Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited

Tim's typical "uniform" is jeans and a dress shirt - for most anywhere we go.

Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 1 Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 2 Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 3

I like his "signature style" a lot (he'd never call it that, by the way...but it is what it is). He looks put-together, professional, and down-to-earth - all at the same time.

One of his favorites shirts is the Newport by 191 Unlimited, a relatively new (est. 2002) boutique designer that specializes in button-up shirts for men and boys (they also sell tees, skinny ties, and bottoms). The shirts have a great fit and unique detailing, which set them apart from the run-of-the-mill pieces you will find in shopping malls.

I'm going to highlight pieces from the Sale section of the website because they're better-priced (and still in-season).

All Men's Sale Shirts currently retail for $59 (regular price = $89).

Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 4 Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 5Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 6

The boys shirts are equally awesome...and some of them are made to "match" dad's shirts (note that the third one is a "mini" version of the Newport):

Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 7 Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 8 Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 9

Side Note: If my grandpa is reading this right now, he is totally shaking his head from side-to-side and saying, "those boys need to get a haircut!" ;)

Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited 10WIN IT! One winner will receive a button-up shirt of his/her choice from 191 Unlimited. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* 191 Unlimited sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 shirt for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #55 Meg T. Congratulations!

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145 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: 191 Unlimited”

  1. These shirts are so cute! My husband has lost over 30 pounds since the beginning of the year and is in need of new clothes. He would look awesome in this as his new skinnier self.

  2. These are really nice looking shirts. Great styles. I would love one for my Husband. Thanks for the chance.


  3. These shirts look terrific. I would like to see my husband in some great new clothes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I checked out their site, and they have some great shirts for boys. I could see my son wearing these.

  5. My husband usually wears jeans and a polo shirt in the summer. Winter he switched to jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

    -My grandpa would have told those kids to get a hair cut too!

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  6. My husband absolutely needs a shirt. None of his fit anymore or else he manages to stain them :) He would really like the dark one on the end

  7. great looking shirts, i've never heard of 191 unlimited before

    oh, and youre right, those boys do need a trip to the barber

  8. My husband wears dress shirts for work and he is always looking for somethig not so cookie cutter. I think he would love these

  9. My fiance loves wearing button down shirts also. Most of the week he wears tshirts but his more dressy look is the button down! He would love these.

  10. I love that they have matching shirts for boys! Your hubby's look is just as you described it too, by the way.

  11. Every man needs a nice dress shirt they can grab out of the closet and know it's going to look good! Unfortunately, my man is not one of them.

  12. I don't believe I've ever worn a shirt that costs $90. I have, however, often wondered if such a shirt is worth the price it carries... :)

  13. It would be great to be able to get matching shirts for my husband and son, we are doing family portraits next month.

  14. The boys shirts are absolutely adorable, how cute for a dress up occasions or family photos. I especially like the boys Triumph shirt.

  15. great looking shirts. My husband likes to dress nice too. He says your clothes reflect what others think of you.

  16. The tried and truth shirt is a great look, but I worry my 21 year old and 17 year old will "borrow" it.

  17. The shirts are great for my trendy husband. I know he'd like them. As soon as my son cares a little more about his style (he's 11) I know he would want to dress like his dad. Thanks!

  18. I have never heard of this brand before. After checking out their site, I've signed up for their mailing list because they have stylish products for "young and old". Thanks!

  19. My guy isn't exactly a snappy dresser, so getting him a nice shirt for the rare occasion that he needs one would be great. 191 Unlimited does look like they have quality craftsmanship garments. Thanks.

  20. I love these shirts, my husband could really use a nice dress shirt! I'd love to give him one for Father's day!

  21. My son would like to just wear tshirts every day. Mom would like to see him dress up occasionally.

  22. My husband always seems to need new clothes & these shirts look great. He would be so happy to win one & he would wear it well.

  23. I love the "No Place Like Home", but I think my husband would resist wearing it. ;-) He'd be much more comfortable in any of the others. And the boys' shirts are really stylish too.

  24. These shirts are also perfect for a little "dressed up" look (compared to the typical t-shirts) for two upcoming weddings we will be attending. They look great and perfect for dressing up or down!

  25. Oh I love that first shirt on the left (in the "for dad's" photo). That would look GREAT on my husband. Thanks for sharing this new company; I wasn't familiar with them previously.

  26. We are SO ready for some shirts that don't come from a retailer whose name ends in 'mart'. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. One of these would surely help jazz up hubby's wardrobe. He has a tendency to pick the most ghastly shirts!

  28. I can't get past the names on these bad boys, haha--They make shopping for men sound...well, masculine!

  29. I really like these shirts,and can't wait to browse more of them. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  30. These shirts look very nice. I love it when guys wear a nice shirt with jeans as a signature look. It's so classy but not stuck up. :)

  31. I love that these shirts have the trendy hip look without looking like a Beiber look alike!! Ha! My husband would look super in one!

  32. I love their shirts. I have never shopped there before though. I want to get some shirts for the guys at home.

  33. Well, I like the one called "Bad Chemistry". Hilarious! Unfortunately I doubt these would fit... why can't designers make shirts in tall sizes? :(

  34. There is nothing cuter that matching Dads and their boys! I am always trying to coordinate outfits for church on Sundays or when we go out as a family...it's hard to find exact matches! This would be a totally fun gift for my husband (and my son, AND me!).

  35. These shirts are awesome, my husband still wears ones from high school- so yes, this would be awesome to have

  36. My favorite is the Men's "Worthy Opponent" - Style: SS139 - $89.00 - they look like they are great quality fabric and would last for years compared to department store brand shirts.

