Father's Day Gift Guide 2010

Father's Day Gift Guide 2010 1

"Daddy is our hero," my 3-year-old announced to her little sister (and to me) a few days ago. She said it with a sparkle in her eyes, a smile on her face, a radiant authenticity in her heart.

"Yes, he is," I agreed solemnly. And I meant it.

Tim is strong, brave, handsome, adventurous, humble, and hard-working.

He would gladly give his life for any of us (I know that with absolute certainty), but...perhaps more importantly...he gives us his LIFE every day. He gives us time. He leads us. He serves us. Yes. He is undeniably our hero.

This gift guide is dedicated to all of the daddy heroes out there - men with solid character, with hearts of gold - men who give and serve without abandon.

Stay tuned for product ideas and giveaways over the next few days. All giveaways will be linked in this master post for your convenience.

All giveaways will end at 11:59pm on Saturday, June 12.

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16 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide 2010”

  1. Your husband sounds like such an inspirational husband. He definitely deserves some Father's Day pampering!

    Cute photo too with the girls.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I did my own editing...which means playing around in PhotoShop until a picture looks the way I want it to. ;)

      I think I need to take a PS class!

  2. Enjoy this time in your journey as parents. It truly is a special season. You are both blessed to have each other!

  3. Not only are you blessed to have Tim as a husband and the father of your girls, he is blessed to have you! I love the love you have for one another and the way you are choosing to live life together...actively loving, serving, teaching, doing...your girls DO take notice. I am so glad you and Tim have each other! And...your littlest one is cruising now!

  4. I always love your gift ideas, either for my hubby or my dad. Have you checked out the "Union 28" website? I want to buy MYSELF a shirt for Father's Day; it reads, "My husband rocks." :)

  5. I love the gift items so far, but mostly I love this post. It tells us a lot about Tim, but it also tells us a lot about you and how you choose to see and praise the good in him. You really are a special family.

  6. I love the example you are setting for your kids. It's great for them to see how much you and Tim really like each other.

  7. I love the way you acknowledge that he would give his life for any of you but then point out that more importantly he gives you his life daily - that is what makes Daddy's hero's!

  8. He must be special indeed, to have the 3 of you ( :
    You always say the nicest things about him, how awesome this must make him feel.

  9. awww...so great to see such wonderful words written about your husband (so much complaining on the web these days!)

    To answer your question about how we are affording to travel around the globe, we didn't use a normal wedding registry, we used honeyfund.com, and we sold everything we owned before we got married, and just saved. We also got jobs on the island of Utila, (where we stayed for 5 weeks) I waited tables and my husband was a dive master.

    Thanks for all the great comments~

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