Father's Day Gift Guide: Impact Wrench from Lowe's

Tim can fix most anything. Flat tires. Leaky faucets. Broken Toys. Bad Days.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Impact Wrench from Lowe's 1If you need someone to help you with a project, he's your guy. I have no idea how he knows how to lay flagstone, install watering systems, use a jackhammer and a table saw, etc. - he just does.

As you can imagine, Lowe's is an ideal place to shop for Father's Day gifts for the handyman type. It's also a good place to buy gifts for gardeners, BBQers, new home owners, and artists. There's something for everyone.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Impact Wrench from Lowe's 2For the tool collector and user in your house, consider the DEWALT Impact Wrench ($179). It's a powerful tool with awesome functionality that is sure to be well-used by any dad who likes to work on cars or tinker around with projects in the garage. Plus, power tools are like medals to [some] guys. They display them with pride and pomp. Strange, but true.

You can find other awesome gift ideas by price range or personality in Lowe's Father's Day Headquarters.

Also - if you buy $50 worth of Lowe's gift cards, you'll get 10 FREE music downloads for YOU [offer valid through 6/21]. Sweet!

Father's Day Gift Guide: Impact Wrench from Lowe's 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift card to Lowe's. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Lowe's sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 gift card for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #284 Iliana Blair. Congratulations!

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489 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: Impact Wrench from Lowe's”

  1. Having new tools encourages my husband to use them and get to work on the things around the house. Looking forward to the results of the contest to see if we'll be the lucky ones. :)

  2. I would surprise hubby for fathers day, he is like a kids in a candy store in their, he always goes in for one thing and comes out with extra, usually stuff, I have no idea what it is.

  3. They just built a Lowes in our town last fall and my husband is soooo excited about it. It's a great store, well stocked, super friendly/helpful staff and he loves to shop there.

  4. After feeling like we moved into "The Money Pit". This would be useful for the endless projects crying out for me. One issue, lack of powertools! This would allow me to get a circular saw and save my arms when ripping wood.

  5. We can always find things we need at Lowe's. Right now I think we'd probably use a gift card toward some new flooring for the kitchen.

  6. This would be so nice to win. i could add on to my veggie garden this season and double what I'm growing now. Thanks for the chance.


  7. there are so many useful things we could get at Lowe's with this, there is always something that needs improving

  8. Lowes has a great selection in the store by us. The other great thing is that it is next to a miniature golf course so the kids can play while the parents shop.

  9. It seems like I have a billion projects I need to do or fix up. A giftcard from Lowe's would sure come in handy!

  10. My husband is always working on something for us or somebody in my family! He's the "Family Handy Man"!
    This would be a wonderful gift for him to use just for himself for a change!

  11. We need to buy a new mailbox as the neighbor kids have been a bit destructive in the neighborhood recently so this would come in handy. Thanks for the chance.

  12. This is a nice prize pack and my Dad would love it. He has his own shop but I don't think he has an impact wrench.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  13. I am a landlord and I seem to be at Lowe's every week for something. I've purchased power tools, hand tools and building materials there and I'm always very satisfied.

  14. My father-in-law is a real tool junkie. He would love to have a hundred dollars to spend at Lowes. He's probably be in there for hours before he decided on his purchases.

  15. We need this so badly. A water pipe burst the other day and we had Niagra Falls in our Utility Room.

  16. I really could use the Lowe's gift certificate to help with an outdoor canopy to protect my family during the hot summer months.

  17. I would LOVE to win this gift card for Me to buy FLOWERS! DH goes to Lowes (it seems like every other day,) but only comes home with tools and "stuff." We went before planting season and they had gorgeous flowers, but he said it was too early to plant here in the Northeast. Oh, what a field day I would have buying those blooms to make up my container gardens!

  18. My husband loves fixing things around the house, and is getting much better at it...;) He doesn't have many tools, though. this one looks amazing, I know he'd love it! And we LOVE Lowes!~ It's the best store in the great quality and variety of products and the customer service is unbeatable!

  19. True story - we were at our daughters house this morning. Her husband was going to Lowe's to get "something" that he needed before he could do "something" (I wasn't paying attention)
    Two neighbors saw him leaving and asked where he was going. They BOTH jumped in the car and went with him.
    They were still gone 2 hours later when we left.

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  20. Lowe's is my absolute favorite store to shop in, and I'd love it for a Father's Day present for hubby who loves it too.

  21. Thanks for the giveaway...it seems like I visit Lowes every weekend to pick up something for another home repair; last week it was a light switch and tomorrow I need to pick up a paint scraper & new tube of caulk !!!

  22. My husband is a general contractor and it never fails, when he starts a new job for someone, he always needs to buy some sort of tool. We could really use this. With our tight budget, this would be a godsend.

  23. My husband and I love Lowes. Everytime we do a house project we drive 45minutes just to go to Lowes for the equipment. We will soon be selling our home and would love to fix the new one up from items from Lowes.

  24. Lowe's is a great place to shop. We could use the gift card to buy a new grill that we've looked at there. Thanks!

  25. My 'day fixer' just reinstalled a leaky toilet. I can not tell you how excited this makes me since we have carpet in our bathroom and I hate having wet socks every time I walk in there.

  26. My bathroom faucet is dripping, the toilet has a leak, I need to re-hand my mother's bedroom door, I'd like to make a taller gate for the front porch, and I'd love to paint the living room.

  27. My fiance and I are looking for a new place and seriously, Lowe's is going to end up being one of our frequent shopper places after moving in!

  28. I really need to buy a hedge trimmer. My bushes are getting out of control. This would be a great help to buying a quality one. Now, I just need to make sure I know how to use the thing when I get it - I do not want to be losing any digits or limbs.

  29. There are some things we could use for the house - first and foremost a new window in the bathroom - but we don't have the budget money right now so this would be super!


