Father's Day Gift Guide: Belkin Surge Protector

Father's Day Gift Guide: Belkin Surge Protector 1Dads who work and/or play with electronic devices will be thrilled to receive a Surge Protector as a gift (don't laugh...it's true).

Belkin's 12 Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector With Telephone and Coaxial Protection is a sensible and powerful product to add to any dad's office - at home or work. He'll keep his most important projects, pictures, and media files safe with this protector that is designed specifically to guard against dangerous power surges and spikes (plus, it's backed by a Lifetime Warranty!).

it's a gift that any practical, no-nonsense kind of dad is bound to appreciate.

FYI - Belkin also sells iPad cases and laptop cases/sleeves that are worth checking out.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Belkin Surge Protector 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Surge Protector (valued at $49.99) from Belkin. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Belkin sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 surge protector for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #51 Becca. Congratulations!

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173 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: Belkin Surge Protector”

  1. This would be nice to plug the tv and wii and are phone chargers into, a very good thing to have to keep your expensive products safe thanks for the chance to win

  2. This would be great for the huge amount of cords we have in our office that lead to things that are probably in great risk of electrical surge damage right now!

  3. Now this is a great gift idea. My husband could put this to a lot of use. Thanks for the chance.


  4. These are so important to protect your electronic equipment. They should used on all electronics for added protection!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  5. This is fabulous! I need a new one of these i'm running out of sockets on my other one. This one is much bigger and much more able to do the job from the picture! :)

  6. Most of our computer accessories are Belkin. I really trust these products. We need another surge protector for our upstairs computer.

  7. I have a belkin surge protector for my HDTV...Hopefully I never have to say how good it worked...cause at that time all my other stuff would be fried

  8. My husband loves his electronics and this surge protector would be perfect! We have lightning in our area and really need one of these!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway...we had a bad electricial storm this past spring i.e. "direct hit" and I am convinced that my desktop would have been fried if not for the surge protector; small price to pay to protect your computer.

  10. We seem to be having some major storms lately and I am tired of running through the house unplugging things because I am afraid that a power surge would cause damage, especially to the computer. My husband could also use this in his work shop for his tools.

  11. I would like this. My surge protector seems to be going out and it is important to keep the computer protected.

  12. Have been experiencing a lot of "brown outs" during the warm weather and would find this product useful, especially for my aging computer

  13. Belkin is such a leader in products needed for home electronics protection. We've use their surge protectors in the past we had to replace one once and we had to get a cheaper one by a competitor sure would love to have a Belkin again.

  14. Our house needs several of these, with all the high priced electronics you have to have protection for all of them.

  15. I knew about the importance of having a surge protector when my house got hit my lightning last summer. So immediately after that incident, I got one for myself. So for this father's day, I would like to give it to my dad if I ever win one. "Crosses my fingers"

  16. My mom's computer was just fried during a thunderstorm because she didn't have a surge protector. I'd love to win this for her (and her new computer).

  17. This has been a busy Spring for thunderstorms; thankfully we have not been on-line during one but a new surge protector would be a good thing for our peace of mind.

  18. My hubby is an IT guy, so he would totally appreciate this - especially as we are coming into summer storm weather. We can get some pretty big thunderstorms.

  19. Oooh I like this surge protector. I like how it uses space well and has some outlets on the sides too.

  20. As someone who has had all of their electronics fried by lightening, I swear by surge protectors now.

  21. Wow, considering that last summer my computer was fried when my 3 year old stuck something in the light socket (she was ok), this would be a very helpful thing to have.

  22. This would be a good father's day gift. The dad deals with a lot of electronics, this would be really useful around the house!

  23. We love our electronics in this family. We are currently using 4 surge protectors in our home and only one of them is like the Belkin one being given away. It would be lovely to upgrade the surge protector my husband uses for Father's Day. Thanks!

  24. We've had some of our surge protectors for years, and I wonder if they are still able to give our electronics the level of protection they need.

  25. My husband just opened a new office and I am sure he has not thought about a surge protector yet. Great Father's Day gift for him.

  26. I use one of these at work, and would love to get one for home use. I need to protect my Mac, HDTV, stereo, everything.

