Father's Day Gift Guide: A Knife by Gerber

For reasons unbeknownst to me, most men like knives, guns, and other weapons.

Tim, for example, was super excited when a box labeled Gerber arrived at our doorstep.

That's Gerber Legendary Blades - the company that has been around since 1939 and is a reputable provider of high-quality knives and tools (not Gerber, the purveyor of smooshed carrots, peas, pears, and sweet potatoes for babies - he wouldn't be near as enthusiastic about that).

Check out these macho Father's Day gift options:

Father's Day Gift Guide: A Knife by Gerber 1The Yari II, for example, is a military-style knife that is impressive to behold. It's designed to be worn on a belt loop, in a MOLLE system, or strapped to a thigh holster mount. It's an ideal gift for any active outdoorsman.

Father's Day Gift Guide: A Knife by Gerber 2The Statesman F.A.S.T.is a sleek and sharp folding pocketknife that is functional enough for everyday use, but stately enough to show off to his friends.

Father's Day Gift Guide: A Knife by Gerber 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a Statesman F.A.S.T. knife ($70) by Gerber. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Gerber sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 knife for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #53 Louis. Congratulations!

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156 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: A Knife by Gerber”

  1. This would be a great fathers day present for my husband, he is a big outdoors guy, and loves gerber, last year we got him a leather man and he carrys it with him everyday. thanks for the chance to win.

  2. My husband always says that he should have a knife because he's Puerto Rican (he doesn't have one) - he is only half-kidding and I guess it's ok for him to say such a non-PC thing since he's talking about himself! Anyway, I know he would think it was really cool to get this.

  3. I never heard of this brand knife. My boyfriend collects Case knives. When I lived in NC there was a man at the fairs that made knives. His name was Max Butcher so if you bought a knife from him you had a genuine butcher knife :).

  4. we are in the middle of nowhere and my husband always carries a pocket knife with him, this one is nice!

  5. This would make a nice gift for my Dad. One of his favorite summer activites is fishing and a good knife is necessary!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  6. Thanks for the giveaway... I always carry a knife or multi-tool in my car, and also when I travel (checked baggage only of course ! ) because you just never know when you will need them in a pinch !!!

  7. I think the pocket knife my husband carries around is one from highschool! It is certainly well worn and getting dull. This one looks like it could handle many years of hardy use. I've tried to get him to let me carry one, but he just rolls his eyes at me... someday!

  8. “Sometimes when I feel like killing someone, I do a little trick to calm myself down. I'll go over to the persons house and ring the doorbell. When the person comes to the door, I'm gone, but you know what I've left on the porch? A jack-o-lantern with a knife stuck in the side of it's head with a note that says "You." After that I usually feel a lot better, and no harm done.”
    --(quote by) Jack Handy (American Writer and cast member of Saturday Night

    [The only problem with this quote is that I wouldn't want to waste this cool knife by leaving it behind stuck in a pumpkin]

  9. What a timely giveaway! My son lost his pocket knife in the lagoon when he visited over Memorial Day - we tried to find it but no luck...we'll search some more when the water is warmer but I don't know what condition it will be in.

  10. This knife looks really handy!! And good quality too! My boyfriend loves this kind of stuff, I think this would be a great gift for him.

  11. My husband had a Gerber knife for years, he used it constantly, unfortunately he took it everywhere --including the airport where of course he shouldn't have--he was picking up our kids--the woman at the counter was really nice and offered to hold it for him, but he forgot to go back to her counter to claim it.

  12. My mother wears her knife everyday. So much in fact that she has worn through every pair of jeans she owns in that same butt pocket. LOL! I want to do that too. A Pocket knife would be handy! Thanks

  13. My one good folding pocketknife was lost years ago and the Statesman F.A.S.T. looks like I've finally come across a quality replacement. :)

  14. My husband recently broke the tip off of his knife. He still carries it because he uses a knife a lot at work. This would be a great surprise for him.

  15. my fathers always using a knife when doing yardwork, his is old and getting kinda dull he'd love this one!

  16. The only knives I buy are Gerber knives. I have never used the Statesman F.A.S.T. so I am definitely interested in winning it to give it a try.