  31. We actually have a Lowes store in our area! It is a nice store. I would use the $100.00 gift card toward one of the following badly needed items for our home, a kitchen stove, vinyl flooring for the kitchen or a kitchen sink. They need replacing because they are in bad shape after 25 years of use.
    Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway.

  32. We shop at Lowes a lot and this gift card would be great to win to buy some paint to paint our kitchen with.

  33. We're re-doing our son's playroom since we discovered asbestos in the tiles under the carpet =/ I'd love to win this to get some paint, new floors, etc. Thanks!

  34. My husband is busy planning to replace our wooden deck - $100 Lowe's Gift Card would really be welcome

  35. Wow, we could really use this since we are moving into a new home in a week. We love Lowe's! Thanks for the chance :)

  36. I have a honeydew list a mile long for around the house. The economy has affected our family tremendously and all of the little things around the house have piled up. Before we would go buy what we needed, when we needed them. However, now we have put off the leaky bathroom faucets, running toilet, etc...

    I prefer Lowe's because of the discounts. There are always coupons available and better sales.

    Thank you for the entry!


  37. We are getting ready to sell our house and it is amazing how much $ we are spending at Lowes on new faucets, paint and cleaning supplies.

  38. We just got a new older home. We spend every weekend at either Lowes or Home Depot. Would love to win and then one weekend could be a free project.

  39. my hubby really could use a new drill,this would be great for fathers day!


  40. I know my guy would use this for remodeling our bathroom...and it might just push him to get it done faster!

  41. Just entering our Lowe's store coming into the building is exciting ... knowing the thrilling things that await you and the Bargains and Great prices just down the aisle. It's one of my favorite places to shop. I especially Like Lowe's lighting department with all the many choices of various lights they offer and the Flooring department, well you know what I mean if you've ever browsed thru these departments there.

  42. Lowe's is a great store and we buy a lot of items there since we are remodeling our house. If we won this would be put to great use to try and bring our house into this century, it's one of the oldest houses in town!

  43. This is a prize I def could use! With 5 sons (not including the 2 month old daughter here lol), ou r house needs alot of repairs.

  44. OOH! Something we can use for our new duplex. We're moving in three weeks and it'd be a great Father's Day gift for my husband so he can do a little work on our back porch. Thanks!

  45. Yes please, my husband needs an excuse to start a new project--he gets blue when he's not working on a "project" but it's crazy hard to get him started--this would be the perfect motivator to get him going on something. Last summer he lived for his garden--now this year he's just not interested.

  46. I have to restrain the frequency of shopping at Lowe's because I could spend $100 and not even get beyond the first aisle! :)

  47. I have a big old house that needs a lot of work. This would really come in handy! Thanks for the chance!

    falongoesgreen @ gmail dot com

  48. I really enjoy the variety of home items at our Lowes. In April we had the best orchids come through. About time for some more flowers!

  49. We've been working a lot in the yard, trying to get the weeds under control, trimming trees, and we could use the gift card to buy some grass seed or sod or something to try to get actual grass growing in our yard again.

  50. My husband is a mechanic, and now he wants to do some major fix-it projects (all the ones he's put off for how long?) around the house before our baby arrives. Needless to say, we could use something to help offset the many trips we already make to Lowe's for tools!

  51. Lowe's is the perfect spot for buying a Father's Day present! Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  52. We are in the process of renovating bathrooms and I would love to buy a tile cutter to lay all the tile rather than rent one.

  53. Very cool - I have to admit, we'd much rather call a professional than do handy diy projects ourselves. The gift card would likely go towards a new microwave I've been eyeing. My dad would really like that tool though, he always loves fixing stuff!

  54. My husband can fix most things around the house. We have personally gutted our 100 year-old home and bought our kitchen cabinets at Lowes!

  55. This is the ultimate father's day gift. Just when one tool comes home, it seems like another is "needed". Thanks for the chance!

  56. My husband just said the other day that he needs a weed whip. We don't have one but don't have the extra money to go get one. I would love to win that I could go get him one.

  57. My Dad's tools got stolen out of his truck 2 months ago. That would make a nice Father's Day gift for him. He's been kinda lonely without his tools. Seriously.

  58. we have had so much flooding this spring that we do need Lowes. We need something to help out our flooded garden as well as our rec room!

  59. I would really like to give this to my husband for Father's Day. We are going to be remodeling our house from 1889, and he knows how to do all kinds of things. He would love to have a gift card to get something special for the house!

  60. I hope that neither you nor Lowes would be offended, but if we win the gift card, its going straight into a new weed wacker. We literally (yes, I know what literally means) have weeds that are taller than our garage. Thankfully nobody really goes in the back yard, but its still kind of embarassing whenever I look out a back window. Thanks :)

  61. Would love to surprise Dad with a Lowe's gift card for his big day this year - he's been working so hard on his garden that it would be awesome to give him the chance to have a shopping spree to spruce it up even more. And the music download offer is an added bonus, especially since we bought him a new iPod for Father's Day this year. Thanks!

  62. My husband would love a Lowe's gift card, its one of his favorite stores! He really needs some new power tools.

  63. My mom likes to go to Lowe's to buy plants and flowers. If I win, I'd like to take her there to get a few more things for her garden.

  64. We are finishing off our basement and are at a standstill cuz we ran out of money! A Lowe's giftcard would buy alot of sheetrock!

  65. Oh, my hubby would have a field day with a $100 Lowes gift card. I think he could browse the tool section for hours.

  66. We are officially the 1st Family of Lowes. I mean we have spent more $$$$ there in the past 10 years that we have owned our house! To Steve my husband of 25 years (yeah), Lowes is his one stop shop.

  67. i can't fix anything but i would love to use that $100 toward a new tv

    ewhatley at embarqmail dot com

  68. I'm not good at fixing things, and I don't have a Tim so this GC would go towards a new faucet for my kitchen sink. I think I can manage to install a new one, but I sure can't get the old one to quit leaking.