  27. surge protectors are very important for keeping your electronics safe in lightening storms as well as during the occasional power surge. I think everyone needs to use one. Belkin is a top brand

  28. This surge protector is great. I've never heard of Belkin and after checking out their site I learned that they carry so many products. I personally like the Grip Ergo with Hand Strap. Really handy. Thanks.

  29. I worry about my laptop during thunder storms. I'd like to win this to make sure nothing bad happens next time there is a bad storm.

  30. Living in Idaho, we have a lot of power outages because of snow. I always worrying about my computers.

  31. Thanks for a great giveaway. Happy Fathers day to all. Belkin makes great products. we have there UPS (for Computer). Every home can use this product.

  32. We just had a computer fry, and it was on a surge protector. Didn't know that you have to have a GOOD one, not a cheap one, or they really don't work!

  33. My house is full of things plugged into the wall and we always need surge protectors, but never have enough. Thankyou! :)

  34. Belkin, in my opinion, is a leader in tech protection products. This would be a wonderful Father's Day gift.
    Thank you. :-)

  35. I've never thought of a surge protector as a gift, but it is such a necessity in keeping your electronics safe, especially when you look at the costs associated with replacing the gadgets.... great idea, I love it!

  36. I've always been a Belkin fan, but was unaware that they made surge protectors. This would make a great surprise gift for my techy husband!!

    sundance dot survey at gmail dot com

  37. Now that my honey/hubby has his own DEDICATED Home Office, he also has his arsenel of techno-tools all of which require at least SOME electrical assist - which is a matter of considerable concern when one considers the cost and value and in some cases irreplacablity of all this - this handy and essential TOOL - aka - Belkin Surge Protector would make as perfect Dad's Day Gift.

  38. As technology evolves, so is the need for more outlets that protects our gadgets. Belkin is well known, reasonably priced and their customer service is great!
    Dad would drool over this practical gift!

  39. I could use this in our bedroom. The current one doesn't have enough plugs and it's a pain unplugging and replugging things.

  40. ooh what a great looking surge protector! I could really use one. I'd replace my current one with this one, and then take my current one and put it into my laptop bag for protection away from home.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. This looks really nice. I was shocked when my neighbor told me that it's not enough to get any old surge protector. She told me that it's important to see how many... um... maybe juhles... it had. All along, I thought I was protected, and I wasn't.

  42. I could certainly use this--all of my current ones are of uncertain ages, and it would be great to have one that I could be certain would be protective.

  43. i need it because the one i use now is old, like 15 years - wonder if it'll protect anything anymore

  44. My dad, well actually pretty much anybody, could use this surge protector. I would love to win it.

  45. I have a large house filled with lots of individuals with their own computer stations and such. We could always use another one of these!

  46. I recently had to call Belkin for help with my wireless modem and they were actually really helpful. It wasn't even a problem with their modem but the laptop and they still helped me! That gave me a really good impression of Belkin!

  47. I could have used it this in college. We almost had a fire because of too many cords into an unsecure wall socket.

  48. Belkin surge protectors are amazing. I haven't had a problem with any of them, plus you can't beat a lifetime warranty! :D

  49. I spent a good amount of time last weekend running around the house unplugging electronics because of incoming storms...then plugging them back in...then unplugging them...etc.

    Great gift for dad, yes, but this mom sure appreciates the need for a surge protector or six.

  50. A surge protector is such a guy gift - and he'd love it! Anything to keep the tv & computer safe is great to have.

  51. Somehow, I seem to constantly run out of surge protectors just when I need one the most! I have heard some great things about Belkin...in fact, I have heard they are the best surge protectors around.

    Thank you for hosting this generous giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win!

  52. My husband is a techie nerd (I got an external hard drive for mother's day so maybe I am too!) He would love this for father's day, any day really!

  53. Not the most sexy gift, but we could really use it! Plus, the wiring in our house is not the best, so we try to use surge protectors for all our electronics.

  54. I have so many gadgets around my computer and only a small surge protector. It's important for people who have a lot to plug in to have a good surge protector.