  17. These are great great knives. My father-in-law always carries a small Gerber in his pocket and I thought he was being silly until I see how often he uses it. Its the kind of thing that seems frivilous until you actually do it... just don't try to go into a government building or airport with one :)

  18. Gerber is amazing!! I broke my knife recently and they replaced it no questions asked!! Honestly they are not the strongest knifes but they hold a blade, and the customer service is excellent!! That's why their the only knifes I'll be buying anytime soon!!

  19. I've used a Gerber knife for my daily carry knife for about 5 years now. I have never had a problem with mine, and these F.A.S.T. release systems work like a charm.

  20. I love my Gerber Knives. The ones I have are mainly for hunting. I would love a nice folder to carry all of the time!

  21. My husband has been wanting a knife for a while. I think he'd be really happy with the quality of one of these.

  22. i currently carry a Winchester stainless steel folding knife... but would LOVE to replace it with the Gerber Statesman F.A.S.T.

  23. Wow what a brand. I have used Gerber for many years now. My favorite is to have some one pull out another brand and I use my Gerber and tear theirs up. In all my uses it has never failed me for any task I use it for. Great stuff keep up the great work for an excellent brand...

  24. The Statesman F.A.S.T. is a good looking knife and Gerber is known for high quality. My husband has carried the same pocket knife for probably the last 30 years. He'd be delighted to have a new one.

  25. Well I have never had a Gerber knife, but I have heard that they are great. My husband would love this knife, thankyou :)

  26. My husband is very hard to buy for on fathers day he likes all sorts of outdoorsey thingamabobs whosamawhatsits and dodads.This would be right up his alley (if he had an alley!).

  27. My husband kind of collects knives - he just loves the way they look and he has some beautiful framed collections from his Dad and Grand-Dad's wartime collections.

    But from a practical standpoint we love Gerber names for my purse and/or his pocket for cutting anything from fruit and cheese ro rope and anything else that needs cutting at a moment's notice.

  28. I actually keep a mini Gerber multi-tool in my purse. It is very handy to have. I use the little scissors and the screw drivers all the time.

  29. Guys like knives and things because they are tools, give us visions of adventure and can be "dangerous." Well, at least they can make us feel dangerous and we think of cool outdoorsy adventures and things we can do with them. Who knows if we'll ever do them; but, that is not the point. Gerber is a rockin' brand! If I win, it is tempting to hold onto the adventure myself. However, I think I'll gift it to my 12 y/o son so we can share some adventures together.

  30. My husband never goes anywhere without his pocket knife. And I can't tell you the number of times that it has come in handy.
    So I know that he would love this knife for Father's Day.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  31. ANY man would love this knife... heck, any woman for that matter! If I'm the lucky winner, I'll give it to my dad for Father's Day. Thank you!

  32. I love Gerber, quality knives for sure. Wold love love love to replace the one I lost last year, just in time for the top of the outdoor season!

  33. I had never heard of these knives, but I suspect the males in the family have. I am certain I could find someone who would like to have one!

  34. My husband has quite a few knives and one looks like and may even be the Yaris...I think he would always love to add to his collection

  35. Our family has always loved Gerber knives. They mean quality and durability. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  36. Thanks for entry-- for a Gerber knife.This is a product I truly believe in !never can have to many!!

  37. Gerber knifes are a part of my way of life.Being an outdoorsman I gladly carry a gerber knife .i'm picky about what I have in the outdoor elements.I trust and use GERBER knives and products.

  38. These are true tools -love gerber knifes !they are also #1 made in USA with pride.A knife to carry with so many uses.We hunt and fish and always have a gerber products near by.

  39. Both the Yari II and the Statesman F.A.S.T. made by Gerber I'm sure are quality knives. The Yari II looks to be a very good tactical knife and the Statesman an excellent everyday blade as is the Yari. I would be proud to carry either blade.

  40. I don't think my husband has ever owned anything by Gerber even though they have been around 60+ years! I checked out their site and it looks like my husband would like alot of the gear they sell!