  69. we built a log home a few years back & ALL our
    appliances were from Lowe's. They have a wide choice of everything. Thanks for the great prize

  70. We belong to a very under-funded community garden. I'd love to head to Lowes for some equipment and soil.

  71. Gift cards are pretty much the perfect gift. I know my husband would love to go to Lowes with his "very own" gift card and pick up whatever he wants. (I must admit that what he "wants" is usually something to support a project around the house, so I benefit too.)

  72. My hubby would totally flip over a Lowe's gift card! That place is like his second home. Right now he's shopping for a new circular saw and I've got a whole list of DIY projects for our new house.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. I don't know anything about tools so this would be perfect for my husband because he could pick out what he really needed. He loves that stuff and is really pretty good at being handy!

  74. We will be making a trip to Lowe's next month to get all the things we need to put up a fence for our little doggies.

  75. Lowe's has everything we need for our home improvement projects. Right now, we need to do some work for a deck that didn't like winter. Thanks.

  76. Well as of January 22, 2010 I moved into my own place. It hadn't had tenants living in it for approximately 10 years! I'm now needing to do some much needed home improvements, from the clay floor basement w/ rock walls (they are stacked on one another to make the walls), to the carpeting on the floors that has been there since the 1970s!! So this gift card would be so well used in more ways than I can explain!!

  77. We are right in the middle of remodeling our bathroom. This would really come in handy right now!

  78. Definately the husband haven on summer weekends! I'm waiting for this weekends trip to replace the deck door handle and the toilet handle in the kids room that mysteriously snapped :) Lowes is definately a great place to get supplies, and more importantly, the employees are great in helping me get exactly what I need the first time!

  79. Lowe's is my father's shopping mecca! He can spend hours in the store finding just the exact tool or product he needs or wants.

    Thank you. :-)

  80. My husband is like a kid in a candy store when we visit Lowes. And I have to admit, he finds some pretty amazing things there. I'd love to surprise him with this gift card!

  81. My dad loves shopping at Lowes. My parents are currently working on doing a bunch of upgrading to their home and are always running up to Lowes for something else for the project!

  82. My husband really needs a new drill. I would love to win this so he could get a new one. (Then maybe I can get those new shelves in my closet!!)

  83. With several outdoor projects going on all at once right now this would definetly come in handy! Deck Stain, flowers, mulch, grass seed come to mind!

  84. A new drill would be very helpful around here, we have to add on to our deck this year, decorate the kids bedrooms and get ready for a new baby in December. There will be lots of renovating!

  85. This would be so practical and wonderful. Lowes is right down the street and we have lots of projects just waiting for funding.

  86. My sweetie is very good at fixing things, but he can always use tools, and I'm sure the gift certificate would be great for anyone to win!

  87. Whenever I'm stumped for a father's day gift, I can always get some kind of tool or mechanical device at lowe's that dh would love.

  88. We are in the process of building a house to be closer to my parents so that I can care for them.
    My husband has been hinting that a Pneumatic Hammer would really help a lot.
    So this gift card would go toward that goal for him.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  89. I am sad and ashamed to admit that we have only been to Lowes once and it was while visiting friends: there just wasn't one nearby. But now there is one about 10 mile away (close by!) and we would love an excuse AND the MEANS to go shop there.

    By necessity (in part) my honey/hubby has learned to be quite handy and very much the "weekend warrior" - and he loves DEWALT TOOLS!


  90. My husband started redoing my kitchen over a year ago and lost motivation. I'd love to win this to give him for Father's Day and maybe get him going again.

  91. My husband is always finding an excuse to go to Lowe's. This gift card would make for a great shopping spree.

  92. OH My goodness I LOVE LOWES! Here is the problem. My husband bless his heart has NO tools well unless you count my pink tools! Hey they was cute and I can totally TRY to fix stuff!

    He is a wonderful Father. A Great Deputy Sheriff but he well can't fix anything! I would be surprised if he knew how to use tools! We was joking around about getting him tools for fathers day and he laughed and said well I guess I could TRY to learn to fix things! So I'd love to win this and give it to him and pick out some tools for him!

    I guess I should add HE CAN change the lights in the house LOL Bless his heart he is great at saving and fixing people's problems but things around the house not so much!! Since he has agreed to try I'd love to do this with him!!

    If you read my blog your see what he is soo amazing and why I would love to give this to him!

  93. ooh, we love Lowe's!! They have a bunch of great stuff there and I could fix up my house a bit!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. I haven't been to Lowes in... maybe 1 1/2 hours :-) I really like their employees - always helpful and not talking down to me because I'm female. I need more bird seed, so I'd love to win a GC!

  95. My husband can spend hours in Lowe's looking at tools, I would love to win this Gift Certificate for him.

  96. The Lowe's is only a few miles form our home and my son and I visit often. I can always find what I'm looking for and my son love the hot dog vendor ~ yeah, I like the hot dogs, too.

  97. Anything to help with the various items we pick up at Lowe's on a routine basis would be great. There seems to always be something we need.

  98. We re-did our upstairs four years ago and have yet to put on the base board because we ran out of cash. We could use this to buy baseboard and finally finish the job.

  99. I love Lowes. I always get great ideas on new things to do to my house. Actually I can get dangerous in that store - because I can spend way too much money in there. ;)

  100. Is there anyone happier than a guy cruising and perusing the aisles of Lowe's with a gift card in his pocket? I'd love to make that happen here.

  101. Thank you for the giveaway. I'd love to share something with you, it's related to this topic.

    Last year I made my kids (12 and 8) no sew blankets (Tie Fleece blankets) as funds were a little tight and I wanted to make something special that they could cherish through life. Not to mention that it gets pretty chilly in this house. These blankets turned out to be a bigger hit than I expected!

