Father's Day Gift Guide: DadGear Backpack

My husband is an extremely hands-on dad. 


  • changed my daughter's diapers for the first week of her life (maybe more...that's right, I didn't even change one).
  • sits with her while she goes potty and responds calmly to accidents.
  • makes her laugh all of the time - he bounces her and tickles her and balances her way up in the air. 
  • is a pro at comforting her when she cries or gets hurts.
  • lets her tag along when he's working in the garage or trimming the trees or visiting the neighbors.
  • bathes her, prays with her, shares his breakfast cereal with her.

He's amazing.

That said, he's not a big fan of baby gear - when he has to carry it, that is. He never has been one to wear a babycarrier and carrying a diaper bag just isn't his favorite thing to do. 

Father's Day Gift Guide: DadGear Backpack 1

That's why DadGear is a great company. They have a line of masculine bags designed specifically for dads.

From the website: "Our goal for DadGear products is not just neutral or non-feminine, but a masculine style that reflects who we are – guys who take pride in caring for their kids." 

I think the above statement is an important one - these products are not unisex. They're designed with men in mind...and they're specifically designed NOT to look like diaper bags.

Father's Day Gift Guide: DadGear Backpack 2Although DadGear offers messenger bags, sports bags, diaper vests (I can pretty much guarantee you he'll take off that tag and never call it that again...), and cargo jackets, I think their backpacks are the very best idea. Backpacks are decidedly not like diaper bags - and the ones in the DadGear collection are high-quality and professional. Depending on which one you choose, your guy could easily stick one on his back for a hiking trip OR stop by at the office without hesitation. The best part about this pack, besides that it has a uber-cool design and tons of compartments and pouches, is the "secret" wipes dispenser. It's easily accessible and hidden quite well. 

If your husband is a new dad or a dad-to-be, check out DadGear. The backpacks retail for $92 and are sold online and at a variety of stores across the U.S.

Father's Day Gift Guide: DadGear Backpack 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a DadGear Backpack. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Tuesday, June 17 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #280 Janet. Congratulations!

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318 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: DadGear Backpack”

  1. I keep seeing more and more products aimed at our daddies than ever before! I think it is wonderful!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. What a great idea. I wouldn't have to lug all my husband's "stuff" in my bag! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  3. My husband would love this, and it would get me out of carrying the diaper bag!! And with less than 2 months to go, I dont even have a diaper bag yet!!

  4. Love the DadGear Backpack; however why not make this one if won the "MomGear Backpack". Many Thanks SW

  5. Love it, love it! I have a Daisy Gear pink hawaiian backpack, which obviously my husband wouldn't carry, but this one, he sure would!

  6. This would be the perfect bag for my husband. With a toddler and a baby on the way this would come in very handy!

  7. Would make good use of this bag. My husband was a house Dad before it was accepted. As our daughter turned twenty, he still tries to keep his little girl safe. A Win would be a nice surprise! Thanks for the chance to WIN!!

  8. I love the wipe dispenser & especially the convertible changing pad, which is easy to forget. Thank you for having this great contest!

  9. My brother is having a baby and he's soooo nervous! I would love to win this for him and help him out any way I can :)

  10. My son will be a Dad in August. He "borrowed" the neighbor's baby so he could practice putting a diaper on. I know that he will be a great Dad, and having a "Man" diaper bag would really make him smile.

  11. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
    DadGear has a line of masculine bags designed specifically for dads.
    ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

  12. What a great idea. This is a backpack that will be useful for years -- long past the time they're used to carry diapers.

  13. This bag looks GREAT! My sister just had her first baby last month and I know my brother-in-law would really love this non-girly looking bag!

  14. you always have the best giveaways!

    my husband would love a diaper backpack, as we are in need desperately..
    He too is a fabulous hands on dad, just the best.
    Hope we win

  15. this would be so helpful with the new family restrroms and changing tables in the men's room Daddy wants to be more involved but doesnt like the "girly " bag looks too much like a purse this way he can help and still maintain his macho image

  16. My brother's baby was born on 5/27. I think this would make a great gift for the brand new dad. Carrying a DadGearBackpack would be a lot nicer than the girly diaper bag that my sister-n-law has. :)

  17. My husband is also a very hands on Daddy. In fact, anything that helps taking care of our 4 month old baby easier he is all for using! He is very comfortable in his own skin, so even though he is ruggedly handsome, he wouldn't think twice about carrying a diaper bag that had Pink hearts and flowers on it, although I am sure he would prefer this very hip and cool looking DadGear Backpack! Thanks for offering another fine giveaway!

  18. I am a single full time stay at home Dad of two boy's 11 and 15.I could really use this.Thank you.

  19. my husband is a college football coach, he so hates when i drop our boys, 2 and 9 months, off at the "office" with their diaper bag!

  20. All dads know babies are chick magnets. When my hubby has the baby, everyone always compliments him with "what a good daddy" remarks. He might think he's cool if he had this, and maybe take the baby out even more...good for me!

