so old, and the quality of Dansko has gone down since I bought my pair. Plus, I like to be as earth-conscious as I can.

  93. We are moving from the desert to the midwest, and I have NO closed toed shoes!!! Isn't that incredible? I am just hoping that the weather stays warm enough for me to go bargain hunting... We'll see! These are super cute shoes.

  94. These shoes look like a dream. I could totally wear these at work walking through the hallways at my new school. I simply love the black with the stitching with jeans or skirts.

  95. I love the shoe style. They look so comfortable. I like the Corteza Cedro color the best. My feet would love to try a pair of these.

  96. Those are very cute. One can never have enough fun pairs of shoes and you look spicy in red! At quick glance, these remind me of my Dansko shoes. So comfortable, go with everything and last forever!

  97. I'm glad you didn't ask us to find our favorite shoe from this company, because the photo sold them for me. What cute red shoes. Thank you so much for sharing, and perhaps I'll find myself adding a new shoe to the's to wishing.

  98. I like the Arrecife in black size 40. I too like to live simply, and I love nature. I enjoy birds, fireflies, dragonflies and butterflies. Thank you for the giveaway.

  99. What cute shoes, and I love all the colors they offer!! The lavendar ones are so cute, but I'd love the basic black, just because they would go great with all different things!!! And they look really comfy too! Perfect to just slide your foot in and go!!! Great giveaway!!

  100. It is nearly impossible to find comfortable shoes plus ones that look great! I'm back and work and these sound perfect for those long hours on my feet.

  101. I'm in desperate need for some fall shoes, and I'm definitely leaning towards eco-friendly purchases these days. These are so adorable, and I'm thinking they'd become my go-to shoes, if I were lucky enough to win them. :) :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Those shoes look cute and comfy! Since I'm 8 months pregnant... my shoe of choice lately is flip flops. But I know I'll get back to my cute and comfy and fashionable shoes in a couple of months and these would be perfect!

  103. Every color that they have is so cute. I have been fortunate to be a sahm for several months with my first child but am headed back to work soon full-time. These would be perfect for work or for the weekends. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  104. I can see why you get compliments, these are totally cute. I'd love to win a pair.

    I'm pretty much like you too with the earth stuff, I try to do stuff to keep the world in good "condition" if you want to say that. Some things come natural to us anyway and are just better for our lifestyle making us a little more "eco-friendly".

  105. I feel the same way as you. I'm not a crunchy tree hugger, but I do care about the earth, animals, and people around me.

    I do what I feel is good for us and the world around us. I'm somewhere in the middle.


  106. I LOVE these shoes!!! While these days I generally am sporting the flip flops, my preference when it gets cooler is shoes more on the funky side. I am also an environmentalist and try to do everything I can to protect and replenish the earth and I love that these shoes are not only cute but also eco friendly. We cloth diaper, use recycled materials when available, use eco friendly products, eat mostly organic, conserve water and have just shed one of our cars for a moped so that we can use less gas and decrease our footprint on the earth. I hope someday my children will look back and say to their children that grandma was part of the generation that started the to replenish the earth so that they could inherit a better planet.

  107. Well, I like clogs a lot, but these are definitely cuter than ordinary. El Naturalista has a whole bunch of styles that I'd love to own. I've bookmarked their site.

  108. how very unusual! an attractive clog and comfortable, this is not your everyday type of shoe.
    i really like these.

  109. Very cute! I love reading your blog to find such cool products! I notice your wearing the shoes in the nursing clothing pics too =)

    autumn398 @

  110. This is usually more than I spend on shoes but these look so comfortable and something I'd wear every day. I love that you chose red. Such a fun splash of color to add to a boring mom outfit of jeans and tee. Not that YOU look boring...I meant I look boring. know what I mean! ;)

  111. Happy Sunday,

    I could sport those shoes! The red is smashingly fun.

    I have been trying to be more green lately, especially with personal care products and cleaners. Our bodies get so bogged down with toxins and unnatural bi-products of most facial, body, and home care products.

    As usual, thanks for the tip on a great product and your unique insights.

  112. I have a pair of red clogs from Hannah Anderson that have seen better days...I'd love to win some new ones! :)

  113. I can see me wanting a pair of clogs in every color. These clogs are simply adorable! I like how they have a Fall/Winter collection as well as a Spring/Summer collection.

    thinkingbrain135 at gmail dot com

  114. I love El Naturalista and they are very stylish as well as being eco-friendly. I hope they catch on and become a new trend!

  115. These are really cute and look super comfy too. I like that the out sole is made from recycled materials.

  116. I've never been a fan of clogs but I've changed my mind now. Love them and I'd want the brown so I could wear them every day. They do look incredibly comfortable too.

  117. What cute shoes. I really like the brown ones although the green are cute also.... Love the stitching on them.
    Love that they are enviroment friendly.

  118. ...sorry! I don't live "outside"! TYPO I live in a small town outside of Grand Rapids in South West Michigan. That sounded weird! I hope you laughed as hard as I did when I read that!

  119. Stephanie!!!
    I followed the link to the El Naturalista Shoes site. WOW! How adorable! I live in a mini city outside in SW Michigan and rarely get the opportunity to shop for things like this at the retail level. (internet only for me) I thought that the entire line was really cute, colorful and looked extremely comfortable. I have 4 kids that I have to keep up with both fashion wise and physically so I'll be visiting this site again. I'm glad I ran into your blog!
    PS: Great looking family.
    Sara C

  120. What cute shoes. How cool that the company does what they can to be green. I keep reminding myself that I need a new pair of brown shoes before I head back to school (I'm a teacher) at the end of the month. These in brown would work perfectly!

  121. Those shoes are uber cute! I'm usually not a clog person, but I would love to give these a try :D
    And the fact that they are environmentally friendly is a super plus for me.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  122. Normally clogs look funny or old lady-ish but these are adorable! I would totally rock them daily! I love the green ones too!

  123. These shoes are adorable, and so unique! I can't believe how many color options there are. I think the Sky Blue would be adorable with dark jeans, but my favorite is the Green.

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