    Due to the fact that I had decided to give a crafty gift to my children and it turned out to be a very loved gift, I have decided to try and make them something every year. I'm getting to the point, I promise lol.

    The point of my comment is that I'd like to do something with wood this year or should I say attempt! I'd love to make either a shelf or toy bins for them which would be painted, glossed, etc.

  102. I been entering as much lowes contest as I can as my husband practically lives there to only come home to sleep, work on what he is building then back to shopping! His favorite areas to go is the tools and the lumber.

  103. My husband has been recently adding to his collection of power tools and Lowes has quite a selection

  104. we have one nearby and my dads always over there, think it's his favorite store and he'd love this!

  105. This would come in really handy right now. Unfortunately it probably wouldn't be a Father's Day present since we wound up gutting our bathroom this last week. Would be using it to buy some of the things we need to buy to put it back together.

  106. This would be a perfect Father's Day present for one of my boys. They love power tools & they're both daddies.

  107. Lowe's is one of my favorite places to shop. They are so customer oriented. And the staff in our local store are very helpful. And they have REAL sales.

  108. My summer project (and I really mean my hubby's!) is to re-tile the bathroom. I found some really nice tile at Lowes. This would be a great start!

  109. I would love to get a hanging flower basket from Lowes. Id let my hunny choose what else to buy although im convinced he might already have every tool in there!

  110. I love our Lowe's- most of the associates will go out of their way to help me- maybe they're just taking pity on my since I have two little kids in tow, but just last week i was lost on the tool section (looking for some little gadget hubby had seen on Holmes on Homes and had to have) and an associate found it for me, despite by vague description.

  111. I had Lowe's do my kitchen remodel (love it!) and can't wait to put a new floor in. A gift card would be a step in the right direction!

  112. Where to start? Having about 10 projects that are needed to done around the house, this would be the proper kick to get started.

  113. We are only 3 miles from Lowe's and we purchase items regularly from shades, carpeting, nails to yard tools, paint and more. We have many mini projects in the works and we love to shop at Lowe's

  114. My husband is real good with projects around the house, especially with his drill and screwdrivers.

  115. Wish my husband was as handy. I try, but most of the stuff we just goof up, or hire out.

  116. My hubby is a pretty handy guy too! We actually have this drill and love love love it. It really make the home projects a breeze! Thanks for hte chance to win the giftcard!

  117. Rod's like Tim...he knows how to fix anything, and if he doesn't, half an hour on the computer solves that problem. I think it's some kind of genetic thing. And boy, can he spend hours in Lowes!

  118. I have no idea what my husband would like for Father's Day, but I have a hunch a Lowe's card would just about do it! I love Lowe's.

  119. We were just at Lowe's this past weekend!!! I love to take my husband there and would be so thrilled to give him $100 gift card to spend. I can just imagine the smile on his face!

  120. I have so many items on my honey-do list right now! This would really come in handy for picking up the necessary supplies.

  121. My boyfriend would probably want to spend this on a new power drill, but I think I'd persuade him to put it towards painting our kitchen. :)

  122. I love Lowe's. We have been doing alot of yard work and could use this to help add some sod or plants in needed places. Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. Lowe's has one of the best garden departments around. My husband cannot walk in there without walking out with at least one plant for the yard.

  124. i think my husband would move into Lowe's if they would let him :) this would be the best father's day gift for him!

  125. Lowe's is a wonderful place. We're in the process of buying a new house and I'm already making a long list of diy projects--so we'll need lots of tools and supplies from them!

  126. We have so many things we want to buy at Lowes! It would be great to surprise him with a gift card. Thanks!

  127. Our LOWE'S is an hour away, we bought stain for the decks, primer & paint (tan), spray paint for the windmill, and we didn't buy enough. So 1/2 the archway is painted, 1/2 the windmill is painted, 3/4's of all decks are stained, so this card would come in handy because I have to match Lowe's colors and products!

  128. My husband is a licensed contractor -he loves browsing through Lowe's-he spends hours there...:)
    He would have a riot spending $100.00 there ;)

  129. My husband wants one of these impact wrenches. I'm not sure what it does, but he wants one to either carry in our RV or do some project on our RV.

  130. I just got home from Lowes after being sent on an errand by my husband. I just walked in, handed the clerk the empty thing of PVC cement and said "I need this." I'm such a girl!

  131. We need to replace all the faucets in our condo and this would be a perfect start for the work. I do love Lowes.

  132. If I win this Lowe's gift card, it goes to my Dad for Father's Day. What started out as a leaking pipe under his bathroom sink, has turned into a major plumbing/remodeling of his bathroom. He is shopping at Lowe's for everything from the tub to mirrors. This would be a great gift for him !

  133. we definitely could use this for lighting/window furnishings for the baby's room. oooh and something for the floor in there.

  134. We are in the middle of remodeling 2 bathrooms; and spend all our time at Lowe's. We even take the dog with us to shop. I'm surprised the employees don't greet us by our first names. This would come in very handy. Have you priced a toilet recently? Or even a towel bar?

  135. My husband would love to shop until he drops in Lowes. Winning this for him would be a dream come true. Good luck to all.

  136. I think my hubby goes to Lowes almost once a week lately, so he would love this for Father's Day. Now that our older son is 3, he likes to go with Daddy to see the lawn tractors or snowblowers, depending on the season

  137. I don't like to buy my husband tools for Father's Day because it seems like I am telling him that he needs to work around the house. I much prefer that he go buy his own tools so a giftcard would be a great gift. Thanks

  138. We have been doing a complete remodel of an old house, preparing it to move in and $100 would be a big help with some of the finishing up. I'd love to get a nice shower for the master bath!

  139. We have lots of things around the house that need to be fixed. We have an older home and have had to go room by room to update and fix. We have one whole bath that is completely unusable so I would love to apply this towards it. Thanks!