  21. My husband will have nothing to do with my cutesy diaper bags. I think he might actually use this one!

  22. Most guys have a phobia of diaper bags. The backpack looks stylish, masculine, and practical. Great product!

  23. With all the fishing and camping we do, I'm sure my husband would love it. Please enter me, thank you

  24. I have a great hubby who will carry a brigh pink flowered diaper bag without hesitation BUT would love to give this to him !

  25. What a great giveaway! This would be perfect for my son who thinks he's too cool to carry the diaper bag!

  26. We have a daughter and my husband dutifully drops her off at daycare each morning along with her black and pink diaper bag. I never thought a thing of it and he never said anything about it. But one day one of the daycare attendants mentioned how cute it was to see him each morning with his pink bag. I cringed for him and bought a green one the next weekend. But the Dadgear would have been an even better solution.

  27. This would be great for my hubby he needs something hip to carry all his music in when he's going back and forth to church.

  28. I wish I could win this for my brother who is such a n awesome Dad to his two young children that he can't buy the items he needs to enjoy his passion ......... camping & backpacking.

  29. EVen though my children are older, we still need something to tote around toys and other essentials when we go on a trip. This would be a good replacement instead of always dumping out the school backpacks before we leave

  30. I would love this for my husband! That poor guy has to carry around a pink diaper bag!! No I didn't pick it out either, hahaha!

  31. Oh wow-cool stuff. The "diaper vest," though, I have to admit...kinda weird. Haha.

    But the messenger bags and backpacks look great! I know the dad in my life would love the backpack!

  32. My husband is the one that lugs everything around on our outings. I don't like messing with a purse so everything goes into whatever pack he has. This is a really nice one and he would love it.

  33. These bags look so fabulous. It really does seem time, and so well deserved, that Dad's have a bag made for them! They do such a great job in loving and caring for their little ones, how great that a company allows them to do it in all of their "man" ness -- and not making them only be devoted to their child if they carry something pink or covered in ducks!

  34. My husband could use this and he wouldn't have to carry our ugly diaper bag any more! love it!

    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  35. This will be perfect. I picked out this fabulous diaper bag but my husband will not go near it since it is to girly. This will give him his own bag.

  36. I love that it’s a backpack which means both hands are free and there would be no bag falling down my arm.

  37. This is great "Daddy" gear, I really hope that something cool looking would get him to help me out a little more!

  38. Wonderful products for "hands on dads". My husband can't wait for our first to be born in October. He would love one of these.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  39. What a great idea! My hubby would think this is a Wonderful alternative to carrying around my pink polka dotted diaper bag!

  40. This is really cool. My husband is very hands on too, he does all the running around of the kids to ballet, soccer, goes on field trips (just went on one monday, for a japanese luncheon with our 3rd grader) he always changed diapers too. :) Oh, and he'd always do the middle of the night thing, take the baby so I could sleep, bring them back when they needed to eat. I loved him for that!!! :D

  41. Very nice bag. My boss's wife just had a baby and i really need some brownie points. Thanks for the chance.

  42. Great idea; I love that these don't look like diaper bags--I could see us using this for a long time; perfect for outings with the kids. I think I'd like it as much as my husband.

  43. My husband is going to be a dad again after 7 years this summer, so this would be lovely to win this for him. Is it okay if I like it too? I know its masculine and all but its really cool!!

  44. No "excuses" when Dad has a pack like this. Uber macho and will keep everything close and ready.

  45. My husband loves backpacks! he uses them everyday at work, part of it for his tools that he has to tote around all day, and part of it for his drinks and even his lunch lol.

  46. Oh my gosh!! With 3 kids, it takes a lot to go anywhere. Having a bag for my husband would be great. If for no other reason, so that I don't get stuck lugging everything by myself.

  47. My hubby would love this. He is a hands-on dad as well and hates toting around my larger than life monogramed diaper bag.

  48. Hello! They have wonderful looking masculine back packs. A product of our time. I love it! My husband has always been a hands on dad, also! He would enjoy using one of these bags in many ways.Thanks,Cindi

  49. Pretty nifty-the old grandpa (aka DH) in my house would love this! Thank you for this giveaway!

  50. Any Dad would be proud to carry this bag on his shoulder. It is very masculine and won't get any giggles and teasing from the other not so fatherly "guys".
    My son in law says, "The kids needs come first, no matter what."
    Isn't he sweet?
    I hope I win this to surprise him for his birthday soon!
    It will come in handy for the 4 little ones at home too.

  51. Well this might be a "bag" my husband won't mind using. Usually I am the one holding the two diaper bags for church (since they go in two different nurserys) maybe he can hold one if we win. Thanks

  52. It's so funny, because my huz is always asking me what needs to be packed in my diaper bag! If he had one of his own, no more need to ask and he can fill it with whatever he wants!

  53. My hubby who's gonna be a first time daddy would absolutely love this!! Keeping my fingers crossed to win this!!

  54. My husband is like yours, a great dad, but appreciates being able to be one without looking like a "mom." Would love this for him!

  55. What a wonderful idea this DadGear Backpack is. My husband would love this. Thanks for this giveaway.

  56. Granddad sure wouldn't mind toteing this bag arouns. I love the fact that it has so many pockets for all the stuff you need when you leave the house.