  55. My husband's fav Belkin product, which I do not know the exact name for, is the laptop pad. His laptop sits right on top of it and then in his lap. I am sure he would love to own another Belkin product. Plus winning a father's day gift is definitely better than buying one! Thanks!

  56. This would be great for my husband's home office. He needs this to consolidate all of his cords! Less clutter and it would be so helpful.

  57. This would be wonderful for my boyfriend. He has two computers and other electronics all plugged into a regular extension cord.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  58. I really need a surge protector for my PC. Our electric service is very unpredictable here. Even on a bright, sunny day we might suddenly experience a power outage.

  59. Belkin makes great products... It never ceases to amaze me just how many people don't use surge protectors... If you think about how much money (& time!) you've invested in your computer/game system/tv/even the phone!... just plugging into the wall seems very stupid to me... All it takes is one split second for your life to become all about expensive doorstops & paperweights...

  60. I learned the hard, painful way about how important it is to have a surge protector. If you have a computer, you need this. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  61. I know that my husband would love to the Belkin surge protector and will defintely use to keep his "second" wife safe and protected. His second wife being his computer.

  62. My husband could so use this. He keeps adding electronics to his office and we don't have enough plugs! silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  63. This wouold be a great Father's Day gift for my hubby, he just mentioned the other day he wanted to get a GOOD surge protector!

  64. I have to say, I would have never thought of a surge protector as a Father's Day present. But now that I think about it, my technology geek husband really WOULD like to have one! Great idea, Stephanie!

  65. Great gift idea! This surge protector wll really come in handy. We have so much plugged in right now in the outlets.

  66. My husband could really use this. We have an old one that looks like a box and has 4 places for plug ins. We have had it for years. Maybe this could be our upgrade.

  67. This surge protector would be great, as I find myself needing protection from surges on a daily basis.

  68. This is such a great idea for a Father's day gift! We don't have a surge protector right now and it would be nice to have one to plug our gadgets up to!

  69. I really need one of these surge protectors, since I do not have one for when I use my laptop and it is plugged in.

    imin2fun81 at mail dot com

  70. So...this definitely hits home for ALL the men in my family. I am surrounded by a whole bunk of computer geeks, who never ever have enough surge protectors. What with multiple monitors, computers, a server, printers, scanners, etc. this is definitely a necessity!

  71. We are needing to buy another surge protector because we have so many things plugged and need more space. UGH!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  72. This would be great for my hubby since he is always buying new gadgets that need to be plugged in.

  73. I feel safer with one of these any all my electronis plugged into them. We could use another one in our home for sure!

  74. We have one of these and it is great. I'd love to have another one. My dad could use this too for all of his electronics in the living room! Thanks!

  75. My dad is an electronics junkie, as well as I am. He's always buying the latest gadget, and he has many Belkin products, which we know are fabulous quality. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  76. my husband loves using surge protectors as a quick way to turn everything off... no need to unplug. he'd love this gift!

  77. interesting product, with all the power fluctuations we have out here in summer it seems to be a "must have"

  78. you're right, my husband would love a surge protector as a gift. he has a surge protector now, but not as good as this one, I would love to win it for him!

  79. I have started using surge protectors throughout my house, not so much for protection but to be able to shut off the power to my devices and reduce the vampire effect of many electronics. I could always use one more and Belkin products are some of the best.

  80. With a 12 outlet surge protector I would be able to protect my computer and monitors. I currently have multiple cords and power strips.

  81. We've used Belkin cables and never had a problem, would like to have their surge protector too.

  82. Wow 12 outlets! That's good most I've ever seen had only 8 outlets on them so I like the additional 4. This would be a great gift idea for anytime of the year for just about anyone. Barb g. directorylanesuperstoreATgmail.com

  83. We just got our first Blu Ray player today! With all the gadgets that you have to have these days just to watch TV, a surge protector is essential.

  84. This would be great for my dad, he has a home office and is always in need of extra plugs but he normally buys the cheaper surge protectors.

  85. Cool giveaway! It seems that all the electronic devices that *should* have surge protectors just keep multiplying! This would sure help take care and protect another group of goodies! Thanks!