  140. The first time I read the title, I thought it said "Imperfect" wrench! Oi - it might be safer for me to give my husband a gift card than to actually go near tools!

  141. Right now, at Lowes Garden center, there's some fabulous currant bushes ( Both Red and black varieties): The flavor of these berries are enhanced tremendously when cooked.

  142. We could always save this GC for when we have a baby, so we could repaint the baby's room - that sounds like a fun idea

  143. Got to love do-it-yourselfers. Something in my family genetics where we all do that. Could always use more tools and supplies though.

  144. we have been sprucing up our yard this spring, and my husband would LOVE to be able to do so much more, but money is stopping us. It would be amazing if I could give this to him for father's day, so he can run wild with his garden plans :)

  145. So MANY things we could do w/ a Lowe's gift card! I think we'd buy some supplies to help w/ our plan to re-lay our brick patio, which heaved in some places this winter.

  146. We love to shop at Lowe's. My husband needs tons of tools for work and he could definitely use the gift card to stock up!

  147. My husband would love some new tools from Lowe's. He is always needing something for a new project around the house.

  148. I'll be rebuilding my garage next month, so this would help a bunch in defraying some of those costs. Thanks!

  149. My dad has never seen a powertool he didn't need. ;-)

    This would be a great Father's Day gift for him!

  150. I like going to Lowe's because of good quality and excellent services. I buy most of the plants there.

  151. Oh yes -- we make many a trip to Lowe's - we are in the process of doing some major landscaping - and buy the majority of our plants there.

  152. we love lowes, we love them so much more than home depot, why do I always get home depot gift cards instead of lowes, sigh...

    andways, its awesome that tim fixes everything, I end up up doing everything myself, lol

  153. I planted a vegetable garden and flowers.
    I would love to buy something else.
    Maybe a compost.
    Thanks for the contest!

  154. My hubby loves power tools! He currently needs a drill. Every year I like to give him a father's day gift from the dog! This would be great!

    vschilke at gmail dot com

  155. Whoah! Lowes gift card...dream gift. :) My husband would buy the tools he needs to start making furniture for local craft shows and to sell online, something we've been planning for quite some time. That drill looks nice! Dewalt is the best.

  156. As much as mu husband would love this for father's day I think I would give it to my brother. He and his fiance just bought their first home and it is a fixer upper for sure!

  157. Right now we have a long to-do-list of easy and difficult household projects, inexpensive and expensive projects-- from basic gardening/landscaping to repairs of cracks/dents on the foundation. Lowe's has been the go to spot recently for some plants and a kit to clean out our dryer duct work in preparation for the new dryer we are getting this week.

  158. It seems so obvious but I have never thought to go to Lowe's for a father's day gift for Tom. I'm loving the ideas to celebrate dads and would love a chance to find out what Lowe's holds for my men this year! Thanks for all the helpful hints, Stephanie!!!

  159. My husband would love a "get whatever you want" card to Lowes! It would definitely make his Father's day!.

  160. I wish my husband was more of the "fix-it" type! But I'm usually the one doing repairs. I'm sure he could think of a ton of grilling things to pick up at Lowe's though!

  161. I'd spend this $100 gift card on my dad for fathers day. He hasn't started his home garden yet, in addition, he needs a new back porch and patio porch. His wont last another winter.

  162. My husband is working on a shop for himself & seems to live at Lowes. He's become addicted to their specials & this would be perfect for him.

  163. I could afford to replace all the ceiling fixture lights that ahVE BLOWN OUT. tHOSE BULBS ARE WAY EXPENSIVE.

  164. Just this morning I watched my husband vainly attempt to use our weed wacker. It was a garage sale find, and at best, it halfway works. He is constantly having to re-thread it and it doesn't have a shield, so I'm concerned about his getting hit with flying debris. If I won this, I'd go straight to Lowe's and get him a new one that really works!

  165. my boyfriend is a handy man and LOVES doing stuff around the house, he would love this! we go to lowes EVERY weekend!

  166. I would love to give this to my husband for father's day. We could spend all day at Lowe's! There is always a "project" going on at our house and we seem to have to run to Lowe's every other weekend. Having a gift card would help with the guilt of running in to grab one item and coming out with lots of extra stuff. Thanks!

  167. My husband loves Dewalt power tools, and I love anything that grows from the Garden Center. I also love their home organization department. Thank you.

  168. We loves lowes we just bought new doors and are in need of weed killer, new kitchen facaut, paint, deck sealant, and a million more items. This would help alot. Thanks a lot of a chance to get more of our house fixed up.

  169. If I won, I would use this to get a new drill for my dad for Father's Day. He shops at Lowe's often and always mentions that drill!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  170. This would be the perfect father's day gift for my husband. Might help him shrink the "honey do" list!

  171. My husband is a Lowes stalker and we're doing several renovations so this would be wonderful for him! Thank you!

  172. We love Lowes. It's about 2 miles from home. We currently have a list of to do projects. The top one is refinishing our deck. This will include replacing a few boards and replacing the boards in the steps which are not safe to use at this point.

  173. The inside of this house has not been painted for years and needs it desperately! A Lowe's card would really help!

  174. We are pretty set on power tools (at least those that 100 bucks could pay for), but we do really need some new plants and landscaping gravel. Still goes over budget, but a good start!

  175. My number one power tool would be a drill and several bits so I could do my quick minirepairs. Using a wrench is tiring on my wrist at times.

  176. I would love to win this for my stepdad. They are currently trying to get a lot of projects done on their house and I know this would help.


  177. Hubby really wants to get some landscaping projects done, however, resources are a little short at this time.

  178. I'd love to give this to my step-dad. He's retired now and always working on projects. No telling what he would use it for.