  57. My baby's daddy would love this. He uses an old one right now and it's all ripped up. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  58. We're expecting a baby girl in September and I had my husband choose the DadGear messenger bag he liked the best for our Target baby registry. Honestly, I'm probably going to use it as well!

  59. With a 7 year old, a 2 year old and one on the way this bag would come in handy. Right now we use a drawstring bag to carry the items we need. LOL. I know my husband would love this bag. Thanks so much for the great contest!

  60. These look pretty cool, and my husband could use some help when it comes to organization.

    Also, the tomboy within draws me to these bags - I would definitely consider using them myself.

  61. My husband would love this backpack - especially the easy access wipes container. Never fails - we go to the park and someone always needs a wipe. We just had baby #3 and my husband is a super dad - he is amazing with all 3. I would really like to win this to give to him to make his outings with the kids not only easier, but cooler too. :)

  62. We live outdoors in the summer so this would be great. My husband would love this.
    gkstratos @yahoo.com

  63. My husband would definitely use and appreciate this backpack! thanks so much for offering this wonderful prize!

  64. Those are very nice, I like the Retro stripe one. It's very cool that they are not unisex but rather, they are blatantly masculine! We have girly mom stuff; they should have their rough, tough man stuff! So many Dsds these days are taking much more of a hands on approach to child rearing; it's a good thing!

  65. This is great Design is great. My son-in-law would love this. He is a very hands on, involved dad. He has always kidded my daughter that he really looks good when he gets to carry the diaper bag which is pink!

  66. Great idea for 90's guys who are divorced and dating again. Somebody sweet will probably have a kid in the dating equation and this makes the whole scene mature and less awkward. Come to think of it..probably need a spare bag in the trunk for the wing man;)

  67. What a great way to involve the dads. Although i have upgraded the diaper bag over the years he would still much rather just have the stuff tucked in the back of the car.

  68. This would be good for my husband.. he's getting used to tugging along my purse and girlie diaper bag, but he'd probably like it better if he had something a little more manly. This looks like it'd be good for summer hiking as well. My daughter in the Mei Tei, the junk in the back pack on daddy, with my son right along with us. Fun! Thanks.

  69. This would be great for my husband, as he hates my paisley diaper bag. I also like that you can use it for other things once the babe is out of diapers.

  70. This would be a great gift for my husband. I only has only diaper bag that he will carry right now.
    That's because it looks like a backpack. Thanks!



  72. Would love to win this from my brother in law... He would love it for when they are camping or boating...

  73. The Dad should have a macho bag when toting baby to the store,
    Or hiking in the park,
    He'd like this so much more,
    Than my bag pink with flowers blue,
    He's embarrassed to take it with him.
    I can't blame him,can you?

  74. These are totally cool. My hubby doesn't like carrying the stuff, either, but I think he'd be happier about it if it were enclosed in manly backpacks like these ones (rather than the small purple backpack and the Winnie the Pooh backpack like they are now...:)).

  75. Seeing as we don't even have a diaper bag right now, we are using an old canvas bag, this backpack would be a major improvement on all fronts...and I must say that any dad would be happy to be seen with that bag, which is saying something. jeaninertl @ yahoo . com

  76. What a great way to involve the dads. Although i have upgraded the diaper bag over the years he would still much rather just have the stuff tucked in the back of the car.

  77. my husband changed more diaper than me her first week of life but he did have to go back to work after four days so I changed a few too. He usually ends up carring the diaper bag so a more manly one would be great.

  78. These seem really cool!! My husband loves wearing backpacks, so I'm sure he would prefer this rather than our trendy diaper bag :)

  79. My daughter has a super duper Daddy too! Changing diapers may not be his forte, but he doesn't hold back in any other area and Pudding Pie thinks her dad is a rock star. I personally am very proud of my purple, floral Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag, but Dad avoids it like the plague, so a manly alternative would go down very well in our family!

  80. I love that it's a backpack which means both hands are free and there would be no bag falling down my arm.

  81. My husband actually doesn't mind carrying my diaper bag (even though it's black with pink polka dots) but I think he would appeciate a more "manly" diaper bag!

  82. When my daughter was younger my husband and I would trade of baby-duty during church. That was our intention before our daughter was even born, and he made it very clear to me when we were doing our baby registry that there were certain diaper bags that he WOULD NOT carry.

  83. Your hubby sounds like mine. I remember my 12 yr old nephew being appalled and fascinated when we were out to lunch and he whisked her off to change her. My nephew thought that was weird and asked if he did that often. My husband pointed out at it is his job as a dad and a man to do his part. (And when it comes to diapers - he probably does more than his share.)

    Great dad gear - my hubby will carry whatever I pack without complaint but he tends to prefer the stuff that isn't pink!

  84. Wow, what a fantastic product! I just watched the demo on the DadGear website and am so impressed by features like the wipes dispenser, stroller leash, and "diaper hammock". I certainly like that my husband wouldn't mind carrying this bag, but he'd have to wrestle it away from me first!

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