  37. My husband used to wear a plaid just like the "bottle rocket" and I've been searching for it. Hooray. His old one is as thin as tissue paper now. Thanks!

  38. This would be great for my husband OR my Dad. Both are always looking for nice new dress shirts, and these look great.

  39. I'm getting ready to start a new job (where I need to look spiffy all day every day). This would help me out a lot. Thanks!

  40. I love a cool patterned button-up shirt worn with jeans..one of my favorite looks for a man. And you all obviously don't have boys of preteen and teenage years because that hair is short compared to most!!! Darn Zac Efron!! I threaten to cut my son's hair in his sleep sometimes!!

  41. I like the shirts, but I agree with your grandpa - those boys need some haircuts, or at least some hairbrushes. how can they see anything?

  42. It is hard to find great little boy shirts in stores. These look great and stylish. Thanks for the recommendation.

  43. These shirts are so awesome. I am caught between buying one for my son or husband. Maybe both. I lke the middle one of the mens but some of the boys are cute too.

  44. My husband started his first "real" job a year ago, after finishing grad school. It's getting better, but for the most part his wardrobe still looks like a grad student wardrobe. These shirts would go a long way to making him look more professional.

  45. My husband is generally a t-shirt or polo guy because neither of us want to iron that often. Ha!!
    But, these are cool. I'd love to give him the Dropkick.

  46. Oh, that would be wonderful. My husband wears the same look. I always wonder why he wants to wear long sleeves when it is so hot, but he likes it. I've actually been getting concerned about gifts for him because Father's Day and his birthday are only a couple of days apart.

  47. Love it! My hubby gets into a rut with t-shirts, and it drives me crazy. T-shirts are for teenagers, men should wear button downs!
    (I hope that somehow he is reading this!)

  48. I would totally agree with your Grandpa! We're a boys-have-short-hair kind of a family.

    By the way button-ups = awesome when it comes to men, boys or preschoolers! My little guy looks so put together when he puts on a button-up and it makes it easy on my part. Great giveaway!

  49. Your husband's style and my Dad's style are pretty much identical... except that Daddy doesn't have many jeans so he often wears a button up shirt with whatever colored jean/khaki like pants he happens to grab, unfortunately he doesn't always match... :) But, we love him anyway! (Oh and since Mom won't buy him jeans we girls have been giving him jeans for every occasion so that now he matches more often than not!)

    Hubby usually wears jeans and a pull over shirt so if I won this I'd probably pick the "Bad Chemistry" shirt and give it to my Daddy.

  50. My husband is super skinny. I can count his ribs. Sometimes this makes me jealous, but then I realize that he has so much trouble shopping, he just doesn't do it at all. I'd love to be able to get him something that would fit him just right!

  51. Chris looks great in that style, too! He could also really use some new shirts since his body has changed so much (lost weight and buffed up) over the last couple years. I'd love to get him a great new shirt and stand next to my hottie hubby. :)

  52. We have one of the boys shirts and it looks amazing on my son! I would love to have one for hubby too!

  53. They have little boy clothes too? They are officially my favorite. The husband will definitely love this. I might just give it to him during Military Training graduation if I win this!

    [email protected]

  54. I love that they have little boy clothes too (that are cute) - it's SO hard to find good boy clothing!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  55. That little blond boy looks Oh-So-Not-Thrilled to be where he is...lol!

    Awesome shirts. Can't wait to check out the website!!

  56. My husband's signature style is a dress shirt left open over a Disneyland tshirt with jeans. I love it!

  57. My husband is a SAHD so a nice shirt like this would be considered dressing up for him now. Man I want him to dress up.

  58. I am a big fan of that look as well - the jeans and a dress shirt. It looks so good!!

    My fiance's birthday is in June, so I'm not looking for a Father's Day gift (maybe in a few years...) but I am looking for an awesome birthday gift! A dress shirt is a great idea.

  59. Hm, Noel is more of a polo and khaki shorts guy, but maybe I could talk him into wearing one of these, because I LOVE them! He just has this goal of never having to wear "real shoes" (aka anything but flip flops) when he's not at work, hence the shorts... :)

  60. Ohhh, my husband would look so sexy in one of those shirts. Seriously, I've got a keeper over here. He can wear pretty much anything, but it helps when it's something as cute as these shirts.

  61. I agree with you- the button down shirt always looks so pulled together and down to earth! I am loving the look of these! - and yes, I would agree with your grandpa- those boys need a hair cut!

  62. My son has reach adult sizes. (Insert silent scream.) He'd totally go for something stylin' like this! So I wouldn't use it for Father's Day . . . um, oops?

  63. Your grandpa is awesome! That made me laugh out loud! These shirts are nice! My hubby lives in jeans and t-shirts 98% of the time. The other 2% is spent in long sleeve, button up shirts...when we go somewhere other than Home Depot, grocery shopping, etc. He likes to put on a nice shirt when he has dates with our daughter...that is my favorite!

  64. These shirts are a little pricey, so I doubt that I would have purchased one. However, I appreciate the chance to win one for my Dad to give it a try!

  65. Love these! My husband's style has become so "corporate". He needs to add something great to his wardrobe.

  66. I don't think my husband has ever had a new shirt...he gets them all from goodwill. I'd love to get this, wash it a few times and then give it to him as a "used" gift :) (he'd only love it if he thought it was used) isn't that too funny?

  67. My friends husband has one of these shirts and it looks GREAT on him! The quality is amazing. Would really like to give one of these to my best guy friend. He needs some new clothes (and a new sense of style.. but dont tell him that... ) ;)

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