  179. When you have a small farm and a 150 year old+ home, you practically live at Lowe's. At least we do. I'm not joking when I say we know many of the employees by name. The delivery guy doesn't even need to rely on his GPS to get to our house. This is a wonderful giveaway and would be so helpful for us, we'd definitely use it. Our barn roof is falling apart so it looks like that'll need repaired soon. It never ends! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this.

  180. My husband does nothing but work. He works in his shop and does service calls and when he's done with that he works on our house and in our yard. I would love to get him something nice and a gift card would help out alot.

  181. My hubby is retiring and has agreed after 25 years that our home could use some fixing up and some new renovations before we are on a fixed income. This Lowe's shopping trip is just what i need.

  182. Just like you are so proud of your husband, mine makes me just wonder how he knows how to do all these things around the house. A drill or any other tool from Lowe's would definitely make his day!

  183. Hubby would looove this. Home improvement stores are one of the only places he actually likes to shop!

  184. I (me myself and I) drool over tools in the tool section. I never met a refinishing or mechanic project I wouldn't at least tackle (or get involved with). This Dewalt would make an excellent addition to the family tool collection. Thank you for the chance to win!

  185. We've actually gone on a date to Lowes, we walked around for an hour just talking about cool stuff to do to our house. This is a GREAT father's day gift!

  186. This would be great! I hurt my hand and could use some extra power from the wrench to help with very tight bolts!

  187. My husband goes to Lowe's just about every weekend. He's always needing something for his garden. I would love to win this gift card for him.

  188. We're always in need of materials and supplies to fix things up around the house. Lowes is great!

  189. My husband is certainly not as handy as your Tim, but he does like to try to take on projects - small ones, and one at a time! He loves Home Depot and this would be a great Father's Day gift. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  190. We love Lowes - we bought our rug and stove from there. Lowes isn't just about 'hardware' - they have a lot of wonderful useful things for the house

  191. Lowes has so many wonderful products to choose from!! I know this would make a very nice Father's day gift for my dad to get a new power tool or whatever else he may find!

  192. I would use the $100 Lowes gift card towards a new "John Deere 7.0-Torque 22" Cut Self-Propelled Mower - Item#: 317729 - Model#: BG20570 - $349.00 - my current 12 year old mower I dont think will make it another summer.

  193. Lowe's is our favorite! We just planted a veggie container garden with all the great stuff from Lowe's. Plus kids love to go there, so it is easy to shop there!

  194. oooo this would be great to start checking off items from the "Honey Do List" Although, I know that husband would enjoy getting a new tool from Lowes!

  195. I would love to say I'm handy...but I'm not... I need all the help from the experts at Lowe's that I can get LOL!

  196. We're amidst never ending renovations. At one point we were logging a trip to Lowe's nearly every day. Thankfully it's only a few minutes from our house.

  197. My husband is not so much into tools now that we rent instead of own a home. But, he still manages to do alot of spending in the garden department. :)

  198. We needed storage boxes of different sizes to organize our children's toys and such and found some great ones on clearance. There were Disney princesses- and Cars-themed boxes in different sizes. They also had shoe box-sized ones with a picture of colored pencils all around the outside--perfect for homeschooling supplies.

  199. I love Lowes ..............it is neat you can find everything, such as beautiful knobs, lights,etc....... and the garden section is so full of everything and it is close to my home, it gives you the urge to create or repair!!!

  200. Oh my, so many possibilities! We have so many home improvements waiting to be done around here. Waiting for time and money... time is coming up right around Father's Day, so this would just complete the package! :)

  201. I used to be a Home depot shopper, but Lowes has much better customer service, which is important for someone like me who really needs assistanc and advice

  202. This would make a perfect Father's Day gift! My dad is always doing home-improvement stuff, especially in the summer. He's also been talking about wanting a new grill, which would benefit me when I go to visit this summer! ;)

  203. Oh man, hubby would be like a kid in a candy shop with this one! Or maybe I'd use it as a downpayment on new flooring for the kitchen. Hmmm.

  204. We didn't have money to get any potted flowers this year. I'd love to brighten up the porch and front lawn.

  205. Hubby is always working on a project around the house. He can pretty much do anything and would love a gift card for more tools!

  206. Living in a 100+ year old house, we've spent many a weekend at Lowe's. We're currently turning the upstairs of our garage into a play space for our son, so this would really come in handy.

  207. I have some painting projects I need to get started on. A gift certificate would be great motivation.

  208. My dad is adding on to his house and makes biweekly or triweekly trips to Lowes. This would be a significant help to him! Thanks.

  209. Lowe's is a real lifesaver for all those times I've needed the solutions and materials to deal with a situation. And the prices are very reasonable.

  210. When we had our own landscape business I practically lived at Lowes, their garden section was awesome. All boys love toys oops I meant tools so this is a great father's Day Idea!! My husband has a Dewalt set that I got for him years ago and he uses it for everything. He'll be using it this weekend actually (he's working out of town and while he's been away EVERYTHING in our home has broken..I did you not..dryer, shower, lawn mower..my son is heart broken over not getting to mow the lawn..NOT!) so he'll be Mr. Handyman this weekend. He'll earn his father's day gift and then some!!

  211. A FAB giveaway Lowe's is OUR Fav place to shop we're there every other day unless we're doing a project and it's 10x a day. thanks

  212. Well Stephanie, I really miss making and fixing things with Tim. I am not quite as handy, but can improvise that is for sure. It would be great to try out some new tools like this one. Really cool product.

  213. My next-door neighbor is the same way - she can fix anything. I should ask her to give me lessons! I am gradually learning though; sometimes through trial and error and sometimes by looking things up online. There are a lot of useful Youtube tutorials.

  214. I'd love to win this for my friends. For their next cosplay, they're going to need metal for their Legend of Zelda costumes. They also seem to go to Lowes often for accessory materials.