  41. While I don't currently own a Gerber myself, I have given several as gifts and know them as an excellent mid-priced brand (and my birthday is June 13th; hint, hint).

  42. i just seen the shoutout from Branchwhipped on Facebook and thought , what a great Birthday Present that would make for my Hubby (active outdoors Man):) Thanks so much for the chance!

  43. thanks for the review and giveaway option. I love Gerber knives and tools. I love any knife that is this quality to take camping, it is a must.

  44. My hubby would love this knife. He had a Gerber before and lost it in our last move. It would be awesome to get to replace it, as it was is favorite! Thanks for the chance

  45. My family wont get me anything as cool as this for father's day so I am taking the bull by the horns.

  46. I don't really know much about knives, but I know from listening to the men in my life that this is a good brand. It would make a good Father's Day gift. :)

  47. My hubby is known at work as the guy who always has his swiss army knife on him. This would be fun to pull out and shock them with!

  48. My son and my husbans both like knives, they would put it to good use every day especially my son. He has a pretty big collection he has been loooking for a F.A.S.T knife.

  49. My husband already has a Gerber ... and several other knives, but the Gerber is the one he wears regularly. The Gerber multitools are also really cool.

  50. There are many times that I wished I had a pocketknife. What a handy tool! In an emergency situation, it might even save your life.

  51. I come from a family of hunters, outdoors enthusiasts, and servicemen, so when I hear Gerber, I think of knives first, not the baby products! This would make a great gift and I thank you for the opportunity to win it, and of course Gerber for furnishing it.

  52. My husband is a total knife-nut. I don't quite understand his obsession with them but I know he'd love to add a fancy knife to his collection.

  53. I have a fine Gerber I've owned for twenty years -- and still use. My son could use his own. Thank you for the chance to win.

  54. What an excellent knife and a great Father's day present! My honey loves knives and always carries one on him, but he don't have one this nice!

  55. This would be a great addition to my husband's collection of Gerber's! He has had one Gerber knife for a very long time...and uses it ALL THE TIME...great quality!

  56. This would be for my hubby for sure, he would be so excited. He loves knives, but doesn't have a good quality one right now.

  57. My father has a huge knife collection but I don't know if he as any Gerber...I remember Case as one brand. I'll have to ask him about Gerber. They look like they are of high quality though. Nice Father's Day idea!

  58. My Dad and brothers like Gerber knives too. I don't think my husband has ever had one but I am sure he would like it.

  59. the brand was unfamiliar (except for the baby food, of course), but the knives look beautiful. If I won it, it would be a great persent for my son.

  60. I am not familiar with *this* Gerber brand only the babyfood one (lol)
    but after reading a little bit about I am convinced that it would be the ideal father's day gift for hubster

  61. I have had several gerber products through the years. They have always been of the finest quality and have performed well. The only reason I don't still have every one of them is due to loss or theft. Great Products.

  62. My whole family enjoys the out of doors! My sons are both Eagle Scouts and my husband is an Assistant Scoutmaster. A good knife is a must!

  63. I don't know how much my dad would like this, but my boyfriend recently lost his knife, and he's been so upset! This would be perfect.

  64. My son is an EMT and carries a knife with a clip much like this one. Hubby has long admired it, but never gotten one. This would be a great gift for him.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. I never go out for a walk without carrying one clipped to the inside of my jeans' wasteband. It's better to be safe than sorry whether it be animal or human that attacks.

  66. My husband LOVES all those things too!! I think I could get him a knife as a gift every time and he'd be happy!

  67. This would be a great Father's Day gift for my husband. He is always "misplacing" his pocket knife.

  68. This would be a perfect gift for my husband for father's day as he is always looking for something to cut with especially when working in the garden.

  69. Grber knives have always stood for high quality and excellent design. I've always admired their 'Legendary Blades' carving sets.

  70. I got my dad a Gerber brand knife about 5 years ago which he carried with him everything. He lost it just a few months ago, and I think he would absolutely love one of these. Thanks.

  71. I actually carrying around a butterfly knife and I find it mighty enjoyable to be able to flip that sucker around from time to time :) It's very zen.

