Father's Day Gift Guide: Mizuno running shoes or Teva hiking boots

A good pair of shoes is a good gift for anyone (for almost any occasion).

Father's Day is no exception. Unlike a tie or a Dad-themed t-shirt, he'll wear a new pair of shoes...often and gladly.

New shoes - especially fitness shoes - are a great investment for his wardrobe...and his health.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Mizuno running shoes or Teva hiking boots 1For the Runner: Consider Mizuno's Wave Ascend 4 ($89.99).

These black and silver running-shoes trimmed with bright orange are sure to be noticed on the track or around the neighborhood. They're slick and stylish and scream athleticism. More importantly than the "looks," however, these shoes deliver the goods in terms of comfort and support. They'll offer him excellent cushioning for cruising in races - against his peers or against himself. Tim says they have a super secure grip and they're great for running across rocky terrain.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Mizuno running shoes or Teva hiking boots 2For the Hiker: Consider Teva's Reva Leather Mid eVent Boot ($150).

Both rugged and sophisticated, these boots are the ultimate gift choice for any man who appreciates the outdoors. Tim immediately noticed that they're exceptionally lightweight (like wearing a tennis shoe!) and offer superior breathability, without losing sturdiness or letting in water. He'll use these in the heat of the summer, through the fall, and into the first snows of winter. Side Note: Tim says they run a bit small so you may want to consider ordering a half-size up.

* Mizuno and Teva sent product samples for review purposes.

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17 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: Mizuno running shoes or Teva hiking boots”

  1. I've have a pair of the Teva boots for years, they have been very comfortable and have held up well. The Mizuno runners look very comfortable also, I have a good friend that will only buy Mizuno brand running shoes..he swears they are the best.

  2. My husband loves Teva. He's had to settle for one pair though, since they are a little beyond our budget. Thanks for the offer!

  3. Teva is a great brand but costly. I don't doubt they're high quality!! We've decided to start running as a family, so my hubby needs something more than $25 shoes from Target. :) These shoes sound great. I haven't heard of Mizuno.
    The hiking shoes look nice, too! My hubby is a Boy Scout leader and wears regular (Target) tennis shoes hiking. We'll have to check these out!!

  4. I think Tevas are awesome. I've been trying to talk my husband into trying a pair of their sandals. Never heard of Mizuno before.

  5. I LOVE tevas! I bought a pair that looks very similar about 15 years ago and they're holding up fine. The Mizuno looks very ...loaded. LOL ....I can remember running in plain old white keds ...and somehow I survived! These look great ...

  6. I doubt Aaron has ever had a pair of hiking boots, I'd love to get him a good pair and I know he would get plenty of use out of them.

  7. In training for a new job, my husband has taken up running. I have to agree that Teva's are incredibly comfortable! I only have their flip flops, but they are probably the only flip flops I have ever owned that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time since they provide a lot of cushioning. I am sure their running shoes are even more wonderful. I know he would be so excited to have a new pair of running shoes.

  8. I have never really thought about shoes as a gift.. I don't think I would prefer that kind of gift, yet men are very different, and I think my husband would love this idea!

  9. I have Mizuno running shoes right now and while they are incredibly ugly (I'm so shallow, that really bothers me), they are also the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

  10. Another great idea! Mizuno makes great shoes, as does Teva. I don't think Markus has had new running shoes since we first got married...time to change that, especially since we will be running the Wharf to Wharf next month!

    1. Best wishes with the Wharf to Wharf next month! I almost want to drive up to California and join you! Can you imagine our two families doing it together? We would have the BEST time. :)

  11. My husband has two pair of shoes and is desperate need of a pair of boots. I think he would really enjoy these.

  12. I am a huge fan of Teva now (thanks to you..I won a pair of Tevas a few months ago)..they are so well crafted and confortabel. I'd love to get a pair for my husband I just wish they made steel toed ones as his job requires it.

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