  215. I think we went to Lowe's 4 times last weekend, LOL. We are planting trees and refinishing a dresser. And I still need some wood filler. I don't really know what I am doing with the dresser, I hope it still turns out good.

  216. I have a handyman husband too. It is such a blessing that when he has time he can do pretty much whatever is needed around the house.

  217. We have a Lowes down the street, I love it, they have everything - we got a cool window treatment that looks like stained glass, for privacy

  218. This would be great since I plan on getting my hubby something from Lowe's anyway for Father's Day.

  219. Since buying our home 2 years ago I swear I live at Lowes, which is why this would be so perfect. Thank you so much for the lovely giveaway.

  220. I'm not normally a big fan of giving gift cards because they seem impersonal but I must admit that my father in law loves a Lowe's gift card for all gift giving occasions. He wood works as a hobby in addition to constantly puttering around their 100+ year old house so I guess it is the perfect gift for him.

  221. Lowe's has such a good range of tools, equipment, etc., it would be hard to decide what buy with a $100 gift card. So many choices

  222. I would like to win this for my husband. He is a big tool guy and this would be perfect for fathers day coming up.

  223. We are needins area rugs for our living room-this gift card will sure come in handy! Thanks!

  224. 9 out of 10 trips to a hardware store hubster prefers Lowe's over Home Depot. Better organized, cleaner and the staff more attentive

  225. We're not handy at all in our house, so we need these more than the average person. It takes us longer to fix things since we have to fix our first attempts too :)

  226. This is a great giveaway for helping me continue to remodel our 100 year old home. Thank you

  227. my husband just loves lowe's. I know he would find something he couldn't live without with a $100 gc lol. thanks for the chance to win it!

  228. As a homeowner, having a good set of tools, both hand and power tools, is essential. Lowe's offers a good assortment.

  229. It seems like we spend a lot of time at Lowe's during the summer. There are always sprinklers to fix or other things that are needed for the yard.

  230. We are Lowes fans as well. In fact, we just bought our new dishwasher there and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. After our HORRIBLE dishwasher shopping experiences, we were thrilled with the incredible customer service we got there too. No hoops, no sales pitch garbage, just honest salesmen who told it like it was. Dewalt is a great brand of drills too!

  231. string trimmer, leaf blower, hedge trimmer...all would be fantastic tools from Lowe's to deal with handling the outdoors on my own, have no idea of the merits of electric vs gas-powered ones though

  232. I would buy a tile saw! We've been meaning to redo the kids' bathroom since we got the windows replaced and there's a gaping hole in their shower. So far they prefer baths but I assume that someday they might want to shower!

  233. We are always in Lowe's! My husband is a do it yourself type person (so am I!) and we can spend hours walking up and down the isles in Lowe's! It is better than a shoe store!

  234. When I bought my first house last year, Lowe's instantly became my new favorite store. We still have a lot of work to do on the house so this would really come in handy.

    [email protected]

  235. We're moving into an apartment that needs lots of work besides for loving tools I think my husband would appreciate something to help with all the construction costs

  236. DeWalt is a great tool company, and Lowe's is an awesome store...haha any chance Tim would want to help us with some projects for the new house? My dad is the handyman in my family, so he would love this!

  237. Between the helpful employees at our nearest Lowes and Google, there is (almost) nothing around our house that my husband can't fix. I'm a lucky girl.

  238. I wish my husband was a Mr. Fix-It like yours. We are both pretty helpless around the house, and I am the one who ends up trying to fix stuff.

  239. OK, so here's how naive I am when it comes to tools: I had no idea wrenches could be electric!

    We are DIYers as projects come up but we definitely don't seek out projects. We don't wake up on a weekend and say, "What can we build today?!" But part of me wishes we were. I still think Lowe's is a fun place to go if only to look at paint colors!

  240. A new Lowe's opened in my neighborhood. I like it even better that Home Depot. The Garden section is spectacular. I plan to buy pansies to plant.

  241. My husband absolutely loves Lowes! He needs a nice, new cordless drill. If I win the gift card, I will surprise him with one!

  242. My husband has a Dremel, but he rarely uses it because it doesn't have the necessary accessories (I have no idea what those might be...). I'd definitely order him to get those parts ASAP so he could have more fun with his toy!

  243. Lowe's really is a great store and gift certificates are awesome gifts for things like tools - I don't know what Hubby has/wants/needs - well, I know, because I listen when he tells me - but I really have no clue what he's talking about :) Anyway right now he wants a belt sander - whatever that is... lol.

  244. Goes to show how little I know about power tools - this is exactly the kind of thing I could have used a couple of weekends ago to remove our stubbornly stuck lawnmower blade.

  245. It would be so fun to give Chris the opportunity to just go out and get whatever he wants at Lowe's! No agenda except for his agenda. Great idea!

  246. OOh, Lowes, how I both love and hate you. I love all that you offer, but I can spend way too much time with you and then spend way too much money ;)

  247. While my husband is completely capable of doing the "fix-it" chores, he's gone a lot so I have been able to learn some tricks too. It's very empowering to know how to take the face off my washer and clean out the filter thing:) We have so many things we want to do, gift cards like this make them move higher on the priority list so they might actually get done!

  248. Lowe's has so many things that a person could want! I've been wishing for a nice chaise for my backyard, so I'd probably use it for that.

  249. If I won, this would be a hard one to pass on to hubby. ;) I've got my eye on a LOT of landscaping items at Lowes...

  250. So many of my years of life were filled without home improvement stores, but since we bought our house about a year ago - it seems like we live at Home Depot & Lowes!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  251. Tools are definitely on my short list this year! I've been looking at the Kreg Jig that has been featured on the Young House Love blog and the Knock Off Wood blog. I'm also considering a new weed trimmer. And I've been looking at miter saws and cordless drills... It's so hard to choose just one!

  252. OMG! The damage I could do with this card! Considering it's the beginning of summer and I really want to work on my garden/landscape remodel.... poof goes the card!