  72. In the south a pocket knife is a fashion statement...lol You should see my husband and son trading knives..its cute

  73. Actually I'm not much of a knife, gun, weapon fan myself... However!! I have a very good friend who is, and I do know he likes this brand of knife. I think he'd be delighted if I could win this for him.

  74. Seriously - what is it about men and knives? My husband has a collection and I really don't know why but he loves them!

  75. Seriously, what is it? :) I had a pocket knife in my car once (they do come in handy), but when my car got stolen and they took all the little things - because I had nothing of value in it - I just never replaced it. Probably a good thing since my 3 year old likes to get his hands on anything in the car when we take pit stops on trips!

  76. My dad has had the same pocket knife for as long as I can remember. I think it's time for a new one.

  77. I don't understand the love of knives and guns either. Men just get excited about knives.

    This is a really neat gift idea, it's good for me to know which knives are good quality and which aren't.

  78. Husbands and their knives. Justin gets giddy over them like I get giddy over shoes. He has a pretty extensive knife collection and he's always looking for more!! This seems right up his alley!

  79. My husband does not own any such knife, but I am sure he could put it to use. He really likes his Letterman.

  80. I gave my dad a nice knife for christmas but he gave it to my brother when he died 3 months ago. He thought he may need a knife in the hereafter! Haha

  81. My husband is such a nerd when it comes to pocket knives! haha! He thinks a great pocketknife is the best accessory, like what i would consider a great pair of shoes, for example! haha! gerber is an awesome brand, and these knives last forever!

  82. HA! I don't know that there could be a better gift for my husband. He LOVES knives. He used to make them as a teen and is constantly checking them out at the store and online. Too bad I'm mean and tell him we don't have the money to invest in his knife fetish.

  83. This sleek folding pocket knife is very nice! My hubby loves, loves, loves knives. When we first married (13 years ago) I bought him one for the occasions of Anniversaries, birthdays and more. Now I buy things he needs for those occasions, but should probably buy what he wants-a knife!

  84. "For reasons unbeknownst to me, most men like knives, guns, and other weapons." That made me laugh out loud. It is too true!

    My husband would love this...why, I am not so sure, but the idea of a great knife just makes him happy. The only one he currently has is an authentic Swiss Army knife (one of the first they made) from his grandfather who was in the Swiss Army. Unlike the current Swiss Army knives, this one only has three options. A knife, a can opener and a dowel.

  85. *blush* I think I would love that knife!! I've wanted one to carry with me when the girls and I are out on a hike.

  86. I'm not sure if hubbs would be so enthusiastic about a knife, but my outdoorsman/fisherman father would! Thanks!

  87. My DH started carrying a knife after years of prodding from his dad, but it took getting a good one a few years ago. It was a gerber, and he has used the daylights out of it. He's due for another though, and we've actually been looking at them recently. Gerber knives just seem more durable than most.

  88. This will be an amazing gift for my husband who is currently at military training. I was staring harder to make sure it wasn't the same Gerber that manufactures Baby Food.

  89. A pocket knife is definitely on my 'short list' of possibilities for DH this year! Gerber knives are great!!

  90. My husband started collecting knives as soon as his mom let him start carrying them - and he has a plastic tote full of them now! He's currently carrying a really nice Benchmade knife, but every time we walk past a knife counter he stops to look and show me which one's he'd like to have - a Gerber knife is always on that list!

  91. My husband always has a pocket knife with him. It's super useful! Last weekend I was somehow put in charge of putting together a push toy at my niece and nephew's one year old birthday party and my husband was able to whip out his pocket knife to help me with packaging!!

  92. I'm always looking for a better knife to carry with me. I've heard the Gerber knives are well made and work great.

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  93. My husband is the hardest person to buy for. He doesn't like manly things, like knifes, he doesn't like watches and clothes and sunglasses. He is so materialistic that it makes it next to impossible to find something for him.

  94. Gerber is an excellent knife brand. My hubby is an outdoor enthusiast so I think this would be a nice gift for him. Or if he doesn't like it he can always share it with a buddy. You know guys and their knives!

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