Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro

Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro 1If Father's Day were a store, I'm pretty sure it would be Bass Pro.

Bass Pro Shops carries sporting equipment and outdoor gear. And when I say they carry it, I mean they have it all. Whether your guy loves camping, hiking, boating, backpacking, fishing, hunting, golfing, or watching Nascar...you'll find something at Bass Pro for him.  

Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro 2If you have never been in a brick-and-mortar version of Bass Pro, you really should. It's like an indoor Disneyland - the entire shop (and it's HUGE in there) is "themed" - you'll find hunting-lodge decor, "wild" animals at every corner, a huge aquarium to stare at for hours, walls that are painted to match the atmosphere, even nature-inspired music. This is one store that you can walk into and not come out for hours because it's an "experience."

The online shop also carries a huge selection of items.

For Father's Day, you might want to consider the:

Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro 3Bass Pro Shops Extreme XPS Woo Daves Signature Series Spinning Rod ($99.99 - on sale right now for $69.88) and Johnny Morris Signature Series Spinning Reels ($99.99 - on sale right now for $79.99). My husband is thrilled about this new combo. It's extremely high-quality and my husband was telling me all the "specs" about the product this morning, but I have to admit he kind of "lost me" when he started getting technical. If your husband (or dad) loves to fish, he will love this set.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro 4Bass Pro Shops Anti-Gravity Lounger ($79.99). Perhaps your husband is more the "kick back and relax" type of guy. Or maybe he's an active outdoorsman that likes to come back to camp and unwind after a long day. He'll likely be snoring away in no time on this multi-position adjustable reclining lounger with matching pillow. It "confirms to your body for comfort and ergonomic support." 

Those items aren't quite right for your guy? Shop around at the online Bass Pro Father's Day Sale. You can still get his gift to him in time if you place your order before tomorrow at 12:00 noon.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro 5Of course, if you end up waiting until the very last minute (which I never do...ahem), you can always send him an E-Gift Card (which will be e-mailed directly to his inbox!). 

Or you can try winning your present...enter the Bass Pro Father's Day Sweepstakes between now and June 15, for your chance to win a Coleman Screened Weathermaster 2-Room Tent. 

It's not too late. Find a Bass Pro near you...and feel free to take the kids along. They'll love it. Hey, you could even stop in at the on-site restaurant for lunch and make it a day trip! 

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7 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro”

  1. Great Bass Fishing Father's Day Gift. If your husband is a Serious Bass Angler like mine, you've got to get him some of these bass fishing t-shirts. I bought my husband some for Christmas, and they have already become part of my regular t-shirt rotation. He swapped out some of his old fishing shirts for these new ones and they look great!!! Much better than what he was wearing before!!! Go to http://www.bassfury.com , neither you or he will be disappointed!!! The long sleeve ones are both his and my favorite. Definitely getting him some more for fathers' Day!!!



  2. I remember almost weekly trips to the beach (Malibu to be exact) where my dad fished off the pier and my mom and I walked around, shopped, etc. : )

  3. On our 10 year anniversary, we(or more like he) had to stop at the Bass Pro Shop in MO on our way to Big Cedar Lodge. All they need is a bar there for them, although they may never come home then!

  4. I don't think my husband has ever fished. I have already taken my daughter twice. We don't have our own poles so we go to this place where you can rent a pole. I always loved fishing with my dad!

  5. my husband loves this store too. i think he needs to get some licences before being allowed to shop there....hmmm that gives me an idea. thx.

  6. I've been trying to win on that Bass pro shop every day. I figure one of these days I will have to at least win one contest somewhere!

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