  253. I'm actually the power tool user in the house. I discovered the dremel when working on a table and fell in love. Although I could use it on so many things I think it would be put towards a new outdoor sitting area. It's that time of year to get out in the evenings and enjoy it.

  254. To identify Lowe's to our son, we've named it "Daddy's store." Although, it could be called "Mommy's store" as well. We both love projects and have at least a few going on at once! Lowe's is awesome. :)

  255. Noel really really wants to buy a drill. Exactly why he needs one is unclear to me, but I just chalk it up to the "guys have a weird fascination with power tools" thing. A gift card would be the perfect thing to allow him to buy whatever gadgets he wants without me pointing out how expensive they are!

  256. We could really use this. We have some definite Home Improvement projects to get done before fall, and Lowe's carries just about everything we need to get them done. I had no idea you got a 10% discount with a VA card; I'll have to tell my dad.

  257. My husband likes building and fixing things, he always has a project he's working on or planning the next one. He needs a new drill though, he had an older one that died on the last project :(

  258. This would be SO AWESOME to win! Between our house needing several updates (insulation, new windows, new drywall, etc.) and our barn getting in worse shape each year, we could really use this! :-)

  259. You know, we have to drive over to the next town to visit Lowe's, even though there are other hardware stores here. But we make the drive anyway because we love shopping there. A gift card to Lowe's, for us, would be spent very quickly!

  260. I would love to win this gift card for my husband to buy a new weedeater. Ours is so hard to start - when it even starts.

  261. I hate to contribute to my husbands tool addiction, but we could totally spend $50 on weedkiller alone. Our yard is a jungle with all the rain we've been getting!

  262. Ha! I just asked my husband if he could have a gift card to anywhere, where would he want one. He told me either Lowe's or Home Depot. We have been remodeling our house for about 3 years now, but because of lack of money and the fact that my husband only has so much time, only a few things are really drastic changes. This would definitely help out with the money issue.

  263. Honestly, this would be the best gift for any dad or man, for that matter that I know! The possibilities are endless!
    My husband would love this, because he likes to pretend he can fix anything! I would love him to win because I need to get motivated to fix things around the house! This totally sounds like a win-win! haha!

  264. Lowe'$ get$ a lot of my money. Bought my new fridge, stove and microwave from them. I bought my air compressor from them too.

  265. My dad was a Mr. Fix-it. I thought this was normal. My husband's one too--but I had no idea that not all men are. (Hence, he could TOTALLY use any of these prizes! LOTS of tinkering to be done around this place for sure!)

  266. My husband would love a Lowes gift card. We are remodeling our basebent by ourselves and have guests coming in July, so we really need to get it finished.

  267. our house is in the neighborhood behind lowes (and costco) this would come in handy. :)
    in so many ways our husbands are alike. Scott is amazing how he can fix anything and create anything. My dad is the same way - only my dad fixes things so that they'll "Get by." Scott fixes things so that they will never need fixing again.

  268. My husband is more of a hand tools guy but he'd love a new mason hammer and chisel set. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  269. With a carpenter for a husband, you can only imagine how much time we spend at stores like Lowe's! Home Depot is not far from our house and every time we drive by my daughter says, "Look...it's where me and daddy go on dates!" Ha ha! This would not only be a great Father's Day gift but a blessing for our family as well. I also LOVE that you love Tim so well!

  270. I have only ever been to Lowes once! I never really had a reason to go back, but I sure wouldn't mind a reason to like this! :)

  271. My husband would love to start being more of a handy man around the house, if only he had the tools!

  272. My husband has several project lists that he would like to do for the bedroom that our girls share. He is sorely in need of the tools to complete it. This would be a wonderful and appreciated father's day gift!

  273. Lowe's is great and my dad would love this gift card since he's always looking to do new home improvement projects!

  274. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Lowes is my husband's favorite store. This would make a great Father's day gift.

  275. I am a HUGE lowes fan and justin loves his tools, so does my dad who has his own cabinetry business so either one of them would jump for joy over this =)

  276. I love Lowe's, I could spend hours in there, isn't that werid??? lol! I'm moving in about a month and need a drill bad!! I'm a widow now and I'm learning all the things my husband used to do to fix things myself. I never really thought about how much he did do, till I have to do it myself! Just took it for granted, now I see he worked really hard to fix things, i guess I just took it for granted he would always be there to fix things, ugh, miss him.

  277. Little known fact...if you are a veteran show your VA id card and receive 10% off you purchases!!!

  278. I was planning on a Lowe's shopping trip for Father's Day, so I would Love to win this card! Thanks for the offer!


  280. It seems like something always needs fixing around here. Lowe's is a popular weekend destination for my husband.

  281. I have to go to Lowe's this morning. This card would be handy two or three times a month. That's how often i go.

  282. Wow, my husband would be like a kid in a candy store if he could go into Lowe's with $100. Thanks for the chance to win.

  283. This would be a great gift for my husband for Fathers Day or his birthday. He's always asking for power tools and not knowing exactly what to get, the gift card is the best!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  284. Wow - this would come in handy! We have a back door that has such gaps in it that we have to cover them with duct tape. Attractive!

  285. Your husband sounds like about ten times the handy man that I am myself... but I do like learning, and I like the dewalt brand of tools, and I most definitely like the Lowes stores... this is a great giveaway.

  286. I'm beginning a renovation of my bathroom and this would really come in handy! I love Lowe's and can spend hours wandering around!

  287. we have a lot of things we need to fix around the house. thing number 1: broken downstairs toilet. and we have a broken gate, and a broken dishwasher, and faucet. the house is falling apart! this could REALLY help us out!

  288. You can't imagine how long we spend at Lowe's when we go! My hubby can look around and find things that you never imagine we needed ~ however he knows best. A great idea for any dad.

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