  86. With all of these children and all of their electrical stuff, we need surge protectors all over the house.

  87. This would be great for a Father's Day gift -- really, what guy couldn't' find a use for this? (hey! I could definitely use this too!)

  88. My husband just upgraded to a Mac and would appreciate the added protection this would provide. Thanks for holding this sweepstakes.

  89. We recently remodeled the office and a new surge protector would be a great addition to protect the new phone system and computers.

  90. We actually fried a new flatscreen TV last year (due to plugging it straight into the wall... dumb duh). Luckily we had a warranty on it. Needless to say we got another surge protector, but we could certainly use one more! Thanks.

  91. What a wonderful gift, I hadn't thought of this one. A very practical gift my Father (who is so difficult to buy for)!

  92. This is a wonderful prize. We get frequent summer storms, and this would be reassuring to own, also since our house and wiring is fairly old, I'd love this prize.

  93. In my family Belkin has a good reputation, and wow do we all use surge protectors... this would get used, trust me.

  94. Everbody needs several of these with all the high priced electronics you protection for all of them.

  95. We have a surge protector, but not a Belkin... which is funny, because we have a lot of Belkin products and love them. But it's funny because we are actually thinking about buying another one for our TV/DVD/CD area!

  96. Yup, hubby totally needs this! We have an older home and NEVER enough outlets for all our gadgets! This way we could actually have our computers in the same room!

  97. Oh I would love to give this to my dad. He has like 20 things plugged into his computer area. TV, dvd, player, computer, fan, lamp, ipod, printer... im afraid he is going to overload our one from like 1996!

  98. What a great and useful prize. Actually, this is a wonderful idea for a Fathers Day gift. My husband would really appreciate having one of these. Thanks so much.

  99. Winning this would be a welcome surprise. Right now the 6-outlet surge protector in the office is completely filled and we have to unplug some devices to plug others in. This would definitely solve that problem.

  100. We have a very old house. There is at least one light switch (that I can think of and I sorta think there might be more) that if you flip that switch (that is across the room) it will turn the computer off so yes we could really use one.

  101. We can always use more surge protectors around here, we are a big gadget/computer household. We have one on our TV because it goes bonkers when we get power surges which happens a lot because we are on the edge of town and power takes a lot of effort to get to us.

  102. My husband is a techie, so you can imagine the amount of gadgets we have around the house! I purchased something for him on the christmas list you put together and he loved it - so I'm sure this would be a hit too!

  103. Hmm, never thought about this as a gift idea, but it's actually a good one. We've got a lot of information that would be devastating to lose.

  104. I'm not laughing at the idea of giving a surge protector for Father's Day, I'm laughing because I know how right you are! My husband is tech-crazed and it seems that a surge protector is always on his list of things to get. He's actually purchased from Belkin in the past, so I know he would love theirs, which makes it a great gift for him since he is picky about his gadgets!

  105. I am the computer 'geek' in the family, but Markus sure does like his gadgets and more importantly safety with cords. He is very diligent around the house and making sure that there are no dangerous areas with cords that our kiddos can get into or that could possibly ever spark. The TV area is where we have the most things plugged in...one can never have enough surge protectors right?!

  106. My dad still uses those outlet extender thingies that you plug into an outlet and it gives you 3 more outlets...that's right, the kind that everyone knows will burn down your house. So, yeah, he could definitely use a serge protector.

  107. With all our computers and electronic gadgets, I'm not sure if this would go better in the office, next to the couch, or next to the bed...we might need three. :)

  108. Didn't even know Belkin made protectors....i'm sure its going to last too. Unlike the cheap ones we get from the stores

  109. My DS also loves surge protectors! It's amazing how quickly he finds cords wherever we go. He's definitely his dad's boy!!

  110. My husband doesn't have a ton of electronics, but if he had a surge protector like this I'm sure he'd be happy to fill up those outlets as time goes by!

  111. You must know my husband, because he would definitely like this ( :
    I like your clever gift ideas.

    We own Belkin products at home, they are a good brand with good warranties.

  112. Finding a gift for father's day can be daunting however I do appreciate this suggestion ~ a good outlet surge protector comes in handy in many areas of the home and can often be overlooked as a gift. Great idea!

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